(A girl age 14 named Megan Morrison dismounts her pideot after arriveing in accumula town.) Megan: i've finally made to the sinnoh region. ( a boy also age 14 walks over to her staring at her pidgeot.) Boy: whats that Pokémon. Megan: it's pidgeot i got her in the Kanto region. Boy: cool want to battle. Megan: ok. come on out doom. (a houndour appears out of Pokéball.) Doom: houndour. Boy: cool but now it's my turn let's go swoobat. (swootbat appears out of Pokéball.) Megan: Doom use ember. Boy: swoobat use areial ace. (Swoobat attacks and knocks houndour out.) Megan: Doom. Ok that it if it battle you want then it's battle you got come on out electivire. (electvire appears out of poeball.) Boy: ok in that case let's go bravary. (bravary appears out of Pokéball.) Boy:bravary use bravebird. Megan: electavire use thunder punch. Boy: bravry dodge it and use arieal ace. (bravairy uses arial ace on electivire.) Boy: it didn't do anything. Megan: electivire use thunder punch. (electivire uses thunder punch and knocks bravary out. Boy: wow my strongest one with one attack. Megan: your good what's your name. Boy: i'm ian, ian redick whats yours. Megan: i'm megan, megan morrison. Ian: you mean like brian morrison the best Pokémon trainer ever. Megan: yes i'm his younger sister, and he's not the best he's big jerk. ian: wow. That explains your skill he must of trained you. megan: yeah right. Ian: uh. Megan : never mind. by the way where's the nearest gym from here Ian: that's all the way in striaton city next town over. Megan: ugh. guess i better get traveling. Ian: can i come with you i'm from nevema town and am a trainer myself and i feel since you don't much about this place i might as well tel you about the Pokémon. Megan: ok. (A while later they are on the road and a wild patrat appears) Megan: awe it's so cute what is it. Ian: it's just a wild patrat. Megan: i'm gonna capture it go Doom. (houndour apppears out of Pokéball.) Megan: doom use tackle. (the wild patrat dodges and tackles doom knocking doom out. the wild patrat runs away). Megan: doom are you ok. Ian: doom iisn't very strong is he. Megan: not really he was the runt of the litter and aways the weakest which is why i am training doom to be stronger.

this about a girls Pokémon adventure

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