Scene 1

Lisia: Fate-kuuuuuuuuun!

Fate: Mm?

Lisia: I know this is sudden, but I want you to trade Pokémon with me!

Fate: O-Okay? I'll give you Litten...

Lisia: Okay, I'll give you my Celesteela~!

Fate: Celesteela...?

Lisia: *Nods*

Fate: I-I've never heard of that Pokémon...

Lisia: *Trades with him* I'm sure you'll like it.

Fate: *Nods*

Lisia: You're up!

Fate: Mm...

Scene 2

Fate: G-Go, Togepi!

Togepi: Toge!

Fate: *Looks up at the audience* Oh Arceus... S-So many people... *Looks down* ... *Inhales and exhales* Use Metronome!


Togepi: *Metronomes Aqua Jet* Togeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fate: Interest--

Togepi: *Falls*

Fate: Ah! *Catches it* ... *Runs offstage*

Scene 3

Fate: *Sitting in a bench outside* ...

Togepi: Toge? *Attempts to hug Fate, but can't due to how short its arms are* Pi...

Fate: Togepi? *Smiles* Yes, I love you too. *Pats its head*

Togepi: Toge!

Sakutaro: Fate?

Fate: Eh? Sakutaro-san?

Sakutaro: *Sits down beside Fate and Togepi* You did good. I was scared that you wouldn't make it through the first round.

Fate: Thanks for the concern...

Sakutaro: Lighten up! It's your first Contest. You managed to come out on top in the first round, too.

Fate: You're right...

Sakutaro: I think it's great that you're able to go on stage. I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

Fate: Why is that?

Sakutaro: My parents are super over-protective. They don't know that I went on a journey in the first place. Eventually, I'm prolly gonna get caught and dragged home. I'll be grounded until I'm dead.

Fate: Maybe you'll have more relaxed parents in the next life.

Sakutaro: You believe in reincarnation?

Fate: Yeah. If we're made up of energy, then we must go on. We'll find another place in the universe, even when this world is long destroyed.

Sakutaro: Interesting.

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