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Jethro's Zangoose
Jiesuro's Zangoose
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Jethro's Zangoose
Jethro's Zangoose
Debuts in TBA
Caught at Unknown
Gender Female
Ability Toxic Boost
Current location With Jethro
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zangoose

Jethro's Zangoose (Japanese: ジェスロザングース Jiesuro's Zangoose) is the second Pokémon that Jethro obtained, which he received as a gift from his father Norman.



Zangoose was given to Jethro by Norman. One day, Norman was set to take on the Gym Leader Aptitude Test in order to become the future Gym Leader of Goldenrod City once Whitney decided to retire, and Jethro and Gwendolyn spent their time playing together outside the stadium. Their fun was interrupted, however, when a wild Salamence appeared in the sky, with Jethro confused as Salamence's species weren't common around Johto. Salamence decides to charge towards them to attack, but Jethro quickly grabs Gwendolyn and pushes her out of the way.

Jethro then sends out Poochyena, Zangoose and Ralts, who attack Salamence with Assurance, Scratch and Confusion, respectively, and cause Salamence significant damage. However, Salamence recovers and strikes Jethro with Dragon Claw across his chest, leaving him with giant, bloody, and permanent claw-shaped scars across his torso. Jethro ignores the pain and gets Zangoose to attack with Giga Impact. Salamence, finally having enough, flies off. After the battle, Jethro realized that, because of his aggressiveness, he caused Gwendolyn to cry, while Gwendolyn realized that because she was weak, she caused Jethro to get hurt. Because of this, Jethro decided to focus on Pokémon Contests and a Pokémon's beauty, while Gwendolyn learned how to become stronger.


Zangoose first appeared where she was seen with Jethro on his trip to Hoenn. Zangoose was sent out when a wild Crawdaunt attacked Mr. Briney. After Mr. Briney passed out, Zangoose was able to defeat the Crawdaunt by spinning around to avoid damage and slamming into it with a Double-Edge.

Zangoose fought alongside Mightyena against Norman's Vigoroth and Slaking. Mightyena fired a Hyper Beam while Zangoose attacked with Iron Tail. Despite their strength, Zangoose and Mightyena were easily swept away due to the fact that Norman knew all of Jethro's strategies, as he was the one to teach them to him.

Zangoose was chosen to participate in the battling stage of the Verdanturf Contest, easily sweeping her way through the finals, where she battled a Dusclops. Dusclops starts off with a Focus Punch, hitting Zangoose. Zangoose tries a Slash, but as a Normal-type attack, it doesn't affect the Ghost-type Dusclops. Dusclops uses another Focus Punch, but this time, Zangoose successfully counters with Double Hit, sending the Focus Punch away. Dusclops next uses Will-O-Wisp in combination with Psychic to further damage Zangoose. Zangoose tries a X-Scissor attack, but Dusclops counters with Hyper Beam. Dusclops uses another Hyper Beam to damage Zangoose again. Meaning to end the battle, Dusclops uses one more Hyper Beam, but Jethro refuses to give up, this time having Zangoose use Detect. With Detect's assist, Zangoose dodges the attack, and charges foward with X-Scissor, striking Dusclops. As Dusclops suffers from overusing Hyper Beam, Zangoose strikes with multiple X-Scissors to cause massive damage. Dusclops recovers and uses the Will-O-Wisp-Psychic combo, but Zangoose counters with X-Scissor, and pushes the attack back towards Dusclops, leaving it burned. Then, Jethro commands X-Scissor once more, and Zangoose defeats Dusclops with it, making Jethro the winner of the battle.

Later, Zangoose is used alongside Jethro's other Pokémon to battle against Courtney and her Ninetales. Although Jethro had a five-to-one advantage, his team was beaten due to Ninetales having control of nine different fireballs.

Zangoose, alongside Jethro and Gwendolyn's other Pokémon, are used to battle against Archie and Maxie. Zangoose was seen charging at Maxie's Camerupt, but was pushed back by Eruption.

Zangoose was chosen to battle alongside Kirlia in the finals of the Hoenn Grand Festival against Courtney's Ninetales and Swellow. The countdown is set for five minutes and the battle begins, with Courtney starting off by ordering Flamethrower and Aerial Ace from Ninetales and Swellow, respectively. As both attacks approach Kirlia and Zangoose, Jethro remains calm and orders Kirlia to use Protect, which blocks both attacks at once. Then, Jethro quickly commands Zangoose to use X-Scissor on Swellow, who collided head-first with the Protect, and sends it flying back towards Courtney. Courtney then commands Hyper Beam, but Kirlia swiftly dodges the attack, and uses Hypnosis, which puts Ninetales to sleep. Then, Jethro commands Dream Eater, but as the attacks charges towards Ninetales, Courtney commands Swellow to step in front of the attack, nullifying it as Swellow is awake and Dream Eater only works on Pokémon who are asleep.

Courtney then sprays Ninetales with an Awakening potion, which causes Ninetales to wake up, before ordering her to use Tail Whip, lowering Kirlia and Zangoose's defenses. Courtney then commands Swellow to use Quick Attack on both Kirlia and Zangoose, and with the lowered Defense, Kirlia and Zangoose suffer significant damage. As Swellow sweeps in for another Aerial Ace, Jethro commands Zangoose to use Crush Claw, which collides with Aerial Ace. As both attacks struggle with one another, Jethro tells Kirlia to use Confusion on Swellow, causing its Aerial Ace to cancel, and allowing Zangoose to strike it with Crush Claw, defeating it in the process.

As only Ninetales remain, Jethro becomes certain of his victory, but Courtney tells him not to underestimate her, and commands a Flamethrower from Ninetales. Kirlia blocks it with Protect, and Zangoose sweeps in with Focus Punch, but Ninetales quickly counters with Fire Spin, sending Zangoose flying back. Courtney then commands Ninetales to use Hyper Beam on Kirlia. Jethro orders Protect, but as Kirlia already used it moments earlier, it cannot be used again for now. As the attack reaches Kirlia, Zangoose jumps in front of the attack and takes the hit for Kirlia, sending Zangoose flying towards the wall, knocking it out, leaving only Kirlia and Ninetales battling.

As Jethro recalls Zangoose, Kirlia becomes saddened by allowing Zangoose to suffer defeat because of her, and becomes resolved to avenge her defeat. As Ninetales stares down Kirlia, Jethro tells Kirlia that everything was on her shoulders, and Kirlia responds by forcing herself to evolve into Gardevoir. With her evolution, Gardevoir successfully defeats Ninetales and earns Jethro the title of Top Coordinator.

Meteor Threat

Zangoose appeared alongside the rest of Jethro's team when he was checking to make sure they all survived the crash caused by the Draconid people.

Personality and Characteristics

Zangoose has shown to have a naive and innocent personality, and unlike the majority of her species, is rather docile and dislikes fighting, only doing so when necessary, such as during the battle against Archie and Maxie.

Being one of Jethro's longest tenured Pokémon, Zangoose has a strong bond with her Trainer, and even during Jethro's lowest moments (such as when he lashed out at Feebas during the Slateport Contest), Zangoose always trusts her Trainer and never doubts his choices and commands.

Moves used

Jethro's Zangoose using X-Scissor
Using X-Scissor.
Jethro's Zangoose using Crush Claw
Using Crush Claw.
Move First Used In
Scratch TBA
Giga_Impact TBA
Double-Edge TBA
Iron_Tail TBA
Slash TBA
Double_Hit TBA
X-Scissor  TBA
Detect TBA
Growl TBA
Covet  TBA
Crush_Claw  TBA
Focus_Punch  TBA
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.
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