It is the year 1975, the Earth has been at peace for several years now. In fear of waging another war, the governments of the world agreed to create a top-secret government organization known as the Secret Society. The SS is in charge of keeping peace of the Earth should war arise once more. Unfortunately, the war that's about to begin is not those of a rebellion or a gang of outlaws. The enemy lies outside the borders of Earth, waiting to strike.

Location: Pacific Ocean, Planet Earth

Last: Roleplay: Combat Assesment



Chapter 1: Plan of Attack

The Cobra and squad.jpg

[A Red Yoshi watches a monitor, it shows the many SS ships and vehicles passing by]

[Red's com buzzes, he presses his ear com]

Red: "Speak"

??? [com]: "The perimeter is impossible to breach, I recommend we flank them using the Pacific Ocean, towards North-Easter North America"

Red: "Negative, keep scouting them out, I want a good look at these vehicles before we could launch an attack"

[Silence on the other com for 5 seconds, then a flat reply]

??? [com]: "Yes sir" [Cuts com]

Red: [Removes his finger away from his ear com, eyes on the screen with critical concentration] "...that ship..." [Looks at the huge ship that looms in the back] "...shields are impentetrable, the only way to get in is-"

[The door behind him automatically slides open, a huge Aggron with black armor and red eyes stomps through. He pushes a crewmember out of the way with force. The crewmember slams into the controls, others rush to help him. The Aggron stops behind Red]

[Red gives a sideways glance, annoyed]

Red: "If you are going to do that on my ship, you might as well leave"

Spirit: [His voice is strong and low. He crosses his arms] "Request to speak freely sir?"

Red: [Turns around] "Speak up"

Spirit: "Why can't we just attack them?" [Walks up to the screen] "Look" [Places a finger on a passing plane] "They don't even have the technology to stand up against us, me and my squadron could go on a full scale attack if we want to"

Red: [He grips on the Magnum attached to his side] "What was that last remark?"

Spirit: [Calmly] "If you wanted to"

Red: [Releases his grip] "...very well said" [Walks up to the monitor, presses a couple of commands, the camera zooms in on a certain ship that hovers in the distance]

Spirit: "....what the hell is that?"

Red: [Looks up, backs away from the controls, eyeing on the screen] "That is what I'm trying to find out. Unless if I find out what that thing is, you and your team are NOT permitted to attack the enemy" [Gives him a leer] "Am I clear?"

Spirit: "...crystal clear" [Begins to leave]

Red: [Watches him] "Where are you going?"

Spirit: "...I have unfinished buisness to take care off..." [Walks out the room, the doors close]

[Red resumes looking at the screen]

Red: "...ETA?"

???: [Working on the navigation] "20 minutes"

Red: "..." [Turns around, leaves from the room]

- Meanwhile -

[A scout in a Ghillie suit holds a hidden camera, which is focused on the ships and vehicles]

Scout Tanner: [Moves a litte bit] "..." [Boredly taps the ground] "...dammit, nothing's happening...just the same old flying patterns..."

[The aerial vehicles continue to pass overhead Tanner]

Tanner: [Looks behind him, then looks at Beam Rifle equiped on his back]

[Muttering is heard, Tanner lies low. Two SS guards carrying M16A4s walk past Tanner, talking about their problems]

[Tanner crouches as soon as they pass by, he pulls out and aims his Beam Rifle at the one on the left, and pulls the trigger]

[Someone yells from behind the Scout, Tanner is shot in the head, his dead body drops on the ground]

Chapter 2: The Captains

Attack on Cobra.jpg

[A ship attendant coms Tanner]

???: "Ghillie number 2 do you copy?"

[No response]

???: "Ghillie number 2 this is the Tyrant do you copy over?"

[Static response]

[The attendant turns to the ship's captain]

???: "There's no response from Ghillie number 2 sir"

[Captain "Rifle" smirks, he continues to eye on the monitor]

Rifle: "Then he's already dead"

???: "But sir it could be a bad-"

Rifle: [Glares at the attendant] "Are you questioning my intellect?"

