The Delta region is beautiful and dangerous. Alongside it are countless people who live alongside Pokémon. You should likely know what Pokémon are by now, so I'm going to assume you do. Our story is about a young trainer named Reece, and his journey to become the best. 


Prologue I:The Absol and the Larvitar

Reece always loved Pokémon. That's no secret. His mother being a successful trainer, and his father (according to his mother) was also a great trainer. Reece got his first Pokémon on a faithful foggy afternoon when he was 4. He and his mother were in the yard at his home in Topsoil Town, when Reece saw a pairs of red eyes poking through the fog. Running over to it and his mother following suit, he saw a glimpse of a white creature with a dark toned face and one horn on the side of its face. 

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt. Pyre (Peak)

Reece finds a Larvitar

"Mommy!" Reece called out. "It's a Pokemon." his mother came over, and prepared to send out one of her Pokémon. She knew it was an Absol, and while she knew the species tried to warn people of disasters, Absol was a dangerous Pokémon nonetheless.

Before Reece's mother could act, the Absol fled. Reece then heard a soft grumbling sound. running over to where the Absol stood. In its place, he found a small green and red Pokémon only 2 feet tall. It also looked very badly injured.

"Mom!" Reece shouted. It's a Pokémon, and it's hurt!" Reece's mother came over, seeing the injured Larvitar. "Oh my, it's a Larvitar." Knowing the species weighed over 158 pounds, she sent out her Hariyama. "C'mon Reece, we should get to the Pokemon Center."

Prologue II:First Pokemon

"is Larvitar going to be Okay?" were Reece's first words when he got to the Pokémon Center. "He'll be just fine." The Pokémon Center Nurse replied. The lady had long blue hair, and a pink outfit. "Does he have a Trainer?"

"No Ma'am." Reece's mother answered. "He's wild." The nurse looked confused for a second until she took a Poke Ball, and called out an Audino. "Use Heal Pulse!" She ordered. A bright beam of energy flowed from the pink Pokémon's hand and into Larvitar, healing it's wounds.

"Now, before I give Larvitar back to you, I want to know where you found it." The nurse asked. "Larvitar are only found on Mt Dust, and that area is mostly uninhabited."

"We found him with an Absol." Reece answered before his mother could. "An Absol?" the nurse said worryingly. "Those are just as rare."

"We found it in our backyard." Reece's mother said. The nurse paused for a second, and bit her lip. "May I ask you to keep him?" She said. "Judging by his low level, I don't even think he's seen his parents yet."

"Can we keep him?" Reece asked full of hopes. "I don't know." His mother replied with words that crushed the little boy like a vice. "I don't know what Larvitar's eat."

"Don't worry, they can survive on soil alone. Also, having a Larvitar is ideal fo fertile soil." the nurse said. "Then we can keep him Reece." The young child's mother said. "But if he wants to leave, we must let him."

Reece kept Larvitar. While the young Pokémon stayed and made friends with Reece, the boy took care of him. They were inseparable, and were always together. On Christmas that year, Reece's father visited with Reece's baby brother Ren.

"Daddy!" Reece hardly ever saw his father. Seeing him was a very joyous experience. "Hello son," he said as he looked over to Larvitar. "So this is the Larvitar your mom told me about."

"Ya dad, he's really cool." Reece replied. He watched as his father pulled out a Pokéball. This was not just any Poke Ball, it was an Ultra Ball marked by Green stripes instead of yellow. "I had this Pokeball made specially for Larvitar." The man said. "Merry Christmas."

Reece took the Ultra Ball, and went over to Larvitar. "Larvitar, do you want to become my pokemon?" The young boy asked. Larvitar nodded, and Reece threw the Poke Ball. The two sides opened up and engulfed the Rock Skin Pokémon. It shook once and Larvitar was caught.

Prologue III:First Day of School

Reece's first day of School would play 2 major roles in his life. First, he would make friends, and second, he would discover the thrill of battles.

"Stop it!" A girl younger than Reece yelled. Two older boys were kicking around her Zorua. The girl herself had orange hair, and was wearing a skirt. "HEY" Reece yelled and stepped in front of the 2 bullies with Larvitar. "Go away meanies!"

"Oh look, a puny boy and a stupid Pokemon!" They said "Make us go away!" They said, sending out their own Pokémon:A Nincada and Gulpin.

"Oh Crud..." Reece exclaimed. "Two against one!" He was worried. He had never been in a battle before. He knew the basics, and he knew Larvitar's stats and moves. Level 3, Bite and Leer. But this was 2 on 1.

"Axew! Scratch! a voice called out. Reece saw as Nincada was hit by a green creature exactly as large as Larvitar. "Hey! Who did that!" The bully owning Nincada yelled out.

"I did!" A yellow haired kid yelled out. He was wearing a blue shirt, and looked very angry. He ran over to the girl and her Zorua. "Are you okay sis?"

"Yes..." Kara managed to say through sobs. The yellowed hair kid ran over to Reece and the bullies. "What is your problem?" He yelled.

"HEY!" Reece yelled back. "I've been trying to help your sis!" But before the yellow haired kid could respond, the 2 bullies yelled this. "That's it small fries! We challenge you two a Pokemon battle!"

As if reading the other's movements, Reece and Kara's brother took on the Gulpin and Nincada with their Pokémon respectively.

Prologue IV:The very first Battle

"Gulpin!" Use pound!" The first bully ordered. The poison

Pokémon HG SS Soundfont - FR LG Trainer Battle (350 Subs Special)

Pokémon HG SS Soundfont - FR LG Trainer Battle (350 Subs Special)

Trainer Battle (credit to Posby95/Youtube)

Pokemon lashed out at Larvitar, hitting the rock skin Pokemon. "Larvitar! Leer!" Reece told his Pokémon. Larvitar's eyes glowed, knocking down the Gulpin's defense in a green aura.

'Hah" Your attack did nothing." The bully said mockingly. "Wrong." Reece responded. "USE BITE." 

Larvitar savagely bit on to Gulpin and the threw the Stomach Pokémon into the air.

Kara's brother was using a similar strategy.  Axew leered, and then sliced the the Nincada with scratch. "Now, finish it off!"

At the same time, both trainers ordered there Pokémon to strike to finishing blow, knocking the 2 Pokémon into their trainers.

"So.....that is what a pokemon battle is like." Kara's brother said.

"Yah....." Reece replied. "I can't believe this crud is legal."

Kara got up, still crying slightly with her Zorua in her arms. "Thanks Matt." She said. Kara turned to Reece. "Thank you to. What's your name?"

"I'm Reece." Reece replied. "My name is Kara LeBlanca. This is Matt, my brother." She said, pointing to her Brother. "And this is Machina." She continued pointing to her Zorua. Reece saw a very unusual thing right away. Machina's Right eye was black with 3 green stripes and a red iris.

"What happened to your Zorua?" Reece asked.

"She was in an accident, and we had to replace her eye with a mechanical replacement." Matt said. "Anyway, thanks. I won't forget that you helped us."

Reece became great friends with Matt and Kara. The three had some crazy adventures together. Matt and Reece became crazy rivals. They always went rounds with each other. This continued until they were twelve. They were now officially old enough to start their Trainer journey.

Prologue V:The last day at Topsoil Town

Reece was in his bed sleeping peacefully. Today was the day he would start his Pokémon Journey alongside Matt. He had grown to prefer a specific set of clothing:A black jacket with red, blue and green highlights, black pants, and an emerald backpack. His hair was platinum-silver with a gold stripe going through it and was very anime stylish, with many spikes.

"Pwi pah! Pa pa pwa! (Translation:Dang it Reece! GET UP!)" His Larvitar shouted. "Five more minutes Larvitar....." was all the Rock Skin Pokémon got from its trainer. Annoyed, Larvitar took his trainer and through him to the floor.

"Alright have my attention." Reece said fully awake. "Wait, today is the day we start our journey!" Reece quickly retrieved Larvitar into his Poke Ball. He brushed his teeth (Reece would never miss that) ran down stairs.

"Honey." Reece's mom said. "Can your mom get 1 last hug before you go>" Reece came over and gave his mother a hug. "Be safe Reece." The woman said.

Getting ready to leave, armed with Larvitar, lot's of toothpaste, a town map, a toothbrush, and a Battle Scanner. A Battle Scanner is a vital tool to every Trainer. It allows them to see there Pokémon's summary, the level, health, and status condition of other Pokémon, and has all the functions of a PokeNav.

"Mom, before I Leave to see Professor Fir, can I ask 1 thing?" Reece said. "Anything." His mother replied. Reece took a deep breath. "Why does dad not live with us?"

"I'll tell you when your older." She replied. "MOM!" Reece said angrily. "You might not see me or talk to me for months, and your giving the same excuse you've gave me every single time!"

His mother took a deep breath and said. "It's called exploiting the legal system. Goodbye honey." With that, Reece left, ready to get a Pokémon from Prof Fir.

Surviving the First Trial Arc

Chapter 1:Suprise

Reece was the type of person who had a seemingly endless amount of energy. He came up to Matt and Kara's house, knocked on the door. "MATT!" He yelled. The door opened revealing a yellow haired boy with a blue jacket and an M on it. "It's about time you got here Reece." Matt said.

"Let's get going. " Reece replied. He seemed to hesitate for a split second.
Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Littleroot Town

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Littleroot Town

Topsoil Town

"Goodbye guys." a soft, feminine voice called out. Reece looked over to see Kara, now with an older body, longer hair, and wearing a black tank top with black sweatpants with white stripes. She looked like she was twelve, not 10. Kara was happy for the 2, but was pushing down huge tears. In the Delta Region, a person needed to be twelve to go on a Pokémon journey, and she wanted to like heck.

"You can at least come with us to Fir's Lab." Reece said. Professor Fir was the local Pokémon expert. He specialized in Pokémon Genetics. When Kara heard this, her face lit up. "Really?"

"Sure. But only till we get our Pokemon." Matt replied. The 3 started walking to the local lab, talking about what they wanted to do on their journey. "What all trainers do." Reece said. "Gather the 8 Badges, face the Elite Four, become the Champion. "Don't get too cocky sparkle hair." Matt said. "If I remember correctly, almost no-one's beaten the Elite Four in what, 25 years?"

"I'm going to be the next Champ if it kills me." Reece said with fire in his eyes.

"I personally want to be a Contest Master while I go on and collect the badges." Kara said. "What I wouldn't do to be 12 right now." Kara then pulled a book out of her Backpack. "Plus, I'll get to meet all the Trainers I've read about."

The book was titled 'Famous Female Trainers' It was Kara's personal guidebook. She kept it for inspiration. "So Reece, which Pokemon are you going to pick?" Matt asked.

"We still don't know who is going to pick first." Reece replied. "You can pick first." Matt answered. "Oh thanks, the platinum haired boy said. Reece then stopped for a second. "Wait...."

"You're just letting me go first because then you can pick the Pokemon who is strong against mine!" Reece shouted at Matt.

"Well duh." Matt said while shrugging. If not, then I wouldn't be your rival."

The 3 continued till they came to a bright white building. This was Fir's Lab. The 3 kids knew the man personally, and he constantly gave them advice about Pokemon.

"Hello, Professor Fir?" Reece called out as he opened the door. "Oh Reece, Matt, I was waiting for you." A voice said. A young man with light brown hair wearing a lab coat. "Oh, and Kara too."

"Yah, we came for the Pokemon." Reece said. "It is natural for us to get a starter even if the trainer already has a Pokemon."

Professor Fir brought up 2 cards. One green, one blue. He gave the cards to Reece and Matt. "Here you go, 2 trainer cards." Fir said. He then pressed a button causing a table with 3 Poke Valls on it.

"It's time to choose." Fir said. "Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip?" Reece went over to the table. He saw the 3 starters. After a few seconds of think, he picked Treecko. Holding up the ball, seeing through the translucent material. He saw the wood gecko, and smiled.

Without a second thought, Matt chose Torchic. "Well, this is it." the Yellow haired boy said. Reece looked back at Kara, who was smiling. "Oh well." She said. "I can't wait to start my journey."

"Good." Reece said while picking up Mudkip's Poke Ball. "Because it starts today." He put the Poke Ball in Kara's hand.

"What!?" Both Matt and Kara said in shock. Machina popped out of her Poke Ball, saying 'say what?' in her own
PMD Explorers of Sky OST Job Clear!

PMD Explorers of Sky OST Job Clear!



Before Reece could respond, his mom and Mrs. LeBlanca stepped out from hiding in the dimly lit area of the room. "That's right sweetie." Mrs LeBlanca said. "The four of us planned to get you out on your journey underaged."

"You look old enough." Professor Fir said. "And you can easily take care of yourself." Reece said. He meant that to, Kara had greatly matured in the time since he first met her.

"And it was all Reece's idea." Reece's mom said. Kara was crying tears of joy, but then it stopped. "But why?" she asked. "What if I get caught, what if..."

Mrs LeBlanca stopped her. "Because, we firmly believe you can do it on your own." She said with a hand on her shoulder.

Everyone agreed with this....except for one...........


"Why wasn't I told about this!?" Matt yelled, shocking everyone.

"Because we knew you'd overreact." Reece said calmly. "From the sound of it, you're not too happy about this.

" I don't want Kara to get hurt." Matt said. Before he could object further, Kara spoke up. "MATT!" She shouted in an angry tone. "I can take care of myself, thank you very much."

Deep down Matt couldn't argue with that. He knew his sister better than anyone else, and she and Machina were brilliant, crafty, and self sufficient. "Fine....." he said with regret.

"Now that that's over, Its time to go." Reece said walking to the door. "Wait!" Matt yelled. "You think you can just walk out of here without battling me first?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." the spike haired boy said.

"WAIT!!!!!" Professor Fir screamed as he ran between the 2 trainer flailing his arms wildly. "Please! Fight outside. With any luck you two will blow up this lab!"

Reece, Matt, Kara, their parents, and Professor Fir were outside the lab, getting ready to watch the 2 young trainers battle.

Reece checked his Battle Scanner. Treecko had a Hasty Nature, knew Tackle, Leer, and oooh, Dragonbreath. That was strange. He decided to send out Treecko first. He actually picked Treecko for a reason. If he had picked Torchic, Matt would have picked Mudkip and had an advantage of 2 of his Pokémon. If he had picked Mudkip, the same thing would hav happened.

"GO TREECKO!" Reece yelled, sending out the green

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix

Rival Matt-Credit to Warinside. Video itself by Cris Ray

Grass dragon. Matt, of course, sent out Torchic. When he did, the battle started.

"Treecko! DRAGONBREATH!" Treecko responded by blasting a beam of smokey energy at Torchic. Torchic took the hit.

"Crush Claw!" Matt ordered, retaliating the blow. The bird Pokémon jumped at the chance, and gave a crushing blow to Treecko's head.

"Leer! Then use Pound!" Reece commanded. "Geckeko! (Translation:Take this!)" Treecko shouted making his eyes flash red. Before he could Tackle however, Torchic came at Treecko using Scratch at 50% more speed than before. Treecko responded by smashing the Orange chicken into a tree by Pounding it with his tail.

"DRAGONBREATH!" Reece ordered as Torchic hit the bark on the tree caving it in. A smoking beam of energy hit Torchic. Reece checked his Battle Scanner. Torchic's HP was in the Red. Before he could launch another attack, however, Torchic glowed blue, and charged at Treecko.

"Torchic's Speed rose." was the message displayed on the Scanner. Reece bolted at the conclusion that Torchic had the "Speed Boost" ability.

Reece attempted to finish it. "Pound" he ordered, but before Treecko could hit it, Torchic hit the grass dragon on the head, making its legs buckle. Treecko did not faint yet, and beat Torchic with pound.

"Dangit..." Matt said as he retrieved Torchic. "Time to get serious!" He yelled throwing out his Axew. "Now crsuh this loser with Scratch!"

"Treecko, Dragonbreath!" Reece ordered. Treecko blasted the breath at Axew, and it hit the dragon for massive damage. But, the tusk dragon went through and KO'ed Treecko.

The blast itself also blasted into the lab, causing an explosion that engulfed it, wrecking it to the ground. This got an "OH C'MON! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS STUFF'S LEGAL!" from Proffeser Fir.

"Larvitar! Let's do this!" Reece exclaimed as he threw out Larvitar. "Lar, pwi vui Vitar! (Translation:Prepare yourself Axew)" was his faithful companions response.

"Shree Shree See! (Translation:This time will be different!)" Was the tusk dragon's reply. "Axew, use your Incinerate!" Axew was about to breath the fire, but then it stopped, electricity spazzing over its body.

"Hah! I paralyzed you!" Reece mocked. "Now, Larvitar, Sandstorm!" Larvitar breathed out a huge hurricane of Sand, covering Axew. "Now, use Bite!" he yelled. Larvitar responded by biting Axew's head, and flinging it into the air.

"Axew, Leer! Matt ordered. The dragon used leer in the air, covering Larvitar in green energy. "Larvitar, use your own Leer!" Larvitar covered Axew in the green aura. Matt then pulled out a Trump Card:

"Axew! Giga Impact!" Matt yelled. Axew got covered in an aura of purple spiraling power with orange streaks. The green Pokémon crashed into its opponent at speed exceeding 200 miles per hour. The impact made an explosion, and left a massive crater.

"Larvitar!" Reece cried out. "Please be ok, please be okay." He said worryingly as the smoke cleared. He then saw his winning path. Larvitar had hung on! "Larvitar, Bite! He ordered. Axew needed to recharge, and Reece saw his chance. "Bite again!" Reece ordered as Larvitar bit into Axew. Reece, to his horror, realized Axew still had a few Hit Points left.

"Axew is fully paralyzed." Was the message on the battle scanner.

"Finish it! Bite!" Reece ordered. Larvitar jumped and threw Axew to the ground with his teeth.

"I WIN!" Reece celebrated.

Professor Fir came over. He was covered in ash and sand, and his hair was a mess. "Hope you 2 enjoyed your first battle as Pokemon Trainers. To celebrate, I'm going to give you these special running shoes, along with 4 Poke balls. Now, please never battle here ever again."

He fell to the ground. Kara came over and took a pair of running shoes. "Well," She said. this is going to be exciting." Reece's Mom and Mrs. Leblanca came over, healing their respective son's Pokemon.

"Well, you 3 be careful on your........" Reece's mom started to say, but she was interrupted by a huge whoosh of compressed air created by her son running, his normal shoes lying on the ground....

Chapter 3:Plate Plains

Delta Region

Welcome to Delta

Kirby Super Star Ultra OST - Peanut Plain

Kirby Super Star Ultra OST - Peanut Plain

Plate Plains

Reece knew that the regional map by heart. He was heading for Treeton City. But first, he needed to grind for experience, catch a Pokémon, and rip through Green Forest. Considering all the plain's native Pokémon had attacks that Larvitar resisted. Treecko would be hard to train against Pidgey and Spearow, but all the Rattata would be defenseless against the little lizard.

Reece came across a Ratatta gnawing on some grass. "Go Treecko!" Reece exclaimed as he sent out his Grass Pokémon.

Pokemon RSE Wild Battle Remix (FRLG Style)

Pokemon RSE Wild Battle Remix (FRLG Style)

Wild Battle! SSJSonic21's Song

The Ratatta looked up just in time to see a green lizard/dragon/gecko thing smash it in the head. It got hit into a nearby patch of dirt. Reece through a Poke Ball, and it split into 2 halves. It then encapsulated to little rat, and shook 3 times.

"I caught a Ratatta!" Reece exclaimed. Reece took out a potion and healed it.

"Okay, so we have 3 Pokemon. Half a team." Reece said to his three Pokémon. They were walking alongside him.


Professer Fir had just regained consciousness. He was in an unfamiliar white room. With a jolt, we awoke, seeing Reece's mom, Mrs Leblanca, and Matt and Kara.

"Where's Reece?" the scientists asked frantically. "He ran off to Plate Plains." Kara said. "We stayed here to make sure you were okay."

"This is terrible!" The scientist shrieked. "Listen, no time to explain, Matt, take this. He gave a red and silver device to Matt, then 2 to Kara. "These are the Regional Delta Pokedex's. They were made by Proffeser Oak, and I suggested you 3 as the 3 Delta Dex Holders."

"Kara, I need you to get that PokeDex to Reece." Fir said. "Okay!" Kara said while running out the door. She was far too hasty to start her journey.

"Why did you trust Kara to deliver that and not me?" Matt asked. "Because she won't go rounds with him 12 seconds after you lock eyes."

Speaking of going rounds.........

"Ratatta! Use Quick Attack! Reece ordered as his new rat rammed into a Pidgey, knocking it out. The opposing trainer (a Hiker) recalled his Pidgey. "Go Geodude!" He sent out the rock type, and the Geodude sized up its foe. "Ratatta, come back!" Reece ordered. "Crush 'em Treecko!" he said as he switched out for Treecko. Treecko took a rock throw upon switching in, but it was able to endure it.

"Treecko, crumble him with Absorb." The grass lizard engulfed Geodude with green lights, and scored a OHKO. "Uh....." the Hiker said. "GO! Pound em Onix!" He yelled, this time sending out a giant Rock Snake.

"Treecko, Retreat!" Reece said, he called the grass gecko back into its Poke Ball, and put out his trusty Larvitar. While the Rock Skin Pokémon got hit by a Rock upon the switch in, he barely took any damage.

"Larvitar, use Screech!" Reece ordered. Larvitar gave a horrifying screech. The Onix tackled it in response. "BITE!" Reece ordered, and his Pokémon jumped on the Onix's head, and bit off the antenna on top of its head. This was an instant KO, and made Reece 367 Pokedollars richer.

The hiker retrieved his Onix, and then ran over to Reece. "Is that a Larvitar?" He asked. "Oh ya. He's my first Pokemon." Reece replied.

The hiker stared at the Larvitar. "It's every hikers dream to have a Larvitar. Consider yourself lucky." Reece gave the man a quizzical look. "Why?"

"When Larvitar evolves, it becomes Pupitar, and when it evolves again, it becomes Tyranitar. Tyranitar is the ultimate Rock Type." The Hiker said.

"Wow...." Reece said, daydreaming. "I don't have the heart to tell him I evolve into Tyranitar at level 55." His Larvitar thought. "I'm only level 11."

Reece packed up, after his 6 battle long carnage. He was ready to step into Green Forest.

The first Dungeon.

Chapter 4:The Society of Shadows

Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - Viridian Forest

Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver - Viridian Forest

Green Forest (Sorry, not using the Song of the same name)

Reece raced into Green Forest. That is almost never a smart move. EVER. Green Forest is filled with crazed Bug catchers trying to catch really strong bug types. Speaking of which, if you want a Bug type, this is the place to go.

But, this is Reece we are talking about. Ya know, the guy who wants to beat the near undefeated Elite Four?

Anyways, Tall Grass is also unavoidable. Four steps of running and Reece encounters his first Pokémon in the forest: Weedle

"Wedldle Deedeedul (Translation:Hello sir, do you want my friend?)" the adorable bug type asked.

"Go Treecko! Reece yelled as he sent out his grass lizard. "Use Absorb." Reece ordered, not wanting to make it faint. This continued for a few turns until Reece threw a Poke Ball. It engulfed the Bug Type, and caught it.

"Yay!" Reece exclaimed. "4th Pokemon, Caught!"

With 4 Pokémon in his arsenal Reece was getting slightly overconfident. But, he needed to raise his Weedle. It knew the Attacks Poison Sting, String Shot, and Electroweb.

However, our crazy haired Hero's wishes are not too simple to be respected. On the other end of the forest, several people with weird outfits with switchblades built in were planning and plotting......

"Okay Peons! We need to find that Sentry base." one figure said. "Failure is not an option!"

"Do we even know if it is here?" another asked. "No. But we have reason to believe that those Shine freaks are operating around here."

The figures walked off, searching for their target.

Reece, however, was going for his own goals. "Weedle! Use Poison Sting!" He ordered his newly own bug type to use. His bug hit the opposing Bug Catcher's Caterpie, knocking it out.

"You win..." the bug catcher said. He gave Reece half his money and Reece looked to his Weedle with his Battle Scanner. "Okay, so your level 7 now." He said.

All of a sudden his Weedle started to glow. Reece looked with sudden shock as his Weedle became incased in an Iron hard coating, and formed a shell.

"You evolved!" Reece said with bewilderment. He checked his Scanner, and saw that his Weedle had become a Kakuna, and learned Iron Defense.

Before he could celebrate however, he noticed the one thing that could stop him:It was night. "Oh darn it......." was his reply at first, but then realized night could be used to train uninterrupted. Reece decided training for at least a few hours. Maybe a Hoothoot or Murkrow or 40.

Meanwhile with Matt

"Seriously, where is Reece?" Matt said angrily. He had been working his butt off to find stronger Pokémon. He had one already: A Spearow. He had caught the flying type at Plate Plains. Knowing it was night he decided to camp out.

But, he knew deep down that Reece wasn't sleeping. Maybe he could catch something in Green Forest? He was starting to think that it wouldn't be a bad idea. "Lets get going." He told his Axew, Torchic and Spearow.

Back with Reece

"Staying up all night was the best idea I've had in a long time!" Reece said aloud. "I found this TM Bullet Seed!" He looked over at his 4 Pokémon. "Okay Treecko, time to learn Bullet Seed." Treecko came up to Reece.

"Geck echo okoko. (Translation:How does that disc teach me a Move?) his Treecko asked. Reece took the disc and put it in a compartment in his Battle Scanner. He then retrieved the grass lizard into its poke Ball. He took the poke ball, and lined it up to his Battle Scanner. He then pressed a button saying 'Teach'.

Treecko learned Bullet Seed

His Pokemon now hit its 5 move capacity. Reece now needed to get out of the forest and challenge the gym. Simple. Right?
Pokemon XD - Cipher Syndicate

Pokemon XD - Cipher Syndicate

Who are these people? (NOT Cipher, they just stole their theme.)

Reece's ears perked up. He could have sworn he heard something. He turned to a set of nearby bushes. Peeking through then he saw 5 figures in dark outfits. 2 girls, 3 guys, and one had a Honchkrow. The one with Honchkrow looked very powerful.

"Has anyone found anything worthwhile?" the Honchkrow one said. Reece assumed that this one was their leader. The others said no, except for one of the guys.

"I found this." he said. he pulled out a Pokéball. He opened it up, and it had a Combee inside it. Reece could tell it was female because of the Red mark on its forehead. "I stole this cruddy Pokemon from some loser."

Stole was the one word that Reece needed to hear in order to jump out of the bushes in anger. "Give that Pokemon back to its trainer right now!" Reece had heard of people who steal Pokémon from others. He had no respect for people who tortured Pokémon.

"Get out of here kid!" One of the grunts screamed.

Reece not only stood his ground, but reached for Ratatta's Poke Ball.

"I'm warning you kid!" The grunt yelled again.

Reece threw the Poke Ball to the ground, revealing Ratatta. "That's it kid!" The grunt yelled.

"Stall him." The leader said. "We'll be on our way."

The grunt sent out a Poochyena. "Use Howl!" the grunt ordered. Poochyena howled in a way that boosted its Attack Stat.

"Tail Whip!" Reece ordered. "Now quick attack!" 

Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music- Cipher Peon Battle

Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music- Cipher Peon Battle

Society of Shadows Battle!

The purple rat smashed into Poochyena with enough force to take 2/3 of the dark dog's HP. "Poochyena, use Tackle!" the grunt ordered.

While the little hyena followed its master's orders it could barely damage Ratatta. "Quick Attack!" Reece ordered again. Poochyena fell. Reece won.

"How the heck did ah lose to a brat?" the grunt yelled. Reece was too the point. "Where's that Combee?"

"I don't have to tell you anything!" The grunt yelled. Reece walked over to him with his Ratatta. "And you realize you have nothing to lose now that a 'brat' " He said with air quotes, "beat you and your and most likely going to be fired."

"Da masta took em." The grunt said. "But why do ya want dat worthless....." Reece had already ran off, his shoes blasting out air as he went.


"That kid is catching up." One of the female grunts said. "WHAT?" the leader said. "You, slow him down. We must find that base and destroy it!" The female grunt stood her ground while the remaining 3 ran off.

Reece caught up in half a minute. "You can keep throwing grunts at me all you want but I'm getting back that Combee!" Reece said with that 'main character who's like 11 or something fighting off terrorist organizations' tone of voice.

The same thing happened as last time, just with different Pokémon. The grunt sent out an Oddish, and Reece proceeded to beat it with his Kakuna. "Kakuna! Poison Sting!" The cocoon shot a poisonous pin at the plant thing, knocking it down.

"Oddish, Absorb!" The grunt ordered. Green energy flowed from Kakuna into Oddish, but this was a futile move. With a 4x resistance to Grass, Kakuna took little damage. Since Kakuna's only other attack was Electroweb, Reece kept spamming Poison Sting until Oddish fell.

"Brat!" the grunt muttered as she retrieved Oddish. "If I didn't have this worthless peice of trash, I would've won. hope this one does better! Go! Tailow!"

Reece stayed with Kakuna, knowing that Electroweb could help handle Tailow. "Iron Defense!" Reece ordered. This was a smart move, as the enemy Tailow struck with Peck.

"Kakuna! Electroweb!" Reece called out. Kakuna shot a yellow web at Tailow, shooting it out of the sky. Reece took his money and raced ahead. 2 of his Pokémon were at half health. He had 3 battles to go. Reece couldn't stop now.


Kara was so focused on finding Reece that she had tracked him over half the forest. She decided that she may as well make a shelter and continue tomorrow. "Crazy day." She thought. "You end up faking your age, tracking a sugar powered guy through a forest, and now your in a wooden hut thinking to yourself."

Kara got up. She could've sworn she heard something. She gently woke up Machina, being careful not to startle her. The cyber-eyed fox gave a 'this better be important, I'm tired' face. Kara reached for one of the 2 Pokéballs on her belt, one containing her Mudkip, the other containing a Ralts she caught earlier.

She got out of her wood hut. She definitely heard something. It sounded soft, and sad. Like.....crying? She looked around, walking for a few meters until she saw a boy about 12 or so. The child was crying his eyes out. "What happened?" Kara asked immediately.

The boy looked up. "These people stole my *sob* Combee." He said, his voice hoarse from crying. Kara called out Mudkip, got a cup out of her backpack, and had Mudkip use Water Gun in it. "Here, have some water." the boy took the water, and thanked Kara.

As he finished, Kara turned to see a huge wall of sand blow right through the forest. "Are you f......" She was cut off by the sand burying her up to her midriff. "Kidding me...... MUDKIP! Water Gun!"

Her little mud fish got both her and the young boy out of their sand prisons. "What was that?" the boy asked. Kara sweat-dropped, and she looked over. "The sound of someone starving themselves of sleep. C'mon, If we run now, we can see what's happening."

Do you know whats happening? Good Job!

"Larvitar, Screech on Poochyena! Treecko, Bullet Seed on Carvanha!" Reece ordered through the sandstorm. He was fighting his first double battle, on only his first day too. Treecko hit seed after seed at Carvanha, knocking it out. Poochyena was hurt by the sandstorm, but that didn't stop it from firing a watergun (Gen 1 TM) at Larvitar. Larvitar shook it off.

"How!?" The grunt controlling Poochyena yelled. Reece smirked. "Sandstorm beefs up the Special Defense of Rock Types, that's why I used it. " Reece commented. "Plus, Poochyena has low Special Attack. Now, Larvitar! Bite! Treecko, Pound!"

The 2 Pokémon hit Poochyena square in the face. Knocking it out. "Damn!" The two grunts said. The leader had been watching. "YOU IDIOTS ARE REALLY INCAPABLE OF BEATING A KID?" he yelled. "Stop screwing around a use your other Pokemo......."

Reece could only guess something was wrong by the fact that the 3 criminals in front of him had horrified looks on their faces. Reece slowly looked around to see what was so scary. He got his answer.

Towering behind him was a Gyarados, looking extremely angry. "GYARA DOS DOS!" The serpent screamed. With that, the grunts behind him ran off cursing in fear.

"Kara, I know its you doing that." Reece said unimpressed. The gyarados reverted into a Zorua with a mechanical eye, and Reece saw Kara and a small boy come out of a bush. "How did you know it was me?" She asked bewildered.

"This forest has no ponds big enough to support a Gyarados, if it belonged to a trainer, it would've attacked by now, and if it was a wild pokemon, I would've tried to catch it." Reece said. Kara couldn't tell if he was faking it or being serious. "Weren't you at least scared."

"Heck yes now don't do it again." Reece said changing the subject. "Who's the guy?"

"They.....stole my Combee....." The boy said. "My name is Gin." he spoke up.

"Reece, we need your help to get his Combee back from those people." Kara said, closing her eyes. "Since you were already fighting them, could you help us?" she paused. "Reece?" Reece was gone already. "He left as soon as you closed your eyes." Gin said.

"Gin, before we get going, do you know who these people are?" Kara asked the boy. Gin paused. He bit his lip, trying to suppress tears. "They called themselves Team Abyss, the Society of Shadows."

Chapter 5:Battle of the Bees

Reece was going to get back that Pokémon if it killed him. The other trhought in his head was why he was doing this in the first place. Well, the only thing that came to him was how he would feel if someone took one of his Pokémon.

He caught up to the three grunts, and threw Kakuna's Pokéball forward. "Kakuna, use Electroweb so they can't escape!" the boy yelled. His Kakuna, with one shot, created a huge, yellow web in front of of the 3 escaping criminals. The leader was able to stop in time, but the two grunts were unlucky enough to run painfully into a not so stable, sticky web that collapsed onto them and knocked them out with several hundred volts.

"Whoops......" Reece said. He changed his attention to the leader. "Hand over that Combee!" Reece demanded. "Or Else."

"Or else what?" The leader demanded. Reece retrieved Kakuna, and threw out Larvitar. "We battle!" Reece was likely making a huge mistake but was too focused to do anything else. "Ready?"

"GO! Mightyena!" The leader shouted.

Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Team Abyss Admin

The black hyena dog erupted from the Pokéball. reece checked his battle scanner. Level 12. Reece countered with Ratatta. "Quick Attack!" Reece ordered. The purple mouse dissapeared, Mightyena fell back, and Ratatta re-appeared.

"Mightyena!" The Leader ordered. "Bite!" the canine lunged forward, attemping to grab the Ratatta in its jaws.

"Ratatta, jump on its head and use Tail Whip!" Reece ordered.  Ratatta ran behind Mightyena, and rammed its head with Taail Whip. This only angered the dog.

"Water Gun!" The Admin ordered. "Ratatta!" Reece cried out as his Pokémon was hit with a blast of water. The rat was knocked against a nearby tree. "Shadow Ball on the Tree!" The Mightyena's trainer ordered. The Bite Pokémon blasted a shadowy lump right at the tree above Ratatta.

Thinking quick, Reece called to his Pokémon. "Take a dive!" Reece yelled. His Ratatta threw himself into the Shadow Ball, and instead of getting hurt, the mouse absorbed the ball. "Now finish him with Quick Attack!" The Ratatta rammed the hyena with a speedy tackle followed by a trail of white energy. The Hyena fell.

"Brilliant thinking." The admin said bewildered. "Not many trainers would order their Pokemon to tank an attack like that in the middle of battle." The admin looked at Reece. "But why?"

Reece smiled. "I know my type match-ups by heart." he said. "Plus, if you hit the tree, Ratatta would've been hurt more." The admin looked at Reece, and Reece got a better look at him as the moon shone on him. He had light eyes, black hair that curled into spikes pointing the same way his eyes did. He was in his mid 20's, and looked like a no nonsense person.

"Who are you?" he asked. Reece kept smiling. "Reece Falconer, and you are?" The admin looked at Reece. "I am honored to be able to address a child with such skill. But, you can't leave here now." Reece became slightly worried about this statement. This guy was likely going to kill him. "My name is Raigen. I am an admin of Team Abyss."

"GO! Rhyhorn!" He yelled. Reece retrieved his Pokémon at the same time as the the armor rhino popped out of its Pokéball. "Go Treecko!" The grass lizard faced the rock rhino face-to-face. "Bullet Seed!" Reece ordered. "Charge with fury attack!"

The two multi hit attacks collided, Rhydon's idiot brain wouldn't let it stop, and four jets of seeds crashed into the rhino. Treecko was hurled into a tree, cratering it. This was in no way a bad thing, as Treecko was in his element. The gecko scaled the tree, and waited for Reece's command.

"Absorb!" Reece yelled. Treecko drained away Rhyhorn's health, healing itself. Rhyhorn fell. Raigen threw out his last Pokémon. GO! Honckrow! Reece was about to retrieve Treecko, but Raigen had other plans. "Pursuit!" He ordered from his Honchkrow. Before the grass lizard's Pokéball could retrieve it, Honckrow knocked it out of the tree and into Reece's hands, unconcious.

"Oh crud." Reece said. Reece reached for another Pokéball, thinking between Ratatta and Larvitar. Kakuna would be a death sentance. "GO! Ratatta!" Ratatta popped from the ball, and gave its trademark cry. "Tatata! (Translation:Let's go!)

"Quick Attack!" Reece yelled. Ratatta disappeared and reappeared, hitting Honchkrow in the proccess. "Sky Attack!" Raigen ordered. Honchkrow started to glow, and Reece knew this moment had to be used wisely. Reece checked his scanner.

Honchkrow had 30% HP left. Reece had to set this up perfectly. "Tail Whip!" Reece ordered. Ratatta charged towards the crow ready to strike, but Raigen had other plans. "Fall foward!" he ordered. Honchkrow dived foward in a fashion that its Sky Attack would charge before Reece could react.

"Go!" Raigen ordered. Honchkrow smashed into Ratatta covered in a light blue electrical aura. Ratatta fainted instantly. "Oh no......." Reece was worried. He was going to lose if some miracle didn't pop up. "Larvitar!" Reece said as he threw larvitar's Poke Ball to the ground, revealing his first Pokémon.

"Pitar!" Larvitar yelled out. "Larvitar, use Screech!" Reece called to the Rock Skin Pokémon. Larvitar gave out a horrible, ear shattering Screech that forced Raigen to cover his ears, leaving Honchkrow open to attack. "Now use Bite!" Reece ordered. Larvitar was just able to latch on to Honchkrows leg, dragging it to the ground.

Even though the bird resisted Dark-Type moves, its Defense had been lowered 3 levels. That, with the fact Larvitar dragged it to the ground, Honchkrow suffered just enough damage to be KO'ed.

"Looks like I win!" Reece said, moving his arm to do a victory pose. That battle was close. He had taken a big gamble there. But, he wasn't out of the woods yet. "GO! Combee!" Raigen said. Reece was both amused and angered by this. "Sending out a stolen Pokemon? That's low."

Reece switched to Kakuna. "Electroweb!" He ordered. The Cocoon Pokémon fired a yellow string that formed a cobweb pattern over Combee, snaring it on the ground. "I think that you were going to give me that Combee, were you not?"

Raigen took Combee. "I still have a trump card." He said. Raigen took a syringe out of his pocket, and slowly injected it into Combee. "What a better time to test this like the present."

Combee instantly woke up. It floated into the air, and started to glow. Without a second thought, it burst into a Vespiquen.

"What.....did you do?" Reece said in shock. The combee had now been forced to evolve by the injection. Reece checked his battle scanner, the Pokémon had hardly changed in level, only now level 10, but had seemed to increase in 20 levels at once. Raigen smirked. "That serum forced evolution. Now you can feel what the wrath of Team Abyss really feels like!" He declared. "Vespiquen! Attack Order!"

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 OST - Egg Cerberus & Egg Genesis

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 OST - Egg Cerberus & Egg Genesis

Abyssal Brawl

 Vespiquen's eyes glowed, and numerous amounts of Combee appeared from Vespiquen's Honeycomb abdomen, and charged at Reece.

Without hesitation, Kakuna jumped up and took the attack head on. Reece saw that he was saved. "Kakuna, Electroweb!" He ordered. The Cocoon Pokémon shot web after web at the Combee soldiers.

"Vespiquen, slash that annoyance!" Raigen ordered. Vespiquen smashed into Kakuna with force, powered by the anger of its unatural evolution. The cocoon Pokémon got knocked against the ground, shell cracking.

"Kakuna!" Reece screamed in fear. He had been adventuring for a day and already he was in the middle of a scarring battle. "Go......GAAK!" Reece was about to call out another Pokémon, but was thrown to the ground. "Kill him!" Raigen said. "We can't let him live!"

Reece barely dodged Vespiquens arm coming down like a guillotine at his neck. Reece was given his chance to survive by Vespiquen's arm becoming stuck in the ground. "Come on......" Reece was in a state of panic. Treecko had fainted, Larvitar and Ratatta were injured, and Kakuna was......

"Finish him with Attack Order!" Raigen yelled. Once again, several Combee charged at Reece, but this time, something stopped them cold. In seconds, the Combee were on the ground, discolored in a way that made them look poisoned.

"What the....." Raigen looked around. Reece had not sent out any other Pokémon. Then what was that? Reece did the same. Had Kara caught up? No, Reece saw his helper. His Kakuna's cocoon had been broken to peices, and in its place was a Beedrill.

His Beedrill.

"Beedrill!" Reece shouted. "Fury Attack!" He shouted. Beedrill shot its pins at Vespiquen, regenerating them and firing again in quick succesion. Raigen quickly took hold of the situation. "HEAL ORDER!" He commanded. The combee reappeared, healed.

"Iron Defense!" Reece ordered, taking this time to power up. "Now Poison Sting!" He yelled.

"Defend Order" Raigen yelled. The Combee created a wall to block the attack. Reece got frustrated at this. "Electroweb!" He ordered. Beedrill shot a web of lightning at the wall, knocking through and harming Vespiquen. "I need to disable that Combee squad." Reece thought to himself.

"Beedrill! Use Electroweb on the ground!" Reece ordered. Beedrill followed the command, firing webs to the ground. "Now Poison Sting!" Reece ordered. But his command didn't reach quick enough. Vespiquen slashed at Beedrill and pinned it to the ground.

"Fury attack to the face!" Reece called. Beedrill's right arm shot a missle of a needle at Vespiquen's face, causing the bee queen to lose her grip on beedrill.

"Get out of there!" Reece called to his Pokémon. Beedrill rocketed into the air, reaching away from Vespiquen. "Poison Sting!" Reece yelled.

"Attack Order!" Raigen yelled in retaliaton. Vespiquen once again had her combee minions charge at Beedrill. Beedrill shot poison pins at the Combee. the two collided, and the combee fell to the ground. However, the fell onto Beedrills Electrowebs. This caused them to become stuck, and then paralyzed.

"Yes!" Reece exclaimed. "Now your Combee army is history, and Vespiquen is weakened." Reece's plan had finally worked. "Now finish it with fury attack!"

Beedrill shot down with such speed that it nearly dissapeared. It reappeared in front of Vespiquen and shot its needles three times, causing a bit of gutty bloody to drip down as the bee queen fainted.

"Mission failed." Raigen said. "Take your pokemon." He threw the Vespiquen's Pokéball to Reece. The child ran over and retrieved it.

Raigen turned around. "The master isn't going to be happy about this." He said as he literally dissapeared. Reece only noticed it out of the corner of his eyes. He was about to comment before Kara and the boy showed up. "Reece!" Kara yelled.

She laid eyes on the battlefeild. "What the heck happened here?" She said, giving a stare at Reece that Reece knew as her 'stare of blazing death'. She only stared like that when she was really annoyed.

"Oh nothing." Reece said. He turned to the boy. "I sorta got your pokemon back." He said, pointing to Vespiquen. "That guy injected her with something that made her evolve.

The boy ran over to his Vespiquen. "I don't care if she evolved, I'm just concerned if she's okay. Kara pulled out a super potion and sprayed the bee queen.

"Thank you Kara," he turned to Reece. "Thank you to. Reece if I'm correct." Reece smiled. "That's correct. What's your name?"

"Egioh." The boy said. "I can't thank you enough." 

"Don't need to." Reece commented. "When they said your pokemon was stolen, I couldn't stop trying to get it back."

"Well, it's time for me to go." Egioh said, retreiving his Vespiquen.

As Egioh dissapeared, Reece decided he may as well rest forthe night. Any more excitement and his heart would explode. He retreived his new Beedrill, and turned to Kara.

" you have any spare potions?" he asked his friend. Kara was the type of person who held favors against people who owed her, so he had to be careful. Kara pulled her bag of her back, and pulled out 3 revives, 7 potions, 1 super potion, and 4 antidotes. "How much do you need?"

Reece was greatly shocked at what he saw. Kara somehow had all these healing items, and Reece left home with just one measly potion.

"Where the heck did you get all of that?" Reece said in shock. Kara kept her serious face. "A girl has to have her ways." She said with a hint of pride in her voice. Reece looked at her. "Can I have some?" Reece asked her with 'desperate' written all over him.

"One condition: You help build a tempory shelter for the night, and 'gaurd' me until we start up again tommorow." Kara said. Reece wasn't buying the helpless girl act. "Kara, you don't need me to defend you." Reece said. "Don't think I forgot what you did to the last guy who ticked you off."

Kara's faced brightned up at the 'happy' memories. "Yes, now you're gonna 'protect' me or I won't heal your pokemon." Reece decided that since he wanted to actually survive another day, he may as well listen to Kara. "Oh, and Prof. Fir told me to give this to you." Kara said.

Kara handed Reece a Red and silver device. "According to him, it's called a Pokedex." Reece took it. "I've heard of these. They record data about every species of pokemon caught or seen by the holder."  Reece aimed it to his Pokémon.

In seconds, the machine scanned Reece's Pokémon, giving him data on the six species of Pokémon he caught so far

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended

Pokedex Theme


Rock Skin Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 158.7 LB / 72.0 KG

This pokemon feeds on soil to grow. One Larvitar can consume an entire mountain. They tend to be found at remote areas such as Mt. Silver or Sevault Canyon


Wood Gecko

Height:1' 08 / 0.5 M

Weight:11 LB / 5 KG

They are adapted to life in forests. They are very fast, and make perfect use of that speed. Their bodies are covered with tiny spikes to allow it to scale walls and ceilings.


Mouse Pokemon

Height:1'00 / 0.3 M

Weight:7.7 LB / 3.5 KG

These pokemon may be small, but a they can easily fell an Onix in the hands of a skilled trainer. Their teeth are always growing, and thus these pokemon gnaw constantly to keep its teeth from overgrowing.


Hairy Bug Pokemon

Height:1'00" / 0.3 M

Weight:7.1 LB / 3.2 KG

This pokemon may be relatively weak, but its powerful poison in its stinger and quick evolution speed more than make up for it. They eats leaves. Lots of leaves.


Cocoon Pokemon

Height:2'00" / 0.6 M

Weight:2'00 / 0.6 M

These pokemon are near immoble. They still can, however, fire poison pins at ememies. They evolve quickly, and when they do, they reveal the body stuck inside the cocoon.


Poison Bee Pokemon

Height: 3'03 / 1'00 M

Weight:65.0 LB / 29.5 KG

These pokemon are deadly predators, flying fast and equipped with powerful poison. Their spear like limbs can be shot with great force and regenerated near instantly. These pokemon can fire these spears like machine guns.  

Reece was so engrossed in his new Pokédex that Kara had to snap him out of it. "Hello, Reece?" She said. "Are you going to help me or not? I can easily build a shelter myself and not heal your team."

"Fine." Reece said submissively. Kara healed up his Pokémon, and they started to build their shelter. Larvitar ate the soil to make a base. Treecko gathered wood, Beedrill patrolled the area for Pokémon and trainers, Ratatta chewed any sticks to big to use to manageable size.

Kara's Pokémon helped out to. Her Ralts used her Psychic powers to make a shelter, Mudkip supplied fresh water, Machina's eye helped pick out perfect proportions to the shelter.

After an hour, Kara and Reece had a perfect sized base to accomadate themselves and their Pokémon. After getting rest areas ready, they finally got some well deserved rest.

Before going to sleep, Kara leaned over to Reece. "Oh, and if you sneak out, You'll regret it." The girl said before falling asleep with her 3 Pokémon cuddling up to her. Reece took that threat seriously, because Kara would carry it out.

Reece had some trouble falling asleep. "Who were those people?" He kept asking himself. He had heard of Pokémon based crime syndicates before, but never seen one in person. Reece would get answers eventually. He hoped.

Reece, before falling asleep himself, turned to his team. "Rest up guys." The trainer layed down. "Because tommorow, we're getting out of this forest."

End of Surviving the First Trials Arc

Treeton City Arc

Treecko was sitting outside, looking at the moon. In the span of 15 Hours, he had been chosen as a starter, been in a chaotic battle against his former 'friend', destroyed the lab he was in, fought numerous trainers, battled against
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 The Time Gears

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 The Time Gears

Treecko can't sleep.

a terrorist group, and now was looking up at the moon.

"Why are you awake?" Treecko heard. He looked behind him to see Larvitar. Treecko turned away. "What do you want?" Treecko said annoyed.

"Your awake, staring at the moon, and I'm starting to think you don't like us." Larvitar said. Treecko facepalmed. "What do you think?" He said. "Our Master is crazy, and I'm stuck with you losers. Even worse, we're slaves to him."

"Shut up." Larvitar yelled at Treecko. "I've been with Reece for 8 years, and he didn't treat me like a Pokemon, he treated me like I was a part of him. I put up with his desire to become a pokemon trainer for all that time, and now he is one." Larvitar calmed down. "And its our job to help him become the best."

Treecko laughed at that. "The best?" He sneered. "If he dosen't get himself killed, then maybe."

"Give him a chance Treecko." the two heard a voice say. Larvitar and Treecko turned to see Mudkip. "You again?" Treecko muttered. Mudkip's face curled into a frown. "You were always happy until Torchic started becoming a jerk." He said.

"Is there something I missed?" Larvitar asked.

"Me, Torchic, and Mudkip were friends until Torchic became a jerk because I beat him all the time." Treecko said. "Then he became my mortal enemy."

Mudkip turned to Larvitar. "Don't mind him. He's not used to having a Trainer." Treecko turnedd to Mudkip. "That's true." Treecko said. "I'll give Reece a chance Larvitar." He turned away. "He better not blow it."

"You'll learn having a Trainer is fun." The three heard a fourth voice say. They turned to see Machina. "I should know, Kara's the reason I'm still alive." The Zorua turned in a feminine fashion to reveal her mechanical eye, a black sclera with 3 green bars curving down the side from a red pupil.

"I lost this eye in an accident, and they gave me a replacement." She stated. "Now I'm Kara's loyal partner." She turned away. "And I suggest you get used to reece Treecko. Because he'll pour his heart and soul out for you."

Chapter 6:The Media (Anything but that!)

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Petalburg City

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Petalburg City

Welcome to Treeton City.

Reece spent all of the day getting to Treeton City. He had not encountered  much on his travel, except for miles of Forest.

As soon as he arrived in Treeton City, he was amazed. The entire city was a bustling nerve center. The town was covered in shops, Trees, houses and every building was covered in vines.

"Wow....." Reece said in wonder. He quickly snapped back to his goal. "Where's the pokemon center?"

Reece looked around and got his answer. It was not far from the exit to the forest. He ran over and rushed inside. He went up to the blue haired nurse. she was tall, thin and looked like she was in her late teens. "Oh Hello, she said. "You're here to get your pokemon healed, right?"

"Of course," Reece said. He knew what to do. He gave his four Pokéballs to the nurse, and she took them, put them into the machine next to her, and in 2 minutes, they were totally healed. "Here you go." she said, giving the four Pokéballs back to Reece.

"Thank you." Reece said before he turned to leave. "Wait!" The nurse called out. "Are you going to challenge the gym?" She asked. Reece turned around. "Yes." he replied. "Why is the gym leader really tough?"

"For a begginer, yes." The blue haired woman replied. "Sakura specializes in Grass types. If you can beat her, you'll get the Cherry Blossom Badge, which will increase the Attack Stat of your Pokemon. Be careful."

Reece would heed that warning. However, he would soon come across his greatest trial. No, not Matt or Kara, but something he couldn't stand. Something so horrible, it can only be said with a face of fear.

The media. (Dramatic music plus lightning strike)
Pokémon XD - ONBS Building (EXTENDED)

Pokémon XD - ONBS Building (EXTENDED)

Delta News Media

Reece walked by a woman in a green shirt with black hair and a man with a large camera.

"Recently there have been unconfirmed reports of strange people operating in Green Forest." The woman said. "We have been told by several trainers passing through the forest that there pokemon have been stolen. Last night there was a report of a sandstorm even."

The newswoman looked over at Reece, and ran over to him. "Excuse me sir, but did you come from Green Forest in th last few days?" Reece looked over. "Yeah." he replied. "I just got here from Green Forest yesterday."

"Did you come in contact with any strange people in that time?" The newswoman asked. "Uh, yeah." Reece hesitated, but he knew the media, and that if he didn't tell her what she wanted, she would never leave him alone.

"Yes, they called themselves Team Abyss and....." Reece was interupted by a stray Razor Leaf blowing up the reporters camera.

"Uh, Maddy, my camera just exploded." The man said. Maddy looked over. "What, how?" She asked.

A girl about 16 years of age came up with her Leafeon. She had a green komodo with flowers, and brown hair. "Sorry about that. my Leafeon was chasing a Ratatta when she used Razor Leaf." She pulled out some money. Here's 15500 Pokedollars. this should be enough to fix the camera."

"Oh it's okay." the Maddy said. "Lets go ClicK!" She called to the man. After they were gone, Reece turned to the girl. "Any reason why you did that?" He asked. "Because I'm not buying your 'chasing a Ratatta' excuse."

"Come to the Gym and I'll tell you there." The girl said, walking off.


Kara had made her way through the forest and was sure she was almost out. "Okay, so maybe parting ways from Reece wasn't my best Idea." As soon as she said that, she came out of the forest and into Treeton City.

"That was highly convenient." The girl said. "Okay team, come on out!" She threw her three Pokéballs into the air, revealing Machina, a Ralts, and her Mudkip. Machina looked around. Without warning, she jumped up into the air, and with a glow of purple light, transformed into a child.

The human form she had created was no more than a brilliant illusion. The girl was about seven years of age, had black hair with a red stripe that looked like it held her hair together. Her right eye was red, and her left blue. She wore a beige skirt and shirt, and her tail (the one part a Zorua has trouble with) stuck out. This was in no way out of the ordinary, as crazy fashion statements where very common in Delta. I mean seriously, look at Reece's hair. Who in their right mind has anime hair?

Speaking of Reece, Kara's eyes met Reece after walking for a bit. "I See you finally made it through the forest."
Pokemon R S E Rival Encounter and Battle

Pokemon R S E Rival Encounter and Battle

Encounter Theme and Battle are just that. Song By Sonicwave1000/Youtube

Reece commented. "And that Machina has really improved her Illusions."

Machina smiled at the boy's comment. Kara looked at Reece. "I thought by now you'd have challenged the Gym." She said. "I was going to, then I saw you." The trainer replied.

"How about we battle, since we couldn't at Fir's Lab." Kara sugessted. Reece took Ratatta's Pokéball. "Let's Go!"

Kara retreived Machina, shuffled up her Pokéballs, and threw out her first Pokémon:Mudkip. "Go Ratatta!" He yelled as he threw out his Ratatta. "Use Tackle!" he ordered.

Kara's hair seemed to float up as if a gentle wind had blown from under it. Kara's eyes darkened, as if a shade was above it. Her face became a smile. Reece had noticed that this happened, without fail, whenever she battled.

"Ice Beam!" Kara retaliated. Ratatta got hit with a faceful of Ice Beam before its Tackle connected. "Darn it." Reece said. "Quick Attack!"

Quick Attack hit with great speed. Mudkip was unable to retaliate. "Now Tackle!" Ratatta slammed into the Mud Fish with great speed.

"Counter!" Kara ordered. Mudkip smashed Ratatta with such force that it flew high in the air. "Now Ice Beam!" Kara once again ordered. Her Mudkip fired the Ice Beam high into the air. Reece thought quickly. "Tail Whip upwards!" Reece yelled.

His little rat barely managed to pull it of, but it gained just enough air to dodge death at Ice Beam. "Hyper Fang!" Reece ordered. The Ratatta came down and bit onto Mudkip in a flash, the bite doing massive damage. Reece pulled out his Batttle Scanner.

IF Mudkip survived with as much as 1 Hit Point, Kara would destroy it with Counter. Mudkips HP bar fell down from green, to yellow to red......

Then stopped a very hard to see sliver one HP away from knocking it out.

"Oh Crud." Reece said with a very saddened look on his face.

"Counter!" Kara ordered. Mudkip glowed orange then hit poor Ratatta with twice as much force as the Ratatta hit him. Poor Ratatta was knocked unconcious. It also knocked Ratatta many meters away infront of a young woman who screamed in terror, ran away, and would later become a mental case who accurately predicted that a kid was stuck in a well, and because of that the child was saved before they died of exposure.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon, and then sent out his next one. "GO TREECKO!" He yelled. He knew that that Mudkip had Ice Beam, but Treecko had Bullet Seed and Absorb. However, another horrible thought reach his mind.

"Quick Treecko! Absorb before he heals up!" Treecko got into the range he needed to use Absorb. "Too late!" Kara said with a smile and her eyes closed, making her face looked innocent. Mudkip was instantly healed for all its Hit Points.

Treecko hit the mud fish with Absorb, subtracting half of its HP. "Bullet Seed!" Reece commanded. Treecko shot a bunch of Seeds at Mudkip, each dealing small but steady damage. Mudkip had only a little HP left.

"Ice Beam!" Kara commanded. Mudkip shot a beam of Grass Types ultimate nightmare out of his mouth at Treecko, freezing it solid.

"Crud!" Reece exclaimed. "How are you so good?" Reece asked his Rival's sister. Kara smiled, putting her arms into position that stretched far from her body and made her look innocent. "You and Matt rubbed off on me."

"Treecko, Retreat!" Reece said. He chose another Pokéball. "GO! Beedrill!" he threw out his Pokéball revealing his powerful poison bee. "USE Electroweb!" He ordered as Beedrill shocked Mudkip. "Mudkip! Water Gun!" She ordered. The powerful water type move (taking STAB into account) edged towards the bee.

"DODGE IT!" Reece yelled. The bee flew upwards, dodging the Watergun. "Now, Poison Sting!" He yelled. The bee shot its stinger at Mudkip, causing it to (finally) faint.

Who's next?" Reece asked, retrieving Beedrill. He sent out Larvitar. Kara smiled evily. "Go Ralts!" She called out as she sent out her Ralts.

"Ralts, Fake Tears!" She ordered. Ralts looked at Larvitar, giving a sad face. Her eyes watered up, and she started crying. Larvitar got covered in a blue aura, signifying a huge Special Defense drop. "Larvitar, Screech!" Larvitar gave an ear peircing screech that made Kara's hair frizzy.

Kara got irratated, but her hair simply corrected itself. "Don't to that again." She muttered. At this point, a crowd of people had gathered to watch the battle.

"Now Bite!" Reece ordered. Larvitar moved foward slowly, getting just a bit of speed, and clamped on to Ralts. Reece expected it to do massive damage, but something was wrong. Ralts smiled evily, and then transformed into Machina.

"Machina! Use Shadow Ball!" The unfortunate Larvitar got a faceful of Shadow Ball from Machina, damage increased by Fake Tears. Kara had set her trap, and Reece fell for it. "Larvitar, Retreat!" Reece called out, and he switched out Larvitar for Beedrill.

"Beedrill!" Fury Attack!" He ordered. The Bee Pokemon shot its pins like a rocket, hitting the Zorua with hit after hit. "Pursuit!" Kara commanded. The Zorua chased after Beedrill, making no attempt to let her foe escape. "Wait for it, wait for it, NOW! Electroweb!"

The Bee Pokémon shot the electroweb at Machina, causing her to fall to the ground. "Machina!" Kara called out. "Iron Defense!" Reece called for his Beedrill to perfrom. The Beedrills skin tensed up, becoming 2x as hard. "Now Poison Sting!"

Beedrill fired powerful shots at Machina, puncturing the skin causing her to bleed. (Signifying a Critical Hit) Machina's legs buckled, and the Zorua fainted.

"Okay, now, go Ralts!" Kara called out as she retrieved Machina and sent out her Ralts. Reece retrieved Beedrill and switched out to Larvitar. "Use Bite!" He ordered. Ralts was about to counter with a psychic attack, but failed, as Larvitar made her flinch. "Screech!"

Kara thought up her strategy real quick. "Teleport!" Ralts teleported to the side of Larvitar, dodging his deadly screech. Reece reacted to her next attack. "Sandstorm!"

Larvitar spun around creating a Sandstorm. "Confusion!" Kara screamed. Ralts floated into the air, and hit Larvitar with a psychic beam. "Larvitar, Screech!"

Larvitar scheeched a beam like screech at Ralts, causing the poor Pokémon to hold it head in pain. Larvitar kept screeching till the feeling Pokémon's ears bled, and she fell to the ground. "Now finish it with Bite!" Reece ordered. Larvitar crushed the poor psychic under his weight and bit her unconcious.

Kara fell on her knees, her hair returning to normal. Reece had so greatly taken control of the battle that she lost track of it. She was genuinely wooried about Reece's crazy plan. That was, until however, she saw a lot of older boys eying her.

Reece noticed this too and smiled. His crazy plan was working. He retrieved Larvitar, helped Kara up, and smiled. "See ya later Kara." the anime haired protagonist said.

Kara got up, and looked Reece in the eyes. "Thanks." she said. "Oh, and for beating me, I give you this:" Kara got her book out of her bag. "The gym leader here is named Sakura." she said.

"She's a grass master right?" Reece asked. Kara nodded. The crowd was dispersing. "She's a fairly new Gym Leader, but her challengers have reported she uses a passive-aggressive battle style. Sakura's known Pokemon are Rotom, Leafoen, and a Venomoth."

"Darn it" Reece said. "Now I owe you another favor."

Kara smiled. "Just give me directions to the Pokemon Center."

Chapter 7:When the Media Gets involved.........

Reece stepped into the Gym. His mother explained how they worked. You challenged several gym trainers, then you fought the leader. The Leader is very tough. You beat the leader, you get a badge.
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Mt Battle Soundtrack

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Mt Battle Soundtrack

Gym Theme (I couldn't find anything else)

He walked in and immediatly loved the smell of the gym. The gym smelled like sweet honey. He looked around, and saw 2 Aroma ladies. Reece thought they would be his first opponents.

"Excuse me, Do I have battle you before I fight the Gym Leader?" Reece asked one of them. They turned around and looked at Reece. "Oh hello, you must be a challenger, correct?"

Reece nodded. "I'm here for my first badge." Reece looked around. The gym looked like a park, and he saw many grass types and other Pokémon like Venonat around. "Have you seen a girl with brown hair and a green kimono around?"

The two aroma ladies got a suprised look on their face. "You mean the gym leader?" The second one asked. the first looked over a the second. "I think he's the one who the Gym Leader wanted to see."

"Go through the hedges that way." The first Aroma lady said, pointing foward.

Reece, confused of course decided to go through the hedges. When he got through, he saw a medium sized stadium, on the other side was the Kimono Girl from earlier.

"So your the Gym Leader?" Reece asked. "And why did you blow up that camera?" Reece demanded. "And don't use that 'I Hate the media excuse' because everyone hates the media but you don't see them blowing cameras!

"Yes, I am the Gym Leader." the girl said. "My name is Sakura, the Flower Warrior. That camera was destroyed for a reason. You were in Green Forest recently, correct?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, and like I was going to say earlier, I ran into some people called Team Abyss." Reece said. Sakura's face immediatly snapped serious. "Did you really say Team Abyss?"


Sakura bit her lip. "Team Abyss is a terrorist organization that specializes in Pokemon. They only did petty, underground crimes, but recently, led an attack on Blaz Brigde. The league has ordered me to cover it up."

Reece could only ask one question. "Why?"

Sakura took a deep breath "Delta lacks a Champion. As you may know, the Champion is an important goverment figure."

This news was foreign to Reece. He knew that Delta lacked a Champion, but he never knew a Champion was so important. He allowed the gym leader to continue.

"As with every region, the gym leaders and elite four work to protect civilians. Delta, however, has lacked a Champion for years now." Sakura continued. "We shot ourselves in the foot, because the Elite Four were so powerful that noone has defeated them in years. And thus noone is powerful enough to assume an E4 position and allow one of them to become a the Champion."

"It's my job to prevent the media from finding out." Sakura said.

