My Pokémon Relates to the all known to Mario fans enemy, the Koopa. These Pokémon are called, Easily, the Koopa, they are a Spiked Shell Pokémon and their appearence is almost like the Mario games final boss Bowser with the spikes on their shell, claws on their hands and feet, and able to walk on two legs like a human

Pokedéx Entry

Koopa, The Spiked Shell Pokémon,This Pokémon uses the spikes on it's shell to protect itself from it's enemy. It can be found in any region. They can walk on two legs or four legs.


They can range from any type to all types.


Basic Form: Koopa

Stage 1: Koopatar

Stage 2: Koopataran

Stage 3: Koopatarian

Mega Evolution: Mega Koopatarian


It Appears to look like a turtle with spiked hands and feet and can retract it spikes and claws and use them in battle. They can go into their shell to rest or to sheild theirselves. They are considerd the worlds smartest Pokémon

Sinnoh: In Sinnoh, Their shell is able to be removed and the color of the shell is green.

Kanto: In Kanto, Their shell can't retract their spikes and their shell color is red.

Jhoto: In Jhoto, They walk on four legs and their shell color is pink (for females) or a light blue (for males)

Hoenn: In Hoenn, They can run faster than any Pokémon in Hoenn and their shell is orange.

Unova: In Unova, Their shells are used as a sheild and their shell is Black (For Males) or White (For Females. Did anyone see what I did, get it? Black and White, the video games for Unova?)

Kanto: In Kanto, They have the most amazing Mega Evolution that is being studied ever.

Kalos: In Kalos, their shell color can vary, they are being studied right now to find out why.

Amazing Facts

They are the most common legendarys, witch is ironic because legendarys are supposed to be hard to find.

In each region, A Koopa, Koopatar, Koopataran, Koopatarian, and Mega Koopatarian rule all of the Pokémon in the Koopa Evolutionary line including the Mega Evolution of Koopatarian.

The Koopa and it's evolution (Including the Mega Evolution) are the Pokémon World's Cheetah because they can reach up to 60 MPH in 3 seconds.

These Pokémon have the most evolutionary stages ever

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