???: [Gulps, in a shaky but calm voice] "No sir"

Rifle: "Good, commence our advance. Destination 31.9 degrees north east, make SURE you dial in the right coordinates this time"

???: "Yes sir" [Turns his chair around, along with other crew he begins working on navigations]

[The Captain eyes the screen, looking at the huge chrome-like ship that hovers over the Pacific]

- Meanwhile -

[The chrome ship begins to advance towards Alaska, along with four World War II Jets]

[The Captain of the ship sits on a chair, watching the monitor below him, which shows nothing but the sea. He looks up]

Ozone: "Sir, we're beginning our advance"

[Another human in a Commander suit watches the monitor from behind]

???: "Good" [Hands behind his back, he paces to another crew member] "Ship destination?" [Looks at a screen]

Ozone: "Whitehorse, Yukon."

???: "What is our care package?"

Ozone: That's- ....classified sir

???: "Good to hear that response" [Looks at the back of Ozone's chair] "I want this package dropped by twelve hundred hours" [He walks out the automatic door, it shuts]

[Ozone taps a few controls, rising the ship from the sea a tad. He then looks at his right mechnical arm. A crew member approaches]

???: "Sir, prior to launch we've elminated a tresspasser"

Ozone: [Waves his hand] "Must be another farmer, revive him at once-"

???: "Sir [Gulps] the trespasser was in a Ghillie suit"

{Ozone hesitates, turns his chair around and gets up, looming over the crew member]

Ozone: "Alert all escorts, make sure nothing else goes on"

???: [Bows his head] "Yes sir" [Runs off to his seat, begins tapping in commands]

[Ozone taps his helmet com]

Ozone: "This is Echo 3, situation is under fire, I repeat, situation is under fire."

[The Commander runs back to the bridge]

Ozone: "Sir!" [Salutes, the rest does too]

Frederic: "At ease at ease [They do so, he walks up to Ozone] is it true?"

Ozone: "...yes sir"

Frederic: "Then this is troubling..." [Scratches his chin, walks towards the window of the bridge] "Have everyone on alert status, I want this package delivered safe and-"

???: "INCOMING!!!"

[A missile blows up a WWII Jet on the left side of the ship]

Chapter Three: The Bullet of Resistance

Rifle: [Watches the monitors] "Keep hitting the ship with the M1-Missiles, get the boarding team ready for immediate retreival of the package"

Ship Attendant Huey: [Turns around in his chair] "Yes sir" [Reaches his ear com] "Attention boarding parties Vector and Hiker, prepare for dust off. Operation Gut the Fish is a go, I repeat, operation Gut the Fish is a go." [In the hangar bay, men run around, gathering weapons and ammunition. Then they bring the parcels aboard their ships as the pilots start the ships up]

- Meanwhile -

Ozone: [Looks at the monitors, concerned] "It seems we have some attackers [Scratches his chin, he faces at Corporal Mirand] Displacement if we traveled west?"

Mirand: "Forty two point three kilometres sir"

Ozone: "...[He looks back at the monitors] Then we're basically surrounded..."

Mirand: "Yes sir"

Ozone: "... [Still looking at the monitors] Get your men ready at their defenses. We shall hold out while I contact the Command Center for assistance"

Mirand: "Agreed sir" [Leaves]

- Outside the Cobra -

[SS World War II Mach Fighters attack incoming waves of Attack Drones, winning constantly, wave after wave]

[Seraph Fighters storm from the sky above and easily bombard the Fighters to dust. Two Spike Boarding Crafts descend from the clouds above and latches on to the Cobra's "chrome". They begin drilling into the hangar bay]

Mirand: "To your positions everyone!"

[Men hide within the shadows and cargo boxes within the hangar bay. Troops from above descend by jetpack, These troops have heavy armor on with helmets and jetpacks. Some of them are carrying Atom Blasters, others are carrying what seems to be heavy automatic machine guns. They all talk with mouth coms]

[They scatter around, towards the bridge]

R-200 A: [Points at the door] "Blast the door down"

[Two troopers place some charges at the door, while the rest look back, guarding the area]

[The door blasts open, and the two troopers drop due to being shot by laser fire]

R-200 A: "FIRE!"

[The heavy machine gun personnel go in front of the group. their armor deflects the laser blasts of those men in the hallway. The fire their machine guns, hitting many soldiers that are positioned in the hallway]

Mirand: "NOW!"

[SS Soldiers appear from their cover, and fire upon the surprised group]

[Many R Troopers are caught by surprise and are shot down by the blasts]

- Meanwhile -

[R-300 B flips over a wounded SS Soldier, aims his Atomic Blaster at his face, and fires] R-300 B: "Secure this cargo hold, search for the package. You three guard the hallway."