"But, you realize that when you don't want the media to get involved, they'll be there to Screw it up without fail." Reece said.

"Well, we still need a champion to defend the region." Sakura said.

Reece spoke up. "I'll be the one who will fill that gap!" Reece stated with detemination. Sakura looked away. "Do you know how many trainers aiming to become Champion have said that? All of them. Do you know how many trainers have failed to become the Champion? All of them!"

Reece's face sulked. He had started his journey just yesterday, and if thousands of other had failed, he had a lot on his plate. But, Reece snapped back to his old self. "It's time for what I came for! Sakura! I challenge you for the Cherry Blossom Badge!"

Sakura snapped her fingers. Immediately, an electronic board lit up with Sakura's and Reece's face on it. "We can use as many as six Pokemon in this battle. Also, healing items are allowed, but limited to one per side.

Reece sent out his first Pokemon, Beedrill. the bee pokemon would be his secret weapon in this battle, as it was the only pokemon he had that would have an advantage in this battle.

"Now, before I start, who do I have the pleasure of adressing?" Sakura asked. Reece smirked. "My name is Reece Falconer. And I'm your opponent!"

Chapter 8:Vs Treeton Gym Leader Sakura

Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)

Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)

Gym Leader Time! Thanks to Iblitazer for looping

Sakura sent out her first Pokémon, Rotom. The Pokémon looked like a demented orange lawnmover.  Reece kept with Beedrill.

On the Electric board, a Beedrill Icon showed up, with a status bar identical to the ones in the Video Games. Another appeared with Rotom on it. Rotom was Level 12, and Beedrill was Level 15. Beedrill's high level was a result of all its recent battles, especially Kara and Raigen.

"ThunderShock!" Sakura ordered. The plasma Pokémon shot a jolt of electricity at Beedrill. Beedrill took the hit quite well.  "Beedrill, Poison Sting!" Reece ordered to counter. Beedrill shot a powerful sting at Rotom, knocking it back.

"Press on with Fury Attack!" Reece yelled. "Be-drill! (Yes Reece!)" Beedrill said as it shot its stingers at Rotom. Beedrill managed to get four hits on the lawnmower.

"Rotom, Leaf Storm!" Sakura ordered. A hurricane of leaves ripped through the gym towards Beedrill. "Dodge It!" Reece called out. Beedrill started swiftly moving around to avoid the storm. Sakura was ready to counter that. "Thunder Wave!"

Beedrill now had Thunder Wave coming from its left, and Leaf Storm behind it. "Take the Leaf Storm!"

Beedrill braced himself to take the Leaf Storm and thus dodge the Thunder Wave. Beedrill was flung into the air in the barrage of leaves. "Electroweb on the leaves!" Reece commanded.

Beedrill shot the leaves with his sticky electric webs, causing the leaves to fall to the ground.

"Now finish it with Poison Sting!" Reece ordered. Beedrill shot his stinger with the marksmanship of a sniper, scoring a painful critical hit.

"Rotom, Return." Sakura said was a saddened face. "Now go! Venomoth!" The venomous moth came out, ready to strike. As Reece saw Rotom's icon fade out with a 'Fainted' mark and Venomoth's icon bar pop up under Rotom's. Venomoth was level 13, and Reece remembered Kara's advice. Venomoth was likely going to use a status move.

"Venomoth! Super Sonic!" Beedrill technically could just hover in place and the move would likely miss, but Reece wouldn't take a chance. "Beedrill! Fly up and strike with fury attack!"

Beedrill used his deadly speed to fly into the air to dodge, and got ready to fire his machine gun stingers, but to reece's horror, Venomoth had transitioned from Super Sonic to another move. "Venomoth!" Sakura yelled. "Confusion!"

The light above Beedrills head was blown out by the deadly psychic force. The spark hit Beedrills left wing, badly injuring it. The poison bee lost air too fast for comfort.

"Continue your attack!" Reece told his Pokémon. "Drill dril bee! (Take this you screwy moth!)" Beedrill shouted as he shot 3 Pins at Venomoth.

"Take the hit and smash it with confusion!" Sakura yelled out. Venomoth braced itself and shot a direct hit with confusion. Reece screamed in terror. If beedrill went down, so did his chance of winning. "Beedrill, quick! Electroweb!

His injured bee shot a yellow web at Venomoth, scoring a speed drop. Reece hoped this would work. If Sakura switched, Reece would likely lose.

"Finish it with Swift!" Sakura ordered. Venomoth shot energy stars at Beedrill, kocking it into the ground formin a crater, scoring a critical hit in the process.

"Oh no." Reece said in horror.

Chapter 9:Cherry Blossom Shuriken

Larvitar, Treecko, or Ratatta? That choice could pick Reece back up, or screw him over. Ratatta had the best chance of taking Venomoth out in the least number of hits.

"GO! Ratatta!" Reece yelled as he threw the red Pokéball containing his Ratatta. "Ratatta! (Let's Go) it said, echoing its cry. "Focus Energy!" Reece ordered. Ratatta became surrounded by an orange aura breifly.

"Venomoth!, PoisonPowder!" The moth Pokémon showered down a purple dust, causing Ratatta to become poisoned. Reece had to end this quickly.

"Hyper Fang!" Reece ordered. The Ratatta's fangs glowed, and Ratatta charged at the moth, gaining air in the process. The Rat bit down on the moth, causing to guts to come out as Reece's Ratatta brought it to the ground. "Confusion!" Sakura ordered.

"Menonoth! (Take this!)" Venomoth said as it blasted an extreme psychic attack at Ratatta, blasting the poor Rat into the air. Venomoth, however, still fell.

"Good job boy." Reece said to Ratatta. The poor rat was poisoned, and there was no point in switching.

Sakura smiled. "Your a great opponent Reece." she chuckled. "Too bad your too young for me." Reece took this with a blush, but he was also clearly annoyed. "Just send out your Leafeon." The 12 year old replied.

"Go," Sakura said, arching her arm back with Leafeon's Pokéball in it. "Leafeon!" She said as she threw out the Pokebal containing her camera destoying Eeveelution.

"Lets go Sakura!" Reece yelled. "Ratatta! Quick Attack!" The poisoned rat shot foward. Sakura grinned. "Counter with Quick Attack!" Leafeon shot foward, clashing with Ratatta and overpowering it. Reece looked at the board. Leafeon was level 14, the same level as Ratatta, Larvitar, and Treecko.

"Ratatta, use Hyper Fang!" Reece ordered. But something was wrong. To Reece's horror, Ratatta head was surrounded by small yellow ducks. Ratatta was confused. The little rat rammed its head into the ground, and then took the blunt of Leafeon's following Razor Leaf.

The poor rat then took the damage needed to knock it out by poison. "Ratatta, Retreat." Reece said in monotone as he retrieved his Pokémon.

"Go, Treecko!" Reece called out. He wouldn't put his Larvitar into uneccessary danger, and Grass vs Rock and Ground as you know (and if you don't then feel very bad about it) is 4X the damage.

Treecko knew Quick Attack, Leer, Dragonbreath, Absorb, and Bullet Seed. (Yes, Pokémon can learn 5 moves in this FC, incase you didn't catch that earlier) It would be best for Reece to spam Dragonbreath, leer, and Quick Attack.

"Treecko, Leer, then Quick Attack!" Reece commanded from his Pokémon. Treecko's eyes glowed, covering Leafeon in a green aura as its defense dropped. Before Leafeon could react, Treecko slammed into it with a trail of energy behind it.

"Dragonbreath!" Reece said. This battle might just end in a win for Reece. He just had to keep in control. A smokey blast of energy covered Leafeon.

"Leafeon, Razor Leaf!" Sakura ordered. Two sharp leaves crashed into Treecko. Leafeon then slammed into Treecko with all its weight. "Now, use Giga Drain!" The kimono girl ordered. The Eeveelutions eyes glowed as it drained Treecko's health, restoring its own.

Reece HAD to put a stop to this. "Bullet Seed!" Reece commanded frantically. "Geckeckecko! (Get off of ME!)" Treecko shouted as he blasted Leafeon with seeds. The seeds sprayed everywhere, making a garden of pits all over the ground.

"Quick Attack Leafeon!" Sakura ordered. The Grass Eeveelution charged towards Treecko, slamming it away. "Now Giga Drain!" The kimono girls ordered. Treecko was drained once again of his energy.

"Get that Leafeon with DragonBreath!" Reece yelled out. Leafeon was covered in energy and ash once again, this time getting a critical hit. "Quick Attack!" Sakura ordered. Treecko was once again slammed into the air, this time taking a Crit himself. He once again fell.

Reece looked at the board. Treecko had fainted. Reece Retrieved the Pokémon. "Sorry Treecko."

Reece was very worried. His only remaining Pokémon was Larvitar, who would go down in just a few turns, if not one hit.

"Go Larvitar!" Reece yelled. He sent out his Rock Skin Pokémon. Larvitar knew Bite, Leer, Screech, and Sandstorm. "Use Screech!" Reece ordered.

Larvitar gave an ear peircing screech in the form of a beam in Leafeon's direction. Leafeon, however, dodged it. Reece was worried. But that worry only grew tenfold.

"Leafeon! Solarbeam!" Sakura ordered. Leafeon started to absorb light. This would be checkmate for Reece, as this would be the equivelent of being hit by a 480 Base Power Attack. Larvitar would be slaughtered. Unless......

"Use Sandstorm!" Reece said frantically. Larvitar shot sand out of his mouth, wiping the feild in a sandstorm. Leafeon let loose with solarebeam, hitting Larvitar square in the face. This caused a huge explosion, dissapating the Sanstorm.

As by some miracle, Larvitar was still standing. Sakura was shocked at this. "How did your Larvitar brace that hit?" the Gym Leader asked with a shocked expression.

Reece smirked. "Solarbeam's power is reduced to half if the weather isn't clear or sunny." The anime haired boy chuckled. "And Rock Types also gain a 50% boost to Special Defense during Sandstorm. This made Solarbeam only have 120 power instead of 480."

Sakura was impressed with this. "You're really smart, I'll give you that." Her face changed again. "But, its time to lose! Razor Leaf!"

Leafeon shot 2 leaves at Larvitar, striking it down. Larvitar's hips buckled, and he started to fall. "Screech!" Reece ordered. Larvitar was just able to harshly lower Leafeons defense before the Rock Skin Pokémon fainted.

"It looks like I won." Sakura said. "You were a tough opponent, but it seems I won." Reece smirked. "Actually,, I think you should look closely at the Electric Board."

Sakura, confused, looked over to the board with the status of all the battles participants. What she saw shocked her to no end. Reece's Beedrill still had a few hit points left, and was level 16! Before she could react, Reece made his sneak attack.

"Beedrill! Twineedle!" Reece called out. Sakura's Leafeon was struck with four needles in its side. Without a second thought, it fell.

Sakura, still shocked, looked over to see Reece's Beedrill standing out of the pit Venomoth had put it in. "" Was all Sakura could bring herself to say.

Reece couldn't stop smiling. "When Venomoth slammed Beedrill into the ground, I knew I would lose if I kep Beedrill in. However, I knew if I switched, I would give you an advantage. So, since Beedrill was close to level 16 and would learn Twineedle at that level, I decided to rush the battle so you wouldn't notice I kept Beedrill in. This became the perfect plan B incase my other 3 Pokemon couldn't beat you. Also, since Beedrill didn't participate, I didn't break any rules!"

Sakura was wordless. Noone, in her short run as a Gym Leader, had ever done something so brilliant. She smiled. "Well, I'm honered to give you the Cherry Blossom Badge!" The teenage Gym Leader said.
Cherry Blossom Badge

The Cherry Blossom Badge.

Reece had finally gotten his first badge. "We did it!" the boy cheered. He high fived his Beedrill, and went to get his Badge."

"Also, have this TM Giga Grain." Sakura added, giving Reece the TM and the Badge. "I think you'll make an excellent trainer someday!"

Chapter 10:12 Seconds on the Clock

Reece left the gym with his first badge that day. He was ready for anything. That meant even the inevitable sneak attack from Matt. He had healed up his Pokémon, met Kara on his way to the Pokémon Center.

Now, remember how Prof Fir said that Matt and Reece would get into a battle 12 seconds after they locked eyes? Well, lets test that. Matt is walking out of Green Forest and crossing Reece's path.

"I finally made it out of that dang forest!" Matt reveled. Reece looked over, and met Matt's gaze.

"Yeah, took you long enough." Reece said.

1 Second

"I bet you haven't beat the gym yet!" Matt said angrily.

3 seconds

Reece smirked. "I just did. Don't cry TOO hard when you lose!"

5 Seconds.

"That's it!" Matt said angrily. "YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

7 Seconds. That's fast. Even for them.

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-0

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-0

Lets do this! (Credit to Warinside)

Matt sent out his Spearow. "GO!" The blond yelled. Reece reached for Beedrills Pokéball. "GO! Beedrill!" The two Pokémon looked at eachother, as if waiting fo the other to go at their throat.

"Spearow, Fury Attack!" Matt ordered. Spearow shot foward, pecking at Beedrill continously.

"Electroweb!" Reece commanded. The Bee shot at Spearow, hitting it face first with the Electric Attack.

"Leer then Peck!" Matt shouted out. Spearows eyes glowed, lowering Beedrills defense. Then it charged the bee, causing major damage.

"Beedrill, hit'em with Twineedle!"

Beedrill fired its strongest attack, hitting Spearow in the side. The attack repeated. Matt refused to give up. "Leer once again!" Spearows eyes glowed, causing Beedrill defense to fall.

"Beedrill, switch out!" Reece was about to retrieve his Pokémon, but.....

"Spearow! Pursuit!"

Before Reece could retrieve his Pokémon, Spearow smashed into it, scoring a KO.

Reece wordlessly retrieved his Pokémon. "GO! Ratatta!" Reece called out the rat. The Pokémon popped from its Pokéball, ready to pounce.

"Quick Attack!" Reece ordered. Ratatta charged foward with such might, that Spearow got knocked out of its flight. "Focus Energy!" Reece yelled.

"Throw that rat into the sky!" Matt ordered from his Pokémon. Reece would not have this. "Ratatta! Hyper Fang!"

Ratatta did something amazing. It hit Spearow with its Hyper Fang, throwing it to the ground with excessive force. Reece checked his Battle Scanner. Ratatta didn't score a Crit. He then remembered that the Cherry Blossom Badge was supposed to increase his Pokémon's Attack. Was it really working?

"Pursuit!" Matt ordered. Spearow got up, and dive bombed Ratatta with the Dark Type move. "Ratatta! Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. His Ratatta crashed into Spearow, Knocking it out.

"Return!" Matt commanded. he retrieved his Spearow, and sento out his next Pokémon. "Crush him Gastly!"

"Pursuit!" Reece ordered. Ratatta was about to crunch Gastly, but Matt had planned ahead. "Sludge Bomb!" The blond yelled.

Gastly's poisonous Gases formed solid sludge that showered Ratatta, causing it to Faint.

Reece, now thoroughly annoyed, decided that this annoying ghost was going down. Reece decided he risk another crazy plan. Reece threw a Pokéball, not saying who was inside, and it traveled till it hit Gastly, then opened. "Dragonbreath inside Gastly!"

Treecko popped out of the Pokéball, and used Dragonbreath INSIDE Gastly. Since Gastly is made out of gases, the spark from Dragonbreath caused the gas Pokémon to burst like methane gas in a paper filled kiln.

"In your face Matt!" Reece gloated. He had just OHKO'ed his Gastly with his crazy plan. He only hoped Treecko was okay.

"Time to lose!" Matt yelled. He threw out the Pokéball containing (you guessed it!) Torchic. "Ember!" Matt ordered. "Dragonbreath!" Reece retaliated.

The resulting attacks collided, and Ember started to slightly overpower Dragonbreath before the attacks dissapated in a small explosion.

Torchic was in the middle of the dust when Treecko hit him from behind with Quick Attack. "Konchic, torckonhic! (Why can't I beat you?)" Torchic yelled in frustration.

"Geckeckecko? (Maybe because you have the intellegence of a Rhyhorn?" Treecko commented before throwing Torching into the Sky with pound.

"Treecko, Dragonbreath!" Reece ordered. Treecko hit the flying torchic with a painful blast of breath. "Crush Claw!" Matt commanded.

Torchic came down like a guillotine with glowing claws, landing on Treecko's head.

Critical Hit! Treecko's defense fell.

"Treecko, use Giga Drain!" Treecko glowed as shperes of HP went from Treecko to Torchic. Torchic was highly upset by this. "I'm Fire! You're Grass! I SHOULD BE WINNING!" The chicken complained.

"Ember!" Matt ordered. Treecko was hit in the face by fire. Reece and Matt checked their Scanner's. They both had about 35% of their HP left.

"Treecko! Dragonbreath!" Reece ordered. Treecko shot an incredible blast of Breath at Torchic.

"Ember!" Matt ordered. Torchic fired cinders of fire at the dragonbreath. The two attacks collided, this time random variables of Pokémon working for Treecko.

Torchic fell down. "I hate you....." Was all the bird got out before he fell.

"Torchic Return! Go Axew!" Matt yelled as he did both actions in quick succession. His precious Axew stood looking at Treecko.

"Axew, use Giga Impact!" Axew shot foward with the power of a cannonball, almost slamming into Treecko, but the little lizard stepped to the side at the last second.

"Treecko, Retreat!" Reece said as he retrieved the little lizard. "Go Larvitar!" Reece said. He sent out his Larvitar, the Rock Skin larva and the Tusk Dragon looking face to face.

"What a pleasant suprise." Axew said sarcastically in Axew cries. Larvitar said nothing, but instead waited for his trainers command. "Screech!" Reece ordered. Larvitar gave a horrible screech, lowering Axew's Defense. "Axew, Dragon Rage!"

Larvitar had no choice but to dodge this. If the powerful tornado made by his Rival simply touched him, he would be OHKO'ed. "Refusing to get hit?" Matt yelled. "Dual Chop!"

Axew flew foward with his hands glowing in the same fire seen when using Dragon Claw (In Gen 3 mind you). The tusk dragon struck Larvitar twice. "Larvitar, Bite!" Reece called out frantically

The power of bite was enhanced by Reece's Cherry Blossom Badge and the Defense drop of Axew. Larvitar bit onto Axew's back, and flung Axew into the air, with blood dripping from the wound.

"You can't win Reece!" Matt said. "I know all your moves!"

Reece couldn't help but smile. "You can think what you want, but that dosen't make it true!" Larvitar, Screech at Axew!"

Larvitar screamed once again, this time making Axew's defense go dangerously low. "Now, Bite!" This moment would be important, as Reece would discover Larvitar's weakness. Larvitar ran up to Axew as fast as he could, but Axew was faster. Larvitar is a slow species in general, and Reece's had a Quiet Nature.

"Axew, Turn around and use Dual Chop!" Axew turned around, and slammed Larvitar with the power of a boosted Multi hit move.

"Bite!" Reece ordered. Axew couldn't react fast enough this time. Lartiar clamped on, threw Axew into the air, then the Rock Skin Pokémon jumped onto his foe. Axew attempted to shake his foe loose, but to no avail, and passed out from the 157 Pounds pressing against his lungs.

Reece retrieved Larvitar. "My winnings Matt?" The silver haired boy asked. Matt dug out half the money he gathered in the last 48 hours. "I swear I'll win someday Reece!" Matt said.

"Ya, beat the Gym Leader first, and try not to cry too hard when you lose." Reece said, watching as Matt's face turned red.

"Oh I'm sorry, when you lose." He said walking off to the Pokémon Center.

Some time later.

After healing his team, Reece called out everyone. "Hey everybody, great work on the Gym Battle." He told his team. He was met with a mix of chattering, clicking, growling, and buzzing from his four Pokémon in a fashion that seemed to say "Thank You."

"And since I have a ton of money, I've decided to bring you guys to a resturant to eat." He said. "How 'bout it?"

His team agreed. That was settled. Reece was able to find a great resturant that gave a 45% Trainer Discount (yes, those exist).

Reece ordered a lot of fast food, Beedrill got a honey covered extra meat cheeseburger, Treecko got some leaves, and Ratatta got a plate of popcorn. Larvitar kindly refused food (as he prefers a healthy diet of soil). Noone, however, refused the icecream Reece got for his team for desert.

While eating Larvitar asked Treecko something. "So, do you like Reece now?" The rock skin Pokémon asked. The wood gecko replied: "Between making Torchic's life miserable, and being super nice to his Pokemon, Reece isn't that bad."

That's good."

"I still think he's crazy."

"Fair enough.

Treeton City Arc

The Light's too bright Arc

Petalburg city EXTENDED pokemon RSE

Petalburg city EXTENDED pokemon RSE

A new day in Treeton City.

Reece went to the Pokemon Center before deciding to head out to the Aqua River. It would take a week or two before he reached the next city.

As he walked into the Pokemon Center, a delivery man came to his side. "Are you Reece Falconer?" The man asked.

Reece didn't expect this man wanted his autograph. He went in with caution. "Yes, that's me."

"Can I see your Trainer Card just to be sure?" The delivery man asked.

Reece reached for his Trainer Card, and Beedrill's Pokéball. He just hoped he didn't need to use the latter. The delivry man looked at the card, and then gave it back.

"This is from your father." The deliveryman said. He handed Reece a box about the size of Larvitar.

Reece tooked the box, sat down on a bench, and opened it carefully. It had a Pokéball and a letter in it. Reece opened the letter.

Dear Reece,

I'm really sorry I couldn't see you off. That's my fault. To make up for it, I sent this Pokeball to Treeton City to make up for it.

Reece opened the Pokéball. Out came, at first, nothing. But then, Reece felt a weight on top of his head. He looked up to see a squinty-eyed, gold colered humanoid creature with a brown chesplate. He pulled out his Pokédex.


Psi Pokemon

Height:2'11 / 0.9 M

Height: 43 LB / 19.5 Kilograms

It has strong Psychic Powers. However, to properly control it, it needs to sleep 18 hours a day.

Reece turned to the letter.

He's an Abra. He knows Teleport, Confusion, Submission, Ice Punch, and Metronome. Let him get plenty of sleep, give him lots of liquids, give him just the right amount of food.

And whatever you do, DO NOT TRY TO PULL HIM OFF YOUR HEAD!

Reece took the Pokéball. "Okay, uh Abra, can you get off my head?" Reece asked. Abra opened its left eye, looked at Reece, and then used his psychic powers to get a slip of paper and a pen, then gently wrote "NO" on the paper.

"Are you sure?" Reece asked.

Abra took the paper and turned it over. It said "YES"

Reece sighed. Abra was really heavy for such a small Pokémon, especially one that wasn't a rock type. Reece walked outside. He was going to have to explain to EVERYONE he met why there was and Abra sleeping on his head.

Then Reece learned this wasn't such a bad thing.

"Oh, are you the person who beat the gym leader yesterday?" Reece turned to see Maddy, the Reporter from yesterday., and ClicK, who seemed to have a new camera.

"Can i skip this interview?" Reece asked nervously. 

"I can't let you go!" Maddy said frantically. "This is a great news story!"

Abra, who was greatly annoyed by this disturbance in his sleep, decided to use Confusion to blow up ClicK's camera.

"Uh Maddy...." ClicK started to say.

Maddy didn't turn around. "Let's just be glad we insured that camera."

When they left, Reece looked at Abra. "I think were gonna get along just fine!"

Chapter 11:Dusk Cave


"Machina! Shadow ball!" Kara ordered. The Zorua blasted the Grass Eeveelution with the shadowy blob, and caused the Grass Type gym leader's final Pokémon to faint.

"Congrats!" Sakura said. "You won the Cherry Blossom Badge."

Some time later

"Axew!" Matt ordered. "Giga Impact!" Axew shot into Venomoth like a bullet, knocking it out. Sakura retrieved Venomoth and sent out Leafeon. "Giga Impact again!" Axew knocked into

Sakura was too shocked to comment. "Wait, why didn't your Axew have to recharge?" She asked.

Matt smiled cockily. "If the user of a move like Hyper Beam or Giga Impact KO's its opponent, they don't need to recharge.  "Axew return!"

Axew returned into its Pokéball in a flash of light. "Go Torchic!"

Torchic came out of the Pokéball, and faced Leafeon ferociously. "Ember!" Matt ordered, scoring a OHKO.

"Congrats, you got the Cherry Blossom Badge."


Reece really found it useful that it only cost 100 Pokedollars to rent out a hotel room for a night. He made sure to enjoy it, as he wouldn't be in another one for some time. He randomly took a few things out of his bag, including his Scanner and his Pokédex.

He was about to call out his team, but then he heard a beeping noise. Thinking it was his Battle Scanner, he checked. only five people had his number, Professer Fir, his mom, Matt's mom, Kara, and Matt. He quickly discovered that it WASN'T his scanner, but instead his Pokédex.

"What?" He said bewildered. He then heard more beeping, one from the right, seemingly in an alley, and one from right behind.

"Reece!" Reece heard an all to familiar voice say. He turned to see Matt, holding his Pokédex, which was also beeping. Reece was about to challenge Matt to a battle, but then he heard another voice.

"Of course you 2 are here."

Both Matt and Reece turned to see Kara, who, although her hair was frizzled, she still managed to make it look fashionable. She was wearing new shoes, and Reece she was wearing Jeans. Of the 3, she was the only one to expirement with her looks. Reece just chose a look and stuck with it.

"So, I'm guessing you two have as much of an idea of why our Pokedexes are beeping as I do." Kara said. The boys nodded. Matt looked at Kara. "Have you been doing okay recently?'

"Of course I have Mr Doom, Gloom and Vileplume." Kara replied. She was obviously tired. Reece and Matt could tell because she had her 'Morning Style' look.

"Anyways, I'm off to get Coffee, If you find out why these things are beeping, call me." Kara put her Pokédex in her bag, and as soon as she did, the Beeping Stopped.

"It seems that the Pokedex's only beep when we're near eachother, and were all holding them." Matt suggested. Reece decided to agree with Matt (a rare occurence).

"Oh, before I go," Kara started to say. "I need your opinion: I need a pokemon who I can use for Beauty themed Pokemon Contests."

Reece spoke first. "I'm assuming that you have a Category for every all your Pokemon?" Kara nodded. "Ralts is Smartness, Mudkip is Toughness, and I'm keeping Machina battle based. As for the others, I have plans."

Matt spoke next. "Are you planning on making any Pokeblocks? Those are really important."

"I know." Kara replied. "There's a reason I spent all that time studying berries."

"Sorry, can't help you." Reece said sadly.

"That's alright." She changed the subject. "Who wants Coffee?"

No arguing with that suggestion.

At the coffee shop, Kara and Reece got their Coffee, but Matt got nothing (trying to watch his health). All of a sudden, the 3 heard a news report. It wasn't Maddy, but Reece could recall seeingher in the background.

Pokémon XD - ONBS Building (EXTENDED)-0

Pokémon XD - ONBS Building (EXTENDED)-0

If I only had the News Theme

"Due to a rock slide, the Lapis Path entrance to the Aqua River has been closed. There have been reports of a very bright explosion. None of these reports have been confirmed, but investigators have been doing there best to validate these reports if possible."

"There is no proof that these two events are related. All in all, police have blocked off any passage through the area, the only other way to other parts of the region is through the Metal Cave West of Treeton Town, however, it is believed that this path has been blocked too."

Reece's head slumped down on the table. It could be weeks before he could pass. Kara saw this, and felt pretty sorry for him. Matt just thought his normal gloomy thoughts.

However, the Bartender came over, with some valuable information. "Hey kids, if you have wait for the pass to open up, maybe you should go to the Dusk Cave at the edge of town. Lotsa rare pokemon in the area I've heard."

Reece looked to his 2 friends (well, one friend and a Rival). "Anyone interested?" Kara and Matt thought it over. "Sure!" Kara said.

"Why should I go to some dumb cave with my Arch-nemisis ever?" Matt said. Kara gave her death smile (she has a lot of death expressions. This one involves her closing her eyes). "Because your sister is going and you don't want her to surpass you, becoming inferior to both your Rival and blood relative." She said sweetly.

Matt did want to get stronger. He agreed.

The three went to the Lapis Path side route, which led to dusk cave. The three came arcoss the imposing rock formation. Stepping inside the cave, they came across a vast expanse of cave. "So, what pokemon do you think we'll find inside this cave?" Reece asked.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Eterna Forest

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Eterna Forest

Dusk Cave

"Likley a lot of Zubat." Matt said. "Possibly some Paras. But there are probably a truckload of Trainers."

Kara looked around. "Hey Guys." she said softly. "Notice anything.....strange about this cave?"

Reece thought about it. "Yeah...." He said silently. "It's a bit bright. I didn't expect it to be so Dark we'd need flash, but not this bright either."

Matt decided to test if sometihng was wrong. "Gastly!" He called out. the ghost Pokémon came out, ready for Matt's orderes.

"Gastly, phase through the walls to see if you find anyone, or anything." Matt ordered. Gastly nodded, and phased through the wall.

"Smart Idea." Reece said. "I should go up ahead to see If I find anything." Kara added her suggestion. "I'm great at finding things. I'll search too."

The three split up, and Reece was the first to find something. It was several Pokémon acting very weird. The first was Paras. Reece saw a Paras hiding in a crevice. He thought it just this one, until he saw more and more. Some where even planting there mushrooms.

"This cant be good." Reece said. "Go Abra!" Reece yelled out as he threw Abra. The psychic Pokémon came out, and Reece gave it paper and a pencil.

"Okay, so you know what's going on, right?" Reece asked. Abra looked at Reece. He took the paper and pencil, and wrote: "Just because I'm a Psychic Type makes it so I'm super smart?"

"Yes." Reece said.

"Well your right." Abra wrote. "There seems to be artificial light in this cave. Whatever it is, it isn't natural." The Pokémon kept writing. "Be careful Master." Reece didn't take to kindly to 'Master'.

"Don't call me master, call me Reece." The boy said. "Master makes me sound like a slave driver."

Kara was looking around for sometihng. What did she find? She found several Nuggets, a Star Peice, a few Big Mushrooms, a bunch of healing items, and some keys. She had a knack for treasure hunting, but it sometimes got annoying.

She decided to see if she could listen for anything. She slowly closed her eyes, then listened..................... ................ ....................... ................ ................. ............... ............... ...............!

She heard something. It was faint, and she couldn't make it out. It was either the boys fighting like Quiche-eating old ladies, or someone, or something, was making it.

"Gastly!" Matt yelled. He waited a few seconds, then saw as his Ghost type returned. "Find a path?" Matt asked. "Gaaaaaaaaaastli lili ga (Yes, follow me)" It responded while nodding.

Gastly floated away, with Matt following suit. The two went through a set of twisting paths, eventually getting to a forked path. "Which way?"

Before Gastly could respond, he heard a masculine voice call out. "Halt! You are using an evil pokemon!" It said. "Let us destroy it now or we will execute you both infidel!"

Matt was a bit annoyed by whoever was out there calling him an 'infidel'. "Come out and face....." He turned to see a man in gold armour with blue highlights. The weirdest part was that he was shining.

Dragon Slayer - Sonic and the Black Knight Music Extended

Dragon Slayer - Sonic and the Black Knight Music Extended

Battle against the Luminious Sentries.

"What do you mean, evil pokemon?" Matt said in his annoyed tone.

The man spoke again. "It is both a Ghost and Poison type. Those pokemon must be destroyed!"

Matt was now plain annoyed. "If you want my pokemon, you'll have to pry from my cold dead hands!"

"Time to meet justice infidel!" He yelled as he threw a Pokéball. It opened up and revealed a Solosis.

"Hypnosis!" Matt ordered from his Gastly. A wave of psychic energy ebbed toward Solosis. "Counter with Psywave!" the man ordered.

The psywave tornado hit the hypnosis, however, when the blast hit, Gastly was gone. The man was angered. "Using cheap tricks?" He yelled. "Disgraceful!"

"Gastly! Lick! Matt ordered. Gastly rose from the floor and licked Solosis. Apparently, it liked the taste, as it started licking until Solosis was paralyzed.

"Finish it with Sludge Bomb!" Matt ordered. Gastly fired bullets of sludge that seeped straight through Solosis's cell membrane, KO'ing it.

"Go Girafarig!" The man ordered. The giraffe Pokémon came from its Pokéball. "This pokemon is immune to Ghost Type moves!" The man yelled. Matt was not amused. He crossed his arms. "Sludge Bomb!"

Gastly once again cascaded its foe with pure sludge, knocking it back. The man yelled out. "Girafarig, Confusion!" The giraffe Pokémon shot a beam of blue energy at gastly, knocking it down.

Matt checked his scanner. Gastly still had a bit of it HP left. "Gastly, Return!" Matt said, returning the gas ghost to its Pokéball.

"Take 'em down with Pursuit Spearow!" Matt ordered. "Aerororo! (Take this!)" Spearow yelled out. The bird crashed into Girafarig, knocking it out.

The man started to run away, but Matt sent out Gastly. "Get him!" Gastly slipped through the floor, and jumped up infront of the grunt fleeing out of the tunnels. The ghost type paralyzed the man, making him fall to the floor. 

"Who the heck are you?" Matt asked aggressively. He had his foot on the man's chest, and Gastly was holding him down with its Ghostly powers.

"We are the Luminious Sentries!" The man yelled out with honor. "And we are to cover the world with neverending light! Pokemon of the shadows and of poison are evil!"

"We?" Matt said with some intrigue. "Tell me more." He demanded.

"NEVER INFIDEL!" The grunt said.

"Are you sure?" Matt asked

"I shall never reveal my secrets to infidels!" The man yelled.

Matt turned around. "Gastly, take care of him. Just make sure not to hurt him. Too much......."

Chapter 12:Light. Lots and lots of light.

Kara definitely heard something. It sounded melodious, but at the same time, foreboding. She ran through the cave. As she continued, she reached for one of her Pokéballs. Likely, whatever was making that noise was a Pokémon. She didn't possess much firepower, but she found a really nice TM Shock Wave that she used on Machina and Ralts.

As she went further down the cave, and closer to the noise, she noticed that the cave was brighter. That wasn't right. Unless she was coming arcoss some strange crystal that glowed like a star (which she would enjoy alot) or some surface magma, she was likely going to meet a Pokémon. She got to where she was sure the noise was coming from. She could feel her hair tingling, which usually meant she was about to fight someone.

She turned a corner to see what was making the light. A Pokémon. It was in a pool of water, and was blue and black. It had the aspects of a butterfly in fish form.

Kara checked her Pokédex. the device called it Lumineon. She checked her Scanner. To her surprise (not really) she saw it was not wild.

This alerted the girl instantly. She thought why this Pokémon would be here. It came up like punch to the face. This Pokémon was placed here on purpose to illuminate the cave. This caused the wild Pokémon to go out of control from light pain. "I better KO this thing!"

She sent out Ralts. "Shock Wave!" She ordered against the Lumineon. The psychic type shot a bolt of thunder at Lumineon at the speed of sound. However, the blast was redirected at another target.

"Wait, what the heck?" Kara yelled out.

She looked around and saw that the electric attack hit a rhino like Pokémon covered in hard scales. She jumped out of the way of the creature as it started charging at her.

The Pokémon charged into the wall, and stopped cold. Kara checked her Pokédex. The Pokémon was called Rhyhorn. She knew this Pokémon was very weak to water type moves. She sent out Mudkip. "Mudikip!" the mudfish called out.

"Use water gun!" Kara ordered. The mudfish shot water at the brainless rhino. However, the water was redirected towards Lumineon.

"What?" Kara said. She checked her scanner. "Lumineon's Storm Drain absorbed the Attack!" The device stated. Kara was annoyed.

"Like my Defensive Combo?" Kara heard an overly sassy voice ask. "Kara looked around to see that she was face to face to with girl about 16 years of age. She was clad in golden clothing, wearing a cone hat with 2 feathers on the top, and gauntlets on her arms and legs. She bore the letters LS on her flat chest.

"It's quite ingeneous." The girl said. "Because of Lumineon's Storm Drain, Rhyhorn is immune to Water Attacks. Because of Rhyhorn's Lightningrod, Lumineon is immune to Electric attacks."

She turned to Kara. "I come here to find a girl who dosen't know her place trying to interfere with the plans of the holy Team Luminious." She said. "What is your purpose?"

"Your asking me that question?" Kara said angrily. "Your Lumineon is causing all the pokemon in the cave to act haywire!" She said. "STOP HURTING THE POKEMON IN THIS CAVE!"

"How dare you talk that way to a holy warrior of light!" The girl yelled. "The Luminious Sentries will crush all infidels like you!"

"That's it!" Kara yelled. "Ralts, Mudkip! Get over here!" Her two Pokémon came to her side. "I'm challenging you and your tacky combo to a double battle!"

The Luminious Grunt called her Lumineon and her Rhyhorn to her. "Your on!"

"There is absolutely no way I'm losing to a flat-chested sassy pants with no fashion sense!" Kara said in her angered tone glaring her "I'm going to crush you like a bug" stare.

The grunt was red in the face. "I'll crush you!"

Kara's hair started to float up. "Mudkip! Ice Beam on Rhyhorn!" she ordered. The mudfish shot the frozen beam at the rhino, scoring a hit. "Ralts! Confusion!"

Ralts eyes appeared for a split second as she hit Lumineon with a blast of psychic power. The fish was knocked out of its pool of water, landing on the cave floor.

"Water Gun!" The grunt ordered. Lumineon hit Ralts in the face with water. "Rhyhorn, Stomp on Mudkip!" The grunt ordered. The rhino Pokémon pounced on Mudkip, squashing the mudfish under its leg.

"Counter!" Kara ordered. Mudkip glowed with blue, then hit Rhyhorn ultra hard. The armor Pokémon went flying, Falling onto the ground close by.

As Rhyhorn struggled to get up, Ralts fired Confusion after Confusion at Lumineon. The grunt decided to counter. "U-Turn!" Ralts was hit at its 2 weak points: Bug Type moves and physical attacks. "Ralts! Use Double Team!" Ralts created illusory copies of itself, increasing its Evasion.

As Lumineon started to smash them peice by peice, Mudkip was faced by a charging Rhyhorn. "Ice Beam!" Kara ordered. The mudfish fired at Rhyhorn again.

"Fire Blast!" The grunt ordered. The rhino fired the explosive blast at the ice beam, cancelling it out, hurting and burning Mudkip. Kara was now worried. Lightningrod had made Rhyhorn a powerful mixed attacker. The same could be said for Lumineon.

Kara then had a wonderful, evil idea. "Mudkip! Ice beam on the water!" The girl ordered. Mudkip fired his Ice Beam at the water Lumineon was in, freezing it.

"Hah!" Kara said aloud. "Now the only way to unfreeze Lumineon is to hit it with a fire type attack!"

The grunt wasn't buying this. "It will unthaw by itself!" The blue haired grunt stated. Kara used her head on the next statement. "Are you really taking that risk?"

The grunt bit her lip. This girl was right. She couldn't take that risk. Lumineon had to keep shining. "Rhyhorn!" She ordered. "Use Fire Blast on Lumineon!"

At the same time Kara took out her scanner, Rhyhorn fired a deadly blast of fire at Lumineon. Kara watched as the Water Pokémon's HP depleted from green, to yellow, to red, and then fainted.

" TRICKED ME!" The grunt said in rage. Kara smiled. "Yes. Yes I did." She turned to Rhyhorn. "Mudkip!" Water Gun!"

Mudkip used Water Gun on Rhyhorn, scoring a KO.

The cave became dark once again.

Pokemon G S C Remix Dark Cave (2nd Remix)

Pokemon G S C Remix Dark Cave (2nd Remix)

Dusk Cave (Song by PokeRemixStudio)

 With Reece

Reece was walking through the cave when everthing became cave level dark once again. At first Reece was happy, but then he realized.

"Wait, I missed the fun!"

He heard scuffling in the corner. He turned to see a bunch of confused people in golden suits. He turned to look at them.

"Who are you guys?" Reece asked. He was thinking of who to send out in case they were trainers. They looked at him. They were struggling to look serious in this situation. "Were are Team Luminious!" One of them said. "We are to cover the world in nevereding light!"

Reece put 2 and 2 together. "Your the people who made the cave become unaturally bright!" He yelled. "Your going down!"

He sent out Abra, and got ready to beat these trainers down. But, someone beat him to it. Half of the grunts in front of him fell to the ground, each with some Dark, Ghost, or Poison type at their backs.

The other half turned around. "Team Abyss!"

Reece saw his older enemies staring his newer ones strainght in the face. By the looks of it, they were also enemies.

A man that looked like a higher ranking official than a grunt came from Team Luminious came up. "Stop in the name of light!" He ordered.

The Team Abyss grunt stood their ground. A similar person came from Team Abyss. "Kill them all!" He countered.

Chapter 13:Dungeon Duel

The scene turned into a huge melee between the 2 teams. Attacks between vicious Pokémon on one side, and knightly yet ruthless Pokémon on the other.

Reece watched with horror as the Pokémon not only attacked eachother, but the other trainers. He had to stop this.

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)

Deadly Battle (Made by BrainCells/Project Chaos)

"GO! Abra!" Reece yelled out as the small Pokémon jumped from its Pokéball.

Reece could use Abra to stop Team Abyss's Pokémon, as Abra had a move that would beat each of them. Submission for Dark and Steel, Confusion for Poison Types, but nothing for Ghosts. Maybe Metronome could do something....

Reece saw a Pawniard aiming for a Luminious Grunt. "Abra, Submission on that Pawniard!" Abra teleported to Pawniard, and used its arms to throw the Pokémon into the air, KOing it with 4x Damage.

Abra was hurt from the severe reoil however, and Reece knew it couldn't keep this up. Reece sent out Beedrill to stop a Tyrogue from hurting a team Abyss grunt. Beedrill got there just in time to stop the fighting type from breaking the grunts ribcage.

"Beedrill!" Reece ordered Frantically. "Twineedle!" The bee shot at several Pokémon like a machine gun, stopping them from attacking each other.

Both Teams had noticed that Reece was stopping them. "STOP!" The Alpha Grunts of both Teams called out. Everyone stopped, whether they were making commands or going at throats, they stopped.

The Abyss Leader looked over to Reece. "Why help these people? They simply hurt others for no cause!" The Luuminious Alpha Grunt angrily shot back. "You infidels wish to spread Chaos! Do not defend them!"

Reece wasn't one to take sides. "Both of you are Evil! I will never side with either of you!"

The Luminiopus Captain spoke up. "Then you will die!" He turned to Team Abyss. "Stay out of our way! Team Luminious! Attack! He went to the edge of the battlefield that Reece was on as his team held off Team Abyss.

The leader sent out his first Pokemon, Beldum. "Zen Headbutt!" The steel type charged at Abra, who was badly weakened. "Metronome!" Reece called for.

Reece half expected to get something like Explosion, half expected to get Splash, but didn't expect to get what he got. Abra's fist glowed, and hit Beldum with a faceful of Sky Uppercut.

"That works." Reece stated as Beldum fell to the ground.

Reece continued his battle as the 2 teams raged on with nothing to stop them. Nothing except, an angry swarm of vengeance.

We know Pokémon are very in tune with nature. We saw what happened when the lights went on too: All the Pokémon went haywire. Well, what happened next could be considered a miracle.

Many Pokémon such as Whismur, Paras, Zubat, Clefairy, and Roggenrola came into the battlefeild, swarming the 2 teams in anger. They angrily attacked every grunt with their own attacks, all a side effect of going through extreme light and back to darkness super quickly.

Matt heard this chaos through the tunnels. "Dangit Reece." He muttered under his breath.

Kara heard this too. She had just finished cruely messing with the hair of the grunt she just defeated. She retrieved her Pokémon, and ran in the direction of the sound.

The siblings ran across eachother. "Kara?" Matt yelled out. "Where have you been?" Kara smiled. "I just darkened the cave again." She changed the subject.

"1500 Pokedollars says Reece didn't cause this." She said.


The two ran down another tunnel to come to a stampede of Team Luminious grunts running past them, covered in bites and scratches.

"Hey!" Kara said with an angry look on her face. "Those are the same tasteless idiots who did this in the first place!"

"Whatever they are running from is up ahead." Matt said. "Lets go!"

The 2 came just in time to see a huge wave swamp the room infront of them.

"That was surf." Matt stated. Kara looked over. "That couldn't have been Reece, could it?" The girls asked. Matt hesitated. "Who am I kidding. Its totally Reece."

Reece was fighting his opponents Machop with Abra. Reece was worried, as Abra had taken some hits. "Abra! Confusion!"

Abra's eyes glowed, and shot a beam of cyan energy at Machop. The superpower Pokémon severe damage from the hit. The superpower Pokémon fainted when Abra used Ice Punch on it.

"Who are you?" The lumnious Alpha Grunt asked.  Reece gave him a sharp look. "I'm the person who will stop you!" He yelled.

"The Master is gonna flip!" The man muttered. "First we didn't conceal the explosion at Lapis path properly, our cave mission has failed,  and now were being beat up by a kid!"

Reece angrily shot back. "You're the oes who caused the landslide! What's your problem?" He said with anger. The man looked at him. "We will bring jstice and order to this world! We are the Luminious Sentries! We will cover this world in neverending light!"

"Just leave." Reece said. "You've lost, and there is nothing you can do about it."

The man stepped back. "I concede defeat." Team Luminious! Retreat!" He exclaimed. The grunts that hadn't already fled were moving now.

Kara and Matt came up to the Team Abyss Alpha Grunt. The grunt leader turned around and saw the 2. "Who are you 2 kids?"

"Watch out Matt." Kara said. "These are the same people that I me and Reece met in Green Forest that stole that kids pokemon."

Matt wasn't worried. "Why should I tell you?" He said arrogantly. This annoyed the man. "Get lost before I make you!"

"Make me!" Matt yelled as he sent out his Spearow.

The grunt leader sent out his Pokémon:A Snivy.

Matt knew something was up. He saw other Pokéballs on the mans belt, so why choose this one. Especially a Pokémon weak to his. He then saw the Snivy closely. It had glowing red eyes, was Snarling, and had an enraged look on its face.

"Snivy, Tri Attack!" The Abyss Leader ordered. Snivy shot a blast of pure elementalk energy at Spearow, giving the bird a burn.

"What?" Matt said. "How? Snivy can't learn Tri Attack!"

"This is no normal pokemon. This one was genetically altered to be an unstoppable force!" Matt and Kara were horrified by this. These people were genetically altering Pokémon!

"Genetically....altering...pokemon?" Matt asked with pauses in between his words.

The Abyss grunt repaeted himself. "These pokemon are our weapons, and we will use them however we wish!"

That statement made Matt angry. "Spearow! Use Peck!" The falcon bird hit the grass snake with great force, knocking it down.

Matt switched out, sending in Torchic. "Focus Energy!" Matt ordered. The chicken bird was covered in energy, as Snivy came for a counterattack.

"Snivy! Energy ball at the ceiling." The grunt ordered. The grass snake fired the energy ball at the ceiling, causing the stalagtites to fall onto Torchic.

"Torchic!" Matt yelled out in shock.

Matt took initiative. "Ember at the vines!" Torchic shot deadly cinders at Snivy's vines, causing the grass snake to pull back in pain. "Now Crush Claw on the Rocks!"

The bloodied Torchic shot up with the force of a bullet and slammed the rock, making it shatter into dust like peices. "Now crush claw at Snivy's head!"

Torchic smashed Snivy with his powerful crush claw. The grass Pokémon buckled under the force. The sub admin was unwilling to give up.

"Tri Attack!"

Snivy shot the fire chicken in the face, causing visible paralysis. "Now finish it!" The grunt yelled. "Energy Ball!" Snivy shot the energy ball at her enemies face.

"Finish it with Peck!" Matt ordered. Torchic braced the Energy Ball, and then tore at the grass snake like a hungry raptor hawk.

Snivy fainted and Matt retreived Torchic to see what his foe's next Pokémon would be. The sub-admin checked around for one of his 2 other Pokémon. "Go! Pawniard!"

Matt sent out Axew. "Axew! Dragon Rage!"

We all know what Dragon Rage does. At Pawniards low level, there is a 0% chance of survival if the attack hits.

Axew created a powerful twister of energy that aimed for Pawniard, threatening to turn the bandit hunter to scrap metal. The sharp blade Pokémon tried to dodge, but failed. Horribly.

Pawniard had fainted, and Matt waited for his next target. "Next?" he asked mercilessly.

The man threw out a Deino. The blind dino dog searched visciously for its target. Matt wished to check its level. He pulled out his battle scanner, and scanned Deino. It was level 16, but Matt was indifferent. "GIGA IMPACT!"

Axew shot at Deino with exteme force, knocking the Dinosaur skyward. While Axew was recharging, Matt got ready for his finisher. "Deino, use Dragon Rage!"

Deino shot blobs of energy at Axew, threatening a OHKO. Axew was unfortunatly stuck in place, and fainted. Matt cursed as he decided to send out another Pokémon.

"Go Gastly!" Matt yeled. He had to pull this off quick. "Use Sludge Bomb!" Gastly shot blasted after blast of sludge at the Deino. after a few quick hits, it fell.

The grunt retreived his Pokémon, and ran back to the scene of the battle. He ran into the Team Luminious sub-admin. Kara and Matt ran after him.

The Lumnious Sub Admin Admin was not going to let the Abyss sub admin pass, and as Matt and kara were at his back, he had no choice but to pull an Ace.

"You may have beat me, but, you're not getting out alive!" He said as he pulled a stick like device, popped of the cap, and revealed a red button. "Noone move!"

Everyone knew what that was. The button would set off explosive and cause a cave in. Kara, Matt, the luminious sub admin, the music, and the newly arrived Reece (who was following the Luminious Sentry) stopped.

I will press this button, and bury you all alive!" The abyss grunt said, his finger howevering over the button. The grunt edged towards the exit.

Reece had a plan. He slowly reached for one of his pokeballs. He press the button, causing the pokemon to pop out. The admin looked over to see Reece's Abra out of its pokeball.

"I warned you!" The sub admin pressed the button, causing several explosives in ceiling to explode, causing a cave in. However, Reece was prepared. "Abra, Confusion!'"

Abra's eyes glowed, and the rocks stopped falling, hovering in the air.

Reece quickly ran out from under the danger zone, with Kara and Matt following suit. The lumninious admin
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Event - Strategy

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Event - Strategy

Quick thinking for the win!

begrudingly followed. Reece retrieved Abra, and the rocks fell.

The sub admin looked at Reece with disbelief. "When I tell the boss about this, your gonna regret ever messing with us." He ran out of the room, attempting to escape.

"Machina!" Kara yelled. "Sneak Attack!"

One of the four Pokéballs on his belt turned into the cybernetic Zorua, and knocked the grunt down. Kara turned to Matt and Reece. "Take care of Mr. Fashion disaster."

As Reece and Matt cornered the Luminious sub admin, Kara walked over the man, who was about the get up. Until however, Kara gave him a kick to the area between his legs. "I'll be taking this." She grabbed the Pokéball containing Snivy...


Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Petalburg City-0

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Petalburg City-0

Back at the Pokemon Center

Reece, Matt, and Kara were at the Treeton City Pokémon Center later that night, watching the news.

"In other news, two men believed to be connected to the supposed flash at Lapis Path are currently in questioning at the local police station."

Kara turned over. "That was a brilliant plan Reece, keeping the rocks from killing us."

"Well thanks." Reece said. He was really more focused on his town map. According to the advanced map, there were 3 ways to the next town: Metal Cave, Root Path, and Aqua River.

"I admit, it wasn't that bad of an Idea." Matt said, completely breaking character. 

Kara, trying her best to contain her surprise, looked to Reece. "Hey Reece, thanks for having us go to Dusk Cave." She said smiling.

"Sure!" She said, giving Reece four Pokéballs and a Great Ball. She offered Matt some, but he kindly refused. The news report kept talking.

"Additionally, due to the local Gym Leader helping, the blockade made from the landslide at Lapis Path has been cleared. The flower ninja only had this to say." The Treeton City Gym Leader Sakura came on to the TV with her Leafeon.

"I was happy to help not just because it was my job, but because I've met some promising young trainers who I want to get to next gym."

The news report ended, and the 3 pokedex holders smiled.

Upon the Aqua River Arc

Kara was asleep in one of the hotel rooms at a local hotel. Her Zorua, Ralts and Mudkip were cuddling up to her. She slowly awoke, eyes opening lazily. Machina was one her stomach, Ralts was one her side, and Mudkip her arm.

She felt soming else on her chest. She looked and saw a note in nice hotel paper. She at first, was suprised to see it was in her shirt. Well, whoever put that there did want her to notice. She opened it up.

"Dear Kara,

I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to do something useful with my time. I'm likely already at Aqua River by now. I made sure your morning would go off with a bang. I put this on your chest to make sure you'd get it. Also, whatever you do:


Your Friend,


Well, that explains why it was in her shirt. Reece was the one to always be hyperactive, and a bit dense. He meant well. She couldn't help but wondering what Reece had done though.

She soon got her answer.


She and her Pokémon looked down out the window to see Matt in an eight foot deep hole, and his face was deep red. She fell to the ground laughing until she cried. Reece certainly help start the day.

Reece was on the hills at the edge of town, just barely listening to this. He was laughing also. His Pokémon were laughing also, and they sure thought it was funny.

Chapter 14:The Cookie Wars

Route 104 - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

Route 104 - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

So much nostalgia it hurts!

There comes a time in every trainers life where they must accept one of the cruelest facts of being a trainer:

Your gonna face an annoying wild Pokémon.

Now you may be wondering about the title. Well, keeping reading and find out.

Reece was walking down Lapis Path. He had to get away from Treeton City. More specifically Matt.

As he walked through the area were the landslide happened, he couldn't help but remember what happened with Team Abyss and Team Luminious.

It was midday, around noon, so he decided it would be best to eat lunch. What he packed was some Pokémon food, some sandwhiches, some drinks, and a few cookies for himself. He saw the beautiful Aqua River. Being the largest river in the region, he was likely to find some awesome Pokémon.

"Come on out everybody!" Reece said as he sent out his entire team of 5. Larvitar, Treecko, Beedrill, Ratatta, and Abra. He got some food for everyone, and sat down.

As he was about to enjoy his cookies, he saw the Pokémon he would spend an entire chapter fighting. A small crab like creature slowly walked out of the river. It sidestepped over to Reece, and then the boy noticed it.

"Oh hello." Reece said.

"Kookie, kookie!" The creature said. Reece checked his Pokédex. The creature was called Krabby. Reece thought i looked pretty cute. But then, it did something.

The crab stole Reece's single cookie. "Hey, Give that back!" Reece yelled reaching for the crab. The river crab Pokémon refused to, and then ran away.

"Get back here!" The trainer yelled. Reece chased after the crab, but then Pokémon decided to eat the cookie.

Reece was infuriated. "I'm going to get you for that!" Reece yelled.

"Bring. It . ON!" The Pokémon said in Pokespeak.
Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix

Credit to lockerz102/Youtube

"Treecko! KILL!" Reece yelled. His annoyed Treecko shot after the River Crab. "BULLET SEED!" Reece called out.

Treecko fired a barrage of deadly seeds at Krabby, the Crab Pokémon dodging all but the last.

The last one was caught in Krabby's claw, and crushed under the amazing power of its claw.

Reece's face turned bone white. "Crud...... Gotta think...." Reece quickly thought up one of crazy plans. "That's it! Treecko! Giga Drain!"

Treecko started sapping the enrgy of Krabby, until said Pokémon threw a large rock at Treecko, lowering its speed. "Rock Tomb!" Reece called out. "What's this thing on!?"

"Treecko! Dragonbreath!" Reece called to his Pokémon. Treecko fired a glorious blast of breath at Krabby. The River Crab countered with its own attack:Bubble.

"Kookie kookie! (Take this!)" The Crab Pokémon fired a squadron of mid-sized bubbles at the dragonbreath, which went right through, and hit Treecko, further lowering its speed.

Reece got so angry that he started to choke on his own rage (forcing Larvitar to slap him in the face). "Thanks, I needed that."

Reece's other Pokémon were watching on the sidelines. "Wow, this actually pretty amusing." Ratatta said in pokespeak. Beedrill nodded. "Yes. This is going to be an intresting day." Abra looked over to them.

"So, who do you think will win?" The psi Pokémon asked. "Not sure." Beedrill said.

Reece was still fighting Krabby.

"Treecko! Quick Attack!" Treecko shot foward with a blinding burst of speed. Krabby countered with harden, reducing the damage. The river Crab then countered with Vicegrip, and proceeded to throw Treecko to the ground. Reece new he couldn't let his Pokémon faint, as there were hardly any Pokémon centers on the river.

His thinking was then interupted by Krabby throwing a rock at his face.

"Oh it's on!" Reece said. "I'm fighting you myself!"

His Pokémon immediatly started making bets on who would win:The Trainer, or the River Crab?"

Well, lets watch.

Reece charged at Krabby, with his running shoes blasting compressed air. Krabby shot a bubble at his nemesis. Reece stopped. Could bubbles really hurt him?

Yes. Yes they can.

Reece was overtaken by a flood of deadly bubbles, covering him, and knocking him to the ground. This continued until Reece was covered in frothy residue.

See, this is what happens when you question pokemon logic.

Reece got up. "You're going down!"

"I'd like to see that!" Krabby said in pokespeak.

Reece got up, and used a blast of compressed air from his running shoes to deal damage to the River Krab. Reece took out one of his Pokéballs, and threw it.

One shake.

Two shakes.

Three Shakes.


Reece stated to choke on his rage again. "SO FREAKIN CLOSE!"

Krabby fired another bubble. Reece tried his secret weapon:A Greatball.

The ball flew threw the air, through the bubble, and onto the Crab.

One shake.

Two Shakes.

Three Shakes


"I caught a Krabby!"

Reece's Pokémon exchanged looks. "Pay up!" Beedrill, Abra, and Larvitar said.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-0

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-0


 Reece checked his Pokédex.


River Crab pokemon

Height: 1'04 / 0.4 M

Weight:14.3 LB / 6.5 Kg

Despite this pokemon's small size, it is very powerful. There pincers can regerate infinitly until death.

Reece came out of that with one less cookie, but with a full team of six Pokémon. Pretty fair trade of don't you think?

Chapter 15:The Surf Shack

Reece had been walking for a few days now. He hadn't got much farther down the riverside. Currently, he was in a trainer battle.
Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock

Remix by Musiko

"Krabby!" Reece ordered. "Vicegrip!"

The river crab caught on to the opposing Wingull's wing, and brought it to the ground.

"Now Bubblebeam!"

Krabby blasted Wingull with a storm of bubbles, knocking it out.

The Camper withdrew Wingull. "GO Zigzagoon!"

The tinyraccoon Pokémon erupted from its Pokéball. Reece retrieved Krabby. "Beedrill! Smash It!"

Reece threw the Pokéball containing Beedrill. The bee Pokémon came out. "TWINEEDLE!" Reece ordered. Beedrill shot a blast of spears at the opposing Pokémon. The second hit managed to poison it.

"Zigzagoon! Surf!" The camper ordered.

Zigzagoon created a giant wave that swamped the battlefeild. Beedrill was hit hard. "Beedrill, Retreat!" Reece ordered as he retrieved the Bee Pokémon.

"GO Ratatta!"

Ratatta jumped out to meet the gaze of the normal type opponent. "Hyper Fang!"

Ratatta clamped on to Zigzagoon with his teeth, and violently slammed the raccoon back and forth until it fainted.

"Pay up." Reece said as he retrieved Ratatta.

Some time later.

Reece had been walking in the murderous sun for several hours now. The river next to him looked so nice. He continued to walk, until he heard a voice.

"Well sirens, it seems we've spotted some men."

Reece looked over to see Kara floating in the river with Machina, Mudkip (who was really enjoying himself) Ralts, and a Pokémon he never saw withe her before: Snivy.

As for Kara, she was wearing a bikini she designed herself. A basic black with with green stripes on the left part of her top. This was meant to resemble Machina's Robotic eye. Reece wasn't focused on that, but on the fact that he needed to get to the next town.

"What are you doing here, and how did you catch up with me?" Reece asked.

Kara smiled. "I was going this way anyway. Also, I was floating on the river all day. Not wrinkling helps." She closed her eyes, and turned her head upwards. "Oh, and Matt said he's going to impale your spleen with a zax*.

(*A Roofing tool)

"Wouldn't be the first time he's threatened that." Reece muttered. He started to walk away. Kara saw this. "Hey! Were are you going?"

"Unless you want to battle me, I'm leaving."  Reece said.

"Actually, I need you to do something for me." Kara said.

"Does it involve gross things, cross dressing, or throwing a pokemon battle?" Reece asked.

Kara couldn't help but laugh. She lost her balance and sunk below the surface for a few seconds. She got back up and wiped a tear from her eye. "No." She said. "I need you to come with me to a place on the river bank called 'The Surf Shack' " 

Reece put on his confused face.

"It's a small spot on the riverside. People come from all over to sunbathe, buy stuff they'll never use, and swim." Kara said. Reece clearly wasn't interested.

"They also have pokemon battles alot." Kara added. This caught Reece's attention. "I'm listening." The boy said.

Kara slowly got out of the water. She walked over to Reece, putting her arms in a position to make her look cuter. "Plus, all the expierence will help you beat Matt after he finds you and attempts to get his R Rated Revenge."

"Come on what are we waiting for?" Reece said with a big smile on his face. Kara retrieved her team, and ran after him. Reece looked back. "Aren't you going to change?"

"It's a beachside place. What's the point?" Kara replied.

One hour later

Reece came to the Surf Shack. It wasn't fancy, but it was big. At the side of the building was a pool, with several
Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Cerulean City

Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Cerulean City

Surf Shack

people and Pokémon swimming in it. There was a smaller building on the side that was selling things. But what stood out like a flame was a Pokémon healing machine.

Reece ran to it without thinking twice. He put his team in, and healed them up. He turned to Kara.

"So, do you see any trainers?

Kara looked around. "Let's go inside."

The inside looked like a bar, with locker room benches, and a few people. A man by a Soda Pop machine noticed the 2 walk in. He ran up to them.

"Are you 2 here for the trainer contest?" The man asked. This, as you might expect, caught Reece's attention.

"Trainer Contest?" Reece asked. Kara looked over. The man kept talking. "Yes. Anyone who can beat four trainers gets a prize:Six Soda Pops. They are brilliant recovery items."

"That sound fun. Right Reece?" Kara asked. She then saw Reece was missing...

"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" Reece yelled as he ran out the door.

Kara simply facepalmed.

First Battle

Reece had, in the span of 2 minutes, found a girl who had a Pokémon, challenged her, got her Biker boyfriend angry, and then decide to challenge him to a battle.

Reece sent out Krabby. The Roughneck sent out Wingull.

Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Cerulean City-0

Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Cerulean City-0

Surf Shack

"Wingull, Supersonic!" The biker ordered.

Th gold waves of energy flew towrd Krabby. The River Crab became Confused.

"Krabby, Harden!" Reece called out. The river crab was covered in a stelly shell, boosting its defense. "Heh." Reece said. "Now confusion won't do as much damage!"

The biker was pretty annoyed at this statement. "Wingull! Wing Attack!"

Krabby was hit by the seagulls twister covered wings, and then scooped into the air by the bird. "So maybe pitting a crab against a seagull wasn't the best idea..." Reece said. "VICEGRIP!"

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1

Remix by Musiko

Krabby saw many yellow ducks flying around his head, then clamped Wingull's wing, bringing it to the ground.

"Now Rock Tomb!" Reece called out.

Krabby took to Rocks off the ground and smashed Wingull, lowering its speed.

"Wingull, Shock Wave!" The biker ordered. Wingull fired a blast of electricity at super speeds at Krabby. The River Crab fell limp.

"Crud. Krabby, Retreat!" Reece called as he returned Krabby to his Pokéball. "Go Ratatta!"

Reece's Ratatta popped from his Pokéball, giving his roar of a cry. "Ratatta! Focus Energy!" Reece ordered. Ratatta was surrounded by an aura of condensed power. "Now Hyper Fang!"

Ratatta leaped at Wingull and bit into its wing, bringing it to the ground. The biker retreived it. "GO, Tentacool!" The Biker yelled, throing out a Tentacool.

Ratatta eyed the Jellyfish with carnal fury. It was ready to strike at any second. However, Reece decided to retrieve it.

"GO! Abra!" Reece yelled as the Psi Pokémon came to the battlefeild. "Use Confusion!" Abra shot a beam of Psychic Energy at Tentacool, scoring a crit.

