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ラズリ Razuri
"Standby for battle!"
Lazuli New.png
Age 19 (Sinnoh)
20 (Unova)
22 (Contests: Sinnoh)
23 (World Tournament)
24 (Clash of Clones)
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown Veilstone City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Edge (father)
Sabrina (mother)
Rollins (brother)
Ryder (half-brother)
Trainer class Pyramid Queen
(Frontier Brain)
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Battle Pyramid
Symbol Brave Symbol
Member of None
Rank None

Lazuli (Japanese: ラズリ Razuri) is a Pokémon Trainer from Veilstone City in the Sinnoh region. Lazuli, along with her twin brother Rollins, is the result of a one-time affair between Edge and Sabrina during the former's teenage years, although Edge himself wasn't aware of the children being conceived.

Despite having some degree of feelings for the Trainer, Sabrina was aware that her previous reputation of being a high-ranking member of Team Rocket wouldn't allow her to stay with Edge, and therefore kept her pregnancy a secret, and traveled to Sinnoh, where Lazuli and Rollins were born and raised.

Due to not having a father-figure around, Lazuli always looked up to her brother with admiration, but these feelings of admiration were crushed upon Rollins's crushing defeat against Brandon, which caused Rollins to retire and become a Breeder, with Lazuli disappointed in her brother's weak spirit and became determined to surpass her brother to showcase her superiority over both him and Brandon.

After finally achieving her long-desired goal of defeating Brandon, Lazuli earned the right to succeed Brandon as the new Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid, and was officially crowned as the Pyramid Queen (Japanese: ピラミッドクイーン Piramiddo Kuīn) of the Battle Frontier.

New Era


When Edge and Sabrina were both healing themselves after suffering from numbness due to being trapped in Lorelei's ice, they encountered one another at the hot springs at Mt. Silver, which ultimately resulted in the one-time affair between the Pokédex holder and Saffron City's Gym Leader.

However, Sabrina was aware that Edge held no romantic feelings towards her, and knew that if news were to spread about them, Edge's reputation would've taken a huge hit as Sabrina was a former member of Team Rocket, and therefore kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone, including Edge. She then traveled to Sinnoh, where she gave birth to twins, Lazuli and Rollins. Sabrina raised both Lazuli and Rollins as best as she could, and while Rollins understood his father's absence, Lazuli was far more resentful.

Eventually, Edge and Bayley, who by this time were already married, discovered the truth about Edge's affair with Sabrina and tracked her down, and offered their full support, but Sabrina was confident about her skills as a mother, and wished to continue raising her children by herself, not wanting to become a burden on Ryder's family life. Regardless, Ryder and Bayley insisted on supporting her family, and Sabrina ultimately relented. Eventually, Rollins was capable of meeting his father and learning the truth behind his absence, although Lazuli remained in the dark. However, Lazuli would ultimately learn the truth as well, but unlike her twin brother, was completely indifferent towards the situation, and only cared about becoming stronger.

Shortly after embarking on her journey, Lazuli joined her brother Rollins during his challenge of the Battle Frontier, and watched his battle against Brandon at the Battle Pyramid. Having always looked up to her brother, Lazuli expected him to defeat Brandon, but was shocked to see her brother being defeated without being able to defeat any of Brandon's Pokémon, and was horrified as Rollins decided to quit being a Trainer and become a Breeder. Combined with Brandon's words of finding one's "inner strength", Lazuli became determined to surpass both Brandon and Rollins, and was adamant that through sheer power and training, she would be able to eventually accomplish what her brother couldn't: defeat Brandon.

Alongside her starter Pokémon, Turtwig, Lazuli continued her journey, eventually traveling across the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions, and participated in their respective regional tournaments, although Lazuli finished as the runner-up on each attempts, before ultimately returning to Sinnoh to compete in the Sinnoh League.


Lazuli first appears when she was battling against a horde of Starly with her Elekid, and attempted to capture a Zubat that had suddenly appeared, but the capture failed as Zubat was already owned by another Trainer. Zubat's Trainer, Ryder, arrived shortly afterwards, and Lazuli immediately recognized him, and couldn't surpress her frustration and slight anger upon seeing him.

Ryder calls for Zubat to land on his shoulder and compliments Lazuli's Elekid, saying that he was able to see the attack from a great distance. However, Lazuli seems indifferent towards the compliment, instead scorning Ryder for interrupting her capture. Ryder apologizes and asks her if she knows the location of Professor Rowan's laboratory, but Lazuli claims she doesn't. Lazuli, who saw Ryder capture Zubat, then asks if he's sure Zubat was worthy of being captured. She then throws three Poké Balls which all contain a Starly each. Lazuli then explains that by scanning a Pokémon with the Pokédex, a Trainer can see what attacks it knows thereby saving a lot of time and energy in the long run. After scanning the three Starly to see which of them know Aerial Ace, she then returns them all to their Poké Balls. Then, after telling two of the Starly to get lost as they're not needed, she throws two of the Poké Balls which send out the Starly with a blue light, signifying their permanent release. Ryder remarks this is an unusual way to treat Pokémon, as he believes any Pokémon has the ability to be strong and Lazuli challenges Ryder to a three-on-three battle. Unfortunately, Ryder has to refuse as he haven't had the chance to heal his Pokémon before arriving in Sinnoh, to which Lazuli doesn't take kindly. After calling Ryder pathetic, she takes her Elekid and leaves, while Ryder grits his teeth in anger.

Later, Lazuli meets Ryder again as he leaves Rowan's laboratory, and again challenged him to a battle. Ryder, having now healed his Pokémon, accepts the challenge, and Rowan offers his garden for them to battle. As the two face off, Rowan offers to act as referee while Lazuli spells out the rules; it will be a three-on-three battle with no substitutions, the first to reach two wins will get the match. Lazuli summons Starly while Ryder summons Zubat. Ryder starts off by commanding Zubat to use Quick Attack, but Starly manages to dodge it. Starly uses Aerial Ace. Ryder tries to counter with a Wing Attack, but Starly uses Double Team, followed by another Aerial Ace and as a result, Zubat is knocked out. Ryder recalls Zubat, as does Lazuli recalls Starly, commenting on how pathetic Starly's performance was.

Ryder throws a Poké Ball and his Larvitar emerges. Lazuli throws out her Chimchar, leading Ryder to comment on Chimchar's type disadvantage, but Lazuli is unfazed and simply tells Chimchar to win. Larvitar launches a Dark Pulse attack, but Chimchar counters with Ember, and the two attacks explode on contact. Larvitar prepares to use Stone Edge, but Chimchar uses Flame Wheel before Larvitar could unleash the attack. Larvitar uses Double Team, but an Ember destroys all the clones, and the real Larvitar is Scratched by Chimchar's claws. Ryder orders Hyper Beam, as Lazuli prepares to intercept it with Fire Punch, but Larvitar jumps into the air, dodging the Fire Punch. Larvitar then unleashes a point-blank Hyper Beam, which sends Chimchar crashing onto the ground, unconscious and defeated. The Trainers recall their Pokémon, with Lazuli cursing Chimchar for his loss, saying she would deal with him later.

Ryder then sends out Torracat and Lazuli sends out Elekid. Ryder starts things off by ordering Torracat to use Flamethrower, but Elekid simply takes the attack. Lazuli then tells Elekid to use Thunder. Elekid revolves its arms and fires off a huge electric bolt at Torracat, who takes the attack as well. Ryder then tells Torracat to use Flare Blitz. Lazuli tells Elekid to use Protect to stop the attack. Torracat is sent flying back.

Torracat gets up, however, and Ryder tells him to use Crunch while Lazuli orders Elekid to counter the move with Brick Break. Torracat jumps towards Elekid, and the two exchange blows for some time, before Elekid manages to land a Thunder Punch attack. However, the strain of the battle takes its toll on both Pokémon, and Torracat and Elekid fall down at the same time, defeated. Rowan announces that the battle was a tie, and that the whole three-on-three battle was also a tie, with both Trainers with one win, one loss and a draw.

Ryder takes Torracat into his arms, telling his partner that as he was the first to go down, Ryder considers it a loss, however, Lazuli walks over to him and says that as it was called a draw, a draw is what it is. Then Lazuli pulls a Poké Ball from her belt and releases her last remaining Starly. Ryder asks what she did that for, and Lazuli tells him that there will be other Starly even stronger than this one. She then bows to Professor Rowan, before walking off. Ryder stares at her, angry on seeing such disrespect to Pokémon, while Rowan simply stares at Lazuli, mumbling that the situation was quite bad between both Trainers, but notes that it was expected.

Lazuli meets Ryder again when the latter is attempting to stop his Pokémon from fighting each other, clearly unimpressed about the lack of cooperation between Ryder's Pokémon. The two exchange taunts, and Ryder is again shocked to hear that Lazuli is also heading for the nearby Gym. Lazuli then asks if Turtwig is his, and Ryder says that he caught it recently. Lazuli smirks, not looking impressed. Ryder becomes angry at her arrogance, and demands a Pokémon battle from her. Lazuli agrees, pulling a Poké Ball from her belt and calls out Chimchar. Ryder doesn't care about types, however, saying that he'll prove his Pokémon can withstand a type disadvantage. As they stand in position, Lazuli wonders if Ryder will back out now, but Ryder isn't about to back down and starts the battle off by ordering a Tackle.

Turtwig runs towards Chimchar, who jumps up on Lazuli's command and stops right in front of Turtwig before using a Scratch attack. Ryder is shocked at the fire monkey's speed, but dismisses it and tells Turtwig to use Razor Leaf. Turtwig does so, but Chimchar somersaults backwards to avoid the attack. Lazuli then orders Chimchar to use Ember, which Ryder tells his Pokémon to avoid. However, Turtwig just stands there and takes the attack, and is sent flying back. Ryder asks what's wrong with Turtwig, wondering why his Pokémon didn't dodge any of the attacks it told it to. Turtwig only shakes its head however, and Ryder continues to look confused. Noticing the sun, Ryder has an idea and tells Turtwig to use Synthesis.

Lazuli isn't impressed, and tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel. His Pokémon does so, leaping up before using the flames in its mouth to surround its whole body in fire and making a blazing wheel. Turtwig again makes no effort to try to avoid the attack, and is engulfed by fire. Chimchar jumps back after smashing into the injured Grass Pokémon, and Ryder asks Turtwig if it can continue. Ryder tells his Pokémon to attack again, but is stopped when a horde of Beedrill suddenly burst out of the woods and attack both Trainers. Ryder orders Turtwig to use Razor Leaf, but the Beedrill simply use X-Scissor to cut the leaves in tiny peaces. Lazuli orders Chimchar to use Flame Wheel while Ryder orders Turtwig to use Headbutt, and both attacks land onto the horde, causing an explosion that scare off the horde of Beedrill.

The force of the explosion, however, sends Ryder, Lazuli and Chimchar over the edge of the cliff they were fighting on. Lazuli remains focused as they fall, however, landing on a protruding tree and then jumping down from branch to branch. While Lazuli does this, Ryder continues to fall, grabbing hold of Turtwig and landing head first into the pool of water below. As he returns to surface, Ryder hears a sound behind him, and looks over to see Lazuli calling Chimchar back into its Poké Ball. The young Trainer than starts to walk into the forest, with Ryder calling to her to no avail. Ryder decides to try to take the opportunity to befriend Lazuli, but Lazuli makes it clear that she has no intention of being nice to, or cooperating with Ryder. She then continues to walk, and Ryder tries to follow.

Lazuli soon finds Ryder and Turtwig under the effects of a Stantler's Hypnosis and has Chimchar attack the Stantler to break Ryder and Turtwig free from their illusion. Ryder is about to thank Lazuli for saving him, struggling as he didn't think she would have bothered after all the arguments the two had had recently. Just then, however, one of the Stantler appears and stares angrily at Lazuli for just attacking it. Lazuli isn't impressed, and tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel. Chimchar does so, rolling into a flaming ball and slamming hard into Stantler and knocking it back. As the Pokémon screams in pain, Lazuli throws a Poké Ball and catches it. Ryder thanks Lazuli for helping him, but she doesn't appear interested as she examines the Poké Ball containing Stantler. Lazuli then throws the Poké Ball into the air and releases Stantler. Ryder asks why she released it, and Lazuli tells him that it was too weak for her needs.

Later, Lazuli sees Ryder and Turtwig running away from an angry Ursaring, but Lazuli seems unfazed by the Pokémon's rampage, and orders Chimchar to use Flame Wheel to knock out Ursaring, and Lazuli subsequently captures the Hibernator Pokémon. Ryder isn't impressed, however, and mumbles that even though she caught it, she probably won't keep it. Lazuli scans the Poké Ball, however, and liking what she sees, puts Ursaring's ball on her belt after concluding that the Pokémon is good enough to meet her standards. After a brief conversation, Lazuli says that they should have another Pokémon battle. Ryder wonders what Pokémon Lazuli will use, and both Trainers get into their positions. Ryder tells Turtwig to use Tackle, and Lazuli, using Chimchar, tells it to use Scratch. This time, however, when Ryder tells Turtwig to dodge, Turtwig does so, making Chimchar's attack miss.

Ryder then tells Turtwig to use Razor Leaf. Turtwig does so, and Chimchar counters with Ember. Both attacks produce a stalemate however, which leads Ryder to taking a much more direct approach by telling Turtwig to use Headbutt. Lazuli remains cool and tells Chimchar to use Dig to dodge the attack. Chimchar digs underground, dodging the Headbutt and remaining safe. As Ryder tries to work out where Chimchar will appear, Chimchar emerges from underground and lets loose a sneak attack at Turtwig. Ryder tells Turtwig to keep calm and use Razor Leaf, but Lazuli just responds with another Dig attack. The monkey then pops out of one after another, mocking the Grass Pokémon and confusing it. Chimchar sees this, and jumps out behind Turtwig again and attacks it with its claws. Ryder grits his teeth, but remains confident as he tells Turtwig to use Razor Leaf on Chimchar's holes. The attack enters the holes, flushing Chimchar out as it clutches itself painfully.

Lazuli isn't impressed, and tells her Pokémon to use Ember. The attack is avoided, however, as Ryder tells Turtwig to jump into one of the holes to dodge. Ryder asks Lazuli how that move was, but Lazuli just arrogantly chuckles and says that she's already thought of a way to deal with it. Lazuli tells Chimchar to use Ember on the holes to flush Turtwig out, just as Ryder just did to her Pokémon. Turtwig is flung out of the hole, engulfed in flames. Ryder tells Turtwig to use Synthesis to heal itself, which annoys Lazuli, who decides to finish off the battle quickly by ordering a Flame Wheel attack. Chimchar rolls quickly towards Turtwig, but Ryder tells Turtwig to stand there. Turtwig is shocked, and wonders why its Trainer didn't tell it to dodge. Ryder tells it to trust him, and at the last moment, Ryder tells Turtwig to jump down the hole in front of it, which it does, avoiding the attack and catching Chimchar by surprise.

As the monkey tries to find Turtwig, Ryder tells his Pokémon to use Tackle, and then to Bite Chimchar. Turtwig does so, and Chimchar flails around madly trying to shake the Grass Pokémon off. Lazuli decides to take the battle underground, and tells Chimchar to take it and Turtwig into one of the holes with it. Ryder is shocked, and Lazuli smiles at his reaction and tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel. Flames burst out of the ground's holes, and both Pokémon are thrust above ground, engulfed in fire. Ryder asks if Turtwig is okay, and his gutsy Pokémon manages to get back up. Ryder tells Turtwig to use Tackle, and Lazuli tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel. The two Pokémon collide, but when the smoke clears, Chimchar is the one left standing and Turtwig is knocked out, leaving Lazuli as the winner. Ryder falls to his knees and apologizes to Turtwig, before thanking it for putting up such a great fight. Chimchar dances happily and Lazuli scolds it for doing so. Ryder calls out to Lazuli, but Lazuli doesn't care about anything anyone as weak as Ryder wants to say, and walks off. Ryder then stares at the departing Lazuli full of anger, as he realizes that the two of them will never be friends, but after seeing how Lazuli treated her Pokémon, prefers they stayed as rivals, or as far as being enemies.

Lazuli and Ryder crossed paths again when Lazuli was set to challenge the Oreburgh Gym, and Ryder witnessed the battle, curious about Lazuli's battle style against someone other than himself. Roark chooses Geodude while Lazuli chooses Octillery. Lazuli orders Octillery to use Hydro Pump, but is deflected perfectly by Geodude using Hidden Power. Octillery is sent flying, and Roark uses this to his advantage to tell Geodude to use Rollout to attack again. Geodude does so, smashing right into Octillery and sending it flying again. Octillery smashes right into the ground, and is declared unable to battle by the referee.

