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Alpha Stone
ツワブキ・ミヤビ Tsuwabuki Miyabi
Age 10-13 (Hoenn)
13-15 (Unova)
16-18 (Kalos)
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Blue
Hometown Mossdeep City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Seven Stone*
Mr. Stone*
Unnamed Mother
Trainer class Trainer
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of no
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Alpha Stone (ツワブキ・ミヤビ, Tsuwabuki Miyabi) is a Pokémon Trainer and former Pokémon Tamer born in Hoenn.


Alpha was born in a wealthy area to Mr. Stone and an otherwise unknown woman who left soon after Alpha's first birthday. Alpha never recalled her mother as she grew into a very aware and picky child. When she was three, she watched her brother win his first championship with his Metagross and from that moment onward, she decided she wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer. When she showed interest in this, her father told her that attempts to surpass Steven was pointless given just how strong he was as a Trainer. Though this upset Alpha, it gave her the motivation to learn everything out about Pokémon before she headed out into the world of Hoenn. Rather than heading to a library to learn all about Pokémon, she went to Mossdeep City Gym to request Tate and Liza take her under their wing and teach her everything they knew. Taken aback, Tate and Liza agreed upon listening to Alpha's reasoning to the request.






On Hand

Morrison Beldum

Rebecca Metagross
Beldum → Metang → Metagross ↔ Mega Metagross
Alpha received Beldum as a gift from her brother on her tenth birthday so she wouldn't have to travel half way across the region to get a Starter Pokémon. Beldum quickly showed why its evolved form was considered a pseudo-legendary when it defeated a Frillish with a single Iron Head, allowing Alpha to capture it. It wasn't so lucky against Tate and Liza as it refused to work alongside Frillish. Though it took time for the two to get along, they eventually came out victorious and earned their first badge. From that point on, Beldum helped defeat several tough opponents and won Alpha a number of badges. When going up against the final Gym Leader Wallace, however, Beldum struggled greatly and was nearly taken out by Milotic before it began evolving into Metang.
Debut [[]]
250px-Trip Frillish

Rizzo Jellicent male
Frillish → Jellicent
Debut [[]]
Giovanni Rhyhorn PO

Rhyhorn → Rhydon → Rhyperior
Debut [[]]
Bella Buneary

Nando Lopunny
Buneary → Lopunny → Mega Lopunny
Debut [[]]
Korrina Mienfoo

Colress Mienshao
Mienfoo → Mienshao
Debut [[]]
245px-Cacnea of James

Harley Cacturne
Cacnea → Cacturne
Debut [[]]

With Her Brother

Swablu anime

Nando Altaria
Swablu → Altaria ↔ Mega Altaria
Debut [[]]
Roland Magby

Paul Magmortar
Magby → Magmar → Magmortar
Debut [[]]
Joltik anime

Damien Galvantula
Joltik → Galvantula
Debut [[]]
250px-Yuri Trubbish

Hygor's Garbodor
Trubbish → Garbodor
Debut [[]]
Yamask anime

Cofagrigus anime
Yamask → Cofagrigus
Debut [[]]
Tympole anime

Damien Seismitoad
Tympole → Palpitoad → Seismitoad
Debut [[]]
Doyle Solosis

Garrett's Reuniclus
Solosis → Duosion → Reuniclus
Debut [[]]
800px-Teaque Vanillite

Storm Vanilluxe
Vanillite → Vanillish → Vanilluxe
Debut [[]]
Grace Fletchling

Ash Talonflame
Fletchling → Fletchinder → Talonflame
Debut [[]]
Sawyer Honedge

Sawyer Aegislash Blade Forme
Honedge → Doublade → Aegislash
Debut [[]]
William Flabebe with Lillie Flabebe in flashback

Blue Flower Florges anime
Flabébé → Floette → Florges
Debut [[]]
Skiddo anime

Kai Gogoat
Skiddo → Gogoat
Debut [[]]
Hygor's Inkay

Malamar anime
Inkay → Malamar
Debut [[]]
Blue Squirtle PO

Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise ↔ Mega Blastoise
Debut [[]]
Ash Goomy

Ash Goodra
Goomy → Sliggoo → Goodra
Debut [[]]


Drew Absol

Mega Absol Solo
Absol ↔ Mega Absol
Debut [[]]



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