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Ash's Noivern
Satoshi's Onvern
Poké Ball
Ash Noivern.png
Ash's Noivern
Egg obtained in A Not-So-Flying Start!
Hatches in A Not-So-Flying Start!
Hatched at Kalos Route 15
Evolves in An Electrifying Rage!
Gender Male
Ability Infiltrator*
Current location With Ash
EggMS.png 714MS.png 715MS.png
This Pokémon spent less than 1 episode in its Egg and 34 episodes as Noibat.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Noibat Yuka Terasaki Marc Thompson
As Noivern Kenta Miyake Marc Thompson

Ash's Noivern is the fifth Pokémon that caught Ash from the Kalos Region. 


As a Egg


With Ash

Power Rangers Forever: Kalos Arc


Power Rangers Forever: Time Travelers Arc


Power Rangers Forever: Alternate Dimension Arc


Power Rangers Forever: Kalos League Arc


Power Rangers Forever: Team Flare Arc





After hatching, he quickly imprinted on Ash, presumably because he is who Noivern first saw. He was also impressed by Hawlucha's abilities in his debut. As a newborn Pokémon, he struggled to fly and was upset when he failed. When stressed or upset, he lets out a powerful Supersonic attack. In A Relay in the Sky!, he did the same when he was happy. Like all Noivern, he has an affinity toward fruit, but can be a picky eater as he refused to eat apples which he thought were bad. As a Noibat, he had the ability to use ultrasonic waves, which he first used in A Not-So-Flying Start! to tell if a fruit was bad or good. He later used echolocation to spot Team Rocket in pitch darkness, allowing Hawlucha to attack them without being seen.

Noivern is shown to have a very parent-child like relationship with Ash. As such, Noivern is able to be calmed down easily by Ash, and very much enjoys being around him. He also has a close relationship with Hawlucha and Talonflame, since they helped Noivern learn how to fly and seems to enjoy being with them. Hawlucha's protective and father-like attitude for Noivern is observed in the events of Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!. After Noivern is knocked out by Weavile, Hawlucha comes out of its Poké Ball to check on Noivern. Noivern also seems to take after Ash, acting very similarly to him, and seems to take inspiration from him. When in the Pokémon Sky Relay race, Noivern was determined to win and managed to come in second place due to Ash's encouragement. Much like Gliscor, Noivern seems to want Ash's approval and is upset when he is denied a chance to prove himself, as shown when he was very upset at narrowly losing the Pokémon Sky Relay. Once Ash gave Noivern the praise he desired, he quickly cheered up.

During the events of A Windswept Encounter!, Noivern wished to prove himself as a full-fledged battler in his own right, and both Ash and Hawlucha understood this and refused to let Pikachu interfere with his battle, even though his opponent had the upper hand. Since evolving, Noivern became much stronger than before and is willing to go up against powerful and formidable foes like Zapdos or Salamence.

Noivern has also been shown to willingly protect his friends, like in An Electrifying Rage!, where he flied to save Hawlucha while he was falling from the sky after battling a wild Zapdos. In The Right Hero for the Right Job!, he also protected Pikachu when Lysandre's Shiny Gyarados went to hit the Mouse Pokémon with Dragon Tail by pushing Pikachu aside and taking the attack for himself, resulting in Noivern's defeat.

Moves Used

Ash Noivern Dragon Claw.png
Using Dragon Claw
Move First Used In
Supersonic  A Not-So-Flying Start!
Tackle Meeting at Terminus Cave!
Acrobatics  A Windswept Encounter!
Boomburst  An Electrifying Rage!
Dragon Claw  A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



  • Noivern is the only Kalos Pokémon currently owned by Ash that is not weak to Electric-type attacks.
  • Noivern's evolution marks the first time all of Ash's Pokémon from a specific region have fully evolved.
  • Noivern is Ash's first semi-Pseudo Pokémon.
  • Noivern is Ash's only Kalos Pokémon that wasn't used in a Gym battle.