Lazuli curses Octillery for its weakness, infuriating Ryder, and sends out her next Pokémon, Elekid, which surprises Roark. Lazuli tells her Elekid to attack with Brick Break. Elekid does so, smashing its fist right into Geodude and sending it flying back. The sheer force of the punch knocks Geodude right out, and the referee declares it unable to battle. Roark then sends out his next Pokémon, Onix. Lazuli tries to get Onix with Brick Break again, but Onix dodges easily. Onix swings its tail around and brings it down hard on Elekid's head, but Elekid manages to use Protect at the last minute and stop the attack. Onix manages to smash through the Protect, however, and Elekid goes flying. Roark then commands Onix to use Stealth Rock. Shards of rock all fly to the edges of the arena and implant themselves into it. Onix then slams right into Elekid with its tail. It jumps back however, as Elekid's Static Ability makes any Pokémon that touches it paralyzed.

The two Pokémon clash again, but Elekid doesn't appear to be able to go on, so Lazuli recalls it back to its Poké Ball to recover. Lazuli then sends out her next Pokémon, Chimchar, who is instantly attacked by the Stealth Rock. Chimchar is hurt but manages to survive the attack. Lazuli tells Chimchar to use Dig, and Roark tells Onix to watch out for Chimchar who could appear at any moment. Chimchar appears right below Onix and damaging it, much to Roark's surprise. The two continue to battle, but due to Onix's restricted actions due to being paralyzed, Chimchar is able to attack again and again with Dig. Eventually, Onix is knocked out and declared unable to battle.

Roark thanks Lazuli, saying it's been a good battle so far, before sending out his final Pokémon, Cranidos. Lazuli tells Chimchar to go underground again with Dig, and Roark tells Cranidos to focus and then use Headbutt. Cranidos does so, waiting for Chimchar to emerge and then smashes into it using Headbutt. Lazuli again tells Chimchar to Dig, but by now, Roark has caught onto Lazuli's plan and tells Cranidos to use Zen Headbutt. It smashes into Chimchar, sending it sliding across the ground. Roark tells his Pokémon to attack again, and Lazuli tries to get Chimchar to dodge with Dig. But Zen Headbutt has the side-effect of making a Pokémon flinch and unable to attack or dodge. Cranidos repeats its attack over and over, battering Chimchar to almost being knocked out. However, at this moment, Chimchar begins to glow a fiery red, signaling the unlocking of its special Ability, Blaze.

Ryder knows that Blaze powers up a Fire-type Pokémon's attacks when they are low on energy. Roark realizes he has to finish this fast, and calls for another Zen Headbutt. Lazuli then tells Chimchar to use Flame Wheel, and Chimchar runs towards the oncoming Cranidos, turning into a blazing ball of fire. Chimchar smashes straight into and past Cranidos, causing it to reel back in pain at the force of the attack. Chimchar repeats the attack, before going underground for another Dig. Roark tells Cranidos to use Headbutt when Chimchar appears. It does so, smashing Chimchar down into the ground and knocking it out. Lazuli recalls it into the Poké Ball, angry with it for its defeat and promising to deal with it later.

Lazuli has one last chance however, and calls out Elekid who is again attacked by the Stealth Rock laid down by Onix before. Roark tells Cranidos to use Flamethrower, which Elekid dodges before smashing its fist right into Cranidos's knee and causing it to reel back in pain as the Static Ability of Elekid runs through its body and causes it to be paralyzed. Cranidos shakes off the static, however, as Roark explains his own Pokémon's special Ability, Mold Breaker. However, just as Cranidos is about to attack, the knee injury that Elekid just gave it kicks in, making it an easy target for Elekid's Thunder Punch attack which smashes right into Cranidos's head. Cranidos then smacks Elekid square in the chest with a Flamethrower. It then uses Zen Headbutt and Elekid uses Brick Break. The two attacks hit and there is an explosion as both Pokémon are knocked back. The two Pokémon the stand facing each other. Both of them are very tired, but Cranidos falls down first and is declared unable to battle by the Gym's referee.

Roark congratulates Lazuli for a great battle, and presents her with a Coal Badge for her victory. Ryder isn't about to let Lazuli get all the glory however, and vows to get his first Badge next. Ryder asks if Lazuli would watch his battle, and Lazuli laughs, sarcastically asking if Ryder really wanted her to watch him lose. Roark tells Lazuli she's free to stay and watch and Lazuli, now mildly amused, agrees. Compared to Lazuli, Ryder struggled greatly against Lazuli, causing her to lose interest in the battle, and began walking off until Ryder's Torracat's roar of determination made her regain only some slight interest, although Ryder was still defeated, and Lazuli walked off even more disappointed than ever before.

Sometime later, Lazuli confronts the Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia at Amity Square and challenged her to a Full Battle, which was spectacted by a large crowd of people, including Ryder. Cynthia calls out her Garchomp, while Lazuli chooses Chimchar; a choice that surprises Cynthia, as well as the crowd, due to its disadvantage as a Fire-type. Lazuli commands Chimchar to use Fire Spin and then Dig. Once hit with Fire Spin, Garchomp also used Dig under Cynthia's command. The dig collided with Chimchar, knocking it out. As Lazuli recalls it, she scolds it for its loss, which isn't sitting too well with either Cynthia or Ryder.

Lazuli then uses Weavile, a much better type matchup. She commands for her Weavile to use Blizzard, and despite being a super-effective hit, it does not faze Garchomp at all. Garchomp then uses Dragon Rush, which causes Weavile to freeze instead of trying to dodge. Lazuli tells Weavile to use Ice Beam. However, Garchomp is able to dodge the attack twice and slams itself into Weavile, knocking it out cold.

Lazuli then sends out Murkrow. Immediately, she tells Murkrow to use Haze, which Garchomp dodges. Murkrow flies behind Garchomp and Lazuli tells it to use Sky Attack. Cynthia has Garchomp counter with Giga Impact. After returning his fallen Murkrow, Lazuli shows a rough smile while Ryder, the crowd, as well as Cynthia are confused as to why he is doing so, due to having lost half of his team in short order. Lazuli then sends out Torterra.

She commands Torterra to use Giga Drain. Since Giga Impact left Garchomp unable to move, Giga Drain was able to hit and it causes Garchomp to kneel down, much to the surprise of the crowd. After Giga Drain, Torterra uses Frenzy Plant and it causes dust to kick up. When the dust clears, Garchomp is seen blocking attack with its fins, much to Lazuli's astonishment. Cynthia then tells Garchomp to use Brick Break. Garchomp pushes the vines from Frenzy Plant away and jumps into the air, hitting Torterra with Brick Break on its head, taking it down and out.

Lazuli then gives up the battle, to which the crowd responds by poking fun at her. Ryder, with new found respect, rebukes the crowd and compliments Lazuli on a great battle, to which Lazuli responds with an arrogant smirk. Lazuli says goodbye to Cynthia and walks away. Ryder realizes that isn't where the Pokémon Center is, and Cynthia demands that Lazuli go to the Center to heal her Pokémon. Unfortunately, when they get there, Nurse Joy claims that she needs to perform surgery on an injured Pokémon. Cynthia decides to heal Lazuli's Pokémon by herself, to which Ryder says that he'd love to help out. Cynthia treats Lazuli's Torterra. She moves over to Chimchar, giving it a pill, and Chimchar falls asleep.

Cynthia then tells Lazuli that her Pokémon are all healed and well trained, especially her Torterra. Lazuli then reveals that Torterra was her very first Pokémon. She also says that he traveled around Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, where she caught her Murkrow and Weavile, failing to win any of their Pokémon League Conferences, always ending up as the runner-up in each one, before coming back to Sinnoh, where she caught her Chimchar. When Cynthia compliments Chimchar, Lazuli complains that Chimchar didn't do well against Garchomp. Ryder then argues that he didn't care how many Pokémon got hurt, to which Lazuli responds by saying what his point was. Ryder asks why Lazuli doesn't care about her Pokémon's happiness. Lazuli claims that her Pokémon will become spoiled and not try hard enough in battle, and Chimchar was the perfect example. Ryder becomes angrier, saying that she has to support her Pokémon. Upon Lazuli saying that she wants to become stronger, Cynthia took them back to the stone tablet she was at earlier in Amity Square, and reads it to them. She claims that before reading this tablet, she used to train endlessly. Then, she discovered that all Pokémon have different personalities and she wanted to get to know all of them.

Meanwhile, back at the Pokémon Center, a group of thieves attempt to steal Lazuli's Pokémon. Before trying to steal all of her Pokémon, Nurse Joy catches them. They make a run for it, just grabbing Chimchar. Outside the center, the gang is headed back and sees the thieves with Chimchar. They chase after them, who try to make a get away in their SUV. Chimchar then wakes up, using Ember on the thieves. Before Ryder can react and call out Golbat, Lazuli sends out her Ursaring and tells it to use Hyper Beam. Chimchar jumps away from the SUV right before the attack collides with it, sending the thieves flying out of the car and onto a nearby tree.

Chimchar falls to the ground, getting injured once more. However, Lazuli doesn't care, calling Chimchar useless for being captured by criminals. Ryder says that it wasn't Chimchar's fault since Chimchar was sleeping. Cynthia is able to stop the yelling, mentioning that what matters now is that Chimchar is okay. She advises Lazuli to stay the night at the Center, and Lazuli obliges.

Lazuli later participates in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition and much to her dismay, gets paired up with Ryder throughout the tournament. During their first battle together, Lazuli and Ryder summon Chimchar and Happiny, respectively, against a Rhydon and Magmar. Ryder decides to battle his way and starts things off with a Shock Wave towards Magmar. However, the attack is redirected to Rhydon thanks to its Lighting Rod Ability. Rhydon, who is naturally unharmed, then smashes Happiny with a Megahorn attack. Magmar attacks with a Lava Plume, an extremely powerful Fire-type move that affects everyone on the field. Rhydon is left barely affected thanks to its type-advantage, but the blaze of fire quickly heads toward Happiny and Chimchar. Ryder tells Happiny to dodge, but Lazuli sends Chimchar straight into the fire. The flame on Chimchar's tail becomes bigger and Chimchar gives a powerful blast of Flamethrower, which has very little effect on Rhydon. Rhydon counters with a direct hit from a Hammer Arm. Happiny comes down from her dodge with a Pound attack. Now the two opponents are aware that even with type disadvantages, Happiny shouldn't be taken lightly and have Rhydon strike back with a surprise Surf attack while Magmar uses Protect. Lazuli decides to take it head on with a Flame Wheel. Ryder tries to convince her that Chimchar could really get hurt, but she does not care. As Happiny panics, Ryder suddenly gets an idea and has Happiny break through the Surf with Secret Power, which slams into Rhydon. Happiny then scores a direct-hit with Pound, knocking Rhydon out and leaving Magmar alone. Happiny then goes straight for Magmar with a Pound, but Magmar deflects it with a Fire Punch. While Happiny and Magmar are fighting, Chimchar comes from beneath with a Dig that knocks out Magmar. On the sidelines, Sadie comments that Ryder and Lazuli can't get much further unless they start working as a team.

During the night, Ryder trains with his Pokémon, having Golbat use Aerial Ace. Buizel, Turtwig and Torracat dodge the normally unavoidable attack with the spinning maneuver he'd used before. Golbat notices a blast of energy nearby. The explosive energy Golbat spotted earlier was Lazuli's Chimchar taking several attacks from Lazuli's Pokémon. Elekid uses Thunder, Murkrow uses Shadow Ball, Torterra uses Hyper Beam, and Ursaring uses Focus Blast. The tidal wave of attacks converges as Chimchar uses Flame Wheel to defend. Ryder notices the brutal training as Chimchar unleashes Flamethrower, but it hits Ryder and knocks him backward. Ryder gets up, complimenting Chimchar's power. Lazuli calls Chimchar back for more training as Ryder questions Lazuli's aggressive tactics. She brushes him off as she reveals her intention to get her Pokémon exposed to powerful battles. Ryder scolds him for his selfish goals as Lazuli ignores him, mentioning that Chimchar needed to be struck by the Surf attack from the previous battle to get stronger. Ryder tries to get her to raise Chimchar's strong points, but Lazuli mentions that it is a waste. Despite the rigor, Chimchar still wants to train. Ryder tries to convince Chimchar that there are different ways to train and it doesn't have to do it the hard away, but Lazuli and her team walk away, as Chimchar follows sadly.

Lazuli continues training Chimchar as it dodges Ursaring's Hammer Arm. Torterra fires Leaf Storm and Chimchar gets caught in it. Murkrow executes a Sky Attack as Chimchar tries Flamethrower, but it gets hit and collapses. Lazuli orders Chimchar to stand. It tries but is too weak, collapsing. Lazuli orders Elekid to use Thunder on it, but Torracat rushes forward with Flame Charge to block. Elekid charges for another attack, but Ryder rushes in to take Chimchar to the Pokémon Center. At the Center, Nurse Joy treats Chimchar. Joy steps out and mentions that Chimchar needs rest. Ryder confronts Lazuli about her training methods. Although reluctant at first, Ryder manages to get her to talk for Chimchar's safety.

Lazuli mentions how she met Chimchar, when she captured a Ninjask. She noticed a Chimchar racing through the forest, pursued by several Zangoose. The Zangoose attacked Chimchar for unknown reasons, but they were relentless. Chimchar wound up cornered at the edge of a cliff. As Lazuli watched, the Zangoose lunged forward. Chimchar activated Blaze and used a powerful Flame Wheel to consume the area with a spiral of fire. When it was over, the Zangoose were gone and Lazuli decided to catch the Chimchar, wanting that power to win battles. Ryder understands the she has been trying to get Chimchar to duplicate that power from that situation by putting it through difficult training battles, but has not had any luck. Lazuli wants to keep going even though Ryder urges her to let Chimchar rest. Only Nurse Joy's insistence makes her comply.

The next day, Lazuli and Ryder face off against their next opponents, with Ryder choosing Turtwig and Lazuli choosing an injured Chimchar, shocking everyone. Ryder informs Turtwig to cover Chimchar as their opponents send out Metagross and Zangoose. The sight of a Zangoose scares Chimchar while Lazuli grins at the situation. The battle starts as Metagross charges with Bullet Punch. Chimchar fires Flamethrower, but Zangoose jumps forward with X-Scissor. Turtwig uses Razor Leaf, but Zangoose swats them away. Metagross lands a hit on Chimchar as Zangoose hits Turtwig. Chimchar uses Dig as Metagross uses Magnet Rise to dodge. Zangoose jumps in with Crush Claw and sends Chimchar back. Turtwig attempts to Tackle Zangoose, but it dodges and Metagross uses Psychic to send Turtwig back, crashing into Chimchar. Zangoose jumps forward with Crush Claw as Chimchar is paralyzed by fear. Turtwig uses Bite on Zangoose's arm to stop the attack.

Metagross charges with Bullet Punch as Lazuli orders Chimchar to use Flame Wheel on Turtwig. Chimchar refuses to attack its teammate at first, but is forced to comply. Chimchar speeds forwards and hits Turtwig and Zangoose, separating them. Chimchar is able to keep the momentum going and hits Metagross. Turtwig suffers major damage as a result, and Ryder is furious with Lazuli for intentionally harming his Pokémon. Zangoose attempts another Crush Claw and Chimchar attempts another Flame Wheel, but Zangoose pins it and stops the attack. Lazuli orders Chimchar to use Flamethrower, but looking Zangoose in the eye paralyzes it in fear. This turns out to be the last straw for Lazuli as far as Chimchar is concerned. Turtwig uses Razor Leaf to get Zangoose off Chimchar as Turtwig steps forward, but collapses from damage. Zangoose unleashes Fire Blast as Chimchar intercepts, taking the attack and powering up. Ryder and Chimchar wait for Lazuli's command, but Lazuli closes her eyes and turns away, having completely given up on Chimchar. Metagross heads with Bullet Punch and Ryder, realizing Lazuli isn't going to be giving any more commands to Chimchar and is willing to let them get knocked out of the tournament, orders Chimchar to use Flamethrower, stunning everyone. Chimchar does so and hits Metagross, knocking it out. Turtwig charges forward as Zangoose uses Crush Claw. Turtwig spin dodges and uses Razor Leaf and Tackle to knock out Zangoose. Ryder and Lazuli win the duel, advancing to the semifinals. As Ryder praises the two Pokémon, Lazuli still has her back turned and Chimchar is upset knowing what is in store for it.

