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Heta is a normal type Spinda created by NatoOwO and the main companion of Angela Briar.


Spinda is a bipedal, panda Pokémon with rabbit-like features. Its eyes are made of two black spirals, which point in the opposite direction to each other. There is a similar swirling pattern on its ears. It has a small body with short stumpy arms and legs, and its coat is primarily cream-colored. Its arms are red and it has a red stripe bordering along the bottom of its belly, as well as two small spots on the soles of its feet. It has four spots, which can appear anywhere on its face and ears, with a fifth on the back of its head. These spot patterns are different for each and every Spinda.

It has dizzying, confusing, and scattering dance-like movements, which can be used for its former signature move, Teeter Dance, though it thinks it is walking in a straight line. These movements confuse its opponents and make it difficult for them to aim at it.


Heta's stats are like other common Spinda's. It only knows the moves Teeter Dance and Headbutt.

History with Angela

Being an abandoned Pokemon, it was found at a playground alone on a seesaw. Angel saw this and became upset; taking it into her home. Once it was recovered to full care, it didn't want to leave Angela at all because it was afraid of being neglected. She now cares for the Spinda and named it Heta (下手) meaning "Poor" to reference it's poor balance.


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