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Storm's Furret.png
Emerald's Furret, Brownie
Debuts in [[TBA|]]
Caught in [[TBA|]]
Caught at Johto Route 29
Evolves in [[TBA|]]
Gender Female
Ability Keen Eye
Nature Jolly
Current location At home with Bianca and Cheren
161MS.png 162MS.png
This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Sentret.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Sentret
As Furret

History and Bio

Brownie (Furret) was the first Pokemon Emerald caught in Johto and his 27th Pokemon caught/received overall. She, Leaf, Emerald, and others had trained, battled other trainers, and traveled throughout the region and have grown in various ways.

Her battle style is the usual "hit-and-run" and it's more than one variation: she either attacks using any offensive move (such as Return and/or Sucker Punch) and dodges attacks using her long body to her upmost advantage, uses Me First and then U-Turn, or uses U-Turn from the start. Either way, she fights with unpredictability against opponents who either use brute force or foes who anticipate moves.


Characteristic: "Loves to eat"

As Sentret

Sentret's carefree attitude was subtle when she first debuted. She's very fond of eating berries regardless of whether or not they help heal her from status conditions, replenish stamina, etc.

As Furret

Brownie later became more bubbly and full of energy due to evolution as her body grew to be more flexible. Whenever she battles against another Pokemon who fights with unpredictability, she takes it as a fun challenge to see which is more unpredictable than who. But she does follow Emerald's commands without question and is not afraid to step in whenever there's a dispute.

Moves Used

Julie Furret Slam.png
Using Slam
Move First Used In
Scratch Unknown
Foresight Unknown
Defense Curl Unknown
Quick Attack Unknown
Fury Swipes Unknown
Slam  Unknown
Return Unknown
Dig  Unknown
U-Turn  Unknown
Shadow Claw Unknown
Rest Unknown
Baton Pass Unknown
Sucker Punch  Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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