At sunset, Lazuli releases Chimchar from her ownership, tells it to get lost, and turns to leave. Ryder and Sadie arrive and scold Lazuli for her decision, but as far as Lazuli is concerned, the special training is over and she is going to need a new Fire-type Pokémon. Chimchar sadly turns to leave, and Ryder is upset to see such a loyal and hard-working Pokémon treated like this. Suddenly inspiration strikes him and he decides to take action. Calling to Chimchar, Ryder offers the Chimp Pokémon a spot on his team, stopping Lazuli in her tracks and stunning everyone. Sadie asks Ryder if he's sure, and Ryder is positive, promising Chimchar the chance to have fun and train. Ryder steps up to Chimchar and kneels down, leaving Chimchar with an important decision to make. However, a disgusted Lazuli tells them that as far as she's concerned they are a perfect match; a pathetic Pokémon for a pathetic Trainer.

In the final round, Lazuli and Ryder battled against Derek and Sadie. Ryder sends out Chimchar, Lazuli uses Elekid, and Derek and Sadie call out Heracross and Shellos, respectively. Ryder's first attack is Flamethrower, followed by Elekid using Thunder. However, Shellos is able to counterattack Flamethrower with Water Pulse, which in turn is countered by Elekid's Thunder. Conway backs Shellos up by telling Heracross to use Revenge. Heracross gets in to take the Thunder attack, and uses the power of Revenge to attack Elekid. Next, Chimchar uses Dig as Sadie calls for Shellos to use Water Pulse again. Elekid uses Protect, but at the last minute, Shellos cancels Water Pulse, and Derek tells Heracross to use Feint to break the Protect, taking Lazuli off-guard. Shellos then uses Mud Bomb, hitting Elekid, but Chimchar finally hits Shellos with Dig.

Shellos counters with Hidden Power, again hitting Chimchar. Chimchar quickly recovers and uses Flamethrower on Heracross, but Shellos jumps in front of Heracross and uses Water Pulse. The attacks collide, causing an explosion. Elekid jumps through the smoke and uses Thunder Punch, while Heracross counters with Megahorn. Another explosion is created, sending Elekid flying backwards. Suddenly, Elekid begins to evolve into Electabuzz, shocking everyone, except for Lazuli. The newly evolved Electabuzz then begins to charge up its Thunder. In response, Conway tells Heracross to use Megahorn and Shellos uses Blizzard. Ryder tells Chimchar to dodge Blizzard and to use Flamethrower on Shellos, while Electabuzz uses Thunder on Heracross. All the attacks collide, causing an explosion. Just when it seems like the battle is over, Shellos and Heracross are seen still standing once the smoke clears. However, Shellos gives its opponents a final smirk before they both fall to the ground, knocked out. Taking the win, Ryder congratulates Chimchar, although Lazuli remarks that if Chimchar was any good, Heracross would never have got back up. However, Ryder does not care what Lazuli thinks; as far as he is concerned, Chimchar did a fantastic job.

At the awards ceremony, Enta gets on stage to give Ryder and Lazuli their Soothe Bells. Everyone applauds Ryder and Lazuli, while Derek muses that for a tournament that was supposed to emphasize teamwork between Trainers, it was the team that co-operated the least that ended up winning. That evening, at the Pokémon Center, Ryder and Sadie discuss the battles that happened. Suddenly, Lazuli passes by, tossing her Soothe Bell at Ryder, saying that she does not need it. Ryder notes that for Lazuli, the tournament was simply an opportunity to power up her Pokémon, and as far as she's concerned, Elekid evolving was the only good thing to come out of the competition.

Lazuli later battled against a Gliscor, the leader of a large group of Gligar when they were trapped in a town with strong winds. In a nearby alley, Lazuli confronts Gliscor and sends out Electabuzz to partner with Weavile. She orders an Ice Beam/Swift combo, but there are so many Gligar flying about neither can target. Lazuli yells at her Pokémon to focus, and orders a Brick Break from Electabuzz which hits several Gligar. Gliscor isn't happy about seeing its group attacked and uses X-Scissor on Electabuzz, which sends the Electric-type flying into Weavile and Lauzli. Ryder arrives along with the Gligar he'd now befriended. Ryder tells Gliscor they can help it return to the wild, but before it can answer, it is hit by Lazuli's Ice Beam/Swift combo, sending it crashing to the ground. Lazuli then throws a Poké Ball, and successfully catches the Gliscor. As usual, Lazuli scans Gliscor with her Pokédex and sees that it is quite strong and decides to keep it. Ryder asks Lazuli about all the Gligar it was leading, but Lazuli doesn't care. The Gligar known to Ryder makes a run at Lazuli, but Electabuzz hits it with a Brick Break, sending it flying. Recalling her Pokémon to their Poké Balls, Lazuli criticizes Ryder and leaves.

Lazuli and Ryder's paths crossed once again shortly after Ryder's participation in the Wallace Cup, which Lazuli criticizes him for, which leads to the usual argument between them, before ultimately ending in a battle, as Chimchar was determined to defeat its former Trainer. Seeing how Ryder chose Gligar, Lazuli chooses her Gliscor, whom Gligar knew from its days in the same group, to play mind games with Gligar.

The battle begins and Ryder tells Gligar to use X-Scissor, however, Gliscor pounds back with Knock Off. Gligar begins to cry on the ground, when Ryder tells it to try Sand-Attack. Gligar gets up and starts to throw sand in Gliscor's face, but the Fang Scorp Pokémon is unaffected by the attack. Lazuli then commands Gliscor to use Guillotine, and Ryder tells Gligar to counter with Steel Wing, but it's no good as Gliscor scores a direct hit and slams Gligar into the ground, knocking it out. Ryder takes Gligar out and kindly tells it that's it ok and to and cheer for him with the rest of the team. Lazuli tells Ryder that it's a good time for Gligar to learn that being defeated in battle is all the Trainer's fault, which Ryder's Pokémon don't take kindly to.

Lazuli sends out her Ursaring next. Ryder's Chimchar volunteers to fight next. Incineroar isn't sure Chimchar is confident enough to battle Lazuli, but Chimchar turns around and tells Incineroar he can do it. The battle begins with Chimchar's Flamethrower. Ursaring uses Focus Blast, and both attacks cancel each other out. Chimchar uses Dig, but Ursaring uses Hammer Arm on the ground, unearthing Chimchar and knocking him into the air. Chimchar dives down with a Flame Wheel, but Ursaring catches him. Ursaring uses Secret Power at close range. Due to the mysterious power of Ursaring's Secret Power attack, Chimchar was flinched and can't attack. Despite encouragement from Ryder and friends, Ursaring uses Hammer Arm on Chimchar, burying him in a pile of rubble. Chimchar emerges in a flaming fury, having accessed Blaze, although it's not like any Blaze anyone's seen before. Remembering how Chimchar activated Blaze during his battle with the Zangoose, Lazuli knows that Chimchar is finally awake, as this is the power she was trying to unlock all along. Ryder suggests that Chimchar is trying his best to defeat Lazuli, and has accessed Blaze due to the encouragement from him and the other Pokémon. Ursaring is ordered to use another Focus Blast, however Chimchar's Flame Wheel smashes through it and collides with Ursaring, knocking it out.

Even though it won the battle, Chimchar's fury appears to be rising. Ryder tells Chimchar it's time to stop, however, Chimchar instead powers up another Flame Wheel and charges at his Trainer, who is able to get out of the way. Chimchar then goes for Lazuli, who is able to narrowly avoid being hit. Now Chimchar is bouncing all around, setting fire to the forest. Buizel uses Water Gun to put out the fires. Chimchar is now completely uncontrollable and attempts to get away, however, he is blocked by Ryder who begs Chimchar to stop. Chimchar's escape is then blocked by Incineroar, followed by the other Pokémon, causing Chimchar's fury to grow. Ryder, knowing he needs to stop Chimchar here and now, grabs the Chimp Pokémon and holds him close and screams at him to stop, but Chimchar shows no sign of calming and bites him in the shoulder, causing Ryder intense pain. The other Pokémon move to help Ryder, but Incineroar stops them, knowing Ryder is able to handle this alone. The intense heat caused by Chimchar begins to burn Ryder, but he refuses to let go and keeps begging Chimchar to stop. Eventually, under Ryder's encouraging words, Chimchar finally calms down and regains control.

Chimchar is once again terrified, this time of Ryder's yelling; seeing it as a possible sign of anger. However, Ryder's yelling was due more to desperation for Chimchar to get a hold of itself, but Ryder compliments Chimchar on its power, and says that he believes in Chimchar's power. Lazuli, however, asks what Ryder will do the next time Chimchar ends up accessing Blaze, and if he will ever be able to control it. Ryder believes Chimchar has the ability to handle the power it possesses. The rest of Ryder and Lazuli's battle is called off, and Lazuli tells Ryder he's a fool to believe that Chimchar can handle Blaze. However, she goes on to say that after Ryder and Chimchar have learned to control Blaze, the two trainers will battle again. Ryder embraces Chimchar and Lazuli walks away, both knowing that the two will battle again someday.

Lazuli and Ryder met up again while they were watching Cynthia's battle against Aaron for the title of Champion. Lazuli then witnessed Ryder's training and upon being questioned, expresses her distaste at Ryder's lack of bitterness, which reminds her of Rollins, and gets challenged to a battle by Ryder, which she accepts.

On the battlefield, Turtwig stands ready as Lazuli summons her Honchkrow. Despite the type disadvantage, Ryder is confident in Turtwig's speed. Honchkrow prepares Sky Attack, but since it takes time to ready, Turtwig strikes first with Energy Ball, but it inflicts little damage. Honchkrow charges as Turtwig jumps and spins forward, dodging the attack. Honchkrow follows up with Night Slash, but Turtwig dodges again. However, Honchkrow comes around with a second Night Slash and manages to hit. Honchkrow comes down with Aerial Ace, and Ryder orders Turtwig to use Bite, but Honchkrow knocks Turtwig down before it can attack. Turtwig tries to get up, but Honchkrow hits with another relentless Aerial Ace. Turtwig manages to get up and begins to glow.

Right during the heat of battle, Turtwig evolves into Grotle, revitalized with new energy. Undeterred, Lazuli orders Honchkrow to execute another Aerial Ace. Ryder tells Grotle to dodge, but as Grotle tries to, it fails to move quickly enough and gets hit. Honchkrow charges up a Sky Attack as Ryder tells Grotle to attack with Bite, but Grotle stumbles. Grotle manages to get up as Honchkrow charges. Grotle tries to turn around but stumbles again, taking the Sky Attack. Ryder still believes Grotle retained its speed, but Lazuli snubs Ryder at his lack of knowledge about how much his Pokémon changed after evolving. Honchkrow fires a Dark Pulse, hitting Grotle on the head and knocking it out.

Lazuli's victory was mainly due to Grotle's unability to control itself due to its sudden lack of speed, which was witnessed by her Torterra, who, being the same species as Grotle, takes pity on its pre-evolved form, and teaches Grotle how to use its newfound weight as Defense to make up for its lack of Speed, all the while against Lazuli's orders, and while Lazuli herself witnessed, although she didn't attempt to stop her Pokémon.

Lazuli participates in the Squallville PokéRinger with her Honchkrow, where she ultimately reaches the finals, facing off against Ryder and his Golbat. Golbat gets the ring first. Honchkrow uses Sky Attack while Golbat counters with Brave Bird. The attacks create a huge explosion, but Golbat takes damage and goes into a free fall, Honchkrow emerging relatively unharmed and rushing with Night Slash. Ryder has Golbat dodge before heading towards the goal. Honchkrow fires Dark Pulse, hitting and Golbat briefly loses the ring, quickly grabbing it and bolting to the goal. A strong gust of wind halts Golbat as Honchkrow rides the wind, powering up Aerial Ace. The attack misses as Golbat tries to overcome the repulsion, but to no avail. Honchkrow continues to put pressure with Aerial Ace, eventually striking Golbat and knocking the ring out of Golbat's mouth. Honchkrow takes possession of the ring. Both bird Pokémon exchange glares before racing towards the goal. Golbat goes into Aerial Ace, but Honchkrow moves aside, the attack passing harmlessly. Ryder quickly has Golbat come down with Aerial Ace, stealing the ring right out from Honchkrow's beak. While Golbat races towards the goal, Lazuli orders Honchkrow to strike with Sky Attack, hitting Golbat. As he attempts a follow-up Night Slash, Ryder has Golbat retaliate with Brave Bird. However, Honchkrow anticipates this, dodging the attack and striking with Night Slash, sending Golbat to the ground, though he still holds the ring.

Ryder tries to encourage Golbat to get up, but Lazuli snubs him before ordering a finishing Sky Attack. Golbat seems immobile as Honchkrow bears down, but Ryder's encouragement gets him back into the air. Golbat spreads his wings before he begins to glow, starting the evolution process. His number of wings increases as the evolution completes with Crobat ready to fight. Not backing down, Lazuli has Honchkrow use Night Slash, both of the Pokémon's wings glowing. Crobat easily dodges the attacks, but Honchkrow eventually lands a hit and Crobat loses the ring. Both go after it, repelling each other before Honchkrow stalls Crobat with a Night Slash. Crobat quickly races towards Honchkrow, gets parallel and proceeds to attack with Cross Poison before Crobat pushes Honchkrow back with a wing strike. Excited, Ryder has Crobat go for the ring. Crobat grabs it and races for the goal. Honchkrow tries to hit with Night Slash, but Crobat dodges, gets behind and attempts Brave Bird. Honchkrow turns around and hits with Sky Attack, the two moves creating a powerful explosion and sending the ring away. Both Trainers order their Pokémon after it. Honchkrow gets farther ahead and is almost to the ring, but Ryder shouts to Crobat to get the ring. Crobat races forward and unexpectedly swats the ring with his wing before Honchkrow can close its beak, sending the ring onto the goal. Ryder and Crobat win the PokéRinger, giving Ryder his first overall win against Lazuli.

Sometime later, Lazuli arrived at Snowpoint City to challenge Candace, but was asked to postpone the battle for the next day as Candace had just battled against Ryder, and was defeated, and Lazuli accepts and begins to walk away. Later, Rollins arrives at the city to run an errand, and Lazuli runs into him, and gets soon joined by Ryder and Sadie. Suddenly, they witness the Battle Pyramid flying by, and Lazuli becomes extremely shocked upon finding that Ryder was capable of beating it in the past.

As they reach the Battle Pyramid, Lazuli challenges Brandon to a Full Battle, which Brandon accepts, and Lazuli becomes determined to finally achieve her goal of defeating Brandon. Lazuli summons Magmar as Brandon summons Regirock. Rollins recollects that Lazuli watched his battle, Regirock being the same lead Pokémon. Rollins recalls the match, he had defeated the other six Frontier Brains and defeating Brandon would allow him to become a Frontier Brain candidate. Lazuli has just started her Pokémon journey with Turtwig and took time out from her first journey through Sinnoh to travel to the Battle Frontier in order to watch Reggie's battle. Despite his best efforts, Brandon defeated Reggie without losing a Pokémon. Lazuli and her Turtwig were both shocked that Reggie lost to Brandon and was unable to defeat any of his Pokémon. Brandon harshly tells Rollins that while it was an enjoyable battle, there was nothing special or unique about Rollins's battle style, and Brandon finishes by asking Rollins where his inner strength is. Lazuli took these words to heart, vowing to find her inner strength with her Turtwig being just as determined as well. Ryder then figures out that Lazuli's obsession with power steems from Rollins's loss against Brandon.

Lazuli immediately recalls Magmar, which surprises everyone, including Brandon, since the battle just started. Lazuli brings out Machoke. The type matchup is positive for Lazuli as Regirock fires Stone Edge, but Machoke blocks it easily. Lazuli points out that Rock-type moves won't do that much harm to Fighting-types like Machoke, and asks if this is a test. Brandon smiles and states she will have to see for herself. Machoke charges forward and hits with multiple Close Combats, but Regirock bear hugs Machoke to stop the attacks and uses Shock Wave at close range, causing it to stumble. Machoke launches a Focus Blast, but Regirock moves to the side and throws a Focus Punch, knocking Machoke out. As Lazuli recalls Machoke, everyone is impressed at the strength of Regirock.

Lazuli calls Electabuzz. Ryder predicts Lazuli's strategy as Electabuzz uses Brick Break to hit. Regirock fires Stone Edge, the attack being so powerful that it even manages to smash through Protect, which greatly frustrates Lazuli, before following up with Hyper Beam to take Electabuzz out. Ryder expresses his surprise at the easy defeat of Electabuzz while Lazuli recalls it. Brandon recalls his Regirock as well, which benefits him on not having to deal with Regirock being immobile after firing Hyper Beam. Brandon sends out Registeel as Lazuli brings Magmar back out. Magmar hits with a Flamethrower, but, to everyone's amazement, Registeel takes the super-effective attack without much falter. Rollins notes that Flamethrower must have had an effect on Registeel, but it is hanging in. Registeel launches into an Iron Head and Magmar blocks it, but it flinches, negating the Will-O-Wisp order Lazuli gave. Lazuli recalls Magmar and deploys Claydol. Registeel fires Flash Cannon, which hits Claydol squarely in the face, but Claydol uses Earth Power (Brandon showing some surprise of how Claydol recovered), which hits before launching into Rapid Spin. Registeel stumbles backwards but quickly recovers, withstanding a hit from Claydol's Psybeam before using Iron Head to knock it out.

