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Aventurine Town is a small, rural town in the Xandau region. It's where twins Anastasia Saffron and Alexei Saffron were born, making it their hometown. Professor Alexandra Yew, the Pokémon Professor of Xandau, also lives here, her home doubling as a lab.

Geography & Climate

Aventurine Town is located smack-dab in the middle the western half of Xandau, among a group of rolling hills. The only route out (and into) the small town is to the east, connecting it to Roseville by way of the Aventurine Forest.

As it's located between the northern and southern halves of the region, the temperature here is pretty consistent all-year-round. It's almost never too cold or too hot, unless some unexpected weather comes in.

Important Places

Saffron Family Home

This somewhat-large, two-story house is where twins Anastasia and Alexei lived their whole lives until they started their Pokémon journey. Now it's just their mom, Rina Saffron.

Professor Yew's Home/Lab

Professor Yew wasn't content with the idea of going back and forth from home to lab, so she built her lab inside her home. The fields beyond it, used in her research, are quite large. In fact, if the whole expanse of the grounds was counted, Aventurine Town's size would be doubled. As it is, though, the fields of Pokémon pastures don't count. However, this doesn't matter to the residents or the Professor.

Angel Springs

The mouth of the Lazuli Stream, and the Chalcedony River by extension. Angel Springs is a small collection of springs, where the town's citizens get their water supply. It's cloudy-blue spray resulted in it's name, derived from the cloudy-blue stone Angelite.


Aventurine Town sprang up as most towns do - by gradual settlement, due to the water supply from what citizens call Angel Springs. It's an old town too, though not as old as Roseville. However, despite it's age, it hasn't expanded all that much - the inhabitants like it the way it is.

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Aventurine (ah-ven-tur-ine) is a light green gemstone, but can also be seen as a play on "adventure" or "adventuring".
  • The fact that the only route connected to it leads east is an allusion to the fact that the sun rises in the east, symbolizing new beginnings along with each new day.
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