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Josie's Tsareena
ジョルシのアマージョ Jorushi's Amajo
Bag Love Ball Sprite
Mallow Tsareena anime
Josie's Tsareena
Debuts in Celebrating The Volcano Festival
Caught at Alola
Evolves in Prior to "Celebrating The Volcano Festival"
Prior to "Celebrating The Volcano Festival"
Gender Female
Ability Oblivious (As Bounsweet and Steenee)
Queenly Majesty (As Tsareena)
Current location With Josie
761MS 762MS 763MS
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Bounsweet and an unknown number of episodes as Steenee.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Bounsweet Chika Fujimura Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
As Steenee Chika Fujimura Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
As Tsareena Chika Fujimura Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld

Tsareena is one of Josie's Pokémon she has owned as of this point.


With Josie

She first appeared in Celebrating The Volcano Festival where she saw Jon had a Bounsweet, she appeared to have a good relationship with Jon's Bounsweet due to playing with each other.

She appeared again in What Cave? Diglett Cave! where she helped Jon defeat some Geodude and its evolved forms.

In Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 2) she was chosen as her third Pokémon, she was later switched out for her fourth Pokémon after facing something that was weak to it, She activated her Queenly Majesty ability in her battle with Jon, and she was revealed to have learned Solar Beam and Return, she managed to take out two of Jon's Pokemon before falling to Torchic.


Her personality was unknown as Bounsweet and as Steenee. As Tsareena, she appears to be a elegant battler, and is known to be the big sister type to Bounsweet as its teacher and is very kindhearted to Jon's group.

She is very strong at battling and at dodging attacks. She uses her Queenly Majesty ability to block prior attacks like Aqua Jet from an opponent's Floatzel during the League arc.

She reappeared in the Kanto: The New Path where she helped Josie's Oddish get better with its graceful abilities, and is shown to be a great coach to Josie's Oddish.

Moves Used

Mallow Tsareena Trop Kick
Using Trop Kick.
Move First Used In
Trop Kick  What Cave? Diglett Cave!
Energy Ball What Cave? Diglett Cave!
Play Rough  The Rescue Operation!
Return Foster Against Adams
Solar Beam  Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 1)
Synthesis Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 1)
High Jump Kick  Jon vs Josie! The Finals! (Part 2)
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Z-Moves used

Picture Z-Move First Used in Base Move
Ash Rowlet Bloom Doom Bloom Doom TBA Trop Kick, Solar Beam
Description: Tsareena strikes a series of synchronized poses with its Trainer to build Z-Power. It then becomes surrounded in a light green aura, causing the battlefield to become covered in flowers. The energy surrounding Tsareena then rapidly expands, creating a giant explosion.