Brandon begins to taunt Lazuli, reminding her that she wanted to defeat the man who defeated Rollins and put an end to his Pokémon journey. Lazuli, recalling her Claydol, tells Brandon that the fact that Brandon defeated Rollins is the only reason why she is battling him now; all she wants is the chance to earn victory against Brandon, which her brother couldn't do. Brandon presents the ultimate challenge to all Trainers to find their inner strength and Lazuli knows what her inner strength is: her will. Brandon chastises Lazuli for this, telling her she is focusing on the past. He adds that if Lazuli is this obsessed with what happened to Rollins, she needs to question why she's on a journey in the first place. This clearly hits a nerve and Lazuli furiously brings out Onix.

Brandon recalls Registeel and brings Regice out as Onix uses Harden and Defense Curl. Rollins guesses Lazuli is trying to hang in and wait for a chance to counterstrike. Regice freezes Onix with an Ice Beam before launching Focus Punch, knocking out Onix without it being able to attack. As Lazuli recalls Onix, her emotions grow even more intense as she brings out Ursaring. Ursaring launches Hammer Arm, but Regice counters with Focus Punch and a massive backlash is created, knocking both Pokémon backwards. Ursaring prepares to use Focus Blast, but a Zap Cannon stops that attack and paralyses Ursaring. Lazuli gets even more frustrated and angry at this, and Ryder notices Lazuli is not trying to switch out Ursaring. Brandon then recalls Regice and brings Regirock back out, much to Lazuli's anger and shock. Regirock then fires Stone Edge, and Ursaring is taken out, forcing Lazuli to recall Ursaring. Rollins notes that Lazuli did not give any orders to Ursaring, having just given up on Ursaring's chances of winning. Lazuli brings out Magmar as her last, however, with the type-disadvantage and massive difference in strength, everyone verbally states that Lazuli has already lost the match. Regirock easily endures Magmar's Flamethrower before knocking out Magmar with Shock Wave, therefore giving Brandon a perfect 6-0 victory over Lazuli.

Ryder feels bad for Lazuli, who is left shocked and upset at her team being completely ripped apart by Brandon, all the while in front of her brother and peers. Lazuli then recalls her Magmar, and Brandon, recalling Regirock, then asks if the battle Lazuli just had was her true battle. He commends Lazuli on a good battle and raising and training her Pokémon very well, but notes that Lazuli let her emotions betray her during the battle. Brandon then tells Lazuli that they will battle again when she has learned to control her emotions. Lazuli silently accepts this, bowing to her elder. Afterwards, Rollins suggests a Full Battle between the rivals at Lake Acuity in ten days, which both Trainers agree to.

When the day of their Full Battle arrives, Lazuli and Ryder prepare for their long-waited battle. A Coin Toss is used to decide who gets to pick their Pokémon first, and Ryder wins. He sends out Buizel first, and Lazuli sends out her Torterra. The referee begins the match, only for Ryder to instantly recall Buizel, similar to how Lazuli recalled her first Pokémon during the match against Brandon when he didn't like the type-matchup. Ryder apologizes to Buizel and promises he will call on it soon, and sends out Gliscor to replace him.

The battle then begins properly as Lazuli orders Giga Drain. However, the energy-sapping tentacles plunge into the ground, missing a now flying Gliscor completely. Rollins knows that Lazuli probably intended Giga Drain to miss to try to lull Ryder into a false sense of security and let down his guard. Ryder then has Gliscor use X-Scissor on Torterra and it scores a direct hit. Being a Bug-type move, it causes a fair bit of damage against Torterra, but not enough to cause it to faint.

Lazuli then starts to battle directly and orders Frenzy Plant, the most powerful Grass-type move. Luckily, Gliscor is fast enough to avoid the vines, and Torterra is left immobilized while it recharges. Ryder knows he has an opening and has Gliscor use Fire Fang, which hits Torterra, and Ryder has Gliscor follow this up with another X-Scissor. Ryder decides to go in for one more hit and has Gliscor use Steel Wing, but as Gliscor heads towards Torterra, it recovers from Frenzy Plant and Lazuli has it use Crunch. Although Steel Wing hits, Torterra bites on to Gliscor's tail, and Gliscor struggles, but is unable to break free. Lazuli then has Torterra use Giga Drain, and this time it hits dead-on, sapping Gliscor's energy while recharging its own. Rollins realizes this was part of Lazuli's strategy, to allow Torterra to be immobilized so Ryder would go in close-range. Gliscor is still struggling to break free from Giga Drain and Ryder has Gliscor use Fire Fang on the energy tentacles, which hurts Torterra and sets Gliscor free. Both Gliscor and Torterra are left exhausted, and Ryder decides to recall Gliscor for some rest, and sends out Crobat to battle next.

Ryder has Crobat begin with Brave Bird, and Crobat moves in for the hit. However, Lazuli has Torterra use Stone Edge. The pointed stones score a super-effective hit and Crobat is sent plummeting to the ground. Now everyone is aware that Lazuli left Torterra in because she knew Ryder would switch to Crobat, and now that it has done its job, Lazuli recalls Torterra to its Poké Ball.

Lazuli's second Pokémon is Weavile, and after making sure Crobat is OK to battle, Ryder tells him to begin with Air Slash. Crobat gets the hit in, and Lazuli then has Weavile use Swords Dance. Ryder calls for an Aerial Ace, and Lazuli counters this by ordering Blizzard. The Ice-type move hits Crobat hard, and Lazuli then has Weavile follow up with Metal Claw. Crobat flies low and Weavile jumps onto his back. Weavile then slashes Crobat's back and jumps off as the Bat Pokémon crashes to the ground. Lazuli orders Weavile to go after Crobat with another Metal Claw, and Ryder has Crobat use Cross Poison. Crobat and Weavile trade blows, but Crobat is able to gain the advantage and sends Weavile flying. Crobat maintains the assault, and Lazuli orders a Blizzard while Ryder calls for Brave Bird. Crobat flies out of range of the Blizzard and scores a direct hit with Brave Bird. Although Crobat suffers from the recoil, Weavile comes out of it far worse off and, despite its efforts, collapses to the ground unable to battle. Olivier rules Weavile as out of the battle and Ryder, now with the advantage, commends a battered Crobat on a fantastic performance, but knows better than to get too confident over this win. Ryder also knows that Crobat took a real beating and recalls it for some rest.

Lazuli sends out Electabuzz next while Ryder sends out Grotle. As Electric-type moves don't work very well against Grass-types, Ryder doesn't know what Lazuli is thinking and has Grotle use Energy Ball. Lazuli has Electabuzz use Light Screen and Electabuzz sets up a barrier which the Energy Ball smashes against, instead of getting a direct hit. Now that the Light Screen is set up, Lazuli substitutes Electabuzz with Honchkrow, a much better type-matchup against Grotle. Grotle is determined to defeat Honchkrow to make up for the defeat it suffered after evolving, and Ryder decides to leave it in, determined to show Lazuli and Honchkrow how much Grotle has improved since then. Everyone else knows this is a huge mistake on Ryder's part due to the disadvantage as a Grass-type, especially Lazuli.

Night Slash is used by Honchkrow after a missed Razor Leaf, and although Grotle tries to stand up to it, the hit is still powerful. Ryder orders Grotle to use Energy Ball, however Honchkrow is shielded by the Light Screen. Honchkrow uses Haze, which surrounds Grotle. Normally when Lazuli battles, it's to polish up his Pokémon's moves or to increase their power but he has a different motive during this battle. Lazuli is going for the win. Rollins explains that Lazuli has worked out Ryder's battle style which is allowing her to keep the pressure on Ryder. When Grotle gets Night Slashed again, Ryder sees that it is exhausted by now, so he has it use Synthesis. As Grotle regains its energy, Lazuli takes advantage of the moment and tells Honchkrow to use Sky Attack. Honchkrow begins glowing and makes a direct line for Grotle. Ryder has Grotle use Rock Climb to try to counter, and the attacks collide, obscuring both Pokémon, however Honchkrow flies clear while Grotle has been knocked out. Olivier rules Grotle as being unable to battle, and Ryder recalls it as Lazuli recalls Honchkrow. Rollins, noting on Ryder's poor judgment, points out that using Synthesis as healing moves have the disadvantage of leaving a Pokémon open to attack and a Trainer should make note of the opponent's condition before using one or be an easy target.

Both Trainers must select new Pokémon, and Ryder sends Incineroar into the battle. Lazuli sends in a Pokémon that surprises everyone, Magmortar, evolved from her Magmar. Ryder orders Incineroar to use Darkest Lariat, which successfully connects and knocks Magmortar backwards, but Magmortar quickly recovers. Worsening matters, once Incineroar lands, he is immediately hurt by fire that surrounds his body. Rollins notes that Magmortar has the Flame Body Ability, which has a chance of burning an opponent if it makes physical contact, as a result of Incineroar's Darkest Lariat. Lazuli smiles, and Ryder asks Incineroar if he wants to continue, and Incineroar, desperate to help defeat Lazuli, agrees. Ryder thanks Incineroar and commands a Flamethrower, and Lazuli responds by ordering a Flamethrower of her own. Magmortar fires Flamethrower from its massive bazooka-like arms and it connects with Incineroar's Flamethrower, causing a massive explosion. Ryder then has Incineroar use Flare Blitz, and Incineroar powers up and heads straight towards Magmortar. Lazuli commands Magmortar to use Rock Tomb, and Magmortar starts to fire purple energy which turns into rocks when they hit the ground. Incineroar, forced to run straight due to the Flare Blitz, smashes head-first into the rocks which causes Flare Blitz to fail and throws Incineroar back, where he continues to suffer from his burn. Lazuli then commands Magmortar to use Smog and Magmortar releases a poisonous cloud which heads straight towards Incineroar. Ryder commands Incineroar to use Darkest Lariat at the spot with maximum speed, and Incineroar spins so fast, that Magmortar's Smog dissipates upon contact, which shocks Lazuli and impresses Rollins. However, Incineroar is then hurt by his burn again. Rollins knows that this is bad and that the longer that Incineroar carries on, the greater the disadvantage for him. Lazuli orders Magmortar to use Flamethrower. Ryder tells Incineroar to jump and use Throat Chop from above. Incineroar jumps out of the Flamethrower's path and successfully strikes Magmortar across the head with Throat Chop. Magmortar takes the hit and Incineroar takes more burn damage. Ryder then recalls Incineroar for some rest after battling so hard.

Ryder decides to use type advantage against Magmortar and sends out Buizel, who is ready to battle. Ryder starts by ordering an Aqua Jet and Buizel speeds towards Magmortar and hits it directly on the chest, sending Magmortar reeling back, but despite the super-effective hit is still able to carry on. Ryder then follows up with Water Pulse, and Buizel sends a wave of water towards his opponent, however Lazuli orders another Rock Tomb, and Magmortar creates a shield of rocks which protects itself from the Water Pulse. However, Ryder quickly orders Aqua Jet. Buizel smashes through the rocks, only to find Magmortar gone. Ryder and Buizel don't know where Magmortar is, and Buizel looks up to see a now aerial Magmortar release another Smog, which hits Buizel and poisons the Pokémon, causing Buizel to reel in pain. Rollins realizes that Rock Tomb was used to keep Buizel from seeing what Magmortar was up to. As Buizel tries to recover from his damage, Magmortar lands and Lazuli recalls it.

Lazuli then sends out Ursaring and Ryder orders Water Gun. Lazuli is prepared for this and orders a Hammer Arm, which successfully counters the attack. Lazuli then orders Bulk Up, which increases Ursaring's strength and defense. Ryder knows what Bulk Up does, but foolishly believes Buizel can handle it and has him use Aqua Jet while Lazuli orders Ursaring to use Slash. Ursaring, after resisting Aqua Jet, hits Buizel with its sharp claws, sending Buizel to the ground. Ursaring uses Focus Blast, and Ryder responds by having Buizel use an Aqua Jet Counter Shield, which creates a typhoon of water upon which Focus Blast backfires onto Ursaring. Ryder then orders a Sonic Boom, and Lazuli tells Ursaring to use Hammer Arm. Ursaring runs through the Sonic Boom and lands a direct hit on Buizel, smashing him to the ground. At this point, Ryder is ready to recall Buizel, but Buizel wants to stay in the battle so Ryder allows him to stay. This turns out to be a mistake, because when Buizel is ordered to use Aqua Jet, the attack is countered by a dead on Focus Blast which takes Buizel out of the battle.

Ryder then sends out Crobat, launching Aerial Ace. Lazuli orders another Hammer Arm, but Crobat dodges it and scores a clean hit with Aerial Ace. Lazuli orders Focus Blast, which hits Crobat in mid-air, but not critically damaging it. Ryder orders Staraptor to use Cross Poison, but Ursaring's Slash attack halts Crobat before it can get close enough to attack. Ursaring then Hammer Arms Crobat into the ground, taking it out of the match. Ryder returns it to its Poké Ball and thanks it for a good battle. Lazuli recalls Ursaring and sends out Electabuzz, and Ryder sends out Chimchar for its first appearance in the battle, and Chimchar shows a mean look at its former Trainer.

Chimchar uses Flamethrower, but Electabuzz uses Protect to block. Lazuli has Electabuzz put up a Light Screen before immediately returning it to its Poké Ball. Rollins believes that Lazuli used Protect to cover Electabuzz then Light Screen to cover her next Pokémon. Lazuli sends out Torterra, which confuses Ryder as Torterra, being a partial Grass-type, has a disadvantage to Chimchar, but he carries on. Ryder orders Chimchar to use Flame Wheel, but Torterra counters with Stone Edge. Ryder has Chimchar immediately dodge the Stone Edge by changing the direction of the Flame Wheel, but it is revealed that Lazuli has trained Torterra to change the direction of the stones, allowing them to follow Chimchar. Chimchar cannot outrun the stones and therefore suffers a super-effective hit. Ryder has Chimchar use Flamethrower which hits successfully, but the Light Screen protects Torterra and Flamethrower only does half the damage. Realizing that Chimchar won't be able to defeat Torterra like this, Ryder recalls it.

Ryder sends out Gliscor against Torterra again and orders X-Scissor. However, Lazuli isn't messing around with Gliscor this time, and has Torterra use Frenzy Plant, which this time is able to score a direct hit and knocks out Gliscor immediately. Ryder returns Gliscor to its Poké Ball, and begins to consider his remaining options. He knows that Torterra was Lazuli's first Pokémon and as a result is the strongest member of her team. Ryder decides to choose Incineroar and as Incineroar gets summoned, Lazuli immediately returns Torterra.

Lazuli sends out Ursaring again, leaving Ryder unsure of what to do, as he knows that Ursaring is very powerful, having taken out two of his Pokémon. Incineroar reminds Ryder that he has the first move, and Ryder orders Darkest Lariat, while Lazuli orders yet another Hammer Arm. Incineroar hits with Darkest Lariat, but Ursaring's Hammer Arm knocks the wind out of Incineroar and sends him flying back. Incineroar recovers and Ryder orders Incineroar to use Flamethrower. Lazuli orders Ursaring to counter, but Ursaring suffers from poison, and Flamethrower scores a clean hit, although Incineroar still suffers damage from the burn it received from Magmortar earlier. Rollins comments that Ursaring's poison was a delayed reaction from Crobat's Cross Poison, as Lazuli had recalled Ursaring before poison could take effect on Ursaring. Just then, Ursaring's eyes begin to glow red, pleasing Lazuli. Reggie notes that Ursaring's Guts Ability has been activated by its poison. Incineroar sees Ursaring glowing red and screaming with rage, having suddenly just gained a lot of power. Lazuli commands Hammer Arm, while Ryder orders Pikachu to counter, and Incineroar responds with a massive Flamethrower, but it does not stop Ursaring. Incineroar is Hammer Armed, and heaved into Lake Acuity, where after disappearing under the water, it lets out a final burst of fire. Ryder runs into the lake looking for his partner. Rollins becomes worried about Incineroar, and even Lazuli casts a glance towards the lake where Ryder is looking, and seemingly becomes quite worried, knowing that she probably used too much force. Incineroar emerges from the water, seemingly okay, but he quickly faints in Ryder's arms, not only exhausted but injured from Ursaring's attacks. Ryder helps Incineroar to the sidelines and promises to get it to a Pokémon Center after the battle. Ryder attempts to recall him, but Incineroar refuses, wanting to watch the remainder of the battle, and Ryder relents, and Incineroar sits next to Rollins. Ryder knows that Lazuli still has five Pokémon while he is down to only Chimchar, but he also knows that all of Lazuli's Pokémon have taken damage and he is still determined to continue.

