Josie's Delphox
ヒロトのマフォクシー Jorushi's Mahoxy
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Josie Delphox
Josie's Delphox
Debuts in Josie's Relentless Outburst!
Caught at Kalos
Evolves in TBA
Gender Female
Ability Blaze
Battle Bond (As Josie-Delphox)
Current location With Josie
653MS 654MS 655MS
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Fennekin and an unknown number of episodes as Braixen.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Fennekin Megumi Hayashibara Eileen Stevens
As Braixen Megumi Hayashibara Eileen Stevens
As Delphox Megumi Hayashibara Eileen Stevens

Josie's Delphox is one of Pokémon that Josie obtained in the Kalos Region. She is a Fire & Psychic type.


With Josie

She first appeared in Josie's Relentless Outburst! where she battled against Jon's Typhlosion and won with such relative ease with Mystical Fire.

She appeared in The Case Of The Kidnapping Josie! where she had a double battle with Lusamine and her Milotic and Clefable combo, but she was quickly defeated by Milotic's Hydro Pump, and Clefable defeated Klang with Flamethrower due to Metronome and Josie was taken by Lusamine and caged her leaving Delphox to escape to find help. After Josie and her family was kidnapped by Lusamine and Jon was also caged up, Delphox was able to free them with Flamethrower along with Josie's Tsareena who used Trop Kick on the cage to free Jon.

Josie explained to Jon that Delphox was originally a Fennekin during her time in Kalos before she evolved into Braixen and later into Delphox.

In The Rescue Operation!, She then undergoes a special form called "Josie-Delphox" and confronts Lusamine. Jon states that his Typhlosion can do that Bond Phenomenon as well.

She was used again in the Ultra Space when Lusamine lost control of herself after merging with Nihilego and her Pokémon felt the same effect. She and Typhlosion teamed up to defeat Lusamine. Jon's Pokémon and her Pokémon took part of the battle.

She was later used in Alola Defence Deploy! where she took part of the battle against Ultra Necrozma, and learning Blast Burn in the process.

She later was used again Jon in the Alola League as her final Pokémon and going into Josie-Delphox against Jon's Typhlosion, it was a very long and close battle, but she took the most damage than Typhlosion did and was defeated, making Jon declared the winner and the Champion of the Alola League.

Like Jon's Typhlosion, it has a unique attack called Magician Blaze. As of Jack And Jon, Gym Battle Time, Delphox is revealed to stay out of its ball most of the time, making her as Josie's Walking Pokémon.

In Josie's Special Delivery, she is able to talk since all Elizabeth's Pokémon can talk. She battled against her but was interrupted by Team Rocket.


Moves used

Aria Delphox Mystical Fire
Using Mystical Fire.
Aria Delphox Flamethrower
Using Flamethower.
Move First Used In
Flamethrower  Josie's Relentless Outburst!
Dazzling Gleam Josie's Relentless Outburst!
Mystical Fire Josie's Relentless Outburst!
Psychic  The Ultra Beasts Are Here!
Blast Burn Alola Defence Deploy!
Shadow Ball  Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 2)
Magician Blaze ×  Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 2)
Hidden Power Kanto: The New Path (episode TBA)
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.