A New Egg-perience!
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United States August 30, 2017
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Everyone is in the classroom, the students and our heroes.

Drake: So, I wonder what Kukui is going to be doing this time.

April: No idea.

Professor Kukui walks in.

Kukui: Hello everyone.

Students: Alola!

Jon: Haven't heard that for a while.

Kukui: Now, unfortunately, I have some work which has popped up. Something to do with a potential new Pokemon.

Daisy: A new Pokemon? Awesome!

Kukui: Jon, April and Drake, do you mind watching over the students again?

April: Nope. We'd be happy too.

Kukui: Thanks.

Kukui leaves the room.

Beth: So what now?

Jon: Let's have a lesson outside today.

Millie: Again?

Drake: It's a nice day you know.

Everyone heads outside onto the grass. Maria and Kyle meet up with them.

Kyle: Hey there.

Jon: Hi.

Maria: Where's the professor?

April: He said he had to run an errand. Apparently a new Pokemon has been discovered.

Kyle: I see.

Suddenly, a woman walks up to Jon with a box. Beth recognises her.

Beth: Aunty Zoey!

Everyone looks around at Zoey.

Jon: Mum?

Zoey: Hey there. I was told you'd be here.

Jon: What are you doing here?

Zoey: Well, we have some new Eggs on the ranch and I thought you may like them. Though I thought you had three people travelling with you?

Jon: Yes, but Mary is visiting family.

Kyle: So you are going to get an egg each.

April: So, another lot of looking after eggs.

Zoey: You have already done it before?

Jon: Yeah. We visited a small ranch which was a day care for eggs.

Zoey: Oh, I see.

Drake: However, we could see how the students cope with an egg each.

Callum: You would allow us to look after an egg each?

Zoey: I don't see a problem with that.

Jon: Then that is a good assignment.

Drake: So, who will pick an egg first?

Zoey places the four eggs on the floor.

Jon: I think Daisy should.

Daisy: Really?

April: It's a good idea.

Daisy: Right.

Daisy moves up to the third egg, which has a few blue markings on it. Daisy picks the egg up.

Jon: Happy with your choice?

Daisy: Totally.

The egg moves a little bit.

Zoey: All the eggs are close to hatching too.

Jon: Awesome. Callum?

Callum walks up and then observes the eggs. He then picks up a brown and cream looking egg.

Drake: That looks like a good choice.

Jon: Right, Millie?

Beth: Why do I go last?

Zoey: Patience Beth.

Millie walks up and grabs the green looking egg. Beth then walks up and collects the final egg, which looks looks like a normal egg.

April: Now, you all need to look after the eggs very well.

Zoey: Since you three had eggs, what Pokemon hatched from them?

April: Let's show you all.

Millie: Would you?

April: Let's go Rockruff!

April sends out Rockruff.

Rockruff: Ruff!

Jon: Jangmo-o!

Jangmo-o gets sent out.

Jangmo-o: Jang.

Drake: Drampa!

Drake sends out Drampa.

Drampa: Dramp.

Zoey: Cool looking Pokemon.

Beth: Can I ask a question?

April: Yeah. What is it?

Beth: When your eggs hatched, did anything bad happen?

Drake: Drampa's temperature was low when she hatched.

April: Rockruff was very playful as soon as she hatched.

Callum: What about Jangmo-o?

Jon: Jangmo-o went on a headbutting spree. He wanted to lead the pack. He then ran off but eventually wanted to travel with me.

Beth: I see.

Millie: What shall we do now?

Zoey: We could see Jon and I battle.

Jon: Us battle?

Beth: A battle between Aunty Zoey and Jon. That would be so cool.

Callum: I'd agree with that.

Drake: They have spoken.

Zoey: Shall we.

Jon and Zoey stand apart from each other, on a makeshift battlefield. The students, Drake, Rotom-Dex, April, Drampa, Rockruff and Jangmo-o are watching on the sidelines.

Jon: Right, Steenee!

Jon sends out Steenee.

Steenee: Nee.

Zoey: So cute!

Jon: This is a battle Mum.

Zoey: I know. Let's go.

Zoey sends out Lombre.

Jon: A Lombre?

Millie: What is a Lombre?

Rotom-Dex: Allow me.

Rotom-Dex gets up a picture of Lombre.

Rotom-Dex: Lombre, the Jolly Pokemon. Lombre is a Water and Grass type. Lombre's entire body is covered by a slippery, slimy film. It feels horribly unpleasant to be touched by this Pokemon's hands. Lombre is often mistaken for a human child.

Lombre then uses Hydro Pump at Rotom-Dex.

April: Lombre didn't like your Pokedex description.

April chuckles.

Jon: Now, Double Slap!

Steenee heads towards Lombre and hits it with Double Slap.

Zoey: That is just mean to Lombre.

Jon: You did want a battle Mum.

Zoey: I know. Toxic!

Lombre is close to Steenee and uses Toxic, badly poisoning Steenee. Steenee takes some poison damage.

Jon: We'll get rid of the poisoning.

Zoey: No berries Jon.

Jon: Who said anything about berries. Aromatherapy!

Steenee uses Aromatherapy and cures the poison.

Jon: Now, Energy Ball!

Steenee launches Energy Ball towards Lombre.

Zoey: Hydro Pump!

Lombre uses Hydro Pump and cancels out the move.

Zoey: Ice Beam!

Jon: Dodge it!

Lombre uses Ice Beam and successfully hits Steenee.

Jon: Are you okay?

Steenee: Nee, Steenee!

Jon: Good. Now, Dazzling Gleam!

Steenee uses Dazzling Gleam towards Lombre and Lombre just dodges.

Zoey: Ice Beam!

Lombre uses Ice Beam and hits its mark.

Jon: Energy Ball!

Steenee uses Energy Ball towards Lombre.

Zoey: Ice Beam!

Lombre uses Ice Beam to cancel out Energy Ball, causing a bit of a smoke cloud.

Jon: Bingo. Double Slap!

The dust clears and Steenee is hitting Lombre using Double Slap, knocking Lombre out.

Jon: And that is that.

Zoey: You done well Lombre.

Zoey returns Lombre.

Jon: Great work Steenee.

Jon returns Steenee.

Drake: That was a good battle.

April: However, it is getting late.

Jon: So, home time for everyone!

Everyone cheers.

Jon: And we can practise Draco Meteor Jangmo-o.

Jangmo-o: Jang!

The screen freezes.

Narrator: Jon and his friends, along with the students got a shock as Jon's mum, Zoey, appeared with eggs for our heroes. However, the students got the eggs instead. After a battle between Jon and Zoey, everyone is heading home for the day.

Major Events

  • Jon's mum, Zoey, visits Alola
  • Zoey gives Beth, Maillie, Callum and Daisy the four eggs she brought for Jon, Mary, April and Drake.
  • Zoey is revealed to have a Lombre


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

April Cass

Beth Spencer

Kyle Winterman

Maria Winterman












  • Lombre