Deirdre is a simple-minded Mew that comes across and befriends Damy, an abandoned Mewtwo.
While Pokémon don't give each other a name, she decided to call herself "Deirdre" and insists that other Pokémon call her that way.

Deirdre is created by VampireMeerkat and made her first appearance in 2008 at Deviantart.

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Deirdre is playful, friendly and hard to discourage, though, that's more because of her low intellect than anything else. Even so, she knows her boundaries and won't jump into fire for fun.

Considering the powers Mews have, most noticeable is that Deirdre doesn't do anything with them and is usually seen just floating about. It isn't known whether she doesn't know how to use them, can't, or just won't. She is more likely to slap an enemy on the head than do any real attacks.
Still, she is relatively fast, which is probably the only thing that keeps her from getting caught by Pokémon or humans.



Damy gets ready for a sprint, Deirdre witnesses something that needs to be censored (from 2008).

Deirdre looks in every way like a normal Mew, except for her three spikes of hair on her head.



As Deirdre proved her curiosity to be bigger than her fear for him, she eventually got accepted as his unwanted companion, even though she still doesn't get much feedback from Damy.

While Damy takes his existence for what it is, Deirdre ponders about everything and urges him to think about why he's here. Even though she made a habit out of asking about Damy's roots, nothing is known about her own.


Deirdre sees Damy's Magikarp as a rival, and tends to compete with him to get Damy's attention.


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