Stabsunteroffizier Bright

Aevaroen Security Police
Name Brihlzend
Species Magnemite
Type(s) Electric/Steel
Height 0.3m/1'
Weight 4.263 kg/9.4 lbs.
Abilities Magnet Pull, Static, Sturdy, Levitate
Signature Moves
Colour Category Anti-flash White
Special Abilities
  • Highly resistant to heat, intense light, and radiation
  • Able to detect nearby high frequency radiation
  • Sheriff Magnezone's Police Force (formerly)
  • Aevaroen Security Police
  • Streitkräfte

Brihlzend is an officer in the Aevaroen Security Police, and Colonel General Iron's subordinate. As a Generalmajor, he ranks above Brigadier Copper, Brigadier Tin, and Colonel Clacq.

Personality and traits

As his name indirectly implies, he is a Magnemite with an anti-flash white colour to him. He is also lighter than an average Magnemite, but his structure is actually denser.

He can sometimes be mildly arrogant. Despite this, he takes problems seriously, is highly competent and ready to respond at a moment's notice.

He is close friends with Clacq, whose country, Kalos, borders his. They started out as two of the most military-oriented officers in Zaffre's police force, though the others caught up in this regard as time went on.


Brihlzend is highly resistant to heat, light that would otherwise blind him, and radiation. This is in part due to his resistant metallic structure. He is also a living radiation detector, as he can detect radiation much like a Geiger counter.

In the Storyline

Stabsunteroffizier Brihlzend makes frequent appearances in the storyline, as a recurring character, and superior officer to Corporal Copper and Corporal Tin, while subordinate to Sergeant Iron (who is himself subordinate to Senior Lieutenant Zaffre).

In Conspiracies Abound

Oberleutnant Bright

Brihlzend as an Oberleutnant.

Brihlzend appears in Part 6 onwards in Conspiracies Abound. He makes his entrance in the story as the pilot of a tandem-rotor transport helicopter. At this time, Brihlzend is holds the rank of Oberleutnant, and a member of the West Aevaroen Security Police. For the first time, he can be seen wearing his helmet (Stahlhelm) (as his subordinates would sometimes wear their helmets before the events in Conspiracies Abound).


Brihlzend speaks with a German accent.

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