Copper (Magnemite)
Corporal Copper

Aevaroen Security Police
Name Copper
Species Magnemite
Type(s) Electric/Steel
Height 0.3m/1'00"
Weight 6.894 kg/15.2 lbs.
Abilities Magnet Pull, Static, Sturdy, Levitate, Lightning Conductor
Signature Moves
Color Category Copper
Special Abilities
  • Special Attack and Speed are temporarily raised by 1 if hit by Electric-type attacks (this effect will stack with each hit from an Electric-type attack)
  • Sheriff Magnezone's Police Force
  • Aevaroen Security Police
  • Galar Crime Agency
  • Galarish Armed Forces
Continent Euavroca
Region Galar
Location of Origin Near Ryme City (decades before construction)

Copper is a Magnemite from northern Galar that serves in the Aevaroen Security Police at the rank of Brigadier. His position is equal to that of his partner and best friend, Tin; outranks Clacq, and subordinate to Brihlzend.


Personality and traits

Copper is a copper-coloured Magnemite as his name implies. He is also comprised of the element of the same name, and is slightly heavier than an average Magnemite.

Copper has been said to be a little stuffy, evidenced by his formal mannerisms. He nevertheless gets along with others on the force as well as Zaffre's friends.


Being comprised of copper, Copper inherently has a status ability known as Lightning Conductor, which has the same effects as Lightning Rod and Motor Drive (including the negation of damage from Electric attacks).

With this exclusive status ability, when hit by an Electric attack, both of his stats will be temporarily raised by 1. This effect will stack with each Electric attack taken.

If he is fully charged from Electric attacks directed at him, it is possible for his own Electric attacks to ignore an opponent's Lightning Rod status ability (unless the target is Electric-type).

Copper seems to be the best pilot out of the four officers, having demonstrated his aerial skills on many occasions, including in combat. Such instances included the Evacuation of Norplasab on the northern tip of Kalos during the beginning of the 2015 War in Kalos, and the later Battle of Galar.

In the storyline

Copper makes frequent appearances in the storyline, being a recurring character, just like Iron, Brihlzend, Tin, and Clacq.

In Conspiracies Abound

Warrant Officer Copper

Copper as a Warrant Officer.

Copper makes an appearance in Part 6 onwards. Here, he holds the rank of Warrant Officer in the West Aevaroen Security Police. He more frequently wears his helmet (Mk III).


Copper speaks with a mild-sounding upper-class British accent.

Copper was introduced as a subordinate officer and friend to Zaffre in 2011 as a character from a region that back then had yet to be named that was based on the United Kingdom. Eight years later, that region would be introduced as the Galar region.

Three years before that, Ryme City was introduced as the main setting in the 2016 game Great Detective Pikachu, which had beginnings in 2013 on October 11, and was released worldwide in 2018. Ryme City has obvious influences to London, and some had speculated the city to be located in Galar. In this continuity, which is tied with the games, the anime, and more recently the film, Ryme City is indeed located in Galar, placed west of Wyndon.
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