Type: Normal/Flying No. Uproot Pokemon Stage: Basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Falcoblade at level 20 Height: 1'05 Weight: 16.3 Ability: Hyper Cutter, Keen Eye Dex Entry: They ruin gardens by using their spade-like feet to dig up grubs and seeds.


- peck

- sand-attack

5 fury cutter

9 quick attack

13 foresight

17 pursuit

21 twister

25 air slash

29 roost

33 endeavour

37 brave bird

TMs/HMs toxic hidden power sunny day protect rain dance frustration iron tail return double team aerial ace facade secret power rest attract thief steel wing roost false swipe endure swords dance captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger pluck u-turn substitute cut fly defog

Egg Moves Acupressure metal claw pursuit brave bird screech supersonic false swipe

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