Ryder sends out Chimchar while Lazuli leaves Ursaring in. Chimchar uses Flame Wheel, but Ursaring knocks it back with Slash. Ryder then tells Chimchar to use Flamethrower, which scores a direct hit, and Ryder has Chimchar follow up with Dig. Lazuli commands Ursaring to use Hammer Arm on the ground like before, but this time, Chimchar emerges from the ground before Ursaring can pull off the attack and causes even more damage to it. Chimchar is then commanded to use another Flamethrower, which hits Ursaring dead-on finally bringing it down. Ryder congratulates Chimchar on doing a great job which makes the Chimp Pokémon dance with joy.

Ryder approaches Chimchar and praises his Pokémon before asking if it is okay to continue. Chimchar nods its head in agreement and then starts to glow as Chimchar has started to evolve. Everyone watches in amazement as Chimchar undergoes the transformation and evolves into Monferno. Ryder is overjoyed over having a new Pokémon. Rollins notes that while Chimchar didn't fit Lazuli's training style, it was a perfect match for Ryder's, and this has been displayed in Chimchar rising to Ryder's call and evolving into Monferno, and as a result, now has new abilities and techniques at its disposal. Monferno demonstrates this by swinging its fists quickly and effortlessly which causes them to glow. Monferno then swings at the ground which sends a gust of wind at Lazuli, who stands unflinching. Ryder realizes that, as well as evolving, Monferno has also learned Mach Punch, which Monferno confirms by somersaulting on the spot. Rollins continues that Ryder and Monferno are the perfect example of how compatibility between Trainer and Pokémon can mean everything.

Lazuli sends out Electabuzz, who is initially surprised to see Chimchar has evolved, but is still more than ready to battle its former teammate, a sentiment Monferno agrees with. Rollins notes the two are now on equal terms, and Ryder commands Monferno to use Mach Punch. Monferno speeds towards Electabuzz and chokes it square on the chest, sending an astounded Electabuzz flying back and smashing into a rock. Lazuli orders Electabuzz to use Thunder, which hits Monferno and makes it scream in pain. Ryder responds to this by having Monferno use Flame Wheel, however Lazuli has Electabuzz use Protect, sending Monferno flying back. Monferno tries Flamethrower, but Electabuzz dodges and executes Thunder Punch. Monferno dodges it in mid-air, and Ryder tells him to use Dig. Monferno tunnels underground, and when Electabuzz lands, it suffers a direct strike as Monferno emerges. Ryder commands another Flame Wheel, and Electabuzz responds with Thunder, which heads straight towards Monferno. Ryder has Monferno use Counter Shield with Flamethrower, and as a result, the Thunder is deflected allowing Flame Wheel to score a direct hit. Rollins is impressed by how Ryder is using the momentum to turn the battle around. Ryder orders another Mach Punch, but this time, Monferno's move was blocked by Electabuzz's Protect, and Monferno gets hit by Thunder, sending him back towards Ryder and forcing it to its knees from both the damage and paralysis. Ryder senses something bad and tells Monferno to use Flamethrower, but as he sees Monferno can't launch the attack, he then realizes that Monferno had been paralyzed. Just then, Monferno's tail flame starts to burn more fiercely. Ryder is delighted that Monferno is not giving up no matter what and tells it to use Mach Punch while Lazuli commands his Electabuzz to use Thunder Punch. The two Pokémon head towards each other full of fury, and both attacks connect at the same time, which causes a massive explosion in the middle of the battlefield. When the smoke clears, Monferno and Electabuzz continue to stare each other down. While Electabuzz is very weak, Monferno has taken far more damage and collapses to the ground, badly injured, to Ryder's horror. Olivier rules Monferno as being unable to battle, which means Lazuli has won the match while Ryder, having only managed to knock out two of Lazuli's Pokémon, has suffered his worst defeat ever.

The sun starts to set on Lake Acuity, as Lazuli returns Electabuzz to its Poké Ball and Ryder cradles Monferno in his arms, telling it that it did a great job. Rollins congratulates Lazuli on his win, and Lazuli actually smiles, acknowledging that it was indeed a spectacular battle. Lazuli promises to send Rollins her Pokémon and bids farewell to him and Olivier before leaving.

After obtaining her eight Badges to compete in the Sinnoh League, Lazuli and Ryder crossed paths yet again, as well as Lazuli meeting Vito, whom Lazuli had never met before, and Vito admired Lazuli's strength. Vito challenged her to a battle, but Lazuli declines, and reveals she's been declining all challenges to prepare her Pokémon for the Sinnoh League, and suggests Vito battle Ryder instead. Later, Lazuli witness their battle and after the Pokémon Pinchers attempt to steal Vito's Empoleon, Lazuli summons Electabuzz to try and save Empoleon from being crushed by the villains's mecha. Suddenly, Electabuzz's Protect fails, and the mecha starts to collapse, endangering Electabuzz as well as the other Pokémon. Monferno, now back in control, powers up a Flame Wheel, and races towards the cage getting underneath and supporting it. As it supports the cage, Monferno suddenly evolves into Infernape. Ryder has Infernape throw the cage into the air, and then has it destroyed with Mach Punch. This proves to be no problem for the powerful Pokémon as it frees Empoleon. When Empoleon starts to fall, Infernape absorbs him into a Flame Wheel to allow him to land safely. Ryder congratulates Infernape, and Empoleon thanks Infernape for saving him.

Lazuli then approaches them and explains that Monferno was not only able to control Blaze, but was able to transform it into a new kind of energy that allowed it to evolve. Infernape then releases Vito from his capsule; and Empoleons reunite with its relieved Trainer. Lazuli starts to leave, but Ryder thanks her for her help and tells his rival that both he and Infernape would like to have another battle against her one day. Lazuli smiles, and tells Ryder that Rollins would also like to see another Full Battle between the two at the Sinnoh League, which Ryder and Infernape agree to.

Lazuli entered the Lily of the Valley Conference and advanced through the first rounds. Eventually, Lazuli battled Vito during the preliminary rounds. A rock field will be the battlefield for their battle. Vito and Lazuli appear on both sides of the battlefield. Vito chooses Forretress as his first Pokémon and Lazuli chooses Magmortar. Vito starts the battle with Spikes. Lazuli tells Magmortar to use Flamethrower, and the strong attack takes out Forretress immediately. Vito thanks his Forretress and returns it to its Poké Ball. He sends out Empoleon. Empoleon uses Hydro Cannon on Magmortar, injuring it. Despite knowing that her Pokémon will be injured under the effects of Spikes, Lazuli calls back Magmortar and sends out Ursaring. The Spikes from before inflicts a damage on Ursaring. Vito returns Empoleon, and chooses Hitmonlee. Lazuli tells Ursaring to use Bulk Up. Hitmonlee uses Mega Kick. Ursaring uses Hammer Arm, but Hitmonlee dodges it by jumping on a rock. Ursaring uses Slash, and Vito tells Hitmonlee to dodge it all. Then, Hitmonlee uses Close Combat. Ursaring uses Hammer Arm again and hits Hitmonlee. As Hitmonlee is about to crash onto a rock, Vito tells it to do its best. It jumps up high and uses High Jump Kick. It crashes to the ground and hits Ursaring with its other leg. Lazuli tells it to use Focus Blast. Although Hitmonlee dodges it by jumping behind a rock, the strong impact hits Hitmonlee. Ursaring uses Hammer Arm again, and Hitmonlee counters it by using Blaze Kick, burning Ursaring. Ursaring activates Guts and uses Hammer Arm to counter Hitmonlee's Blaze Kick. The strong impact causes a smoke that clears soon after. Both Pokémon are seen standing up, but Hitmonlee falls. Hitmonlee is defeated.

Vito chooses his Empoleon again. Lazuli tells Ursaring to use Slash, and Empoleon uses Drill Peck. Both Pokémon are injured. Ursaring uses Focus Blast and Empoleon uses Steel Wing to reflect the attack. The Focus Blast is sent back to Ursaring, and Ursaring suffers massive damage. Lazuli calls Ursaring back, and sends Electivire out. The Spikes hit Electivire. Ryder comments that Lazuli's Electabuzz had evolved and knows that Vito's chances of victory are slim. Empoleon uses Hyper Beam and Electivire counters it with Thunder. The attacks collide and causes a huge smoke. The smoke clears and shows Empoleon breathing heavily, needing to recharge after using Hyper Beam. Electivire uses Thunder Punch, and Vito tells Empoleon to dodge it. Lazuli tells Electivire to continue using Thunder Punch, but Empoleon dodges them all. When Empoleon gets cornered, Electivire uses Giga Impact and Empoleon is hit at a point-blank range. Empoleon manages to stand up. Electivire uses Thunder Punch. Empoleon fails to dodge it, and is launched back many feet, smashing rocks in the process. Empoleon tries to get up. Vito yells it to continue doing its best. Empoleon hears it and its Torrent Ability is activated. Empoleon uses Hydro Cannon. Its Torrent Ability powers up its Hydro Cannon, which is strong enough to destroy the rocky terrain of the field. Ryder becomes pleased with this breakthough, though Lazuli just orders Electivire to use Protect. Hydro Cannon hits the protective shielding and Electivire is unaffected by Empoleon's last resort. Empoleon has to recharge from the attack. Electivire finishes it the battle off with Thunder. Empoleon stands still, taking the damage of the Thunder. Vito yells out to Empoleon. Lazuli is declared the winner. Vito thanks his Empoleon for the great battle.

Later at the Pokémon Center, Vito meets up with Lazuli and asks her if she believed his skills as a Trainer met her standards, and after a brief pause of silence, Lazuli says that Vito impressed her before walking off, and Vito becomes delighted at seeing that Lazuli respected him.

Lazuli ultimately reached the finals, where she once again found herself battling against Ryder, with the two rivals finally set to settle their long-standing rivalry once and for all for the title of the Sinnoh League. Ryder decides to start the match with Incineroar while Lazuli chooses Steelix. Lazuli begins by having Steelix use Iron Tail, and Ryder has Incineroar counter with Throat Chop and the two moves cancel each other out. Lazuli then tells Steelix to use Screech. A high-pitched noise is produced which causes pain to Incineroar. Ryder instructs Incineroar to use Flamethrower to stop Steelix's attack, and Incineroar manages to pull it off, stopping Steelix as well as causing damage. Incineroar then uses Flare Blitz, speeding towards Steelix. Lazuli counters with Steelix's Flash Cannon, hitting Incineroar and sending him flying, rolling back onto his feet. Ryder knows Incineroar is struggling and decides to call him back to save for later and substitutes with Infernape. Cynthia recognizes Infernape as the Chimchar she once battled. Lazuli tells Steelix to use Double-Edge while Ryder tells Infernape to counter with Flare Blitz. The two powerful and dangerous attacks collide. The two are sent backwards, and Infernape suffers from the recoil. Unfortunately, Steelix has the Rock Head Ability which cancels out the normal recoil from Double-Edge, but luckily for Ryder, it turns out that Steelix has suffered burns from Flare Blitz. Ryder then instructs Infernape to use Mach Punch, and Lazuli orders Steelix to use Flash Cannon, but Infernape lands the fast Mach Punch before Steelix can fire, sending Steelix flying into the wall behind Lazuli and crushing the surface on impact. When the smoke clears, Steelix is unable to battle, giving Ryder the lead.

Lazuli then sends out her Gastrodon and Ryder calls back Infernape and sends out Crobat. Gastrodon begins with Muddy Water and Crobat uses Aerial Ace; Gastrodon continues using Muddy Water, circling its head above its body, and clips Crobat. It quickly becomes clear that Gastrodon is using Ryder's Counter Shield technique. Ryder instructs Crobat to dive down and use Aerial Ace, and Gastrodon counterattacks with Body Slam, trapping Crobat with its soft body. Gastrodon then uses Water Pulse and shoots it straight up into the sky, which then picks up speed as it comes down. Gastrodon watches it intently; Ryder realizes that it will jump away at the last second, giving no time for Crobat to dodge it. Just when all seems lost, Ryder has Crobat use Cross Poison on the floor, lifting him up, which knocks off Gastrodon and he escapes the Water Pulse. Lazuli orders Gastrodon to use Ice Beam while falling backwards, bringing the in-flight Crobat to a screeching halt and crashing onto the field. Knowing Crobat is at a big disadvantage since Gastrodon knows Ice Beam, Ryder decides that he will have to recall Crobat for later and change his strategy.

Ryder calls back Crobat and sends out Buizel. At this point, Lazuli points out that what Ryder is doing is too predictable now. She knows Ryder is just trying to get rid of all the frustration his Pokémon felt from the loss back at Lake Acuity into his advantage here which is why he brought them all back for this battle. Ryder states he is correct and that this is all what his Pokémon want. He knows they lost to him back at Lake Acuity, but they are still beating him here no matter what. Buizel agrees immediately to what Ryder has said. Gastrodon uses Ice Beam again and Buizel uses Aqua Jet, turning it into Ice Aqua Jet to hit Gastrodon. This hits Gastrodon and causes it to jump up and Gastrodon then goes for Body Slam, and Ryder thinks quickly and instructs Buizel to meet the attack with Ice Punch, causing Gastrodon to faint.

Ryder knows that the hard part of the battle has only just begun. At home in Veilstone City, Rollins watches the broadcast, remarking that Lazuli had a back-up plan of Gastrodon using Ice Beam if Crobat escaped, and wonders if Ryder figured out that Lazuli had planned to sacrifice Steelix and Gastrodon all along in the first place. If not, he will need to do so right away.

Lazuli sends out Drapion and attacks with Pin Missile, which Buizel cancels out with its Counter Shield technique. Drapion then uses Cross Poison, which Buizel dodges by sliding behind Drapion. Buizel uses Sonic Boom at Drapion's back, who blocks the attack with its tail. Drapion grabs Buizel with its tail, twisting around its torso to menace the struggling Buizel. When Buizel tries to use Sonic Boom with his free tail, Drapion just grabs it with a free arm, rendering it useless. Ryder instructs Buizel to puff up the life preserver object on his neck and then let the air out in an instant. After freeing himself, Buizel uses Water Gun to lift himself into the air, away from Drapion. With Buizel still in the air, Drapion uses Toxic Spikes, littering the field with them and poisoning Buizel. Then, Drapion uses Pin Missile to finish off Buizel, thus leaving Ryder with five Pokémon.

Ryder then sends out Crobat to battle Drapion next. Drapion uses Pin Missile, which Crobat effectively dodges with its high speed. It then comes down with an Aerial Ace, which Drapion manages to dodge at the last second, and captures Crobat like it did with Buizel. Drapion uses Pin Missile on the trapped Crobat, therefore knocking him out.

Ryder then sends out Torterra next, and Torterra feels the effect of the Toxic Spikes instantaneously. Drapion uses Cross Poison on Torterra, and Torterra sends Drapion away with Energy Ball. Ryder quickly attacks again with Leaf Storm, hitting Drapion again. Lazuli instructs Drapion to use Pin Missile to counter the Leaf Storm, which end up neutralizing each other. Torterra comes out of the smoke with a Rock Climb, but is grabbed by Drapion when he is just about to attack and uses Poison Fang on Torterra. Torterra uses Synthesis to gain back some energy and Drapion comes to attack with Pin Missile, again, hitting Torterra and knocking it out, leaving Ryder with three Pokémon.

Lazuli asks Ryder if he's planning to send out Gliscor next, to which Ryder responds that she is correct. Lazuli recalls Drapion as she tells Ryder that she already knows all the Pokémon that Ryder will be using because she purposely let him take out her Steelix and Gastrodon so he could be certain of Ryder's strategy and exactly which Pokémon he'd use. Lazuli then says that ever since she kept Drapion on the field, she had been able to predict every one of Ryder's moves, but much to her shock, Ryder is still willing to continue. Ryder states there is nobody like Lazuli, and he states that is why he is not losing to her that easily.