"Tentacool! Toxic Spikes!" Tentacool fired powerful spikes at Abra's feet. "Metronome!"  Reece ordered. Abra disappeared below the ground, with a bit of a splash.

Reece checked his Battle Scanner and saw the Abra used Dive. "Damn." Reece thought. Tentacool shot another Layer of Toxic Spikes at Reece's side of the feild.

Now anyone he switched in would be Badly poisoned.

Abra shot up from under Tentacool, dealing little damage. "Abra, Confusion at point blank range!" Reece ordered. Abra's eyes glowed as he shot a beam of energy at Tentacool.

"Tentacool! Use Poison Sting!" The biker ordered. Tentacool shot a poison pin at Abra. Reece saw that Abra was poisened. "Oh no..."

Reece checked his scanner, but to his suprise, Abra wasn't taking any damage. Reece saw Abra's ability:Magic Guard. This meant Abra could only be hurt by battle damage.

"Finish it with Submission!" Reece ordered. Abra spun around with great speed, taking Tentacruel with it, and slamming it to the ground, fainting it.

Reece then remembered. "Abra, retreat!" Reece called out as he retrieved his Abra, and then threw another Pokéball. "Go Beedrill!"

Reece remebered that Poison Types are incapable of being poisoned. He was suprised to see Beedrill soak up the Toxic Spikes however.

"That was convenient." Reece commented. He was ready to fight his next foe. The biker used his last Pokémon. "GO Machop!"

Poisonous Bug versus Fighting type. Who wins?

"Beedrill, Twineedle!" Reece ordered. Beedrill shot 4 needles at Machop. "Focus Energy!" The Biker ordered. Machop became covered in condensed energy.

"Beedrill, Fury Attack!" Reece ordered. Beedrill shot the spears on its arms over and over, scoring 3 hits. The biker was ready to counter. "Karate Chop!"

Machop hit Beedrill in the face, scoring a crit. This worried Reece, as this Pokémon was doing more damage than it should. Reece decided to end it.

"Electroweb!" Reece ordered. A powerful web covered Machop, KOing it.

Reece took his money, his Pokémon, and ran to the healing machine.

Second Battle

Reece rushed right into his second battle. It was against one of the swimmers. She agreed to battle on on condition:They'd fight in the River. Reece wasn't too happy with this, but he agreed.

Reece's face betrayed his worry. He had 3 Pokémon who could fight in water:Beedrill, Krabby, and Abra. Rats can't swim, Gecko's don't float, and small rock creatures sink and stay at the bottom while their trainer frantically tries to get it out.

"Go! Krabby!" Reece said. Reece threw the Pokéball containing the River Crab, and watched as it landed on the water. Krabby floated up and down on the water.

The swimmer called out her first Pokémon:Azurill. The Polka Dot Pokémon bobbed up and down on the water cutely. Even Reece thought it was cute. Too bad he had to smash it.

"Krabby! Rock Tomb!" Reece ordered. Krabby took 2 rocks from below the surface of the river, and threw them at Azurill.

"Azurill, Charm!" The swimmer ordered. Azurill made itself look even cuter, making Krabby's Attack garbage. Reece was forced to switch out. "Krabby, retreat!" the boy said as he retrieved his Pokémon.

"Go Abra!" Reece yelled as he sent out his Special Attacker. "Use Confusion!"

Abra's eyes glowed, and shot a powerful beam of energy at Azurill. The polka dot Pokémon got knocked down, but regained its balance.

"Body Slam!" The swimmer ordered. Her Azurill jumped up and slammed into Abra. Due to having low defense, Abra was knocked back for severe damage. Even worse, Abra was paralyzed.

Reece's face clammed up. "DARN IT!" he yelled. "Abra! Submission!"

Abra slowly grabbed Azurill, and spun around a high speed before slamming the polka dot Pokémon to the ground. The swimmer wouldn't give up. "Body Slam again!"

Azurill was about to smash Abra. "Dodge it!" Reece called out, before he noticed the fact that Abra was fully paralyzed. With a look of horror, he watched his Pokémon get knocked out.

"Abra! Retreat!" Reece muttered. He sent out his next Pokémon:Beedrill. "Use Twineedle!" Reece ordered. Beedrill fired his needles at super speed, hitting Azurill with the powerful strikes.

"Azurill, Tail Whip!" The swimmer ordered. Azurill spun its tail around, the action lowering Beedrill's defense. "Counter with Iron Defense!" Reece ordered.

Beedrills defense shot up. This was a trick however, and a pretty nasty one too. "Azurill, Body Slam!" The swimmer called out from the river. Azurill crashed into Beedrill, once again scoring a paralysis. This also had the side effect of forcing Beedrill below the waves.

"Beedrill! Use Electroweb!" Reece ordered.

Using an electric attack in water? Where have we seen that before?

Beedrll shot the electric webbing in the water, shocking Azurill senseless. This also had the side affect of shocking some poor kid who foot was in the river.

Reece scrambled to get Beedrill's Pokéball, and retrieved the poison bee before it drowned. "Krabby has to do this." Reece commented.

"GO! Krabby!" Reece yelled as the River Crab was sent into battle with a flash of light. The silver and gold haired trainer knew his opponent only had one Pokémon left. "I'll bet turning my hair into its natural style that this should be a breeze." Reece said. Thinking to his spiky silver hair with its gold streak going through it.

"Go Chinchou!" The swimmer called out. As she sent out the Water/Electric type Pokémon.

Reece facepalmed. "Of course she did." He said through his hand. "I'm so fricken glad this is what my hair looks like naturally."

"Chinchou! Confuse Ray!" The Swimmer ordered. A small orb of light flew to Krabby, confusing him. "Dang it!" Reece said aloud. "ViceGrip!"

Krabby's head was surrounded by small yellow rubber ducks. Reece knew there was a fifty percent chance of Krabby hurting itself. "Please hit, please hit, please hit, please hit." Reece thought in his head.

Of course, the rule of comedic irony says that Reece won't get his way. Krabby hit itself in the face, hurting itself.

"Now hit 'em with Charge Beam!" The swimmer ordered. "Chichichou!" The chinchou shouted as it hit Krabby with near lethal electric force.

"Krabby, Retreat!" Reece ordered. Reece was in a state of shock. He had effectively lost. Larvitar would sink, Ratatta would fail miserably, and Treecko had nothing to stand on.

Or did he?

"Go! Treecko! Reece shouted as his powerful Grass Type erupted from his pokeball. The swimmer smirked, thinking Reece was in checkmate. That was until he saw what Treecko did.

The wood gecko landed right on Chinchou's head. "USE GIGA DRAIN!" Reece ordered. Treecko immediately drained the energy of his target right through the angler Pokémon's head, KOing it.

"Woohoo!" Reece said. The swimmer got out of the river to congratulate him, but by the time she got to shore, she was met with blasts of compressed air made by Reece's running shoes.

Chapter 16:The Surf Shack Part 2:A "Crushing" Battle

Reece was running to the Pokémon healing machine, running by Kara finishing her second battle. "Hi Kara!" Reece said. He was going to continue running before the girl caught him by his collar. He fell down, lookig straight up at the girl in her Zorua-styled bikini.

"Your way too hyper Reece. You know that right?" She said crossing her arms. "Yes." Reece responded, attempting to get to the healing machine, mostly ignoring Kara. Treecko's Pokéball opened up, and the wood gecko got out.

""Sorry Kara, but I need to get to the Healing Machine." Reece said, trying to get away. Kara bent over and stopped him. "Can you spare at least a few minutes?" the redhead asked.

"No." Reece said.

As Reece attempted to claw his way to the healing machine, Treecko met the gaze of Kara's Snivy.

"Hello." Treecko introduced himself. "Your Kara's pokemon, correct? Do you have a nickname?"

Sniv looked over. "Don't you know it's proper manners to introduce yourself before asking a lady's name?" She said, turning her head away.

"My name is Treecko. What's yours?" Treecko asked with a sweatdrop.

"My name's Zero." the Snivy said, her mood changing instantly. She let out a vine to have Treecko shake. Treecko shook her vine with his hand.

While their trainers argued, Zero and Treecko talked. "So, why do you have a boy's name?" Treecko asked. Snivy blushed. "Kara didn't know I was a girl until after she named me."

"Why do you never seem to smile?" Zero asked. Treecko quickly responded. "There not always time. I don't like to take my time at all."

"Oh." was the only Zero said.

"By the way, can you get your trainer's attention? Treecko asked. "Sure." Zero said. She had one of her vines reach for Kara's side to tap it, but she instead hit Kara butt.

Kara's reaction was both quick and painful for the guy that just happened to be right behind her. "PERVERT!" She yelled with her face as red as Shiny Gyarados. She took the poor guy and flipped him into a nearby bench, shattering it into pieces.

Reece retrieved Treecko. "Goodbye" Treecko said in Pokespeak to Zero. Reece was about to make it to the machine before...

"STOP!" a red jacketed boy said to him. He was walking with a Crawdaunt, which happened to look really powerful. "I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!"

Reece took his backpack and stated shouting into it. After he finished, he looked at the trainer. "Sure." Reece said. It wasn't like he had any other choice.

"I'm name is Aiden. Me and my Crawdaunt are undefeated here." He said. Reece checked his Battle Scanner. Crawdaunt was Level 18, and looked very powerful.

Half of Reece's team was down, one had a severe type disadvantage, and only one had a type advantage. "Dang it." Reece said. He was screwed.

Reece decided that he should get as much damage in as possible. "Go Treecko!" Reece called out, as the Wood Gecko popped from the Pokéball.

"Lets do this!" Aiden said. "Crawdaunt! Use Bubble!"

Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon Colosseum

Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon Colosseum

Vs Advance Trainer

The attack hit Treecko square on. While it did pathetic damage, it lowered Treecko's speed.

"Treecko!" Bullet Seed!" Reece ordered. Treecko fired a barrage of seeds at Crawdaunt, scoring 3 hits.

"Crawdaunt! Dragon Dance!" Aiden ordered. Crawdaunt was surrounded by blue circles that spun around the crayfish Pokémon before they disapeared.

Reece was not going to lose easily. "Dragonbreath!" Reece yelled.  Treecko shot a powerful cloud of energy at his crustecean foe.

"Crawdaunt, Metal Claw!" Aiden ordered. Treecko was grabbed in the lobsters claws, and slashed by the metal covered claws until blood was drawn. "Giga Drain!" Reece ordered.

Treecko glowed as orbs of Crawdaunt's energy flowed into its body. "Now smash it away with Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. Treecko dashed into Crawdaunt, ready to strike it.

"Crawdaunt! Vicegrip" Aiden shouted out. Treecko was caught in the Vicegrip, and the forcefully thrown in the air. People were starting to watch this now.

"I can beleive this stuff is actually legal." One of the swimmer girls said.

"Treecko, maneuver in the air to land on the roof, then snipe with Bullet Seed!" Reece called out, his battle wired mind working wonders.

Treecko was not going to let some overgrown Crayfish beat him. Torchic would have a legit reason to laugh at him, and he'd die before that happened. He landed on the roof, and then fired.


Crawdaunt was forced back, but then revealed his trump card. "Crawdaunt! Use Dragon Dance and then finish it with Waterfall!"

Crawdaunt did the mystical Dragon Dance again, but Reece wasn't going to let that happen. "Treecko, Quick Attack!"

Treecko shot at Crawdaunt like a bullet, but all in vain. Crawdaunt dodged the attack, and covered itself in water. The crustacean charged at Treecko with great speed.

The Pokémon pile-drove Treecko into the ground, a good size crater around him. Reece bolted with horror as he saw the wood gecko under the crushing claw of his foe's Crawdaunt.

"TREECKO!" Reece yelled out.

Treecko was under the claw of Crawdaunt. He could barely move, He now knew what it felt to be like Torchic, losing to someone you had a type advantage over.

"I WILL NOT BE TORCHIC!" Treecko yelled in pokespeak.

His body glowed with a feirce green aura. The wood Gecko's eyes glowed. Reece noticed this. "Now's my chance!" Reece thought. "Treecko! Bullet Seed!"

Treecko fired a machine gun shot of Seeds fast enough to make Beedrill proud right at Crawdaunts face. "What!?" Aiden screamed in shock.

Treecko broke loose, and took the opportunity to fire more forceful seeds at Crawdaunt. Reece saw that the wood gecko's power had increased significantly. "Giga Drain!" Reece ordered.

Treecko glowed even brighter as he drained Crawdaunts energy, fainting it.

Treecko's glow went down, and eft the wood gecko breathing heavily. "So that was Overgrow...." Reece said quietly. He was greatly astonished at that power.

"Good job Treecko." Reece said loud enough for his Pokémon to hear. Treecko looked over and smiled.

"You....just beat me...." Aiden said in astonishment. Reece smiled. "Of course I did. I love my pokemon, and that's what gives them strength."

"Don't go losing to anyone now." Aiden said.

Treecko felt his body heat up. He jolted, giving out his cry, making Reece look to him. His body glowed pure white, and started to change.

Reece saw this, and watch siliently. Treecko's glowing body, switched between 2 forms over and over until it stuck in the second form. It gave out its cry.

"Treecko evolved......" Reece said. "WOOHOO!"

Reece ran up to Treecko and gave a bone crushing hug. "You evolved!" Reece said happily. "Now NOTHING will stop us!"

Grovyle just let his trainer hug him.

"Good that you think that Reece, because your my next opponent." Reece heard. He turned to see Kara in her Zorua bikini.

"Let me heal my team first!" Reece said, running before the teen bodied 10 year old could stop him.

Reece had to do this fast. Kara got very pushy when she was angry, and if Reece didn't move, he'd get dragged out there and tied to a wooden stake peppered with electrified spikes.
Pokemon R S E Remix Rival Battle

Pokemon R S E Remix Rival Battle

Kara's Theme! By PokeRemixStudio

Reece put his team in a convenient order, then ran out the door. Everyone was watching, and this was to decided who won that soda pop.

"GO! Ralts!" Kara yelled as her hair floated upwards. "Go! Beedrill!" Reece yelled as he sent the poison bee out of its Pokéball.

Reece was able to move first. "Twineedle!" he yelled. Beedrill shot his needles straight at Ralts. "Confusion!" Kara yelled in response. Ralts fired twin psychic beams at the needles, splitting them in half as they hit Beedrill square faced.

Reece was about to scream in shock before Kara interupted him. "Ralts! Shock Wave!" The girl said. Ralts blasted Beedrill with powerful electricity too fast to dodge. With that, Beedrill fainted.

"Beedrill, Retreat!" Reece said as he retrieved Beedrill. "I'm not giving up." He said as he threw out Larvitar. The Rock skin Pokémon looked at Ralts.

"Are you going to stand there and let me cut you down?" She asked in pokespeak. Larvitar gave her an annoyed look. "i haven't been used this ENTIRE story arc, and you think I'm settling for a cameo? Absolutely not!" He yelled as he ran to crush her with Bite.

"Ralts, Confusion!" Kara yelled. Ralts fired 2 beams of psychic energy at Larvitar. "Brace it! Larvitar." Reece yelled. Larvitar let the blasts bounce off him, and resumed his attack. He bit Ralts in her small head, and threw her into the air.

"Now shoot her down!" Reece called to his Pokémon. Larvitar took a small rock and threw it at Ralts. Reece had been training Larvitar to use the battlefield to its advantage to cover his one big weakness:His speed.

Ralts fell down, her eyes now spirals. Larvitar looked away. "That was boring." He said.

Kara rerieved Ralts. Her form was great at all times. Something told Reece that this was practice for her Pokémon contests.

"Go! Zero!" Kara yelled. Reece decided to retrieve Larvitar (who wouldn't). But, Kara just loves mindgames. "Pursuit!"

Snivy shot at Larvitar, doing severe damage to it. Reece knew what was happening. That Snivy was her damned Machina.

Reece had to think this through. Dark types were a perfect counter to his team now that Beedrill was down. Who was next? One answer. THE COOKIE STEALER!

"Go, Krabby!" Reece yelled. The small crab came from its Pokéball, looking at his foe. "Krabby, Bubble!" Reece commanded. The River Crab fired a stream of Bubbles at Snivy/Machina.

As Reece thought, the illusion broke and Snivy became Machina. "So you figured out are little ruse?" Kara said in a sweet voice. "Machina, Shadow Ball!"

Machina fired a deadly ball of energy at Krabby, knocking the crab down. "Krabby, fire another bubble!" Reece ordered. He would use another, but getting close to Machina was like trying to do what that guy did to Kara. Reece shivered at the thought.

The bubbles hit Machina, lowering her speed. But speed was not going to stop Kara's best Pokémon. "Machina! Shock Wave!"

A bright flash of light struck Krabby, knocking him out. Reece retrieved him. He sent out his next Pokémon:Ratatta!

"Ratatta! Use Hyper Fang!" Reece ordered. Ratatta leaped at Machina faster than the illusion fox could react. But even that wasn't enough.

"Machina! Fury Swipes!" Kara ordered. This was a potential kill blow. Machina was able to strike 4 times. "Ratatta! Quick Attack!" Reece countered.

Quick Attack crashed into its target. Machina fell. "Come back!" Kara said as she retrieved her Pokémon. "Good Girl." She said.

She sent out her next of 4 Pokémon. "Go! Zero!" The Pokémon came out of her Pokéball. "Now use Growth!"

Zero stretched out her arms as she glowed, her figure growing ever so slightly. "Now use Giga Drain!" Kara yelled. "Counter with Hyper Fang!"

Zero let Ratatta hit her. THEN she let loose with Giga Drain, scoring a crit. This healed her fully. Ratatta fainted.

Reece was now flipping annoyed. "GO! ABRA!" he yelled as he threw out his Psychic type. "Use Ice Punch!" Reece ordered. Abra had his fist covered in Ice, then threw it at his foe.

The attack did not a lot of damage. Of course it didn't, as Abra's attack was too low to be a threat. "Vine Whip!" Kara yelled to her Pokémon. Zero threw her vines at Abra, knocking him back and forth.

"Abra! Confusion!" Reece ordered. Abra took Zero and started slamming her up and down over and over.

"Tri Attack! Kara ordered. Zero shot a blast of elemental energy at her foe. This was lucky enough to score a Burn. "Now finish it with Giga Drain!"

"Metronome!" Reece said. Abra shook his fingers, about to pull out a random move out of a list of 509 different attacks. Reece inched away just in case.

Abra's eyes closed, and a chain of blue orbs formed a circle between the 2.

"Are you serious!" Reece yelled. "Of all things, you used Skill Swap! The one move that helps your opponent of all things!"

"Finish it." Kara said. "Use Aurora Beam!"

Snivy shot the aurora like beam at her foe. This caused Abra to buckle in pain, then faint.

Reece was infuriated. No cute manipulative girl was gonna beat him. "Go, Grovyle!"

Grovyle stood face to face with the friend he made earlier. "Don't worry." Zero said. "Fight, no hard feelings. This was all the Hasty Natured pokemon needed.

"Zero, return!" Kara said as she was about to retreive her Pokémon. "Pursuit!" Reece yelled to his Pokémon. Grovyle knocked into Zero, scoring a KO.

"REVENGE!" Reece yelled. He just got Kara back for her mind games.

Kara sent out her last Pokémon:Marshtomp. Of course the Water/Ground Type was no match for Reece's hunter killer. It was over before Kara could say "Ice Beam!"

Reece went up to Kara, who had a sad look on her face. "Let me get my jeans." She said, going to one of the benches and getting out half of her money out of her bag.

"I have to say I owe one Reece for coming here with me." She said. "But, fun's over." She put on her tank top and and jeans. "So, I want you to have these."

Kara pulled out several valuable items from her bag. reece saw a Nugget, some Stardust, a Big Pearl, a Soft Sand, a Miracle Seed, and a TM Shock Wave. The crowd had dispersed by now.

"Your really giving all this to me as a thanks because I came here with you?" Reece asked confused. "Half that, half the fact I'm loaded already." The girl said, straining the water out of her spiky hair.

The man that they met when they first came to the Surf shack came to Reece. "I'd like to reward you with six Soda Pops!"

Reece took the healing items, healed his Pokémon, and decided to move on. Besides, it would be best to get some distance from Matt.

Chapter 17:Psychic Star

Reece had been walking for some time now. It was dark, and he had set up a shelter. It wasn't much, but it would have to do. Besides, he had his trusty Pokémon on his side.

Which was talking outside at that moment.

"So, Grovyle, what's it feel like to evolve?" Abra asked. The newly evolved Pokémon looked over. "I feel much stronger, that's for sure." Grovyle said. "You just need a bit more EXP to evolve correct?"

"Yes." Abra said.

Grovyle looked away. "I'd help you, but Reece needs me."

Abra looked disapointed. "Okay." Ratatta looked over. "Can't you use your writing skills to tell Reece that you need another level to evolve?"

"Not a bad Idea." Beedrill commented.

"I can practically feel those cookies in there." Krabby said. Everyone looked at him, then looked away.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon, ready to fall asleep

The next day

Reece ghad a stiff neck when he awoke. His team needed some training. Likley, there were a ton of trainers on the path upstream.

Without eating breakfast (he'd need to rashion that food) the boy went down the trail. After going some distance, Reece was challenged by a trainer.

"I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear." The kid said.

"Okay, that's totally random information I really didn't need." Reece replied.

The youngster sent out Ekans. Reece sent out Abra. Abra used his psychic powers to write something on the paper Reece got for him.

"I'd suggest using Confusion." Abra wrote.

"Then do it!" Reece yelled. Abra shot twin beams of psychic energy at EkansEkans took super effective damage from the hit, barely holding on.

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-2

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-2

Remix by Musiko

"Ekans! Poison Sting!" The youngster ordered.

Abra took the shot of poison like it was nothing. "Abra! Finish it with Confusion!"

Abra once again shot Ekans with energy, making it faint.

"Aww man." The hiker said as he retreived his Pokémon. "Go, Marill!"

The little aqua Rabbit jumped to the ground, facing Abra.

"Let's get lucky!" Reece shouted. "Metronome!"

Abra wagged its fingers. Reece hoped he wouldn't have a repeat of last time. As soon as Abra's wingers stopped wagging, a wicked thunderbolt dropped from the sky and OHKOed Marill.

The youngster retrieved his Pokémon. "Dang It." He said miserably.

"Don't feel bad about yourself." Reece told the kid. "That was pure bad luck on your end." He took his money and was ready to repaet the cycle of beating up other for EXP, until he saw his Abra glow.

It had only been 18 hours since Treecko evolved, so Reece knew what was happening. Abra glowed, flashed between 2 silhouettes until it stayed as the second one.

"Dabra!" the newly evolved Kadabra cried out.

"YAY!" Reece said. "Now we can smash things even better now!"

Kadabra facepalmed. Reece never changed. "Let's just go."

Reece's eyes became the size of dinner plates. "Wait! I can understand you! Is that telepathy?" Kadabra nodded his head. "Yes, but there is going to be a lot of mistranslations."

"Did you say something about a soda?" Reece asked.


Reece checked his Pokédex.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1

I just love using this song for the Pokedex


Psi Pokemon

Height:4'03 / 1.3 M

Weight:124.6 LB / 56.5 KG

Its spoon act as focusing rod for its Psychic powers. It generates powerful Alpha radiation that causes headaches and causes machines to temporarily malfunction.

Reece put his Pokédex away. "Well, I want to teach you this!" Reece took his Battle Scanner, and taught Kadabra Shock Wave in place of Metronome.

"Thanks Reece." Kadabra said through telepathy. "You should retrieve me before your brain gets irradiated."

Reece did so, but after he did, he turned to the river. "I'm going to find a pokemon in that river. This time, I'm going to try!"

Reece then remebered he didn't have any fishing tool. "Dang it." The silver haired kid said. "Maybe I can find something in the tall grass."

This can't end well.

Reece stepped four steps into the grass before a wild Pokémon jumped out at him.

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-0

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-0

Credit to Lockerz102

He saw a wild Marill jumped out at him. "Go! Kadabra!" Reece said. He wanted to test the power of his new Pokémon.

Kadabra came from his Pokéball. "Ka Dabra!" he shouted.

Reece looked at his Pokémon. "Try not to knock it out!" He yelled. "Use Shock Wave!"

Kadabra gathered energy, and fired a high speed beam of electricty at his foe. Marill was down to red in seconds.

"Mari, maril!" The Pokémon said.

"What did it say?" Reece asked Kadabra. Kadabra turned to his trainer. "He said he's not giving up." Kadabra said telepathically.

"He dosen't like grass types?" Reece said. "Wait, watch out!"

Marill hit Kadabra with a Defense Curl boosted Rollout. Reece acted on this immediately. "Go Great Ball!"

The Pokéball flew at Marill, the Pokémon trying to dodge it. The Great Ball hit its target, drawing it into it. It shook once, then twice, then three times.


Marill was caught!

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-2

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-2

Twice in one chapter? Well this chapter was really just filler anyway.


Aqua Mouse pokemon

Height:1'04 / 0.4 M

Weight:18 LB / 8.5 KG

Its body is meant for extreme water movement. Covered in water resistant fur and an oil filled tail, it can manuever through water with little effort.

Reece retrieved Kadabra. "We did it." Marill's Great Ball disappeared from his hand. "Enjoy the Box."

Reece was ready to go, before a fisherman came to him.

Riverstone City Arc

Reece, after 4 long days of battling, crushing Pokémon, gaining EXP, and finding items, Reece made it to RiverStone City. Think of it as Dewford Town, with a River running at his side, with soil and grass instead of sand. It was a bit of a hill, and was known for the clean water and Riverstones.

Many Trainers were attracted by the caves below the town.
RSE Dewford Island (Remix)

RSE Dewford Island (Remix)

Ahh Dewford Town. Such Nightmares. Made by HappyDragonite (I think)

Anyway, Reece sat down on bench, and took out a Cookie. He'd get something better later.

However, someone decided that Reece's cookie looked really tasty. A lurking Pidove was on top of one of the nearby buildings. It swooped down, and was ready to grab it.

Reece put a Pokéball in the place of his cookie. The pidove flared its wings, attempting to stop, but failed. The Pokéball drew Pidove into it, and shook three times before it caught the Pokémon.

"Nice Try." Reece said. "Enjoy the box."

Chapter 18:Finding the Rivercaves

Reece walkied into the center. Noone was in line. He went up to the nurse. "Hello. Can you heal my team?" This nurse had long blue hair like the last, but her hair was a lighter blue, and more messy. She had a tan, and that was noticable.

"Let me take your pokemon." She said. Reece did so, and watched lazily as his team was healed. "Are you going to go into the River Caves?"

Reece snapped to full atenttion. "Do they have pokemon in them?"

"Of course!" The nurse replied. "They also have pokemon that are only found at night." She continued. "But be careful."

"Where's the cave?" Reece asked excitedly.

"It's on the edge of town." The nurse said. Reece quickly grabbed his Pokémon. "Thank you!"

Reece then came to the most excrutiating thing he'd gone through in the past 2 weeks. Choosing which six Pokémon would come with him to the cave.

His current Pokémon were strong, but he had a Marill and Pidove that could help him significantly. He thought this over. Pidove would come for a bit. He decided to switch out Beedrill. The next switch would be Krabby for Marill. Yeah, that sounded right.

Beedrill and Krabby would be fine.  Also, if he needed to switch back, he would.

Reece went for a walk first, to check ou the town. In about 20 minutes, he identified the Pokemart (where he restocked himself) the Hotel, the resturant, and the contest hall. Wait? Wasn't Kara interested in contests?

"HI Reece!"

Speak of the Devil.

Reece turned to see his fellow Pokédex holder. "Hi Kara." Reece said. "Any luck with the Contest Hall?"

"No." Kara said blankly. "I still need a lot of prep. Pokeblocks, training, and other things. Most notably 2 more pokemon."

"Well, I'm heading to the RiverCaves. Once now, again at night, just to see the different pokemon." Reece said. "I'm going to leave s soon as I can however. There isn't any gym."

"Oh, and I saw Matt earlier." Kara said. "He said he was going to skin you alive, then feed your remains to Axew."

"Challenge accepted!" Reece said.

Kara softly facepalmed. "Dangit Reece."

Reece ran off, heading to the cave. He was going to catch a Pokémon early. Screw waiting till night. Besides:How badly of a difference was there.

Reece got to the East side of town. Time to go into the River cave. The entrance was small, not many times bigger than Reece. There was also the River cutting through the opening. This cave couldn't be so bad. Right?

Famous Last Words.

Reece went inside the cave. Nothing bad at first.

Petalburg Woods BW remake

Petalburg Woods BW remake

Made by MuCrush. Let the storm of evil BEGIN

Reece walked into the cave. Nothing Bad. Yeah, the river was pretty calming. Reece was walking for about 50 feet before.


"Go Pidove!" Reece yelled. He threw out his new cookie stealing bird.

"Air Cutter!" Reece ordered. Pidove fired a swift blast of cutting winds at Zubat.

Zubat braved through the attack, and charged right at his foe. The bat Pokémons wings became covered in twisters, and charged at Pidove. The bat collided with bird, and knocked the pidgeon out of the air.

"Quick Attack!" Reece ordered. Pidove shot up and collided with Zubat. Reece checked his Scanner, seeing that Zubat was at 2/3 health. That might be in the range of his Great Ball.

"Leer!" Reece retaliated. Pidove shot weak energy at Zubat, lowering its defense. Zubat countered with Supersonic, firing gold rings at his foe. Pidove got confused.

"Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. Pidove shook off confusion long enough to hit Zuat one more time. Reece threw a Great Ball as fast as he could. The ball engulfed Zubat, and shook 3 times.


Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-3

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-3

Pokedex Theme

Reece checked his Pokédex


Bat Pokemon

 Height:2'07 / 0.8 M

Weight:16.5 / 7.5 M

They have no working nor visible eyes. Instead, they use Ultrasonic waves to "See". They are great at flying.

"Okay. Got yet another Pokemon." Reece commented. "I'll get it later." Reece walked into the depths of the Cave. "Ya know, this isn't to bad." Reece said in his head. "I mean, it isn't like after a few steps I'm going to do something comediacally nightmarish.

Reece came to a ladder. It went down, and Reece hesitated for half a second before he followed it.

Reeece came down into near total darkness. That was his first mistake. He walked foward, very cautious. After just 2 steps however, he ran into his first pokemon: Sableye.

Admit it. If you saw a purple hopskinville goblin like creature with claws that could gouge out your eyes, sharp teeth, and Crystal eyes, wouldn't you be scared? ADMIT IT!

"PIDOVE! KILL IT WITH DEATH!!!!" Reece screamed into the darkness as he threw the Pidgeon's Pokéball into battle.

"Quick Attack!" Reece ordered. Pidove went right through Sableye. "Crud! It's a ghost type!" Reece quickly retreived his Pokémon, and saw the Sableye dash at him. He sent out Larvitar to save his butt.

Larvitar grabbed the alien sable gem eater thing in an arm lock. "Bite!" Reece called for frantically. Larvitar bit down and threw Sableye into the air. "Now Screech!" Larvitar gave out a painful ear splitting screech that hit Sableye, causing Sableyes defense to drop.

"Now Bite one more time!" Reece yelled. Larvitar moved towards Sableye. A ghostly shadow came from Sableye, and then leaped at Larvitar.

"Night Shade!" Reece said with a squeak in his voice. "BITE!" Reece called. Larvitar braved through Night Shade, and delivered the final blow to Sableye.

Reece walked up to Larvitar. "Dear God....." He muttered. "That was fricken scary."

Larvitar looked at Reece. "It isn't over yet....." He said in pokespeak.

Sonic Unleashed "Dark Gaia's Spawn Boss" Music

Sonic Unleashed "Dark Gaia's Spawn Boss" Music

Cave Swarm

Reece couldn't understand, but decided not to go back. Mistake number 2.  Reece suddenly heard an amaglam of cries, all very close.

He saw several Pokémon edge towrds him. He identified a Aron, Makuhita, Drilbur, Zubat, Misdreavus, and a Wooper.

Reece was face to face with a guerilla army of six Pokémon.

Reece gave no second thoughts:Marill vs Aron, Pidove vs Makuhita, Krabby vs Drilbur, Kadabra vs Zubat, Larvitar vs Misdreavus, and Grovyle vs Wooper.

The six on six battle quickly became a slaughter. Psychic energy beams, Bubbles, Rocks, energy orbs, seeds and many figures rammed against eachother.

Grovyle was the first to beat his foe, due to the great type advantage. Wooper fell back into the water with a thud, several seeds gouged inside it.

The mighty Larvitar soon felled his foe. The screeching ghost was no match for a screech then a flurry of bites. Reece's Pokémon were detrmined to protect him. Kadabra shot down the foe Zubat with a Confusion, with a STAB boosted super effective attack.

Pidove raced down to hit Makuhita with twister covered wings. The Guts Pokémon was hit hard, falling down with a thud.

Krabby hit Drilbur with a Vicegrip, making the Drill Pokémon fall.

Reece took out fve of his six foes. He was still having a severe adreniline rush from the shock. This was very intense, and Reece knew more were coming.

"Marill, Water Gun!" Reece ordered. Marill shot a forceful beam of water at Aron. The Iron Armor Pokémon fell. Reece had beat this wave, but the next was soon to approach. Reece was more right than he wanted to be. He could already hear more Pokémon.

He retrieved each member of his team one by one, until he came to Marill. To his shock, Marill had been firing Water Guns at the Darkness.

That was right. Marill had those huge ears, so only reasonably could the aqua mouse be able to know where the assailents were coming from. Marill went into a Rollout, and fired small rocks at the Darkness. Reece looked at his back. The ladder was still in sight, which gave Reece a shock of relief.

Marill used Rollout again, stronger than last time. Reece heard the cry of a Zubat in the distance. He attempted to retreive Marill, but to his horror, he couldn't. He needed to wait until Marill missed or hit all five Rollouts.

Marill attempted his third Rollout. This one hit a Sableye, (or so Reece thought). Reece was simply waiting for Marill to miss.

"Come on Marill..." Reece said nervously. He was already climbing up the latter, having Marill's Pokéball aimed right at the aqua mouse.

Marill fired his third Rollout. This attack hit a Makuhita (Reece heard the cry. It was unmistakable.) Marill was doing great at beating these Pokémon, but he couldn't keep it up forever. Reece got the Pokéball ready. Marill would be ready to be retreived after this round.

Marill fired his last and most powerful Rollout into the Darkness. Reece heard the sound of an Aron fainting. Reece didn't wait for anything else. "Marill, Retre...." He was cut off by his Marill glowing with a bright light.

Marill glowed, and switched between two forms rapidly, and then stopped at the second form. "Zazumarill!" the newly evolved Pokémon exclaimed. The flashing light got Reece to see what was in the darkness. He saw way too many Pokémon to fight off.

"Azumarill, Retreat!" He yelled, retreiving the Aqua Rabbit. Reece scrambled up the ladder, through the path he caught Zubat on, and out of that freaking demonic cave.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1362281461

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1362281461

Pokedex. Again.

Reece wasted no time healing up his team, then flipped out his Pokédex. He checked Azumarill's entry.


Aqua Rabbit Pokemon

Height: 2'07 / 0.8 M

Weight: 62.8 LB / 28.5 KG

It spends almost all its time in water. It has some of the best hearing of all pokemon, rivaling pokemon like Clefable and Audino. Its frothy body patterns help it camoflauge in water..

Reece put his Pokédex away. "Team healed up, out of that god forsaken cave, and ready to get moving." The pre teen trainer said. He looked out on the River. The sun was setting, and he wouldn't dare go back into that cave. Not until he got some training, that is.

However, all was not well, as Reece heard a familiar voice that was definitely VERY angry.


"Oh dear...." Reece said.

Chapter 19:Why you don't prank with Pitfall Traps.

"Nice to see you too Matt." Reece said in a bland, sarcastic tone.

The blonde's face was Red as a ruby, and his face was skewed into a unmistakable enraged expression. Reece must have done a really good job at trapping him in that hole.
Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-1

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-1

Rival Battle Time! Credit to Warinside.

Matt didn't hesitate to send out his Spearow. Reece retaliated with Pidove. The two bird Pokémon sized eachother up.

"Pidove! Air Cutter!" Reece ordered. Pidove shot a multidude of cutting whirlwinds at Spearow.

"Dive through with Aerial Ace!!" Matt ordered. The blonde trainer was not going to let Reece win.

Srpearow shot through the Air Cutter, and peirced right into Pidove.

"Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. Pidove shot right up to Spearow. The high priority attack hit Spearow in for respectable damage.

"Fury Attack!" Matt ordered. Spearow thrusted its beak at Pidove, hitting the Pidgeon four times. "Now Aerial Ace!" Matt shouted to the Sparrow Falcon Pokémon Spearow shot a Pidove and knocked it out of the sky.

"Pidove! Retreat!" Reece shouted as the white capture laser engulfed his Pidove. "Go, Kadabra!" Reece called out. The psi Pokémon jumped from its Pokéball, ready to fight.

"Kadbra! Shock Wave!" Reece commanded. Spearow was hit by a super fast blast of electricity, doing a huge chunk of damage. "Aerial Ace!" Matt retaliated. Spearow charged right at Kadabra with its own NM attack. Due to Kadabra's low defense, he took huge damage.

"Ice Punch!" Reece commanded. The psi Pokémon struck Spearow with an Icy fist, causing it to faint. Matt angrily retreived the Pokémon.

"Go, Gastly!" Matt yelled. He sent out the gas phantom Pokémon. Matt knew that the two Pokémon had both and advantage and disadvantage over eachother.

"Lick it to death!" Matt yelled. the gas Pokémon charged at Kadabra, and licked it.

"Use Confusion!" Reece yelled. Kadabra raised its spoons, but failed. Reece saw that Kadabra was paralyzed. "Not good!" Reece said frantically.

"Gastly, Curse!" Matt ordered. Gastly expelled a dark energy from its body, striking Kadabra. Reece saw as Kadabra's HP fell like a stone. "Go for Confusion!"

Kadabra weakly lifted his spoon and fired a powerful beam of psychic energy at Gastly. Gastly took respectable damage, but didn't faint.

"Gastly, Sludge Bomb!" Matt ordered. Gastly shot sludge right at Kadabra, causing him to fall backwards. Then Curse's effect took place and knocked Kadabra out.

Reece retreived Kadabra. "GO RATATTA!" Reece called out. Reece had a simple plan:SPAM PURSUIT AND FINISH THIS STINKY GHOST!!!!!!

"Ratatta! Use Pursuit!" Reece ordered. Ratatta charged towards Gastly with all its might. However, Matt had other plans.

"Gastly, Explosion!" Matt ordered. Gastly violently exploded in a huge blast. When the smoke cleared, both Pokémon had fainted.

"What is wrong with you?!" Reece demanded.

"I managed to take out one of you pokemon." Matt said retreiving Gastly. "This way, I have a better chance of winning, as Gastly was going to faint anyway."

Reece retrieved Ratatta. "Go Azumarill!" Reece said. He was clearly annoyed. Azumarill popped from its Pokéball. "Go Axew!" Matt said. Axew popped from its Pokéball, and Reece saw that its tusks had definitely been stabbing something. They were dripping with blood.

"Azumarill! Rollout!" Reece ordered. Azumarill shot a rock right at Axew, but the Tusk dragon broke it with his tusk. "Dragon Rage!" Matt ordered.

Azumarill was struck by the twister of enrergy Axew created. The Aqua Mouse Pokémon fainted instantly. Reece retrieved his Pokémon, an unnerved look on his face.

"Go, Larvitar!" Reece called out. Larvitar jumped from his Pokéball, facing Axew. "We meet again." Larvitar said in Pokespeak.

"Shut up." Axew said in Pokespeak.

"Dragon Rage again!" Matt ordered. Axew was ready to finish with quickly. But Reece was prepared. "Rock Slide!" the silver haired boy commanded.

A huge avalanche of rocks came down on Axew, interupting its attack. Reece smiled. "Now Screech!" Reece demanded. Larvitar let out an ear piercing screech, lowering the defense of Axew.

Axew got out of the rocky prison. "Use Dual Chop!" Matt ordered. Axew shot at Larvitar, striking it twice in rapid succesion.

"Bite!" Reece ordered. Larvitar bit onto Axew's arm, and used his powerful muscles to throw Axew into the air. "Now Rock Slide!" Reece commanded.

Once again, Larvitar threw a huge group of rocks onto Axew. "Axew! Giga Impact!" Matt ordered. Axew covered himself in a pink and orange aura, then collided with Larvitar at huge speeds. Larvitar was thrown into the River behind him.

"LARVITAR!" Reece yelled, reaching out to the rock skin Pokémon. He almost died of fright when he saw this. But, Larvitar slowly crawled out of the River.

"Stubborn B*****d." Axew muttered.

"Larvitar! Use Rock Slide again!" Reece commanded. Larvitar picked up a rock right next to it and threw it at Axew, scoring a critical hit. Axew had finally fainted.

Matt cursed aloud, saying some very nasty things. He retreived Axew, and sent out his last Pokémon:Combusken.

"Double Kick him now!" Matt commanded. "Rock Slide!" Reece ordered, but that was all in vain, as Combusken was faster. Before Larvitar could get the rocks on the side of the hill to fall on the chicken, Combuskion knocked out Larvitar.

"CRAP!" Reece yelled. His last Pokémon was Grovyle. Not only did it have a type advantage, but Matt was unwilling to lose. Reece had the odds stacked agains him. Would that stop him?

Of course not.

"GO, Grovyle!" Reece yelled. The wood gecko came to the battlefeild with a mighty roar.

"I'll finally beat you this time!" Combusked said in pokespeak. His face had become twisted into a malicious grin.

"In your dreams." Grovyle responded.

"Grovyle! Dragonbreath!" Reece yelled. Grovyle fired a beam of cloudy energy at Combusken, knocking it back. "Ember!" Matt retaliated.

The feiry attack hit Grovyle for great damage. "Now continue with Crush Claw!" Matt screeched.

"Counter with Giga Drain!" Reece yelled to Grovyle.

Grovyle drained the energy of his enemy. This wasn't much, and certainly not enought to circumvent Combuskens attack.

Grovyle was hit on his head for excessive damage, and Combusken didn't stop there. "Use Ember!" Matt said. Combusken fired the flaming cinders at his foe, and put Grovyle at his mercy.

"Quick Attack!" Reece barked. Grovyle slammed into his foe, knocking the chicken back under part of the hill. "Now Bullet Seed!" Reece said with all his determination in the yell.

Grovyle fired a huge volley of seeds at Combusken. Combusken was barely affected, only being slightly knocked back. "Is that the best you got Grovyle?" Combusken asked in Pokespeak.

Grovyle was sick of this idiot. "Not by a long shot." He smiled, and then pointed to the rocks just behind Combusken.

The young Fowl Pokémon looked back to see that the Rocks from Larvitars partially executed Rock Slide were shook loose from the bullet seed.

"What! Are you fricken kidding me?" Both Combusken and Matt said in shock as the former was buried and KOed under the rocks.

Matt silently fumbled out Combuskens Pokéball, retrieved the Pokémon, and turned to Reece. "That was a total hax win." He said.

"Yeah, but a wins a win." Reece said, retrieving Grovyle. He then went to his bag. Matt handed him half his money.

"Now I'm going to rip you to shreds!" Matt said. He turned around and raised his arms into the air. "I swear one day that I will beat Reece Falconer!"

He turned around to see that Reece was gone.

"Were did he go?" Matt said.

"He got tired of your ranting and teleported away on with his Kadabra."

Matt turned around to see his sister Kara on a nearby ledge, wearing a black tube top with deep blue stripes forming a 'necklace' over her chest, and Machina in her lap.

"How long have you been there?" Matt asked her.

"Long enough to see you get your @$$ handed to you on a Silver Platter." She returned, then smiled. The underaged girl loved torturing her brother.

Chapter 20:River Cave Chaos

There is a diiference between stupidity and bravery. Reece was going back into that cave. At night. Now, that is stupid by all means, seeing as the Pokémon had attacked him the first time, and he barely got out. Reece saw it as bravery.

There is a difference between the two. Just not sure what.

Anyway, Reece was heading back to the cave. It was night, and  that would mean a crap-ton of wild Pokémon . Reece wasn't scared (but insane by definition, as he was expecting a diiferent result).

At the cave, all was not well. Kara and Matt were fighting....sorta. Kara was still sitting on the rocks, and Matt was patching up his team.

"Ya know, maybe if you smiled more often, and took more freedom in your looks, you'd be happier!" Kara said angrily.

"And risk looking like my remorseless Tomboy sister?" Matt replied. "Absolutely not!"

"You have NO knowledge of how to treat a lady!" Kara snapped back.

"Last time I checked, Ladies had morals." Matt said.

Matt didn't get a response in words. Instead, he got it in the form of a rock. This rock was more specifically flint. Flint was sharp. Matt was hit with this rock. To the place were the sun don't shine.

Matt tried his best not to cry in pain. He didn't nearly shed as much tears as he should. Reece came to the cave, and saw the two siblings. "You're still here Matt?"

He turned to Kara. "Hi Kara."

"Hello Reece." She jumped down and greeted her friend. "So, where ya going now?'

"I'm going into the cave." Reece said, not ceasing his walking. "The pokemon in there actually make Kara look less scary."

Both siblings perked up. "I'ev got to see this!" Matt said, running into the cave.

"You will NOT get ahead of me!" Reece claimed. He ran foward, his air shoes blowing wind in Kara's face.

"Come'on Machina. SOMEONE has to make sure they don't get killed." Kara said as she slowly walked in.

Machina kept laughing until she cried.

Inside the cave, Matt had already gotten to the hoard. But, due to Reece, he had quite an easy time handling it. By the time Reece made it, there were only two Pokémon left. A Drilbur and Aron.

Reece climbed down the ladder, and saw Matt and his Combusken working to fight these last Pokémon. "That Drilbur is mine!" Matt yelled as he threw a GreatBall at the Drill Pokémon, trapping it inside.

The Great Ball shook three times before it caught the Pokémon. Matt immediatly turned his focus to the Aron. "Combusken! Use Double Kick!"

The flame fowl struck at the Armor Pokémon. Matt was about to throw a Pokéball, before another struck it and caught it.

"Reece!" Matt yelled at his Rival. "What's your problem!?"

"I didn't do it." Reece replied.

"I did." Kara chimed. She had just showed up, and went to pick up Aron's Pokéball.

"But why?" Matt said with a hint of whining in his voice.

"Because I knew it would annoy you." She then let the Pokémon out of its Pokéball. "Plus it looks so cute!"

Matt's face twisted into a creepy smile. "Let's just keep torturing Matt then!" He said sarcastically.

Kara felt her hair tingle. She looked into the darkness, completely silent. Matt saw this and became instantly worried.

"Sis? What's wrong?" Matt asked his sister. There was genuine worry in his voice.

Kara looked into the darkness for a few seconds. She fumbled around for one of her Pokéballs, just in case.


Everyone listened to Kara, and hit the ground.  They did so just in time to dodge a Shadow Ball heading strainght for them.

"What the...." said a voice in the foggy void in front of them.
Pokemon XD - Cipher Syndicate-0

Pokemon XD - Cipher Syndicate-0

Uh oh...

"Combusken! Ember!" Matt yelled.

The entire area lit up, revealing a dark suited group of people, each wearing a pair of nightvision goggles.

"Team Abyss!" Reece yelled out as the darkness closed in again.

"You three, stay here and make sure they don't escape. Terminate them if neccessary." A blunt female voice said.

After a few seconds, and the sound of footsteps, a masculine voice called out. "Get ready you three!"

"Come out here and fight us like pokemon trainers!" Reece yelled.

"Can't argue with that." The grunts said. they came into the little pocket of light that the three Pokédex holders could see them in. There was two guys, and one girl.

Before everyone could send out a Pokémon, Reece spoke up. "Before we tear eachother limb from limb, we should just speed this up with a Triple Battle. Any objections?"

Before anyone could say yes, Reece got in the center, and sent out his Grovyle. "Good, let's go!"
Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Cipher Peon Battle Extended

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness - Cipher Peon Battle Extended

Triple Battle with Team Abyss!

Kara got on the right, and Matt took the left. The siblings sent out Marshtomp and Combusken respectively.

The grunts from left to right were Female, Male, Male sent out Misdrevus, Grimer, and Deino respectively.

"Grovyle! Dragonbreath on Deino!" Reece yelled. Grovyle blasted its powerful breath at the blind dinosaur, knocking it back.

"Combusken, use Double Kick on Deino!" Matt yelled. The chicken ruthlessly kicked Deino to the head twice, doing severe damage.

"Misdreavus! Use Shadow Ball on Marshtomp!" The grunt directly across from Kara ordered. The Screech Pokémon fired a ball of shadowy energy straight at Marshtomp, doing roughly 30% damage.

"Marshtomp! Use Ice Beam on Misdreavus!" Kara ordered. Marshtomp fired a cone of cold at his foe, hitting for moderate damage.

"Deino, use Dragonbreath on Combusken!!" The grunt across from Matt yelled to his Pokémon. The dino Pokémon fired a volcanic cloud at the Young Fowl, doing moderate damage. Like Marshtomp however, the Stage 1 Starter was undettered.

"Grimer! Use Sludge Bomb!" The grunt in the center told his Pokémon. The sludge Pokémon fired a blast of sludge at Grovyle. The frail yet powerful Pokémon took a very large amount of damage. But that was still not enough to put it down.

"Grovyle, Retreat!" Reece yelled as he retrieved his Pokémon. "Go, Larvitar!" He yelled. Larvitar popped out of its Pokéball, checking its surroundings.

"Combusken! Crush Claw on Deino!" Matt ordered. Combusken hit Deino in the head, defeating it. The grunt retreived his Pokémon. "Go Remoraid!" He yelled.

"Marshtomp! Water Gun on Misdrevus!" Kara ordered. Marshtomp fired water at Misdreavus, soaking the ghosts hair and the hair of its trainer. The ghost fainted, and the angered grunt retrieved her Pokémon. "Go! Zubat!"

Reece was ready to strike, but he didn't go first. This time, it was Matt. "Combusken! Use Double Kick on Remoraid!" The Chicken once again struck its foe with two rapid kicks.

"Marshtomp! Use Water Gun on Grimer!" The girl ordered. Marshtomp washed away Grimer, and its trainer retrieved it.  "Go, Beautifly!"

Reece smiled. He just had to wait long enough.

"Zubat! Wing Attack on Marshtomp!" The grunt across from Kara ordered. The blind bat struck Marshtomp. Obviously, Marshtomp's health was fading.

"Remoraid!" Use Watergun on Combusken!" The grunt controlling Remoraid ordered. Combusken was shot by the water, just barely hanging on.

"Larvitar! Rock Slide!" Reece commanded.

The stalagtites above Reece's opponents fell down and and crushed them, winning Reece the battle.

"What!?" The grunts shouted out in unison.

The three Pokédex holders were proud of this accomplishment. All those team battles paid off.

"RETREAT!" The Grunts yelled as they fell back into the cave. 

Chapter 21:River Cave Chaos Part 2

Let's Listen Pokemon HG SS - Alph Ruins, Union Cave (Extended)-3

Let's Listen Pokemon HG SS - Alph Ruins, Union Cave (Extended)-3

Deeper into the River Caves

"Gastly! Stop them!" matt yelled as he sent out his ghost Pokémon, throwing the Pokéball as far as possible. Gastly popped out of his Pokéball, and raced into the darkness and caught up to the three grunts. the ghost then paralyzed them with its ectoplasm.

"Matt!?" Kara yelled. "What the heck are doing?"

"Bring them back here." Matt yelled into the darkness.

Gastly came back dragging the three grunts with him. Matt came up to them and took of their night vision goggles, and gave them to his fellow Pokédex holders.

"With these, we'll be able to see in the dark." The blond said. "It works perfectly." he said after tyring them on himself.

Reece put his pair on, and was instantly greeted with a medium sized limestone cave with a river running through it.

"Chances are we will get lost, so if you do, pull out your pokedex." Matt said.

"Oh yeah!" Reece said as she pulled out his Pokédex. Kara followed this action, and when she did, all three Pokédexes starting to make a loud beeping noise.

"This way, we'll be able to find those lunatics faster." Matt said

"That's brilliant." Reece said. Kara's heart skipped a beat when she heard Reece say that. But she quickly shook that shock off.

"Let's get Moving!" Matt said in his firm tone of voice. He honestly wanted to know what this "Team Abyss" was up to, and what connection they had to Team Luminious.

Reece, Matt, and Kara raced to the end of the cave section. They soon got to a ladder. Reece looked down the hole. "Who jumps first?" He asked.

Kara was about to criticize Reece for being immature, but Reece cut her off. "Me!"

Reece jumped down the ladder with Matt and Kara following. Half way down, Reece stopped. "I think we should agree now that we split the grunts evenly."

"Always battle crazy as usual." Matt said.

The Delta Pokédex Holder Trio descended to the bottom of the Ladder, and saw an even larger cavern. The sound of the River continously pierced the void.

Kara's hair started to tingle. "Somethings out there!" She told her friends.

All three saw their opponent:A horde of wild Pokémon.

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-3

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-3

Wild Pokemon (Credit To Lockerz12)

Round one:Misdreavus

Reece sent out his Ratatta against the wild Misdreavus. "Lets do this!" Reece yelled out. "Rattata! Use Pursuit!" Reece commanded. His rat Pokémon hit the screech Pokémon, knocking it out.

Round Two:Wooper

"Hyper Fang!" Reece ordered. Ratatta quickly jumped at the Water Fish's head, and bit down with bone crushing force.

The Wooper fired a water gun at Ratatta, knocking the rat across the cave. Ratatta got up and roared. "QUICK ATTACK!" Reece ordered.

Ratatta shot foward like a bullet, and smashed into Wooper, knocking it out.

Round 3:Makuhita

"Pidove! Use Air Cutter!" Reece told his Flying Type. The pidgeon fired cutting whirlwinds at the Guts Pokémon. This caused the Pokémon to almost fall, but not quite.

The Makuhita retaliated with a crushing Vital Throw. Pidove was hit with such ferocity that the poor bird Pokémon was smacked to the ground.

"Air Cutter again!" Reece yelled.

Pidove fired the cutting whirlwinds again, knocking Makuhita out.

Last Pokémon:Aron.

"Smash'em with Submission!" Reece cried out to his Kadabra. The psi Pokémon picked up Aron, and threw it to the ground, KOing it.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. He was ready to fight anyone in his path. Matt felt the same way. He needed more power to triumph over Reece.

Maybe it was a good thing Kara didn't have a rival, because she was able to point something out. "Guys!" She called to both of them. "Don't you find it strange that all these wild pokemon are attacking us like this?"

Reece gave it some thought. "Good point..." He commented. Matt also caught on this. "Considering that we saw Team Abyss here, I'm going to go out on a limb and say they are involved."

"Well, come on, its pretty damn obvious right?" Reece said. "It isn't like we're in some crazy cartoon slash anime were the characters don't think of such obvious things."

How many of you see the irony in that?

"Let's keep moving." Reece said.

Reece and the others walked through the cave, coming across a split path. One Ladder goes up, another goes down.

"I'm taking the one down!" Reece said. "It obviously holds some signifigance." He ran down the ladder before the others could argue.

"Let's take the other ladder." Matt said to his sister.

Kara's hair started to tingle. "Matt." She said. "Ready your team..."

One of Matt's life lesson he set for himself:Listen to Kara.

The siblings slowly climbe up the ladder, and came to a large cavern. Matt let his guard down the slightest bit, but
Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness - Shadow Lugia's Theme

Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness - Shadow Lugia's Theme

Abyss Grunt Swarm

Kara just kept preparing for the worst.

Matt grabbed the Pokéball containing hs Drilbur, and sent out the little drill mole. "Metal Claw!" Matt yelled.

Drilbur did this just in time to stop a watermelon sized Shadow Ball from hitting the two.

"Kara! Stand your Ground!"

Kara sent out her Servine, giving no second thought to fighting. "Aurora Beam!"

With Reece

Reece had descended further into the cave. The darkness was starting to grind his nerves. Oh well, better than carrying around a Pokémon with Flash.  

The silver haired boy kept walking, until he came across a large wall of fog. 

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt. Pyre (Peak)-0

Secret Room

"Hmm..." Reece pondered.

Reece upped the power on his night vision goggles. He looked around, trying to keep the fog off his goggles.

After several minutes of futile effort, Reece decided to ditch the goggles. "I'll just have to rely on the other 3 senses that help me get around." He said to himself.

He slowly fumbled around, until his fingers felt something. He looked over to see a wall, covered in small indents.

Reece looked it over, then with a shock, realized it was writing. It looked like it was english, but then the boy saw this.

Unown Message

How many of you can read Unown?

"Wait a second..." Reece said. "This writing seems awfully familiar.

Reece pondered it for a second. He tried REALLY hard to remeber what this was. Then it hit him.

"I remember know. These are Unown. My dad told me about it." Reece said to himself. That made him uneasy as he said it. He hardly mentioned his father.

His father was the biggest secret of his life. He hardly ever met the man, and he didn't even know where he was. All he knew was that his father had custody of his Brother Ren. He wasn't sure if his parents were divorced. In fact, he wasn't even sure they were married.

Reece got out of this cloud like state of mind. He read this over again. After a few times reading it, he made out "Too Dark, Too Powerful, We Sealed It Deep Below."

"Not suspicious at all." Reece said sarcastically.

"Who's there!?" Reece suddenly heard. He turned to see a feamle Team Abyss Admin with long purple hair and leather armor on. The woman saw Reece, and scowled. "Ah just my luck, it's you. Raigen told me all about you."

"So we can skip the part where you say your going to make me wish I was never born and get to beating eachother senseless?" Reece said.

As to say yes, the admin sent out a Mightyena.

"Go! Azumarill!" Reece yelled.

Chapter 22:River Cave Chaos Part 3

"Mightyena! Shadow Ball!" The admin ordered. Her Mightyena formed a sphere of Ghost energy inside its mouth, and charged up the attack.
Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)-1

Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)-1

Team Abyss Admin

Azumarill, Stop it with Rollout!" Reece ordered.  The aqua rabbit rolled into a ball and charged straight foward to Mightyena.

The hyena hound refused to lose, as she fired a deadly blast Shadow Ball at the blue ball rolling towards her. Azumarill was struck head on, kicking up some dust.

Reece gritted his teeth in frustration. But to his luck, Azumarill rolled out of the smoke and crashed straight into Mightyena, scoring its first hit.

"Bite!" The admin commanded. Mightyena lunged towards the foe, and bit down on the poor aqua rabbit. THis caused the Pokémon to flinch, breaking its Rollout.

"Water Gun!" Reece yelled. Azumarill shot water straight at the face of Mightyena.

"Thunder Fang!" The admin yelled to her Pokémon. The hyena dog bit into Azumarill, and knocked it out with electrified teeth.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon. He thought over who to send out. He then threw out the only member of his team to be immune to Electricity:Larvitar.

"Go! Larvitar!" Reece yelled. He sent out the rock skin Pokémon, and it looked its foe right in the eye.

"Mightyena! Use Bite!" The admin ordered. Larvitar was picked up by the hyena, and thrown to the ground. "Use Sandstorm!" Reece yelled to his Larvitar.

"Larvitar shot a huge blast of sand out of his mouth, covering the battlefeild with sand. The sand was thrown around by artificial air currents made by the attack.

"Hyper Beam!" The Admin shouted in rage.

Larvitar was covered in a beam of crimson energy as the hyena dog opposing him took its energy and shot it at him.

Reece wasn't worried. Larvitar had survived worse before, plus the Sandstorm boost and resistance to the attack would do wonders.

"Rock Slide!" Reece yelled into the sandstorm. With a loud growl, Larvitar shook the cave and dropped several stalagtites onto Mightyena, scoring a KO.

"God F****** Dangit!" The admin yelled in an very unlady-like manner. "Go Muk!" The admin shouted. She sento out the living sludge Pokémon. Reece knew about this Pokémon. He remembered his mother telling him "If there is anything I teach you that I want to remember, it's type matchups, to love your pokemon, and to watch out for this long lists of poison type pokemon who will annoy the heck out of you!"

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. "Who's next?" He though to himself. He went with the logical option:Kadabra.

The psi Pokémon popped out of its Pokéball, and landed right in front of Muk. "I'd suggest that you use Confusion Reece." Kadabra said through telepathy.

"I perfectly understand the situation." Reece said. In truth, he greatly misheard his Pokémon. "Confusion." He shouted.

Kadabra's eyes glowed, and then the psychic type shot a blue beam of energy at Muk. The sludge Pokémon fell back, but bounced back.

"Dig!" The Admin ordered. Her muk dissapeared into the ground simply by seeping through. Kadabra had no way to taske this hit. Reece impatiently waited for the inevitable.

"Switch out to Pidove!" Kadabra yelled to him telepathically.

"Okay that time it was complete gibberish." Reece called back. Kadabra was about to swear at him but he was soon hit by Muk attacking from underneath.

"Kadabra!" Reece yelled. He watched as Kadabra was thrown to the cave ceiling, and fell to the ground with a thud.

"Now Use Shadow Punch!" The admin ordered. The living sludge Pokémon dissapeared and reappeared in front of Kadabra, and punched him. The sheer impact of the super effective attack caused the Psi Pokémon to faint.

Reece retrieved Kadabra. Who could he send out? If he sent out Grovyle, the Wood Gecko would fall victim to Muk's poison attacks. If he sent out Larvitar, the same would happen, except with Dig. That left him with just Pidove and Ratatta.

Ratatta it was then.

Reece sent out the small Rat Pokémon. "Ratatta!" Reece roared. "Use Hyper Fang!" Ratatta lunged forward, and bit onto Muk, somehow harming the sludge structure underneath.

"Muk! Use Sludge!" The admin ordered.

Muk fired a barrage of sludge right at Ratatta. The small common rodent Pokémon who caused a woman to go into shock and accurately predict that a boy had fallen down a well back in Treeton City was knocked against the wall. To Reece's annoyance, the Rat Pokémon was also poisoned.

Reece looked around the battlefeild frantically. He looked for some psycho plan that would be crazy enough to work. He then formed a new crazy idea, that would totally work:Keep spamming Hyper Fang!

Yeah, real original genius.

"Ratatta! Hyper Fang again!" Reece yelled. Ratatta angrily charged foward at high speeds and bit Muk with glowing fangs. Unknowest to Reece however, Ratatta had activated its Guts ability, increasing the power of its hyper fang attack. The rat bit the enemy Muk, and caused it to faint. 

The really angered admin was about to send out another Pokémon to crush Reece with, but her Battle Scanner got an incoming call. She picked it up. "WHAT?" She yelled angrily. Admit it. Having a person who obviously has worlds less experience in something you do and still manages to take you one easily will definitely annoy you.

"We have two problems here by the generator Miss Sajiko." The grunt on the other side of the transiever said. "They're tearing us apart!"

Sajiko shut off the transiever. "I'm going to waste you kid!" She said to Reece. "Go! Electrike!" She yelled. The green and yellow lion jumped from the Pokéball, glaring straight for Ratatta.

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)-1

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)-1

With Matt and Kara (credit to Project Chaos)

Matt and Kara were surrounded by Team Abyss Grunts. But, as we know, that won't stop them.

"Servine!" Aurora Beam!" Kara ordered. Her hair was standing up again in its floating fashion. Servine shot the icy beam straight at the opposing Zubat, making it fall down.

Matt was fighting his own foe. "Drilbur! Dig!" Matt ordered from his Mole Pokémon. The Pokémon dived underground, ready to strike at its opposing Gulpin.

Before the grunt could shout out what she wanted Gulpin to do, Drilbur jumped up and knocked the poison Pokémon out.

The head grunt of the operation was panicking severely. He was in the worst situation:Two kids were tearing up the operation he was entrusted with, and Sajicko was going to kill him to death(he knew that was an oxymoron, but Sajicko would find a way).

His thought proccess was rudely interupted by an Aron being smashed into the nearby wall, just missing his head. "Oh dear..." He said with extreme worry. This wasn't good for his cholesterol.

Matt approached him with Combusken at his side. He was stronger than his sister, and easily beat his foes. He looked to the admin, and the huge machine next to him.

Matt looked at the machine. "Mind telling me what that machine does?' Matt asked in a 'I'm not asking, I'm threatening tone.'

"Sorry, but I can't tell you." The head grunt said. He reached for one of his Pokéballs, activated it, and sent out a Metang. "Go Metang!" He yelled.

