Elizabeth's Indeedee and Glorysia's Indeedee can't agree on who gets to clean what in the house.


Elizabeth's Indeedee was cleaning the countertops while Elizabeth was brushing Yaypeace's hair and Dragonet was in the bathtub.

Suddenly, a blue arm slapped Indeedee in the face. She was startled.

???: Get out of the way and let me clean!

It revealed to be a Pokemon who looked exactly like Elizabeth's Indeedee, except it had a more angular body and horns that faced upwards. 

Dragonet (Yelling from the bathtub across the house): Stop fighting! 

Elizabeth's Indeedee: I was cleaning the countertop, so you can leave me alone, thank you very much. 

Josie checked her Rotom Phone.

Josie: Yup, thats an Indeedee alright.

Soap was also cleaning. She barged right into the bathroom, but quickly ran out.

Soap: I'm going to clean the fridge. Cleaning's my life.

Indeedee went back to cleaning, but Glorysia's Indeedee grabbed her throat and started choking her.

Dragonet: What the hell is going on out here?! Let go of her!

Josie: Comparing to the Pokedex in my Rotom Phone, Elizabeth's Indeedee is female, while this Indeedee is the opposite.

Elizabeth: He seems more aggressive than mine. Dragonet, use Mach Punch and get him to stop.

Indeedee: Stop, I'm Glorysia's Pokemon!

Elizabeth forcibly pulled his arms off of her Indeedee, who was gasping for air.

Clover: Mommy, can I use Bugeey Buzzeey?

Glorysia's Indeedee started cleaning the floor, but Elizabeth's Indeedee felt like her job was stolen. She kicked him.

Dragonet: Can't you just get along?

Elizabeth: School starts in half an hour. Can I trust you two blockheads to not fight while we're at school?

The three kids went to school. The two Indeedee immediately started fighting again.

Yaypeace: *Sigh* When the Persian's away, the Rattata will play.

Glorysia's Indeedee: Basketball is at work and the kids are at school. Now, there's nobody to stop me.

While the class was reading an online textbook on Water-types like Psydolphin and Ninja Dragonets on school Ipads, and Basketball was straightening a customer's hair, Elizabeth's Indeedee was trying to keep herself from being attacked.

Sugar tried to stop them from fighting, but was pushed away.

Indeedee went to go take her HRT estrogen pills, but Glorysia's Indeedee grabbed them away.

Elizabeth's Indeedee: Give me my estrogen! I need that!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Rotom were eating malasadas during class break while Dragonet was feeding her 15 daughters and eating a bowl of oats.

Glorysia's Indeedee: Why do you need these estrogen pills, male?!

Elizabeth's Indeedee: I am not male!

Semdrop: FYI, she's a female.

Boltrigis and Olympeon walks the hallway, they saw two Indeedees are arguging.

Glorysia saw Akeno's Semdrop after her, Josie, and Elizabeth came home.

Glorysia: Who's that Pokemon?

She got her Rotom Phone out, analysing it.

Glorysia's Rotom Phone: Semdrop, the Drop Pokemon, a Normal type. Semdrop are translucid. It shoots drops of its body at its toucher, so its very sensitive.

Elizabeth's Indeedee: When Elizabeth first caught me, I wanted to kill myself. I kept asking and asking when my horns would start to grow downwards. She took me a psychologist, who told me I was transgender.

Dragonet: The magic of medical science. It even controls my disea... nevermind.

Glorysia's Indeedee ran to vacuum the floor, but was punched. Elizabeth stopped both of them.

Major events

  • Glorysia is revealed to own an Indeedee.
  • Elizabeth's Indeedee is revealed to be a transgender female.
  • Akeno is revealed to own a Semdrop.
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