Ash first caught Charizard as a Charmander after it had been abandoned by its previous Trainer. Charizard had a fiery battling spirit none of Ash's other Pokemon could match, and the strong bonds of friendship between Ash and Charizard allowed Charizard to become Ash-Charizard, gaining a stupendous boost in all Stats except Health. Ash-Charizard has proven itself as more than a match for the strongest of Legendary Pokemon.

Ash activated the Bond Phenomenon with Charizard with his Aura powers, enabling Charizard to transform into Ash-Charizard for the first time against Calem's Mega Swampert. It first knocked down Swampert with a powerful Earthquake before overpowering its Hydro Pump with an incredibly powerful Flamethrower, severely burning Swampert and knocking it out.

Ash-Charizard went up against Misty's Mega Gyarados, where it knocked Gyarados down with Dragon Claw before using Flamethrower to easily evaporate the water which Gyarados was hiding in. It then got struck with a powerful Hydro Pump and got cornered with Hurricane, but Charizard broke through with Dragon Claw and struck Gyarados with it again. Charizard then fired off a huge Solar Beam, defeating Gyarados. Charizard then faced off against Brock's Mega Steelix right after, where it tanked a super effective Stone Edge. However, Charizard negated Steelix's Dig with Earthquake before slicing Stone Edge to bits with its Dragon Claw. Charizard struck Steelix with a strong Dragon Claw before unleashing Blast Burn, knocking Steelix out.

Stat Boost -> Ash-Charizard

  1. Attack + 80
  2. Defense + 75
  3. Special Attack + 88
  4. Special Defense + 69


  1. Flamethrower
  2. Steel Wing
  3. Dragon Claw
  4. Dragon Tail
  5. Dragon Rush
  6. Earthquake
  7. Thunder Punch
  8. Solar Beam
  9. Hurricane
  10. Fire Blast
  11. Overheat
  12. Seismic Toss
  13. Flare Blitz
  14. Blast Burn
  15. 10X Blast Burn