Luxury Ball
Permanently mega evolved
Debuts in Galaxia the Ralts!
Caught in Galaxia the Ralts!
Caught at Route 102
Evolves in Galaxia Evolves?!
Galaxia Evolves Again?! Into a Gallade?!
Gender Female
Ability Inner Focus
Nature Gentle
Current location With Yellow
000MS.png 000MS.png 000MS.png
This Pokémon spent 10 episodes as Ralts and 20 episodes as Kirlia.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Ralts Ikue Ohtani Ikue Ohtani

Rachael Lillis (telepathy)

As Kirlia Ikue Ohtani Ikue Ohtani

Rachael Lillis (telepathy)

As Gallade Yuka Terasak Marc Thompson

Ikue Ohtani (telepathy)

Galaxia (Japanese: 銀河 Ginga) is the first Pokemon caught by Yellow in the Hoenn region, and her second overall.


In Hoenn Adventures

Galaxia debuted in the episode Galaxia the Ralts!, as her first evolution stage, Ralts.

Some Poocheyena were attacking her, and she couldn't do anything due to only knowing Growl. After leaving her at 1 or so HP, the Poocheyena left. She managed to climb into a log to rest. She talks to Yellow via telepathy, calling for help. Yellow's Torchic finds her, and Yellow immediately brings the Ralts to the Pokemon Center in Petalburg.

Once Ralts is fully healed, Yellow asks how she got injured. She explains to her, and Yellow catches Ralts and nicknames her Galaxia.

Galaxia is often seen outside of her Poke Ball like Chic, Tretre and Brendan's Mudkip are, possibly due to the trauma of the attack.

She is used in Yellow's second battle against Brendan, where she evolves into a [[bulbapedia: (Ability)|]]Kirlia.

During Yellow's first gym battle against Flannery, Galaxia evolves into a Gallade, without an evolution stone, and despite being female. Due to this, the gym battle is postponed.

Yellow goes back to Littleroot, and is given a Galladite by Professor Birch, and also an Everstone for Chic.

Yellow and Galaxia use Mega Evolution many times throughout the course of the adventure. In Mega Evolution Special, Galaxa Mega Evolves, and is stuck in her Mega Evolved state.

Galaxia is one of Yellow's Pokemon that comes with her to other regions, along with Chic. She participated in the Hoenn League with Yellow.

Personality and characteristics

Galaxia looks like a normal Gallade, albeit with shorter blades in her Mega Evolved state.

She is also gentle, unlike most Gallade. She has two oddities about her - she's female, and is permanently Mega Evolved.

The reason she is permanently Mega Evolved is, according to Kyogre, because "a weapon with extreme power relating to Mega Evolution was launched in the Kalos region right when Galaxia Mega Evolved, causing her to be permanently Mega Evolved." This refers to the Ultimate Weapon in Kalos.[1]

Moves used

  • Growl[2]
  • Confusion
  • Double Team[2]
  • Teleport
  • Lucky Chant
  • Magical Leaf
  • Calm Mind[2]
  • Slash
  • Psycho Cut
  • Helping Hand
  • Psychic



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