"Get 'em Combusken!" Matt yelled The young fowl Pokémon shot straight at the Iron Claw Pokémon. "Ember!" Matt yelled.

"Use Confusion!" The grunt yelled. To Matt's anger, the flames were dispersed.

"What!?" Matt yelled angrily. He wasn't going to let this grunt show him up. "Use Double Kick!"

Combusken sped foward at Metang, ready to smash at its steel head.

"Use Metal Claw!" The grunt ordered. His Metang responded by taking its claw, and slashing Combusken twice, and knocking it to the far wall.

"Focus Energy!" Matt yelled to his Pokémon. Combusken gathered energy into itself, and started to glow. The grunt wasn't letting Matt make another order. "Confusion!"

Metang shot a beam of psychic energy at the young fowl.

"Dodge it!" Matt ordered. Combusken used his powerful legs to dodge the attack. "Ember!" Matt yelled to his Pokémon. He wasn't going to lose. If he lost here to some idiot terrorist, he'd never beat Reece. He had dreams to, and just like Reece, he'd fufill them if it killed him.

Combusken shot the flaming cinders at Metang, this time hitting it. The iron claw Pokémon reared in pain and fell back. Matt continued his assualt. "Double Kick!"

"Take Down!" The grunt ordered. Metang smashed his claw at Combusken, knocking the chicken to Matt's feet. Matt quickly took out his Battle Scanner, and checked everything. Metang was Level 23, four levels above Combusken.

Matt's other Pokémon were badly worn out. Axew also suffered from low speed, meaning Matt couldn't use Dragon Rage to get out of this.

Then it hit him.

"Combusken!" Use Ember on the ceiling!" Matt yelled. His Fire/Fighting Pokemon fired the deadly cinders like bullets. In just seconds, the powerful fire bullets hit the stalagtites on the ceiling. The came down like a violent guillitone, and knocked Metang out cold.

"I can't believe I just did that." Matt told himself. Doing that felt wrong on so many levels. Not because it was cheap, but because it was something Reece would think of.

The grunt quickly retrieved his Pokémon, ran out of the cave, and decided to quit team Abyss, get a job as a writer and carpenter, and slowly eat heathly until his cholesterol was back at non heart attack levels.

Matt was disgusted with what he just did. Not because it was cheap, but because it was something Reece would do. He would NEVER do something that Reece would do. But Reece had done it by accident. He did it on purpose.

Kara and Machina defeated the last of the grunts. She and Machina were, at best, settling to fall on the cave floor. It was at least 22:00, and she just went through all those battles. The girl and her Zorua walked over to Matt.

Matt looked right at what the grunt was hiding. It was a large machine, with a computer screen with many letters and numbers on it. The machine was making a ghastly noise.

"What the heck is this?" Kara asked, putting her hands on her hips. Matt looked at the screen, fooled around with it, and saw something that scared him to almost no end.

He couldn't describe the screen, it was so horrible. But he could mutter a few words. "This macine's controlling the cave's pokemon..."

"Well, what do we do?" Kara asked. She wasn't doing a good job at hiding her shock.

"It's in hexidecimal." Matt said flatly. "If we try to alter the code, we could make things worse." He turned to Combusken and Kara. "We need to smash it."

Back With Reece

Heavy Dog - Shadow the Hedgehog Music Extended

Heavy Dog - Shadow the Hedgehog Music Extended

Abyssal Admin (Let's do this jazz!)

Ratatta had just smashed into Electrike, causing it to faint.

"Damn kid, what are you?" Sajicko asked the boy.

Reece smiled his usual overconfident smirk. "I'm Reece Falconer! Never forget it."

"You lose here kid!" Sajicko retaliated. "Go! Weavile!"

The sharp claw Pokémon jumped to the ground in a flash of light.

"Ice Shard!" Sajicko ordered. Weavile instantly shot out a volley of sharpened ice at Ratatta, knocking it out.

"Whoa..." Reece said. He retrieved his Pokémon, and decided on who went next. Larvitar might survive a hit and counter with Rock Slide.

"Go Larvitar!"" Reece yelled. The rock skin pokemon popped out of its pokeball, and landed right in front of Weavile.

"Hit 'em with Ice Shard!" Sajicko yelled. Weavile produced the icy shrapnel, and launched it at Larvitar. Larvitar took the hits and fell to the ground. He was down, but not out.

"Rock Slide!" Reece commanded. Larvitar stomped on the ground, and the rocks from the ceiling came down on Weavile.

Sajicko waited for the right moment. As soon as a rock hit Weavile, she commanded her attack. "Use Revenge!" She ordered. Weavile smashed through the rock cascade, and right into Larvitar. Larvitar, despite its 157.8 pounds of weight, went flying and cratered the far wall.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon, shock choking his face. That left him with Pidove and Grovyle. He pulled out his Battle Scanner, and checked Weavile's HP. It was at one fourth. Reece had to do this right.

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece yelled.

"You really think your Grovyle outspeed my Weavile?" Sajicko asked.

Reece ignored her. "Quick Attack!" The boy commanded to his Pokémon. Grovyle charged foward with incalcuable speed.

"Ice Shard!" Sajicko ordered. The two attacks were about to collide. Whoever was faster would hit first. Weasel Ninja vs Wood Gecko.

"Jump!" Reece yelled right before Grovyle hit Weavile. The Wood Gecko jumped, dodged the Ice Shard, and smashed Weavile in the head, knocking it out.

Sajicko angrily retrieved her Pokémon. "I'll get you one day kid!"

She pulled out a small black ball, and threw it to the ground. The ball exploded, creating a cloud of smoke. When the cloud cleared, the Admin was gone.

Matt and Kara had their hands tied themselves. They had ordered their Pokémon the smash the machine which Matt claimed was controlling the Pokémon in the cave. 

Sonic Generations OST - Death Egg Robot Sonic 2 Final Boss Remix

Sonic Generations OST - Death Egg Robot Sonic 2 Final Boss Remix

Smashing the Mind Control Machine

Easier said than done.

"Combusken! Double Kick!" Matt ordered. Combusken charged at the machine and delivered to laser precision kicks to the machine. This barely caused a dent, much to Matt's frustration.

"Machina! Use Dig!" Kara ordered. The Zorua burrowed right under the ground, ready to strike the machine from underneath.

The machine seemed to have its own defense system, as it shot out a Charge Beam at Combusken.

"Who the hell builds these things?! Seriously, why would somebuild a mind control machine with an auto defense system?"

"I'm guessing that they want to keep people away from this cave." Kara said.

"What says that?" Matt asked his sister before he ordered his Combusken to use Ember.

"Women's Intuition." Kara said as Machina jumped out of the ground and struck the mind control machine. "Oh yeah, and what else could it be? It isn't like they want to destroy Riverstone City."

For once, Matt hoped his sister was right.

The MCC fired another Charge Beam, hitting Combusken for severe damage. "Use Double Kick again!" Matt ordered.

Combusken hit the MCC twice. This time, it broke away at some of the machine's foundation, and the MCC started to belch smoke.

"Machina! Hidden Power!" Kara ordered. Machina fired multiple energy blasts at the MCC, causing a chunk of the machine to explode.

The MCC fired another attack, this time it looked like Discharge. The attack hit both Combusken and Machina, causing them to fall down. Matt saw that Combusken had most definitely fainted.

"That's it!" Matt said, face laced with arsenic rage. "Go Axew!"

"Dragon Rage!" Matt ordered.

Axew created an electric tornado that rwaced towards the MCC, and caused an explosion. The machine was now smoking so greartly it looked like it would explode any second.

"Let me finish this Kara!" Matt yelled to his sister. "Dual Chop!"

Axew disappeared, and reappeared for a split second slashing the machine, then repeated this action. The damage to the machine was so great that it caused the MCC to suffer another violent explosion.

Axew landed next to Matt, where the boy retrieved it. "Let's get going." Matt said to Kara calmly. He put his hand behind his back and walked away.

Kara looked at the MCC for a few seconds. She then covered her face with her hands reflexively as the MCC was destroyed in a final, violent explosion.

Sonic Rush Music Raisin' Me Up

Sonic Rush Music Raisin' Me Up

A Happy Ending. Team Abyss is gone (for now...).

Matt and Kara went down the ladder just in time to see Reece coming up to meet them.

"Did I miss the action?" Reece asked rhetorically. He wished he hadn't.

"Yeah. You missed a lot." Matt said. "What did you find down there?"

"Well, the admin was down there, and they seem to be looking for something. I could only tell it was something strong and dangerous." Reece replied.

Kara spoke up. "Guys, look!" She called, pointing to the wild Pokémon in the cave. Reece and Matt turned to see all the cave's Wild Pokémon happily playing around.

"It seems that everything's back to normal." Reece said.

The trio walked out of the cave, seeing the night sky in full glory. Kara pulled out her Battle Scanner. "Midnight." She said, then yawned. "Seeya boys." She turned around, ready to find a hotel.

"Wait Kara!" Reece yelled. "Let me heal up my pokemon so we can battle!"

Kara stopped. "Reece, you're insane." She said without turning, then ran before reece could stop her. Matt slowly snuck away, making sure Reece wouldn't get any ideas.

Reece turned to look for Matt, who had managed to sneak away.

"Oh well. I still have a whole region to conquer." Reece said. He looked to his next destination, ready to tackle it head on. He ran over, Running Shoes ablaze.

Countdown to 25 Arc

Reece was never one to waste time. He ran to the Pokémon Center, healed his Pokémon, then went to the Pokemart, gathering healing items. He had less than ten hours to get a head start. Besides, who needs sleep every night?

Reece left with Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Beedrill, Zubat and Ratatta on his team. Venturing out in to the night, he silently left Riverstone City. He wasn't surewhat he'd find, but he knew for sure he'd see some new Pokémon.

As he left the sleeping city behind him, he came across the Sandstone Path. It was a riverbed on one side, and plant life on the other. Considering how dark it was though, he didn't expect to see many.


Reece slowly looked around to see what made the noise. Looking around, he saw nothing but plants at first, but he kept looking.

"Oddidish." Reece heard again. This time, he saw what was making the noise. A small plant thing. No doubt a Pokémon. Reece quietly pulled out his Battle Scanner, and checked what Pokémon it was.

Reece saw the name:Oddish.

The Pokémon was slowly walking around with its small legs, and round body with a huge smile on its face. The leaves were a defining part of its body.

Reece reached for one of his Pokéballs, and threw it. The oddish didn't even see the ball before it hit him, and caught him.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363454242

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363454242

Reece caught an Oddish!

Reece checked his Pokéball.


Weed Pokemon

Height:1'08 / 0.5 M

Weight:11.9 LB / 5.4 KG

It absorbs Moonlight to grow. This make it nocturnal. They walk around at night, and have little predators because of it. Of all but one other pokemon, it has a decided Scientific Name. Oddius Wanderus.

Reece watched as Oddish's Pokéball dissapeared. his smile then left.

The rest of this definitely isn't going to be that easy.

Chapter 23:Sandstone Path and Glass

Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Route 11 Extended

Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Route 11 Extended

Getting down the Sandstone Path

Reece had not made much progress. Why? Becuase he realized he needed sleep, and did so a bit too late. Being out a one in the morning is bad for you.

Oh yeah, and he had a Remoraid he was trying to catch.

"Get back you fish!" Reece yelled into the river. The Jet Pokémon was taunting the poor boy, and having fun doing it.

"I will catch you!" Reece yelled. His face was red, and his eyes clearly showed comic anger.

"I'd like to see you try!" Remoraid said in pokespeak, then shot a water gun at Reece's face.

"Try what you want! But you won't steal my cookie!"

"Wait what?" Remoraid asked in Pokespeak, but was cut off by Kadabra shooting it with a Shock Wave. Reece then threw a Great Ball, which absorbed the Pokémon.

One Shake,

Two Shakes,

Three Shakes,

Click!'Remoraid was caught!'
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363473281

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363473281


Reece checked his Pokédex as the Pokéball warped away.

Jet pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 26.5 LB / 12.0 KG

Remoraid shares a commensalistic relationship with Mantine. They can shoot water to hit foes from 300 feet.

Reece walked along. Nothing could stop him. Nothing except freak lightning, and the chance to battle.

And since the former dosen't happen unless you break the fourth wall, it will obviously be the latter. Reece was itching to battle, and as soon as he saw a trainer, he would jump straight into battle. He looked around catiously, not letting anything escape. Silently searching for prey and


Sorry, just couldn't resist. Pokémon styled jokes aside, Reece did see a small Pokémon. I wasn't a squirrel. It was a shrew! And it wasn't just any shrew, but a Sandshrew!

Reece looked over to it. The small Pokémon was eating the remains of a Ratatta that seemed to have been eaten partially by a Spearow.

Reece sent out his Ratatta. What? Reece is here for talent, not wisdom.

"Go! Ratatta!" Reece yelled. He sent out the rat Pokémon, and it popped out of its Pokéball and landed on the ground.

The Sandshrew looked up. "Bring it on..." it said in pokespeak.

"Sucker Punch!" Reece ordered. Ratatta smashed the opposing shrew in the face.

The Sandshrew curled into a ball and launched a poison pin right at Ratatta. This caused Reece's Pokémon to jump back reflexivley.

Sandshrew then charged foward with a Rapid spin.

"Ratatta! Use Bite!" Reece ordered.

Ratatta charged foward, and bit down ferally on Sandshrew.

"Now use Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. Ratatta charged foward again with extreme speeds, and knocked Sandshrew down.

Sandshrew jumped into the air, and then slammed down with sheer brute force. The ground shook very violently. Reece checked his scanner to see a "Wild Sandshrew's Magnitude 7!"

Reece also saw that Ratatta couldn't take another hit like tha. "Ratatta! Retreat!" Reece yelled. He sent out Zubat just in time to dodge another Magnitude, This one started to rip cracks open in the ground.

Reece threw a Great Ball right at Sandshrew, trapping it inside.

One Shake,

Two Shakes

Three Shakes


Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363487026

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363487026

Two pokemon in one chapter. There must be some signifigance to it!


Mouse Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 26.5 LB / 12.0 KG

This pokemon digs very deep burrows. They live as far from water as possible, but some exception exist. They are hunters and scavengers.

Reece quickly put away his Pokédex, and watched as Sandshrew's Pokéball teleported away.

Reece had little to nothing to do now, except keep going to the next town. Treasure Town if he remembered correctly.

Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Route 11 Extended-0

Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green Route 11 Extended-0

Back to Sandstone Path

"Hey! That was my pokemon!"

"What?" Reece said, he looked around, and saw who said that. A Camper dressed in green.

"No, It's MY pokemon." Reece said in retaliation.

"It's my pokemon. Give it!" The camper responded.

"If it was your's I wouldn't have been able to capture it." Reece argued.

The Camper, knowing he'd lost, turned away. "It's just that..." He started, and he began to sniffle. "One of my Pokemon was stolen, and the person who stole it won't give it back unless I beat them in a Triple Battle."

"Triple Battle?" Reece asked. Triple Battles were a new style of battle made by hippes who had absolutely nothing better to do and had too many unneccessary rules that they totally didn't need. Needless to say, Reece rarely ever did them.

"If they want to challenge you to a Triple Battle, why don't you battle him?"

"Because I only have 2 pokemon." The camper said holding back tears.

"I'll battle for you then!" Reece declared. He was going to help this guy.

"Really?" The camper asked hopefully.

"Of course, but I need to know:Were these people clad in gold and blue clothing, or with purple and black clothing?"

"No, it was a Biker called Glenn." The camper told Reece.

"Oh, then this should be easy." Reece commented.

"By the way, my name's Horus." The camper said.

"Well Horus, we've got a pokemon to save! Let's go!" Reece yelled with enthusiasm. "Where's the thief!?"

"Somewhere further down Sandstone Path." Horus told him. "But be careful! He's tough, and he'll steal your pokemon if you lose!"

"Yeah, well I never lose." Reece said.

Some time later.

"That's him." Horus said. "pointing in the distance to a dark haired biker. He was wearing a Ninjask jacket, and was weaing a black shirt underneath. He looked over to see Horus and Reece.

"Come back to lose another pokemon?" Glenn said to Horus. "Because I don't see three pokeballs."

"I'm not going to fight. He is!" Horus said pointing to Reece.

"Scared?" Glenn asked in a snarky tone.

"Nope." Horus said. "He just has three pokemon."

Reece looked right at Glenn. "Wait..." He said, his face changing to suprise. "I know you!"

"Never seen you before in my life." Glenn said.

"You should reconize trhis pokemon though." Reece said, opening up Larvitar's Pokéball. It looked at Glen once, then snarled in a way that made the biker shiver.

"Oh crap! Your that kid who beat me and my bro when we messed with that girl!" Glenn shrieked.

"Yeah, and I'm about to do it again!" Reece said.

"Fat chance!" Glenn replied. "I have better pokemon now. Just disapointed my revenge is on you and not Matt."

"Uh..." Horus started to say, but Reece cut him off. "STAY OUT OF THIS!"

Reece sent out Larvitar in the center, Ratatta on the right, and Zubat on the left. Glenn sent out Ninjask in the center, Tepig on the right, and Scraggy on the Left.

Horus saw Tepig. "Watch out Reece! That's the pokemon he stole from me!"

Pokémon HG SS Soundfont - FR LG Trainer Battle (350 Subs Special)-0

Pokémon HG SS Soundfont - FR LG Trainer Battle (350 Subs Special)-0

Just like in Prolouge 4! (Credit to Posby95)

"Ninjask! Use Double Team!" Glenn ordered. The Ninja Pokémon split into multiple clones of itself.

"Zubat!" Reece ordered. "Use Wing Attack on Scraggy!" Zubat shot foward and kncked at Scraggy with its wings. 

"Ratatta! Use Hyper Fang on Tepig!" Reece orderded. Ratatta charged foward and bit down on Tepig ferally.

"Tepig! Use Flame Charge on Ratatta!" Glenn yelled. The fire pig covered itself in fire, and knocked Ratatta off of it. The pig was covered with a blue aura, and its speed increased.

"Scraggy! Use Low Kick on Larvitar!" Glenn yelled. Scraggy jumped up and smash-kicked at Larvitar's rock skin, knocking it back.

"Rock Slide!" Reece yelled out.

Larvitar summoned an avalanche from above the opposing team to fall down on them. Ninjask was able to dodge, but Tepig and Scraggy were caught in the rockfall.

"Ninjask! Bug Bite Larvitar!" Glenn yelled. The Ninja Pokémon dissapeared, and reappeared infront of Larvitar. Before the shocked Pokémon could react, Ninjask ferally bit into it, picked it up, and threw it to the ground. To Reece's shock, his Pokémon had fainted.

Reece was greatly shocked by this feat. But not enough to send out his next Pokémon. "Go! Kadabra!"

"Zubat!" Wing Attack on Ninjask!"

Zubat charged foward with Twisters in its wings, and crashed right into Ninjask. The ninja pokemon fell to the ground.

"Ninjask! Return!" Glenn yelled to his Pokémon. The ninja Pokémon was drawn into the Pokémon, and then Reece's older enemy reached for the only remaining Pokéball on his belt.

"Reece!" Horus yelled. The camper made sure to get Reece's attention. "Watch out! That's the pokemon he used to beat me!"

"Go..." Glenn started, holding the Pokéball in his hands. "Shedinja!"

Out of the Pokéball came a Pokémon that looked quite like the Nincada Matt battled years ago, but instead it was a sickly brown and orange. Its back was ripped open, and it was floating upright.

"Ratatta! Use Hyper Fang on Tepig!" Reece yelled. Ratatta chomped down on Tepig ferociously, and knocked the little fire pig out.

"Scraggy! Use Jump Kick on Kadabra!"

Scraggy jumped right at Kadabra, but the Pokémon dodged to the side fast enough to make the Shedding Pokémon crash, badly damaging itself. The Dark/Fighting Type then fell to the ground.

Glenn retrieved the Pokémon. "No matter. My Shedinja is Immortal." The bully said.

"That's bull!" Reece yelled. "Every pokemon has some weakness! Type effective or not!"

"Correction." Glenn said snarkily. "Shedinja can't be hurt by any attack."

"Reece! Listen to me! The only way you can beat Shedinja is with a super effective attack!" Kadabra shouted to Reece telepathically.

"I know it isn't immortal!" Reece called back. "But I have no clue what can hurt it."

Kadabra facepalmed. Darn Telepathy errors.

"Ratatta! Use Quick Attack!" Reece yelled. Ratatta jumped straight at Shedinja, but was stopped by a wall of energy.

"Behold Wonder Guard!" Glenn laughed. "The ability makes all attacks useless!"

"Zubat! Use Supersonic!"

Zubat fired golden energy straight at Shedinja, but the living husk simply dodged.

"Kadabra! Shockwave!" Reece yelled. Kadabra channeled his psychic energy into electricty to fire the attack at Shedinja, but the attack was once again blocked by the energy wall.

"Crud..." Reece said, his face dropping in worry.

"Shedinja! Use Bug Bite!"

Shedinja closed in on Kadabra, and bit down with extreme force. The sheer effectiveness knocked out Kadabra with one hit.

Reece gritted his teeth in anger. "GO Grovyle!"

The wood gecko popped out of its Pokéball, and looked directly at Shedinja.

"Ratatta! Sucker Punch!" Reece yelled.

Ratatta charged foward, and smashed right into Shedinja. However, this time he was stopped by a green energy sheild.

"Like our Protect?" Glenn said, a trollface smirk on his face.

"Zubat! Use Wing Attack!"

Zubat covered his wings in twisters, and charged at Shedinja. The Protect stopped it cold.

"Grovyle! Bullet Seed!"

The attack was once again useless. The Wonder Gaurd energy sheild blocked the attack.

"Dang it!" Reece thought. "How the heck do I stop this thing?"

Glenn saw the look on Reece's face. "Slipping yet? Well too bad! Bug Bite!" 

Shedinja grabbed Grovyle, bit into it, and threw it to the ground. The wood Gecko fainted. "Crud..." Reece said. He sent out the last of his reserve Pokémon:Beedrill.

"Wait a second..." Reece thought.

"Zubat! Wing Attack!" Reece ordered.

"Trying the same attack again? Your a pathetic loser!" Glenn remarked. He knew Reece was slipping.

Grievous Misconception.

Zubat performed Wing Attack once again. He smashed right into Shedinja. This time, the dessicated husk fell to the ground.

"What? Impossible? My Shedinja is immortal!"

"I can't belive that worked." Reece remarked. "I had know idea that would work!"

"What?" Glenn said.

"Yeah. But at least I confirmed your Shedinja wasn't immortal." Reece continued. "Admit it. You lied."

"No way!" Glenn yelled back. This little idiot coulsn't have bewaten him. Again!

"That your Shedinja could be hurt by Super effective attacks!" Reece said. He enjoyed his overly snarky additude. This is what is called:"Holding a Grudge"

"No way you little peice of junk!" Glenn yelled.

"I was really hoping you'd say that." Reece said. "Beedrill!" He called over to his second Pokémon.

The poison bee came over to Glenn, went behind him, and lifted him into the air. By his underwear.

"OH MY GOD!" Glenn yelled. "Put me down! Please!"

"Uh..." Horus started to say once again. "Don't ask."

Reece then took the Pokéball containing Tepig, and gave it to Horus. The silver haired boy then turned to Glenn. "And although I can't stand bullies, I'm not heartless."

"What do you mean?" Glenn asked in fear.

"When Kara comes this way, your dead." Reece said. "Put 'em down Beedrill."

Beedrill put Glenn down. Reece and Horus walked off.


"Thanks for helping me Reece." Horus said. "I would have never gotten Tepig back without you."

"Happy to help." Reece said back.

"About that..." Horus started. "You won back Tepig. Not me. I want you to have him."

"I can't take your pokemon!" Reece said shocked. He won back that Pokémon for Horus. Not himself. "I won it back for you!"

"Yeah, but look at me." Horus said. "I can't even stand up against a common bully. He'd be safer with you."

Reece took the Pokéball. He knew Horus was right.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363743671

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363743671

A third pokemon? That's a record!


Fire Pig Pokemon

Height: 1'08 / 0.5 M

Weight: 21.8 LB / 9.9 KG

This pokemon is known for its cuteness and rather large appetite. When eating berries, it uses fire to cook them.

"I'll make sure that Tepig becomes a fine pokemon." Reece said as the Pokéball teleported away.

Back with Glenn

Glenn was trudging around, his pride greatly shattered.

"Things can't get any worse." Glenn said.


Kara walked right by Glenn. She passed by, walked passed him, then stopped.

"Wait." She started.

"I know you."

I kinda feel bad for him. Do you?

Chapter 24:Remembering

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt. Pyre (Peak)-2


The small Pokémon could only breathe. Not move. Not see. Not hear. Not feel.

Then, everything burst to life. But instead of a beautiful, brilliant world one gets after closing their eyes after a while, the Pokémon got a misty, bleak one.

He could only see forest. The sky was dark, and he could see many illusions in the mist. Soon, the Pokémon's sense of hearing snapped back.

He could only hear the noise of feet moving. Then the forest moved along. The Pokémon looked around.

"Where am I?" He said quietly. Or he tried to. He couldn't speak. His throat burned with something. Blood Maybe? He couldn't tell. But he felt a sharp pain all over. What happened?

The Pokémon then saw the most shocking of sights. His eyesight was plagued by a red streak. He soon felt that streak to. It was definitely blood.

It didn't wreck his eyesight, just looked like he was looking through a red glass in part of his face, streaking in a lightning bolt fashion.

He focused back on what was infront of him. What came to realization was that they were moving at great speed. Yet, they were as silent as a Crobat.

The Pokémon was now wondering what was carrying him. He couldn't turn his head. He only felt soft fur.

After a while, he saw a house. It was small, quiet, and the Pokémon saw hardly anything. He felt himself being put down. He turned for just a second to see the thing that brought him here. He caught only a white creature on four legs and a black horn coming out of its head. The Pokémon turned, and ran at high speeds.

"Lar..." The Pokémon said.

"Mom! It's a pokemon. And it's hurt!" A very young boy with silver hair said.

There you have it. The very beginning of the story from Larvitar's perspective. Hope you liked it.

Eight Years Later

"Larvitar!" Reece called to his trusted Pokémon. "Use Rock Slide!"

Larvitar smashed the ground, creating a crater many times the size of its creator. The shockwave caused many rocks from the many small hills around the battlefield. These rocks rained down on the opposing Poochyena, causing instant fainting.

"Whoa! Your pokemon is so strong!" The opposing trainer yelled. "It beat all six of my pokemon!"

"Well of course!" Reece sais. "He's my strongest."

Reece took his prize money, and then continued to the ever closer Treasure Town. His loyal Larvitar was following behind, and his Grovyle, Ratatta, Beedrill, Kadabra and Zubat each in their Pokéballs.

Chapter 25:Coloseum Snatcher

Sonic CD Title Screen Theme JAP

Sonic CD Title Screen Theme JAP

Chapter 25! Celebratory Music Time!

Reece's Team

Larvitar LV 23


Moves:Bite, Leer, Snadstorm, Screech, Rock Slide

Grovyle: LV 22


Moves:Bullet Seed, Quick Attack, Giga Drain, Pursuit, Dragonbreath

Raticate LV 21


Moves:Swords Dance, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Hyper Fang

Kadabra LV 21

Ability:Magic Guard

Moves:Confusion, Shock Wave, Ice Punch, Submission, Teleport.

Beedrill LV 21


Moves:Fury Attack, Twineedle, Electroweb, Iron Defense, Focus Energy

Zubat LV 21

Ability:Inner Focus

Moves:Leech Life, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Giga Drain, Wing Attack 

It's finally here. Chapter 25. For some reason, people do special things when their TV Show/Comic/Manga/Fanfic reaches its 25th chapter, or a multiple of 25. Some just do multplies of 50, or just one hundred.

Enough of that. If you've been thinking really hard, then you've already noticed a crucial fact of Delta Adventures:It's meant to resemble a Pokémon Game.

Now if you know me personally, or are really receptive, you'll know I'm following a special theme.

Wanna take a guess?

That's right: I'm following Generation III. Emerald was the first Pokémon game I played through extensively. Next was Pokémon Leafgreen. I beat Leafgreen first, then Emerald.

Now since we are on the subject of Gen III, Coloseum and XD might come to mind. Good. You're about to see elements from it.

Now for some other things. This Region, known as Delta, was made when I, HS664 was 7. I'm fifteen as of when I type this sentence. Since the original map was lost, I've had to improvise. Anyway, writing this has been a great passtime, and I'd gladly do this as a job. Too bad that'll never happen.

Anyway, back to an earlier statement. Remember how I said this is based off a Pokémon game? To be more specific, It's also based off a Pokémon game and my own playthroughs. All of Reece's Pokémon are based off ones I've caught in the games.

Reece adventures just like I did. Go around, battle EVERY trainer, catch Pokémon that look awesome. Now a personal question. When you played the games, whether if you did, or still do, I want to know.

What did you do when you lost?
Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-3

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-3

Trainer! Music by Musiko

"Ratatta!" Reece yelled. "Use Hyper Fang!"

The purple rat lunged foward and brought the opposing Tailow to the ground, KOing it.

The opposing trainer retrieved his Pokémon. Reece took his orize money, and was about to head off, but then he saw a familiart light emanate from his Ratatta.

Reece looked over to see that the Pokémon was evolving.

Ratatta glowed with pure energy, ang grew greatly. In several seconds, the Pokémon became a beige furred creature with large fangs, a long tail, and enourmous teeth.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363987995

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1363987995

New Pokemon!

Reece immediatly pulled out his Pokédex.


Mouse Pokemon

Height: 2'04 / 0.7 M

Weight: 40.8 LB / 18.5 KG

Raticate use their whiskers to maintain balance. If they are cut off, they slow down severely. Their teeth are very strong, and can crush rocks.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. He turned around to see Treasure Town. "What a nice welcome."

Pokemon R S E Remix Lilycove City

Pokemon R S E Remix Lilycove City

Treasure Town! Remix by PokeRemixStudio

The Pokémon Center was Reece's first stop(naturally). His team of six was completely healed. Reece thought about switching his team around.

"I've got a ton of new pokemon." Reece thought. "Oddish, Sandshrew, Remoraid, Tepig. And What about Azumarill and Pidove?"

Reece thought about it for a good 3 minutes (a personal record) and then came up with one solution.

"I hate choosing." The boy said at last.

He left the Pokémon center with the Pokémon that he came in with. No point going through all that frustration. He'd worry later.

Reece walked out of the Pokémon center. He'd go for a walk first. Although it rarely happened, Reece's thinking became clear if he just jkeep calm.

Now, the chances of what happened next could be considered one of the most improbable events in his Journey to become a master. At a chance of 1/1121 of happening, some could wonder how this even happened.

Reece was walking along, not paying attention to what was in front of him. He soon crashed into someone walking his way, and fell backwards. The bags the woman was carrying

"Watch were you're going!" The woman he crashed into yelled. Reece got up, and reached out a hand to help her up. Reece saw her face:She had Orange hair and purple eyes just like Kara, but her hair was noticeably less spiky. She was wearing a blue denim jacket, had a white skirt, a purple tank top, and large pink boots.

She had a very unhappy look on her face. When she got up, she gave Reece a death stare (also like Kara). Reece's face twisted to fear. The Woman relaxed her stare, knowing she was scaring the boy.

"Sorry." She said. She dusted herself off, and picked up her bags. A small red striped mouse-like Pokémon popped out from one of the bags. It looked around, then climbed onto the woman's shoulder.

"I'm Rui." The woman said. "I was just waiting for my boyfriend." She then looked around. "He's away alot." Rui said, then bit her lip. "He said to meet right here."

The Pokémon on her shoulder then looked to behind Reece, then called out. "Chee Chee Chee!"

"You see him Plusle?" Rui asked her Pokémon. The small Pokémon nodded and pointed its small paw to behind Reece.

"Hello Rui." A near emotionless, yet still powerful voice said.

Reece turned to see a tall man with rusty blond hair and a blue jacket, which opened up almost like a cape all the way to his ankles.. The left side was covered with multiple alterations, the purpose of which Reece couldn't confirm. He was wearing black pants and steel toe boots. The one detail that stuck out was a white line across the middle of his face. Reece couldn't discern if it was paint, or a scar.

"Wes!" Rui called out. She was almost shocked to see the man.

"Nice to see you too." he replied. "Who the heck is he?" Wes asked Rui.

"Oh," Rui's face went into an annoyed expression. "He's just some random kid I bumped into."

"My name's Reece." Reece commented.

I know what your all thinking. He can't be THAT Wes. Well yes he is. Unfortunately, Reece had no clue who this guy was. Things could only get worse when Reece saw the Pokéballs at Reece's belt. 

"Wait. Are you a trainer?" Reece asked.

"Yes." Wes replied.

"Wait a second!" Rui interupted. "You just got back, and your going to blow me off to fight this kid?"

"Yes. Yes I am." Wes replied, his eyes not moving from Reece's.

Rui's face turned red. "Don't think I'm forgetting this!"

The few people around the three started to look over. One does not simply ignore Rui's yelling.

"Are you sure you want to battle me?" Wes asked. "I don't go easy on anyone."

"I'm battling you!" Reece yelled out.

Rui found a nearby bench and sat down with Plusle. "This is going to be a nice gift." She chuckled evily.

Reece chose his first Pokémon:Raticate. The large mouse Pokémon jumped out of his Pokéball, and readied itslef to strike.

Wes brought up a Pokéball. "Last warning." He said. "I don't want to hurt your pokemon as bad as I could."

Reece just smiled.

Pokémon Colosseum Music VS Battle 3

Pokémon Colosseum Music VS Battle 3

Let's do this!

Wes reached for a Pokéball. He threw it, and sent out a black quadreped with gold glowing rings that flashed in and out of sight.

"An Umbreon!" Reece called out. He checked his Battle Scanner, and what he saw nearly stopped his heart.

Umbreon LV 57

"Level 57?" Reece thought. "How am I going to beat that?"

Reece shook with terror. He couldn't beat something that strong. He was now trapped in between a beastly strong Pokémon, and a very hard place...

"No. There's no running from a trainer battle." Reece thought. He was going to win if it killed him!

"Raticate! Use Hyper Fang!" Reece called out. Raticate shot foward, and chomped down viciously on Umbreon. Reece checked his scanner. Unfortunately, Umbreon was hardly scratched. 

"Umbreon." Wes said calmly. "Use Payback."

Umbreon glowed with purple energy, drawing it into his body, then lunged foward with such speed and force that Raticate was smashed into the ground with enough force to make a crater six feet deep.

Now, Treasure Town is pretty large for a town. It's very busy, with many shops, selling lot's of things. There are a lot of Trainers looking for valuables that are said to be buried in nearby caves. Regardless of its size, the town is pretty linear. Most people passing through would be seeing this battle.

In short, more people were watching.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. Power alone wouldn't win this battle. That was apparent. He needed to be defensive. "Raticate! Retreat!" 

Reece had to think seriously on this. This Pokémon could annihilate any Pokémon he had with one attack. He needed someone who could dodge attacks. Someone who was fast enough to dodge attacks would fall to three of his Pokémon:Zubat, Beedrill, and Grovyle.

"Go! Zubat!" Reece yelled. He sent out the bat Pokémon.

"Umbreon." Wes said. "Use Psychic!"

The moon Pokémon's eyes glowed blue, then its rings followed. As almost without warning, two powerful lasers shot from the Pokémons eyes, and raced towards Zubat.

"Dodge it!" Reece yelled.

Zubat flew up, and barely dodged the lethal Psychic Beams. "Now use Confuse Ray!" Reece called out. The bat Pokémon generated a ball of red, yellow, gray, purple, and whitish-blue energy, and fired it at Umbreon.

Umbreon became confused, but he wasn't the only one. Zubat also suffered the unfortunate fate.

"Synchronize." Wes said. "Shares any status condition Umbreon gains with the afflictor." He kept his razor sharp gaze at Reece. "You're either really stupid, or really overconfident."

Reece wouldn't have that. 

"Zubat!" Reece yelled. "Wing Attack!" The bat Pokémon broke through confusion, and charged at Umbreon, wings ablaze with Twisters.

"Umbreon! Psychic!" Wes yelled.

Umbreon attempted to blast Zubat, but failed. Instead, it hit itself in Confusion. It was then followed by being pounded by Zubat's Wing Attack.

"No Matter." Wes commented. "Umbreon's high defense will keep Confusion damage down." He crossed his arms. "Psychic!"

Umbreon broke right through the confusion. He then shot the Psychic energy eye beams at Zubat, causing a huge explosion. The shockwaves of the explosion made Reece (and the rather large cloud of people that gathered) to cringe.

"That was some attack." One of the bystander's said.

"That's my boyfriend." Rui thought with a smile.

Reece's poor Pokémon fell right into his master's hands. The Pokémon was covered in bloody cuts from the attack. "I'm sorry Zubat." Reece said as he retrieved his Pokémon.

Reece grabbed the next Pokéball. "GO! Beedrill!"

The bee Pokémon came out of it's Pokéball, zipping around.

Reece crossed his fingers behind his back for this one. "Beedrill! Twineedle!"

The bee Pokémon shot foward it's Twineedle attack like a machine gun. The super effective Bug Type attack hit Umbreon twice.

"Come on..." Reece whispered.

Umbreon's face clammed up. The Pokémon glowed purple.

"Yes!" Reece called out. He had managed to poison Umbreon. And since Beedrill was poison Type, he couldn't be poisoned.

"Nice idea." Wes said. He smiled. "But thinking you can stall out Umbreon is a fatal mistake."

"Umbreon!" Wes yelled. "PSYCHIC!"

Once again, Umbreon shot the psychic beams at Beedrill, causing an explosion. "Beedrill!" Reece yelled out. When the smoke cleared, a twitching Beedrill was all that was left.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon. He had to plan this right, or he'd lose.

"Go! Kadabra!" Reece called. Reece knew that sending out a Psychic type was insanity, but he didn't have anything else.

"Umbreon!" Wes called. "Use Payback!" Umbreon charged foward, ready to smash Kadabra.

"Use Shock Wave!" Reece yelled angrily. The moonlight Pokémon and the electric attack hit eachother in a huge explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Kadabra was on the ground, and Umbreon was still standing tall. Also, it seemed that Kadabra shot a hole in the side of a nearby building.

"Whoops." Reece said

The buildings inhabitants (an old man) came out. "Ya little whipper snappers! I can't believe this wankery is legal!"

"Sorry!" Reece called out. The old man was about to scold them more, but failed. Reece already sent out his next Pokémon. "GO! Grovyle!"

The wood gecko Pokémon came from its Pokéball. Reece only had two Pokémon left. He needed to make due with those two. Reece could stall out Umbreon for a few turns.

"Umbreon! Use Psychic!" Wes yelled.

"Grovyle! Use your enviroment to dodge!" Reece yelled. Grovyle jumped up, and went to the roof of a nearby building.

"Now Bullet Seed!" Reece called out.

Grovyle shot a volley of powerful seeds straight at Umbreon, doing minor yet crucial damage each hit.

"Psychic!" Wes yelled.

"Grovyle! Dodge!" Reece yelled. Grovyle jumped around to dodge the deadly Psychic attack. The wood gecko dodged the inevitable doom once again.

Wes readied his Trump Card. "UMBREON!" Wes called to his Pokémon. The Dark type was covered in a white aura, as his accuracy improved.

"What?" Reece said aloud. He had just seen someone strengthen their Pokémon by just calling to them!

"Grovyle! Quick Attack!" Reece yelled. Grovyle leaped at Umbreon, smashing the ground with intense force. Umbreon was hurt too, but still had enough Hit Points to stay alive.

"Umbreon! Psychic!" Wes called out. Umbreon fired the deadly Psychic at point blank range.

The explosion racked the battlefield. Reece had one last Pokémon:Larvitar. Reece retrieved Grovyle, then reached for his starter Pokémon.

"GO! Larvitar!" Reece said.

The rock skin Pokémon came out of its Pokéball, looking right to Umbreon.

"Reece." Wes called out.

"Huh?" Reece replied. Wes calling out to him made him ultra aware of his enviroment. It was almost dark, and the crowd had left.

"You have lasted longer than I'd thought you'd ever do." The tall man said. "Even though you couldn't even defeat a single one of my pokemon, you still are a great trainer."

"This battle isn't over yet!" Reece called out.

"It will soon." Wes said. "Umbreon, Payback!"

Umbreon charged foward, about to defeat Larvitar. But Reece had other plans.

"Rock Slide!"

Larvitar stomped on the ground, causing the ground straight under Umbreon to collapse completely. The moonlight Pokémon fell right into the crater, with all the exposed rocks falling onto it.

Reece and Wes checked their battle scanner. To Wes's shock, and Reece's relief, Umbreon had fainted.

"You beat him." Wes said. He quickly went to retrieve his Pokémon. "But how?"

"Whenever a pokemon attacked." Reece started. "It weakened the ground." Reece said. His voice was chock full of fatigue. "So I realized after a few attacks, that if I used Rock Slide, the craters you made earlier and the weakened ground would collapse."

But Reece's victorious smile faded. "But you still have five pokemon." Reece said. "Finish it."

What Wes said shocked Reece. "No. I forfeit. You've had enough."

"What?" Reece said.

"It's late, and I just came home. Rui's already going to kill me, so I may as well make the best of it." Wes continued. "Just remember that I thought you should win."

Reece smiled. "I hope we see eachother again!" He said.

"We will." Wes thought.

This battle taught Reece an important lesson:You can always win. Reece technically won, but to him, he had lost. Wes could've finished him, but chose not to.

Later that night, Reece found himself outside with his Pokémon. They were just loafing around. The silver haired Trainer got up.

"Guys." He said.

All of his Pokémon turned to him.

"We did a great job today. We might not have won, but we still can't give up." He stated. "I'm just sorry that you all had to go through this. Do you guys forgive me?"

Larvitar, Grovyle, Beedrill, Raticate, Zubat, and Kadabra all nodded.

Meanwhile, a confused Rui was questioning her boyfriend. "Why'd you let that kid win Wes?"

Wes turned around. Rui was giving him her death stare. "Not really sure. Maybe because I saw something in him, or that I was just tired.

Rui might never get Wes.

Today would mark an important day in Reece's life. To him, knowing he'd lose is the same as losing, even if he did
Sonic 3 Music Ending

Sonic 3 Music Ending

Chapter 25:End

win. Reece would walk out with a hard lesson in mind. The only thing that it told him, was that he needed to improve. Tommorow, Reece would head to Graphic City. The city was the largest in the region, and had two gyms. He expected to see Matt and Kara on the way.

Are silver haired Trainer wasn't going to rest. Yet. Someone else had been plotting a big move.

Chapter 25 was meant ot be the best so far. Don't think I'll make the next few even better.

Thanks for reading!

Obsidian Mountains Arc

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt. Pyre (Peak)-3

Whenever you hear this, something big is going on.

Reece was walking through an open field. Noone else was around. He was still frustrated about his "loss". As he kept walking, he couldn't shake the feeling he was being followed. Come to think of it, it kinda felt the same way as when he left Topsoil Town.

Reece turned his head, almost involuntarily, to see a white furred creature. With a black face. And a horn.

If the realization of what he saw was a material object, it would have killed him when it hit him.

"Absol!" Reece said in shock.

"When you come to the pass, turn left, not right." Reece heard a deep, chilling voice say to him. He could only decide it was Absol.

Reece then snapped awake.

Chapter 26:Scaling the Mountains

What caught him first was a blue light flooding the dark room. He turned to see the morning blue peek out from window.

"Was it really just a dream?" Reece questioned himself. Well, no point in going back to bed now. He got up, and readied himself for the day.

As he left, he couldn't help but think about his 'loss' yesterday. Sure, Wes forfeited, but in Reece's heart, he still lost. He didn't know ehen he'd face Wes again, but whenever he did, he'd have to be ready.

Reece wasn't the only one heading for Obsidian Mountains. Matt was actually a step ahead of Reece this time. Now before anyone says this isn't right, it is. Matt had spent more time getting to his destination. Plus, he had a new Pokémon. Reece was going to get it this time.

Kara had also gotten some progress. She had used her Treasure Hunting Skills to find a nice stock of items.

The Obsidian Mountans are called that because of the presence of well, Obsidian. A notable thing about these mountains is that they do not appear to be Volcanos. Another feature is the constant electrical storms. The mountains are also very rich in iron, but since it is vital to the Pokémon ecosystem in the mountains, mining is illegal.

Why is this relevent? Be patient.

Reece had chosen Larvitar, Grovyle, Tepig, Kadabra, Sandshrew, and Zubat for this adventure. 

Reece went along a beaten down dirt path. Hardly any grass grew. Normally, Reece would go in it to search for Pokémon, but he was too busy with the dream and the loss.

Speaking of the dream.
Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald- Mt. Pyre (Peak)-1364174218

Again? Yes.

Reece got that feeling that he was being watched. It almost felt the same way as when he left Topsoil Town, but stronger. Much Stronger.  

Reece noticed he was coming up to some rocky outcroppings. The feeling was so strong that it seemed like whatever watching him was about to...

Reece turned his head to see an Absol for the third time in his life.

Reece identified the area as the Obsidian Mountains. He took his eyes off Absol for a second. He was still looking at the rare Pokémon, but it didn't stay. The Pokémon made several powerful jumps, leaping from cliff to cliff, slowly vanishing.

Reece wasn't going to let it escape. There just so happened to be a path it was following. Reece ran down the road, came to a fork, and took the left. What Reece didn't see was a pair of sign. The one leading to the path that would take him to Graphic City said:

Trainer Tips:This path is the safest possible path that you can take through the mountains. Take this path if you wish to avoid the tedious amounts of wild pokemon and possible psycho trainers that you will encounter.

The other sign said.

Trainer Tips:WARNING! Taking this path could. result in severe injury, death, or horrible mental scarring at the hands of feral wild pokemon or nuthead trainers thinking they'll find rare pokemon or be in for an easier path even though the sign right next to this one says NOT TO!

In short,


That's a pretty clear warning. Did I mention that that last part was written in blood?

But Reece would actually go on that path IF he HAD seen the sign. Why? The boy had become addicted to battles. That's why. It is by no means a healthy addiction, but still a very fun one.

Reece ran as fast as the compressed air bursts from his running shoes would allow. He could still see Absol.

So, how long till something bad happens? Answer:now.

A random man (who looked around 30) jumped out of the bushes. He had glasses you couldn't see through and looked VERY creepy. "Do you like pokemon?" He asked.

"Yes I do, and I'm chasing after one. Will you please move out of the way before I'm forced to sic my pokemon on you?" Reece said very fast.

"Pokemon battle!" He shouted out, then sent out a Sneasel.

"God Dangit." Reece commented. "Go Tepig!" Reece sent out the little fire pig. It was his first time using the Pokémon.

"Flame Charge!" Reece called. Tepig charged foward, covered in fire. The Sneasal took the hit, and fell to the ground.

Reece felt tempted to break every single rule of quantom physics and pull and easy button out of thin air, but he couldn't.

"You beat my pokemon..." The weird person said. "You beat my super rare pokemon!"

Reece decided to chase after Absol. He wasn't letting it escape!
Kirby 64 Boss

Kirby 64 Boss

Absol Pursuit!

He completely forgot Tepig, who decided to chase after him. Reece stopped. Severe guilt struck him for forgetting the Pokémon. "Climb on!"

The fire pig smiled and jumped on to his shoulder, They could move faster this way anyway.

Reece ran off again. He was losing sight of Absol. "Dangit!" Reece thought. He ran so fast that he knew he wouldn't feel his legs some time later.

Remember that leg part.

Before Reece could catch up with the Pokémon, another Pokémon trainer shot infront of Reece. At that point, Reece knew catching Absol was out of the question.

"I have a super rare pokemon!" The man said. He looked in his early twenties, and had nerd glasses.

"Send out your pokemon!" Reece yelled.

The super nerd sent out his Pokémon, a Parasect. Reece simply ordered the Tepig on his shoulder to attack. "Flame Charge!"

The Pokémon jumped and set itself on fire. It then rammed into Parasect, KOing it. (What, It's a terrible Pokémon with sucky defenses. Plus a times 5 weakness to Fire)

Reece took his prize money and ran, making sure to pick up Tepig this time. But, when he reached for the Pokémon, it glowed white.

The Pokémon went from a small pig to a large pig, seemingly shaped like a small wrestler.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364527177

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364527177

This pokedex theme never gets old for some reason. I mean it's a beautiful song on the gaming system of my childhood. What isn't there to love about it?

Admittingly, Reece had a Pokémon to catch, but he couldn't help but check.


Height:3'03" / 1 M

Weight:122.4 LB / 55.5 KG

These pokemon are known to ea't a lot. They more they eat, the more powerful they become due to a fire fueled by their nutrition.

"Now that you evolved, I hope you can keep up better." Reece said. "Cause I can't carry you." 

After a small head shake, Reece retrieved the Pokémon.

While Reece was on his crusade, someone else was making plans.

"Reece definitely went down this path. It's on the left, filled with trainers and pokemon, and says 'I'm dangerous, come down me Reece!'" Matt said. He was at the same crossroads Reece was at 15 minutes later.

Matt ran down the path, and although not moving fast as Reece could (he didn't like his Running Shoes) but still running fast.

Just seconds later, Kara came up, saw the sign, along with her brother running down the path that stated not to go down, and sighed. "Sometimes i think I'm the only one of us who has any common sense." The girl said. "Better make sure they don't die."
Kirby 64 Boss-0

Kirby 64 Boss-0

Absol Pursuit! (Continued)

Reece was still running down the path. He couldn't tell why, but it seemed that no mater how far he fell behind, he'd eventually catch up to that Absol.

At this moment, he was fighting another trainer.

"Pignite! Use Arm Thrust!" Reece called out. The pig Pokémon jumped up and landed in front of the opposing Geodude.

It followed by delivering four quick smashed to Geodudes structure, fainting it.

"So you beat my Geodude?" The hiker he was fighting sneered. "Well you won't beat my next pokemon! Go, Arcanine!"

The hiker sent out the magnificent fire type. "I doubt you'll beat this one!" He said with a confident grin.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. He found his next battler. "Go Sandshrew!"

This was his first time with Sandshrew, so he had to be careful.

"Arcanine! Fire Fang!" The hiker ordered. The large dog leaped foward and pounced on her. Arcanine then picked her up by the teeth and flung her into the air.

"Sandshrew!" Reece called out. He couldn't afford to have one of his Pokémon faint. But to the boy's releif, the Pokémon survived the hit.

"Counter with Magnitude!" Reece yelled. Sandshrew nodded, then spun like a tornado right into the ground. The Pokémon hit the ground with the force of a boulder, creating a large earthquake.

Reece checked his scanner to see a Magnitude 9.

Arcanine didn't fare well agaisnt the ground type attack, quickly falling down, but didn't faint.

"Ember!" The hiker ordered.

Arcanine got up, and fired a small burning patch of cinders at Sandshrew. Reece reacted quickly. "Use Swift!"

Sandshrew put her arm foward, and fired a flurry of needles straight at the cinders. The attack passed through with ease and hit Arcanine in the face, scoring a crit.

The fire type fell, fainting with a loud thud.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon, grabbed his Prize Money, and continued chasing Absol. He could still see the Pokémon. Reece was now convinced that Absol wanted Reece to follow it.

Reece started gaining on it, He hardly noticed that the ground was getting rockier. Soon he realized that small fact however. Absol was a mountain Pokémon, so Reece would likely never catch the thing.

The boy wouldn't give up however, and kept charging. The rocky path had terminated into a rocky hill. The rocks were scattered with black, and all the trainers had disappeared. Absol was just up ahead. Reece was so close.

Absol made a sharp left turn, leaving Reece to smash into a wall at full speed.

Reece backed up, and fell on his back. "Words cannot describe the pain I feel at this moment." He said with his voice being hard evidence he was supressing tears.

Absol hopped down, and landed right next to the trainer he so cruely led into a rock wall. Reece turned his head to see the Disaster Pokémon looking down on him.

"What do you want from me?" Reece asked.

Absol pointed its paw to the left. Reece looked over to see a cave entrance.

"You want to go into that cave? Right?" Reece asked, still on the ground.

Absol nodded.

"Your trying to warn me of some horrible disaster, right?

Absol nodded.

"Can it wait till I can feel my spleen again?"

Absol slapped Reece in the face as to say "No."
Pokemon R S E Remix Mt

Pokemon R S E Remix Mt. Chimney Sky Pillar-0

Let's do this jazz! (Credit To PokeRemixStudio)

Reece got up against his own sanity.

Reece walked into the cave. He couldn't tell what was inside, but as soon as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, what he saw shocked him.

The cave was glowing dimly. He had no solid proof, but the light was unnatural. It had this sinister aura to it. Then it hit his mind.

"Team Luminious..." He said softly. He turned to ask Absol if that was why he led him here, but the dark type was absent. The boy had little to no proof that is was Luminious, but he could only hope it wasn't. 

"Guess there is only one way to find out." Reece said. He got ready to fight whatever came his way.

But, there was also another problem.

"Reece went up that hill." Matt said to himself. He was so close to where Reece was, although only his only desire to beat his rival was his indicator.

There was also a sign on the path that Reece had failed to see. It said:Do NOT take this path, You WILL get hurt by feral wild Pokémon.

Matt put on a pair of sunglasses. "Screw the Rules. I'm Matt LeBlanca!" He ran up the hill, completely ignoring the sign.

Kara came up. She knew Matt saw the sign. She was genuinely worried her brother and her best friend woulg get killed. Or kill each other. The latter was what was the most likely.  

Reece was pre-occupied with his own problems. He had a Cleffa that was breathing down his neck.

"Pignite! Arm Thrust!" Reece yelled.

Pignite charged foward and struck at Cleffa, hitting twice.

The Cleffa started singing. Reece knew what this meant:Pignite was screwed!

Pignite fell asleep like he had had an anvil dropped on him. Reece was annoyed by this, but things only got worse for the boy when Cleffa stuck its tongue out a him.

"Oh it's on!" Reece yelled. He pulled out a Great Ball and threw it right at Cleffa's head,

The Fairy Pokémon tried to dodge as soon as it saw the Pokéball. Its eyes bulged out at the sight, and was knocked down by the force of the Pokéball. It was then drawn inside the Pokéball.

One Shake

Two Shakes

Three Shakes


Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364608878

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364608878

Yet another pokemon.

Reece pulled out his Pokédex.


Star Shape Pokemon

Height: 1'00 / 0.3 M

Weight: 6.6 LB / 3.0 KG

It's unusual star shape has made people believe it came to Earth on a Meteor. They are more active during certain lunar phases.

Reece hurried on. He still couldn't help but feel a foreboding presence, like some very horrible disaster was about to happen.

Reece was running deeper into the cave. He wanted to know what was eating at him.
DBZ Closing Theme

DBZ Closing Theme

I can't believe I did this. Oh wait;YES I CAN!

What will Reece find in this cave? Why did that Absol lead him there? Will Matt and Kara reach up to Reece? Where did Matt get those sunglasses? Why is he quoting Kaiba? Is Team Luminious still in the cave? Why am I asking you?

Has this DBZ reference ruined the mood? That was point. Stay tuned for the next Chapter of Delta Adventures!

Chapter 27:Thunderbird

Pokemon R S E Remix Mt

Pokemon R S E Remix Mt. Chimney Sky Pillar-1

Obsidian Mountains -Part Two (Credit to PokeRemixStudio)

Reece threw himself further into the cave. With a more or less weakened team of 6 Pokémon, he wasn't in the state needed for something big.

Matt had fianlly made it to the cave. "Reece is in here." The blonde said. He ran into the cave.

Kara wasn't far behind. "Those two are going to get killed..."

As with Reece, he was having a hard time knowing if Team Luminious really was in the cave. That light seemed so unnatural...

"There must be something making that light." Reece ran around a corner. He was lucky enough to not see any wild Pokémon. They were slowly eating at his team.

"Wait, I heard something." Reece heard a voice say.

Reece tensed up. "Who the heck is that?" Reece thought. "And more importantly, why the hell are they this far up into the mountains?"

Reece used his best sense to listen.

"I'm sure I heard footsteps this way." One voice said.

"I believe I heard it to." Another said.

Now Reece heard footsteps. He then saw two disfigured shadows rounding a corner. Reece reached right for his Pokéballs.

Reece could hear his heart beat as he saw 2 men with gold-like armor with blue ornaments round the corner. They had a large blue LS on their chestplates. Sprouting from their backs were red capes. In short, they were dressed like Team Luminious grunts. But hey, maybe they could just be impersonators? Right?

The two men saw Reece and gave no hesitation to their next words. "Stop right there! You are an accused infidel! Resistance will be met with harsh punishment!"

Ya, axe what I said earlier. Those guys are Team Luminious.

"I knew it!" Reece declared.

While Reece is busy fighting, let's go see if Matt's had any success not dying.

"Combusken! Brick Break!" Matt yelled. His small fire chicken brutally punched the opposing Onix with such ferocity that it fell to the ground without a second thought.

Matt put on his sunglasses. "Success." He said. He followed the action by removing the sunglasses, and running further down the cave.

Kara herself was taking her own route. Unlike her rash friends, she knew how to get around undetected. Inching along the cave walls was no problem. But she more specifically, her real problem was finding her bonehead fellow
Dragon Slayer - Sonic and the Black Knight Music Extended-0

Dragon Slayer - Sonic and the Black Knight Music Extended-0

Team Luminious Battle

pokedex holders.

"Sandshrew! Magnitude! Zubat! Wing Attack Machoke!" Reece yelled. Zubat covered his wings in twisters, and charged right at the Grunt's Machoke, dealing hefty damage.

Sandshrew smashed the ground with pure brute force. This caused a powerful tremor that knocked out Machoke, and badly damaged the opposing Graveler.

Magnitude 8!

The grunt on the left retrieved his Pokémon, then sent out his next Pokémon. "Go! Metang!"

"Graveler!" The right grunt yelled. "Strike Zubat with Rock Throw!"

Graveler stomped down and made a few small rocks fall down on Zubat's head. This, of course, did some damage.

Reece fought right back. "Zubat! Hit Graveler with Giga Drain!"

Zubat drained all the energy right out of Graveler, healing his wounds and defeating his foe. The grunt on the right retreived his Pokémon, and grunted angrily.

"How could an infidel beat my Graveler?"

"Why do you guys insist on calling me an infidel?' Reece shot back.

"You shall be punished for your insolence!" The right grunt yelled. "Go, Golett!" The golem Pokémon popped out of it's Pokéball, ready to strike.

"Sandshrew, Magnitude again!" Reece yelled.

Sandshre struck the ground, damaging both Golett and Metang. Reece checked his scanner.

Magnitude 4!

"Damn it!" Reece cursed under his breath.

"You shall be punished tenfold for swearing!" The grunts yelled in unison.

Reece facepalmed.

"Metang! Use Confusion on Zubat!" The left grunt ordered.

Metang shot a beam of psychic energy straight at Zubat, sending it falling to the ground.

"Zubat!" Reece called out. To Reece's shock and relief, Sandshrew caught Zubat, allowing to regain its balance. The trainer smiled. "Yo Zubat! Use Bite on Golett! "Sandshrew, Magnitude again!" 

Zubat charged right at Golurk and bit the golems clay structure. This caused a flinch. Sandshrew smashed the ground with so much power, that the entire chamber they were in shook.

Magnitude 10!

Metang and Golurk fell like burnt trees in a hurricane, winning Reece the battle. The tow grunts retrieved their Pokémon. "We will punish you someday infidel!"

"Do I care?" Reece asked. "No, because I won't let my pokemon lose like they did. You guys only want to hurt pokemon, that's a fact!"

"Pokemon are animals!" One of the grunts yelled. "Made to serve humans!"  Reece's pupils shrunk at this comment. "Pokemon are just tools to you?"

Reece barely held back the urge to punch both of them.

"Get out of here. You can't hurt me without pokemon."

The grunts knew this was true (even the weakest of Pokémon could take multiple headshots) and ran. Reece was about to keep moving but he was stopped by a noise. A crumbling noise...

Reece looked up to see a large stalagtite above him. It was about to fall on him. "Oh crud! Sandshrew's Magnitude must have loosened the rocks!" Reece thought. Reece tried to move his legs, but fear had washed over him, along with extreme aching in his legs.

Reece closed his eyes, fell back, and hoped it would end quickly.


Reece opened his eyes to see a pile of rubble in front of him. Standing on top of it was a Pokémon who looked like Sandshrew, but with brown spikes on her back. he felt something gripping him. Reece looked back to see what looked like his Zubat but with a larger mouth and eyes.

"You guys evolved just in time to save me!" Reece cried. Hopefully that the need for that would never happen again.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364693933

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1364693933

Two pokemon evolve at the same time...

Reece pulled out his Pokédex.


Mouse Pokemon

Height: 3'03 / 1.0 M

Weight: 65.0 LB / 29.5 KG

Sandslash can regenrate claws within a day. They can climb trees and regulate their body tempature by curling into a ball. Don't try hugging it unless you really love it.


Bat Pokemon

Height: 5'03 / 1.6 M

Weight: 121.3 LB / 55.0 KG

This pokemon can drain 48 cubic inches of blood in one bite. It then gets drunk and is unable to fly.

Reece walked foward. Not much else was going on. If he was led here by the disaster Pokémon itself, then there had to be some reason that he was here. Two weak grunts were nothing.
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Team Aqua Magma Hideout

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Team Aqua Magma Hideout

This could only mean...

Reece kept walking. He could hear an electric buzzing sound. Something was close by, He could feel it.

The silver and gold haired boy kept walking. Walking became running. Running became walking because he was tired.

"I'm so out of fricken shape." Reece told himself. Eating McDonalds and other fast food as much as he did wasn't healthy.

Reece could see more light now. in fact, it was brighter than at Dusk Cave. "Yep. Those idiots are definitely here..." Reece said to himself. "Let's check. team's in order, Grovyle's in front, and there are likely waiting for me. Perfect!"

Reece walked into light (except he wasn't dead).

Soon, the boy walked into a definitely man made metal room. he saw several energy gnerators, all powered by Magnemite. "Dang..." he thought. He soon saw that people were manning the computers, and machinery. In short, this room had a purpose.

"The infidel is here!" Reece heard an unneccessarily loud voice yell. He soon saw three Grunts and a man with a grey beard. He had pale skin, and looked a bit Vietnamese, but other racial features mixed in. Reece noticed that the man had scars. Lots of them, so it would be impossible to tell where he hailed from. He was wearing a blue vest with an army jacket like texture.

"You must be Reece." He said. "You are boy who has been messing with us and the Society of Shadows, correct?"

Reece had to slap himself to believe what he just heard. "Oh my gosh, you didn't call me an infidel!"    

The old man sighed. "Yes well, I'm above racist insults." He said. "But, I'm afraid that this interference has become war. And we usually take no prisoners. Today is a day I'm feeling generous, so I'm wiling to let you leave alive." 

"Why?" Reece asked. "I can tell from the get up, the tone AND the scars that were likely in some war, so you should know that the right move is to terminate 'spies' "

"Because noone listens to a kid." The man said. He motioned to his guards. "Are you going to leave?"

Reece stood his ground. The admin gave the command. "Eliminate him."

Reece jumped back as a Donphan, Ursaring, and Hariyama were breathing down his neck. The boy was about to
Megaman II - Dr

Megaman II - Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 1 & 2 Metal Remix

Reinforcements! Credit to Missing Nin.

reach for his Pokémon, but then stopped to see the Ursaring smashed to the ground by a orange chicken like Pokémon.

Reece turned around. "Cutting it a bit close aren't ya Matt!?"

"Says the person who takes the path specifically noted as Dangerous." The blonde said. "Combusken, destroy Hariyama with Aerial Ace!"

The powerful chicken Pokémon leapt foward and struck Hariyama. The Arm Thrust Pokémon fell to the ground, badly injured.

Reece sent out Grovyle. "Giga Drain!" He yelled. Grovyle raced towards Donphan, disappeared, and reappeared behind Donphan. The wood gecko then drained Donphan's energy in a 225 power move. Grovyle landed right next to Combusken.

"Here to rub your victroy in my face?" The chicken asked in pokespeak.

"Oh shut up!" Grovyle snapped back. "And dodge!" he continued, alerting Combusken to Donphan trying to flatten them both with rollout. Needless to say they dodge the attack.