Ryder sends out Gliscor and Lazuli sends out her fourth Pokémon, Ninjask, which uses Agility right from the start. Ryder tells Gliscor to use its newest attack, Stone Edge. However, it is easily dodged by Ninjask, still using Agility, while its Speed Boost Ability was also increasing its Speed. Ninjask comes in with a quick Fury Cutter, hitting Gliscor countless times. While falling, Gliscor regains lift and tries to use Fire Fang on Ninjask, but is unsuccessful and Gliscor falls into the field and gains the effect from the Toxic Spikes Drapion had left. Ryder recalls Gliscor and sends out Infernape, who also gets poisoned from the Toxic Spikes. Ryder realizes that he's at a major disadvantage while Toxic Spikes are active and tells Infernape to use Dig and leave Lazuli and Ninjask wondering where it is. Infernape uses Flare Blitz underground, illuminating the entire field in a bright red, alleviating the Toxic Spikes, and also damaging Ninjask. Lazuli tells Ninjask to use Giga Drain and begins to sap energy from Infernape. At this point, everyone notices that Ninjask is not moving as fast as it originally was shown to be. Rollins guesses that the damage from Flare Blitz must have canceled Speed Boost out for the time being. As Ninjask drains away its energy, Infernape scrutinizes Ninjask's movements carefully and lands a successful Mach Punch, knocking out Ninjask. Ryder and Lazuli are now tied with three Pokémon each that are able to battle and Ryder, knowing Infernape is starting to get tired, recalls it for some rest.

Lazuli sends out her next Pokémon, Froslass. Knowing he's going up against an Ice-type Pokémon, Ryder decides to send in Incineroar. Lazuli starts things off by having Froslass use Hail, and a thick cold mist soon surrounds the entire battlefield. Froslass begins fading in and out of view, preventing Incineroar from following her movements. Ryder realizes that Froslass's Snow Cloak Ability has been activated. Incineroar tries to get an idea on where Froslass is but to no avail, and things become more urgent when Incineroar starts to take damage from the Hail. Ryder commands a Flamethrower, and Incineroar tries to hit Froslass, however, the Hail severely restricts the attack and it doesn't even get close to its target. Lazuli commands Froslass to use Ice Shard, which scores a direct hit against Incineroar. As Flamethrower isn't working, Ryder tells Incineroar to use Flare Blitz, however Froslass still manages to dodge the attack. Froslass uses Ice Shard, and Ryder tells Incineroar to use Darkest Lariat, destroying the Ice Shard and elevating Incineroar into the air. He uses Darkest Lariat again and finally lands an attack on Froslass, sending her flying into the ground and suffering major damage from the super-effective hit. Hail finally subsides, leaving Froslass with nowhere to hide. Lazuli orders an Ice Beam which hits Incineroar. Lazuli tells Froslass to use Ice Shard again, but Incineroar uses Flare Blitz to hit Froslass before she can even release the Ice Shard. Incineroar suffers recoil from the attack, but it turns out to be worth it as Froslass is left unable to battle, thus leaving Lazuli with just two Pokémon. Ryder knows this battle took a lot out of Incineroar and recalls him back to the sidelines.

Lazuli sends Drapion back out and Ryder calls on Gliscor again. Drapion uses Pin Missile to start things off and Gliscor quickly dodges the attack. Gliscor uses Stone Edge and Drapion uses Cross Poison to neutralize the attack, leaving behind a large smoke cloud which Gliscor shields itself in. Ryder then tells Gliscor to use Giga Impact, and Gliscor emerges only to power up and fly back into the cloud. Drapion gets ready to attack, not knowing where Gliscor will come from. Gliscor appears and Lazuli commands Poison Fang, as Giga Impact scores a direct hit. Drapion turns around to counterattack, only to be shocked that Gliscor isn't there. Lazuli and Drapion then find that Gliscor used the momentum from the attack to quickly throw itself back into the sky, safe from attack while it recharges from using Giga Impact. Rollins remarks that Lazuli's predictions have been crushed and she can no longer predict Ryder's strategies. Lazuli realizes she allowed herself to be distracted by Stone Edge and has Drapion use Pin Missile. Gliscor dodges the attack quickly and expertly. It then powers up an X-Scissor, but it is subsequently blocked by Drapion's Pin Missile at the last moment, sending Gliscor flying back and landing on the ground. When Lazuli instructs Drapion to use Cross Poison, Ryder calls out to Gliscor to use Fire Fang, and Gliscor is all ready to go. It jumps up, dodging the Cross Poison along the way and lands a direct hit with Fire Fang. As a result, not only does Drapion suffer major damage, but also gets burned. Lazuli is angry at once again being outmaneuvered while Ryder grits his teeth with hope. From a combination of the damage it's received, Drapion finally faints, thus leaving Lazuli with one final Pokémon.

Ryder decides to call back Gliscor when Lazuli sends out her final Pokémon which is none other than Electivire, the only Pokémon on Lazuli's current team that Ryder has battled before. Ryder knows that Gliscor is immune to Electivire's Electric-type moves, but is still concerned about leaving it in. However, Gliscor lets Ryder know it can still battle, so Ryder decides not to switch it out. Lazuli tells Electivire to start by using Thunder and directing it into the ground. Electivire sends its tails into the ground and directs Thunder into it, which sends chunks of the earth up into the air and falling onto Gliscor. Ryder tells Gliscor to use Giga Impact and Electivire blocks the attack with its hands and catches Gliscor with its tails. Ryder tries to call out a command, but Gliscor is unable to make an attack. Lazuli tells Electivire to use Brick Break on Gliscor, and it lands on Gliscor's head, causing it to faint. Thus, leaving Ryder with two Pokémon: Incineroar and Infernape.

Ryder sends in Incineroar next, and Lazuli tells Electivire to direct Thunder into the ground again. Once again, the ground erupts and rocks are sent flying to towards Incineroar. However, Incineroar is ready and dodges the falling rocks, even using some of them for momentum, and lands a direct hit on Electivire with Throat Chop, causing damage. However, Electivire recovers and grabs Incineroar with its tails and when Incineroar tries to use Flamethrower, Electivire jolts Incineroar around so that he can't land the attack. Incineroar hits the ground, but is able to escape the pseudo-Constrict by Electivire's tails. Lazuli tells Electivire to use Brick Break, and Incineroar tries to prevent the attack from happening, but Electivire lands the attack dead-on. The two Pokémon jump back after clearing the impact. Ryder tells Incineroar to use Flare Blitz. As Incineroar powers-up, Lazuli commands Electivire to use Thunder on itself, and Electivire unleashes a massive charge of electricity towards the sky, before it drops and hits itself. However, due to its Motor Drive Ability, Electivire's Speed increases. Lazuli commands Thunder Punch as Incineroar charges foward with Flare Blitz. At the last second, however, Electivire jumps out of the way and strikes Thunder Punch at the back of Incineroar's head, sending him crashing head-first onto the wall. Incineroar stands up, but becomes unable to continue as he falls back down, leaving Ryder only one Pokémon left.

Ryder sends out Infernape. Electivire and Infernape have a long standing rivalry, even from their Chimchar-Elekid days. Electivire starts things out with a Thunder Punch and Infernape counters with Mach Punch, and the two attacks collide and neutralize each other. Infernape uses Flamethrower, which is blocked by Electivire's Protect. Electivire uses Thunder, but Infernape uses Dig to travel underground and avoid the attack. Infernape surfaces below Electivire and hits it dead-on, but then takes damage from the poison it received earlier. Electivire manages to stand up. After yet another blocked Flamethrower, Infernape and Electivire start attacking with Mach Punch and Thunder Punch, respectively continuously. They both each land an attack before another Flamethrower by Infernape is blocked by Electivire's Protect. Ryder instructs Infernape to use Mach Punch, but Electivire dodges it and wraps its tail around Infernape's arm. Rollins, still watching the battle, pleads Ryder not to fall for that trick again. It uses Thunder while Infernape is connected to it, causing more damage than a normal Thunder attack. It continues to use Thunder on Infernape for a long time.

Infernape collapses to the ground when Electivire finally lets it go. As it has taken a severe beating throughout the match, it appears that Infernape can't continue battling anymore as it lays down. The referee begins to declare Infernape unable to battle when Electivire interrupts him, knowing that Infernape still has the ability to fight and wants to finish the battle properly. Lazuli tells Infernape that she thought it had become stronger, yet all its ever done is disappoint her. Infernape suddenly regains its senses and Ryder tells Lazuli the battle isn't over yet. Much to everyone's (except Ryder's ) surprise, Infernape stands, and Ryder declares that it's time to show Lazuli just how strong Infernape has become as it activates its Blaze.

Rollins realizes Ryder must have wanted that Mach Punch thrown earlier to miss on purpose so he can have Infernape unlock its true power. Ryder orders a Flamethrower, and Infernape fires a super-powerful blast at Electivire, who tries to hold it back with Thunder but can't stand up to the sheer power. Ryder then has Infernape use Mach Punch which hits and sends Electivire flying but it still lands on its feet. Now both fully absorbed in the intensity of the match, Lazuli screams for a Thunder Punch while Ryder orders Infernape to use Flare Blitz. The two Pokémon, battling to the limits of their power, land their attacks against the other which creates a maelstrom of fire and electricity streaming into the sky, illuminating the stadium. Eventually, Infernape ends up on the other side of Electivire, feeling the recoil from Flare Blitz, causing its fiery crown to do severe damage to Electivire, who, after a delayed reaction, feels the force of the power attack. The smoke clears, but Electivire is still standing and the two Pokémon stare each other down, as do their Trainers as a deathly silence falls over the battlefield. The two Pokémon remain perfectly still for what feels like an eternity until, finally, Electivire falls and is declared as being unable to continue, making Ryder the victor of their truly intense battle. Sadie and Vito scream out in elation for Ryder's victorious win over Lazuli while Rollins is overwhelmingly pleased.

Lazuli walks over to Electivire and actually thanks her Pokémon for the effort it placed into the battle, even helping Electivire back to its feet. With Electivire around her arms, Lazuli looks over to Ryder and Infernape happily celebrating their victory. Lazuli then looks over to Electivire, who looks back at her and nods, and Lazuli shows a genuine smile of happy relief as she stares at her half-brother's victory before walking away from the battlefield.

Later, Ryder, Sadie and Vito are seen celebrating his victory of the Sinnoh League with a large banquet. As they continue to celebrate, Ryder sees Lazuli leaving the Pokémon Center and goes over to talk to her. As she walks down some stairs, Ryder calls out to her, and Lazuli doesn't seem surprised to see him. Ryder asks her where she was going, and she says that she would head back to Snowpoint City to challenge Brandon to a rematch. Then, Lazuli finally admits that Infernape is strong and that Ryder's skills as a Trainer were superior than her's. Ryder, seeing the perfect opportunity, thanks Lazuli for the compliment, before saying that it was incredible how the finals of the tournament were between siblings. However, instead of expressing shock, Lazuli smiles at Ryder's comment, which leaves him confused. Lazuli then says that she assumed Ryder already knew about their blood-relation, saying that when she heard Ryder had visited Veilstone City and met their brother, Rollins had revealed the truth to him, and laughs at how easy Rollins was at revealing secrets, which makes Ryder smile at how different Lazuli's become. Ryder then proceeds to ask exactly why Lazuli was so focused with power all these years, and free of her antagonism towards her half-brother, Lazuli claims that her main problem with Ryder was how he talked about bringing a Pokémon's inner strength through friendship, which reminded her of Rollins, whose same methods weren't enough to defeat Brandon, and believed that Ryder was no better than her brother. Ryder then asks Lazuli if she resents her brother, but Lazuli says she only felt disappointed in him, as she always looked up to him as the strongest, and seeing him quit his duties as a Trainer after one defeat crushed her ideal version of him, and seeing Ryder act the same, while also knowing that he, too, was her brother, made her want to change him as much as he wanted to change her, as she didn't want to have another weak-minded sibling.

Ryder, however, claims that Rollins told him that she only wanted power to earn their father's love and respect, but Lazuli says it was only a façade as she didn't want Rollins to know that he was the problem, as Rollins had always been too hard on himself, and whenever he believed something was his fault, felt an undying sense of responsibility to make up for whatever he caused, and didn't want him to fall even lower than he already had. Lazuli further claims that despite never meeting her father in person, she knew how powerful he was, and always assumed that his power came from pushing his Pokémon to the absolute limit, but only recently found out that his strength came from the same methods and mindset of Rollins's and Ryder's, and claims that she was the "black sheep" of their family, as she was the only one who wasn't capable of following her father's training style. However, Ryder tells her that she could start over, and treat her Pokémon with care, but Lazuli says it was too late, but Ryder rebuffs her claims, and mentions how she thanked Electivire for its effort and helped her Pokémon back to its feet, which Lazuli then realizes it was true, as she still doesn't know why she even did, as she was only acting on her emotions at the moment. Ryder sees through Lazuli's face expression, and says that if her emotions at that moment were to help her Pokémon and show gratitude, then she was already becoming more like her father and brothers. Lazuli silently begins shedding a tear as Ryder continues to talk. Ryder's words are abruptly cut off as Lazuli runs over and hugs her half-brother for the first time, and apologizes for everything she had said and done to him over the course of their journey in Sinnoh. Despite being shocked by the sudden change, Ryder smiles and hugs her back, saying that is what family was all about as the two siblings finally make amends and become friends.

Later that night, Ryder receives the Winner's Trophy from Cynthia for winning the Lily of the Valley Conference as all the participants gather around to applaud Ryder on his victory. Sadie and Vito cheer him on, as well as Lazuli, who applauds her brother with a genuine smile on her face as Ryder raises the trophy above his head, as fireworks are fired around the stadium to indicate the end of the tournament. The following morning, Ryder steps outside the stadium and takes one final look at the arena, before gathering around Sadie, Vito and Lazuli. The three Trainers ask him where he would go next, and Ryder decides to return to Pallet Town to see his family. Lazuli says that she would head to Veilstone City first to visit her brother before going to Snowpoint City. Vito says he would meet his father at the Battle Tower, while Sadie would return to Snowpoint City, as Candice was preparing a welcome party for her finishing at the Top 16 of the Sinnoh League. As they continue to talk about their plans, Cynthia approaches them, and all four Trainers greet her. Cynthia congratulates both Ryder and Lazuli for the spectacular battle, as well as personally congratulating Ryder on his victory. She then says she couldn't wait for the day that either Ryder or Lazuli challenged her for the title of Champion, and both Trainers vow to defeat her one day.


About a year later, Lazuli traveled to the Unova region after having visited Pallet Town and learning through her father that Ryder traveled to Unova to compete in the Unova League, and Lazuli decided to do the same and left all of her Pokémon with Rollins, except for Electivire, and traveled to Unova.

Lazuli and Ryder re-encountered each other at the Club Battle tournament in Nimbasa Town, while also meeting some of Ryder's Unova rivals. During the tournament's first round, Lazuli was paired up against AJ. Lazuli sends out her Palpitoad while AJ sends out his Gurdurr.

Lazuli launches the first attack and Palpitoad flies forward with an Ice Punch. AJ tells Gurdurr to dodge and Gurdurr slams its iron bar into the ground, heaving itself over the bar and dodging Palpitoad's attack. Gurdurr spins itself in midair and thuds to the ground, chuckling at Palpitoad. Palpitoad goes in for another Ice Punch, but Gurdurr uses its steel beam to keep Palpitoad away and flicks Palpitoad overhead. Gurdurr sticks its beam into the ground and charges forward for a Rock Smash, but Lazuli calls for a Hydro Pump, which connects with Gurdurr and sends it back towards AJ's side of the battlefield. Gurdurr attempts another Rock Smash, but Palpitoad leaps out of the way. AJ changes tactics and Gurdurr uses Stone Edge, hitting Palpitoad hard, but Palpitoad withstands as the attack wasn't very effective.

AJ then commands another Rock Smash, but Lazuli has Palpitoad fire Hyper Voice on Gurdurr's feet, causing the field to break and rocks to fly towards Gurdurr, damaging it and cancelling out Rock Smash. This gives Lazuli the chance to command a Sludge Bomb, which lands and poisons Gurdurr. AJ then orders a Bulk Up followed by a Stone Edge, but Palpitoad successfully dodges the attack, by leaping around the rocks created by Stone Edge, and knocks out Gurdurr with a close-range Hydro Pump, eliminating AJ from the tournament.

The next day, Lazuli faced off against Tyrone, pitting Lazuli's Golett against Tyrone's Boldore. Golett opens with Shadow Punch, hitting Boldore dead on. Tyrone commands Boldore to use Rock Blast, but Golett uses Mega Punch to block the rocks and blast them away. Lazuli then orders Golett to use Earth Power, but Boldore dodges and uses Flash Cannon, which hits Golett dead-on. Tyrone then quickly orders Boldore to use Power Gem, but Golett's Dynamic Punch shatters the rocks away. Golett and Boldore continue to exchange moves, but as both Pokémon grow tired, Tyrone realizes that his Boldore wouldn't be able to defeat Golett and resorts to his last stand, and declares that if he couldn't defeat Golett, he would at the very least take it out along with him and commands Boldore to use Explosion. As Boldore charges, Lazuli looks slightly dumbfounded and reminds Tyrone that Golett was part Ghost-type, and Explosion was a Normal-type attack, therefore it wouldn't cause any damage. Tyrone's eyes widen as he realizes his critical mistake and orders Boldore to cancel the attack, but it proves to be too late as Boldore explodes, but as Lazuli stated, Golett suffers no damage, and as the smoke clears, Boldore is knocked out from its move, and Tyrone gets eliminated.

