The map of the Janno region from Moonlight & Sunlight.

The Janno Region is the region which the Generation Sand/Snow Pokémon live. This region is mostly a group of islands, with a big island to the west and small islands in the center of the region, then another island to the east where the Battle Frontier and the Janno League are. Janno is in the middle of all the other four regions. As a result, many Pokémon from all four live in Janno.


There is not much detail in the legends of Janno. The region was thought to be a desolate area over 500 years ago. Crops couldn't grow, and people and Pokémon hunted each other for food. Then the Legendary Pokémon galloped over the region, creating plentiful fields and an ocean that covered over half of the region. After their help, they taught people and Pokémon to be friends. After the two Pokémon ran off, the people and Pokémon of what was now called "Janno" worked together to build towns for people to live in. The citizens of these towns decided not to build them too big so they would not destroy too much Pokémon habitat. Though in the future that was to come, these old towns were modernized and their size was extended.

Two-hundred fifty years later, a huge outbreak of Pokémon occured. Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh had started moving to Janno. The people and Pokémon of Janno quickly learned to live with the new Pokémon in harmony. Many wondered where the strange Pokémon came from, so four young explorers set out to find if there were any other lands other than Janno. After many years, the explorers came back to say that they they had found four other areas in the world. They had named each region after one of the explorers.

Cities, routes, and other locations


Cities and towns

  • Sealeaf Town
  • Starset Town
  • Rainbowfield City
  • PokéVille
  • Dreamdrift Town
  • Coalcano Town
  • Leafville City
  • Beachsun City
  • Sandshine Town
  • Crossingbridge Town
  • Flocean Town
  • Sea Grande City
  • Pokémon League
  • Battle Frontier





Janno League

Gym Leaders

Janno League
Gym Leader Location Type Badge

Mary Rainbowfield City Normal Regular Badge

Blazma Coalcano Town Fire Blaze Badge.png
Blaze Badge

Rosy Leafville City Grass Flower Badge

Colton Beachsun City Ice Frost Badge

Bolt Crossingbridge Town Electric Zap Badge

Toxas Flocean Town Poison Toxic Badge.png
Toxic Badge

Sandy Sandshine City Ground Desert Badge

Skyler Sea Grande City Flying Sky Badge

Elite Four