Galactic-Cipher is a combined Organization that formed due to the Spirit dieing out...They both have one goal: To take over the World. They are common enemies encountered in post-Sinnoh remakes by KP.

Secondary Goals

  • To get rid of Cameron Silverblaze and his Friends.
  • To find an infinite energy source.
  • To reform the Shadow Pokemon Program.
  • To take down the International Police.
  • To be unchallenged.

Leaders and Admins

  • Ardos (Cipher Lead)
  • Grisle (Galactic Lead)
  • Lovrina (Cipher Admin)
  • Gorigan (Cipher Admin)
  • Gabriel (Galactic Admin)
  • Davian (Galactic Admin)
  • Snattle (Cipher Admin)
  • Alexander (Galactic Admin)
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