Pewter City Gym

After several hours of fierce training, Van was finally going head to head with the Pewter City Gym Leader: Brock.

"Come out Geodude." Brock threw a Pokeball foward, summoning a small rock creature to the field. "Here we go", Van thought, as he threw his Pokeball. From the Pokeball emerged a small, pink, spiked creature.

"You may have the first move." the Gym Leader declared. "Alright, Nidoran use Poison Sting." The pink creature responded by firing a needle-like projectiles at the rock creature. "Geodude, Defense Curl!" The Pokemon quickly curled itself into a ball raising its defense and ending up repeling Nidoran's attack completely.

"Time for some close-ranged combat." Van said to himself. "Nidoran, Double Kick!" The Pokemon quickly moved in and delivered a 1-2 kick combo that caused its victim to stager back in pain.

"Tackle!" Brock ordered. The Geodude complied by throwing itself at his opponent, who responded by delivering another Double Kick that fainted the rock Pokemon.

Brock recalled his fainted Geodude. "Impressive! However, do you have what it takes defeat Onix!" He then proceeded threw a Pokeball forward, releasing a rock serpent large enough to make even Nidoran shiver in fear.

"Nidoran, Double Kick!" Van commanded. Nidoran then dashed forward and delivered his attack without fail. However, the Onix remained still, which puzzled Van. Suddenly, he was struck with realization, "Of course, Onix is using Bide!" Van then began to put his secret strategy into action.

"Nidoran use Leer!" Nidoran then began to glare at his opponent, causing its Defense stat to drop. Suddenly, Onix rushed forward and unleashed its Bide attack, on Nidoran, causing its HP to drop to critical levels.

"It was a wise decision to use Leer." Brock commented. "If you had attacked instead, your Nidoran wouldn't still be standing."

Van responed by recalling Nidorino and threw another Pokeball out on the field. "You're on, Leon!" The Pokeball opened to reveal an orange lizard-like Pokemon with a flaming tale.

"Let's end this quickly, Ember!" The Charmander immediately fired a blazing projectile that hit Brock's Onix square in the face, Inflicting a reasonable amount of damage.

"Onix use Rock Throw!" Brock commanded. Onix quickly shook off the earlier attack and launched several boulders at Leon.

"Too slow!" Van shouted as Leon swiftly dodged the attack. "Use Smokescreen!" Van commanded. Leon spewed a cloud of smoke that covered the battle field, clouding both trainers vision. "Now use Ember!" Suddenly, there was in explosion in the cloud that blew all the smoke away. Onix had taken another direct hit from Leon's Ember.

Brock reacted quickly, "Onix use Screech!!" Onix suddenly emitted a deafening sound wave. Leon responded by leaping over the attack. However, Brock had already foreseen this action. "Now I've got you! Onix, Rock Throw!!" Onix launched multiple boulders at an airborn Leon, who was unable to dodge.

A smirk appeared on Van's face as he calmly reacted to the situation. "Leon, defend with Metal Claw and follow up with Ember!" Leon's claws turned metalic and actually sliced through the boulders and fired an Ember attack at Brock's Onix. "Now finish it with Metal Claw!" Van shouted, as Leon descended towards the Onix, striking him with his claws and delivering final blow, fainting Brock's Onix.

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