Across Kohar is a story of a trainer named Trevor. Trevor has been a trainer since he was 11, and is one of the Kohar masters. Trevor narrates the story in first person and is set in the Kohar region.


Here are all 15 chapters of the story:

Chapter 1 - The First Day

Chapter 2 - The New Wilds

Chapter 3 - Welless Gym

Chapter 4 - Team Storm

Chapter 5 - Tavern Gym

Chapter 6 - The Largest City

Chapter 7 - Lost Eevee

Chapter 8 - 2 New Today

Chapter 9 - Running Off

Chapter 10 - The Legendary

Chapter 11 - Gym Killers

Chapter 12 - Back at Home

Chapter 13 - The League

Chapter 14 - Elite 4

Chapter 15 - Now To Verin!



The main character. He is the character that narrates, and is traveling across Kohar.


Trevor's brother who is seen in Chapter 1, 7, and 12.

Team Storm Kilan

Kilan is the creator of team storm. He targets trevor and is seen in almost every chapter

Trevor's Pokemon


Grassy is Trevor's starter pokemon, started off as a Grassandog, and went to Maplog and passed all the way to a Treewolf.


Tanvee is Trevor's Eevee. It evolved into a Flareon when Trevor gave it a fire stone.


Akon is Trevor's DoblockatA. Akon is always the last he sends out as Akon is the weakest.


Night is a Hissko that Trevor found in Valeria City. Night is Trevor's strongest pokemon.


Elekta is Trevor's Clawectric. It is one of his strongest pokemon and destroyed a pikachu in a battle.


Speeder is Trevor's Hyeetah. It evolved from Chyena in the same chapter he found it.

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