Ash's Lucario was a Pokemon Ash caught after the XY Series in the Orange Islands. He became one of Ash's most powerful and battle-tested Pokemon.


Ash found Lucario as a Riolu in the Orange Islands after his parents were murdered by Team Rocket goons. Ash took him back and raised and trained him. Eventually Riolu evolved into Lucario; thanks to Ash and his strong affinity in Aura, Lucario was able to unlock his full potential far surpassing that of typically-trained Lucario. Lucario became even more powerful through the power of Mega Evolution, brought about due to his strong friendship with Ash.

Personality and characteristics

Lucario enjoys battling a lot, much like many of Ash's most powerful Pokemon, such as his Charizard and Greninja. Due to his gruesome past, Lucario adopts a very serious and no-nonsense attitude, though he maintains a sense of humor and is relatively friendly with kids such as Bonnie. He maintains a strong sense of loyalty and care for his Trainer Ash, though he does not hesitate to voice out any disagreement with Ash.

Moves used

  • Aura Sphere
  • Extreme Speed
  • Quick Attack
  • Iron Defense
  • Swords Dance
  • Bone Rush
  • Close Combat
  • Metal Sound
  • Blaze Kick
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Flash Cannon