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Ash's Steelix
サトシのハガネール Satoshi's Haganeil
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Ash's Steelix
As Mega Steelix
Debuts in TBA
Caught in TBA
Caught at Unova
Evolves in TBA
Gender Male
Ability Rock Head*
Sand Force*
Traded in TBA
Original Trainer Ash Ketchum
Traded for Gonzo's Bisharp*
Current location At Professor Oak's Lab
095MS 208MS
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Onix.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Onix Unshō Ishizuka
As Steelix Unshō Ishizuka

Ash's Steelix (Japanese: サトシスピアー Satoshi's Haganeil) is the sixteenth Pokémon that Ash Ketchum caught in the Unova region.




Bag Steelixite Sprite

Personality and Characteristics

Moves Used

Move First Used In
Rock Throw Unknown
Dig  Unknown
Stone Edge Unknown
Autotomize  Unknown
Iron Head  Unknown
Dragon Tail  Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.