"Grovyle! Use Bullet Seed at Hariyama's face!" Reece ordered. Grovyle fired the volley of seeds at the face of the hulking behomoth Combusken was fighting. This caused Grovyle to get hit by Donphan's Fire Fang, taking severe damage. This also put Hariyama off balance.

"Combusken! Take it down with Brick Break!" Matt ordered. Combusken hit Hariyama with the barrier shattering punch, which knocked to Pokémon down.

"Grovyle, wait for it!" Reece called. Grovyle waited as Donphan charged at him again. "Wait for it." Reece though. He waited just until Donphan was seconds away. "Giga Drain!"
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Level Clear)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Level Clear)

Reece and Matt win!

Grovyle drew all of Donphan's energy out of the tusk Pokémon's body.

"We did it!" Reece cheered.

"Ya, but that old man's escaping!" Matt yelled.

The old man had escapred through a door in on the other side of the room. Matt, Reece, Combusken, and Grovyle followed suit. They decided it would be best not to harm the other scientists. 

The boys ran through the door, coming to a room blaring with light. The light formed a transparent wall. Reece then
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Team Aqua Magma Hideout-0

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Team Aqua Magma Hideout-0

Fricken Forcefield.

saw what this was. The light was a freaking forcefeild.

Sound familiar?

"Oh that's just unfair!" Reece yelled as he baned his fists against it. "Your hiding behind a f***ing forcefield!"

"All's fair in love and war." The admin said. "And I love war." He ran off, making sure to not waste a moment. Reece watched as he went off.

"Any brilliant ideas Matt?" Reece asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes." Matt said. He was looking at the forcefield, and at the walls it was coming out of. He looked at the complex machinery, then back to Reece. "Have larvitar or one of you pokemon with high physical strength smash the wall.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Reece said to Matt.

"You're realizing that somethings a bad idea. That's scares me."

"Well, hitting the machine might cause the cave to collaspe like it happened for me earlier."

Matt smiled. "The idea is to break something in the walls. Remember how they had Magnemite powering the machines outside?"

Reece immediatly got that. "So you think their might be power cables in the walls we can break?" They silver haired boy asked.

"I was thinking more like pokemon inside the walls." The blonde replied.

"So basically, you want me to smash the walls?" Reece asked with hopeful eyes. 

Matt noddded, knowing he'd regret it within 12 seconds.

It took Reece one second to think of what Pokémon he'd use, 2 seconds for him to call it out, another 2 for his Pignite to get its stance. 2 more for Reece to yell Arm Thrust, 1 for the door behind them to get destroyed, and 4 for Kara to storm in and  start yelling at the two.

"You two are the biggest idiots ever!" She screamed. She was wearing her tank top again, but this time, she had blue jeans. Kara took of one of her hair bands, and launched it at Matt's eye like a rubber band. 

"God **** it you B*#&@!" Matt screamed at his sister while holding his face in pain. He has also not above calling his sister such names, even if she WAS only ten.

"And you!" Kara turned to Reece. "You saw the sign! Why did you take this path?"

"What sign?" Reece asked honestly. This got him a rubber band in his eye also. "****!" He screamed.

While the two were busy rubbing their eyes, Kara calmed down. "So, what did I miss?"

Reece looked up. "My Pignite was about to bust open this wall to see if pokemon were inside."

Matt looked over. "May I ask that you do so now?" 

Reece turned around. "Pignite! Bust open the wall with Arm Thrust!" He screeched. The fire pig smashed at the wall, and opened it up. This revealed a Magnemite within the wall.

Since it was hooked up to the wires, it didn't attack. "Pignite! Retreat!" Reece declared. He recalled the Pokémon, and sent out another. 

"Go, Grovyle!" Reece called out as he sent out the Wood Gecko. "Cut Magnemite out of those wires!" Grovyle leaped to the magnet Pokémon and cut it out with his wrist blades.

The Magnemite floated up and out of the wires, causing the forcefield to weaken. It floated over to Reece, and landed on his head.

"Umm, Your welcome?" Reece said.

"Magnemite, Magnemite!" It said. It then floated over to another spot in the wall, and tapped on it. Reece got the message. He retrieved Grovyle, then sent out Larvitar. "Larvitar, smash the wall open!"

Larvitar jumped up and smashed to wall, revealing a Magnemite. "Larvitar, jump up and bite the wires!"

Larvitar jumped up and bit right through the wires binding Magnemite, letting it go and disabling the forcefeild. Reece retrieved his loyal Rock Skin friend.

"Brilliant." Kara said. "Let's get going." The underaged trainer's haair was tingling. This time was stronger than ever though, and it gave the poor girl chills.

Matt followed suit. He could swear his eye was bleeding.

Reece raced ahead like the big hearted fool he was. He wasn't sure what Team Luminious wanted, but anyone who harmed Pokémon was bad in his book.

Reece came to a set of stairs, carved right into the mountain's stone. Reece ran right up it.

At the top of the staircase was the very top of the highest of the Obsidian Mountains. The admin was at the top of them. He was talking on a Battle Scanner, calling someone else.

"Yes Lord Solaris." The admin spoke. "Reece and his fellow enemies have invaded the base."

"Those infidels are a trifling matter Sparks." The voice on the other side spoke. "I am more concerned about the status of project thunderbird. Is the pokemon secure?"

"Yes." Sparks replied. "The pokemon is not at full power however, so we need more time."

"Dispatch Zadpos anyway Sparks."

Ten Minutes later.

Reece had ascended the staircase. He saw the thundercouls hanging above the mountain; the savage wind
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Spear Pillar

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Spear Pillar

Savage Winds

threatening to kill him by picking him up and dropping him to his doom.

"So you finally made it up here?" Sparks asked. Reece looked back. "Ya." He said. "Damned stairs!"

Sparks ignored him. "You have one chance to surrender."

Reece stood his ground.

"Very well." Sparks said. He pulled out a remote like device, and pressed the button.

"It's time for you to lose."


Reece heard the loud avain screech. He looked up to the lightning above the two, and saw a spiky chicken like figure descend. It was brilliant yellow with a long beak, and its wings were seas of spikes.

"Meet the Legendary Zapdos." Sparks said. "It is the legendary bird of Thunder, and is now the divine tool of Team Luminious."

Reece was overtaken by fear. This was a legendary Pokémon? He didn't even have 2 badges. How could he beat it? But, he thought back to his previous battles. Had that ever stopped him before?

Classic VGM 278 Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad (Full Song)

Classic VGM 278 Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad (Full Song)

Team Luminous Admin.

"I wont run!" Reece yelled vehemently. "I won't let you use this pokemon for you evil deeds!"

Sparks heard those words, and he had a flashback to war. A young man. A trainer like Reece fighting in the war. He had blonde hair, and had just crashed his plane. Sparks had been sent to capture him.

When you got to the fighter plane, the man and his Raichu were badly injured. Sparks gave them a chance to surrender, but he replied. "No! I'm not going to let you monsters win!" Just like Reece had stated he wouldn't run.

"Very well." Sparks said. "Prepare to die." He threw a Pokéball. "Go! Arcanine!" 

Reece wondered to as why he didn't start with Zapdos. He wasn't complaining. "Go! Sandslash!" Reece yelled. The spiky mouse Pokémon erupted from her Pokéball. "Use Mangitude!" Reece ordered.

Sandslash stomped the ground, creating a shockwave that shook the battlefield.

Magnitude 6!

Arcanine took the hit well. It eagerly waited for it's master's command. "Use Flamethrower!" Sparks ordered. Arcanine shot a jet of flames right a Sandslash, doing noticeable damage.

"Sandslash! Rollout!" Reece ordered. Sandslash rolled up into a ball and charged towards Arcanine. The spiky Pokémon bounced up into the Fire dog, badly wounding it.

"Double Team!" Sparks ordered. Arcanine created illusory copies of itself to surround Sandslash. Sandslash was still in Rollout, so Reece couldn't order anything else. Sandslash charged through several of them, but missing. This caused her Rollout to terminate.

"Arcanine! Use Flamethrower!" Sparks ordered. Arcanine covered himself in an inferno before launching the attack this time, causing Reece to sheild himself from the heat with his arms.

Reece looked with horror as his Sandslash was burned to a crisp. He retrieved the poor Pokémon. "Don't woory Sandslash." He said.

Reece reached for Golbat's Pokéball. "Go! Golbat!" Reece yelled. The bat Pokémon materialized infront of Arcanine, ready to attack.

"Golbat! Use Confuse Ray!" Reece ordered. Golbat created a sinister ball of energy that spun around Arcanine's head, Confusing it.

"Double Team!" Sparks called. Arcanine split into illusory copies again. It once again surrounded its foe. "Dang it!" Reece thought.

"Wing Attack!" Reece called. Golbat struck threw as many illusory copies as possible without stopping, but failed. Arcanine took the bat from behind with Thunder Fang.

"Arcanine! Double Team again!" Sparks called. Reece didn't declare an attack. Instead, Reece did the only thing he could think of.

"GOLBAT!" Reece called.

Golbat's accuracy increased suddenly. The shock of this threw Sparks off so much that he didn't order his next attack.

"Golbat!" Reece called. "Use Wing Attack!"

Golbat hit with presicion accuracy this time. This scored a critical hit, and nearly knocked Arcanine over. Reece wasn' done there. He retrieved Golbat.

"Arcanine! Use Double Team before he sends out his next pokemon!" Sparks yelled. This increased Arcanine's Evasion to Stage +4.

"You were a fool to make that move Reece!" Sparks yelled. "Your pokemon will never hit my Arcanine now!"

"Heh." Reece said. "Heheha!" Reece smiled and sent out his next Pokémon, Kadabra. "You're wrong!" Reece declared. "The Shock Wave never misses!"

The words Reece spoke invoked yet another flashback. During his battle with the boy back in the war, he was in the same state Reece was in. The boy refused to give up, even though it was hopeless. But then, the boy used one last attack.

"Raichu! Use Shock Wave!"

The Raichu hit his Arcanine with a lightning bolt that had to be moving at at least the speed of sound. His Pokémon fainted in one hit.

"Like It? It's the Shock Wave, my signature attack." The young man said. "It NEVER misses."

Now Sparks stood their, with his Arcanine beaten the same way twice. Reece looked up to Sparks. "Looks like I beat your Arcanine."

The battle, in a way, ended at that point. Sparks could feel the open tension calm down, but what was inside hungered to be free.

Kara and Matt had finally made to the top of the stairs. The first thing that caught their eyes was the Legendary Pokémon. The second was the old man controlling the legendary Pokémon. The third was Reece battleing the old man controlling the legendary Pokémon.

Sparks was fully aware he still had a powerful legendary Pokémon behind him. He wasn't going to waste thatr bullet.

"Reece Falconer." He started. "For your crimes against the sacred Luminious Sentries, I sentence you..." He put his right and up.

"TO DEATH! Zapdos! Use Thunderbolt!"

A great thunderbolt dropped down at Reece, and for the second time that day, Reece thought he was going to die. But as fate would have it, the ending of that battle gave Reece what he needed to win.

Reece opened his eyes, and what he saw shocked him. Lying in front of him was a large four winged bat. It was purple, and was sparking with electricity.

"Golbat evolved into Crobat..." Matt said under his breath from where he was watching.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon who he owed his life 2 twice now. "Thanks buddy." He said. He turned to Sparks. "Ready to finish this?"

Sparks looked at him. "You honestly think you can still win?"  Reece sent out his next Pokémon. "Let's do this Pignite!" Reece yelled.

"Tell me boy! What's stopping me from dropping another Thunderbolt on you?" Reece kept his serious face. "What fun would that be?"

Sparks decided to humor the boy. "Fine then." He said with a solemn tone. "This battle will decide your fate."

"Reece!" Kara yelled. "Let us help you!"

Reece turned around. "NO! This is my fight!" He yelled. "This is personal now." The boy meant it. It all added up. He was brought here to stop Team Luminious. Brought here by Absol. He knew these psycho's were mad, and he knew that he had to stop him. Crobat's sacrifice wasn't going to go in vain! 

Reece got into a battling stance. "Let's do this!" Reece yelled.

"Zapdos! Use Aerial Ace!" Sparks yelled. The thunder bird sliced at Pignite, doing severe damage. Reece wouldn't give. "Pignite! Flame Charge!"

The fire pig slammed into Zapdos, increasing its speed. Would it be enough to outrun a legendary?


"Thunderbolt!" Sparks yelled. Zapdos fired its deadly electrical attack at Pignite, certifying a KO. That would if Reece was a normal trainer. "Pignite! Use Ember!" Reece screeched.

Pignite shot the flames at the lightning. This caused a burst of energy that turned both into plasma. Reece was awe struck at the collsion of power, but knew Pignite would not be able to keep that up. "Flame Charge!" The boy yelled.

Pignite went in for another strike, and would potentially deal the damage that could decide the battle. But Sparks wouldn't take a chance. "Detect!" the war veteran yelled. Zapdos's eyes glowed in a flash, then the bird dodged the Flame Charge, appearing behind Pignite.

"Strike with Thunderbolt!" Sparks yelled. Zapdos fired a powerful blast of electricity at his foe, knocking the pig out with one shot.

"Retreat!" Reece yelled. He called Pignite back into it's Pokéball, and checked his three others. "Go! Larvitar!" Reece yelled. The Quiet natured Rock Skin Pokémon jumped to the ground.

"Rock Slide!" Reece ordered. Larvitar took a rock and threw it at Zapdos with extreme force.

"Heat Wave!" Sparks ordered. Zapdos electrified the air, and superheated it. This not only melted the rock, but burned Larvitar. The melted mark was highly visible, and Reece was sickened by its appearance.

"Pwitar. Vit, vitar.(I will win this for Reece)" Larvitar said. He picked up a rock, and threw it with more force than ever. This even shocked Reece. "Wait, this is his ability, Guts!" Reece thought.

This rock hit the thunderbird, doing severe damage.

"No matter!" Sparks declared. "Use Hyper Beam!" He yelled. He waited for the Atomizing energy beam to incinerate Larvitar, but it never came. Instead, Reece's Pokémon only took burn damage.

"Has our master forsaken us?" Sparks thought. "Zapdos flinched!"

Reece saw he had one more chance. "Larvitar!" Reece ordered. "Drag it to the ground with Bite!" Larvitar positioned himself. Getting into the position to jump was easy, but a slow proccess. Larvitar finally jumped, and bit into Zapdos's wing, dragging the legendary bird to the ground.

Of course making a legendary Pokémon fall into a mountain is an impressive feat. But impressive feats don't distract they greatest of trainers unless the feat's really impressive.

Still, Sparks was not amused.

"You think you won Reece? Your still a child, and I'm a veteran who's survived an entire war. You disapoint me." The war veteran said. "Zapdos! Hyper Beam!"

Zapdos got up, and fired white beams out of the six spikes on its wings which fused into a sphere of ultra condensed energy on front of the thunderbird.

"FIRE!" Sparks yelled in the same way he had given execution orders during the war. Zapdos screeched as it fired the blast at Larvitar. The white energy beam tore through the air at Larvitar. 

"Dodge it!" Reece called in desperation. If Larvitar was faster, than he'd might have been able to dodge. But the blast was too fast for the Rock Skin Pokémon. The foothold beneath it was atomized by the blast, leaving a badly wounded Larvitar on the ground.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon. "I'll avenge you buddy. Don't you worry.

Reece had 2 more pokemon. Kadabra and Grovyle. Grovyle would be slaughtered, but Reece could tell he'd have to use him eventually. Reece had to think of something.

"Kadabra." He said to his Pokéball. "No distractions, no Telepathy, just battle. Can you do it?" Reece said, looking at the psi Pokémon through the Pokéball. He saw Kadabra nod through the transparent material.

"Go! Kadabra!" Reece called out. He sent the Pokémon out of its Pokéball, and onto the mountain floor. "Lets do it!" Reece yelled. He wasn't losing. He looked back to Matt and Kara, who where watching intently. They may or may not have had faith in him, but he'd do it. Nothing would stop him from getting to the Delta League, not even these screwy terrorists.

Sparks knew his Pokémon had to recharge.

"Kadabra! Use Shock Wave!" Reece demanded. Kadabra shot the unavoidable attack right at Zapdos, doing nonlethal but still severe damage.

Zapdos had recharged, and Sparks was unwilling to take any risks. "Aerial Ace!" The army veteran ordered. Zapdos charged foward with its never miss attack. Kadabra was hit right in his right arm with Aerial Ace, knocking the spoon out. Kadabra's arm bled visibly from the injury.

"Kadabra!" Reece yelled. He knew the Pokémon couldn't focus psychic energy as well without his spoons. "Execute him with Thunderbolt!" Sparks yelled. Zapdos got up, and fired a powerful thunderbolt right at Kadabra.

Sparks couldn't hear it well, but Reece shouted something. Zapdos's attack hit in an explosion, practically melting the rock under its foe. Reece bit his lip, hoping that his insane plan worked.

The smoke cleared. sparks took out his battle scanner, and checked to see if Zapdos had put down Kadabra. To what would totally have gotten to crush the device if this was DBZ was that it claimed the Kadabra's HP had stayed the same.

"What! Impossible!" Sparks yelled.


Reece smiled. "I had Kadabra throw his spoon at the lightning, redirecting it at the spoon." The boy had obviously thought the plan wouldn't work. It was written all over his face.

"I admit is was brilliant, but it was a one time trick Reece!" Sparks retaliated. "Finish it with another Thunderbolt!" Zapdos fired another blast of lightning.

"Confusion!" Reece yelled. Kadabra unleashed all of his Psychic energy into one blast. The two attacks hit, with neither gaining ground.

The air was charged with tension as the trainers watched their respective Pokémon fight for their cause. It would not only come down to who was stronger, but who's will to win was stronger.

"Kadabra..." Reece thought. "Win this!"

Sparks thought nothing. He simply watched for the insect fighting him to perish. The blast seemed not to cease, but then, Kadabra's Confusion beam knocked back Thunderbolt, crashing both attacks into Zapdos.

"Is it over?" Reece asked.

The silence was unbearable. Even the thunder from the clouds above stopped. It was unbearable, knowing that the world waited for you to see if you were going to die or not. The smoke cleared slowly. Reece couldn't tell if Zapdos had fainted or not. He didn't even think to check his Scanner.

"Sky Attack!" Sparks commanded. The bird of thunder glowed intensly, peircing the smoke. Before Reece could react, the Pokémon charged right at Kadabra with great speed. Reece watched tortured inside as his Pokémon was bloodied, sliced, and battered into the ground.

"Send out your last pokemon." Sparks demanded. "Unless you can pull off some miracle, then your doomed. The general waited patiently for Reece to collapse under pressure and die.

Reece could only look at his last pokemon. "You can do it Grovyle." Reece said softly. "You can beat him." The boy threw the Pokéball. Out popped the loyal wood gecko. Reece and Sparks faced one last time.

This is it.

"Grovyle! Use Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. The wood gecko nodded, and disappeared. In seconds it reappeared right on top of Zapdos's head.

"Screech!" Reece yelled.

Grovyle shouted so loud that it practically deafened the legendary bird. Sparks refused to give up. "Aerial Ace!"

Zapdos could hear that. The thunderbird flipped around, knocked Grovyle off, and stabbed the poor Pokémon painfully. Reece cringed as the Pokémon's blood splashed in front of him.

"Quick! Heal up with Giga Drain!" The wood gecko's trainer yelled. Grovyle threw his arm foward, and drained off Zapdos's energy.

"Hyper Beam!" Sparks ordered. Zapdos's generated power from the six spikes on its wings, and formed them into a sphere. The thunderbird launched the energy at Grovyle.

"Dodge it!" Reece cried out almost desperatly. "Gragragra!" The wood gecko shouted as he dodged the attack over and over. Once, twice, a third time.

"Grovyle! Use Quick Attack!" Reece commanded. At this point, one slip up would cost him everything. He couldn't lose. He wouldn't lose! He wouldn't let his Pokémon get hurt again.

The wood gecko slammed into Zapdos, doing a good amount of damage. Sparks decided he had to end this. Reece and his Pokémon would soon perish.

"Use Sky Attack!" Sparks ordered. Zapdos started to glow, and the Pokémon charged up its power to a point where it would OHKO Grovyle.

Reece had one last chance to finish this. This move would decide everything. And Reece meant everything. He knew straight up defeating the thunderbird was impossible. Reece aimed for the only thing left.

"Grovyle! Use Bullet Seed at Zapdos...!" He wa cut off by the impending attack! "SKY ATTACK!" Sparks yelled. Zapdos charged right at the wood gecko.

Grovyle fired it Bullet Seed attack, seeming to not even effect to incoming Zapdos. The thunderbird was about to make contact before it stopped.

"What!?" Sparks yelled, "What are you doing! Skewer him!"

Reece smiled, and pointed to Sparks. The veteran looked down, and saw that the Pokéball that held Zapdos had shattered.

"What have you done?" Sparks called out terrified. "Do you realize what you've done?"

"Ya, totally." Reece replied. He looked upon the legendary Pokémon. "I just won, and freed that pokemon." Reece said. His voice was in monotone, as if his feeble hyperactive brain was stilling trying to convince him he actually succeeded.

"Did he really just do that?" Matt asked Kara. "Did he really just do that?"
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Spear Pillar-0

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Spear Pillar-0

Mountain Tops.

"Shut up. I'm watching the action." Kara replied.

The battle was technically over, as Sparks had no more usable Pokémon. Zapdos screeched.

"Damn it!" Sparks said aloud. This bird was going to kill him.

The legendary bird Pokémon turned to Reece. It stared at him, and then screeched again.

Grovyle saw this, and took his place by Reece.

"Grocrogro! (I won't let you harm him!)" The wood gecko screeched. He was prepared to defend his trainer with his life. And just to think three weeks ago he hated the boy.

"I shall not harm him, for he has liberated me from my bondings." Zapdos replied in pokespeak. The legendary Pokémon turned to Sparks, and started to crackle.

"NO! Don't!" Reece yelled. Everyone looked at him with a "Your crazy! That guy tried to kill you face." This didn't exclude Sparks. or Zapdos

"Please Don't kill him. I knew he enslaved you, but do you really have to kill him?" Reece asked. He knew Sparks g=had tried to kill him, and do whatever with that Legendary.

Zapdos stopped. As much as the bird wanted to kill Sparks, it flew off. The thunder ceased, but the black clouds
Pokémon Black & White - Team Plasma Sage Encounter! (Ghetsis)

Pokémon Black & White - Team Plasma Sage Encounter! (Ghetsis)

I couldn't find anything more suiting.

didn't disappear. This was almost the end.

Sparks was both infuriated and worried. He wasn't worried because he lost, but because what would happen now that he lost.

A grey disc like device on his belt started beeping. The terrified admin watched as a booming voice sprang out of it.

"Sparks. You dissapoint me." The voice said.

"Forgive me Master Solaris!" Sparks begged. He knelt down, as he put the device on the ground.

The device popped a figure, only a sillouette of light was visible. But it shined like a star made of gold. Reece, Matt and Kara had to turn away. "You 3 infidels have gone far enough." The figure boomed. "You must will be punished for your sins."

"Who are you and what the hell do you guys want?!" Matt yelled.

"I am Solaris, and our goal to cover the world in light, and to spread our beliefs to the Worlds. Light will rule, and all darkness, pokemon and human alike will fall." Solaris

"May I ask why in sanity's sake are you doing this?" Kara asked.

Solaris's figure moved his arm. "It is the will of light."

"You're sick man." Reece said. "You will pay for your infidelity." Solaris said. "But now you will be left here as you await judgement." The 2 of them disappeared in a flash of light.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - For a New Life

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - For a New Life

The sun comes out, but is it a sign of hope, or of doom?

As Solaris and Sparks dissapeared, the thunderclouds finally parted. Sun shone out in golden rays. The three Pokédex holders saw the beautiful sight.

"Wow." Reece said. It's been so long than I've seen something so beautiful.

"Yeah, but now we have a psychopathic madman who wan'ts us dead for infidelity." Matt added.

"The light only serves as a reminder that light isn't always good." Kara continued.

Reece turned to the two. "We might have a shadow on the horizon, but we can still get stronger. If we do, the darkness won't have as much to hide behind." Reece said to his childhood friends.

"Awfully poetic." Kara said with a skeptical look on her face. "What do you want?"

"Can you heal my pokemon?" Reece asked. Matt got his 'I'm irratated but I know Kara's gonna do it regardless' face on.

Kara wordlessly healed Reece's Pokémon. "Thanks Kara!" Reece said. He prepared for his long walk down the mountain.

But before he made it to the stairs, he falt something on his shoulder. He looked to see a Magnemite with a happy expression tapping him.

"Hey Reece, it's the Magnemite you freed earlier." Matt yelled.

Reece turned to it. "Do you want to join me?" He asked. The magnet Pokémon nodded. Reece pulled out a greatball, and tapped the Pokémon with it. It was captured without a struggle.

"They say when a pokemon joins you willingly that it's good luck!" Kara said.

"I think I'm going to need that..." Reece thought. He got ready to walk down the mountain again, but then turned his head, catching a glimpse of what started this mess.


Reece smiled, and descended his way down the mountain.

Graphic City Arc

Reece slid down the slope. He looked around. No insane trainers in sight. That's good. Reece decided it would be
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365221838

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365221838

Normally, Reece would do this ASAP, but a terroist group and a horde of pokemaniacs doesn't help.

best to finally check his Pokédex. Reece pulled out the red device.


Bat Pokemon

Height: 5'11 / 1.8 M

Weight: 165.3 LB / 75.0 KG

It can fly at top speeds silently, and for a whole day. Since it has 4 wings, it can easily dodge in midair. It evolves through friendship.

Reece checked Magnemite's Entry


Magnet Pokemon

Height: 1'00 / 0.3 M

Weight: 13.2 / 6.0 KG

It flies using Antigravity. It gnerates enough electromagnetism to pull in a paper clip from 100 Meters away.
Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau)

Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau)

Continetal Pass

Reece walked down the slope he was on. He came upon the Continental Pass, a pass in the center of Delta. Through it, one could access the West, South, North, or East Part with ease.

Why did I put them in that order. Time to find out.

Reece waled through the rocky terrain. His Battle Scanner and sense of direction were the only things keeping him from getting lost.

Reece found his way to the southern part. This was Reece's goal, as not one, but two gyms were in Graphic City. That would be Reece's most important stop.

The trainer made his way through the southern mountain pass. His feet were tired from walking, his eyes were tired from lack of sleep, his bcak ached from all the exercise, and his min ached because he was out of things to complain about.

Reece thought back to the crazyness that happened not long ago. Team Luminious wanted World Domination through Religious force if he wasn't mistaken. He needed to stop that, because if they succeeded, all Pokémon who were poison, dark, or ghost type would be executed.

And what about Team Abyss? What in the world did they want? Reece decided it would be best to keep it off his conscious.

Eventually, Reece slipped into the small (by map standards) patch of ground known as Glyphic Path.
Pokemon SINNOH Soundtrack- Route 210 211 214 215 223 224 HQ

Pokemon SINNOH Soundtrack- Route 210 211 214 215 223 224 HQ

Happy and upbeat for the win!

There wasn't much to do here but admire the old ruins. The area was like a valley, but with a fair few ruins. The area is supposedly the oldest architechture in the Delta Region.

Reece felt a Pokéball on his belt start to shake. He saw that it was the only one that was out of the ordinary.

"Go Larvitar!

The rock skin pokemon came out of the pokeball, and looked at the ruins.

"Larvitar are found in mountainous areas right?" Reece asked. "So this is like home to you."

"Larvitar slowly lumbere to the ruins, and looked at them. "This looks like really nice soil." Was the Pokémon's first thought.

Reece was walking along, careful not to leave Larvitar. But as he walked farther away, something jumped in front of him.

The something was a beige monkey like creature with a pig nose. It had a spherical body covered in hair, and looked angry. Very angry.

Reece was about to send out Pignite before the Pokémon knocked him to the ground, and had fire appear in its eyes.

"Oh crap." Reece said.

Larvitar was fully unaware that his trainer was being attacked by an enraged Mankey. He instead thought back to why these ruins seemed familiar. He had stayed with Reece his entire life, so he couldn't remeber, butt they gave off an eerie aura that seemed familiar.

He thought about it for twenty seconds, then decided to eat the soil below him.

Reece was able to throw a Great Ball at the face of Mankey, giving enough time to hide behind a rock while he waited to see if it was caught.

One Shake,

Two Shakes,

Three Sha....


The Pokémon broke out of the Pokéball as it shattered to rock Reece was behind.

"Why does this crud only happen to me?" Reece asked.

Reece continued fighting for his life as Larvitar happily ate the soil around him. It tasted just like the soil back home:fertile, moist, little hummus. The rock skin Pokémon continued to happily eat the soil.

Reece was down to one last Pokéball. "If this doesn't work, I'm doomed!" The boy thought. He threw the Great Ball. It drew in the pig monkey, and Reece started his last moments just in case.

One Shake

"I want Matt to know that he was always a easy battle." He said.

Two Shakes

"Kara to know that she was always a great friend."

Three Shakes

"I regret nothing."


"Woohoo! I get to live!" Reece cheered. He looked over. "Larvitar! Time to go!" Reece was covered in bloody cuts, bruises, and small beige hairs. He was okay. Mostly

The Rock Skin Pokémon popped out of the ground with a mouthful of soil. It got up out of the ground, and lumbered
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365272397

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365272397

Another Pokemon. Yay.

slowly to his trainer. Reece pulled out his Pokédex.


Pig Monkey

Height: 1'08 / 0.5 M

Weight: 61.7 LB / 28.0 KG

It is extemely quick to anger in the wild. Simply breathing in its vicinty might cause it to fly into a bloodthirsty rage.

'Yeah, real nice to know AFTER it tries to kill me." Reece said.

Reece kept walking until he saw his destination. "There it is." Reece proclaimed looking over the hill. 


Chapter 28:Highly Graphic Osmosis

Okay, before you shoot me for the pun, please read the chapter.
Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)

Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)

Station Square.

Reece walked to the Pokémon Center. Considering he looked like he was mauled by a Mankey, he got a few stares.

Reece looked around. Large buildings, a few skyscrapers, and a lot of people staring at him.

Reece finally made it to the Pokémon center. The nurse this time had a buisness suit on, and looked like she didn't get much sleep.

"Welcome to are pokemon center, how..." She started. "You looked like you got mauled by a Mankey." she followed with.

"I was!" Reece pointed out. "I also caught it!" he added.

"Sir, do you want me to call the hospital?" The nurse asked.

"No thanks, but can you tell me what the gyms here specialize in?" Reece asked.

The nurse shook off the urge to call him crazy. "The closer of the Gyms is a Water Type Gym, and the other is a Normal Type Gym. They are run by Oswald and Mari respectively."

"Thank you." He left his Pokéballs on the counter, and asked if the nurse would heal his Pokémon while he checked the PC.

"Of course."

Reece ran over to the PC, nearly crashing into a green haired Ace Trainer in the process. She just looked at him with the same though as everyone else: "That guy looks like he got mauled by a Mankey."

Reece checked his PC. "Okay, so I have Raticate, Beedrill, Kingler, Magnemite, Remoraid, Tranquil, Oddish and Cleffa." He said to himself. "That, and Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Crobat, Sandslash and Pignite."

Reece thought for a minute. He slowly fell into a trance like state. Then he heard someone call for him. "Excuse me, sir. Sir? SIR!?" 

"I didn't do it!" Reece yelled. Then he became aware of everything around him. The nurse had finally healed his Pokémon. "Thank you!" Reece said. He took his Pokémon, and looked at the PC again.

Reecee chose the team for the battle. Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Oddish, Magnemite, and Remoraid. A water type may as well be used in a water gym.

Reece walked to the gym, still looking like he was mauled by a Mankey. Cleffa could be tougher, but for now, he was going to beat up the trainers at the gym. With an Oddish. In fact...

"Go, Oddish!" He said. He sent out the weed Pokémon. Obviously, the Pokémon didn't like the sun, because it hid behind Reece's shadow.

"Aww! It's so cute!" Reece said. He picked it up, and placed it in his backpack.

"Dishdishdish!" Oddish said.

Reece got to the gym, and walked inside. To his surprise. it was raining inside the gym. Only the part that he was

Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-0

Finally, the second gym. It only took 20 chapters.

stading in was dry. 

"Hello sir." A woman standing behind a counter said. "Are you here for the gym challenge?"

"Yes." Reece said. "May I ask why it's raining?" the boy followed.

"The rain allows for water type pokemon to have increased strength." The receptionist said. "We filter the water through drains and then spray it through a specialized sprinkler system."

"Brilliant." Reece said.

"Now before yyou enter the gym, you need to sign this waver saying we cannot be held responsible for rain related ilnesses." The receptionist said. Her voice was cheerier than should be allowed for telling someone that.

Reece signed the paper, and walked in.

"Wait!" The receptionist yelled. "Why do you look like you were mauled by a Mankey?"

"Because I was!" The boy called back.

The gym was like a pool, yet much larger, and with concrete platforms everywhere. Reece was busy looking at the superstructure, but he was easily snapped back when someone called out to him.

"Hey!" someone called to Reece. "If you're challenging, you need to defeat 3 trainers!"

Reece looked over to see a fisherman sitting on the other side of the gym. His fishing rod looked nice. Reece rarely went fishing with his Old Rod, because he never caught anything but Magikarp.

Reece calmly took Oddish out of his backpack. He set it down, and looked across to the fisherman who had sent out a Lombre in response.
Pokemon Stadium - Gym Trainer Battle-0

Pokemon Stadium - Gym Trainer Battle-0

Let's do this!

Reece got ready with great calm. He then abandoned that. "Oddish! Go destroy 'em with Giga Drain!"

Oddish jumped over from platform to platform to get closer to Lombre. The weed Pokémon then drew the energy straight out of the Jolly Pokémon.

Lombre fainted to the superior power of Oddish. Not only was it cute, but it was deadly. That was why Reece liked it so much.

The fisherman retrieved Lombre, and sent out another Pokémon. "Go! Barboach!" The fishermn yelled out.

"Giga Drain!" Reece yelled.

Needless to say. TAKEN OUT ON THE WORD GO!

But anyway, Reece won that easily. The fisherman was greatly annoyed that Reece beat him easily, and got up. "If you have that much luck with the next trainer, you'll be in for a great fight with Ozwald."

Reece watched as he walked away, and then retrieved Oddish. He would use Magnemite for the next battle. A swimmer walked in next. She looked like Kara in a way, but much less scary. Reece got ready for battle.

"So, your my next opponent?" She asked. "Hope you don't lose easily."

Reece sent out his Pokémon. "GO! Magnemite!" He yelled. The magnet Pokémon jumped out of its Pokéball floated to the center of the arena. "Go! Tentacool!" The swimmer called out. The jellyfish jumped out, and looked right to Magnemite.

"Magnemite!" Spark!" Reece called out.

Magnemote crackled with Electricity, and smashed into Tentacool. Being a water type, Spark did a ton of damage to Tentacool.

"Bubblebeam!" The swimmer yelled. Tentacool bounced back at Magnemite and fired a pressurized jet of bubbles at Magnemite's face. In the rain, this did a ton of damage.

"Thundershock!" Reece yelled out. Magnemite fired a small jolt of electricity out of its magnets, and caused the jellyfish to faint.

"Aww man." The swimmer said. She retrieved to Pokémon, and sent out another. "Go, Quagsire!" She called out. Reece retrieved Magnemite, knowing it'd be useless.

"Go! Oddish!" Reece called out. He sent the cute little weed Pokémon out of his Pokéball, and watched as it faced Quagsre. Due to Quagsire's typing, one Giga Drain should KO it.

"Ice Beam!" The swimmer called.

"NO!" Reece called out as Oddish was frozen in a hunk of ice. He quickly got its Pokéball. "Retreat!"

Reece had to think his next move through. If he sent out Grovyle, it would be slaughtered by Ice Beam. Reece then remembered:It was raining.

"Go, Remoraid!" Reece exclaimed as he sent out the Jet Pokémon. The fish landed in the water, enjoying it's first exercise in a week.

"Quagsire! Use Mud Bomb!" the swimmer yelled to her Pokémon. Quagsire grabbed a ball of mud from who knows where and threw it a Remoraid. However, the happy Jet Pokémon was too busy swimming to need to dodge.

"Use Water Pulse!" Reece ordered. Remoraid shot out of the water and fired an ultrasonic blast of water at Quagsire. It made contact, and knocked it down. Reece smiled, knowing that his idea to take advantage of the rain worked. He didn't know how lucky he was that Quagsire didn't have Water Absorb.

"Quagsire! Use Mud Shot!'

The water fish pokemon fired a bulley of mud at Remoraid, knocking it back into the water. Reece wasn't ready to give up though.

"Psybeam!" Reece called out. Remoraid fired a psychic blast right at the head of the dim witted Quagsire. This caused the pokemno to become confused.

"Quagsire, use Mud Bomb!" the swimmer yelled. This however instead translated to "Smash your head against the wall" in confused english.

Quagsire smashed his head into the concrete, knocking itself out. Reece smiled as he retrieved his Pokémon. The swimmer retrieved Quagsire. "Aww, I lost." She said. "Well, good luck with the last trainer."

Reece quickly unfroze Oddish with a spare Ice Heal he had. As he did, an ace trainer walked in. "So you're the guy who beat the others?" He asked.

"Yeah." Reece replied. "Can we battle now?"

"Sure." The Ace trainer said. "Go Whiscash!"

The whiskers Pokémon jumped into the pool, making a big splash. Reece sent out Oddish, and the Weed Pokémon landed on the platfom closest to Whiscash.

"OddisH! Use Giga Dra..." He was rudely cut off by Whiscash swallowing Oddish into it mouth. Reece looked on with shock. "Did, you, really, just, do, that?" Reece said. He looked like he was about to go into shock.

"Yes. Yes I did!" The ace trainer said.

Reece stood there shocked. Until that, it, Whiscash fainted and vomited up Oddish. Reece smiled when he realized that Oddish used Giga Drain to KO Whiscash from the inside.

"Looks like I won!"

The ace trainer retreived his Pokémon, and Reece watched as Oddish walked over to him.

"Good boy." Reece said kneeling down to it. The Pokémon then started to glow. It grew arms, and its
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365309924

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365309924

Gloomy days can be nice too.

head became much more detailed. Reece pulled out his Pokédex.


Weed pokemon

Height: 2'07 / 0.8 M

Weight: 19.0 LB / 8.6 KG

The honey it produces smells awful. But it tastes great. This pokemon uses the sun to make up for a lack of Speed.

Reece knew it was time to fight the Gym Leader. He retrieved Gloom. Looking around the room showed that he would have to go across the sides to get to the next room.

As Reece walked across the room, a thought crossed his head. "How tough would this Gym Leader be." He thought. "He can't possibly be as strong as Wes."

Reece bashed his concern in the head with a lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

The last room was very majestic looking. It was like a Roman coloseum, but with a dome and water. Lots of water. Whowever designed was likely named Mason and was trying to impress his lost love, but that was ridiculous.


But anyway, Reece looked around. There had to be a trainer somewhere. The rain had taken care of all the bathing Reece had missed in the bast 3 days.

Reece saw a Pokémon healing machine, which was a divine gift. He healed up his team. Time to find the gym lea...

"So, you must be the challenger." Reece heard. He looked over to see a man with blue hair and a red jacket. He had what Reece reconized as the Osmosis Badge on his shirt. He wore indigo pants.

"You must be Ozwald." Reece replied.

"Well, now that formalities are over, I'm guessing you're the trainer Sakura told me about." The gym leader said. "Strange, I imagined that you'd be taller with a deeper voice, and less wacky hair."

"My hair isn't wacky." Reece said in a hurt and squeaky voice.

"May I ask who spends their time dying their hair silver with with Gold stripes?" Ozwald asked. "You must use a lot of gel with that."

"Actually." Reece said pointing to his hair. "My hair is natural."

Wait. What?

"But, How the heck is that possible!?" Ozwald sputtered flabbergasted. 

"Genetic mutations." Reece said. "Don't tell anyone I said that."

"Can we get to battling now?"
Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)-0

Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)-0

It is time.

 Ozwald asked.

"I like they way you think. " Reece replied.

Ozwald sent out his first Pokémon, Vaporeon. Reece sent out his first Pokémon, Magnemite.

"Vaporeon!" Ozwald called out. "Use Water Pulse!"

In the rain, the attack was naturally super powerful and hard to dodge. Magnemite couldn't get out of the way in time.

"Use Spark and Charge right through!" Reece yelled. Magnemite covered himself with electricty and smashed into Vaporeon through the Water Pulse. This action caused both of them the be badly damaged.

"Vaporeon! Use Water Pulse!" Ozwald retaliated.

"Magnemite! Return Fire with Metal Sound!" Reece commanded. Magnemite made a painful electrical sound that formed in Sonic waves.

As you know, Water Pulse uses the fact that water is a better sound conducter then air. So what happens when you introduce the worst ear spillting sound imaginable?

The water pulse was quickly dispersed by the attack, and Reece used the oppurtunity to strike.


Magnemite fired a powerful shock at Vaporeon, only powered up by STAB and the Metal Sound. Vaporeon had no chance of surviving.

Unless, of course, it was holding a Wacan berry. Oh how those berries troll us so.

Vaporeon ate the berry, and the attack was weakened significantly. Reece saw that, and did the only reasonable thing that anyone would do in this situation.

"Hit it again Magnemite it's still breathing!" Reece shouted out in a maybe to panicky voice. Magnemite fired another Thundershock in repsonse. This was not a win however, as Ozwald had prepared for this.

"Vaporeon! Jump up and use Water Pulse!" The blue haired man ordered. His Pokémon was quick to comply. The Bubble Jet Pokémon shot up, and landed behind Magnemite. The Pokémon then backstabbed the Magnet Pokémon with Water Pulse, KOing Reece's Pokémon.

"Magnemite! Retreat!" Reece yelled. He retrieved the Magnet Pokémon into its Pokéball.

Who was next. He had five more Pokémon in his possession. Since his foe was a speedy water type, only one Pokémon came to mind.

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece yelled.He sent the green wood gecko out of its Pokéball, and took the offensive immediatly. "Giga Drain!"

Grovyle's eyes glowed Green as it absorbed the nutrients straight out of Vaporeon, scoring an instant KO.

Ozwald retrieved Vaporeon. "You did well." He said quitely. The man then sent out his next Pokémon. "Go! Furret!" He yelled. The Long Body Pokémon looked right Grovyle.

"A Normal type in a Water Gym?" Reece asked.

"All the Gym Leaders have pokemon to cover up the weaknesses of their specialty type." Ozwald replied. "Other have pokemon that can take advantage of the field, like my little artificial Rain."

"And it only gets tougher from here."

Reece was unfazed. "I'm not giving up. Not now, not ever."

"We'll see about that."

Chapter 29:Rain Rain go...HOLY CRUD!

Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)-1

Kanto Gym Leader (Pokemon Stadium)-1

Gym Battle! Continued.

Reece was not going to let some pretty boy in a water logged fancy Roman stadium prevent him from getting the Osmosis Badge.

Nor would he let Matt, but good thing he wasn't here.

"Grovyle!" Reece yelled. "Use Quick Attack!"

The wood Gecko charged foward and slammed Furret with the large growth on its head.

"Furret! Ice Punch!" Ozwald commanded. Furret covered its fist in icy energy and smashed Grovyle with it, doing heavy damage.

"Giga Drain!" Reece called out in response.

Grovyle drew in Furret's energy, healing the wounds from Ice Punch. "Now use Bullet Seed!" Reece followed. The wood gecko Pokémon knew to never let his guard down, and he made sure to fire immediately.

"Furret! Quick, Fury Swipes!"

Furret used its multi-hit move to counter its opponents Multi-hit move. Within seconds of a flurry of claws, Furret stopped every Seed cold.

"Screech!" Reece followed up. Grovyle ran to its foe and let out a very painful screech at Furret.

"Ice Punch!" Ozwald responded.

Furret covered its fist in ice, and smashed Grovyle in the face.

Critical Hit!

With one hit, Grovyle had fainted. Just like that, one of Reece's strongest Pokémon was down. Reece took a second to apprehend. Then it hit him.


Reece made his next move. "Grovyle! Retreat!" Reece yelled. He drew the Wood Gecko back into his Pokéball, and then decided on who would be next. The choices were Kadabra, Remoraid, Larvitar, or Gloom.


"Go! Kadabra!" Reece called out. The psi Pokémon flipped out of its Pokéball, landing right onto a dry ground. "Confusion!" Reece called again. Kadabra fired a beam of Psychic energy right at Furret, knocking it off balance.

Ozwald wasn't giving up so easily. "Thunderpunch!"

Furret charged foward, fist crackling with electricty. But then the long body Pokémon pulled a totally unexpected move.

Furret slammed down, shocking the water and all the Pokémon but itself. Kadabra was hit for severe damage, and Reece was thouroghly annoyed with this. He also realized my there was a ring of rubber around the stadium.

"Two can play HAX games!" Reece shot back. "Shock Wave!"

"Uh oh." Ozwald squeaked. 

There was a BIG electrosonic explosion as Kadabra channeled pure lighting through its spoon (which Reece replaced offscreen) at sonic speed. When the explosion cleared, Furret had fainted.

Ozwald held up Furret's Pokéball, and retrieved the long body Pokémon. "Okay," He said. "Time for Nuzleaf!"

Ozwald pulled out another Pokéball, and sent out his next Pokémon. The wily Pokémon who was indirectly responsible for the popular unoffical name of a webcomic and self imposed challenge for Pokémon games by having John locke's face on it faced Kadabra.

"Kadabra! Retreat!" Reece yelled. "Go! Gloom!"

Oh, so just because I'm writing this story means I can accuratly predict Reece's switches? So sue me. But anyway, it was now Nuzleaf vs Gloom.

"Nuzleaf!" Ozwald ordered. "Fake out!"

Nuzleaf, knocked right at Gloom, causing it to flinch. Reece took the initiative ASAP to respond. "Gloom! Use Acid!" Reece yelled out.

Gloom's eyes bulged open as it fired shots of purple liquids right at the face of Nuzleaf, recieving an "IT BURNS!" in pokespeak.

"Nuzleaf!" Ozwald shouted. "Use Nature Power!"

As you know, Nature Power becomes a move depending on the terrain. In open land, Tri Attack. In Caves, Shadow Ball. In a water logged stadium:

Nature power turned into Hydro Pump!

Nuzleaf was also holding a Water Gem. What? Do you honestly think this is the FIRST time Ozwald used Nature power?

But anyway, the super powerful move knocked Gloom against the the wall. Reece checked his scanner and saw that the Pokémon had taken hefty damage.

But that wasn't going to stop him.

"Acid!" He commanded. Gloom showered Nuzleaf with Acid again. Reece had to dodge any other hits. If he didn't Gloom would be KO'ed.

"Nature Power!" Ozwald called again. But Reece was ready for it. "Dodge!"

Gloom spun to the side and hastily dodged the attack, just barely missing the high pressure rain boosted water attack.

"Finish it with Sleep Powder!" Reece ordered.

Gloom spread a green powder through the air, and watched as it floated towards Nuzleaf. The wily webcomic mascot breathed it in, and went to sleep in seconds.

"Dang." Ozwald cursed under his breath.

"And Acid!" Reece called out not wasting any time. Gloom sprayed the showere of Acid again and caused Nuzleaf to faint, knocking out the last of Ozwald's non water types.

Ozwald wordlessly retrieved his Pokémon. He decided netween the last to Pokéballs on his belt. His strongest, and his other Pokémon. He chose the latter, hoping to buy some time.

"Go! Marshtomp!" Ozwald yelled. The mud fish Pokémon came out of its Pokéball, and landed next to Gloom. Ozwald knew he was going to lose to a Giga Drain if Ice Beam didn't strike first. But to his absolute shock, Reece switched out.

"Why are you switching?" Was the gym leaders immediate response.

"Because my friend has a Marshtomp with Ice Beam, and I'm not taking chances." Reece replied. This was the only time one of his friends messing with him helped.

Reece picked the only Pokémon who hadn't seen any action. And the only one who wouldn't be slaughtered instantly.

"Go! Remoriad!"

"Chee Chee!" It called out. The energetic jet Pokémon fell into the water and swam around hyperactively. Ozwald watched for a second.

"Mud Shot!" the gym leader yelled.

The Mud Fish Pokémon fired a blast of muddy death at Remoraid, who was swimming around wildy. However, it had a 100% percent chance of missing because Marshtomp was firing where Remoraid was and not where it was going to be.

"Bullet Seed!" Reece yelled. That was anotther thing he did for his Pokémon offscreen. Yeah, Reece was on a roll with doing things offscreen.

Remoraid jumped out of the water and fired a barrage of seeds at Marshtomp, hitting 3 times. Marshtomp took the hit, and was knocked into the water. 

"Marshtomp! Freeze the water with Ice Beam!" Ozwald shot to in response. He knew that that Remoraid couldn't break the ice, but his Pokémon could.

"Remoraid, get on dry land and use Bullet Seed again!" Reece called out.

Remoraid jumped out of the water and fired a barrage of seeds at Marshtomp, hitting four times and scoring a KO. Ozwald retrieved the Pokémon, cursing himself for such a mistake.

"Okay kid." He said to Reece. "Get ready for Gyarados!"

Ozwald threw the last Pokéball on his belt. The Pokéball called forth a large, menacing blue serpent known for being a very popular evolution of a pathetic Pokémon. Reece saw a red aura surround Remoraid, signifying an attack drop.

"This is the strongest of my pokemon." Ozwald stated. His facial expression went from the calm it was the whole battle to a menacing confident look. "And the hardest to take down."

"Bullet Seed!" the silver haired boy called out.

"Thunder!" Ozwald yelled. Gyarados fired a huge thunderbolt from the sky.

Due to the Rain, Thunder was an instant hit, knocking out Remoraid and causing a large explosion that suprised Reece by not killing him. He clenched his eyes shut and braced himself, using hiss arms to block any debris like a person normally does in this situation.

Reece felt something big brush through his hair. he opened his eyes to see Remoraid floating unconcious, and a large pointed rock that would have killed him if it went any lower sticking out of the wall behind him.

"Holy Crud." Reece said in the same voice as a man that just almost died.

"Sorry!" Ozwald yelled.

Reece was just happy his hair wasn't damaged. He retrieved his Pokémon, and though to his remaining three. He had Kadabra, Larvitar, and Gloom.

Let's try Kadabra.

"GO! Kadabra!" Reece called out. He threw the Pokéball, and the Psi Pokémon came out.

"Use Shock Wave!" Reece ordered. Kadabra channelled electricty through the spoon he held, and fired it at Gyarados. It hit, but Gyarados was nowhere near down.

"Bite!" Ozwald yelled to Gyarados. The serpent Pokémon bit down on Kadabra and threw it into the ceiling. Reece jumped at this, and tried to order another Shock Wave, but was cut off. 

"Thunder!" Ozwald ordered. The rain made sure Kadabra had no chance of dodging. Reece managed to retrieve the fainted Pokémon before it hit the ground.

"Thunder will always hit in the rain." Ozwald commented. "You'll never win."

"Then I just have to get rid of it!" Reece yelled. "Go! Larvitar!"

In Reece's defense, the stress of the battle and the fact that this was an idea that excited him caused him to forget that his slow Rock/Ground Pokémon wouldn't stand a chance against a fast Water/Flying type.

"Gyarados! Water Pulse!" Ozwald ordered.

Gyarados shot at blast of Water at Larvitar, which would do very high damage to the Pokémon. "Dodge and Use Sandstorm!" Reece yelled in a mix of many frantic tones. He just remebered his mistake.

Larvitar was too slow to dodge, and too slow to make the move before getting hit. So in panic, it fired a Screech at the attack instead. Like Metal Sound, it caused the attack to disperse.

Reece hmself was surprised his Pokémon would too that, but he wasn't complaining. "Quick! Sand..."

"Gyarados! Thrash!" Ozwald ordered. Gyarados slamed into the platforms in a way that either caused then to collapse or throw Larvitar onto another platform.

"Larvitar! Sandstorm!" Reece yelled again, hoping his Pokémon could do it. Gyarados had finished Thrash, and became confused. But that wasn't going to stop this next attack.

"WATER PULSE!" Ozwald yelled out in a violent yell. The atrocious water serpent fired the Ultrasonic water attack. If it hit, it would knock out Larvitar.

Larvitar exploded with Sand just before the attack reached him. Inhuman amounts of Sand spilled out of Larvitar, polluting the battlefield in mud. Tons and tons of mud. The raging whirlwinds of sand also had the effect of causing all water droplets to add to the muddy mess the pool was becoming.

Larvitar was still conscious when it landed on Gyarados.

Ozwalds concentration and smugness that he had during the battle turned into frustration, and it was writtin in black ink pen on his face.

"Gyarados!" Ozwald yelled. "Shake him off!"

Gyarados attempted this, but it started to smashed itself against the walls in confusion. Larvitar was holding on for dear life, thinking "Dammit. I really didn't sign up for this. Sure life is fun and I've tried so much soil that I could become a soil critic. But really, WHAT OTHER LARVITAR HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS!"

"Rock Silde buddy!" Reece commanded.

Larvitar had no natural earth to connect with except for the stone being hurled into the air. Larvitar jumped up and dragged that down onto the writhing serpent.

Gyarados screamed in pain as the powerful rock attack hit it. Ozwald couldn't deal with th confusion for much longer. However, the Pokémon snapped out of its confusion.

"WATER!" Ozwald commanded. "PULSE!" Gyarados writhed free and got above Larvitar, and then shot water straight at Larvitar, KOing it.

Reece retrieved his trusted partner. "Sorry bud." He said. He only had one more Pokémon, and the weather would only be Sandy for a few more minutes. If he didn't win in that time, he was screwed.

"Go! Gloom!"

Reece sent out the weed Pokémon, with all his hopes with it. Now it was all out on the battlefield.

"Gloom! Use Giga Drain!" Reece commanded.

Glloom drained the energy from Gyarados. This allowed it to heal up. But Ozwald wasn't going to let this go for long. "THRASH!"

Gyarados started thrashing violently, attempting to smash Gloom. Reece knew he'd never get a hit with Sleep Powder at this point. only one option. KEEP SPAMMING GIGA DRAIN!

"Giga Drain!" Reece ordered. Gloom once again drain the energy of Gyarados, healing itslef ffurther. the serpent slammed through the mud and into the first of 2 remaining platforms. Thrash did more damage to Gloom than the Pokémon could heal through Giga Drain.

"Gloom! Giga Drain!"

Gloom attempted to drain the energy again, but this time it missed due to the Pokémons Thrashing. Gyarados slammed into Gloom, destroying the last of the platforms.

Reece could only pray Gloom survived the hit. He could only see the giant serpent in the mud, and not his Pokémon.

But to his relief, Gyarados glowed green, and Gloom jumped out from under it. The sandstorm finished off Gyarados in the nic of time also. The sprinklers failed to turn on due to how totalled the gym was.

Both trainers retrieved their respective Pokémon.

"Well." Ozwald started. "You beat up all five of my pokemon and utterly destroyed my gym in less than twenty minutes."

"Eh, Sorry?" Reece said his his arm scratching back of his neck.

"Don't worry, the building's insured." He assured. "I'm glad to give you the Osmosis Badge."

The man walked over to Reece, taking a minute to go across the side of the ruined stadium. He handed Reece a badge that looked like waves. "It makes all pokemon LV 30 and below listen to you, regardless if you got them in a trade or not." His tone was monotonous, as if he had done this many times over, and he had.
Osmosis Badge

Reece got the Osmosis Badge!

"Also, I want you to have this TM Water Pulse." He handed Reece the disc.

"I got the Osmosis Bagde!" Reece cheered.

"Good." Ozwald said. "Now kindly get out of my gym while I cry about my insurance premiums."

Southern Delta Arc

Reece slowly walked out of the gym he just helped destroy. Okay, he mostly destroyed. Ozwald did do some
Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)-0

Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)-0

Graphic City. Again.


Some. Reece was mostly responsible.

Speaking of the boy, he was amking his way to the Pokémon center. You can't use a Pokémon healing machine that's full of sand.

But anyway, the boy walked inside the building. Since it was rush hour, a ton of people were there.

"Are you serious?" Reece thought. The line was practically reaching out the door. Battles must be popular somewhere in the city. Well, no concern, cause Reece knew that his target was the gym on the other side of town.

Two minutes.That's all it takes for Reece to become impatient. He looked around for something. Then it caught his eye. The PC. When he sent a Pokémon to it, the Pokémon was healed when he withdrew it.

Totally worth a shot.

Reece ran right to the machine, and deposited each of his Pokémon, then withdrew them. The process took a few minutes for each, but by the time he got to Kadabra, the line was short enough to wait in.

Reece healed up Larvitar, Grovyle, and Kadabra with the nurse. Reece also noticed it was the same nurse as with a few hours earlier. Apparently the nurse remembered also.

"So, did you win?" She asked.

"Yes." Reece replied. "Beating Ozwald wasn't easy. Now I'm of to fight that other gym leader."

The nurse bit her lip. "About that...." She started. "She left town today, and won't be back for a week or 2." She then clenched her eyes, knowing what Reece would do next.

Reece got down on his knees and shouted. "NOOOOOO!" very overdramitically.

Some time later.

Reece was sitting on a hill on the edge of town. This was a problem. He couldn't afford to stay in town and just loaf around. What was he going to do?

For just a second, Reece forgot the most important rule of life. "I don't think things can get any worse." He muttered. He then realized this, and replied with "OH CRUD!"

"Maybe the universe didn't hear me say that."

No such luck Reece. The universe has really great ears.

A familiar pair of adults came up. One was a woman with a green dress and black hair, and a man with a large camera came up to him. Reece reconized them instananeously.

"The Media..." He spoke silently in a face of fear.

(Cue Dramatic Jingle and Lightning effect)

Good thing for Reece, they didn't reconize him. If they did, what happened next would be very bad for Reece.

Maddy and ClicK ran up to the boy. "Hello!" Maddy greeted the trainer. "Are you by any chance the trainer who won today at the Northern Gym?"

"Uh, yes." Reece replied weakly.

"Do you have anything to say about the level of destruction the Gym sustained during your challenge?" Maddy asked again.

Just then the new reporters camera exploded AGAIN. This hadn't happened in a few weeks, so needless to say, Maddy and ClicK were shocked.

"I thought we were over that!" Maddy exclaimed.

"I thought we were too." ClicK replied.

Maddy turned to Reece to ask if he could at least tell her why he looked like he was mauled by a Mankey, but Reece only needed that long to run to the safety of the towns outskirts. As soon as he did, he threw one of his Pokéballs to the ground, revealing Kadabra. Reece gave the Psi Pokémon a bone crushing hug.

"THANK YOU!" He yelled. Once again, the Pokémon had blown up a camera to save him from the media.

"It was nothing." Kadabra replied telepathically. "Now will you PLEASE stop hugging me? Your bruising me everywhere."

Reece let go of the Psi Pokémon.

"So, have any ideas that we can use to wait for thr gym leader?" Reece asked.

Kadabra facepalmed. "Isn't there an entire south to this region?" The Pokémon asked. "That we haven't explored yet?"

Reece nodded.

"How about we go there?" Kadabra asked.

"That's brilliant!"

"Good." Kadabra replied. "But you need to pick up new team members."

"I'm not taking my chances with the media!" Reece replied.

"I can teleport. Remember?" Kadabra said with a sigh.

"I thought you didn't like chicken." Reece said with a confused look.

Kadabra grabbed and teleported him to the Pokémon center.

Chapter 30:The Cookie Cabin

Oh dear god. Another chapter with cookies? This cannot mean anything good at all. F
Pokemon HOENN Soundtrack- Routes 110-112, 114, 117-118 HQ

Pokemon HOENN Soundtrack- Routes 110-112, 114, 117-118 HQ

Night is never a good time to go to a bar...

or Reece. I'm hoping you'll get a kick out of it myself. But anyway, this chapter is also a guide on how to survive a bar in Delta. Specifically, the cookie cabin.

This is a roadside bar in southern Delta. It has a trainer discount, (like every restuarant that actually gets business). It also allows Pokémon battles.

This is because most people go there to drink. And children are not allowed to drink until 21 (by law). A lot of Molotov related Arson has been traced back to the area.

It also serves what could be called the best cookies in Delta, and even better than Hoenn, Johto, or Orre (in the opinion of some).

But, Reece knew nothing about the hazardousness of this small building.

With Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Cleffa, Pidove, and (regrettingly) Mankey. Yes, the same Mankey that tried to kill him. Reece thought he could (possibly) curb its anger to his advantage.

Deep down, Reece knew he'd likely get killed by the pig monkey, but with all the power it had, he wasn't complaining. 

At this point, it was night. 10:47 according to Reece's Scanner. But, the trainer was still wide awake. No point burning good daylight. But anyway, Reece was going to pull an all nighter.

Well, going to try.

Now, as an added bonus for being behind on writing the chapters (slash that, I was going to do this anyway), I give you the "How to Survive a Bar in Delta guide"

Rule 1 : Always know where you're at.

After a few hours of traveling, Reece made it to a small, quiant building. The place had a lot of light coming from it, and what sounded like partying. A wooden sign saying 'The Cookie Cabin" hung above the door. The door itself was saloon-like

"I like cookies!" Reece said.

He went inside, completely ignoring rule 2.

Rule 2 : 'When entering a bar, you MUST (this cannot be stressed enough) check for projectiles flying through the air.

As soon as Reece entered through the saloon like doors, a freak chair flew through the air, and smashed Reece in the face. This was the first time Reece was visibly injured by something not Pokémon related.

Despite the fact that he now had a bloody cut above his left eye and looked like he was mauled by a Mankey, he
Dragon Quest IX OST - Pub Polka

Dragon Quest IX OST - Pub Polka

Nice music never lasts long...

know was a kid in a bar at 10:55 with a bloody cut above his left eye and looked like he was mauled by a Mankey. AKA, he was a Drunkered mugger target!

Rule 3 : Watch out for Drunk Person. Watch out for Drunk Trainers thrice as much.

Speaking of which...

A very obviously drunk man who wore blue farmer clothes and had a yellow mustache and beard rose from his chair. He had quite a build, and was struggling to stand up.
Pokemon Black and White Music - Rival Battle

Pokemon Black and White Music - Rival Battle

Drunk person battle

"You..." He pointed at Reece. "You stole my nickel." He said.

"No I didn't." Reece said bluntly. He was no stranger to the effects of alcohol. But he didn't know how to talk to a drunk person.

The man just sent out his first Pokémon. A Bellsprout. "If ah win, ye gots ta gimmeh back meh niffle." Reece really couldn't cope with what he was seeing, but a battle is irrestible.

"Go! Pidove!" Reece yelled. He sent out the pidgeon Pokémon.

"Air Cutter!" Reece yelled, scoring a OHKO. The man he was fighting was too drunk to shout out a command. Instead, he just stood there, dumbstruck.

Go, uh...." He started "Miltank..." His lips formed as lumbered around in circles trying to get his Pokéball. Reece watched worringly that this man might hurt himself.

After 3 minutes of intoxicated idiocy, the man finally reached his Pokéball. He threw it (or really dropped it) and a Miltank came out.

"Rollout!" He ordered in a near unitelligible tone. His Pokémon could understand however, and curled up into a ball. The Milk cow Pokémon rollled right toward Reece's Pidove, hitting it for sizeable damage.

"Retreat!" Reece called to his Pokémon as he returned it to its Pokéball. "Go! Cleffa!" he declared, sending out the star shape Pokémon. "Py Pei!" the Pokémon cried out.

"Use Water Pulse!" Reece ordered.

The star shape Pokémon used its star powers to form a jet of ultrasonic energy infused water at the charging Miltank. This didn't stop Miltank from ramming into the cute creature, but it did slow it down. Cleffa was knocked right through the air at Reece, and landed at its feet.

"Cleffa!" the trainer called. But the little Pokémon got up and squeaked "Kay ki!" as to say "I'm okay."

Reece caught on this. However, the opposing Miltank (who was wrecking a large part of the bar) came charging again.

"Magical Leaf!" the silver haired trainer ordered. Cleffa shot a flurry of small Mluticolored razor leaves at Miltank, scoring a KO.

"You mide beh tuv!" the drunkard slobbered. "But I'mma gonna get mah niffle." he continued,

"All this trouble for the equivelen of 5 pokedollars I didn't steal?" Reece asked.

"Go yah darned mole!" the drunk famer yelled. He sent out an Excadrill (aka a Mole).  