[Three heavily armored R Troopers equipped with Atomic Blasters walk into the one way hallway and guard the entrance, the other troopers flip over and open cargo boxes, checking for a "package"]

[One opens up a box, looks up at R-300 B]


[R-300 B turns hesitantly around]

R-300 B: "WHAT?!-"

[BOOM! The bombs detonate, killing all inside and sending those outside tumbling]

[SS Soldiers walk up to the surviving men and finishes them off with a bullet in the head]

[One last surviving R Trooper crawls away from the scene, leaving a trail of blood. Someone walks up to the crawling man, aiming a Desert Eagle at his head]

Frederic: "As a final regard: never mess with us." [Pulls the trigger]

-Meanwhile -

[SS Soldiers clear the hangar bay by moving the bodies, and throwing them out the open airlock and into the sea]

[Ozone walks up to Mirand, who is cleaning up his rifle]

Ozone: "Very well done Corporal"

Mirand: "All in a day's work sir"

Ozone: [Looks at the men throwing the last of the bodies away] "Surely you've kept their weapons, correct?"

Mirand: "What's use of a gun if you can't fire it?"

Ozone: [Laughs] "Good to see you back in action again Corporal"

Mirand: [Looks at Ozone] "Sir, something's not right. [Gets up] We've managed to get rid of the boarding crew, yes, but I believe it was TOO easy, NO boarding party would consist of a group less than 500 personnel-"

Ozone: [Holds his hand out] "Nothing is too easy Corporal, [Turns around and walks away] now get back to the cargo bay to check on the other troops as I call off the backup" [The doors automatically close behind him]

Mirand: "... [Sits back down, grunts in annoyance, begins checking the chambers of his rifle] ... [Muttering to himself] ...there are more reasons why I should be the captain instead of that f***ing alien..."

Chapter 4: 3...2...1...

Rifle: [Watching the monitors] "...set off the charges"

???: "Package one" [Presses a button on the controls, it explodes, destroying one of the thrusters of the Cobra. The entire ship shakes]

Rifle: "Fire two"

???: "Package two" [Presses another command, one of the bombs inside a dead personnel's body in the cargo bay explodes, Mirand is caught in the blast, his screams muffled out by being engulfed in the explosion]

Rifle: "Final charge, go-"

Red: [Walks in, watching the monitors, arms crossed] "Leave package three, I'll go kill Ozone myself..." [Begins to leave, holding a Battle Rifle]

Rifle: [Turns to Red, stands up from his chair] "But sir the critical damage done to that ship will cause it to explode before you arrive!"

Red: [Stops, glances at Rifle] "Then let it explode" [Rests the Rifle on his shoulder, leaves. Spirit, who was at the door waiting for Red, follows behind]

Rifle: [Sits down slowly, looks back at the monitors] "..."

???: "Sir?"

Rifle: [Silence, then laughs sinisterly] "That son of a bit*h knows what he's doing"

???: "Sir?"

Rifle: [Turns around in his chair, facing ???] "What is it?"

???: "I've detected multiple fighters heading for the Cobra....they're not ours nor of the SS origin"

Rifle: "We'll be long gone before they arrive" [Looks back at the screen]

???: [Resumes working]

- Meanwhile -

[Red's X-Fighter along with Spirit's Seraph Fighter flies towards the crumbling, burning ship]

[They both land in the boarding bay as many dead troops lay about on the floor. Red dispatches along with Spirit. They load their weapons, and put on some night vision goggles due to a power outage. They walk down the dark corradors, their red lasers trialing far ahead of them]

Red: [Leans against the wall, checks the cargo bay, many burnt ammunition boxes lay on the floor, explosions from missiles and such left holes in the wall. On the top ceiling of the room hangs a lone box, green, wooden, marked as "the Package"] "...we've found it"

[Spirit walks in with Red, looking behind him as he is alert for any signs of movement]

[Red equips the Battle Rifle on his back after taking off his goggles, flies up towards the package. Spirit takes off his goggles too]

[Ozone (on the top rack of the ammunition crates), prone with his helmet half burnt and damaged from an explosion, fires a SR-5 Gatling Rifle at Red, it hits his jetpack, sparking it, causing Red to crashland towards the wall. Spirit turns around and fires 3 Dispersal Rifle rounds at Ozone, who narrowly evades them and retreats to the shadows. Spirit throws a Shred Grenade at Ozone's location, falling shards hit Spirit's helmet as he looks around for the Captain]

