Gold was the main protagonist in the fanfiction, Golden Adventures written by Pokedude2009, but since it stopped being produced he has been placed in an animation by the name of: Pokemon: Mach Battlers.

HGSS Gold.png.
Age 10
First Pokémon Cynder
Interests/Hobbies Pokémon training, Pulling pranks
Clothes Red hoodie, Browne pants, Black hat with a gold stripe down the middle.
Battle Record vs. Trainers 0-0-0 (as of Episode 1)
Mt. Silver Championship Top 5 Ranking Unranked (as of episode 1)


Gold started his journey with oak waking him up in the middle of the night and being asked questions. He went to go get his first Pokémon from Prof. Elm, when at he was at his lab he met his future rival Silver who punched him in the nose area. when inside the lab he met up with his old friend Soul. They then checked out the Pokémon, gold got bit on his head and soul got got her pants burnt off by Gold's starter Cynder. *

Gold Started his adventure in the small town of New Bark were he met his starter Pokémon, Cynder the Cyndaquil.**


Gold is very short tempered and loves to play pranks on anyone possible. *

Gold is Very outgoing and has great perseverence, but is slow witted. **

 *- Golden Adventures

 **- Pokémon: Mach Battlers


Cynder The Cyndaquil