Josie's Unknown Rage
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United States August 19, 2017
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Our heroes arrive in Konikoni city.

Jon: Back here again.

Kyle: All we need to do is go through Diglett's Tunnel and then we will be at the port by late afternoon.

April: Awesome.

The hear an explosion in the distance.

Mary: What was that?

Drake: Seems like moves combining.

Jon: Let's go and check it out.

They all run over to the sound of the explosion, which takes them to the beach front. They see Josie with her Vanillish out and a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white dress with a black diamond on it.

Jon: Josie! But who is that?

Suddenly, Vanillish begins to glow and evolves into Vanilluxe.

Drake: Vanillish evolved!

Rotom-Dex: I'll get the data.

Rotom-Dex scans Vanilluxe.

Rotom-Dex: Vanilluxe, the Snowstorm Pokemon. Each of its two heads has a brain, and when they are in agreement, it attacks its enemies be exhaling a violent blizzard.

Kyle: Whoa.

Vanilluxe then uses Freeze-Dry and the move hits Milotic, causing super effective damage.

Josie: Yes!

???: Still standing though. Hydro Pump!

Milotic uses Hydro Pump and knocks out Vanilluxe. Josie returns Vanilluxe. Everyone runs over to her and the woman.

Drake: That was a battle and a half, even though we only just got here.

The woman returns Milotic.

Josie: Jon! You have to stop her!

Jon: What?

Mary: Why?

???: She just challenged me to a battle out of the blue. Though it was a good battle.

Josie: She is evil.

Kyle: All she did was beat you in a Pokemon battle.

Josie: I swear it. I wouldn't make it up!

Jon: You can't just throw threats around Josie without proof. I'm Jon by the way, and this is my pal, Typhlosion.

Typhlosion: Ty.

Drake: I'm Drake.

Mary: My name is Mary.

April: I'm April.

Kyle: And I'm Kyle, nice to meet you.

Lusamine: My name is Lusamine.

Josie: Jon! Anyone, just stop her!

Kyle: Is she always like this?

Mary: Nope. She is acting strange though.

Jon: I don't get why you think Lusamine is evil just from a battle.

Josie: You have no idea what has happened since we last met.

Drake:Of course we don't.

Lusamine: Your Typhlosion looks very strong I must say. Do you have any other Pokemon?

Jon: Yeah. I have a few. I'm taking on the island trials.

Lusamine: That is a fine task indeed. You get to meet a lot of other Pokemon and Trainers. How about we have a battle, one on one.

Jon: I accept.

Josie: Beat her down!

Drake: Do you want to explain why you are so against Lusamine.

Lusamine: Here.

Lusamine hands Josie a Max Revive.

Lusamine: This will heal Vanilluxe back to health in no time.

Josie pockets the Max Revive.

Josie: Thanks.

Drake: Josie is really bitter towards Lusamine.

Jon: So, shall we begin?

Lusamine: This will be an interesting battle. Go, Clefable!

Lusamine sends out Clefable.

Jon: A Clefable. Right, let's give you a shot. Minior!

Jon sends out Minior.

Josie: A new Pokemon.

Lusamine: You can attack first.

Jon: Cool. Dazzling Gleam!

Minior uses Dazzling Gleam and the move hits Clefable, doing normal damage.

Lusamine: Great power. Moonblast!

Clefable uses Moonblast and hits Minior, doing quite a bit of damage.

Jon: Powerful.

Josie: Don't lose this!

Jon (Thinking): Something really is bugging Josie about Lusamine.

Drake: This is a good start.

Jon: Acrobatics!

Minior hits Clefable with Acrobatics.

April: That hit its mark.

Lusamine: Moonlight.

Clefable uses Moonlight and restores its health.

Josie: Of course.

Lusamine: Metronome.

Jon: Careful. Any attack could come out of Metronome.

Clefable uses Metronome and gets Agility, and increases its speed a lot.

Jon: Agility.

Lusamine: Moonblast!

Jon: Dazzling Gleam!

Clefable uses Moonblast and Minior uses Dazzling Gleam, cancelling each other out.

Lusamine: Metronome again!

Clefable uses Metronome and gets Calm Mind, increasing its special attack a lot.

Jon: Another stat rise. Cosmic Power!

Minior uses Cosmic Power and increases both its defences.

Lusamine: Interesting. Metronome!

Clefable uses Metronome and gets Thunder Shock.

Jon: Dodge and then Ancient Power!

Minior dodges Thunder Shock and uses Ancient Power towards Clefable, but Clefable dodges.

Jon: Dazzling Gleam!

Minior uses Dazzling Gleam and hits Clefable.

Lusamine: Stored Power!

Mary: Stored Power?

Clefable uses Stored Power and sends a psychic orb at Minior, causing a lot of damage. Minior loses its Meteor and become Core form.

Jon: Whoa. Are you okay?

Minior: Mini.

Jon: Good. Now, Acrobatics!

Minior hits Clefable with Acrobatics at twice the speed that it was when in its Meteor form.

Jon: It is a lot faster now.

Lusamine: Yeah. Intriguing. Moonblast!

Clefable uses Moonblast towards Minior, but Minior dodges.

Lusamine: Now!

Clefable finishes using Metronome and get Hydro Pump and the move hits Minior, knocking it out.

Jon: Minior! You were great, return.

Jon returns Minior.

Lusamine: Thanks Clefable.

Lusamine returns Clefable.

Jon: That was a good battle.

Lusamine: It was. You are a good trainer, and I wish you all the best with your island trials. Unfortunately, I need to be somewhere else.

Drake: Bye!

Everyone, but Josie, waves goodbye to Lusamine as she walks away.

Mary: Lusamine is nice.

Drake: She does seem to be.

Josie: She has you all tricked!

Jon: What do you mean? You have hated Lusamine but have never told us why.

Josie: Does it matter! You didn't believe me when I told you she was bad.

Josie walks off, in an angry manner.

Kyle: What is her problem?

April: Not a clue.

Drake: I've never seen her like that.

Jon: None of us have.

Mary: Any way, shall we get the boat?

Drake: Let's go!

Everyone leaves Konikoni City and the screen freezes.

Narrator: Our heroes entered Konikoni city again, where they met Josie again and a woman who she was battling named Lusamine. Lusamine challenged Jon to a battle and they fought using Clefable and Minior, with Clefable and Lusamine being the victors. Now, our heroes race through Diglett's Tunnel to get the boat to Melemele Island.

The screen goes black and into a room with Lusamine sitting on a chair talking to a few people in white outfits.

Lusamine: We need to keep an eye on Jon and his friends, but don't make it obvious that we are. They seem to have a notion about Ultra Space. I can see it in their eyes.

Major Events

  • Our heroes arrive in Konikoni City again
  • Our heroes meet up with Josie again
  • Josie's Vanillish evolves into Vanilluxe, and learns Freeze-Dry.
  • Josie battles Lusamine but loses.
  • Jon battles Lusamine and also loses.
  • Jon and everyone meets Lusamine.
  • Josie is shown to have some anger towards Lusamine.
  • Jon's Minior is revealed to know Cosmic Power, Ancient Power and Acrobatics.
  • Josie confirms that Vanillish's ability is Snow Cloak, but is later changed to Snow Warning upon evolving into Vanilluxe.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Kyle Winterman

Josie Adams






  • Milotic
  • Clefable