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Chloro Serpentine
Chloro serpentine Example
Species Serperior (Chloro serpentine)
Planet Bruta Tierra IV
Le Brute Tierra VII
Alternate Form None Known
Region Unova
Power Chlorokinesis

Serperior, Servine and Snivy (Chloro Serpentine) are a Group of Chloro Serpentinaes from the planet Bruta Tierra IV and Le Brute Tiera VII, They also reside on planet Earth.


Large Groups of Serperiors lived on Bruta Tierra IV, But after they found another planet on the same Galaxy (Botanus Galaxy) and named it Le Brute Tiera VII, And they've also breeded and started a live on Earth on the Unova Region.


Adult Chloro Serpentines are Massive, going to 3.3 Meters Long (Head to Tail), They also constrict on their prey along with their Massive Speed.


Serperior Species are able to do Chlorokinesis, which is Plant Manipulation and constriction, which they learn while Losing its legs and arms; They've started to arrive the earth when Genesect was the Dominant Species on the Pre-Historic Era.


  • Despite losing their legs and arms, They share much speed in their "Evolutionary" Lines.
  • Bruta Tierra IV Before Serperiors arrive was a Planet dominated by Chloro Saurus the Species of Venusaur, but they migrated to Earth and never were seen in the Galaxy anymore.