The next day, the final battle between Ryder and Lazuli commences, and both Trainers exclaim that the scenery was familiar as they both reached the finals of a tournament against each other once more. Ryder sends Dwebble into battle while Lazuli decides to use her "Larvesta". Ryder starts the battle by ordering Dwebble to use Rock Slide, but "Larvesta" dodges the attack and fires Night Daze, and Ryder seems surprised to see Larvesta knowing such a move. However, when Dwebble strikes "Larvesta" with Slash, it turns out that "Larvesta" was in fact a Zorua, and Lazuli had planned to fool Ryder before the match started by giving him a false information. Don George praises Lazuli's strategy, and compliments her skills as a Trainer. Ryder grins and admits having fell for it, but Lazuli's advantage was over, and commands an X-Scissor, but Lazuli has Zorua dodge the attack before using Shadow Ball, but Dwebble uses Shell Smash, decreasing its Defense, but drastically increasing its Speed, allowing him to evade the attack. Zorua then uses Attract and Dwebble becomes infatuated with Zorua, therefore revealing that Zorua was female. Without any way to defend himself, Dwebble is defenseless against Zorua's barrage of Shadow Balls, but Ryder recalls Dwebble before sending it out again, therefore nullifying Attract's effects, and Don George compliments Ryder on his quick thinking.

Dwebble uses Slash while Zorua uses Scratch. The two dive towards each other but Dwebble dodges the opposing Pokémon's attack and slams Zorua to the ground. Lazuli follows up with Shadow Ball while Dwebble charges up Rock Slide. The two attacks collide into an explosion. The smokescreen clears and both Pokémon are standing, glaring at each other. However, Dwebble suffered far more damage due its decreased Defense and collapses, therefore Zorua wins the battle, and Lazuli is declared the winner of the Club Battle tournament. The crowd cheers for Lazuli and she is gifted a display case of Wings. She stands in the center of the stadium with her Zorua, who seems to be relishing the glory.

Later that day, Ryder and Lazuli greet each other, and Lazuli comments on they were "even" for the time being as Lazuli finally avenged her loss to Ryder from the Lily of the Valley Conference, and Ryder tells her she wouldn't be so lucky the next time they battled. Kacey, Carmella and Tyrone approach them and each one vow to defeat the other, and all the Trainers head their separate ways.

During the Clubsplosion tournament in Ambiga Town, Lazuli meets up with Ryder and their rivals, with Lazuli announcing her intentions to compete, and win, the tournament. Lazuli hears another voice and looks over to see Carmella approaching them. Carmella knew that both Ryder and Lazuli would want to participate in the Clubsplosion tournament, which is why she entered earlier so she could defeat both of them. Lazuli and Carmella then get into a petty argument before Carmella breaks it off and leaves the scene, and Ryder remarks on how things would be interesting from here on out.

Soon, the tournament opens up and the participants all gather in the stadium. Freddy O'Martian welcomes everyone and introduces the manager of the Battle Club, Don George. Don George then explains that the winner of the Clubsplosion tournament will receive a year's supply of Vitamins, containing HP Up, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, Protein, and Iron. He then gives words of encouragement before opening the Clubsplosion tournament officially. Freddy O'Martian calls for everyone's attention to the screen then announces the first round match-ups. They are Tyrone and Edmund first, Flora and Lazuli second, Angus and Ryder third, Gail and Carmella fourth, with AJ and Kacey being the final match, amongst other Trainers.

During the second match, Lazuli prepares to battle against Flora. Lazuli has chosen Zoroark for the tournament while Flora has chosen Gothorita, and Ryder notes that Lazuli's Zorua has evolved. Zoroark is commanded to use Dark Pulse, but Gothorita dodges then counterattacks with Double Slap. Zoroark's eyes glow and Lazuli commands her to use Extrasensory and Flora tells Gothorita to counter with Psyshock. The two attacks colliding causes the field to become covered in a dust cloud. Lazuli takes advantage of the situation and tells Zoroark to use Night Daze. She is able to land a sneak attack on Gothorita and it is knocked out of the tournament. Lazuli and Zoroark smile in confidence as the audience cheers.

The next day, the second round begins. Don George announces Lazuli and Tyrone for the first battle. Don George invites Tyrone and his Sawk to the field. Zoroark uses Dark Pulse, which Sawk uses Close Combat to block and move towards Zoroark. Sawk finishes Close Combat to knock Zoroark down to the ground. Don George calls it a head on match. Sawk uses Karate Chop and Zoroark grabs onto Sawk's hand. Sawk sends Zoroark hard to the ground. Zoroark is able to stand up and Tyrone comments that he is tough as Lazuli says the same about Sawk. Sawk uses Low Sweep which Zoroark tries to dodge, but Sawk makes contact and knocks her out. Lazuli tells Zoroark that she did a good job, congratulates Tyrone on the win, and compliments his Sawk for being so strong. Lazuli then watches the remainder of the tournament from the stands, and congratulates Tyrone on his eventual victory, before all Trainers continue their separate journeys.

Sometime later, Lazuli was contacted by Cynthia, who invited her to stay at her villa in Undella Town and participate in the upcoming Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. Knowing that the Junior Cup was for Trainers between the ages of 10 and 20, and knowing it'll be the first and only time she'll be able to compete, Lazuli accepts the offer. When Cynthia also invites Ryder, Lazuli awaits his arrival and surprises him with a slap on the back of the head, and the two spend some time in Cynthia's villa before the start of the tournament.

The tournament opens with all of the 16 participants standing in line together as Freddy O'Martian and Alder make announcements. They kick the battling off with a ten minute exhibition match between Unova Elite Four member Caitlin and Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia. Cynthia sends out Garchomp and Caitlin sends out her Gothitelle. The two battle, and when Garchomp's Draco Meteor and Gothitelle's Thunderbolt collide, it sets off a fireworks-like display in the arena. Before either Pokémon can gain the upper hand, however, the timer runs out and the exhibition battle is declared to be a draw.

The first round matches are then announced: AJ versus Dino, Manning versus Kenton, Shepherd versus Angus, Horatio versus Simeon, Marris versus Duke, Geraldo versus Cassie, Ramone versus Lazuli, and Carmella vs Ryder. Lazuli easily wins her first round match-up and advances.

The match-ups for the next round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup are announced to be Manning and AJ, Horatio and Angus, Geraldo and Duke, and Lazuli and Ryder. Freddy and Alder once again remind the participants that the winner of the tournament will get to battle Alder, and the matches begin. For the last second round battle, Ryder's Dragonite battles Lazuli's Golurk. Lazuli starts off with having Golurk use Mega Punch, and Ryder orders Dragonite to dodge the attack. Dragonite finally listens to Ryder and moves out of the way, but when Golurk uses Shadow Punch, Dragonite takes the attack head on despite Ryder's orders. Lazuli has Golurk use Drain Punch and Dragonite stops the attack on his own accord, as well as another Mega Punch, before flipping Golurk over. Golurk gets back up and attacks with Heavy Slam, but despite Ryder's pleading and commands to use Flamethrower to counter, Dragonite refuses to dodge, taking it and another Drain Punch head on. Lazuli tries to finish the battle, but Dragonite flies up, attacking Golurk with Dragon Rush and winning the battle.

Following the end of the tournament, Lazuli and Ryder are at Cynthia's villa, and they reminisce on the Junior Cup, and Ryder exclaims that once again, he finished as the runner-up in another Unova-based tournament and jokingly asks if he was cursed, and Lazuli taunts him by suggesting that Ryder's skills were deterioating, which annoys Ryder greatly. Cynthia then joins in the conversation and says that Ryder could prove them wrong, as she just received a call from Drayden, the Gym Leader of Opelucid City, who informed her that the Opelucid Gym had re-opened and Drayden was already expecting Ryder to challenge him, as Cynthia had informed him of Ryder's intentions to challenge him. Ryder thanks Cynthia and before having one last talk with Lazuli about their upcoming battle at the Unova League, Ryder bids farewell to both Lazuli and Cynthia and begins to make his way towards Opelucid City.

As promised, Lazuli and Ryder meet up yet again at the Vertress Conference, and Lazuli shows off her Badges, and Ryder notes that she obtained two different Badges from the ones Ryder had obtained. The next morning, all the Trainers competing in the League are at the stadium as well as a giant crowd of fans ready to witness the action. Freddy O'Martian makes a big entrance when he skydives from a helicopter, Officer Jenny lights the torch, and a flock of Pidove fly overhead as the Unova League gets underway. Lazuli looks to see who she's matched with, and she's shocked when she finds out she's facing off against Ryder right from the start. Both half-siblings exchange friendly glares, as they remark on how different their rivalry would end compared during their travels through Sinnoh.

Ryder and Lazuli's match is the final match of the preliminary round, and all of Ryder's rivals are watching and cheering him on. As both Trainers stand at the field, Ryder asks Lazuli if they should give a crowd a taste of what they most powerful Pokémon could do, and Lazuli nods in agreement. Then, Ryder and Lazuli send out Incineroar and Electivire, respectively. Both Ryder and Lazuli agree that they should unleash all their power from the get-go and command Flamethrower and Thunder, respectively, which causes a massive explosion across the stadium.

Incineroar with another Flamethrower, but Electivire cuts through it with Focus Punch. Incineroar then uses Throat Chop, and both attacks collide, sending both Pokémon flying back towards their respective side of the battlefield. Lazuli then commands Electivire to attack with Thunder Punch, but Incineroar blocks Electivire's strikes with Darkest Lariat. As Electivire and Incineroar square off again, both Lazuli and Ryder take a breath to contemplate the events that have led them to this battle. Lazuli remembers how she started off as a mean-spirited Trainer and person, hung up on her blind, and now extinguished, hatred towards Ryder and her father simply because she believed they'd abandoned her, her twin brother, and their mother, and feels deeply ashamed of who she once was, and believes that by beating her half-brother, she could finally close the book on that chapter of her life. Ryder, meanwhile, silently apologizes to Lazuli for never being there for her, and should he'd been there earlier in her life, maybe they'd get along better and become better siblings, but vows to pay her back by always being there for her for the rest of their lives, knowing that she could always count on him, and hopefully, he, too, could always count on her.

Withdrawing from his contemplation, Ryder yells to Incineroar to go full power. Responding in kind, Lazuli urges Electivire to show Ryder just how powerful they'd gotten since their previous encounter, and Electivire roars in agreement. Picking up their battle once more, Electivire uses Thunder, which Incineroar leaps to dodge. Ryder commands Incineroar to unleash Flamethrower while charging foward, which Electivire blocks with Protect, but Incineroar is already closing the distance and uses Throat Chop to land a couple of blows. As Electivire reels, Lazuli orders a Focus Punch, which connects with Incineroar and knocks him back. As Incineroar lands, the two close again in a clash of hand-to-hand attacks, pitting Focus Punch against Throat Chop. With neither able to gain an advantage, they separate again and Electivire launches a Thunder that knocks Incineroar into the air again. As Incineroar falls, Lazuli orders Electivire to unleash all of its remaining energy into one, powerful, Thunder Punch, and Electivire begins charging up the attack. Realizing their battle was reaching its end, Ryder orders Incineroar to use all of its power into Flare Blitz and Incineroar rains down towards Electivire while engulfed in Flare Blitz, while Electivire leaps upward towards Incineroar, and the two attacks collide into a massive cloud of dust. As the dust clears, Electivire is revealed unconscious on the ground, as Incineroar lands beside Ryder, victorious.

The announcer roars that Ryder has emerged victorious in an electrifying battle, and the crowd roars with cheers towards both Ryder and Lazuli, and give both Trainers a standing ovation for the incredible power, as does Ryder's rivals (except for Duke, who shakes in anger at seeing Ryder win), with AJ remarking on how powerful Incineroar truly is. Ryder and Lazuli, along with their respective Pokémon, meet in the middle of the field and shake hands, as does their Pokémon, and while Lazuli comments on being disappointed at being eliminated so early, she jokingly claims that she wouldn't expect anything less from her "stupid" half-brother, and Ryder remarks that playfully states that he'd expected her "grumpy" half-sister to be less respectful as she used to be. The announcer urges the crowd to give both Trainers one final round of applause as both Trainers continue to exchange friendly banter.

Later on, at the Pokémon Center, Lazuli heals up her Electivire and prepares to depart. Ryder asks her if she wouldn't stay to watch the remaining battles, but Lazuli exclaims that it wasn't necessary, as she knew Ryder would ultimately win, and states that she would return to Sinnoh as Brandon was still reconstructing the Snowpoint Temple and would challenge him to another battle to test her current power. Ryder wishes Lazuli luck as she leaves for Virbank City to embark on a boat straight towards Sinnoh.

Frontier Challenge

After leaving Unova and returning to Veilstone City, Lazuli greets her brother and informs him of her loss at the Vertress Conference against Ryder, and Rollins claims that Lazuli didn't seem too disappointed about it, which she confirms. Questioned on her next movements, Lazuli exclaims she finally felt ready to challenge Brandon, but Rollins informed her that her previous battle against Brandon wasn't truly official, and in order to battle him in an official battle, Lazuli would have to undergo the Battle Frontier challenge.

Lazuli smiles at this, ready to finally defeat Brandon and accepts the request. Rollins informs her that Brandon has returned to Kanto, and adds that the Battle Frontier challenge has been modified since Rollins's own attempt to defeat Brandon. Rollins explains that instead of a single location where all the facilities were once located, each facility has now been spread through the Kanto region, similar as to how Pokémon Gyms are presented, and Lazuli would need to travel from each facility to the other in order to obtain six Frontier Symbols before being capable of challenging the final Frontier Brain, Brandon.

Lazuli accepts the challenge, and decides to leave her Palpitoad, Golurk and Zoroark with Rollins, and decides to bring along Weavile and Ursaring, along with her ace, Electivire. Lazuli departs for Vermilion City. Upon her arrival, Lazuli decides to make at stop at Viridian City before continuing on her challenge. While passing by the Viridian Gym, Lazuli wonders whether her father was inside. A man introducing himself as Scott approaches her and asks if she is there to challenge the Gym Leader, but Lazuli tells him that she has already won the Earth Badge. Scott is impressed and tells Lazuli that she may be a good enough Trainer to challenge the Battle Frontier. However, before Scott can explain more, an older woman screams as she falls off of her bike nearby and Lazuli and Scott go to check on her. The woman introduces herself to be Agatha and tells Lazuli that she's been working as the interim Viridian Gym Leader for several months now since the current Gym Leader, Edge, was away on business. Agatha takes the two into the Gym, and Lazuli notices that it now looks significantly different than the last time he was there, all thanks to a new coat of paint. Agatha asks Scott how his search for a strong Trainer from the Seafoam Islands is going, but Scott says the information is confidential. Agatha asks Lazuli whether she is there to challenge the Gym and Lazuli explains that she has already won a Badge from the Gym. Scott suggests that Lazuli should battle Agatha just for fun, and she admits that she defeated the last two Trainers who had come to the Gym with ease and could use a little challenge. Lazuli explains that Edge was her father, and she had just returned from competing in the Unova League, impressing both Agatha and Scott. By Agatha's request, Scott agrees to act as a referee.

Lazuli calls out Electivire, while Agatha chooses Gengar. Electivire starts out with Thunder Punch, which Gengar easily evades. Electivire uses Thunder as Gengar flattens its body to move under Electivire and dodge the attack. Gengar uses Shadow Ball as Electivire blocks it with Protect. Agatha orders Gengar to charge in towards Electivire, and Lazuli orders Electivire to use Focus Punch on the ground, which causes the entire arena to shake violently, causing Gengar to lose balance and momentum, and Lazuli uses this opportunity to score a direct Thunder Punch on Gengar, which also paralyzes it.

Agatha compliments Lazuli's strategy, before commanding another Shadow Ball, which Electivire blocks with Protect. Lazuli commands Thunder, which Gengar evades by using Double Team. Agatha orders Gengar to use Hypnosis, which hits and puts Electivire to sleep. Agatha then follows up by ordering Dream Eater, which hits, although the sheer force of the attack causes Electivire to wake up.