Reece retrieved Cleffa. This Pokémon was a much higher level than his other Pokémon. He could think of only one could beat it one on one.

"Go! Mankey!" Reece said while thinking. "I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die."

The pig monkey Pokémon jumped to the ground, and faced Excadrill. Slowly staring into its eyes, it went into a blind rage and angrily awaited its trainer orders.

"Screech!" Reece yelled.

Mankey howled loudly (shattering a few windows), lowering Excadrill's defense. The pig monkey Pokémon was fueled with rage.

"Mole thing! Use Metal Claw." The drunk man studdered.

Excadrill flung itself foward wildly slashing with extended metal claws. Mankey was a sitting duck for it, as it was too angry to dodge. The pig monkey took the Metal Claw directly.

"Mankey! Use Karate Chop!" Reece commanded.

The pig monkey charged foward and gave a strong chop to Excadrill, knocking it back to the ground. But Reece's attack didn't stop there. "Focus Energy!"

Mankey became surrounded in an aura that could be compared to that of the Kaio-Ken.

"Rock Slide!" The farmer ordered. Excadrill stomped twice, and brought down a few chonks of ceiling on Mankey. The Pig monkey resisted through the fact that he was resistant to Rock type moves.

"Finish it with Low Kick!" Reece called out to his enraged Pokémon. Mankey responed by going under Excadrill and kicking it upwards, 'winning' Reece the battle. The drunk man retreived his Pokémon, swaying like he was about to fall.

"I'mma getting back dat niffle!" The man said. He was too drunk to realize the severity of his next actions."But your out of pokemon!" Reece responded. He was sick of this guy already. "Den I'll fight!" the man said. He slowly lumbered foward.

"I'mma using mah Take Down!" He excalimed and charged foward.

Rule 4 : If a drunk trainer charges at you, don't attack them.

"No! I'm not gonig to fight you with my pokemon! You could be seriously injured or get killed!" Was what Reece was about to frantically respond with until Mankey did for him.

With its fists.

Mankey picked up the drunk man and threw him into the wall (making a man sized hole in it in the proccess).

"HOLY F*** Mankey!" Reece screamed. "You could of killed him!"
Dragon Quest IX OST - Pub Polka-0

Dragon Quest IX OST - Pub Polka-0

Mostly Calm.

"Imm'a okay." The drunkerd said weakily. "Mostly"

Reece turned to Mankey. "You don't do that to people! You could've killed that guy!"

Mankey didn't give a damn. Instead, he punched Reece in the nose  saying "Screw off, your not the boss of me." in pokespeak.

Reece got the message.

"I'll grow on you eventually."

"No you won't" Mankey pouted in pokespeak.

Reece went up to the bartender. "So, how much do you want for the damages?" He asked the man.

The man was polishing a bottle when Reece came up to him. He stopped, looked up at Reece, gave him a confused look. After a few seconds, he looked around to see the damage Reece had caused. After 2 whole minutes, he said only one thing.

"Why do you look like you were mauled by a Mankey and had a chair thrown at your face." The man asked.

"Because I was." Reece said in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Oh." the barmaid replied.

"So, How much do I owe for damages?" Reece asked again. Since this wasn't a gym or coloseum or a place where Pokémon battles were held comercially, he was responsible for damages.

"We have a lot of insurance." The bartender replied. He started to wash the bottle again. "We have so many deals that we basically profit from just having this place blown apart."

Reece thought back to the words his mother had said just before he left his house.

"But honestly, I can't believe that that stuff is legal." the Bartender said.

"I've heard that before." Reece replied.

Rule 5 : When asking for a beverage, regardless of what you say, make sure it is or is not alcoholic before drinking.

After a few minutes of talking, reece decided he may as well get something to drink. "Can I have some water?" He asked.

"350 Pokedollars." The bartender told him.

Reece gave him the money, and the bartender gave him an opened thermos with a clear liquid in it. Reece was about to drink it, but then the gut wrenching smell of beer.

Reece put it down calmly. "Sir, this seems to be alcohol you gave me."

"Wait, you actually wanted water?" The bartender asked surprised.

"Yes." Reece said. "Yes I do."

The man took the beer away, and came back with an unopened bottle of water and a large, delicious looking cookie.

"On the house." He said. "Sorry for the mix up." Reece put the water in his bag, and then looked at the cookie. He was honestly waiting for a Pokémon to steal it. But after 3 minutes, nothing happened. He was about to gobble down the cookie, but then he thought of something.

He looked to a table to see his Mankey sitting all alone. "Hey Mankey!" He shouted. The pig monkey Pokémon looked over. Reece broke the cookie in two (making sure one peice was bigger than the other) and held up a peice (the one that was bigger).

"Want a cookie?" Reece asked, holding up the Cookie. Mankey came over, looked at the cookie, and then at Reece. His face read "Really?" Reece gave him the cookie.

Mankey happily accepted the cookie, and ate it with a large smile.

Maybe they could get along.

Chapter 31:The Pyrite Forest

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Music Fogbound Lake's Time Gear!-0

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Music Fogbound Lake's Time Gear!-0

Pondering on a cliff time.

Reece was asleep peacefully. After the fiasco at the cookie cabin, and then several other trainers asking him why he looked like he was mauled by a Mankey, followed by two nights with no sleep, Reece needed it.

His Pokémon had let themselves out of their Pokéballs via Kadabra's Psychic powers.

"Crazy two days. Right guys?" Larvitar asked.

"Yes. But since I'm not getting my hide skinned, I'm not complaining." Grovyle responded

"I'm just glad to be out of the PC. One more Level and I evolve!" Pidove cheered.

Kadabra was meditating away from the group. He really didn't care for these night talks as much as he liked staying calm. He prefered to keep to himself.

"I for one don't know when I'll evolve." Cleffa said sadly. "I evolve through friendship, so it could be a long time."

Kadabra smiled and spoke up (but he still kept his eyes closed). "If I know Reece, you'll evolve in a few days. Maybe less." He said. "Reece loves pokemon more than he loves anything else."

"I can second that." Grovyle said. "I used to hate Reece, but now I'd fight for him anyday."

Cleffa looked over to Mankey. The pig monkey Pokémon was on a cliff not too far from the rest. The star shape Pokémon hopped over to him.

"Why don't you want to join us Mankey?" the small Pokémon asked.

Mankey looked over to her, then looked away. "I don't like being with others."

"Why?" Cleffa asked

"I have anger issues." He said. "Big ones."

Cleffa didn't turn away. "So?" she said. Mankey looked at the star shaped. "Go play with the others." Cleffa sadly walked away. She didn't want Mankey to feel left out.  

Kadabra intercepted Cleffa on the way back. "Don't worry." he said telepathically. "He'll get along with us eventually."

The next day came soon. Reece had not made a ton of progress, but he still was going somewhere. Reece wanted
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Route 225 (Day)

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Route 225 (Day)

Motivational Music!

to burn some time, so he decided he may as well take the long path to Crater Town.

This was through the Pyrite Forest. Called so because of the rocky terrain and because of the abundance of fire Types. Reece had his work cut out for him.

Maybe he'd catch some new Pokémon. Hopefully, he'ed make better friends with Mankey.

But anyway, it had been 2 and a half days since Graphic City, and he had still had a way to go before the forest.

The boy sat down for what seemed like the first time in ages. He took this time to check his running shoes. just as he thought, they were badly worn out.

"Looks like I'm walking." He thought to himself.

He had only gotten so far so fast because of these shoes. The thought disspaointed him. But still, he was rising through the ranks faster than anyone else on record. Just 3 weeks, and he already had 2 Badges.

Reece continued on. Walking. Maybe fighting a few trainers would help him clear his mind.

The path he was on was like the entire souther region; rocky, and lush with life. Hoepfully, someone else realized this and was on the path.

"Please." Reece thought. "Any person. Even Matt. Okay, maybe not Matt, but I'm really close to it." He continued in his head. "I'm so bored!"

Lucky for Reece, a trainer was nearby. An Ace trainer who wanted a fire type. An ace Trainer Reece had met before. An Ace Trainer Reece was about to meet again. 

Aiden and his Crawdaunt were scouting out the area when Reece passed by. Aiden stared for a moment, then spoke up. "Reece? Is that you?"

Reece turned around. Normally, he wouldn't recognize the trainer, but the Crawdaunt next to him was a dead giveaway.

"Aiden?" Reece asked.

"Nice to see you too." Aiden replied, putting his hands in his pockets. "So, why are you in Southern Delta? I saw you as a person who'd go after the bages relentlessly.

"The Southern Graphic Gym Leader took a vacation." Reece answered. "And I decided that If I'm going to wait a week or two, that I may as well do something productive."

"Why are you here?" The silver haired boy asked.

"I need a fire type." Aiden said. "I don't have many pokemon. "Crawdaunt and Joltik are my only ones."

"You got a new pokemon?" Reece asked excitedly.

"I had it before we met, but I didn't use her till you beat me." Aiden said casually. Reece spoke up "Can I see the pokemon?" He loved seeing Pokémon. Besides, he had nothing better to do.

Aiden pulled one of the two Pokéballs off of its belt. He opened it up, revealing a very small tick like Pokémon. Reece stared with intrest. "It's so...tiny."

"Yes." Aiden replied cooly. "Joltik's the smallest of all pokemon."

"Who does this thing fight?" Reece asked, not breaking eye contact with the Pokémon.

"It's a bloody tick." Aiden said. "A bloody electric tick."

"Oh yeah." Reece said.

"So, are you going to Crater Town?" Aiden asked.

"You mean that small reclusive town near the end of this path? Reece said pointing in the direcation he was going. "Yes. Yes I was."

"Are you taking Pyrite Forest, or Granite Path?" Aiden asked with a poker face. Should Reece be taking that path, he could be jeopardizing his mission to catch Cyndaquil. He had been chasing the Pokémon for a long time, and noone short of Gary Oak was going to stop him from catching it.

"the forest. The path would be boring." Reece told him.

"God Dammit." Aiden thought.

"Well anyway, I'm burning daylight, so I gotta go." Reece said.

Aiden walked ahead. "Good luck." He smiled with his back turned. Without turning back, he retrieved his two Pokémon. "Reece's running shoes are damaged. He's no threat." He thought, and walked just a bit faster.

Reece could only walk, so of course he lost sight of Aiden after a while. He did however, make it to the Pyrite Forest. The forest was large, imposing, and a much safer and easier path was only a short walk. All things that would mdrive any perfectly sane person away.

AKA Not Reece.

"Woohoo!" Reece shouted he ran into the forest. The running quickly stopped, as his feet were tired in seconds.
Pokemon- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky- Dusk Forest- Music

Pokemon- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky- Dusk Forest- Music

I don't trust this forest.

"Not as easy without the compressed air from my running shoes." Reece sad to himself.

Reece took a look at the dark imposing forest infront of him. He could swear he heard wil Pokémon cries.

"I don't trust this forest...." Reece said to himself. "It's like feral pokemon are waiting to jump out and slit your throat..." Reece out his hand over his neck and shivered.

Kadabra used his psychic powers to pop out of his Pokéball. "I'm sure this forest doesn't trust you either." He told Reece telepathically.

"Yeah..." Reece said looking around. "Wait! I have an idea."

"That scares me." Kadabra both jokingly and seriously. He grasped his spoon, and turned around. He flipping hated this forest!

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece shouted. He sent out his wood gecko starter, and the green Pokémon landed on the ground, looked at the forest (which was a welcome sight) then back to Kadabra and Reece.

"Grovyle are awesome at forest movement, right?" Reece asked rhetorically. "So in theory, Groyvle should have little to no problem fighting off the pokemon here."

"That's brilliant." Grovyle said in pokespeak.

"Okay, now I'm TERRIFIED." Kadabra said. Reece wasn't supposed to be the smart one, he was! Plus, he was a crazy 12 year old. What was this world coming to?

Reece had different plans than discussing how the fabric of reality could fall apart. He had developed a sense of "Something bad is going to happen to me for the sick twisted enjoyment of some demented god that noone even knows about but some junkie hippies".

And, unfortunately, Reece was right. Out of the brush came the first of the swarm of wild Pokémon to plague Reece. A Venomoth.

"Go! Pidove!" Reece yelled. He threw the Pokéball and out came the pidgeon Pokémon. "Air Cutter!" Reece yelled. Pidove shot blasts of cutting winds straight at the poisonous moth.

The Venomoth fired a blue energy blast at Pidove, knocking it down. Reece frantically ordered the next move. "Quick Attack!" he yelled. Pidove shot foward and knocked Venomoth out of the air.

Reece definitely could feel his heart ripping at his chest. "That was messed up." he muttered shakily. He was about to get moving, but then he saw Pidove glow brilliant white.

The Pokémon's white silhouette grew from a pidgeon shape to a more dove like shape. When the light cleared, Pidove had become Tranquil. Reece pulled out his Pokédex.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365961191

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1365961191

Pidove Evolves.


Wild Pidgeon Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6

Weight: 33.1 LB / 15 KG

Regardless of where it is, it will always know where its trainer is. It is said that they live deep in the forest where there is only peace.

"Good thing you evolve." Reece said. "Because I think more are coming."

"Then I suggest we...." Kadabra started telepathically.

"Run like scared Linoone screaming like banshees?" Reece finished.

Dusk Forest - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time & Darkness Music Extended

Dusk Forest - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time & Darkness Music Extended


Reece retrieved his three Pokémon and bailed. Considerig his running shoes were totalled, and the fact he was pretty out of shape (you think all that exercise would make him ultra-fit), he didn't have high hopes.

The next Pokémon that Reece would unfortunately cross would be a snarling Growlithe.

"GO! Mankey!" Reece yelled. He threw the Pokéball to the ground. "Use Karate Chop!"

Mankey ran up to Growlithe and smashed it in the face with his fist, knocking it away. "Now hit'em with Rock Tomb!" Reece yelled. Mankey ripped a chunk from the ground, and threw it at Growlithe, knocking it out.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon and kept running. "Crud crud crud crud crud crud crud!" Reece kept shouting. This shouted attracted the sound of his next predator.

A wild Seviper slithered out of the brush, rearing its head in front of Reece.

"Go! Kadabra!" Reece yelled, getting the Pokémon out of its Pokéball as fast as he could. "Use Confusion!" He yelled. Kabara's eys glowed as he shot a blast of blue psychic energy at the Seviper.

"Sksssss Sksksksa!" the serpent yelled as it wrapped itself in a purple aura then slashed Kadabra with its tail. The psi Pokémon was bleeding visibly with venom flooded wounds.

"Shock Wave!" Reece yelled.

Kadabra braved the pain then blasted Seviper with pure electricity. This knocked out the snake, but Kadabra was now Badly poisoned. "Dang it!" Reece thought. "Now the damage will double every round!"

He retrieved the Pokémon. He had to get to Crater Town soon.

Reece's thought proccess was interupted by a Graveler in his path. Reece was now only slightly starting to regret this. "Go! Grovyle!"

The wood gecko Pokémon landed on the ground, then jumped to the trees. Graveler tried to shoot a rock at it, but Reece was ready. "Bullet Seed!"

Grovyle shot a machine gun volley of seeds at the rock, tearing through it and defeating Graveler in four hits. Reece decided not to retrieve Grovyle. The Pokémon could move faster than Reece, and was able to pick off threats to them both with ease.

Reece leapt to the side to dodge another Graveler. This was starting to get annoying. Instead of calling on Grovyle, Reece decided to call on Cleffa. He threw the Pokéball into the air, revealing Cleffa.

"Water Pulse this Rock!" He yelled. Cleffa responded by knocking out Graveler with Ultrasonic charged Water.

Reece knew this wasn't the end. He kept on fighting all the wild Pokémon that stood in his way. Whether it was a Venomoth, a Growlithe, another Graveler, Reece would fight it. As time went on, Reece had to run from the battles, as Kadabra was poisoned (and Reece didn't carry Antidotes) and he was the main combatant against the ever present poison type.

After 28 battles, 16 Super Potions, 4 Soda Pop, and a Fresh Water, Reece finally made it to a clearing. After a very Adreniline pumping experience, Reece could finally rest.

Remember the Pokémon Aiden was looking for. Now to find out why. 

A small mouse like Pokémon with a blue back, a snout-like nose, and a cream belly. Its eyes were squinty, yet it could still somehow see. On it's back were flames. This Pokémon was known as Cyndaquil. It had spent the last few weeks running around Southern Delta trying to avoid capture from Aiden.

Reece heard the bushes next to him rustle. Reece looked over with horror. "Oh god, it's totally some savage wild pokemon who will totally waste me." Reece thought.

The Cyndaquil slowly walked out of the bushes, and Reece's expression changed completely.

"Oh my god it's so cute!" Reece squealed. He walked over to it, putting himself at the Pokémon's eye level. "After a whole forest of man-eating feral pokemon, it's nice to see such a super cutie."

Cyndaquil looked at him quizzically. While Reece wanted to smother the Pokémon with hugs, the Cyndaquil wished to burn the Pokémon trainer in the face for being annoying.

The Aiden came ou to the bushes and put in motion events that would cause all hell to inevitably break loose.

"Back away from the Cyndaquil." Aiden said in a no nonsense tone. "I mean it." He had chased that Pokémon all around the region, and now the only person to beat him was now only an arms length from catching it.

The silver hair looked at Aiden. "I saw this pokemon first!" Reece said.

"No. I did." Aiden shot back in his calm voice. "I chased that pokemon all over Southern Delta." Aiden said. "I know all five of its moves." He continued. "I even know it's nature!"


Cyndaquil knew it couldn't escape being captured, so it did the best thing it could: Go over to the sidelines and watch the fireworks. Grovyle jumped from the trees to assist Reece if needed.

"I'm assuming that this is a winner gets to get a crack a Cyndaquil competion?" Reece asked.

"Sure, but I propose a rule to make things more even." Aiden declared. "This will be a two on two battle." He said bluntly. "You have a team of six, and you know what my pokemon are. It's only fair that way."

Reece though this over. For a few seconds. "Let's do this!"
Pokemon Colosseum - Cipher Peon Battle

Pokemon Colosseum - Cipher Peon Battle

Let's do this!

Reece had chosen his Pokémon. He was beating Aiden if it killed him.

"Go! Joltik!" Aiden yelled. The small electric Pokémon was camoflauged by the grass.

"Go! Mankey!: Reece yelled. The pig monkey pokemon took hold to the ground. Reece had to be careful. That Joltik was so small it could ambush Mankey from anywhere.

"Use Rock Tomb!" Reece yelled. Mankey hit the the ground, causing 4 rocks to get thrwon into the air and come crashing down. Reece checked his scanner and saw what he expected; Joltik had lost Zero Hit Points.

"Electroweb!" Aiden yelled. a web of yellow electricty blasted at Mankey, slowing it down and damaging it.

"Rock Tomb again!" Reece commanded. Mankey repeated the action, and once again, Joltik was unharmed.

"Electroweb!" Aiden ordered.

Once again, a yellow electric web fired at Mankey, slowing it down.

"Use another Electroweb!" Aiden ordered. Joltik once again fired a web of yellow energy at Mankey, but Reece was prepared. "Rock Tomb!"

Mankey took the hit, but was still able to pull off a Rock Tomb. Reece checked his scanner, and saw that Joltik had fainted. "Just as I thought." Reece thought. "Joltik cannot dodge while attacking!"

"You know my next pokemon." Aiden stated cooly. "So I'll waste no time. GO! Crawdaunt!" Aiden threw the Pokéball, and out came the hulking battle lobster Pokémon.

"Mankey! Retreat!" Reece called. He picked the only other Pokémon he could use in this battle. "Go! Grovyle!" Reece yelled. He threw the Pokéball, and out poppped the wood gecko Pokémon.

"Giga Drain!" Reece yelled. Grovyle started to drain the energy of Crawdaunt, but Aiden already had a counter.

"Use Ice Beam!" Aiden yelled. Crawdaunts pincer glowed with cold energy, then the Rogue Pokémon opened up the claw, and shot a blast of ice right at Grovyle. The wood Gecko was knocked back, and looked like it was going to fall over.  

Reece wasn't suprised. With all the wild Pokémon, each of his Pokémon was badly injured. "Bullet Seed!" he commanded. He had to deal as much damage as possible.

Grovyle shot a volley of bullet like seeds straight at Crawdaunt. The attacks seemed to cause no damage on the outside, but each seed took a small bit of Hit Points away.

"Dragon Dance!" Aiden ordered. Several orbs of indigo energy formed around Crawdaunt.

"Screech then Quick Attack!" Reece ordered. He knew exactly what Aiden what do next. He would used Waterfall, and spam it for a KO.

Grovyle let out a horrible ear splitting scream at Crawdaunt, lowering its defenses. The indigo energy was still around Crawdaunt, but it was fading fast as Grovyle charged towards it.

"Waterfall!" Aiden ordered.

Reece fell to the power of Waterfall once again. The Crayfish Pokémon surrounded itslef with a powerful wave of water, and charged at Grovyle. The recieving Wood Gecko was sent flying, hitting a tree and cratering it.

"Ice Beam!" Aiden yelled.

Crawdaunt's pincer glowed with cold energy, and blasted Grovyle, scoring a KO. Reece wordlessly retrieved his Pokémon.

"I need you to win this for me Mankey." Reece quietly spoke into the Pokéball. He threw the Pokéball. "GO! Mankey!" Reece yelled.

"Use Waterfall!" Aiden yelled again. Crawdaunt charged at Mankey in an wave of water.

"Dodge it!" Reece yelled. Mankey attempted a dodge, but failed miserably. Crawdaunt was too fast! But Reece refused to give up.

"Karate Chop!"

Mankey dealt a powerful slice to Crawdaunt, doing a large amount of damage. Reece knew that even the damage he was outputting wasn't enough. If he couldn't find some way to deal the extra damage, he'd lose.

"Waterfall!" Aiden yelled. 

Reece thought back to something. "Hide in the tree Mankey!"

Mankey used its strong body to jump straight into a tree. Not just a tree, but the same tree Crawdaunt smashed earlier with Grovyle.  Reece could only hope this crazy plan worked.


The force that Crawdaunt hit the tree with caused it to fall on top of the Rogue Pokémon, dealing a massive amount of damage. Reece gave the finshing order. "Mankey! Use Karate Chop!"

Mankey cut right through the tree trunk and smashed Crawdaunts shell. This won Reece the battle. Aiden retrieved his Pokémon.

Reece tunred to Cyndaquil. The small Pokémon was about to run, but Reece threw a Great Ball. The Great Ball flew through the air, hit Cyndaquil in the head, and drew the Pokémon inside.

One Shake

Two Shakes

Three Shakes


"I caught Cyndaquil!" Reece cheered. He then turned to Mankey. "Are you okay?" He asked the pig Monkey. Mankey replied with a nod.

The boy then turned to Aiden. "No hard feelings?" he asked.

Aiden looked away. "Nah," He said in the same calm tone he always did. "But you should loeave before I change my mind."

Reece took the cue. He walked back into the forest. With the new Pokémon he caught, he wanteed to check his
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366001127

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366001127

Cyndaquil's Data

Pokédex. Reece pulled out the device.


Mouse Pokemon

Height: 1'08 / 1.5 M

Weight: 17.4 LB / 7.9 KG

Its flames are tied to its emotions. It is very rare, almost never found in the wild.

Reece wanted out of this forest so he could know more about his newly caught Pokémon. He looked up. The sunset was shining soflty through the trees. The sight was like small, beautiful flames. As the boy watched the sunset, he came up on the last hill before Crater Town.

Chapter 32:Meteor Cave

Looking doen on Crater Town from the cliff, Reece could only help but wonder what he'd find. He jumped down the slope leading to the town. Soon, his Pokémon would finally be healed.

But Reece then tripped on a Geodude and went flying.

The boy landed on the ground not too far away. He looked around to see the contents of his bag (including his Pokédex and Scanner).

"Greeeaat." Reece said sarcacstically. "Note to self:Fix Running Shoes and watch out for Geodude."

Reece procceeded to pick up all his things. He went for the Battle Scanner and Pokédex first. But, as soon as he touched the device, a beeping noise came out of it.

"That can only mean..."

Reece ran as fast as he could to the Pokémon center. If Matt and Kara were both nearby, then he didn't want to be unprepared to fight them.

Lucky for him, the building wasn't that far into town. Even luckier, there was no line. Reece went up to the counter and greeted the nurse. She had a coppery tint to her blue hair. Funny how Reece would notice all the differences to every nurse in the region.

"Hello, welcome to our pokemon center." She said. "How may I help you?" she said in the kind tone all the nurses did. "Let me guess."

"You guessed right." Reece said. He put his Pokéballs on the counter. Then, the most random question came to mind. "Wait, if these centers are free, then how do you get paid?"

"Government Funding." She said. "This job is much harder than it seems." He then mumbled something, and healed Reece's Pokémon.

"Have a wonderful day!" She said.

"I hope I do." Reece said. "I have a feeling things are going to get ugly." He said as he went over to the PC. He put Tranquil into the PC, and withdrew Crobat. He thought he'd need the excess firepower.

Reece walked outside the Pokémon center. Reece knew exactly what the next events would be. He would encounter Matt. His blonde rival would insult him, blame him for something, and then challenge him to a battle. They'd have a battle, likely attract a crowd, and very likely end it with a huge and overly epic explosion.

"I knew I'd find you here!" Reece heard a voice who he was willing to bet all his money was Matt say. He turned around. I don't even have to type who it was.

"You're a jerk. Do you know that?" Matt insulted.

"Nice to see you too Matt." Reece replied sarcastically.

"You seriously had to destroy the Northern Graphic City Gym?" Matt asked. "I had to take my Gym Battle in an artificial swamp!"

Reece was about to say something, but stopped.

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle!"

"I was starting to think you'd never ask." Reece replied with a smirk.

Sunset. A Pokémon battle looms in the air, and everyone wants a seat. Rival vs Rival. Blonde and normal vs overly
Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-2

Pokemon hg ss rival theme Epic metal rock remix-2

This song's now in 1080p! Credit to Warinside!

anime-ish Silver. Matt Vs Reece.

"Go!" Both trainers shouted as they sent out there first Pokémon. Reece sent out Kadabra, and Matt sent out Haunter.

"Kadabra! Use Confusion!" Reece ordered. Kadabra shot a beam of blue energy from his spoon straight at Haunter, doing damage to the Ghost/Poison Type.

"Haunter, Shadow Punch!" Matt retaliated.

A ghostly fist hit Kadabra from out of the blue, knocking the Pokémon down. Matt continued his assault. "Sludge Bomb!"

Haunter fired a barrage of Sludge all over Kadabra, poisoning it once again. Reece was happy for Magic Guard. "Shock Wave!" He ordered.

Kadabra's spoon crackled with electricity, and blue lightning shot from it and blasted Haunter.

"Don't give up! Use Giga Drain!" Matt commanded. Haunter's eyes glowed an ectoplasmic green, and a similar colored energy flowed out of Kadabra in large orbs.

"Stop it with Ice Punch!" Reece yelled. Kadabra's fist became covered in Ice as he punched Haunter, scoring a Freeze. Haunter was now snuggly sealed in a chunk of ice.

"No! Haunter!" Matt yelled.

"Confusion!" Reece commanded. Kadabra shot a Psychic beam from his spoon at Haunter, scoring a KO.

Matt recalled Haunter, and mumbled something angrily. "Go! Dratini!" he yelled. Matt threw the Pokéball, and out popped a large blue snake like creature. It coiled itself, and stared straight a Kadabra.

"I got this one from the Casino in Graphic City." Matt stated confidently.

"They have a Casino!?" Reece said in a squeaky, shocked voice.

"Extremespeed!" Matt yelled. Dratini dissapeard and smashed into Kadabra faster than you read this sentence. Kadabra was knocked 20 feet away, hitting the ground six times with a very painful sounding cracking noise. Needless to say, it fainted.

"Kadabra! Retreat!" Reece yelled.

"Darn it!" Reece thought. "What pokemon do I have that can beat a Dragon Type?" He thought around, and then to the only Pokémon who had a Dragon Type move.

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece shouted. He threw the Pokéball, and the wood gecko Pokémon landed on the ground, staring at Dratini.

"Dragonbreath!" Reece yelled. Grovyle shot a foggy blast of energy at Dratini, engulfing the Pokémon in the super effective attack.

"Dragon Rage!" Matt yelled. The two trainer waited for the attack to come, but nothing happened. When the smoke from Dragonbreath cleared, it revealed an Paralyzed Dratini.

"No matter." Matt said. This was soon followed by Dratini shedding of its skin like a snake, and coming out with all the Vigor it had before.

"Use Dragonbreath!" both trainers ordered. The attacks collided, and sent shockwaves throughout the battlefield. Neither trainer wated any time with their next attack.

"Quick Attack!" Reece ordered.

"ExtremeSpeed!" Matt commanded.

Dratini slammed right into Grovyle, before the wood gecko could move.

"FYI, Extremespeed is faster than Quick Attack." Matt said snarkily "Meaning regardless of how fast you are, quick attack goes second to Extremespeed."

"Bullet Seed!" Reece yelled.

Grovyle blasted a powerful volley of seeds straight at Dratini, each hitting for small damage that added up. Reece continued his assault. "Giga Drain!"

Grovyle's eyes turned blue and energy started to seep out of Dratini and into Groyvle. Matt imediatly put a stop to this. "Use Dragon Rage!"  

Dratini created a twister of energy that race across the battlefield at Grovyle. "Dodge it!" Reece yelled. The wood gecko Pokémon jumped out of the way just in time.

"Now Dragonbreath!" Reece yelled. Grovyle fired the cloudy blast at Dratini, engulfing it. When the smoke cleared, Dratini had fainted.

Matt wasted no time retrieving his Pokémon. A malicious smile stretched across his face when he sent out the next Pokémon. "GO! Fearow!" Matt yelled. "Gore that Gecko with Aerial Ace!"

A large bird Pokémon flew out of the Pokéball, flapping its wings majestically.

Fearow charged foward at blinding speeds, beak oustretched and ready to slice the Grovyle. The wood gecko used its powerful jumping abilities to dodge the attack. reece wasn't going to chance this.

"Grovyle, Retreat!" he yelled as he called the Pokémon back ing its Pokéball. "Who's next?" was his first thought. The answer hit him.

"Go! Crobat!" Reece yelled as he sent out the purple bat Pokémon. It flew up to the level of Fearow, and stared the bird in the eyes.

At this point, a crowd had gathered. Buut that wasn't significant. What was significant was two older teens watching from a diner nearby. One was a male with a black and red jacket, and greyish-black hair. The other was a fairly cute girl of the same age with a black hoodie with orange hair that was tipped purple.

The girl spoke up. "Wow, that's some pokemon battle."

The boy replied to her. "Yeah. I haven't seen action this good since well..." He paused for a second. "Not sure. Haven't battled in a while."

A middle agewd man came up to them. "Here's lunch Daron." he said. The boy handed him 1500 Pokedollars. "Thanks Charles."

The girl spoke again. "I think those two are about to start."

"Crobat! Screech!" Reece yelled. Crobat yelled (or screeched in this case) in a way that made everyone present cover their ears, and cracked a window or 2 (dozen).

"Fearow, Use Tri Attack!" Matt ordered. Fearow generated 3 spheres of energy that blasted Crobat with an explosion of Fire, Ice, and Thunder.

"Crobat!" Wing Attack!" Reece ordered. Crobat responded by charging at Fearow with twisters covering all four of his wings. Despite the great speed and power of the attack, it barely did any damage, and Reece saw why:Crobat was burned.

"Fearow, Aerial Ace!" Matt countered.

Fearow slashed right at Crobat with his beak, knocking it out of the air. "Recover and use Confuse Ray!"

Crobat spread his wings, stopping his fall. He then created a small ball of dark colored lights and caused it to float to Fearow.

"Mirror Move!" Matt yelled. Fearow then created a mirror image of Crobat, and caused the reflection to then repeat the action. This caused both Pokémon to become confused.

"Cross Poison! Reece yelled. He expected to take Fearow out of the sky, but failed badly. Crobat hit himself, causing the bat to fall.

"Fury Attack!" Matt barked to his Pokémon. But he didn't get any sucess either. The bird Pokémon simply thrashed around with the attack.

"It seems that the first to shake of Confusion wins." Daron siad watching from the diner. He was enjoying this. The only thing that could make it better was popcorn.

"Crobat, Wing Attack!" Reece yelled. Crobat managed to actually pull off of the attack. He charged foward, and hit Fearow. But Reece could tell he was still confused.

Matt however, had his hopes set high. "Aerial Ace!"

This worked, Fearow snapped out of confusion, and charged at Crobat with Breakneck speed. The Bat Pokémon was knocked straight at the ground.

"Crobat!" Reece yelled.

Crobat got up, and it finally broke Confusion. Reece saw this, and finally prepared his final attack. "Cross Poison!" The bat Pokémon respondes by charging at Fearow and using all four wings to slash at Fearow. The Beak Pokémon fell to the ground with a thud.

Matt wordlessly retrieved the Pokémon. He then looked to Reece. "I'm going to shoot your bird out of the sky!" he declared with a very angry glare.

"I'd love to see you try!" Reece yelled back. 

"Challenge." Matt said softly. "Accepted."

Matt grabbed the one Pokéball Reece could tell apart from the others. It was all scratched up, and Reece colud tell what was inside from Matt's smile.

"Go! Axew!" Matt yelled.

The small tusk Pokémon landed on the fround out of his Pokéball. Axew might not look as threatening as his other Pokémon, but Reece, Matt and Kara knew that wasn't the case.

"Giga Impact!" Matt yelled in a battle-savvy tone. Axew charged and jumpped into the air with a running start, and surrounded itself with an enourmous magenta and gold aura as it charged at Crobat like a Nuclear Warhead. The bat Pokémon took the hit head on and was engulfed by the resulting explosion.

Before the large soke cloud in the sky cleared, Crobat fell down covered in severe bloody cuts. "Crobat..." Reece said in a shocked tone and a face to match. "Retreat."

The Pokémon was drawn back into its Pokéball, and Reece looked over to Matt. His Axew had just landed, and Reece could clearly see the blood on the Pokémon's tusks.

He then sent out the only Pokémon that could be considered a match for the feral beast he was fighting. "Go! Larvitar!" The rock skin Pokémon landed on the ground, and the two bitter enemies looked at eachother.

"So we meet again." Axew said in Pokespeak.

"Let's get this over with!" Larvitar sighed.

Reece ordered the attack first. "Screech!" he yelled. Larvitar attempted to lower Axew's defense, but this failed. Larvitar launched the attack, but Axew dodged effortlessly.

"You're too slow!" Matt said. "Larvitar has a pathetic Speed! It might have been fast enough before, but now hew can barely touch Axew!" He shifted his stance. "Use Dual Chop!"

Axew used its speed to charge foward and slice at Larvitar twice. The attack had enough force this time to cause Larvitar to go flying.

"Hey Daron." The girl back at the diner asked. "I thought a pokemon had to recharge after using a move like Giga Impact?"

"Not if it knocks out a pokemon Arxi." Daron said.

"Sandstorm!" Reece yelled. Larvitar knew how to do this. He fired a tornado of sand out of his mouth at Axew. The Pokémon covered its eyes from the attack as the Sandstorm engulfed the entire battlefield. 

"Dragon RAGE!" Matt screamed into the sandstorm he was sheilding himself from. Axew created a Tornado of energy that ripped through the ground at Larvitar.

"Dodge it!" Reece yelled. Larvitar tried as hard as he could, but he was too slow to evade the attack. Larvitar took massive damage from the attack.

"Rock Slide!" Reece yelled. Matt was not going to win this. He would make sure of it even if it killed him! Larvitar created balls of energy which formed into rocks. He then had the rocks fall over the battlefield, hitting Axew. But the tusk Pokémon retaliated quickly.

"X-Scissor!" Matt yelled.

Axew formed an X of energy over his right hand and slashed Larvitar with it.

"BITE!" Reece yelled as fast as he could. Larvitar bit Axew, and used his tremendous strength to throw the tusk Pokémon into the air.

"Dragon Rage!" Matt ordered. Axew readied the attack at point blank range. Larvitar could not dodge. But Reece's life saving crazy idea came in just in time.

"Sandstorm at the Dragon Rage!" Reece yelled.

Both Pokémon created tornadoes of their respective elements that collided together, forming an explosion, totalling 2 more than Reece though would happen in this battle.

As the smoke cleared, Reece and Matt could see both Pokémon still standing. Both were panting, and both looked like they were ready to faint.

"Finish it with Giga Impact!" Matt screamed. Axew slammed into Larvitar, driving it into the ground. This time, the attack created a crater and blew up a ton of dust.

Both trainer check there Battle Scanners. But Reece checked his faster. "USE ROCK SLIDE!" Reece yelled. Larvitar created a landslide of energy made rocks to bury Axew, knocking the Pokémon out.

"God." Matt said with a short pause to hold up Axew's Pokéball. "Fricking." He retrieved Axew. "DAMMIT!" He shouted into the sky.

"GO!" Matt yelled. "Drilbur!"

Matt threw the Pokéball containing Drilbur, and the drill Pokémon stood its ground. "Larvitar, retreat!" Reece yelled. He retrieved his rock skin lifelong friend. He thought of one Pokémon who could stand up to this one.

"Go! Cleffa!" Reece yelled as he threw the Pokéball. The star shape Pokémon landed on the ground, and Matt didn't know whether to laugh or be worried. Considering it was Reece's Pokémon, he probably should be worried.

"Drilbur! Metal Claw!" Matt yelled.

Drilbur charged foward in the form of a drill and attempted to turn the star shape Pokémon into a pincushion.

"Water Pulse!" Reece yelled. Cleffa fired water riddled with ultrasonic energy at Drilbur, with the drill being caught right into the sonic epicenter. Drilbur was damaged, but managed to slash at Cleffa, causing the baby Pokémon to go flying. When it landed, it boiunced then started to cry.

"Magical Leaf!" Reece yelled. Cleffa continued to cry, but then shot flashing rainbow leaves at Drilbur. Drilbur attempted to claw the leaves, but failed. The leaves always hit their target. Drilbur was down after just two moves.

"Return." Matt said while clenching his teeth.

"GO! Combusken!" He yelled. Matt threw the Pokéball, and out came Combusken. Matt was prepared to win at all costs.

"Double Kick!" Matt yelled. The young fowl Pokémon charged towards Cleffa and gave her a deadly kick twice, KOing it.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. He had just the Pokémon to beat him with. "GO! Mankey!" Reece yelled. The pig monkey Pokémon landed on the ground, and faced its fellow fighting type.

"What?" Combusken snarled in pokespeak. "Is this a F***ing joke? Where's Grovyle!?"

Mankey ignored him, mostly due to arrogance, somewhat due to the fact that Reece ordered a Karate Chop. Matt retaliated with a Double Kick. The two attacks collided, with Combusken overpowering.

"Mankey, use Rock Tomb!" Reece yelled. Mankey pulled two chunks out of the ground and chucked them both Combusken, slowing it down.

"Hah!" Combusken yelled in pokespeak. He was unfazed by the rocks. "You might have lowered my speed, but you didn't come close to beating me.

"Brick Break!" Matt yelled. Combusken responded by charging foward at high speed and smashing Mankey brutally with his fist.

Mankey was hurled backwards.

"Mankey, Retreat!" Reece yelled as he retrieved his Pokémon into his Pokéball. Reece then reached for Grovyles Pokéball. "Go! Grovyle!"

The wood gecko Pokémon landed on the ground. Combusken smirked. "Finally out? Good, now I can kick your a**." Combusken said as he spat at Grovyle.

The wood Gecko used his great speed to dodge. "With your speed? I don't think so." Grovyle replied.

"DRAGONBREATH!" Reece yelled. Grovyle shot the cloud of smokey volcanic ash at Combusken, creating an massive explosion of light. Reece, Matt, and all the spectators had to cover their eyes. When the smoke cleared, Reece saw that the battle had ended the way he knew it would.

In a big and flashy explosion.
Fallarbor Town - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

Fallarbor Town - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

Peaceful again.

Matt handed Reece half his money. At this point, Daron and Arxi started come over to the two.

Kara also happened to be near them. She was wearing a black dress top and a red skirt that reached down to her knees. Her hair was still down (she lost her hair bands when she shot them at Reece and Matt).

"So, you two still haven't killed anyone with your psychotic pokemon battles?" She said sarcastically. "I'm shocked."

"Nice to see you too sis." Matt said in an annoyed tone.

"I'm sure you did break a few windows." Daron said. He and Arxi were standing near the three. "Hello, I'm Daron." Daron said.

"And I'm Arxi!" Arxi added.

"Are you guys Reporters?" Reece asked instictively.

"No." Both of them said.

"Good." Reece said. "Because the pokemon I use to blow up camera's is fainted."

Everyone (even Matt) laughed at that.

"Well I'm Reece." Reece said.

"Name's Kara." Kara stated.

"I'm Matt." Matt said.

"We saw your pokemon battle." Daron said. "And I have to say, I'm impressed."

"Wait..." Kara said. "That name sounds familiar." She looked at the ground. "Yeah. I know I've heard that name..." Her expression changed from a perplexed one to a very shocked one. "Your Daron..."

"I don't go by that more." Daron said loud enough to make sure noone heard Kara. "But yes." He said as he turned to the others. "I was a top rank trainer and co-ordinator." Daron said. "But that was 5 years ago."

"So, why did you stop?" Reece said. "If you were a great trainer, then I don't see a reason you'd stop."

"I'd rather not talk about it..." Daron said while looking over to Arxi, then back to the Pokédex holders again. "Anyway, I wanted to compliment you on your skills."

"Thanks!" Reece replied. "That means a lot."

"Your welcome." Daron replied.

Matt looked away. "Thanks. I guess."

Kara walked over to Arxi. "I love your hoodie!" She said.

Arxi blushed a bit. "Thanks." She answered. "Daron picked it out for me."

The two girls really got in a conversation on fashion, while Daron continued with the others. "Well yeah. I get valuable items in the nearby Meteor Cave, and then sell them in town."

"Meteor cave?" Reece asked with a confused look.

"Yeah." Daron said. "It's the mountain in the east." He explained while pointing east. "The mountains are a cluster of natural springs that create waterfalls in the cave and carve out huge caverns. The area is filled with rare and strong pokemon."

Matt and Kara looked over when they heard that. In ten seconds, Reece would be running off in the direction of the mountains.

"Hey Daron, do you know where I can get Running shoes fixed?" He asked. "Over there." Daron said as he pointed to a house like-building with a sign saying "Trainer Services."

Reece walked inside the building. "Goodbye!" He said to the four trainers (well Arxi is still working on that, but she does have Pokémon).

The Leblanca siblings both spoke in unison. "Give it X time. He'll walk out of the store, go into the pokemon center, then run screaming like a maniac over to the East."

Kara has good listening skills.

Believe or not, it convientiently took only Reece 20 minutes to get his shoes fixed (with the 7000 Pokedollars he got from Matt as payment). He walked into the Pokémon center (with the four trainers watching) then walked out a minute later.

Reece then proceeded to run to the mountain with blasts of compressed air propelling him foward. He was also screaming "WOOHOO!" as he ran.

"Told you." Both of the Leblanca siblings said in perfect sync.

"JINX!" Kara said.

"Jinx!" Matt said. "No wait!"

Matt was painfully punched in the face.

"Should we...follow him?" Arxi asked.

"Why should we?"

"Today is going to be fun." Kara said. "Noone Un-jinx him!"

Reece felt so happy that his Running shoes were fixed that he almost slammed into a tree. He had also deposited Cleffa and taken out Cyndaquil. The biggest shock of the day was Cyndaquil's moveset: Reversal, Hidden Power,
Route 110 - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

Route 110 - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended

Meteor Cave (Outside)

Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, and Quick Attack. It was also at Level 25, making it one of Reece's strongest.

The outside of Meteor Cave was quite nice. It was rocky, sure, but the scenary with the sunset backround was very beuatiful.

As Reece got up higher, he heard a very loud noise. He looked around the rock formations to see a little blue Pokémon with an armored silver head.

It was standing on the higher part of a cliff. To Reece's utter shock, it jumped off and started flailing its arms wildly like it was trying to fly. It failed, and smashed its head down on a rock. It seemed completely unfazed however, and started jumping up the rocks to repeat the action.

Reece waited until the Pokémon jumped off the cliff, then he threw a Great Ball at it. The Pokémon was drawn in, and the Pokéball fell to the ground.

One sha... 


The Pokémon broke out of the Pokéball, and then saw Reece. It angrily shot a high pressure volume of water at Reece that caused the boy to fall backwards from the force.

The small blue Pokémon then fleed. Reece attempted to chase it. Reece turned a few corners before something caught his eye. A group of people in very dark suits were going into a cave sticking out of the mountain.

"Team Abyss?" Reece said. "Here?"

Chapter 33:Meteor Cave, Part 2

Reece ran into the cave.
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)

Inside of Meteor Cave

The inside of the cave was massive. The ceiling was covered in stalagtites. Reece could also see a pond with a waterfall. Daron was right; this cave was carved from waterfalls.

Reece then scanned the chamber for any Team Abyss grunts. None at...

"Looks like we have Ratatta."

Reece turned around to see just what he was looking for found him. 7 Team abyss grunts stood behind him, the leader was a woman with shirt, curly red hair.

"So, Reece is here of all places." She said.

"Before you say anything, this is a total coincedence!" Reece defended himself. Thi s really was a coincedence. But, with Reece's luck, they would not listen.

"Yeah right." The woman said. "You 3, Terminate him. the rest, come with me."

The admin and her 3 grunts left the scene. Reece was left with 3 otther grunts staring at his throat. The first grunt came over. "Go! Houndour!"

The grunt threw the Pokéball, and out came the small dark Pokémon. It looked at Reece then snarled.

"Crap." Reece sighed. "Go! Mankey!"

Reece threw the Pokéball containing his Mankey. The Pokéball bounced on the ground, and opened up to reveal Mankey. "Karate Chop!"
Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended

Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended

Society of Shadow's battle!

The pig monkey leapt foe leapt foward and chopped right at Houndour. Being a supereffective move, this did a lot of damage.

"Houndour, Smog!" The grunt ordered. Houndour breathed out a purple gas from its mouth, which Reece immediatly covered his mouth in response to.

Mankey was engulfed by the gas, and then started coughing madly. When the smog dissapated, Mankey was left poisoned.

"Rock Tomb!" Reece ordered.

Mankey took a large rock out of the ground, and picked it up. He then threw it at Houndoor, trapping the dog under it.

"Now Karate Chop!" Reece ordered again, hoping the poison wouldn't kick in.

Mankey sliced right through the rock and at Houndour, knocking the Pokémon out. Reece looked over to the grunts, and  waited for their next Pokémon.

The grunt retrieved his Houndour. "Go, Grimer!"

The living sludge Pokémon stood its ground. Reece looked at it, then decided to retrieve his Pokémon. "Mankey, Retreat!"

"Go! Kadabra!" Reece yelled as he threw the Pokéball containing the psi Pokémon. In a flash of light, the Psi Pokémon was staring at Grimer.

"Confusion!" Reece called out. Kadabra shot a beam of energby from its spoon at Grimer. The sludge Pokémon could stand up to the attack, and fainted. The grunt retrieved his Pokémon. He then let another grunt step in for them.

"Go, Golbat!" The grunt called. He threw the Pokéball the revealed the Bat Pokémon.

"Golbat, use Bite!"

The large bat Pokémon bit down savagely and Kadabra, and started to drink the Pokémon's blood. "Shock Wave!" Reece yelled.

Kadabra fired an electric blast form his spoon at Golbat, hitting at point blank range. Golbat took the hit and fainted. Reece looked at the grunt. Kadabra took Golbat and tossed it to the side with Psychic energy.

The grunt retrieved Golbat and ran like a Poochyena. The final grunt looked at Reece. She took a Pokéball and threw it. "Go! Sandile!"

The small crocodile Pokémon looked right at Kadabra. Reece knew that Kadabra was at a huge disadvantage unless...

"Kadabra, use Submission!"

Kadabra, using Psychic Power to move its body, picked up Snadile and spun around violently, then dropped the Pokémon on the ground, scoring a KO. Kadabra also took 1/4 of the damage, forcing Reece to retrieve it.

The grunt also retrieved her Pokémon (naturally, since it had fainted) and went for one last Pokéball. "Go, Carvanha!" She yelled.

Reece picked the only logical choice. "Go, Grovyle!"

He sent out the wood gecko Pokémon. Grovlye stood eye to eye to his fishy foe. "Use Giga Drain!" Reece ordered. The Carvanha had all its strength drained by the attack. The grunt retrieved her Pokémon, and ran.

"I'm getting good at this." Reece said with a smile.
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)-0

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)-0

At "peace" again.

Reece then scratched that thought. He remembered he forgot to restock at the pokemart.

With a weakened Kadabra, and a most likely army of Abyss Grunts, Reece could say he was screwed.

But, good fate shines upon those who are the victims of chronic bad luck. But Reece would have to wait. For a bit...

Naturally, Reece forged on. Besides, he still had that small blue Pokémon to catch. Anyway, wondering through the cave wasn't hard. It was beautiful in fact.

The Reece went up a small slope inside the the chamber. When he ot to the top, he saw what looked like a crater. Along with two Abyss Grunts digging through it.

Before Reece could sneak away, they (naturally) saw him first

"It's Reece!" They yelled as they reached for there Pokémon. Reece took a step back. And fell. "Are you fricken kidding me?" Was his first thought. "Why the heck didn't I make sure not to be standing on the edge?"

But, Reece felt a hand stop what would likely be a painful yet comedic fall. He looked back to see a very familiar face.

"Aiden!" Reece yelled in shock.

"Yeah." He said. "So, I'm guessing you have 'pests' that need extermination." He followed.

The two team Abyss Grunts came over. "Darn it, the boy survived." the first one said. "And he's got a friend." The other said sighed.

Reece got on his feet and grabbed Grovyle's Pokéball. "Ready Aiden?"

Aiden reached for one of his Pokéballs. He threw it to behind were the grunts were. "Ready as I'll ever be." he said. Out of the Pokéball came a Growlithe.

"Fianlly caught a fire type it seems." Reece said as he threw out the Pokéball containing Grovyle.

"Yeah. Have Cyndaquil with you?"


"Good." Aiden said, then looked at the Grunts. "Let's dance."
Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended-0

Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended-0

Let's Dance!

The grunts threw out a Pokémon each. A Murkrow, and a Nuzleaf.

"I'll take the Murkrow if you take the Nuzleaf." Reece said. Aiden looked back. "With Pleasure."

The two heroes each took their respective grunt on. Reece ordered his attack. "Grovyle, use Dragonbreath!"

Grovyle shot foward a glorious blast of breath at Murkrow, knocking the Pokémon back.

"Murkrow, Wing Attack!"

Murkrow covered his wings with twisters and charged foward at Grovyle, knocking him back. He went dangerously close to the slope.

"Bullet Seed!" Reece yelled. Grovyle blasted a machine gun like volley of seeds right at Murkrow, attacking like a anti aircraft Turret. Murkrows wing was hit, and the Pokémon started to lose altitude.

"Assurance!" The grunt yelled. Murkrow charged foward, and then clawed at Grovyle, knocking the Pokémon off the edge of the cliff.

"Grovyle!" Reece yelled in horror.  

The wood gecko Pokémon used his enhanced reflexes to manuever himself mid fall, jump off the ground, and then run along the wall.

"DragonBreath!" Reece yelled.

While still clinging onn to the wall, Groyvle shot a powerful blast of volcanic ash like breath, the force of whick made Murkrow faint.

The grunt angrily retrieved his Pokémon, and then pulled out another Pokéball.

"Go, Metang!"

The grunt threw the Pokéball, and out came the Iron Claw Pokémon. Reece retrieved Grovyle. "Go, Cyndaquil!" He yelled as he sent out the mouse Pokémon.

Reece hoped this Pokémon would listen to him all the time. Sure, all his Pokémon listened to him in battle, but out of battle...not so much.

"Flamethrower!" Reece yelled. Cyndaquil fired a jet stream of flames at Metang. The steel type Pokémon started to cook like a lobster.

"Metang, Confusion!" The grunt yelled.

Metang shook free of the flames and fired two pink beams of energy from its hands, knocking back Cyndaquil. Reece refused to surrender however.

"Flame Wheel!" Reece yelled.

Cyndaquil jumped into the air and became a ball of fire. The ball of fire charged straight at Metang, knocking it back with the significant force.

"Metang, counter with Shadow Ball!" The grunt ordered.

Metang formed a ball of shadows in between its claws and fired. The attack hit Cyndaquil, knocking the Pokémon back. Reece still was undettered.

"Reversal!" Reece screamed.

Cyndaquil surrounded itself with a ring of blue energy and then smashed at Metang with extreme force. This
Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)-1

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire - Meteor Falls (Cave of Origin)-1

We'll be out of the Cave soon. Don't worry.

resulted in a knockout.

Aiden had also finished with his battle. Reece was pretty much set now, as all he had to do was find the Team Abyss admin and stop whatever INSANE plan they were hatching.

Speaking of which.

"What are you creeps planning!" Aiden yelled. The two grunts were being closely watched by Aiden Crawdaunt.

"Hey, that was my line." Reece whined.

"Whatev." Aiden said. Then he turned to the grunts. "Are you gonig to speak, or are you going to need some 'incentive'?". he said motioning to Crawdaunt. The Crayfish responded by snapping his pincers.

The grunts didn't waste any time. "We were instructed to search the cave for a meteorite!" The first one said. The second one spoke up. "Then we were instructed to use this on it."

He reached for his pocket, and pulled out a small yellow device. It was shaped like a box, and had a small phone like part on it.

Aiden grabbed it, and his pupils shrank.

"What is it?" Reece asked,

"A Geiger Counter." Aiden said.

Reece's face showed utter horror. "A geiger counter? Are you telling me that these psycho's want to create nuclear weapons?"

"I don't think so." Aiden said. "If they wanted to, then they'd have hazmat suits to protect from the radiation." He stated. "What exactly do you need with Radioactive Meteorites?" He said as he turned to the grunts.

"We know nothing." The second said.

"We swear!" The first assured.

"Leave them." Reece said. "If we want to know what they want, then we'll need to go find the admin."

Aiden nodded and retrieved Crawdaunt. "I saw the exit the higher parts of this cave." he said. "If we go through it, we'll get to the outside of the mountain and likely closer to whatever these maniacs want."

"Wait." Reece said. "You just walked in on this. How do you know who these guys are?"

"A bug catcher told me." Aiden said. "Let's go!"

The two acsended the passages in the cave, and eventually came to a small passgae, not much larger than the older Aiden. the two looked at eachother, and nodded.

The passage was short and dark, and soon the two trainers made it to the outside, the
(EXTENDED) Favorite VGM 33 - Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum - Mt

(EXTENDED) Favorite VGM 33 - Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum - Mt. Coronet Peak

Love this song!

y saw dull light. The outside of the mountain. It was night.

The mountains higher parts were a forest. It was a plateau of sorts, and both Reece and aiden could tell that somehow, they were very high up.

"We must be at least 3000 feet up." Reece stated.

"Yeah." Aiden said. "Just going up all those twists and turns, and that slope..." he trailed off. "It blows the mind, doesn't it?"

"Well, no time for recovering from mind blowing now. We need to search as much as we can for Team Abyss.

"I thought they were called the Society of Shadows." Aiden stated, but Reece didn't waste time. He wanted to know what Team Abyss wanted.

The forest itself was no trouble to Reece and his running shoes, but Aiden didn't have any, so they had to run normally. Then, Reece heard a crash.

The 12 year old trainer looked over to where he heard the noise to see the familiar blue Pokémon smashing it's head against the rocks again. Reece looked at it. Was it trying to fly?

Aiden came up, and saw the Pokémon. "Hey look, it's a Bagon." he said.

"A Bagon?" Reece asked.

"Yeah, a Bagon. It's a rare powerful dragon type that's in the same class as pokemon like Dratini and Larvitar." Aiden said. Reece immediatly took out a Great Ball, and proceeded to chuck it at the Pokémon, but Aiden grabbed his hand.

"Use this." Aiden stated and put another Pokéball in Reece's hand. "It's a Dusk Ball. 4 times stronger at night." He explained.

"Thanks." Reece said. He threw the Pokéball at the unsuspecting Pokémon, drawing it inside. As the ball shook, Reece and Aiden struck up a conversation.

"Ya know, Maybe we should've weakened it." Reece pointed out.

One Shake

"Ya, but we have an evil team to stop." Aiden replied

Two Shakes

"Good Point. Hope it works." Reece answered back.

Three Shakes


"Hey." Aiden said. "You caught it!"

"Woohoo!" Reece cheered. He pulled out his Pokédex. Aiden immediatly saw this. He had never seen a Pokédex before (They don't just hand those things out. Only 3 exist in Delta alone). Aiden asked the question. "What is that!?" He asked.

"A pokedex." Reece answered. "Whenever I catch a pokemon, it records it and gives me some data on it."

"Can I see?" Aiden asked.

"Sure." Reece said with a smile.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366172273

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366172273



Rock Head Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 92.8 LB / 42.1

Bagon are extremely rare, only appearing in deep mountsains. They have a very intense desire to fly, and attempt to do so by jumping off high peaks every day. They have very hard heads to compensate for the fact that they hit rocks.

"Holy Crap, I was trying to fly." Reece said.

"That device is amazing." Aiden commented.

Mt. Coronet - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Music Extended

Meteor Cave, outside.

"Thanks." Reece replied. "Come on, we have a terrorist group to stop."

The two ascended through the mountaintop forest. Team Abyss had to be somewhere around here.

Meanwhile, further down in the cave...

"So Daron..." Arxi asked. "Why are we here again?"

"Because I feel if something bad'll happen." Daron replied. "Besides, I like this Reece kid."

"But what about his friends?" The girl asked. "They went running up the mountain a while ago."

"They should be fine." Daron assured his friend. "Besides, they have some relatively strong pokemon for their level."

"I hope your right." Arxi replied.

Back up the mountain.

"I rerally hope were getting close to those grunts..." Reece said. "It's cold out."

"Says the trainer who beats a pro on his first try." Aiden replied. "You get used to the cold. Just forge on, and it dosen't seem so painful."

Reece took that advice to heart. "Sure Aiden."

The two ran foward, and Aiden was right. Giving it your all made it seem warmer. And maybe luckier too. Reece and Daron  passed by a few Grunts excavating another crater.

"Element of Suprise?"Aiden whispered.

"Sure!" Reece whispered back.

Aiden and Reece pulled out there Joltik and Cyndaquil respectively. They threw the Pokéballs, and the three grunts were caught entirely off guard.

"Run!" two of them yelled. They dropped the tools and ran. The only one that was left was a man with dark hair. "Fools." He aid aloud in a way that made it unclear whether it was Reece and Aiden or the fleeing grunts he was refering to. 

"You are becoming the Society's biggest annoyance." He said.

"What am I? A Zubat/Tentacool?" Aiden thought.

"Well, if you guys would stop with your crazy plans that kept harming people and pokemon, then I'd stop shattering them to peices." Reece shot back.

"We at Team Abyss like respecting opinions." He said. "Unlike the God Complex ridden Team Luminious."  he added. "But I do wish to share the Teams ultimate goal."

"And that would be?" Aiden asked.

"To plunge the world into eternal darkness, shadowing the world like a thin black shadow. We only cover the sun, we don't hide it." The grunt said cooly.

"That's insane!" Aiden and Reece yelled out.

"Doing something like that could cause so many horrible things!" Reece yelled. "The reduction in sunlight would cool down the planet's tempature and start an ice age!"

"I think it's better than what Team Luminious wants." the grunt replied. "They want to cover the world in everlasting light, and convert the world to their beliefs. Not only that, but the wish to eliminate all Dark, Ghost, and Poison type pokemon."

"What do you even wish to achieve with your plan?" Aiden questioned with a serious face.

The grunt looked up to the starry sky. "To create a world where the darkness isn't hate. To create a more peaceful world by eliminating the destruction caused by light."

"How?" Reece asked. "Your making no sense!"

"The sun is the source of destruction." The grunt said. "If we weaken the sun's light, then we'll make the world a batter place without destroying it."

That is insane." Aiden spoke bluntly.

"And what about the genetically engineered pokemon?" Reece asked remebering back to the Dusk cave and Kara's Snivy.

"Only a handful of Genetically engineered pokemon are actually ours." the grunt said. "Quite a few were taken from a certain source. It was from these pokemon that Team Abyss was built."

"One last question." Aiden asked. He stared right into the grunts eyes. "Why are you telling us this? I can't see any good reason that you'd spill all your plans."

"It was a direct order from our leader." He said. He got up off of the small rock he was on. "Now, I really should battle you know. I know I'll lose, but I'll at least slow you down."

Reece moved foward just a bit. "Aiden, I'll take him on myself!"

"Whatever floats your boat." He said. "Just be careful."
Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended-1

Cipher Peon Battle - Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Music Extended-1

Another Peon Battle. Don't fret, the Admin comes soon.

The grunt reached for a Pokéball. "Go, Swellow!

The grunt threw the pokeball and out came the the swallow pokemon. Reece reached for one of his pokeballs, and threw it.

"Go! Cyndaquil!" Reece exclaimed.

The Pokéball bounced on the ground and opened up to reveal the little fire mouse Pokémon. Reece wasted no time attacking.

"Use Flamethrower!" He yelled.

The small Pokémon's back flared with fire as he shot a jet of flames at the Bird Pokémon. Swellow's trainer wasn't giving up without a fight.

"Steel Wing!" The grunt ordered. Swellow covered his wings in a shining metal coating along with twisters, and charged at Cyndaquil with extreme speed, dodging the flamethrower.

"Cyndaq!" The mouse Pokémon squealed as it was flung into the air.

"Flame Wheel!" Reece yelled.

Cyndaquil rolled up into a ball and surrounded itself in fire. The mouse Pokémon then charged at the large bird Pokémon, countering for the Steel wing.

Then Reece noticed something odd. First off, the Swellow was burned. But that wasn't the strange part. It was that the grunt was smiling.

"Thanks for burning Swellow." he chuckled. "Burning my pokemon makes my combo work."

"Combo?" Reece said worriedly.

"Yes." The grunt answered.

Aiden's eyes widened. "Watch out Reece! That Swellows using its ability to power itself up in response to the burn!" Aiden yelled. "Then it'll..."

He was cut off by the grunt screaming his next attack. "Use Facade!"

Swellow rammed into Cyndaquil with blinding speeds surounded by a white aura. Reece checked his Battle Scanner to see that Cyndaquil had lost a third of his health from the attack.

"Oh crud." Reece thought. But the boy would never give up. "Use Flamethrower!"

Cyndaquil's back flames flared as he shot a powerful blast of flames at Swellow. It was a direct hit, and Swellow looked badly damaged.

"Facade!" The grunt yelled.

Swellow charged into Cyndaquil again, doing even more damage. Reece knew he was in trouble. That Swellow was a monster. Reece thought of what he could do. Maybe, just maybe, Cyndaquil's Reversal could defeat Swellow. Reece checked his scanner, and saw that it was too early to risk it.

"Use Flamethrower!" Reece commanded. Cyndaquil shot another Jet of Flames at Swellow.

"Sky Attack!" He called. Swellow started to glow, and even as the flames hit and did damage, the shining Pokémon looked unhamed.

"Flamethrower again!" Reece yelled. Cyndaquil fired more flames at Swellow, and Reece hoped that this would finish it. If not, That Sky Attack would finish him.

The flames cleared, and Swellow was still charging his attack. This was bad. Really really bad. Swellow charged foward and a blinding bundle of flame, smashing Cyndaquil painfully.

"Cyndaquil!" Reece called out. The mouse Pokémon fell on the ground a battered mess. Reece looked at it, to shocked to do anything else.

To Reece's relief, he could see the Pokémon still breathing.

"USE REVERSAL!" Reece yelled. Cyndaquil sprang up, and surrounded itself with a ring of blue orbs. It then smashed Swellow, knocking it out of the sky. The bird Pokémon fell on the ground unconcious.

The grunt retrieved his Pokémon. "Well, it seems you won." He said softly. "The Admin's near the peak looking for the meteor shard."

Mt. Coronet - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Music Extended-0

Next comes the Admin.

"What do you want with a radioactive meteorite?" Reece demanded.

The grunt looked up at the sky again. "The meteorite isn't Radioactive, but instead bombarded with a Radioactive energy. Cosmic Rays to be exact."

