Josie's Arcanine
ウインディの Jorushi's Windie
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Damien Arcanine
Josie's Arcanine
Debuts in The Rescue Operation!
Caught at Alola
Evolves in Prior to: "The Battle For The Chosen 128"
Gender Female
Ability Flash Fire
Current location With Josie
058MS 059MS
This Pokémon spent 36 episodes as Growlithe.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Growlithe Kōichi Sakaguchi Tom Wayland
As Arcanine Shin-ichiro Miki Tom Wayland


With Josie

Josie used Growlithe in its debut in The Rescue Operation!, where she and Josie's Klang rescued Jon and herself included from a cage after they were abducted by Lusamine, it battled against the Aether Foundation employee's Golbat and won without breaking a sweat, but when Faba showed up with his Hypno and more Aether Foundation employees, she tried battling them and Faba but lost. In The Battle For The Chosen 128, she was revealed to have evolved into Arcanine sometime before the Alola League where it battled Lilly's Pyukumuku and won with a little bit of difficulty.

She used Arcanine again where it was shown to have learned Attract and Flare Blitz in a full battle with Mark, but Attract failed to work due to Purugly being female, confirming Josie's Arcanine's gender to be female, but it drew with Purugly after a Flare Blitz/Giga Impact collision.


As Growlithe

In his debut as a Growlithe, she was shown to be very loyal to its Trainer, she does have an aggressive side when she sees villainous teams such as Faba. She is also shown to have a keen sense of smell and is really good at knowing directions which was shown in The Rescue Operation!, Josie relies on Growlithe for its nose since her scent of smell is like a radar.

As Arcanine

After evolving into Arcanine, she still shows loyalty to Josie, she is also shown to be a strong battler and very fast at dodging attacks, she is also shown to be very intelligent and has very strong instincts what its commands are. She also loves its fur being groomed as of The Battle For The Chosen 128 where she was cleaned by Josie and her Minccino.

Moves Used

Tucker Arcanine Flamethrower
Using Flamethrower.
Move First Used In
Flamethrower  The Rescue Operation!
Extreme Speed The Battle For The Chosen 128
Dragon Pulse The Battle For The Chosen 128
Crunch The Battle For The Chosen 128
Attract Josie Hits The Mark!
Flare Blitz  Josie Hits The Mark!
Agility  TBA
Play Rough  TBA
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.