[Red gets up and grabs his Magnum, he aims around, alert for any movement]

[Ozone then grabs a Rocket Launcher and fires it at the two, the rocket hits Spirit's head in a direct impact. Red withstands the blast by pulling out a Plasma Shield before impact, attempting to resist as he's pushed back by the shock of the explosion]

[Spirit, unharmed, throws a Combat Knife into Ozone's shoulder. Red deactivates his shield, glaring at Ozone]

Red: [Pulling out his Battle Rifle as he puts the Magnum sidearm away] "It was foolish of you to show yourself after all this..."

Ozone: [Looking down, blood dripping from his helmet and wound] "The captain always goes down with his ship"

Spirit: "SS scum..." [Aims the Dispersal Rifle at Ozone, Red puts his hand on it and lowers it. He gives a nod at Spirit, who nods back. Spirit equips the Rifle on his back, and flies up to the "Package"]

Red: [Walks up to Ozone, aims his Magnum underneath his chin] "Any last words?"

Ozone: [Smirks] "You've lost"

[A huge explosion engulfs the ship in a fireball. The remains of the burning ship falls towards the ocean, making a huge splash as smoke rises up in the air]

Rifle: "..." [Looking at the monitors, unmoved]

???: [Watching his screen] "Sir...did Commander Yoshi die?" [Turns around]

[Rifle draws and shoots the attendant in the face with his .359 Magnum without looking, the attendant's dead body lies on the floor, then two security guards drag it away]

Rifle: [Slips the Magnum back in his sidearm pocket, still watching the screen] "..."

[A distant "fleet" of fighters grow smaller as they retreat back to North America]

Rifle: [Clicks a control panel on his armrest] "Captain's log, 1975, this day, Commander Yoshi and Spirit LightForce fought valiantly against the Secret Soceity. The package is now lost with their lives-"

Red: [Behind him] "Who says I'm dead?" [Arms crossed, his left cheek burnt from the blast. Spirit, carrying the package, stands behind Red, glaring at Rifle]

Rifle: [Mumbling his speech] "B-but the explosion! NO one could've-"

[Red aims his Magnum at Rifle's face]

Red: "Never defy what the Red Tail Force can do, fallen comrade"

[He pulls the trigger]

Chapter Five: The Time Machine

[3 months later...]

[A strange doctor, known as Doctor Herald Jefferson, finishes assembling what seems to be a large generator]

[Red and Spirit, along with several other guards, watch him do preparations]

Dr. Herald: [Coughs, pulls down a lever] Turn on the main systems... [Rushes over to another part of the machine, presses several buttons] Maintain circuits... [He runs to the main control panel, presses the green switch] And here we go... [Snarls sinisterly]

[The Generator forms a large portal that shows nothing but space]

Red: [Glances at Herald] This will take us back in time?

Dr. Herald: [Sinister grin, puts his hands together] Why yes... [Takes off his goggles] The campatibilty to this creation allows us to travel back before Earth was created...just as you ordered sir

Red: Good. Team, get ready, we're going back to Atom

Spirit: [Cocks his Heavy Machine Gun] Do you think we'll get it this time sir? [Looks at Red]

[Red glances back]

Red: I'm sure of it Spirit. [Turns to Herald] Doctor!

[Herald jumps at his words]

Red: I want you to come along with us, you're usefulness will not go to waste once we travel back in time

Herald: [Snarls] ...why yes sir... [Hunched, he walks up to Red]

Red: Quit the Egor Herald, otherwise you can kiss yourself goodbye

[Herald stands up straight]

Herald: Sorry sir [Straightens his coat] making creations sometimes turns me into a mad scientist

Red: You are a mad scientist....dumbass... [Turns to the portal, then back at the team] Alright! Here is the day when the Red Tail Force will no longer lack in technological advancement...when we conquer this universe, we shall use it to restore our glory!

[The soldiers cheer]

Red: [Turns to Spirit] Make sure no evidence is left behind [Walks into the portal]

[Herald, and the rest follow]

[Spirit pulls out a button, looking down at it. He clicks it, then begins to leave. The entire facility explodes into nothing as Spirit sets foot in the portal. The portal vanishes once he steps in]