"What do you need a Meteorite that's been irradiated with Cosmic Rays for?" Aiden asked.

"The master said its uses are endless for its own reason." The grunt said. "And if you want to stop the admin, then you may as well move quickly."

"I think we should listen." Reece said. He was about to retrieve Cyndaquil before he saw the Pokémon glowing. Reece looked at it with an amazed face. "It's evolving already!"

Cyndaquil glowed white, its body grew longer, and its flame grew more jagged. It swtched between these two forms over and over until it stuck with the second.

The new Pokémon was just like Cyndaquil but with the changes previously described. Reece smiled and pulled out
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366218447

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366218447

Reece has caught a lot of pokemon, hasn't he?

his Pokédex.


Volcano Pokemon

Height: 2'11 / 0.9 M

Weight: 41.9 LB / 19.0

Quilava is covered in non-flammable fur. It attacks with intense flames and gusts of superheated air.

Aiden looked at Quilava. "I think you two make a great team." He said quietly so Reece couldn't hear. Reece himself retrieved Quilava.

Mt. Coronet - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Music Extended-1

No more distractions! The peak is coming up soon, I promise!

"Let's go!"

The two ran through the small forest. Soon, they came to one more rocky passage.

"There up their, I can feel it." Reece said.

"I hope your right." Aiden said.

The two ascended up the rocky trail. Hopefully, they would find the Admin they so desperatly wanted to interrogate for this mess.

The trainers amde it to the top to come across a final crater. In the center, there was two grunts with a metal case and the admin. She looked at Reece and Aiden. "God, you two just don't know when to just give up and die!"

"Not in the mood." Reece said. "Now are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way?"

the admin started laughing. "We had a feeling you'd get in our way again Reece, so the master gave me a certain pokemon that I'm to use to beat you!"

Reece was undettered. "Show me. I enjoy a good battle."

"As you wish." The admin said arrogantly. She then turned to her grunts. "You two! Get the Meteorite to safety!" she yelled. When the two didn't move, her face turned red.

"Why are you Two just standing there!? Get the meteorite out of here!"

"There not moving cause they can't." Someone said. Reece instantly knew what was going on.

Everyone who could move their head looked to the direction the voice was coming from to see Matt, Kara, and Machina to slowly fade into view.

"Good job Haunter!" Matt yelled. Matt's Haunter appeared, holding both grunts with its hands. "Sleep paralysis." Matt explained. "Works every time."

"Damn it!" The Admin yelled. "I'm not giving up with a fight!"

She threw a Pokéball, and out came and Aggron. This Aggron looked different somehow. More like felt different. It seemed... Evil.

"Another Genetically engineered pokemon?" Reece asked.

"You could say that." The admin replied. "Who's first?"

"I'll handle this." Matt declared. "Go, Combusken!" He threw the Pokéball containing his Fire/Fighting Pokémon. Noone really argued, because this was a great matchup.
Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)-2

Boss Theme - Big Foot Hot Shot Flying Dog (SA2) Heavy Dog (Shadow the Hedgehog)-2

IMy body is ready!

"Your going down!" Matt yelled. "Combusken, Brick Break!"

Combusken charged foward and prepared a punch. But the Admin was ready. "Aggron, Thunder!" she yelled.

A wicked thunderbolt dropped down on Combusken, shocking the poor Pokémon. But the Young Fowl Pokémon got up again and smashed at Aggron's metal hide.

Reece checked his scanner. What he saw invoked the craziest deja vu. The Pokémon was level 40! Reece had to warn Matt.

"Combusken, use Double Kick!" Matt yelled.

Combusken jumped up and slammed its foot on Aggron twice. But the Admin was unfazed by the damage her Pokémon was taking. "Use Shadow Rush."

"Shadow Rush?" everyone said in confusion. Noone but the admin had heard of the attack. Reece saw an erro message appear on his scanner, which worried him.

Aggron surrounded himself in a shadowy aura, and then slammed into Combusken at high speed. The attack knocked out Combusken in one hit, then sent it flying into the air.

Matt was shocked at what he just saw. What in the world was that move? As Combusken hit the ground, Matt retrieved it. He gritted his teeth in anger.

"I'll take care of this!" Kara yelled. Machina ran up to her side. "Maybe this is some kind of Ghost Type attack." She thought. Her hair started to float up.

"Machina, Bubblebeam!" She yelled. Machina shot a blast of water straight at Aggron, doing a small chunk of damage.

"Aggron, Earthquake!" The Admin retaliated. Aggron smashed the ground fiercly, causing the entire mountain to shake. Reece and Matt jumped down into the crater to avoid being knocked off the edge.

Machina was still standing and her mechanical eye still functioning. That was enough for her and Kara to keep fighting.

"Dark Pulse!" Kara yelled.

Machina opened her mouth and fired a blast of dark energy at Aggron. The force of the attack smashed the Pokémon with extreme strength, and knocked it back a bit.

"Aggron, Shadow Rush!" the admin ordered.

Aggron enveloped itself in a shadowy aura again, and slammed right through the dark pulse and into Machina, KOing her in one shot.

"No way..." Kara said softly. Her voice was filled with shock and her face matched. She retrieved Zorua. Reece had had enough. He used his runnnig shoes to go closer to the admin. "I'm next!" He yelled.

The admin laughed again. "So your finally fighting?" She asked rhetorically. "Took you long enough."

"Go, Quilava!" Reece yelled. "Scorch 'em with Flamethrower!"

He threw the Pokéball and out popped the Volcano Pokémon. The flames on the back of its head became more intense, and then the Pokémon fired an intense jet of flames at Aggron.

The Aggron took noticeable damage from the attack, but not enough to faint. The admin mercilessly ordered her next attack. "Use Stone Edge!" she yelled.

Aggron generated rocks out of thin air and then shot them at Quilava like bullets. The Volcano Pokémon crubled under the attack, nearly fainting.

"Reversal!" Reece yelled.

"Stop it with Shadow Rush!" the admin called.

Aggron surounded himself with a shadowy aura. Quilava surrounded himself with a ring of blue orbs. Aggron charged foward at high velocity. Quilava got ready to smash Aggron.

Quilava was about to hit Aggron when the Iron Armor Pokémon smashed it with its fist and knocked it out. Reece retrieved his Pokémon. "What in the world can beat this thing?" He thought.

"Aggron, incinerate them all with Fire Blast!" the Admin ordered. Aggron formed a ball of fire in his mouth, and was about to carry out its masters orders before one last person attacked.

"Manectric, Overheat!"

A blue and yellow Lion-like creature jumped down and opened its mouth. It then fired a crimson stream of flames that knocked back Aggron with excessive force.

Everyone (except the grunts that were paralyzed by Haunter) looked up to see Daron flying on his Flygon. The dragon Pokémon floated down, and revealed Arxi was with him.

The admin saw she had five trainers to deal with, and that the last attack Manectric used did severe damage. She reached for another Pokéball too quickly for anyone to stop her, and revealed a Skarmory.

Mt. Coronet - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Music Extended-2

Last time you'll here this for a while.

"I know when I'm beat." She sad as she held another Pokéball and used it to retrieve Aggron.

"Hand over the meteorite and I just might let you walk out of here." Matt said.

The admin had no intentions to fail. "I cannot fail." She said. "Skarmory, Air Cutter on Haunter!"

The iron clad bird Pokémon fired a blast of slicing air at Haunter, breaking its concentration and freeing the grunts.

The admin then jumped on Skarmory, and the bird Pokémon grabbed both grunts before flying away.

"And I never even got a crack at her Aggron." Aiden said quietly.

Everyone met in the center of the crater. Reece was the first to speak. "Does anyone know what was with that Aggron and that Shadow Rush attack?"

Everyone thought for a minute, then all shook their heads.

"I really think we should get back down the mountain." Kara suggested. "Ya know, tell the police?"

"The police who will try to cover this up." Reece corrected. "We may as well."

"Ya, but I'm not in the mood go hiking down the mountain again." Aiden said. "Who has a flying type?"

"I have one. What about you Kara?" Matt asked.

"I have a pokemon. But's she's too small to carry anyone but me." Kara replied.

"I'll just have Kadabra teleport us back." Reece delcared.

"Good idea." Everyone else said in unison.

"Oh yeah." Kara said. She then punched Matt in the stomach. 17 times. Reece did something that shocked even him. "Matt Leblanca Matt Leblanca Matt Leblanca!"

Matt almost had a heart attack. Kara looked like she was going to cry. Reece sent out Kadabra. "Yo, Kadabra, Teleport us out of here!"

Kadabra focused his psychic energy, and then instantaneously teleported them to the Pokémon center at Crater Town.
Fallarbor Town - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended-0

Fallarbor Town - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Extended-0

Last time you'll here this for a while.

"I'll go report this to the authorities." Daron volunteered. He then looked to Reece, Kara, and Matt. "The three of you are great trainers." He said. "I want to see you do great things."

"What about me?" Aiden asked.

"You're awesome." Reece said.


Matt started to walk away. "I'm going to find a hotel." he said. "See you guys hopefully in less chaotic situations."

Kara looked at Reece. "I can't believe you helped Matt. I was having so much fun!"

"Noone deserved to be tortured by you." Reece explained. "Sorry."

kara looked down and turned away. "Bye Reece." She said as she started to walk away. She then got the queen of evil looks on her face. "I'm going to get my vengeance."

Daron looked at Reece. His face soon became very serious. He put his hand on Reece's shoulder. "Listen, Reece..." he started.

"Yeah?" Reece asked.

"If you ever go to a place called the Aerial Cave, promise me you'll be careful."

"Promise!" Reece replied.

Daron and Arxi started to walk away. Reece himself could only think of one thing at the moment.

"I'm starving." he said to himself.

Want to learn more about Daron? Read the Creepypasta The Screeching Ghost Pokemon!

Chapter 34:Shrouded

"So Kuro, you got the meteorite?" a voice asked.

"Yes Master Shuraudo." The admin Reece fought last night said.

"Good." Shuraudo answered. "And Reece nearly stopped you, correct?"

"Yes but... he had friends and..." Kuro said startled.

"I'm only concerned with Reece, not how well you succeeded." Shuraudo asked.

"Yes, Reece was there." Kuro answered.

"That's what it's all about." Shuraudo stated. "Tell Raigan he's acting leader till I'm back."

Kuro was shocked at this. "Where are you going master?"

"To meet the problem face to face." 

Reece had spent the last few days doing a ton of things. First, he met a guy in Crater Town who gave him a Good Rod,. Reece then took the opportunity to catch the cutest Pokémon ever. The Pokémon was called Chincou. Reece could remember it clearly.

Reece was fishing with his Good Rod, and he felt something tug on the line. He pulled it out of the water, and out the Chinchou. The Pokémon was so incredibly cute. He really couldn't stop thinking of how cute it was. Reece threw a great ball and caught the Pokémon.

Reece did want to relax for a few days, But he did have to train his Pokémon. He managed to get all his Pokémon some exercise. Also, two of his Pokémon evolved.

The first was Remoraid. It evolved during a battle around the mountains of Meteor Cave. Reece could also remember that clearly. It turned pure white and went from its fish like shape to an octopus like shape, then started to flash between the two.  

It then stopped at the Octopus like shape and the light dissapeared. It looked like a red octopus with yellow suckers and a puckered mouth. That was Octillery.

The second one was Cleffa. When they were eating at Charles's Diner, Cleffa was finishing her Ice Cream and then she evolved. Reece was so proud.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366230775

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366230775


Angler Pokemon

Height: 1'08 / 0.5 M

Weight: 26.5 LB / 12.0 KG

It lives out of the reach of the sun. If threatened, it discharges positive and negative electricity in extreme quanities.' 


Jet pokemon

Height: 2'11 / 0.9 M

Weight: 62.8 LB / 28.5 KG

This pokemon is unique due to the fact it can learn a large variety of moves concerning spitting objects, substances and projectiles.


Fairy Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 16.5 LB / 7.5 KG

Clefairy, despite their rarity, make popular pets. On Mondays, they have been comfirmed to dance around a Moon Stone at Mt Moon. Their wings can generate lunar energy capable of flight.

Even though his next gym battle would likely be a piece of cake, he wasn't in the best of situations right now. Reece was panting and running for his life. Why was he running for his life? Simple. Kara was serious about revenge.
Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Sevii Islands-0

Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen- Sevii Islands-0


But, Lucky for Reece, he could run REALLY fast when he was scared. He took Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Bagon, Beedrill, and Mankey.

But, two things were working in his favor. One was him forgetting to eat breakfast.

The other was that because he forgot to eat breakfast. This caused him to decide to take Granite Path instead.

Kara would assume he took The Pyrite Forest. Reece was safe.

Except from what was on the other side of the small rocky stretch he was on.

A man with long, black hair, a black as night outfit, and a shiny Houndoom. siad Pokémon was sniffing the air like a bloodhound. It then barked twice.

The looked at the ground behind him, and a large, ghostly creature came out. "Dusknoir, show me who Houndoom smells."

The gripper Pokémon created a dark orb in his hands. The orb formed into a screen of sorts (like Reflect) and showed Reece's face.

"Perfect." the man said. "All we must do is wait now."

Reece kept moving. He slowed down once his heartbeat woke him up. He then realized the situation to its fullest. "Wait..." he said. "Is Kara even following me?"

He looked back. No girls in black tops (or anyone for that matter). So Reece thought he was safe. He then turned around to see the man who had been waiting for him.

"So, you've finally arrived Reece." he said.

Reece was shocked that this stranger knew his name. "Who are you?" he asked. "And

"I'm Shuraudo." he said cutting Reece off. "And I know your name because I'm the leader of Team Abyss." he said. Reece immediatly pulled out a Pokéball, and got ready to throw it.

"Relax Reece." he said, motioning his hands to match his words. "I don't wish to engage in your overly destructive pokemon battles, just to talk."

Reece didn't lower his guard. "About what?" he asked.

Shuraudo looked right at Reece. "Well, the big question is why you oppose us." he stated. "So why?"

"Your ****ed up psycho terrorists!" he said. "You guys want to blot out the sun!"

Shuraudo patiently waited for Reece to finish, then spoke. "Not blot it out, just weaken it." He said. "But that isn't what's important here. What is important is that I wish to tell you what we wish to achieve with this plan."

"I actually want to here this."

"The plan is meant to create a better world for both people and pokemon by harming them the least." Shuraudo explained while turning away. "But doing something of that caliber and not destroying the world takes two things."

"Let me guess." Reece said with an ever slightly annoyed expression. "Power, and Precision." 

"Smart boy." Shuraudo said.

"When your doing anything on a global scale, it takes power and precision." Reece replied.

At that point, Shuraudo's Houndoom started to sniff Reece. The boy was slightly creeped out like this (a Houndoom is NOT a normal dog, mind you).

"Don't worry, he does that to anyone he doesn't know." Shuraudo said in a calm tone. "It's to see if he likes you."

"What happens if he hates me?" Reece asked instinctively.

"Let's just say that when a Houndoom burns someone, the pain is permanent, and strong enough to break through any painkiller." Shuraudo said.

"That's and uncomfortable thought." Reece said with his eye twitching.

Houndoom continued to sniff Reece. After a few minutes, the Pokémon stopped and started barking playfully. "Hellgar, Hellgar!"

"What do you know." Shuraudo said. "My Houndoom likes you." He smiled. Reece looked at this. He didn't expect the leader of an evil organization to smile.

"My Honudoom only likes people who are good trainers." He said. "I can tell you are a great trainer Reece."

Reece looked at him skeptically. Shuraudo kept smiling. "Despite what the Grunts may tell you, I actually love pokemon. You're obviously a great trainer because you don't want any harm to come to pokemon with our plans."

Reece couldn't argue with that logic.

"Well Reece, I want to ask, can we have a battle for fun?"

Reece could never pass up a Pokémon battle. "Sure!" He said with a super happy face.

"My Houndoom versus all six of your pokemon." Shuraudo said. "We'll have full battle when the time comes." he said, his face dropping for a second. Reece caught this. It saddened him to rememer that he and this person were enemies.
Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A HQ

Final Fantasy VII - J-E-N-O-V-A HQ

Get the joke? Tell me if you do!

"Let's go!" Reece said

The two took a few steps back and Reece sent out a Pokémon.

"Go, Bagon!" Reece yelled. The little blue dragon Pokémon popped out off its Pokéball, and faced off to Houndoom.

"Use Hydro Pump!" Reece yelled. Bagon shot a highly pressurized blast of water at Houndoom, doing severe damage.

"Fire Spin!" Shuraudo ordered. Houndoom created a swirl of blue flames that engulfed Bagon. Every turn, the flames would damage Bagon.

"Hydro Pump again!" Reece yelled.

Bagon shot more hyper pressurized water from its mouth at Houndoom, but the Pokémon dodged the attack. Reece gritted his teeth.

"Sludge Bomb!" Shurado ordered. Houndoom fired a blast of sludge at Bagon, attacking it for moderate damage. Fire spin then added even more damage.

"Bagon, use Hydro Pump!" Reece yelled.

Hypdro Pump hit this time, doing sizeable damage. But Houndoom wasn't about to let up. "Houndoom, Hidden Power!" Shuraudo yelled.

Houndoom shot a volley of white projectiles at Bagon, knocking it out. Reece looked up in shock.

"Hidden Power Dragon." Shuraudo explained. "Always know your pokemon's Hidden Power."

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. The blue Houndoom was tough, and Reece needed a good Pokémon to take it out. He thought for a few minutes.

Shuraudo spoke up. "If this was a real battle between us, you'd be dead by now!"

Reece knew that was true. He finally chose his Pokémon. "Go, Beedrill!" He yelled. The poison bee Pokémon rushed out of the Pokéball, staring at Houndoom as it hovered wildly.

"Use Poison Jab!" Reece called out Beedrill shot a powerful needle from its arm at Houndoom, hitting the Pokémon's knee.

Shuraudo saw that his Pokémon was poisoned. Reece was a lucky boy, he knew that. But how long would his luck last?

"Overheat!" Shuraudo commanded.

Houndoom shot a high powered blast of blue flames at Beedrill, cooking the bee like a lobster. It fell to the ground., unconscious.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. He'd just have to use the last one who could beat it.

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece yelled. The wood gecko Pokémon jumped out of his Pokéball, and landed on the ground. No, Reece was not crazy. Shuraudo waited to see what Reece would do.

"Grovyle, use Brick Break!"

Shuraudo had not anticipated this. He called to his Pokémon. "Use Overheat Houndoom!"

Houndoom fired the jet of flames, scoring a direct hit, but Grovyle didn't even flinch. It broke through the flames, and smashed right into Houndoom with its fist. The hell hound Pokémon fainted from the hit.

"Overheat lowers the Special ATK of the user whenever used." Reece said.

Shuraudo retrieved his Pokémon. "You will do great things Reece." He said. he looked at the noon sky. After a few minutes he looked at Reece. "Reece, I want you to have this." he said. He then threw Reece a Pokéball.

"It's a Houndour." He said. "Raise it well for me."

"Thanks!" Reece said with gratitude evident. Reece pulled out his Pokédex. 
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366263020

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366263020

Reece Recieved Houndour!


Dark Pokemon

Height: 2'00 / 0.6 M

Weight: 23.8 LB / 10.8 KG

These pokemon communicate with eachother withs barks and howls. This somehow makes their teamwork unparalled.

Reece put his Pokédex away and looked up to thank the Abyss leader, but by the time he did, the man had dissapeared.

Reece smiled. Why? Because soon, he'd have his third badge.

Return to Graphic City Arc

Sonic Adventure "Welcome To Station Square"

Sonic Adventure "Welcome To Station Square"

Time to get that third badge!

Reece finally made it back to Graphic City. Now all he had to do was use his team of powerful fighting types to crush the Gym Leader into itty bitty peices.

He had just the team for it too. Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Pignite, Mankey, and...


Reece's trian of thought was shattered by a large humanoid Pokémon kicking his midsection.

Reece looked up and then experienced Deja vu. There was a Pokémon. Large, brown Pokémon with spring like legs and two three fingered hands.

"Ouch." Reece said. He was then greeted with another kick. This time, it was to the face.
Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-1366300669

Pokemon RBY - Wild Pokemon Battle Remix-1366300669

Credit to Lockerz102

"Oh it's on!" Reece yelled. He threw one of the Pokéballs on his belt, and out popped Kadabra. "Use Confusion!" Reece ordered.

Kadabra shot a beam of Psychic energy at Hitmonlee. The Kicking Pokémon took the blast head on, and then jumped into the air and struck Kadabra with a brutal kick. 

Kadabra took severe damage from the physical attack, despite being a Psychic Type.

"Kadabra! Use Ice Punch!" Reece yelled. Kadabra threw his fist fowrd and punched Hitmonlee in the gut. The Kicking Pokémon took little damage from the attack (Reece was hoping for a Freeze).

Hitmonlee used another Jump Kick. This attack brutally damaged Kadabra With the 180 power it possessed from Reckless and STAB.

"Submission!" Reece yelled.

Kadabra grabbed Hitmonlee and flew into the air. The psi Pokémon then spun around at huge speeds, causing Hitmonlee to take noticeable damage. However, the Kicking Pokémon broke free, and then attempted another high jump kick.

"Teleport!" Reece yelled. Kadabra disappeared in a flash of blue light as Hitmonlee cratered the ground. Reece broke out his smirk. He had planned that.

The boy threw a Great Ball. It drew in the fighting type and landed on the ground.

One Shake

Two Shake

Three shakes

"Looks like I caught a pokemon." Reece said with a smile.

Well, everyone else was watching this. It isn't every day you see a trainer get attacked by a wild Pokémon. It also isn't every day you see a large crater in the ground.

Reece pulled out his Pokédex.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366390954

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1366390954

Notice anything strange?


Kicking Pokemon

Height: 4'11 / 1.5 M

Weight: 109.8 LB / 49.8 KG

This pokemon can stretch his legs to increase Agility and Speed. They are a male only species.

As Reece put away his Pokédex, one of the bystanders came up to Reece. "Whoa! That was awesome!" He said. Reece beamed. "Thanks!" He replied.

Another bystander, this one an older man came up to Reece. "I have to thank you for catching that Hitmonlee." he said. "It's been rampaging around town for a week now."

"So you mean to tell me no trainers decided to step up and fight it?" Reece asked.

"Yeah." the old man said. "It's been going around kicking people, and Ozwald's been unable to catch it."

"Hey!" The first bystander said. "You should totally use that Hitmonlee against Mari." he said. "You'd tear right through the gym!"

Reece thought about that. He then followed that by running to where he remembered the Pokémon center was. Now he had the perfect sixth team member.

Chapter 35:Normality at its Finest

Reece entered the gym with Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Pignite, Mankey, and Hitmonlee. The Gym was made of beautiful white flawless marble, and had another receptionist at the entrance. 

"Beautiful craftmanship as usual." Reece commented.

"Glad you like it." The Receptionist said. "Mari and her pokemon made this herself when she became the Gym Leader."

Reece remembered why he was here. "Is there anything I need to sign before I challenge the Gym?" He asked. "No." the receptionist said. "You just need to go through the gym."

Reece only needed that. He walked inside the main room. The Gym was basic enough: A Marble Bridge over a Garden for the First Room.

Reece saw the first trainer. A Picnicker leaning against the bridge, looking like she was waiting for someone. Reece walked up to her. "I'm guessing your my first challenge." he said.

She heard Reece's voice and looked up with a suprised look, then got a dissapointed one. "Yup." she said. She and Reece put a bit of distance between themselves, then both threw out a Pokémon.

"Go! Clefairy!" the Picnicker yelled.

"Go, Pignite!" Reece yelled.

Both trainers threw their respective Pokéballs, and out came the Flame Pig and Fairy Pokémon.
Pokemon Stadium - Gym Trainer Battle-1

Pokemon Stadium - Gym Trainer Battle-1

Let's do this!

"Pignite! Arm Thrust!" Reece yelled. His fire pig Pokémon charged up to Clefairy and gave three strong smashes to its face. The Fairy Pokémon fainted instantly.

The Picnicker retrieved her Pokémon, and then threw another Pokéball. "Go, Jigglypuff!"

The Picnicker threw the Pokéball. Out came the puffball Pokémon. Reece retrieved his Pokémon. "Go, Mankey!"

In a flash of light, out came Mankey. Reece knew that its Vital Spirit ability would prevent his foe from putting him to sleep.

"Jigglypuff! Use Double Slap!" the Picnicker yelled. Reece waited till Jigglypuff was about 10 feet away and closing. "Brick Break!" Reece yelled.

Mankey punched Jigglypuff with excessive force. The puffball Pokémon deflated, signifying a KO.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. "Looks like I won." He said. The silver haired boy said. Hey claimed his Prize Money, and continued down the bridge.

The next trainer was an Aroma Lady who was looking at the ground in the same position the Picnicker was. She heard Reece's footsteps, and looked up.

Reece responded by sending out his Hitmonlee. Disappointed, the Aroma Lady sent out her Pokémon. "Go, Linoone!"

The rushing Pokémon appeared on the marble bridge. Reece wasted no time in ordering his attack. "Jump Kick!" he yelled. Hitmonlee jumped into the air and kicked downward to Linoone. 

"Use Gunk Shot!" The Aroma lady ordered. Linoone fired a sludgy blast at Hitmonlee. The Kicking Pokémon passed through the attack and smashed Linoone, knocking it out.

The Aroma Lady quickly retrieved her Pokémon and sent out another. "Go! Girafarig!" She called. In a flash of light, the Pokémon appeared on the Gym's Marble Bridge.

"Use Rolling Kick!" Reece yelled. Hitmonlee took a step back and then bounced foward, kicking Girafarig. The giraffe Pokémon fell down, but was not unconscious.

"Girafarig, use Psybeam!" the Aroma Lady yelled. Girafarig turned around and shot a blast of Psychic Energy at Hitmonlee. The kicking demon was smashed back, and Reece saw a few baby ducks walking around it.

"Crud, it's confused!" Reece stated.

Hel retrieved his Pokémon and sent out the only other who could stand to Girafarig with little issue. "Go, Larvitar!" he yelled. Out came the Rock Skin Pokémon.

"Girafarig, use Psybeam!" the Aroma Lady yelled. Girafarig turned around and shot a blast of Psychic energy at Larvitar, making it fall back.

"Bite!" Reece yelled.

"Psybeam!" The aroma Lady yelled. Girafarig blasted Larvitar with another blast of Psychic Rings. However, Larvitar slowly made its way to Girafarig's leg and bit down painfully. The giraffe Pokémon attempted to shake Larvitar off, but Reece stopped this effort flat.

"Use Rock Slide!" Reece yelled. Larvitar smashed against the bridge and caused chunks off the ceiling to fall down on Girafarig, knocking the Pokémon out.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon.

The Aroma Lady took out half of her Money. "Here." she said with a hint of anger in her voice. "Take it."

Reece gently accepted this prize. "Thank you!" he said as he ran off.

Reece ran down the bridge. The adreniline in his blood was pumping. He could tell that the gym leader was soon. However, he saw he had one more trainer to go. A battle girl on the bridge in the same position as the last two.

Reece walked up to her. She apparently heard him beforehand.

"Finally a challenger." She said. She pulled out a Pokéball.  "Go, Spinda!"

The battle girl got int o an acrobatic position as she threw the Pokéball. Out came the spot panda Pokémon. Reece looked right at it.

"Aww, it's such cute spinny bunny thingy." he said with steortotypical heart eyes.

The battle girl looked at him with a "What the Crap" face, then shook it off. "Lets just fight!" she yelled. Reece threw a Pokéball. "Go, Mankey!" He yelled. The pig monkey Pokémon popped out of its Pokéball, staring right at Spinda.

"Spinda, use Superpower!" the battle girl yelled. The spot panda Pokémon's arms glowed with pure energy, and then it smashed right into Mankey.

"With her ability Contrary, whenever her stats are lowered, they go up instead." She stated coldy. "Meaning my Superpowers will only get stronger!"

Reece checked his scanner. Both Spinda's defense and attack were boosted. He had to be careful. "Use Karate Chop!" Reece yelled.

Mankey ran foward and gave Spinda a swift chop. This knocked the spot panda back and did sizeable damage. "Use Superpower!" The battle girl yelled.

Spinda's arms glowed again, and it hit Mankey with extreme force, slightly cracking the marble below the surface. Reece had to end this quickly. "Use Brick Break!"

Mankey charged foward, and smashed at Spinda angrily. The spot panda Pokémon was thrown back, taking a visble bruise to the midsection.

"Spinda, Superpower!" The battle girl yelled angrily. Spinda charged foward again, this time cratering the bridge and knocking out Mankey. Reece angrily retrieved his Pokémon.

"Hah, Take that!" the battle girl yelled.

Reece sent out his next Pokémon. "Go, Hitmonlee!" he yelled. The kicking Pokémon stood its ground, looking down on its spot panda opponent.

"Jump Kick!" Reece yelled.

Hitmonlee jumped up and slammed its leg down on Spinda, further cratering the bridge. This also knocked Spinda right out.

The battle girl retrieved her Pokémon, and fell down on her knees. She looked like she was going to cry. "You..."

Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-1

Back to the Gym

she started. She then started crying.

"Are you okay?" Reece asked.

"GO AWAY!" the Battle Girl yelled. Reece hurried on, knowing to never mess with an angered female.

Reece made it to the end of the Marble bridge. The boy wandered what was next. He hoped it was the gym leader. What he had just seen made him just want to get this over with.

Rhere was a Pokémon healing machine on the side of the door. Reece healed up his team.

He walked through the marble arches to the last room. It would a sane person (and Reece) describe this? Oh yeah, a little girls bedroom, but everything was painted hyper-realistically on the marble. Like in the last 2 gyms, there was an electric board to show the battler's Pokémon. 

"You like it?" Reece heard a feminine voice say. "I painted it myself."

Reece looked over to see a tall girl with short brown hair, a pink and blue jacket, and dark boots. "Welcome to the Gym challenger. My name is Mari. Is yours Reece?"

"Yes." Reece said. He was about to ask how she knew but then she answered.

"Know your name because Ozwald bet me 10,000 pokedollars that you'd beat me." she said. "That, and along with the fact that you also beat him and Sakura."

Reece was unconcerned. "Can we battle now?" he asked.

"Impatient are we?" Mari commented.

"Yes." Reece replied. He rwally just wanted to leave this gym.

Mari cracked a smile. "do you know what's special about Normal Types?" she asked.

"That they can hit any pokemon for Super-Effective Damage?" Reece asked.

"No." Mari answered. "Their versatility. There's nothing normal about a normal type. They can learn moves of almost any type."

"That's good to know." Reece said. He'd remember that.
Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended


"Let's get on with this."

Both trainers threw their Pokéballs. Out came Reece's Mankey, and Mari's Eevee.

The electric board lit up and showed the identity and health of the Pokémon. 

"Eevee, use Charm!" Mari yelled. Eevee's eyes expanded to look super cute, then a heart appeared around the small Pokémon.

Mankey's attack fell harshly.

"Mankey, Brick Break!" Reece yelled. Mankey charged foward, and smashed Eevee with his fist. But, the attack did little damage.

"Mankey, use Brick Break!" Reece commanded. The pig monkey Pokémon charged foward and smashed into Eevee again, still doing a small amount of damage.

"This isn't working." Reece thought.

"Eevee, use Shadow Ball!" Mari ordered. Eevee fired a blob of shadowy energy from its mouth at Mankey, knocking the Pokémon back and solidifying Reece's next desicion.

"Mankey, retreat!" Reece yelled. He recalled the Pokémon back into its Pokéball, and got another Pokémon out. "GO! Kadabra!"

The psi Pokémon appeared in a flash of light and stood in front of Eevee. The Electric board's image of Mankey greyed out and one of Kadabra lit up like a firework.

"Use Iron Tail!" Mari yelled. Eevee sprang foward and coated its tail in metal. It then slammed into Kadabra, knocking the psi Pokémon back.

"Use Submission!" Reece yelled. Kadabra picked up Eevee and then spun around lie a tornado. He then dropped Eevee on the ground. "Use Shock Wave!"

Kadabra's spoon sparkled as it leased an explosion of electricity at Eevee. When the smoke cleared, Eevee was unconcious, and the electric board altered itself to match.

Mari retrieved her Pokémon. She took another Pokéball of her belt. "Go, Kadabra!" she yelled. Reece watched as she sent out her own Kadabra to meet his.

"Ice Punch!" Reece shouted. Kadabra coated his fist in ice, then punched Kadabra to the abdomen.

Mari countered. "Fire Punch!" she yelled. Mari's Kadabra threw a feiry fist straight at Kadabra. Reece was already ready with his next move.

"Kadabra, Shock Wave!" the silver haired boy yelled.

Kadabra's spoon crackled with pure electricty before letting loose an explosion of light. Mari didn't even wait before calling the next attack.

"Psyshock!" the gym leader ordered.

Mari's Kadabra's spoon crackled with pink electricity before firing shards of electrified light straight at Kadabra, knocking the Pokémon out instantly.

As the electric board altered to show the changes to the battle, Reece retrived his Pokémon. This was going to be a long and hard battle.

Chapter 36:Special by being Normal

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-1

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-1

Reece versus Mari -Part 2

Reece chose his next Pokémon, giving little thought to it. "Go, Larvitar!" Reece yelled.

"Kadabra, use Drain Punch!" Mari yelled. Her Kadabra thrusted her fist foward, and punched Larvitar, healing herself and badly damaging Larvitar.

"BITE!" Reece yelled. Larvitar clamped on to Kadabra's hand, and bit down furiously, quickly drawing blood.

"Drain Punch again!" Mari yelled.

Kadabra's tried to punch Larvitar with he hand the spoon was in, but the Rock Skin Pokémon's thrashing was too wild. Reece was waiting for that. "Use Rock Slide!"

Larvitar broke off from Kadabra and slammed against the Marble floor. The shockwaves brought down a torrent of rocks from onto Kadabra, KOing it.

Mari retrieved her Pokémon. "Ozwald was right. You are tough." she said. "But you won't survive the wrath of my next pokemon. GO! Mismagius!"

Mari threw the Pokéball in her hand, revealing a purple ghost Pokémon with what looked like a witch hat on her head.

"Mismagius, use Magical Leaf!" Mari yelled. Mismagius fired two rainbow flashing leaves at Larvitar, KOing it instantly. 

"Larvitar, Retreat!" Reece yelled. The small rock skin Pokémon was drwan back into its Pokéball. Reece had to rthink over who would be able to beat this ghost type.

"Go! Grovyle!" Reece yelled. He threw a Pokéball, that opened up and revealed the wood gecko Pokémon. "Use DragonBreath!"

Grovyle shot a blast of cloudy energy straight at Mismagius, covering the magical Pokémon in the volcanic cloud. The smoke slowly filled the room.

"Mismagius, Hyper Beam!" Mari ordered. Out of the cloud of smoke came a crimson beam of energy that raced towards Grovyle and caused an explosion.

Reece took a glance at the electric board. Grovyle still had 1/4 its HP left. That was more than enough for Reece. "Use Giga Drain!" Reece yelled.

Grovyle punched foward and started to drain Mismagius's energy. Reece saw the changes on the electric board. Grovyle was at 1/2 of it HP. "Another Giga Drain!" Reece ordered again.

But Mari was ready for it. "INFERNO!" The girl shouted.

Mismagius exploded in a burst of red-orange flames that threatened to swallow the entire battlefield. Reece had to think quickly. "Grovyle, use DragonBreath!"

The two attacks collided and cancelled eachother out in an explosion. Reece braced himself against the aftershock. When the smoke cleared, Mismagius had fainted.

"Oh come on!" Mari yelled. She retrieved Mismagius, and threw another Pokéball. "Go, Tauros!" she yelled.

The Pokéball bounced on the ground and opened up revealing the Wild Bull Pokémon. "Use Icy Wind!" Mari ordered.

"Bullet Seed!" Reece commanded.

Tauros breathed out a stream of cold air. Grovyle breathed out a volley of bullet like seeds. The attacks simply passed through eachother, with icy Wind hitting Grovyle and slowing it down.

"Now Zap Cannon!" Mari ordered. Tauros fired a blast of electricity straight at Grovyle. "Dodge it!" Reece yelled. The wood Gecko Pokémon jumped out of the way.

"DragonBreath!" Reece called. Grovyle shot a blast of breath at Tauros from midair, which took the attack well. But Mari was ready to finish this.

"Flamethrower!" The gym leader ordered.

Tauros breathed a burst of flame that engulfed the airborne Grovyle and knocked it unconscious. Reece retrieved the Pokémon.

"Go, Mankey!" Reece yelled. Reece sent out the Pig Monkey Pokémon. It angrily started into Tauros's eyes, and the two Pokémon quickly became angrier and angrier.

"Mankey, Brick Break!" Reece yelled. Mankey charged foward and smashed Tauros in the snout. The bull Pokémon became enraged.

"Body Slam!" Mari yelled. Tauros leapt foward and slammed right into Mankey. The pig monkey Pokémon slammed against the ground and took massive damage. Reece saw the electric board, and became very worried when he saw that his Pokémon was paralyzed.

"Mankey, another Brick Break!" Reece called for, but this was in vain, as Mankey was fully paralyzed and couldn't move.

"Tauros, Earthquake!" Mari commanded. Tauros reared back and slammed the ground with both of its hooves, causing the whole gym to shake. Mankey took the seismic shockwave and fainted.

Reece had two Pokémon left. According tothe board, so did Mari. but Reece's last two were Fighting Types. And Reece was gonig to use this next one to crush the competition.

"Go, Hitmonlee!" Reece yelled. The kicking demon Pokémon jumped up and stared Tauros in the face. "Use Jump Kick!"

Hitmonlee jumped up and kicked down on Tauros's head, attacking with the powerful move. The bull Pokémon's legs buckled, and the bull Pokémon fainted.

Mari angrily retrieved her Pokémon. Fighting types were one of the many annoying things to Normal types. But her last Pokémon ate Fighting Types for breakfast.

Too bad it was Lunch.

"Go, Clefable!" Mari yelled. She threw the last Pokéball on her belt, and out came the Fairy Pokémon.

"Hitmonlee, Jump Kick!" Reece yelled.

Hitmonlee jumped up and did a flying kick down on the Fairy Pokémon. But Mari had prepared for this. "Use Double Team!" she yelled.

Clefable divided itself into illusory copies. Hitmonlee hit one, but it disappeared and Hitmonlle crashed. The kicking Pokémon held its leg in pain.

"Now use Psychic!" Mari yelled.

Clefable flew into the air behind Hitmonlee and fired a blue beam of energy right at the kicking Pokémon's back. Reece started to bite his nails.

"Hitmonlee, Rolling Kick!" Reece yelled.

Hitmonlee sprang back and then kicked foward, hitting Clefable in the face but barely doing any damage. Mari knew she had Reece on the ropes.

"Use Hidden Power!" the brunette yelled.

Clefable created a ring of energy spheres around itself and then fired it at Hitmonlee, knocking it against the wall. Reece shot back.

"Hitmonlee! Use Double Kick!" Reece yelled. Hitmonlee got another two kicks on Clefable, still doing little damage. Clefable then pulled out a Sitrus Berry and popped it in her mouth. Reece looked at the electric board and saw that the Fairy Pokémon recovered a great chunk of health.

Reece made a desicion to risk it.

"Jump Kick!" Reece yelled.

It all came down to this. If Hitmonlee failed to land the hit, he'd faint and Reece would be left with one Pokémon who he deep down doubted could beat Clefable. Reece felt all his hope go into the air as Hitmonlee jumped up and kicked at the constantly dodging Clefable.

Time seemed to slow down for Reece as Hitmonlee's foot raced right to where Clefable was. The fairy Pokémon was moving slowly and was just seconds from dodging entirely. The silver haired boy's perception of time speed up to normal as Hitmonlee kicked Clefable in the face and knocked out the fairy Pokémon.

Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-2

Reece got the Monochrome Badge!

The electric board altered itself to show that Reece had won. Reece retrieved Hitmonlee, and looked over to Mari.

"Looks like you won." She said with a rather depressed face. She looked like she was going to cry.

"Yup." Reece said. "The Monochrome Badge?"

Mari walked over to Reece. But when she was a certain distance away from him, she threw the badge at his head, knocking him over.
Monochrome Badge

Reece got the Monchrome Badge

"Ouch..." Reece sputtered.

"Did you learn anything?" the gym leader yelled at Reece.

"Yes." Reece answered. "There's nothing normal about Normal Types."

"No!" Mari yelled. "The bridge? Didn't you notice something all the girls you fought had something in common?"

"Not really." Reece answered.

"There were all looking down at the bridge, looking like there were waiting for someone. I'll give you a hint: It wasn't a challenger."

"Nothing." Reece replied, getting up off the marble floor.

"This Gym's purpose is to also teach insensitive boys like yourself about girls."

"I'm not insensitive." Reece said in a rather squeaky tone.

Mari facepalmed. "As you went on, the emotions they were faking got worse and worse because you didn't seem to care about them, just getting the badge." she explained. ""If you push people away, you'll end up alone" is the message I'm trying to give."

Reece took a minute for that to sink in.

"Get it now?" Mari asked trying to beat the answer into Reece.

"May I ask one more question?" Reece said finally.


"Do you have recivers in your ears?"

"Yes." Mari answered using her hand to move her hair and reveal an electronic earpeice.

Reece got up and got ready to leave. Mari however, got a white Technical Machine out of her pocket. "Wait! Take this! it's TM Hidden Power." she explained. Reece turned around.

"It's power and type changes with the pokemon." Mari explained. "Every trainer who wins here gets a copy, but only great trainers can master it."

Reece took the TM. "Thanks..." he said. He got up, and walked out of the gym looking rather distraught.
Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)-1

Welcome To Station Square - Theme of Station Square (from Sonic Adventure)-1

Last we'll here of this theme for a while.

Reece walked out of the Gym, and started to walk to the Pokémon center. On his way, he passed by Kara sitting on a bench wearing a black and white hoodie and black sweatpants with blue stripes running down it.

She saw Reece walking down the street (did I mention that she was reading her favorite book? Remeber the one from the very beginning?) and looked up a him. "So, how was your Gym Battle?"

"First, I won." Reece said, showing the Mononchrome Badge that was pinned to his Jacket. "Second, how did you know I challenged the Gym?"

Kara turned her book around to show Mari's entry. She pointed to an entry in the page.

"Mari is one of the few Gym Leader's who's made her job one of her hobbies. She uses her Gym as a way to teach the insensitive how to treat others better."

"Your face had "I just got taught a painful lesson" all over it." Kara explained. "Plus I know you. You'd challenge that gym half dead if you had to."

"Kara, do you think I'm insensitive?" Reece asked.

The Pokédex holder got up of the bench. "No." she said. "You can be at times, but you're one of the nicest people I know."

"Thanks." Reece said. He was joyed to hear that. He started running again, leaving Kara behind, and his confidence restored.

"I'm the one who should be thanking you." was what raced through Kara's head.

The Northern Stretch Arc

Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau)-0

Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - Pokémon League (Indigo Plateau)-0

Back to Continental Pass

Reece had chosen Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Houndour, Raticate, and Bagon.

Reece was back at the Continental Pass again. He was lucky enough to not be plagued by any god forsaken evil wild Pokémon.

He was now walking through the beautiful mountain path north of the main part of the pass.

"Well, It looks like I'm close to the beginning of the Agate Path." Reece said.

The area ahead was a mountainous path. All of northern Delta was at least somewhat mountainous. Along with mountains came fertile soil, rich mines, lots of Pokémon, and four cities, all of which had gyms.

"I can't wait for my next gym battle!" Reece squealed. "Maybe I should stop talking to myself..." he muttered. "All I have to do was survive a large stretch of rocky and wild land."

"No problem..." Reece thought.

Chapter 37:Hey? Hey Reece? Scyther!

Route 26 Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended

Route 26 Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended

Agate Path Theme

Now before I say anything, yes, that chapter's title was a pop media reference.

Now I know you know what's next. Reece is going to encounter a Scyther, then go on a rampage in an attempt to catch it.

Well, maybe we should just skip this chapter, since we already know what's going to happen. it would save me time, save you time, and probably slow the severe lagging this page is bound to cause with it's nearly 500,000 Bytes of Data.

Well, unfortunately, I can't. This chapter is actually meant to have some events of Consequence. So read carefully, and remember what you read some time much later.

Anyway, Reece could feel the breeze in his rather long hair (don't try to get him to cut it), and could see the the meadow landscape around him.

Reece had yet to encounter many trainers since he exited the checking gate, and he hadn't really wondered why. He had only been concerned with making it to the next city.

Not to far away from him were a patch of trees, just shy of a forest. Reece didn't suspect much of them, until he felt something. The feeling was all too familiar. It was that of something watching the boy.

Grabbing a Pokéball, he looked to the small wood.

What looked back were a pair of blood red eyes (which is never good). Reece gripped a Pokéball in his hand and made sure that he was ready to throw it.

Out came a green enormous mantis like Pokémon with scythe like arms that raged at Reece at speeds so great that he barely had time to call out the Pokémon who could move as fast.

"GoGrovyle!" Reece yelled very fast as he sent out the ninja fast Pokémon. The wood gecko Pokémon jumped in front of the Bug Pokémon and attacked with a Dragonbreath to the face. This prevented Reece from becoming thinly sliced.

"Screreree!" The Pokémon shouted out before it spread its wings and flew away at high speeds.

Grovyle looked to his trainer to see if he was alright. However, what he saw horrified him beyond belief. Don't worry, Reece was fine . But on his face was the super anime-eyed "OMG" face that his Pokémon had learned to fear.

"That pokemon was so awesome!" Reece said in a rather squeaky voice. "C'mon Grovyle, we're going on a hunt!"

Before the silver and gold haired boy could get up the Wood Gecko Pokémon jumped infront of him and started to flail his arms wildly.

"Reece, listen to me!" He said in pokespeak. "That pokemon nearly thinly sliced you, and you think it's a good idea to go after it!?" The Pokémon asked frantically, trying to snap Reece out of it. "One pokemon isn't worth throwing your life away! You could get maimed, killed or...Damn it, I forgot you can't understand me."
Sonic Adventure 2 "Green Forest" Music Request

Sonic Adventure 2 "Green Forest" Music Request

I have been waiting forever to use this music.

Reece retrieved the Pokémon who he was ignoring into its Pokéball, and ran off. His running shoes were pumping out compressed air as he rushed across the meadow, catching up to the Scyther.

The Mantis Pokémon turned around, ready to face Reece. The boy responded by stopping and throwing a Pokéball.

The Pokéball opened up revealed houndour. Reece pulled out his Battle Scanner to check what the Pokémon he was facing was.

"It's a Scyther." Reece thought, making a mental note of it. "Houndour, use Flamethower!"

Houndour fired a blast of purple tinted Red flames at the Scyther. The flames edged towards the bug type Pokémon. However, silvery powders came from the Pokémons wings and blew apart the flames.

Reece bit his lip. This Pokémon would be harder to catch then normal. "Use Bite!" Reece yelled. Houndour leapt foward and bit Scyther in the claw.

Scyther started to glow with a compressed energy. The ninja mantis followed up with a quick strike from the wing. This knocked Houndour away, and Scyther used this chance to flee.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon, and ran after Scyther. He was almost as fast as the Pokémon, but not fast enough. The Scyther then took to the air, and Reece soon saw why.

He was coming up on a cliff.

Reece pulled a Pokéball from his belt, and made a very, very, stupid looking running jump off the cliff. He sent out the Pokémon inside the Pokéball, revealing Kadabra.

The psi Pokémon instantly saw what was happening. "Reece you..." he started to yell in Telepathy.

Reece knew he wasn't going to make this jump. "Use Confusion to get us to the other side!"

Kadabra did not hesitate. He and Reece were surrounded by a blue aura which quickly flung them to the other side.

"REECE YOU CRAZY @$$ B******!" Kadabra yelled telepathically. "I seriously cannot believe you jumped off a cliff! There was a bridge right over there!" He screamed, pointing to a rather stable looking bridge not too far in the distance. "You put your own life in danger, just for the sake of catching a..."

Reece retrieved the angered Psi Pokémon.

"Not time!" He yelled. He got up, and looked behind him quick enough to see Scyther disappear into the forest. Reece's eyes narrowed. "Challenge..." he started

"Accepted!" He yelled, running into the forest at high speeds using his running shoes.

Reece ran right through the forest as fast as his running shoes could take him. Nothing was gonig to stop him from capturing this Pokémon.


Except maybe a Tree.

Reece nearly crashed into a tree, but managed to slow down just enough so he could wall jump of the tree. He landed on his back, and scrambled to his feet. Looking around frantically, he was fast enough to see a green blur out of the corner of his eye charging at him.

He threw his body at the ground as the Scyther charged at him, slicing right through the tree.  Reece scrambled out of the way to make sure the tree did not crush him.

"Go! Bagon!" Reece yelled as he threw the Pokéball from his belt at the ground. Our popped the Rock head Pokémon.

"Use Hydro Pump!" Reece yelled.

Bagon reared its head back and shot a copious volume of pressurized water at Scyther. The knocked back the Mantis Pokémon, and smashed through several tree in the process.

"Brick Break!" Reece cammanded. Bagon ran foward, and smashed into Scyther with a shattring punch. However, with Scyther's typing, the attack did little damage and the Mantis Pokémon was able to Parry by throwing its arms foward and launching a silvery wind.

"Bagon, use Ember!" Reece shouted as loud as he could.

Bagon recovered from the Silver Wind and reared his head back and fired a few flaming cinders at Scyther. The attack did a very large amount of damage,

However, the Scyther was not willing to go down easily. "Screrere!" it cried as it disappeared and reappeared with a slash to Bagon's head.

Reece took the opportunity to throw a Great Ball at it. He pulled out the device, and threw it at Scyther. However, the Mantis Pokémon spun around, and sliced the device in half.

Reece was so shocked that he didn't stop for a second. "Bagon, Hydrop Pump!"

Bagon reared its head back to fire a blast of pressurized water at Scyther. However, the mantis Pokémon took to the sky once again.

"Damn." Reece cursed under his breath.

He retrieved Bagon, and gave chase once again. He was not going to let this Pokémon evade him. As he started running, he pulled out another Pokéball.

"Go, Grovyle!" Reece yelled.

The wood Gecko Pokémon was called upon once again. As it came out of it Pokéball, it immediatly jumped to a tree. Like a superhuman ninja, it jumped from branch to branch at speeds that would tire a Pidgeot.

"Catch up with Scyther and use Dragonbreath!" Reece commanded while running ad tree dodging.

Grovyle blurred out of sight as it caught up to Scyther and hit in the face with a blast of Dragonbreath. The ninja Pokémon sheilded itself with its scythe. As soon as the smoke cleared, Scyther struck again, this time with it's wings, knocking Grovyle back.

"Attack with Quick Attack!" Reece yelled. Grovyle blurred from view, then struck Scyther upside the head. This managed to enrgae the Mantis Pokémon, and it then covered its wings in twisters as it charged at Grovyle, smashing it into a tree.

The diehard Bug/Flying Type then took to the Sky again, and Reece could only watch. "Should have brought a Flying Type..." Reece thought, a visible expression of anger and frustration on his face.

"Grovyle, Retreat!" Reece yelled. The wood gecko Pokémon was drawn into its Pokéball, and Reece ran after Scyther.

Now, to really be a story of consequence, something must happen to be a plot element later on. It just so happens that Kara was not to far away when Reece's Grovyle fired DragonBreath.

Her hair was tingling, and she had been feeling extra evil lately. She could tell that Reece was the one who caused that Explosion (who else would?) and was hyped to see what was going on.

Reece could tell he was nearing the end of the forest. Or at least hope he was. This forest seemed to drag on forever.

Soon, the silver haired boy caught up to Scyther. The Pokémon was now visibly bleeding globs of bug-like blood. It couldn't be too hard to catch now. Reece threw another Great Ball, and it drew Scyther inside it.

One Shak....


Scyther popped out of the Pokéball with such force that peices of Shrapnel went flying everywhere, with one hitting Reece in the leg. While the boy's adreniline eased a lot of the pain, he could feel the wound bleeding.

"Go, Raticate!" Reece yelled. The boy threw out his first caught Pokémon. "Charge Beam!" he yelled.

The Rat Pokémon opened its mouth and fired a beam of electricity. The attack nearly hit Scyther, but the Pokémon dodged it graciously.

Reece's eyes became saucers when he saw this. Even when badly wounded, this Pokémon will still a fighter after his own heart. He HAD to catch it.

However, the Mantis Pokémon had other plans. It started to rapidly ciyt through the trees to slow Reece down. The boy had to stop to prevent himself from getting crushed and maimed.

This brought Kara some time to catch up to the Scyther. While she slipped ahead, Reece slowly climbed through the gauntlet of trees.

"Go, Kirlia!" Kara yelled. The girl threw out the ballroom dancer Pokémon. It levitated around next to its trainer. Kara waited at the ridge at the edge of the forest, until the bleeding Scyther came by. Then she ordered the attack. "Kirlia! Use Shock Wave!"

Kirlia fired a blast of electricity while doing a dance pose in midair. The attack was so fast that it created a thunderclap (alerting Reece to the attack) and Scyther was paralyzed with shock (pun intended).

"Someone's trying to capture my Scyther!" Reece yelled. He immediatly sent out his Kadabra. "Move these tree's with Confusion!" the boy yelled.

"Work Work Work." Kadabra muttered. "That's all I ever do."

Kadabra caused all the trees to glow with a blue aura and then flung them to the side. This gave Reece his opening. He ran through the forest with Kadabra using his Psychic powers to keep up.

Then, to the boy's horror, he saw that Kara was about to throw a Great Ball at the Scyther.

"Kara please don't!" Reece yelled frantically.

The girl turned her head with an "It took you long enough." look. "Can you give me a good reason why I shouldn't?" she asked in a sassy tone.

"I've been chasing that Scyther all day!" Reece pleaded. He was on his knees, hands up in a begging position.

"I said give me a good reason." The girl replied.

"I'll do ANYTHING!" Reece said in a whiney groveling tone.

"Anything?" Kara asked. She could totally use a favor.

"Wthin reason!" Reece yelled.

"Deal." Kara answered sweetly.

Reece wasted no time pulling out his secret weapon: An Ultra Ball. He threw it, and the black and gold Pokéball engulfed the mantis Pokémon in a flash of clear blue light.

One Shake

Two Shakes

Three Shakes

(Cue dramtic heartbeat SFX)

Spore Galactic Adventures Soundtrack - Victory March

Spore Galactic Adventures Soundtrack - Victory March

Reece caught the Scyther!

"Woohoo!" Reece cheered as he watched the Pokéball teleport to the PC.

Kara smiled at this. "Well Reece, I'm happy for you, but I'm cashing in your favor now."

(Cue Record Scratching SFX)

"What?" Reece asked.

Kara pulled a pair of scissors, some bottles, and a few other things out of her bag.

"Let me cut your hair." Kara said.

"Please do not wreck my hair." Reece begged.

Kara smiled. "I'd never do that. But your hair really needs to be cut, and de-greased."

Reece sat down on a nearby rock and closed his eyes. Kara got her equipment and came over. "This won't hurt a bit." she said in a calming tone.

Reece looked in Kara's hand mirror at his own hair. The spikeline was beatifully defined, and the bangs still reached over his forehead and eyes but didn't obscure his vision as much.

"Thanks Kara." Reece said.

"You're welcome." she said. "Oh, and by the way, when you reach Bedrock Town, check your storage. I left you a suprise."

As the girl left, Reece pulled out his Pokédex.

Mantis Pokemon
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367100850

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367100850

Scyther GET!

Height: 4'11 / 1.5 M

Weight: 123.5 LB / 56.0 KG

It can move fast enough to leave only a blur. It's wings are flight capable, but it cannot carry anything but itself. This pokemon can easily slice a tree in half.

Reece looked out to the path in front of him. The road ahead was still a mystery to him. But at least he had a reason to get to Bedrock Town faster.

Chapter 38:Monkey King

Reece hiked up the Hilltop Path.
Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone

Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone

Hilltop Path (Made by BlazeHedgehog)

The misty mountain tops were beautiful through the sunset. Night would be coming soon. Reece pulled out his battle scanner.

He pressed a few buttons, and then came to the map feature. Bedrock Town was just down the path. The path that was filled with large hills and small mountains.

To be frank, Reece wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

"Another night in the wilderness." Reece said. He may as well walk before the sun went down. On his way was waht looked like a feild of bamboo sticks creating a walkway.

"This looks familiar..." Reece said, remembering a TV show with a similar looking scene. He put his foot on one of the Bamboo stalks, and made sure it could hold his weight.

The stalk held, but as soon as Reece took his other foot off the ground, he fumbled. He just managed to do a mediocre split and stop himself from getting hit by a stalk in a rather sensitive area in the male body.

He was annoyed at this, but also annoyed by the fact he heard a rather odd laughing coming from his left. He looked over to seea small monkey like Pokémon with a small flaming nub tail.

"That was kinda funny." Reece said. He got back onto solid ground and pulled out his Scanner. The Pokémon was called Chimchar.

Reece looked down at the Pokémon. It hadn't tried to wring his neck or burn him, so he assumed it already belong to someone.

"Hello?" Reece yelled out. "Did anyone lose a Chimchar?"

The noise echoed through the hilltops. Reece got no answer but the sound that was said to be a cursed fairy that could only repeat words spoken to her.

Reece sat down. "Do you know where your trainer is little guy?" he asked the Chimchar. "Wait, let me get a translator"

He pulled Kadabra's Pokéball of his belt, and let out the Psi Pokémon. "Could you translate for me Kadabra?" Reece asked, motioning to Chimchar.

"Fine." Kadabra told Reece telepathically.

Chimchar started making a sentence of Ooks and Ahks that Reece patiently waited for Kadabra to translate. The Psi Pokémon looked at Reece.

"His trainer is trying to give him away to a worthy successor, and is holding a small tournament to see who's worthy." Kadabra told his trainer telepathically.

"Makes sense." Reece said. "If you're giving away your pokemon, then you want to give to someone you can trust." Reece said, still sitting on the grass.

The boy then suffered a painful blow to the back of the head. He turned around to se an old man dressed like a Monk with white robes. He had a wooden cane that he obviously needed to support himself.

"I see Ducks..." Reece said in a delusional tone. He then shook his head and regained his balance. "What..." he started. "The Heck."

The silver haired boy spun around. "Why did you hit me with a cane of all things?"

"Force of habit." He said. "I do that to all my students to teach them humility. I'm getting old you see..."

"Understood." Reece replied, rubbing his head frantically. Kara was right ;his hair was greasy.

"I wish for you to be the fourth memeber in my tournament." the old man said to Reece.

Reece cocked his head "Why?" he asked.

"You are resourceful." he said. "Having your Kadabra translate like that." he then looked to the bamboo forest. "I also fear that my time grows near." he said. "Whether it be in a day or a decade, I must find someone worthy of continuing my Chimchar's training."

"I'll do it!" Reece declared.

"Good, now meet the others." the old man said to him. The monk motioned to the hillside, and three similarly dressed boys not much older than Reece appeared.

"Shawn, Rick, and Tzer." the old man explained. "You are to fight Shawn first boy." he told Reece.

"Call me Reece." Reece told the old man.

"And I thought my name was odd." Tzer muttered under his breath. This was not a good idea at all. The old man whacked Tzer on his head. "Chin up when ye speak boy!"

The old man then hastily got Reece into position. "You are to use only two pokemon each." he explained. "Only the hilltop is fair ground, and this will be a spirit match."

"Spirit match?" Reece asked.

"Rick, explain." The old man said.

Rick came up. "A spirit match is a special style of battling where after 5 rounds, the battle is paused and the combatants are judged on their performance of Mind, Skill, and Body."

This concept was foreign to Reece.

"At the end of the seven rounds, the pokemon who scores lowest is prohibited to re-enter the battle regardless of whether it could fight or not." Rick continued.

That meant Reece needed to be careful.

"Additionally, both starting pokemon must be sent out at the smae time to prevent an unfair advantage." Rick finished.
Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme

Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme

Thank you Alvin Earthworm!

Reece would catch on. He picked Houndour and Bagon from his belt. He was totally sending out Bagon first. Shawn picked the two Pokémon off his belt.

Reece and Rick threw out their Pokémon at the same time, with Bagon and Mankey coming from the respective trainer.

"Bagon, Dragon Dance!" Reece yelled. Bagon suroounded itself with a red and black electrical aura, increasing its speed and attack.

"Mankey, use Karate Chop!" Rick ordered. The pig Mnokey Pokémon charged foward and gave Bagon a swift chop to the head.

"Use Brick Break!" Reece retaliated. Bagon charged foward and smashed Mankey in the face. The pig monkey Pokémon held its ground however.

"Mankey, Aerial Ace!" Rick ordered. Mankey jumped high into the air and gave a great slash to Bagon. Reece was prepared however. "Use Hydro Pump!"

Bagon shot a superhighway of water at Mankey, but even at such close range, the pig monkey Pokémon was able to dodge.

"That's not good." Reece thought.

"Use Dual Chop!" Rick ordered! Mankey ran foward and sliced at Bagon twice, both hits doing severe damage. "Hydro Pump!" Reece ordered.

Bagon fired at Mankey again, once again missing. Reece gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Mankey, Dual Chop!" Rick ordered.

Mankey once again struck at Bagon, but this time the Pig Monkey missed. Reece hoped that Hydro Pump would hit this time.

"Bagon, use Hydro Pump!" Reece yelled. Bagon shot forth another large jet of water from its mouth, this time hitting Mankey in the face.

"Mankey, use Karate Chop!" Rick commanded.

The pig monkey Pokémon sliced right at Bagon, and strock its head.
Sonic Unleashed Result

Sonic Unleashed Result

This totally works.

"Round OVER!" The monk shouted out. He then pulled out a small board.

Skill: Bagon: -1 Points / Mankey: 2 Points

Body: Bagon: 2 Points / Mankey: 0 points.

Mind: Bagon: 3 Points / Mankey: 5 Points 

Final Result: Bagon: 2 Points / Mankey: 4 Points

Bagon LOSES!

Reece retrieved Bagon. "Crap..." He thought. "I only have one more pokemon I can use, and it's part Dark Type."
Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-0

Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-0

Back to Action!

"Go, Houndour! Reece yelled. "Nasty Plot!"

Houndour covered itself in a malevolent aura that sharply boosted its special attack.

"Mankey, Karate Chop!" Rick ordered.

Mankey lunged foward and smashed Houndour in the snout, cauising it to whimper. Reece was not going to give up.

"Use Flamethrower!" Reece yelled.

Houndour shot a jet of foul smelling flames right at Mankey. The increased damaged combined with what the Pokémon had already taken was too much for the pig monkey, and it fainted.

It all came down to whatever Pokémon Rick had picked.  Reece watched intensely as he threw the Pokéball at the ground.

"Go! Breloom!" Rick yelled. He threw his Pokéball and the mushroom Pokémon popped out.

Reece gritted his teeth. He needed to end this fast. With Breloom's fighting type, Houndour was sure to get pummeled.

"Mach Punch!" Rick ordered.

Before Reece could react, Breloom punched foward and smashed Houndour with a swift strike. Reece wouldn't give a window for another attack. "Flamethrower!" He yelled. 

Houndour shot out a purplish red stream of fire at Breloom. The attack engulfed the mushroom Pokémon, and did rather hefty damage.

"Breloom! Leech Seed!" Rick yelled. The mushroom Pokémon shot out a fistful of seeds that surrounded Houndour and trapped it in its tangles.

"Sometimes I wished I listened to my mom about the things she told me when I was a kid." Reece said.

"What did she say young warrior?" Rick asked while still providing some focus to the battle.

"I don't know. I didn't listen." The silver haired boy replied. He then smiled knowing he quoted his favorite book. "Well such foolishness will be your downfall!" Rick declared.

"Flamethrower!" Reece yelled.

Houndour blasted a stream of purple-red flames at Breloom, and the attack engulfed the Mushroom Pokémon.

"Headbutt!" Rick ordered to his now on fire Pokémon.

The flaming Mushroom Pokémon leapt foward and smashed into Houndour. The Dark Pokémon then took damage from Leech Seed, and Breloom healed.

Breloom was burned, and Houndour was seeded. A rather fair match.

"Flamethrower!" Reece commanded. Houndour shook through the Leech Seed and leapt foward. While in midair, it shot a jet of flames right into Breloom's face.

