The Kenjo Region is a particularly large area south of the Unova region.

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Kenjo: Ken-Jo

Licadio: Lee-Cay-Dee-O

Glandtido: Glan-Tee-Do

Towns/Cities/Villages/Other Landmarks

Puddlunt (Starting village)

Smogire (Tutorial town)

Hanted (First gym)

Kindlys (Second gym)

Gym Leaders

Name, Type

Mystique, Ghost (Ecto Badge)

Pyre, Fire (Bonfire Badge)

Holly, Grass (Valley Badge)

Torrent, Water (Current Badge)

Alchero, Steel (Forge Badge)

Dominic, Ice (Cube Badge)

Rachel/Lucas, Electric/Fighting (Generator Badge)

Chalice, Normal (Adapt Badge)

Elite Four/Champion

Bella, Flying

Pierce, Fighting (Solar Only)

Brendan, Dark (Lunar Only)

Stella, Psychic (Eclipse Only)

Petunia, Dragon

Liam, Myth

Champion Megan(Games)/Rubella(Other), Various


Games that are about the Kenjo Region or include Pokemon from the Kenjo Region.

PMD: Saviors Of Yin/Saviors Of Yang/Saviors Of Tao

PMD: Saviors Of Y/Y/T is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game that mainly includes pokemon from the Kenjo Region.

Unlike the other PMD games, Saviors chooses your pokemon based on gender and your finger size, as well as how much pressure you put on the DS screen.

Pokemon Solar/Pokemon Lunar/Pokemon Eclipse

Pokemon S/L/E are the three games that sponsor the Kenjo Region. They focus mainly on game differences, for example, Solingo is found in Pokemon Solar Version, while Lunebra is found in Pokemon Lunar Version.

The main plot of each game is that the antagonistic team (Dim/Bright) wishes to control the time the sun/moon is in the sky, was well as the season, throwing the region into calamity and taking over. The hero must stop them, gathering oddly typed pokemon along the way.

Pokemon Ranger: Shadow Tower

Rangers of the region Valor are having more and more problems with agitated pokemon. Some pokemon aren't even in their proper habitats, and are very hostile to those that try and move them. When two rangers, default names of Cobalt and Amber, arrive, it is soon discovered that in the center of the region, a tower is being built.

Pokemon that still live nearby the tower are now shadow pokemon, which have three times the size as the normal pokemon's friendship gague. The rangers must calm the the source of the shadow power, Shadow Clipsirrel, before it consumes the region.

