Ash's Greninja was the first Pokemon Ash caught in the Kalos region. As a Froakie, it chose Ash as his Trainer after witnessing his bravery and selflessness and the love and concern he showed other Pokemon. The bond between Ash and Froakie only progressed and grew from his evolution to Frogadier and eventually to Greninja.

Due to their very strong bonds of friendship, and Ash's latent Aura powers, they were able to access Battle Bond, where Greninja transformed into Ash-Greninja, gaining an incredible elevation in power, endurance and speed. Ash-Greninja has enough power to easily match and overwhelm the strongest Legendary Pokemon, making Greninja one of Ash's strongest Pokemon and an Ace Pokemon for battles. Ash-Greninja even managed to invent a new move Ninja Blades, where it creates two long Katana Swords of pure energy, said to be 3 to 4 times stronger than Cut. Ash's Aura powers have also allowed Greninja to create massive Water Shurikens of varying elemental powers, such as Ice type Shurikens, Fire type Shurikens and Ghost type Shurikens, for dealing much more damage to enemy Pokemon with a corresponding type disadvantage.

Ash used Greninja against Gary when he challenged him to a battle. Ash-Greninja faced off against Mega Scizor first, where it clashed using Aerial Ace against Scizor's X-Scissor, overpowering Scizor. Scizor then shot out a Thunderbolt, but Ash activated the Samurai Armor technique on Greninja, negating all damage. Greninja then drew a set of dual Aura Katanas, overwhelming Scizor and easily defeating him. Greninja then defeated Gary's Mega Electivire, using Night Slash to overcome Electivire's Cross Chop and the Samurai Armor to defend against Thunder and Zap Cannon, before finishing Electivire with Night Slash and Aura Sword. When Gary sent out his Mega Blastoise, Greninja took zero damage from Focus Blast thanks to the Aura Armor, before forming an extremely colossal, titanic Water Shuriken discus of watery blue, that easily overcame Blastoise's Hydro Cannon and landed a direct hit, knocking Blastoise out.

Feats including:

- sweeping Paul's team, easily taking out his Torterra, Gastrodon, Drapion and Electivire in quick succession

- soundly defeating Sawyer's Mega Sceptile

- defeating Alain's Mega Metagross and Mega Charizard X consecutively

- overpowered and defeated Diantha's Mega Gardevoir

- overcame Tobias's Entei and Zapdos


  1. Extreme Speed
  2. Water Shuriken
  3. Mat Block
  4. Aerial Ace
  5. Double Team
  6. Night Slash
  7. Shadow Sneak
  8. Ninja Blades
  9. Ice Blades
  10. Gunk Shot
  11. Aura Sphere
  12. Ice Beam
  13. Blizzard Beam
  14. Hydro Pump
  15. Hydro Cannon

Z-Moves/Special Moves:

  1. 10X Water Shuriken
  2. 10X Ice Shuriken
  3. 10X Shadow Shuriken
  4. 10X Blaze Shuriken
  5. 100X Ultra Water Shuriken