The Hokann region is a fanon region. The series Pokemon Chronicles takes place here. It is basically an enormous island. The whole region is a mountain, making it hard to navigate, but Hokann is an attraction for hikers. So, instead of calling it the Hokann region, many Trainers call it "Hokann Mountain". The weather in the inner part of the region is cold, while the weather in the outer edges of the region are nice and warm. At the peak of Hokann's mountain is the headquarters for the Hokann Pokémon League.


Cities, Towns, Routes, & Landmarks

  • Littletree Town
    • Route 1
  • ??? Town
    • Route 2
  • Mountainpath Town (soon to be renamed: "Mountainpath City")
    • Route 3
    • Mountain Cave Passage
  • ??? City
    • Route 4
  • ??? Town
    • Route 5
    • Route 6
    • Mountain Cave Hall
  • ??? City
    • Route 7
  • ??? City
  • ??? Town

More to come!


Many Trainers go to this region because nearly every kind of Pokémon lives there.

Gym Leaders



??? City Leader - Mary

Uses the Normal type. Gives out the Regular Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

RattataFemaleSprite.png SkittySprite.png BunearySprite.png
Rattata Skitty Buneary

Normal.gif Normal.gif Normal.gif

??? City Leader - Blazma

Uses the Fire type. Gives out the Blaze Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

TepigSprite.png GrowlitheSprite.png MagbySprite.png
Tepig Growlithe Magby[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Fire.gif Fire.gif Fire.gif

??? City Leader - Rosy

Uses the Grass type. Gives out the Flower Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

TurtwigSprite.png CacneaSprite.png WeepinbellSprite.png
Turtwig[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Cacnea Weepinbell

Grass.gif Grass.gif Grass.gif Poison.gif

??? City Leader - Colton

Uses the Ice type. Gives out the Glacier Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

KumasyunSprite.png SneaselMaleSprite.png FroslassSprite.png
Kumasyun[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Sneasel[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Froslass

Ice.gif Dark.gif Ice.gif Ice.gif Ghost.gif

??? City Leader - Hunter

Uses the Dark type. Gives out the Shadow Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

MightyenaSprite.png ZoroarkSprite.png
Mightyena[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Zoroark[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Dark.gif Dark.gif

??? City Leader - Toxas

Uses the Poison type. Gives out the Toxic Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

GolbatMaleSprite.png SeviperSprite.png ToxicroakMaleSprite.png DrapionSprite.png
Golbat[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Seviper[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Toxicroak[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Drapion[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Poison.gif Flying.gif Poison.gif Poison.gif Fighting.gif Poison.gif Dark.gif

??? City Leader - Sandy

Uses the Ground type. Gives out the Desert Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

NidoqueenSprite.png HippowdonMaleSprite.png DoryuzuSprite.png
Nidoqueen Hippowdon[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Doryuzu

Poison.gif Ground.gif Ground.gif Ground.gif Steel.gif

??? City Leader - Skyler

Uses the Flying type. Gives out the Sky Badge when defeated in a Gym battle.

PidgeottoSprite.png SwellowSprite.png KenhorouMaleSprite.png StaraptorFemaleSprite.png
Pidgeotto[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Swellow[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Kenhorou[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Staraptor

Normal.gif Flying.gif Normal.gif Flying.gif Normal.gif Flying.gif Normal.gif Flying.gif

Elite Four & Champion



#1.: Bolt

Uses the Electric type.

RaichuMaleSprite.png AmpharosSprite.png ManectricSprite.png ZeburaikaSprite.png ElectivireSprite.png
Raichu[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Ampharos[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Manectric[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Zeburaika[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Electivire[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Electric.gif Electric.gif Electric.gif Electric.gif Electric.gif

#2.: Rebecca

Uses the Psychic type.

File:XatuFemaleSprite.png File:HypnoFemaleSprite.png File:GardevoirSprite.png File:MusharnaSprite.png File:GalladeSprite.png
Xatu Hypno Gardevoir Musharna Gallade[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Psychic.gif Flying.gif Psychic.gif Psychic.gif Psychic.gif Psychic.gif Fighting.gif

#3.: Boulder

Uses the Rock type.

File:CorsolaSprite.png File:GolemSprite.png File:GigaiathSprite.png File:RampardosSprite.png File:AggronSprite.png
Corsola[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Golem[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Gigaiath[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Rampardos[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]] Aggron[[bulbapedia:{{{1}}} (move)|{{{1}}}]]
Water.gif Rock.gif Rock.gif Ground.gif Rock.gif Rock.gif Steel.gif Rock.gif

#4.: Drac

Uses the Dragon type.

Champion: ???

Uses a variety of types.