Currently Known Pokemon

List of Pokémon by Kenjo Pokédex number


New moves in the region

  1. Move Type (Basic effect)
  • Aerial Swipe Flying (Standard Damaging Move)
  • Soaring Grass Flying (May give Poison, Sleep, or Paralyze Status to target)
  • Burrow Ground (Raises Defense of Ground Pokemon, then increases the power of Dig if used next)
  • Dust Kick Fighting (Lowers Accuracy of target sharply)
  • Enchant Fluff (Target is afflicted with infatuation and cannot move till attacked by user)
  • Lullaby Psychic (Puts target to sleep for the remainder of the battle if nighttime and/or the target is Basic stage)
  • Copy Me Normal (Target [If able] uses the same move the user did before Copy Me. If unable, the move fails)
  • Scythe Swipe Steel (Standard attack)
  • Prune Grass (Raises speed and evasiveness of User)
  • Upgrade Steel (Raises two random stats of Steel Pokemon)
  • Red Rocks Fire (May lower attack of target and raise defense of user)
  • Drag Down Water (Lowers attack of target if in water)
  • Cross Swipe Steel (Basic Attack)
  • Bright Tail Psychic (Lowers Accuracy of Target and may confuse them)
  • Posess Ghost (Target becomes confused)
  • Nacht Hoof Night (High chance of Critical Hit)
  • Solar Feather Day (High chance of Critical Hit)
  • Balance Tail Myth (Doubles power if Nacht Hoof and Solar Feather have been used in the same battle)
  • Infect Bug (Badly Poisons target)
  • Sound Wave Rock (Doubles Damage if used in the mountains)
  • Transparency Normal (Raises Evasivness and protects against damage for one turn)
  • Blizzard Gauge Ice (May strike with critical hit. Always freezes target)
  • Desert Dunes Fire (May strike with critical hit. Always burns target)
  • Trembling Earth Ground (May strike with critical hit. Always confuses target)
  • Soaring Fur Flying (May strike with critical hit. Always paralyzes target)
  • Tarot Draw ??? (If user is Dark Type, it curses the target. If Psychic, it raises the target's Crit. ratio. If any other type, it gives target a random status effect)
  • Life Drain Dark (Saps target's HP, may give them a decrease in Attack)
  • Lovely Down Normal (Raises Defense of user)
  • Pink Wing Psychic (High chance of Crit. May confuse or infatuate target)
  • Fantasy Normal (If asleep, user regains health)
  • Tenebrae Blast Dark (Lowers user's Special Attack and Special Defense)
  • Tease Normal (Lowers target's Special Defense and Defense, then confuses them)
  • Trip Normal (Lower's target's Evasivness)
  • Rotten Fruit Poison (Poisons the target)
  • Scuttle Bug (Raises evasivness of user)
  • Overburn Fire (OHKO Move, but only on Fire Pokemon)
  • Weed Wrap Grass (OHKO Move, but only on Grass Pokemon)
  • Evaporate Water (OHKO Move, but only on Water Pokemon)
  • Allegro Psychic (Raises speed if user is a sound-based Pokemon)
  • Piano Psychic (Prevents any extra effects of sound-based moves)
  • Oxygen Water (Restores some health)
  • Polarity Null Electric (Lowers Electric attacks damage if they are aimed at Steel Types)
  • Ribbit Water (Increases Attack of the user's team)
  • Thaw Fire(Lowers defense of all Ice-Types in battle)


  • Infected Ice (If the user is hit with a Physical move, the attacker may be frozen)
  • Frenzy (Effects vary depending on user's type)
  • Sunrise (Field's weather becomes Sunny, and raises the power of user's Fire/Day Moves)
  • Moonrise (Feild's Weather becomes Dark, and raises the Power of User's Water/Dark/Night Moves)
  • Balance Coat (When Lunebra and Solingo faint in the same battle, Clipsirrel's stats double)
  • Free Throw (Fighting Type moves have a 20% chance of being critical hits)
  • Satelite (Works only in double battle. Depending on ally's type, it will make a weather effect. If ally does not have a type for a weather, nothing happens)
  • King's Hall (If any Jestukes or Jestesses are on Joking's side of a double or triple battle, they serve double damage)
  • Queen's Decree (Jestesses can only use wide range moves on a turn after Harlequeen uses one)
  • Giggle (Raises defense if Jestuke is on the field)
  • Chortle (Raises special defense is Jestess is on the field)
  • Symbiosis (Holder of the Linking Scarf is given this ability. If there are any counterpart pokemon on the field, depending on level size, the user may take HP or give HP to the counterpart)
  • Flashlight (May randomly lower a target's accuracy if hit with a special move)
  • Firework (If hit with a fire or electric move, user explodes, but only hits the one that attacked. If target were to faint from recoil of somethig like Volt Tackle or Flare Blitz, the explosion harms nobody)
  • Nocturnal (User's stats are a few levels higher in the nighttime)
  • Storybook (If user uses a sound based move, like Growl, it may cause the target to go to sleep)
  • Time Machine (If user is under Burn, Poison, Sleep, or Confusion, it makes the opponent only able to use the very first move is used in battle until user is cleared up)
  • Water Scales (User takes less damage from critical hits than regular hits)
  • Wishmaker (Raises a random stat after making an attack)
  • Overcoat (User cannot be Frozen)


New items in the region

  • Item (effect)

Regular Item (Evolution, Selling, etc.)

