Jon's Primarina
トシヤのアシレーヌ Toshiya's Ashirene
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Ida Primarina
Jon's Primarina
Debuts in A Trainer's Beginning
Caught at Hau'oli City
Evolves in Tornmark Island, Watch Out!
An Intense Fight For The Final Spot!
Gender Female
Ability Torrent
Current location Jon's Party
728MS 729MS 730MS
This Pokémon spent 65 episodes as Popplio and 81 episodes as Brionne.
Voice actor Japanese English
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As Brionne {{{java2}}}
As Primarina {{{java3}}}

Jon's Brionne is Jon's second Pokemon in Alola. Popplio used to belong to April, but she gave Popplio to Jon after Popplio liked how Jon battled.


Brionne was part of three Pokemon Professor Kukui gave to April, Mary and Drake. April later gave Popplio to Jon in The One That Goes, as Popplio liked to battle and liked how Jon battled. After being traded to Jon, Popplio has been a major part of Jon's team.

In Tornmark Island, Watch Out!, she evolved into Brionne after taking a hit from Ursaring's Hyper Beam, then defeating it with its newly-learned Ice Beam.

Brionne evolved into Primarina in An Intense Fight For The Final Spot!


Trainer Primarina Sparkling Aria
Using Sparkling Aria
Move First Used In
Water Gun A Trainer's Beginning
Rain Dance A Trainer's Beginning
Pound Travelling To Akala Island
Aqua Ring Rivals Since The Island!
Hyper Voice Brooklet Hill
Moonblast  To Begin The Quarter Finals
Bubble Beam Enter Olivia, The Rock Type Kahuna!
Ice Beam  Tornmark Island, Watch Out!
Hydro Pump Watch Out, Attack Of The Totem!
Aqua Jet  Lusamine, Nihilego And The Battle For Freedom
Sparkling Aria  An Intense Fight For The Final Spot!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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