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Balance Stone
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Balance Stone

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Dark Form

Debuts in The Balance Stone
Gender Genderless
Ability None
Current location The Void
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Kyurem N/A

"You, who claim the dominance of this world, I am the Balance Stone. What you are merely standing on will be rightfully mine, so if I must make you struggle in order to obtain it, then so be it. Now, prepare to tremble beneath my might."
— The Balance Stone introducing itself to the citizens of Stow-on-Side.

The Balance Stone is a Kyurem-like entity from another dimension who seeks to conquer the Pokémon universe. It serves as the titular main antagonist of the fanfiction with the same name.


In its true form, The Balance Stone resembles a spherical yin-yang symbol with a barely visible vertical grey line across its centre. In its Absence Form, it resembles a massive (roughly Mega Rayquaza size) grey coloured Kyurem with white eyes. When in its Light Form, The Balance Stone resembles a White Kyurem with a golden colouration and blue eyes. Assuming its Dark Form results in The Balance Stone resembling a purple-coloured Black Kyurem with red eyes.


"Your noble sacrifice will honestly bore me."
— The Balance Stone taunting Bea.

The Balance Stone is an evil and destructive being who desires to usurp Arceus and reshape the Pokémon universe to its own liking. It can also communicate with other lifeforms using telepathy. To make matters worse, it doesn't even have a sense of honor nor redeeming qualities, and instead has a dark sense of sarcastic humor. It is also highly manipulative, allowing it to easily make allies, only to backstab them in the future.


The Balance Stone has a deep, masculine voice with a demonic undertone. It also speaks in first person (obviously).


In all four of its forms, The Balance Stone can speak through telepathy and has power almost equal to Arceus. Also, because it isn't technically a Pokémon, it is completely immune to any and all Poké Balls and lacks proper Pokémon typing/s.

Stone Form

In its standard form, The Balance Stone can fly around as it pleases and create dimensional portals seemingly at will. It can also transform into its Absence Form upon entering the Pokémon universe, although it can't seem to change back to its standard form upon doing so.

Absence Form

The Balance Stone's Absence Form has immeasurable levels of strength, durability, and resilience in battle. Despite its size, it is remarkably agile and can jump great distances, as well as fly. Also, it is able to spew out a wind of greyish energy that while non-lethal is highly destructive, as well as transform into its Dark or Light forms and revert from them at will.

Light Form

Same abilities as its Absence Form, except it can now spew out a beam of lethal golden energy. It can also redirect opposing projectile attacks while in this form.

Dark Form

Same abilities as its Light Form, except it now spews out a beam of deadly dark energy. Also, instead of redirecting opposing projectiles, it can now only redirect its own beam attacks in this form.


The Balance Stone is an evil entity from another dimension known as The Void. It was born and has been asleep since the beginning of time for the Pokémon universe, but was still aware of the universe, and even dreamt about conquering it the instant it awoke.

Suddenly, the Second Darkest Day was felt by The Balance Stone and was enough to wake it up. The Balance Stone then began formulating a plan of attack for months, until it finally decided to open a portal to the Pokémon world, deciding to start its conquest there.

The Balance Stone then arrived in Stow-on-Side, Galar, where it informed the local townsfolk present there about its plan before shifting into its Absence Form and wreaking havoc. Allister and Bea attempted to battle it with their Gengar and Machamp respectively, but were both easily defeated.

The creature later appeared on a news report watched by Ash Ketchum and his friend Goh, unsurprisingly stunning both of them. It then made its next physical appearance being confronted by Zacian and Zamazenta. After a brief battle, The Balance Stone managed to hypnotise a nearby group of wild Pokémon to attack the two warrior Pokémon, while it took the opportunity to fly away. The Balance Stone was later mentioned by Professor Cerise, who warned Ash and Goh about it, but the two boys, who had gotten an invitation from Serena, were confident that they could defeat it, should it make its way to Kalos.

The Balance Stone later flew past Ash and Goh's Kalos-bound plane. Due to the immense amount of energy emitted by its body, the beast's passing nearly resulted in the plane crashing.


  • Like the Giant Rock and Meta Groudon, The Balance Stone, despite its appearance, isn't actually a Pokémon.
    • Unlike those other two, however, The Balance Stone is not an artificial creation and has a mind/will of its own.
      • Additionally, it is more evil than both of them.
  • Despite the Balance Stone's resemblance to Kyurem, the latter isn't an important part of the story.
  • Unlike most other villains in the Pokémon franchise, The Balance Stone actively goes for the kill on its opponents.
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