  1. Green Clover (Activates certain moves and raises the power of Klover/Chamrock)
  2. Downy Ember (Raises power of Modree)
  3. Downy Crystal (Raises power of Ardree)
  4. Downy Bolt (Raises power of Zadree)
  5. Diving Mask (Holder takes less damage from Water Moves)
  6. Summons Card (Can make a single/double battle turn into a double/triple battle if each user has enough Pokemon. Can only be used once)
  7. Air Spore (Raises power od Grass/Flying moves)
  8. Beaker Of Mercury (Raises power of Water/Steel moves)
  9. Charred Forest (Raises power of Fire/Ground moves)
  10. Ghostly Aura (If the user is struck by a special move, the attacker may be cursed)
  11. Fiberglasss wing (Increases speed of Flying types, but lowers defense and Sp.defense)
  12. Lovely Charm (The effects of Enchant may last longer on the holder of this item, even when hit by an attack)
  13. Lunar Rock (Appears to be chipped from something. Raises power of Myth/Night types)
  14. Solar Rock (Appears to be chipped from something. Raises power of Myth/Day types)
  15. Chrono Rock (Appears to be chipped from something. Raises power of Time types)
  16. Transparent Fossil (Almost invisible. Appears to be from a long time ago)
  17. Vibrating Fossil (Makes an odd sound. Appears to be from a long time ago)
  18. Floating Feathers (Never touch the ground. Raises power of Flying types)
  19. Strange Sand (Constantly forms different shapes. Raises power of Ground types)
  20. Flaming Fur (Some kind of pelt. Raises power of Fire Types)
  21. Crystal Shard (Shines when taken near the Mountains. Raises power of Ice Types)
  22. Linking Scarf (Gives holder the ability Symbiosis)
  23. Steel Deck (Raises power of Jestuke, Jestess, Joking, and Harlequeen)
  24. Broken Heart Charm (Makes holder come out of Attract or Enchant's effects quicker)


  1. Tekki Berries (Raises friendship of pokemon with no side effects)
  2. Ginger Tarts (Raises one random stat during a battle)

Key Items

  1. Ribbon Case (Holds Ribbons from contests. Collect five to be allowed to enter the Grand Festival)
  2. Dash Bike (Goes faster if you hold B)
  3. Friend Cards (Contains information on Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and even NPCs)



Drinks are found almost at every shop in the Kenjo Region. Depending on the type of drink you get, it may have different effects. Variables include Type, Status Condition, and Stage of the Pokemon. Some drinks only have effect when used with Fling, such as the Drowzee Drink.

  1. Static Smoothie (Raises Speed for one turn, but three if consumer is Electric type)
  2. Burning Beverage (Raises Attack for one turn, but three if consumer is Fire type)
  3. Tranquil Tea (Raises Special Defense for one turn, but three if consumer is Grass type)
  4. Soothing Soda (Raises Evasivness for one turn, but three if consumer is Water type)
  5. Jittery Juice (Raises Speed for one turn, but three if user is a Basic stage Pokemon)
  6. Cold Coffee (Awakes consumer from sleep, but makes consumer insomniatic for the rest of the battle if already awake)
  7. Drowzee Drink (If Flung, makes the struck opponent fall asleep)
  8. Hot Water (Removes Poison or Frozen Status)
  9. Cold Water (Removes Burn, Confused, or Sleeping Status)
  10. STAB Slushie (Revives Pokemon if it knows a move that's the same type as it)

Special Items

  • Odd Egg (Recieved from Torrent. May hatch later on)



  • It was originally going to be spelled Kenjjo, but it was changed to just one J.
  • The first pokemon created for the region were actually Mothaqua, Cocoocean, Humheart, Pelicrack, and Speargia.
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