"Headbutt!" Rick yelled. The mushroom gave Houndour a wicked Headbutt. Houndour was knocked back and whimpered like a dog.

"Mach Punch!" Rick ordered. Breloom jabbed at Houndour, nearly knocking it out.

"Flamethrower!" Reece yelled.
Sonic Unleashed Result-0

Sonic Unleashed Result-0


Houndour ended the battle with Flamethrower, putting the Pokémon at critically low HP.

Skill: Houndour: 10 Points / Breloom: 10 Points

Body: Houndour: 2 Points / Breloom: 2 points.

Mind: Houndour: 10 Points / Breloom: 8 Points 

Final Result: Houndour: 22 Points / Breloom: 20 Points

Breloom LOSES!

Rick retrieved his Pokémon, highly shocked. "It seems I lose."

The old man came up to Reece. "You are a good child Reece." he said quietly. He turned to his student. "Do not feel bad Rick." He said with a smile. "You battled well, and that is what counts today."

Rick nodded and walked away. The old man looked to Reece. "You rest now. Soon you will battle the winner of the next bout."

Reece watched as Shawn and Tzer took their position to battle.

Reece looked to his Houndour, and was about to retrieve it before it started to glow. He watched with awe as the glowing silhoutte grew larger with a barbed tail and horns. When the glow cleared, a Houndoom was left.

Reece pulled out his Pokédex.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367641958

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367641958

New pokemon!

Dark Pokemon

Height: 4'07 / 1.4 M

Weight: 77.2 LB / 35 KG

In a pack, the Houndoom who has horns sharpened back serves as the leader. They decide their leaderr by fighting amongst themselves.

Chapter 39:A Battle in the Sun

The rather short battle between Shawn and Tzer ended with Tzer's skilled victory.

Reece could only gaze asTzer claimed his victory. And his shot at getting Chimchar.

"It looks like the final battle shall take place between Reece and Tzer." The old man said.

Reece and Tzer took their positions.

"No." The old man said. "The last figth will take place a top the bamboo forest."

Reece and Tzer looked at the old man.

"On top of the bamboo forest?" Reece said. "As in the set of sticks I nearly badly injured myself on?"

"Yes." The old man stated bluntly.

"But master!" Tzer spoke up. "The bamboo forest is for the most sacred battles only!"

"I think this situation works!" The old man said. "Now don't dissapoint me!"

Tzer took action immediatly. He jumped upon the bamboo forest with alarming agility before landing on the other side inside the japanese style gate on the other end. The sun was setting, and Reece could see it's rainbow glare it cast when it went through the fog.

"Wow..." The silver hair muttered.

Reece had a choice between six Pokémon, like always. But Reece looked at the bamboo forest he was to batle on, and started to think hard.

"IHoundoom is out." He thought. "The fact it has to stand on four legs doesn't help my cause. Bagon is a good pokemon, but he's too slow to work on this battlefield." Reece bit his lip. "Kadabra is already a good option, but something tells me isn't the best idea..."

"Larvitar is too slow and heavy." Reece thought, frustrated that his best Pokémon was slowly falling from grace. "That leave only two pokemon."

Reece picked off Raticate's and Grovyle's Pokéball.

"I'm ready!" He yelled.

"So, am I!" Tzer declared.

"THEN LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!" The old man yelled. 
Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-1

Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-1


Reece sent out Raticate. Tzer sent out Delibird (DEAR GOD EVIL SANTA BIRD Pokémon!). Delibird flew in the air with a few flaps of the wing.

Raticate grabbed a bit of footing on some of the bamboo stocks.

"CHARGE BEAM!" Reece yelled, the sound of his attack order echoed throughout the mountains.

Raticate fired a blast of electricity into the air at Delibird. But the delivery Pokémon dodged the attack with ease.

"Delibird! Use Seed Bomb!" Tzer ordered. 

Delibird pulled a few seeds out of its tail and threw them at Raticate. The seeds exploded as the hit Raticate, leaving a pollen like powder behind.

"Raticate! Use Hyper Fang!" Reece yelled. Raticate ran atop the Bamboo forest and made a jump to Delibird in the air. The giant rat bit down on the Pokémon.

"Present." Tzer yelled.

Delibird took a ball of energy out of his pouch, anbd stuck it inside Raticate's jaws. The energy blast exploded in midair, and Reece's Raticate fell to the ground. It caught it's hand on a bamboo stalk, and sprung back up.

"Iron Tail!" Reece commanded. Raticate flipped in midair and smashed Delibird in the face. The Delivery Pokémon was violently swatted down. 

"Delibird!" Tzer yelled. "Use Gunk Shot!"

The santa bird Pokémon fired a blast of garbage filled dust straight at Raticate. Reece wouldn't risk it. "USE CHARGE BEAM!" He yelled.

Raticate fired a blast of electricty straight at the Gunk Shot. The two attacks collided in an explosion that knocked both Pokémon back.

"Delibird! Use Present!"

The red and white Ice/Flying type threw the glowing orbs from it's tail right at Raticate, but to Reece's suprise, his Pokémon was healed by the attack.

"Oh no!" Tzer cried out.
Sonic Unleashed Result-1

Sonic Unleashed Result-1

Let's see who won!

"ROUND OVER!" The old man yelled.

Skill: Raticate: 3 Points / Delibird: 5 Points

Body: Raticate: 2 Points / Delibird: 0 points.

Mind: Raticate: 10 Points / Delibird: 8 Points 

Final Result: Raticate: 15 Points / Delibird: 13 Points

Delibird LOSES!

Tzer retrieved Delibird. Reece smirked.

"No matter." Tzer commented. "For my next pokemon has only been beaten by the master himself!"
Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-2

Killer Instinct Gold Cuts - Gargos Theme-2

One more battle to end all battle in this chapter.

Reece stood his ground as he watched Tzer grab a Pokéball from his belt. He threw it, and it landed perfectly on top of a bamboo stalk and opened up.

"Simisage! Stand!" Tzer yelled.

The Thorn monkey Pokémon stood its ground, staring into the eyes of Raticate.

"Simisage! Use Focus Blast!"

Simisage cupped his hands and focused martial energy into the point between. The Thorn Monkey Pokémon thrusted it's hands foward, and fired an enourmous beam of crimson energy that hit Raticate, and caused an imprtessive explosion.

"Great Gyarados." The old man said. "He finally mastered Focus Blast."

As the smoke cleared, Reece saw that his Raticate had been badly damaged by the explosion, and had fainted in the grooves of the bamboo forest.

"Raticate! Retreat!" Reece yelled as he retrieved his battered first caught.

He looked over to Tzer. "Don't think this is over!" he yelled. "I'm going to win! Like I always do!"

Tzer closed his eyes. "Arrogant you are." he said. "Your arrogance will be your downfall."

Reece ignored the remark and threw the Pokéball containing Grovyle.

"Let's dance!" Reece yelled. "Grovyle, use Dragonbreath!"

The wood gecko Pokémon jumped between the bamboo stalks with great agility, getting a clear face shot at Simisage. The Thorn monkey Pokémon fell back yelling in pain.

"Simisage! Get up and use Energy Ball!" Rick ordered.

Simisgae grabbed a bamboo stalk which bent back and allowed Simisage to spring foward. The Thorn monkey Pokémon generated an Energy Bll in it's hand fired the attack at Grovyle at point blank range, engulfing the wood gecko in an explosion of green energy.

Reece flinched the force of the attack caused his Pokémon to fly out of the explosion. "Recover and use Brick Break!" Reece ordered to his Pokémon.

The wood gecko Pokémon used it's unparalled forest movement to move at unseeable speeds to smash Simisage in the face with Brick Break.

"Acrobatics!" Tzer commanded.

Simisage jumped to the ground and grabbed a vine, then used its spring like capabilities to lunge foward while spinning. The gras type hit it's foes Grass type in the leg, knocking it upwards.

Reece turned his head up and yelled "Giga Drain!" Reece yelled. The airborne wood gecko threw his fist foward and started drawing orbs of green energy from Simisage.

Tzer waited until right before Grovyle hit the ground. "Focus Blast!" he yelled.

Simisage put his hands back and charged martial enewrgy right into his hands. Reece had to think quickly. Then it came to him.

"Grovyle! Jump down and dodge!"

Simisage thrusted his hands foward and blasted a huge beam of crimson energy right at Grovyle. Howeverm there was no explosion, and the beam carried on into the mountains and out of sight.

"Some unlucky trainer is going to have a really bad day..." Reece said. He then immediatly returned his attention to the battle, and saw that Grovyle had gotten right where Reece wanted him to go.

Grovyle had pulled back a bamboo stalk and was now keeping the stalk in the ground through pure strength alone.

"Quick Attack!" Reece commanded.

The wood gecko Pokémon juped up and slammed foward into Simisage, hitting it with the increased force from the bamboo stalk.

The Thorn monkey Pokémon was knocked back with enough force to snap right through the bamboo stalks and into the rock wall on the other side.

"Reece has won." The old man declared.
Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-0

Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-0

Finally some refreshing music. Credit to BlazeHedgehog

While Tzer looked disapointed, he retrievedhis Pokémon and jumped atop the bamboo forest to Reece. When he came to the boy, he bowed honorably.

"We had an honorable batlle." the monk said in a peaceful voice.

"I agree." Reece said, looking behind Tzer and into the setting sun.

The old man came up to him. "Reece." he spoke solemnly. "Are you ready to take Chimchar and train him to be the pokemon he was meant to be?"

"Yeah," Reece answered. "Totally."

The old man looked to his Pokémon. The chimp Pokémon ran over, and the old man looked back to Reece. He pulled out an old and weathered Pokéball. "Take it." He said.

Reece took the Pokéball, and retrieved Chimchar inside. The Pokéball then teleported away.

"Take good care of Chimchar." Shawn said.

"Don't go losing to anyone." Tzer added.

"I pray for your good health." Rick yelled to Reece. 

The old man looked to the mountain range. "You must continue by using the bamboo path." he said. Reece gulped. He slowly stepped on a stalk, and then jumped (it was mostly scrambling) to get to the other end. He faceplanted at the gate on the end.

"Are you okay?" The old man hollered.

"No..." Reece replied, face still in the ground. But he got up, and continued to walk. As he walked along, he pulled out his Pokédex.

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367779245

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1367779245

Reece got another fire based starter!

Chimp Pokemon

Height: 1'08 / 0.5 M

Weight: 13.7 LB / 6.2 KG

The fire on it's nub of a tail is gas fueled. Rain cannot extinguish it. These pokemon are rarely found anywhere but Sinnoh, and still rarely in the wild.

The sun was setting in the perfect angle to create a rainbow shadow over the horizon.

Chapter 40:Prof Fir's Studies

Who remember's Prof Fir?

If you don't, then shame on you.

But anyway, have you ever wondered what he studied in? Prof Oak study just about everything. Elm studied unusual abilities and breeding. Birch risked his life on a daily basis going into the fields. Rowan studied Evolution. Juniper studied Pokémon Origins.

Now, let me give you a hint: What he studies is the main element of this story's plot.

(Cue the Jeopardy music)


He studies Pokémon battles. And human stupidity, but that is just a hobby.

Now he's looking for Technical machines in the nearby mountains. And of course, he will likely run into Reece and end up in some type of improbable situation that sacrifices all sensibility and plot for action, comedy, and an excuse to use fast paced Video Game Music.

But what are the chances of that happening every chapter?
Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-1

Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-1

Not much more hill at this point.

Prof Fir was searchhing around the foothills with a shovel, a canteen of water, and a few other devices. His shoes had small metal detectors attached to them.

"Still nothing..." the young professor said silently. "I've been looking all day, and I still haven't found a single TM." 

The brown haired man stood up swiftly as he heard a faint yet distinct beeping noise.

"It can't be!" Prof. Fir thought. "That noise only goes off when one of the pokedex's I gave out is nearby!"

The professor frantically looked around. "But that can't be! I set those three off barely 2 months ago!" It was true. Reece, Kara, and Matt had only taken only five weeks to accumulate 3 bagdes. If that was true, then they had  progressed 4 times faster than Prof Fir predicted.

Reece was walking on the foothills not too far away. He had woken up today, eaten his hardtack, and got on his move.

Holy crud moment in 3...2...1...

Reece looked to see Prof Fir looking around frantically as the professor turned to see the silver haired boy.

"Holy crud! Reece, what are you doing here?" Prof Fir asked.

"Holy crud! Prof Fir, what are you doing here?" Reece asked.

Prof Fir shook his head. "I'm here collecting Technical Machines for my research." he explained. "And then, you somehow end up here!"

"And that is suprising how?" Reece asked. "I have three badges."

"Say what?" the professor said with an eye twitch. "Three...Badges?"

"Yup." the silver haired boy replied.

"How?!" Prof Fir asked.

"The old fashioned way." Reece answered. "How else?"

The professor paused for a minute. It was true. Reece had progressed faster than he had thought. But waht of the others?

"What about the LeBlanca siblings?" Prof Fir asked. "What about them?"

"Well, I met Kara back at Agate Path." Reece replied. "And knowing Matt, he's not too far behind."

Prof Fir was perplexed at this. The 3 kids he gave the Pokédex's had progressed much faster than normal. He had to know.

"Reece, can I see your Pokedex?" He asked.

The silver haired boy dug out the device and handed it to the professor. The man opened it up and looked through. His pupils shrank as he saw the number of Pokémon listed under "Caught".

"You caught 38 different pokemon?!" the Prof yelled.

Reece snatched the device from his hand. "It seems I have." he commented.

"Wow..." Prof Fir said silently. "So, what else has happened in those five weeks?"

"Ya might want to sit down...

Reece told every single important detail with great presicion. From what happened in Green Forest to his encounters with Team Abyss and Team Luminious, his Gym Battles, his encounters with Absol, and the fact that Team Abyss was in the possesion of an energy charged Meteorite. 

He was just explaining his encounter with the Scyther at Agate Path when Prof Fir stopped him.

"Wait. You're saying you jumped off a cliff to cacth a pokemon?"

"Yes." the silver haired boy replied.

Prof Fir scooted away from Reece slightly.

Reece ignored this action and continued his story. "And then I came across a bunch of foothills, saw you, showed you my Pokedex, and told you a rather accurate recollection of what happened in the past five weeks." The trainer finished.

"Wow..." Prof Fir said.

"So, what's been going on with you?" Reece asked.

"I've been looking for Technical Machines to further my research." Prof Fir answered. "I'm trying to understand how in the world those machines are capable of teaching pokemon moves."

"Isn't it with our Battle Scanners?" Reece asked.

"Let me rephrase that." Fir said. "I'm trying to see how pokemon battles connect to pokemon. Pokemon Techniques have to have some evolutionary function, and Technical Machines have a very special purpose I've failed to understand."

"What's that?" Reece asked.

"Well, you know how pokemon learn new moves as they level up?" Prof Fir asked?

"Uh-huh." Reece said while nodding. Food was currently on his mind.

"Well, there are some reports of pokemon being hatched with moves they don't normally learn until a higher level, or unnatural moves that they don't normally learn at all!"

"I'm confused..." Reece stated bluntly. "How is this an extraordinary thing?"

"Well, almost all the moves learned unnaturally were Moves taught by Technical or Hidden Machines. Another thing is that the unnatural moves was always known by the father."

Reece caught intrest in this.

"Tell me more." He demanded.

"Well, this could mean that moves are somehow a part of a Pokemon's DNA." Proffesor Fir explained. "If so, then that meas that a pokemon's DNA changes throughout its life."

"Don't they already do that when they evolve?" Reece asked.

"Yes, but this is different." Prof Fir continued. "This could also tell me if Moves are instincual or not!" The proffesor got a big grin on his face. "But, I have no TM's, and no trainers around are battling, so that means I have no data."

"I'll battle you! Reece offered with a huge, goofy smile on his face.

Prof Fir bit his lip as he remebered back to the battle that Reece and Matt had that destroyed his lab. "NO!" he yelled as he jumped and leapt back backwards. The noise of the shouted echoed throught the mountains and even scared some various bird Pokémon from their nest.

"Uh...okay..." Reece replied, his hair raked back from the noise.

"Sorry..." Prof Fir said, seeing spots and feeling lightheaded from the loud noise. "But after what you and Matt did to my lab..." the man shivered. "I sometimes can't believe that crap is legal."

"Well, if you can't find any TM's, and can't battle, how are you going to collect the Data you need?" Reece asked.

"I'm sure I could help." Reece and Fir heard a distinctly feminine voice say.

They both turned to see Kara wearing a black blazar and a white skirt that extended to her shins.

"Where did you get that change of clothing?" Reece asked.

"Oh, Kara!" Prof Fir said. "What a pleasent suprise!"

The girl smiled and hugged the proffesor. "Nice to see you too!"

Kara let go and stood back. "So, why are you two here?"

"I'm looking for Technical Machines." Prof Fir answered. "They are possibly the Keystone of my research. Research that if it bears fruit, could revolutionize pokemon knowledge!"

Kara took off her back pack and pulled out a handful of colored discs. "Here you go." she said, and gave them all to Prof Fir.

"Young Lady where did you find these?" the Professor asked.

"Found 'em." Kara answered. She then pulled out another handful and handed them to Reece. "Take them. Please. I've found so many it's become bad for my back..."

Prof Fir looked overjoyed. "There is only one more thing I need. Could you do it for me?" He asked the Pokédex holders.

"Depends." Reece answered.

"Can you two battle? I want to see how you've both improved!"

Kara facepalmed. "Fir you idiot!"

Reece's face twisted into a disturbingly large nad happy looking smile. "Lets Battle!"

Fir immediatly tried to correct the horrible, horrible mistake he just made.  "Wait! Just use the pokemon you got from me!" Prof Fir yelled. "If you do that, then I can measure how you raised the two pokemon!"
Pokemon R S E Remix Rival Battle-0

Pokemon R S E Remix Rival Battle-0

Let's BATTLLLLLLE! Credit to Pokeremix Studio.

Kara, despite having a type disadvantage, had no objection. The underaged trainer just pulled the Pokéball of her belt.

Reece pulled Grovyle's Pokéball off his belt. The to trainer's threw their respective Pokéballs and watched as the wood gecko and mud fish erupted from there Pokéballs.

Kara's hair floated upawrds, like what always happened when she battled.

"Grovyle, use Bullet Seed!" Reece commanded.

The wood gecko fired a volley of seeds at Marshtomp, scoring four hits. The mud fish Pokémon was knocked back, but Kara just smiled.

"Counter." She commanded silently.

Marshtomp smashed back at Grovyle, and slammed the Wood Gecko to the ground. Reece facepalmed. "i forgot about that..." he thought.

"Giga Drain!" Reece yelled.

Grovyle threw his fist foward and drained the energy out of Marshtomp with bright green orbs. Kara couldn't counter to this, but she could still deal damage.

"Blizzard!" Kara yelled.

"Oh crud..." Reece said.

Marshtomp breathed out a storm of Ice crystals at Grovyle, engulfing it in the blizzard. Reece and Prof Fir braced themselves as the cold snow hit them.

"Matt always said Karar was cold-hearted on the inside." Prof Fir thought. "But I didn't think he was this serious."

Reece bolted in horror when he saw that Grovyle was frozen in a block of ice. The boy's eye twitched. "Why?" He whined.

"Marshtomp, use Iron Tail!" Kara yelled.

The mudfish Pokémon's body was covered in a coat of steel as it charged foward and smashed Grovyle's block of ice wth great force.

"Grovyle, use Dragonbreath!" Reece yelled.

Grovyle heard Reece from deep within the ice. The Pokémon's eyes glowed a cloudy yellow, and it breathed out his Dragonbreath attack and caused the ice to explode under pressure. The Wood Gecko then breathed the ash-like breath at Marshtomp, engulfing it.

"Surf! Kara yelled.

Marshtomp created a huge wave that the pokemon sent charginbg at Grovyle. Reece was prepared to take the attack on. "Jump up and use GIGA DRAIN!" Reece hollered to his Pokémon.

Grovyle leapt up with his ninja like abilities and leapt at Marshtomp. He then grabbed the Pokémon and drained it of all of it's remaining HP in one hit.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon and smiled. Kara retrieved her Pokémon and her hair fell down.
Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-2

Music Remastered Sonic 2 - Hill Top Zone-2

Last time you hear this song (no promises). Credit to Blazehedgehog.

Prof Fir was watching from behind a unneccessarily large rock. "Wow." he managed to speak. "I still can't believe that this stuff is legal half the time."

The more-sane-than-most-people-in-this-fanfic Professor waalked out frombehind the rock and to the two trainers.

Speaking of sane people...

"You beat my sis. Good. Time to battle Reece." Matt said, walking up to his sister and rival.

Prof Fir saw the boy and ran up to the two waving his arms. "WAIT NO!!!!!!!!!" He yelled. "If you two battle you'll destroy EVERYTHING!"

"Geez man calm down." Reece told the man. 

Prof Fir took a few deep breaths. "Okay. Just please do not battle. It will be murder on my blood pressure."

Matt scowled, but listened anyway.

Prof Fir then changed the subject. "Well, since all three of you are here, I may as well tell you what the Pokedex's are for."

The three trainers looked directly at Fir. Each of them wanted to hear what he had to say. 
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1368379928

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1368379928

The meaning of the Pokedex.

Prof Fir got a serious look on his face.

"There exist 7 different models of the pokedex." Fir explained. "One model each for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Delta." he continued. "And one for the whole world."

The three Pokédex holders soaked this in as fast and effectively as they could.

"When you three were to become trainers, I asked Prof Oak, the maker of the Pokedex to give me three pokedex's." The Professor continued. "The devices were only to be given to three promising trainer per region."

"Us?" Kara said half rhetorically, half awed.

"Yes." Prof Fir said. "And I see now that I was right. These pokedex's have had a good home with their owners."

"Question." Reece said. "When we are all holding the Pokedex's in our hands, they started to beep."

"Rather annoyingly." Kara added.

Prof Fir smiled. "That beeping noise is meant to represent teamwork and friendship." he answered. "When you hold them you represent what being a trainer is about."

"Friendship?" Reece asked.

"Reece is right." Prof Fir said.

"That scares me." Matt muttered. The comment earned him three quick punches to the stomach.

The Hearth Badge Arc

We know that Reece is a bit off the deep end. Okay, he's gone off the deep end and is drowning in the pool, but
Sonic Unleashed "Empire City Hub Day" Music

Sonic Unleashed "Empire City Hub Day" Music

Ah! Nice, calm, and totally not going to last.

you catch my drift!

But what he did in the intro to this arc not only gave Professer Fir heart problems, caused minor civilian injuries, the destruction of a window, and a honeymooning couple to believe an offensive stereotype was correct.

Reece, Matt, Kara, and Prof Fir all walked towards Bedrock City. It was a large city, but still smaller than Graphic City.

"Finally the next city!" Reece called out. He had an overwhelmingly calm (for people who knew him personally) stature

"Yeah..." Kara said. "After six days of straight climbing, this is a welcome sight." The girls said, for once not changing her outfit between chapters.

"Just another resting spot." Matt said. "After that I better get going."

Prof Fir then set the next chaotic events in motion. "Wait guys, isn't there a gym in this town? I thougght you were trying to gather the eight badges."

"Prof Fir! NO!" Matt and Kara yelled out at the same time.

Reece's once abnormally calm face (for lack of a more fitting term) died as he activated his running shoes and charged foward.

Now, Reece has done a few crazy things in his time. These include destroying a Gym, jumping off cliffs, and blowing up camera's.

Good times. Good Times.

Reece quickly rounded a corner to the Pokémon Center. Unfortunatly, he had a near insurmountable obstacle in his path.



Ironically, it was Maddy and ClicK, but who else but them?

"Craaaaaaaaaaaaap!" Reece thought almost instincively. "It's them. Maybe they haven't peiced together the fact I'm the one who's blowing up all their cameras."

Maddy saw Reece.

"Oh hello." She said. Lucky for Reece, she didn't reconize him. She began to walk over him. Reece bolted with horror as he realized Kadabra had fainted earlier.

Reece looked down the street he was on. Between him and the Pokémon Center was about 60 feet, and only several people (most of whom were by a bench).

Reece did the most reasonable thing he could do. He activate his running shoes, ran past Maddy and ClicK, and through a group of civilians (knocking each of them over).

Inside the Pokémon Center, a honeymooning couple from Unova was talking.

"That's a stereotype honey." The man said. "There is nothing wrong with people from Delta."

"I know, I know." The woman replied. "I wonder why they said Deltanians are all a bit off the deep end." 

At the very second she finished that sentence, Reece rather unreasonably jumped right through one of the Pokémon center windows that one would think would be made of reinforced glass but wasn't.

"HOLY CRAP!" The couple said simultaneously. The nurse only covered her mouth and let out a muffled scream.

The likely insane boy smashed through the window and landed bruised and battered right next to a honeymooning couple. Prof Fir watched this from the other end of the street and fainted.

"Are you okay?" The nurse asked frantically.

"Totally." Reece said. While the boy was alright, he was covered in a few bloody cuts and many bruises. "Could you heal my Pokemon for me?"

The nurse took Reece's Pokémon, healed them, and gave them back to him. "Are you here to challenge the Gym Leader?"

"Yup." Reece replied.

"Well Fuego's specialty is Fire. Everything about him is fire. The gym's artificial enviroment is Fire. All Fire Type pokemon get stronger while Water Types get weaker..."

Reece took this into account, and went to the PC. When he was done, he had Larvitar, Treecko, Kadabra, Chinchou, Krabby, and Sandslash.

As Reece walked outside, the couple simply stared at him flabbergasted.



Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-3

Here we are again.

Reece entered the gym. The area around Bedrock Town was cool most of the time. Reece walked into the gym all five of his senses were barraged with messages that all gave him the same thought in his brain.


Indeed, the walls of the gym were lined with fire. Walls of fire choked the air and shrouded the stone, charring it black.

"Hello, and welcome to the Bedrock City Gym." A receptionist greeted Reece.

"Uh ma'am." Reece commented. "The gym is on fire!" Reece pointed out.

"Yes." The receptionist said. "This is the Gym's gimmick. It is meant to simulate a permanent Sunny Day.

"Isn't this ya know...dangerous?" Reece said not realizing the massive irony.

"Do you know how many people have said that?" All of them." The receptionist shot back. "Now are you challenging the gym or not?"

Reece walked through the gym. Yes, walked, not ran. Reece actually thought that running would be dangerous. The boy casually walked through the rooms, careful not to get burnt.

Reece's first battle was against a Kindler (who was roasting hot dogs on a stone slab).

"Can I have some?" was Reece's first repsonse.

The kindler looked over. "Only if you beat me."

Reece reached for Krabby's Pokéball. "Challenge Accepted!"
Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1369484186

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1369484186

Trainer Battle!

"Go, Castform!" The kindler said. The white Forecast Pokémon appeared in a flash of light, and immediatly went to its Sunny Form.

"Go! Krabby!" Reece yelled. He sent out the Crab Pokémon.

"Castform! Make sushi out of that Crab with Weather Ball!"

Castform created a ball of fire above it and fired it at Krabby.

"Bubblebeam!" Reece yelled!

Krabby fired a blast of bubbles at the Weather Ball, all of which failed to do anything. Krabby was then hit by the attack.

"Dangit." Reece thought. "Krabby, use Rock Slide!"

The crab Pokémon opened its claws and a cascade of rocks fell down on Castform, doing a severe amount of damage.

"Now attack with Dig!" Reece yelled. Krabby started to dig straight through the Gym's floor.

"Castform, attack with Weather Ball!" the Kindler yelled. Castform created another flaming blast, but the attack was simply futile. Krabby then ripped out of the ground and struck Castform from beneath.

"Castform, Solarbeam!" The kindler yelled.

Castform took in the (nonexistant) Sunlight, and fired an instantaneous Solarbeam at Krabby. 

"Protect!" Reece yelled.

Krabby created a green energy barrier that blocked the Solarbeam entirely. Reece made his move quickly.

"Use Brick Break!" Reece yelled. Krabby leapt foward and punched Castform, knocking it out.

The kindler retrieved his Pokémon, and threw another Pokéball. Out of the spherical device came a Vulpix. Reece took action as fast as he could.

"Krabby, use Rock Slide!" Reece yelled. An avalanche of rocks came down on Vulpix, badly injuring it. The Kindler struck back. "Use Flamethrower!" he yelled to his Pokémon.

Vuplix breathed out flames that engulfed Krabby, burning it badly.

"Use Bubblebeam!" Reece commanded. Krabby fired a stream of bubbles from both his claws at Vulpix, finishing off the Pokémon.

As the kindler retrieved his Pokémon, he got a plate with a hotdog and gave it to Reece. The boy happily ate the Hot Dog, and then realized he was sweating like crazy.

Oh yeah, and his Krabby was evolving.

The River Crab Pokémon flashed between two forms rapidly before staying in its second. The second form looked like its first, except larger, and its left Pincer was much larger than the second.
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1369512193

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1369512193

Here we go again (again)!

Reece pulled out his Pokédex.


Pincer Pokemon

Height: 4'03 / 1.3 M

Weight: 132.3 LB / 60.0 KG

This pokemon's left Pincer possesses 10,000-horsepower crushing force. The size makes it hard to aim however.

"Sweet." Reece said. He put his Pokédex away, and retrieved his Pokémon, finished his hotdog, and walked through the fire filled gym.

He came to a girl wearing only a two-peice swimsuit (which Reece ignored mostly). She looked at Reece.

"Are you here to fight?" She asked.

"Totally." Reece said. He pulled out Chinchou's Pokéball, and threw it to the floor. "Let's do this!" he yelled. The "Swimmer" sent out Numel.
Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1369520737

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1369520737


"Chinchou! Use Water Pulse!" Reece yelled.

Chinchou blasted 2 beams of water from its hands at Numel, striking it in the face. The swimmer took action quickly.

"Magnitude!" she yelled. Numel hit the ground with his  foot, and created an extreme tremor.

Magnitude 9

Chinchou fell on its back from the attack, crying slightly. Reece gritted his teeth. "Use Flail!" He yelled. Chinchou got up and hit Numel very hard, knocking it out.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon, hand shaking. "Go, Sandslash!" Reece yelled out as he threw the Great Ball containing the Mouse Pokémon.

Sandslash came out of her Pokéball and swiped her claws into the air. The swimmer took a Pokéball of her belt. "Go, Monferno!" the girl yelled.

Theplayful Pokémon came out of its Pokéball and sized up Sandslash. Brute force and animal instincts versus fiery strategy and martial arts.

"Dig!" Reece yelled. Sandslash burrowed through the gym floor, hiding from eveything. Monferno attempted to cook the Ground Type with Solarbeam, but needless to say, failed.

Sandslash came up and struck at Monferno, knocking it off its feet.

"Use Crush Claw!" Reece commanded. 

"Fire Punch!" The swimmer ordered.

Sandslash and Monferno charged at each other, with Sandslash clawing at Monferno's head with crushing force while Monferno punched her in the face with a flaming fist.

Reece gritted his teeth, but didn't let up with the assault. "ROCK SLIDE!"

Sandslash spun into a ball, and bounced around, firing her quills at Monferno as she did. The Playful Pokémon moved out of the way.

"Mach Punch!" The swimmer ordered. Monferno leapt foward and pinned Sandslash to the wall above the flames. Reece gulped.

"QUICK! USE MAGNITUDE!" Reece yelled at the top of his lungs. Sandslash stomped on the wall, knocking them both into the flames.

Magnitude 8!

Reece bit his lip when he saw his Pokémon fall into the flames. But his relief came when he saw Sandslash dragging an unconscious Monferno out of the fire.

Reece retrieved his Pokémon. "Looks like it's time to get moving." He said. The swimmer looked angered, but let

Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-1369540379

Gym Leader's next.

Reece pass without saying anything.

Reece walked through an unlit hallway and was bombarded by a relieving feeling of cold. The cold air however constricted his lungs from the tempature change, and Reece buckled to the ground.

"Gotta, keep....going...." the 12 year old panted. He got up and inched through the hallway. Soon, he made it to a relief point with a Pokémon healing machine.

Reece stuffed his Pokéballs into the Machine and watched as they were healed. Slowly but surely, Reece advanced down the tunnel to the last room. As he grew closer, he could see an pale orange light and feel a very intense heat.

Reece came into a final chamber. The first thing he noticed was that the atmosphere of the room was even more inhospitable than the rest of the gym and that the flames were a tint of unnatural yellow and orange.

The second was a fiery haired man standing in the middle of the room.

"Hello." he said.

"Are you Fuego?" Reece asked.

"The one and only." The man answered. He was wearing a strange jacket with a flame pattern.

"And why in the World is your Gym on fire?" Reece asked.

"It makes our fire types stronger." Fuego answered. "Can't take the heat? Well too bad."

Reece grabbed Sandslash's Pokéball. "Let's just get this over with." He said. "I just want to beat you, take a cold shower, and then gorge myself on Ice cream!"

Fuego started to laugh. "HAHAHAHA! That's the best thing a challenger has said to me in a long time." the fire type gym leader said.

Reece threw the Pokéball in his hand. "Let's go!"

An electric board behind Fuego lit up to show the Trainer's Pokémon amount.
Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-2

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-2

We're getting that Hearth Badge!

The Pokéball opened up to reveal Sandslash. Fuego threw one of his and out came a Flareon.

"Flareon, use Fire Spin!" Fuego shouted. Flareon shot a ring of fire at Sandslash that trapped the Pokémon inside a tornado of fire.

"Use Rock Slide!" Reece yelled.

Sandslash created rocks on her hands and fired them at Flareon, doing noticable damage to the Pokémon.

"Now use Dig!" Reece yelled. Sandslash started to furiously dig through the foundation of the gym. Fuego patiently waited for Sandslash to attack Flareon, then ordered his attack.

"Use Natural Gift!" Fuego yelled. Flareon glowed with a green pulsating ring of energy, and then fired a huge blast of energy at Sandslash.

Sandslashed braced herself from the attack, but she looked as if a truck hit her. Fuego smiled. "Nature Power Grass." He replied. "It works."

Reece bit down in anger. "Crush Claw!" Reece commanded. Sandslash swiped her claws in a crushing movement on Flareon's head.

The Flame Pokémon was then surrounded by a green downing aura, signifying a defense decrease.

"Flareon, use Flame Charge!" Fuego yelled. Flareon charged into Sandslash at super high speed surrounded by fire. Sandslash was hit and knocked unconscious, and Flareon's speed was boosted. The elctric board's image of Sandslash faded.

Reece retrieved Sandslash, and gritted his teeth. He pilled out another Pokéball. "Go, Kingler!" Reece yelled. The Pincer Pokémon came out of its Pokéball, and the electric scoreboard lit up with an image of Kingler.

"Flame Charge!" Fuego yelled.

Flareon charged in a coat of fire faster than before. Reece didn't waste a second. "Use Brick Break!" the silver haired boy yelled.

Kingler snatched up Flareon in his claw and crushed it with the great power of the left claw. A few snapping noises were heard, and Flareon fainted.

Fuego retrieved his Pokémon, and angrily threw out the next one. "GO! Manectric!"

The Discharge Pokémon landed in front of Kingler, and Reece got the immediate idea to retrieve his Pokémon. "Kingler, Retreat!" He yelled. Kingler was returned to his Pokéball, and Reece pulled out another Pokéball.

"Go, Larvitar!" Reece yelled. The Rock Skin Pokémon stood face to face with Manectric. The electric board changed to suit the new air of battle.

"This is one heated battle!" Fuego said. "Hope you don't turn out to be a pushover in the last few rounds."

"I'm only getting started." Reece said with a smirk.

Chapter 42:BURN IT TO THE GROUND Part 2

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-3

Gym Leader Battle - Pokémon Stadium Music Extended-3

Let's burn it, burn it, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!

Reece was trapped in a (literally) fiery battle with the Bedrock Town Gym Leader Fuego. The score was one faint on each side.

"Manectric, Fire Fang!" Fuego yelled. Manectric leapt foward with a fire coating its teeth.

"Dodge it Larvitar!" Reece yelled to his Pokémon. The rock skin Pokémon tried to dodge, but could barely get anywhere before Manectric hit it.

"Thrash!" Reece yelled. As soon as the command reached Larvitar's ears, the Rock Skin Pokémon violently thrashed around, forcing Manectric to drop it.

Larvotar continued to violently thrash and bite and swing around, shaking around the gym in the proccess. The shockwaves alone hurt Manectric.

"Ice Fang!" Fuego ordered.

Manectric coated its teeth in cold energy and bit down hard on Larvitar, who couldn't dodge for it's life. The Pokémon was simply too slow. But it continued to Thrash wildly without stopping.

Larvitar then couldn't keep up the blind rage and became confused, but Reece decided to risk it. "Rock Slide!" Reece yelled.

Larvitar hit the ground with great force, causing the ceiling to shake loose and collapse onto Manectric.

"Manectric! Overheat!" Fuego ordered.

Time seemed to slow down and Reece could both feel and hear his heart beat as Manectric fired a titanic blast of flame from it's mouth at Larvitar.

The heat from the flames in the room empowered the attack so much that Reece thought it would destroy the whole building.

The attack created an explsoion as it hit Larvitar, and Reece had to brace himself. He was sure he now had 1st degree burns on his face. The boy could see that Larvitar still had some HP left.

Reece got a crazy idea.

"Sandstorm!" He yelled.

Larvitar breathed out a tornado of sand dozens of times its own size, created a powerful Sandstorm, and nearly extingushed the fires of the room. But to Reece's shock, they started to blaze again.

However, the weather was now sandy for five turns. Reece had the advantage.

"Larvitar, use Bite!" Reece yelled. Under the cover of the poor lighting, Larvitar managed to bite down on the Discharge Pokémon's snout.

Manectric howled out in pain, and its legs buckled as it fell to the ground. Fuego retrieved it. He took out another Pokéball, and threw it. "Go, Hitmonlee!" He yelled.

The Kicking Pokémon stood it's ground in battle. Fuego took the initiative. "Hitmonlee, use Jump Kick!"

Hitmonlee jumped straight into the air and crashed down on Larvitar, hitting it and knocking it out instanly. Reece gritted his teeth and retrieved the Pokémon.

"Go, kadabra!" Reece yelled. He threw the Pokéball and the Psi Pokémon came to the feild. The Electric Board changed around to show the changes to the battle.

"Kadabra, use Psybeam!" Reece yelled. Kadabra bent his spoon and a beam of fragmented rainbow energy shot out of it and at Hitmonlee. The blast hit the fighting type and it took a step back as a reflex.

"Hitmonlee, use Revenge!" Fuego yelled. The Fighting type smashed Kadabra with all its anger. The weak bodied Psi Pokémon fell back, but then used its Psychic power to re-adjust itself.

"Kadabra, use Shock Wave!" Reece commanded. Kadabra's spoon crackled with electricity and the Pokémon fired raw lightning at a Hitmonlee.

The Pokémon was hit by the attack, and was knocked dangerously close to the flames. Reece kept up the aggresive. "Psybeam!"

Kadabra shot another blast of fragmented psychic power at Hitmonlee, but the Kicking Pokémon wasn't down yet. "Hitmonlee, dodge!" Fuego yelled. Hitmonlee jumped up above the energy blast, and Fuego smirked as the flames behind him seemed to flare hotter.

"JUMP KICK!" Fuego yelled. Hitmonlee shifted into a spinning kick and smashed the Psi Pokémon in the face, causing it to fall back.

Hitmonlee had Kadabra on the ground, leg over throat. Kadabra was quickly suffocating due to the increased need for oxygen to supplement his High Functioning Brain.

"Kadabra, Submission!" Reece yelled. Kadabra's eyes glowed and Hitmonlee was flung off. Kadabra then brought it into a full nelso and rolled around in a series of flips and fisished by throwing Kadabra on the ground.

The psi Pokémon then grabbed his arm in pain and took recoil damage. Fuego took advantage of that. "Vacuum Wave!" he yelled.

A wave of energy hit Kadabra in the face, knocking it back. Reece saw Hitmonlee jumping for it again, and took the small window to strike back.

"Submission!" the Silver haired boy yelled. Kadabra leapt at Hitmonlee and repeated the Submission attack. As he slammed Hitmonlee against the ground, the kicking Pokémon fainted. Fuego retrieved the Pokémon.

The flames behind him grew stronger as the Electric Board's image of Hitmonlee faded. "This has been a fun battle Reece." The fiery gym leader said. "But I have two pokemon left, and your little sandstorm is gone."

Reece had barely been paying attention (as Kadabra was unaffected by it), but the Sandstorm had faded.

Fuego threw the next Pokéball. "Go! Quilava!" he yelled. "Use Quick Attack!"

Before Kadabra could do anything, Quilava smashed into it and knocked it out. Reece retrieved it. He had Kingler (already damaged), Chinchou, and Grovyle. It was a no brainer.

"Go, Chinchou!" Reece yelled as he threw the Pokéball containing the Angler Pokémon. As the Pokémon came out, it immediatly clenched up from the heat.

"Thunder Wave!" Reece yelled. Chinchou's eyes glowed as a weak energy wave hit Quilava. The Volcano Pokémon was paralyzed by the attack and couldn't move.

"Now Water Pulse!" Reece yelled. "Chinchou put its hands foward and shot a blast of Ultrasonic blast of water at Quilava. The Volcano pokemon was knocked back.

"Solarbeam!" Fuego yelled. Quilava opened his mouth and fired a blast of green energy at Chinchou, hitting it square faced.

"Love this artificial UV light and Fire." Fuego commented. "So many battles won on Solarbeams alone."

Reece gritted his teeth. "FLAIL!" Reece yelled.

Chinchou went up to his foe and punched it in the face. The Pokémon was visibly struggling to move. Reece couldn't ignore it longer himself. The fire was burning up all the Oxygen in the room. Fuego had to be some kind of Fire Fighter to survive that...

"Solarbeam!" said gym leader yelled. Quilava fired anothe light beam, but Reece was ready. "Jump and Shock Wave at the ground!" He yelled.

Chinchou fired a blast of electricty at the ground and jumped at the same time, dodging the Solarbeam and hitting Quilava. The Pokémon barely clung to what little HP it had left.

"Use Quick Attack!" Fuego yelled. Quilava smashed into Chinchou, nearly knocking it out.

"Use Flail!" Reece yelled. Chinchou scrambled up to Quilava and punched it, causing it to faint. Fuego gritted his teeth and retrieved the Pokémon.

"Dang." he said. "You're strong. But this is over. Go! Magmortar!"

Fuego didn't reach for a Pokéball, but instead a figure emerged from the flames. "Meet my Magmortar." The gym leader said with a grin. "My strongest pokemon, ad your last opponent."

Maybe it was that Magmortar's appearance had intensified the fire, or that the battle had been going on for a long time, but either way realized that the air in the room was thinning.

Fuego saw this. "Can't take the heat?" He asked, crossing is arms. "Then get out of the kitchen."

"We're in a Gym...."Reece said in a voice that made it impossible to tell if he was being Coy or unable to understand sarcasm.

"Whatever. We still have to see this through." Fuego shot back.

"Chinchou, Retreat!" Reece yelled. He retrieved the Pokémon, and reached for another Pokéball. "Go, Kingler!" Reece yelled.

The Pincer Pokémon stood its ground in battle, snapping its large claw at Magmortar.

"Solarbeam!" Fuego ordered. Magmortar put its cannon hand foward and shot a huge beam of green light at Kingler.

"Protect!" Reece yelled. Kingler raised his claw and created a green barrier of energy around himself that blocked to Solarbeam.

"Kingler, use Dig!" Reece yelled. Kingler dug through the foundation of the Gym and struck Magmortar from underneath.

"Thunderbolt!" Fuego yelled. Magmortar created a ball of electricity, and blasted Kingler with it. The Pincer Pokémon was covered in burn marks from it.

"Bubblebeam!" Reece yelled. Kinglers claw opened up and fired a huge stream of bubbles at Magmortar, each doing little damage that added up only slightly.

"Overheat!" Fuego yelled. Magmortar created a small ball of psle blue fire in its cannon like palm, then fired it at Kingler. The Pincer Pokémon was engulfed in the huge explosion of flame in an instant. When the flames from the blast died down, Reece saw that Kingler was fried like a lobster.

The electric board was changed to show the 2/1 Score. Reece was in HUGE trouble. He had only two Pokémon left. one was damaged, the other weak against fire. Even worse, Reece thought he could only keep this up for a few more minutes. The air was thin, and Reece had even more trouble breathing. He could no longer feel himself sweating. His throat was burned dry, and he felt as if his clothes could catch fire at any second.

Then, it struck him.

"GO GROVYLE!" Reece yelled as he threw out his Grass Type Pokémon. Reece knew exactly what he was doing. Fuego just laughed. "All the heat and smoke must've gone to your head! You're crazy if you think any Grass Type'll beat my Magmortar!"

Reece smirked. "Dragonbreath!" the boy yelled.

Grovyle fired a blast of volcanic ash into the room, causing the fires in the room to start to choke from lack of oxygen. The blast also engulfed Magmortar, causing it to buckle. The Oxygen in the room started to deplete, and the increased smoke forced both trainers to cover their mouths with their shirts.

Fuego made the fatal mistake of panicking. "Overheat!" he yelled. Magmortar fired a huge blast of pale blue fire blingdly into the smoke. The attack missed, and Reece kept attacking. "Dragonbreath!"

Grovyle fired even more smokey energy into the room. The ashy energy particles started to seep through Reece's shirt ever so slightly. But Reece would not give up.

"Overheat!" Fuego yelled. Magmortar fired more pale blue flame blasts at Grovyle. But Reece was on a roll. "Giga Drain!"

The attack hit, and Grovyle barely clung to its remaining HP, but then glowed green and fired an Overgrow boosted Giga Drain at Magmortar, instantly sapping a large portion of the Pokémon's health. The flames in the room died along with the depleting oxygen soon enough.

Reece made no effort to hide his smile as Magmortar fainted. The Blast Pokémon's flames fell as the smoke choked away the life giving oxygen.

Fuego shakily retrieved his Pokémon. The smoke was burning his eyes. Any second, the smoke detectors should

Mt. Battle - Pokémon Colosseum Music Extended-1370120516

Back to before the burning.

go off and activate the smoke ceilings.


Several panels in the ceiling opened up and the smoke came flushing out, leaving the room. Both Reece and Fuego took very big gulps of air as soon as possible.

"Dang it..." Fuego sputtered out. "Noone has ever tried that before..."

Reece smirked. "What can I say. I like crazy ideas."

Fuego fished something out of his pocket. "Catch." he said before throwing it to Reece. The boy caught it, and felt the peice if warm metal. it looked like an oven with flames going off.

"Congratulations. You won the Hearth Badge!" Fuego told the boy.

Reece took the badge. "Sweet." he managed to say between gulping air and enjoying the cold.

"Now, all pokemon up to Level 50 will obey you regardless of anything." Fuego explained. "Also, take this Technical Machine."

He pulled a red orange disc out of his pocket. "TM Overheat. One of the most powerful fire type moves in existance. Use its power well, as it has the effect of lowering your Special Attack with every use."

"Noted." Reece said. He then casually left the room and to the cold break point in the hallway. Until Reece felt ready to leave, he simply healed up his Pokémon and thought of who should learn Overheat.

As soon as he felt ready to leave the gym, Reece calmly got up, and walked back to the main section of the gym. As soon as he got to the inferno, Reece wildly ran using his running shoes to get to the door ASAP.

He ran out the door. "COLD AIR!" he shouted.

"What are you so excited abou...." A passing by Kara started to say but then changed her subject. "Reece you look worse than me and I just had to carry Prof Fir to the Hospital! What happened?"

"Look inside the Gym." Reece said.

Kara did so for a few seconds, and turned back to Reece. "No wonder foreigners think Deltanians are a bunch of wackos..."

"So, why is Prof Fir in the hospital?" Reece asked, getting off the ground.

"You gave him heart problems with your crazy *** actions." she answered. "But that is not what is important." she added. "He claims to have some important information for us, and wants us to talk to him ASAP."

Reece got up. "Can I take a shower and get an Ice Cream first?"

Kara gave Reece her Death Stare.

Reece got up begrudingly and followed Kara to the hospital.

Finding Answers Arc

Prof Fir was sitting in his hospital bed humming something that sounded like GBA music. The electronic sliding
Sonic Unleashed "Empire City Hub Day" Music-0

Sonic Unleashed "Empire City Hub Day" Music-0

Back in Bedrock Town

door opened and Reece and Kara walked in.

"Hello." Prof Fir said quietly.

Matt was ssitting in the corner reading a magazine. When his fellow Pokédex holders came in, his eyes looked over. "It's about time." He said with a rather annoyed tone.

"Sorry." Kara said rolling her eyes. "So, why did you need us Prof Fir?"

Reece then pushed her aside and went up to him. "Are you okay Prof Fir?" he asked worridly. The Prof looked up at him.

"Oh, this happens all the time. I'll be out in a few days." He said reassuringly. Reece calmed down at that. The professor looked over to Matt and Kara. "Listen up." he said, and the three Pokédex holders gave him their undivided attention.

"You three are aware of Team Abyss and Team Luminious, right?" he asked. the three trainers nodded. Prof Fir took a deep breath. "Well, I was recently approached by the Pokemon League and asked to help with fighting them." He explained. "And I said I know 3 trainers who could help."

"We've been busting those nutballs all over the place." Matt said, arms crossed. "Isn't that enough?" he asked. Prof Fir shook his head.

"The Pokemon League believes that bth teams are up to something big." the man said. "The Police Report from Crater Town near confirms that Team Abyss is up to something."

"Tey want to use a Radioactive Meteorite for something." Reece answered, having the image almost photographically burned into his head. "And Team Luminious managed to capture the legendary Zapdos at one point."

Prof Fir grasped his arm again. "What?" he said in a half whining voice.  "The legendary Bird pokemon?"

"Yeah..." Matt dsiad. "Reece barely managed to defeat it."

Prof Fir looked like he had seen a ghost. "Where was this?" he asked.

"Obsidian Pass." Kara answered.

Prof Fir took a deep breath and folded his arms in a calm atmosphere. "This is grave..." he said quietly. "Any other information i should know about?"

Reece spoke up. "I saw some stone writing in the River Caves below Riverstone City." he explained. "It was in Unown and said "Too Dark, Too Powerful. We Sealed it Deep Below." or something. "

Prof Fir simply took a breath. "There is a legend." he started. "About Ancient Delta."

"Go on." Reece said.

"The earlier generations of Delta had a sort of obsession with caves." the professor said. "Delta is a strange region. It has elements from all the other regions where pokemon are found. It's what makes the region so biodiverse." He took a drink of the water next to his bed. "And supposedly, a lot of Legendary pokemon came to this region from others. Legend has it that an item used to control and empower legendary pokemon is in this region. I think they are looking for it."

Reece took a deep breath. "Any idea where it is?"

"Like I said, an obsession with caves." Prof Fir said. "We need to check caves all around the region." He stated blankly. "Each one will give cryptic hints if the legends are correct."

"Where do we start?" Kara asked, pulling a hard hat and pickaxe out of her backpack. "I just love Treasure Hunting!"

"First...." Prof fir started to shift, but stopped. "Kara, be a dear and get my bag." he said, obviously in too much pain to reach his bag. Kara got his bag for him.

The Prof opened up the bag and pulled out a few bluish discs. "Hidden Machine Fly." He said. "Allows you to fly to any town you've been to at high speeds."

The three Pokédex holders each took a disc.

"Thanks." Matt and Kara said.

"Sweet." Reece replied.

Prof Fir smiled. "There are three places I have in mind that you should go to. There are at the Silver Desert, Meteor Cave, and Metal Cave."

"Metal Cave." Matt said. "It's close to home..."

Kara wanted to argue instantly, but then again, Meteor Cave had much more treasure. "I'll take Meteor Cave." Kara declared.

"I'll take the desert!" Reece said hyperactively. He quickly got his backpack. He started to make his juggernaut run before Kara grabbed the back of his jacket and stopped him. She was visibly disgusted by the sweat is was soaked in.

"EEW GROSS!" Was Kara's first words. "REECE!" She yelled. "Take that shower NOW!"

Reece only feared one thing in his life. And that was Kara when she was angry. But of course, not really.  "Why?" Reece said in a whining voice.

Kara gave her death stare.

Reece got up. "I'll go find a hotel then." He said nervously. He slowly backed out of the room while Kara followed. Matt could hear Kara say something. "You need that shower so bad that I'm washing those clothes for ya! Now get moving!"

Matt facepalmed as he remembered how screwed up his life was.

Chpater 43: Just Deserts

Please, please do not go on a ranting rage for the
Pokemon HOENN Soundtrack- Routes 110-112, 114, 117-118 HQ-1

Pokemon HOENN Soundtrack- Routes 110-112, 114, 117-118 HQ-1

Back to Southern Delta

ghastly pun I just made. It really was not that bad. But anyway, things are made so much similar by the use of fly. Reece brought Larvitar, Grovyle, Kadabra, Chinchou, Chimchar, and Crobat. As Reece jumped off his newly flight capable Pokémon, he immediatly missed the sensation of the wind in his hair.

The boy did have a mission though. Search the Silver Desert for anything resembling ancient ruins.

But Reece does get sidetracked. A lot.

As Reece had walked from Crater Town to the Silver Desert, he encountered nothing but familiar sights. It wasn't until he made it to the end of the Cross Path did something significant (other then the numerous trainers he DESTROYED earlier) happened. 

The boy came across a quaint little building that greatly caught his interest. The building had a large yard filled with playing Pokémon. Reece recognized many species, about a dozen of which he owned himself. The one who really stood out was a Vulpix cuddling up to a Growlithe.

An old man came over to Reece. "Hello. I see that you have found our Pokemon Daycare." He said. Reece looked over, and saw the old man. He was a hefty man with a purple vest and and black pants. He had very white hair, not to disimilar to Reece's father.

"Pokemon Daycare?" Reece asked.

The old man nodded. "Yes. pokemon Daycare. We take care of pokemon for their loving Trainers and raise them for them."

Reece felt the realization of this idea hit him in the head. "Can I leave a pokemon here?" This way, he could raise a Pokémon and still go around Delta collecting badges.

The old man laughed heartily. "Of course!" He said. "You're a very energetic boy aren't you."

Reece knew that was true. "I get that a lot." He answered. The old man smiled. "I'm Ran." the old man said extending his hand. "You're name?"

"Reece." Reece answered.

"Well Reece, I see you are a Pokemon Trainer." Ran said. "Would you like to battle?" he asked, not knowing the can of mayhem he just opened up.

Reece took a few steps back and took out Chinchou's Pokéball. "I'd love it!" He declared. The old man laughed an
Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1370732702

Pokemon R B Y - Trainer Battle Rock-1370732702


brougt out a Pokéball. "See if you can't beat my old friend." He said. He threw the Pokéball and out came an Arcanine. Reece pulled out his Battle Scanner. The Pokémon was Level 28. Chinchou was only 26.

"Meh." Reece thought.

"GO! Chinchou!" Reece yelled as he sent the Angler Pokémon into battle.

"Arcanine, use Dragon Rage!" Ran yelled. Arcanine created a tornado that edged towards Chinchou and exploded in the Angler Pokémon's face.

"Chinchou, use Water Pulse!" Reece yelled. Chinchou shot a blast of Ultrasonic Water at Arcanine in a Kamehamaha fashion, knocking the giant beast back. Ran made sure that Arcanine wasn't confused, then ordered anothe attack.

"Fire Fang!" Ran yelled. Arcanine leapt foward with flaming teeth and bit Chinchou like a chew toy. Reece gritted his teeth at the site. "Use Shock Wave!" Reece yelled.

Chinchou practically exploded with electricity inside Arcanine's mouth. Reece smirked. Ran ordered his next attack. "Use Strength!"

Arcanine pounced on top of Chinchou, and knocked it the the side with its bulging muscles. Reece quickly counter attacked. "Use Flail!" Reece screamed to his Pokémon. 

Chinchou rampaged ferociously at Arcanine, beating at the Pokémon's nose over and over. The Legendary Pokémon's legs buckled, and the Pokémon fell.

Ran retrieved his Pokémon. "That old dog." He said jokingly. "That's one strong Chinchou you have there."

"Thanks." Reece said. He then turned his attention to his now glowing Pokémon. "It's evolving!" Ran exclaimed. Chinchou flashed many times before growing far larger and become a Lanturn. Reece pulled
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1370735174

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1370735174

EVOLUTION! (it's actually Metamorphosis, but who gives a Flareon?)

 out his Pokédex.


Light Pokemon

Height: 3'11 / 1.2 M

Weight: 49.6 LB / 22.5 KG

This pokemon has light emmiting orbs on it's back so strong that it can be seen for 3 miles/5 kilometers. The orbs formed as part of the dorsal fin.

Ran smiled. It warmed his heart to see a Pokémon evolve. Reece himself retrieved his Pokémon. Ran looked over
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1370754399

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1370754399

Daycare outside.

to him. "Are you still going to leave a pokemon with us?"

"Yes." Reece answered.

"Go inside and have a word with my Wife." Ran explained. "You just need a bit of paperwork." he said, immediately causing Reece's instincts to scream "DON'T DO IT!"

Reece ignored that. He went inside the house to see an old lady at the counter. Reece walked up. "Hello." he said politely.

"Oh hello." she said. "Do you wish to leave a pokemon with us?"

Reece nodded. "I want to leave my Lanturn here."  He said, leaving Lanturn's Pokéball on the desk. The old woman smiled. "Now I just need your Trainer card and Battle Scanner number."

Reece gave her these things, but it did require actually looking for them, which gave the boy some trouble. Reece watched as the woman jotted this down. "Come back later and most likely your Lanturn will be stronger." She said. "In the mean time, I'd suggest that you withdraw another pokemon to fill the gap in your team if you can." She said, pointing to a PC and Pokémon Healing Machine.

Reece walked over and quickly selected the Pokémon that would help him wreak havoc on any unlucky trainer he met. What Pokémon you may ask?


Reece pulled the Pokémon out of the Computer and put it on his belt. He grinned, thinking of how strong his team would be with all that raw power.

The old woman watched Reece leave, but then immediately stopped him. "Wait!" she yelled. "Are you going to Silver Desert?"

Reece caught this. "Yeah. How did you know?" He asked.

"A lot of Trainers go there to see if they can find fossils of ancient pokemon. It used to be an estuary that certain wild pokemon lived in in pre-historic times."

Reece was about to run off in a storm of compressed air, but the daycare woman wouldn't let him. "WAIT!" She yelled. "Take these!" she said as she threw Reece a pair of goggles. They were green glassed with very large segements. They looked pretty soft.

"You'll need that." The woman said cryptically. Reece thanked her and ran off.

Soon, Reece noticed a steep change in the air. The air was dry, and Reece could feel it. He was at a rocky pass as
Pokemon Black White Music - Gate

Pokemon Black White Music - Gate

Lookout Station

he came to a to a lookout station. Reece rarely saw these, as they were not common in Delta. He walked in. Inside, there was a lone girl in the booth, not even wearing her uniform.

"Hello." She said. She spoke in a very calm voice. "It's very rare we have anyone come through here."

Reece looked around. "What's the point of having this gate here?" he asked. "I've read almost no one comes here."

The girl looked at him. "It's because the Pokemon League wants to make sure all trainers know of the Lonely Path." She answered. "The Path is just beyond the desert."

"Lonely...Path?" Reece asked with a confused feel in his head.

"Yes." The girls replied. "The Lonely Path is named so because of the complete lack of all settlement." She explained. "The Pokemon League has completely forbidden anyone to go to that area."

"Why?" Was Reece's first response. This had caught his interest quite nicely.

"It's because the wild pokemon are terrifyingly strong." the gate lady said. "Please don't try it." she continued. "Many Trainers think they can survive it and end up losing their lives." she continued, her calm voice faltering. "I remember one person a few years back who claimed he was going to Mt. Dust, which is at the very end of the path. No one has ever saw him again."

This woman's cryptic warning hit him. Normally, he'd be rushing through, trying to get over the desert as fast as possible. But now, he had things he needed to do. He would save the Lonely Path and Mt. Dust for later. 

Reece slowly walked to the end of the gate and was met with a feral sandstorm. The boy could feel piercing
Route 111 Desert Theme Remix

Route 111 Desert Theme Remix

Let's do this S***! (Credit to REGIROCK/YouTube)

needles of sand battering him. He fumbled wildly before he go on the Goggles the Day Care Lady got him.

He opened his eyes, and could see a very yellow and somewhat gray desert with a green glass frosted over it. "Not bad." he thought. "These goggles are amazing!"

Reece looked around. Nothing but a sea of sand as far as the eye could see. Reece ran through the sandy desert, looking for something, anything in this maelstrom that wasn't sand.

The feeling Reece was getting was simply thrilling. The sand blasting off his goggles, running through screeming winds as the sand dug its way into his clothing. The boy also could feel that feeling of being watched once again. Looking around, he still saw nothing but sand and sand.

"I'm getting nowhere." Reece thought, still running. "Maybe Kadabra could help me." he thought. The Pokémon would be unaffected by the hazardous sand. Reece pulled out the Pokéball, and opened it up. Out of the Pokéball came the Psi Pokémon.

"Dear god Reece." Was Kadabra's first response. "How the bloody hell did you get us into this mess?" he asked, and Reece understood perfectly.

"That's not important." Reece answered. "I need you to fly around and see if you can find anything." Kadabra looked at Reece with an angry look, and the used it's psychic power to fly around slowly. After a few minutes, the Pokémon turned to Reece again.

"Nothing." he said. "Absolutely nothing is around."

Reece immediately argued against this. "That can't be right." Reece said with no facial expression seeable due to his goggles. "There has to be some Pokemon life or structure in this desert somewhere."

Kadabra was about to argue back, but then stopped. "My Psychic powers only go so far." He explained. "I can go around, but it would require leaving you for an unprecedented amount of time." He paused, to make sure Reece was getting it.

"So I might find more stuff, but I'm without my one of my best pokemon?" Reece asked. Kadabra nodded. "But we could keep in touch via Telepathy."

"By Chocolate Muffin, I think you mean our one way almost always slightly inaccurate telepathy?" Reece asked, causing his Pokémon to ponder the sudden shift in intellegence. "I think you should, and come seek me out if you find me."

"Yeah." Kadabra said. "If we do that though, who knows what could happen."

"I could fall off a cliff." Reece pointed out. "But what's the cha..."

Kadabra cut him off. "Just don't die please." he said bluntly.

Reece gave his Pokémon a thumbs up, and Kadabra floated off into the distance using psychic power. Reece was left alone in the sandy maelstrom. He looked around, and started walking. The hyperactive boy was unable to notice the fact that he was about to fall into a pit of sand until he nearly stepped over the edge.

"OH GOD!" Reece yelled as he barely managed to scramble backwards to safety. The sand had loosened, and Reece soon saw an ant like creature dig out of the sand.

It looked at Reece with it's blank eyes. Reece pulled out his Battle Scanner, and read "Trapinch". Reece pulled out one of his Pokéballs, and threw it. Out of the sphere came Reece's deadly Scyther. He had yet to use the Pokémon, but knew its moves.

Wing Attack, Fury Attack, Brick Break, Pursuit, and Roost. Reece did use a few TM's.

"Scyther, Wing Attack!" Reece yelled. Scyther moved with ninja like speed and slashed at the Trapinch with such speed and knocked the Pokémon back into the pit. Reece checked his Scanner and gawked at the damage he had just done. It was weakened enough to catch it.

Reece threw a Great Ball at the Pokémon. The ball homed in on it through the swirling sands, and hit it, drawing the Ant Lion into the Pokéball.

One Shake

Two Shakes

Three Shakes


"Scyther, retrieve that Pokeball!" Reece yelled. Scyther leapt foward and picked up the spear with its claws ever so gently, and carefully flew out of the pit, dropping it at Reece's feet. Reece picked it up and pulled out his
Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1371264131

Emerl's Theme - Sonic Battle Music Extended-1371264131

Caught a Trapinch



Ant Pit Pokemon

Height: 2'04 / 0.7 M

Weight: 33.1 LB / 15.0 KG

It can bite through boulders. It's biggest weakness is that it is near impossible to get back up when tipped on its back. They create large sand pits for prey.

Reece retrieved Scyther and looked around. He couldn't see any more holes, but he suddenly lost intrest in running.

"Reece?" Reece heard in his head. Reece could hear the telepathic message. "I've found nothing." Kadabra told him. "Except a donut."

"Okay, that's definitely a mistranslation." Reece though.