The Exploration Team Federation is the organization responsible for regulating and overseeing the activities of every Exploration Team throughout the world. Made up of the very best of the best, the Federation distributes supplies to large organizations such as Guilds, distributes ranks to rising Exploration Teams, regulates dangerous exploration territory, reviews Team activities and delivers infractions/punishments for negative behavior, and so much more. The Federation also reserves the right to announce a global state of emergency, mobilizing all available Exploration Teams in response to extreme natural disasters, terrorist organizations, plague outbreaks, and other catastrophic occurrences.

Honorary members

  • Scizor

In Sunlight/Moonlight Fanficts

The Exploration Team Federation is an organization that supports Wigglytuff's Guild, it's told that most of the funds from the Exploration Teams go to the Federation in order to get new gear and space for what they find. Also, all advocates for the Guild are the Guildmasters/Guildmistresses themselves. The ETF may give out jobs similar to the RTF, however, there's a few main differences:


  • The ETF is focused on exploring and charting areas.
  • The ETF's main motivation is exploration.
  • The ETF is the Federation that takes money (Leaving the team only a mere ten percent) from teams for their effort.
  • The RTF is focused on rescuing others.
  • The RTF's main motivation is making sure the populace is safe.
  • The RTF is a federation that delivers messages by Mail, the ETF delivers jobs via boards.
  • The RTF is the only Federation to have it's own "Newspaper", basically, magazines given out to members.
  • The ETF has one whole big base at the start of enrollment.
  • The ETF's Guilds have everyone in the same area and growing as one whole "family".
  • The ETF has had more than the Hero and the Partner fight a Legendary. (Bidoof versus Jirachi)
  • The ETF has security (For example, Wigglytuff's Guild has a footprint grate.)


  • Both Federations' members had team-mates who had attacked/harassed other teams out of cruelty and/or criminal acts. (RTF- Team Thugs (Better name given for Team Meanies, ETF- Team Skull)
  • Both Federation had members that are presumed to be, or are dead at one point in the timeline, only shown to be alive. (RTF- Eclipsu Sireane, ETF- Solar Pure-Flare.)
  • Both had members that stopped crises that would've changed the world in the future. (RTF- Eclipsu and the Meteor crisis, ETF- Solar and the Darkrai plot.)
  • Both Federations are part of a town (RTF- Poketown, ETF- Treasure Town)

Well-known Members


  • Wigglytuff's Guild
  • Ryushu Eclipseon
  • Ryushu's Guild