As both Pokémon stare each other down, Agatha and Lazuli decide to end the battle with style, and they command to Gengar and Electivire to use Shadow Ball and Thunder Punch, respectively. Electivire charges with Thunder Punch whilst dodging numerous Shadow Balls that were fired by Gengar. As Gengar charges another Shadow Ball, Electivire reaches Gengar at point-blank distance, and strikes the charging Shadow Ball, which causes an explosion that engulfs both Pokémon. When the smoke clears, both Electivire and Gengar are unconscious, and Scott deems the battle as a draw. Agatha compliments Lazuli on the good battle, and Lazuli thanks Agatha for accepting her challenge. Scott then says that Lazuli could participate on the Battle Frontier challenge, and Lazuli reveals that why she traveled to Kanto in the first place. Scott becomes impressed with her knowledge of the Battle Frontier and lets Lazuli know that the first facility is located near Cerulean City and gives her a PokéNav to help her locate the other facilities as well, and Agatha says she will support Lazuli all of the way. Lazuli thanks both Agatha and Scott before continuing on her travels.

While heading towards the Battle Factory for her first Frontier challenge, Lazuli takes a break in a forest clearing. While Weavile collects some Berries to eat, it comes face-to-face with a wild Charmeleon. Charmeleon challenges Weavile to a battle, starting with Shadow Claw; the explosion alerts Lazuli. Rushing over, Lazuli sees Weavile and Charmeleon's standoff. Lazuli asks if the Charmeleon wants to battle, to which it replies with Dragon Breath. Lazuli quickly moves out of harm's way, only for Weavile to be attacked by Dragon Rush. Impressed that Charmeleon knows such powerful attacks, Lazuli decides to capture it, and has Weavile use Blizzard, though Charmeleon evades and replies with another Shadow Claw. Weavile attempts to dodge, but gets caught in the crossfire. Lazuli quickly recalls Weavile and sends out Ursaring, although Charmeleon dodges Ursaring's Slash. Lazuli tells Ursaring to use Bulk Up, followed by Hammer Arm. Still, Charmeleon is able to dodge and goes straight into a Dragon Rush attack, hurting Ursaring and knocking it out.

Looking up after helping Ursaring, Lazuli notices Charmeleon has disappeared. Soon enough Kerrigan, a member of the Wilderness Guard Corps, invites Lazuli to his base to help Ursaring recover. Once inside the small cabin, Lazuli inquires about the Charmeleon. Kerrigan says the Charmeleon is a stray and that there is a gang of both Charmeleon and Charmander. He claims that Charmeleon had left the group and now challenges random Trainers to battle it. Kerrigan decides it would be best if he went outside and searched around. Lazuli decides to tag along, leaving Ursaring to rest after its harsh battle. Kerrigan leads her to a forest location, which Charmeleon is known to frequent. However, Charmeleon isn't there.

Meanwhile, the stray Charmeleon glumly looks at its reflection in the river. Just then, Lazuli and Kerrigan arrive and start talking with Charmeleon, although Charmeleon isn't interested in conversation. Soon, a Charmander runs over, happy to see the stray Charmeleon. Lazuli tries to understand their conversation based on their body language and expressions, and theorises that Charmander ahd escaped from the Charmeleon that stray Charmeleon had fought with for leadership. Immediately afterwards, the rogue leader shows up, having since evolved into Charizard, with three other Charmeleon as backup. Charmander cowers behind the stray Charmeleon.

Soon, the battle between the Charizard and three Charmeleon and the stray Charmeleon ensues. The three Charmeleon attack first, but are in turn attacked by Electivire. Charizard angrily attacks the stray Charmeleon, beginning a one-on-one battle with both Charizard and Charmeleon running along the river bank. The rogue uses Dragon Pulse which is easily dodged by the stray, who uses Fire Spin. The stray's Fire Spin hits the water, splashing it up between the two. The stray Charmeleon tires to use Flamethrower, but only Fire Spin comes out, and Lazuli realizes that the stray Charmeleon's Fire Spin was the result of failing to master Flamethrower. The rogue Charizard flies through the water and tries to Slash Charmeleon's face, but Charmeleon is able to block the attack send the rogue Charizard flying into the water, following up with a Shadow Claw. Unfortunately, the other Charmeleon is able to escape, using Flamethrower on the stray one. The stray Charmeleon remembers its previous battle with the rogue Charizard and realises it was planning on using the Flamethrower as a distraction to slash at its face like before. Charmeleon dodges the oncoming Flamethrower and is able to use its claws to throw the rogue away. Almost defeated, the rogue Charizard lands beside the riverbank. The stray jumps on top of it and thrusts its claws at it. The rogue braces itself, but no attack comes. Sparing the rogue Charmeleon, the stray has now regained its place as the leader.

However, Charizard sneak attacks Charmeleon with Dragon Tail, sending Charmeleon crashing onto a tree. Charmander rushes to its side, but Charizard bats her away with its wings. Charmeleon sees this and becomes infuriated, and Charizard hits it with Flamethrower. However, Charmeleon simply takes the attack, and suddenly, lets out a roar, and its body becomes surrounded by a fiery aura, which Lazuli recognizes as Blaze, which makes her remember her previously owned Chimchar. Thanks to its boost in power, Charmeleon finally manages to fully master Flamethrower, and with Blaze's enhanced power, manages to send Charizard crashing onto a nearby tree. The other three Charmeleon fire off their own Flamethrowers, but the stray Charmeleon dodges and defeats them all with a single Dragon Rush attack.

As the pack of Charmeleon struggle to get up, the stray Charmeleon stands above them, looking down on them with a glare, but offers out its hand to help them up, which they accept. Charizard also manages to barely stand, and Charmeleon walks over to it, and offers out its hand, but Charizard refuses at first, but upon looking at his followers, who were battered and injured because of its reckless leadership, Charizard relents and offers Charmeleon his role as leader back. Charmeleon looks over to Lazuli, who simply nods in silence to it, and Charmeleon refuses and officially appoints Charizard as the new gang's leader, much to Charizard's shock, and Charmeleon walks over to Lazuli's side, having sensed Lazuli's similar battle spirit, and decides to join her team.

The Charmander hugs Charmeleon, and bids it farewell as it returns to the gang's located home while Lazuli asks Charmeleon if it was sure about leaving its gang, and Charmeleon simply motions her to capture it, and Lazuli throws a Poké Ball at Charmeleon, successfully capturing it. Returning to the cabin with Kerrigan, Lazuli checks up on Ursaring, who has fully recovered, and she returns to her travels, musing on her newly captured Charmeleon would aid her in the Battle Frontier challenge.

Hours later, Lazuli finds herself lost while trying to locate the Battle Factory. She eventually starts setting up camp for the night. Then, while she takes a few minutes to admire the moon, a bit of snow blows by, and she sees something fly overhead. After a few brief glimpses, she identifies it as an Articuno. The Legendary is soon joined in flight by a small malfunctioning biplane, but both seemingly crash. By nightfall, Lazuli has been walking around trying to find Articuno again. She doesn't find it, but she does locate a Pokémon Center. She spends the night there, and the local Nurse Joy promises to give her directions to the Battle Factory in the morning. The next day, Joy is about to give her the directions when Scott interrupts, and he offers to take her to the Battle Factory himself.

They are about to enter the Battle Factory when they hear the noise of an engine. A large vehicle smashes through the doors of the Factory and nearly runs the group down. When a voice from inside the vehicle makes it clear that the thing is out of control, Lazuli uses her Pokémon to stop it. A hatch opens on top of the vehicle, and Noland emerges. Noland goes on to introduce the vehicle as the Noland J-9, his latest and greatest super-machine. He is interrupted by his assistant Sergio, who runs out and, rather exasperated, asks Noland if he's been playing around with that thing again. Noland replies that he isn't playing, it's his hobby. Noland introduces himself as the Factory Head, and Scott explains to Lazuli that that means he's the Frontier Brain of the Battle Factory. Lazuli introduces herself and says she's arrived to challenge the Battle Frontier.

Later, Sergio calls out that it's Pokéblock time, and about a dozen powerful-looking Pokémon come running. Lazuli is surprised by the large variety of Pokémon, to which Noland explains that more Pokémon give more possibilities for battles. He asks Lazuli which one she wants to battle against, but Lazuli has trouble deciding. Then, Lazuli notices something else: the airplane she saw the previous night. And then, a cold breeze starts blowing as Articuno arises from behind her, then soars out of the building.

With Articuno now out in the open, Noland provides some explanation, admitting that it is fact still a wild Pokémon. One night, while he was test-flying his plane, he was quite startled to find Articuno flying alongside him. Then Articuno started having trouble flying. Noland quickly realized that it injured its wing during one of its flights from mountaintop to mountaintop. He got it to land on top of his plane, brought it down, and helped it heal. Since then, it frequently comes to visit him.

That night, Noland asks Lazuli if she's decided which Pokémon she wants to battle, and she says yes, choosing to go one-on-one against Articuno. This surprises everyone, except possibly Noland. He just turns to Articuno, asks if it agrees to this, and when its reply is affirmative, asks what Pokémon Lazuli will be using. Lazuli sends out her Charmeleon, who upon looking at Articuno, lets out a rather arrogant grin, and becomes determined to win.

The morning sun rises as Lazuli tests Charmeleon's strengths in preparation for her upcoming Battle Factory clash. Charmeleon showcases its incredible accuracy and agility. Lazuli orders a Dragon Breath. A dazzling burst of yellow-green flame erupts from Charmeleon's mouth, neatly blasting a hole through a cloud. Then, Sergio leads Lazuli and Scott into the Battle Factory's arena. Noland soon steps onto his battle platform, and tells Lazuli it's been a while since he's had a top-notch opponent, and he hopes Lazuli knows that he won't hold back. Lazuli says that she was counting on it, and Noland calls in Articuno, while Lazuli sends out Charmeleon.

The match finally begins, and Articuno flies up into the air, and while Lazuli knows Charmeleon can't fly, she already came up with a strategy and orders Charmeleon to leap from wall to wall to catch up with Articuno, and Charmeleon successfully leaps from the walls to reach Articuno's altitude. Charmeleon uses Flamethrower, which scores a direct hit after overwhelming Articuno’s counter Ice Beam. Lazuli is exultant that Charmeleon can stand up to Articuno, but the Legendary flies straight back into the air, not looking any worse for wear. Lazuli calls for another Flamethrower, but Articuno uses its speed to evade the attack and fly right past the Fire Pokémon. Noland tells Articuno to spin in a steep dive and Lazuli tells Charizard to dive right for it. Articuno uses Mist, which disorientates Charmeleon, before battering its opponent to the ground. Charmeleon stands up, shaking its head. It looks up just in time to see Articuno fly straight for it out of the Mist cloud. Lazuli calls for Dragon Breath, and though Articuno dodges twice, it is hit on the third try. Charmeleon rushes in to grab its opponent, though Articuno escapes with ease. Noland calls for Ice Beam, and it strikes Charizard on its right arm. Lazuli calls for Flamethrower, which Articuno dodges and hits Charmeleon with a Steel Wing. Charmeleon falls from a huge height and crashes into the earth again.

Charmeleon stands up, growling. It looks battered, but Articuno is still unmarked. Articuno uses a Water Pulse, sending Charmeleon into the wall. Lazuli calls for Charmeleon to get up, but it hunches its neck in pain. Lazuli is getting really nervous, and thinks she may have only one chance left. However, her focus quickly returns to the match as Articuno uses another Ice Beam. Charmeleon manages to jump out of the way, though the claws on its feet are frozen in the process, causing it to lose control. Articuno follows up with Water Pulse, turning the ice into projectile shards. Charmeleon shields itself with its arms and enters into a steep climb, though its speed is greatly reduced thanks to its frozen claws. Charmeleon launches a Flamethrower to counter, but Noland’s Ice Beam and Water Pulse combination still hits its mark.

Noland tells Articuno to finish the battle by getting above Charmeleon. Lazuli realizes it's time to use her last resort. She tells Charmeleon to get above Articuno, and use Dragon Rush. Charmeleon's body becomes surrounded in a light blue orb with white streaks and releases a blue, dragon-shaped energy that covers its body. Both Pokémon zoom higher and higher into the air before Charmeleon releases its built-up Dragon Rush attack. However, the Legendary counters with Steel Wing, which collides with Dragon Rush in an explosion and intense flood of smokescreen as both Pokémon fall from the sky and crash hard on the ground. Both Pokémon appear to be out, and Sergio prepares to call a draw, but Noland tells him to wait, as both Articuno and Charmeleon struggle to get back up. After nearly two minutes of struggling, Articuno falls back down while Charmeleon staggers back to its feet, and Sergio awards Charmeleon the win, defeating a Legendary Pokémon, and giving Lazuli her first Battle Frontier Symbol, the Knowledge Symbol, in the process. Noland also hands Lazuli a Frontierfolio to store all of her future Symbols in. After both Pokémon are healed, Articuno sets off once again and Charmeleon celebrates its win with a thumbs up. Following on Scott's suggestion, Lazuli soon leaves for the next Battle Frontier facility, the Battle Arena.

A few days later, Lazuli arrives at the Battle Arena near Saffron City, and meets up with Scott once again. The two arrive at the arena's giant gates, which subsequently open upon Lazuli's loud exclaim for a challenge. The giant doors open, and Greta and her students welcome their latest challenger with fighting enthusiasm. Suddenly, a giant roulette emerges from the ground that is meant to determine how many Pokémon will take part in the battle. Lazuli pulls the roulette lever, and the spinner lands on two. Greta declares that they’ll have a two-on-two match. A gong rings, and Lazuli and Greta prepare for their battle. The training group sits along the sidelines of the field, watching. Greta sends out Medicham and Hariyama, and Lazuli sends out Electivire and Charmeleon.

Electivire and Hariyama fight first. Electivire approaches with a Focus Punch before launching into a Thunder, though Hariyama blocks the barrage with Arm Thrust. Greta orders Hariyama to charge in for an Arm Thrust attack, but Electivire jumps into the air and shoots another Thunder. Hariyama dodges and grabs Electivire's leg to throw it to the ground before shoving it backwards, making it land on its back. Lazuli tells Electivire to use Focus Punch and Hariyama goes to dodge, and Electivire uses Thunder Punch twice. The first time knocks Hariyama back, but then Hariyama responds with a Focus Punch that sends Electivire flying back before it can attack. Electivire hits the ceiling, falls to the ground, and faints.

Lazuli thanks Electivire for its effort as she calls Charmeleon onto the field. Hariyama strikes its opponent repeatedly with Arm Thrust, though Charmeleon continuously dodges and is eventually pushed back to the end of the field, uninjured. Hariyama attacks again, but Charmeleon dodges and hits Hariyama with a Shadow Claw, which pushes Hariyama back. Hariyama uses Focus Punch, but Charmeleon dodges again, but Hariyama surprises it with a second Focus Punch, and Charmeleon falls back on its stomach. Greta orders Hariyama to use another Focus Punch, but Charmeleon jumps up to dodge, so Hariyama's fist hits the ground, injuring it. Lazuli tells Charmeleon to use Dragon Rush, which strikes Hariyama, defeating it.

Medicham jumps into play and shows off its prowess. Greta tells Medicham to use Focus Punch, and Charmeleon counters with Dragon Breath, but it doesn't work so well and it falls back after the punch and a kick. Greta orders another Focus Punch, and Lazuli orders Flamethrower. Charmeleon misses its mark and Medicham strikes it from behind, hurling it into the crowd of trainees. The match continues, and Lazuli tells Charmeleon to use Dragon Breath while Medicham is told to use Ice Punch. Charmeleon is hit and freezes, making it immobile. Lazuli suddenly remembers a counter strategy and tells Charmeleon to relax its body. Charmeleon rests itself, and Greta orders more Focus Punches to reach Charmeleon through the ice. The ice breaks away, and just as Medicham is about to strike, Charmeleon dodges. As a result, Medicham suffers crash damage from its failed High Jump Kick. Lazuli orders a Flamethrower, though Medicham dodges and strikes back with a Focus Punch. Another Flamethrower is ordered, but Charmeleon's injuries cause the attack to fail. Greta orders more Focus Punches, which hit Charmeleon repeatedly. However, it charges its Flamethrower, and just as Medicham is about to finish it off, Lazuli tells Charmeleon to direct the Flamethrower to the ground blasting it up near the ceiling. Charmeleon plummets with a full power Dragon Rush which crushes and defeats Medicham. Lazuli praises Charmeleon as she is declared the winner of the match. Outside the Battle Arena, Greta awards Lazuli the Guts Symbol. Scott tells Lazuli sh that the next facility is the Battle Dome, south of Lavender Town, and Scott suggests Lazuli capture some new Pokémon to prepare herself for the challenge.

Sometime later, Lazuli rests at a Pokémon Center just outside of Rock Tunnel and sets off soon afterwards while en route to Lavender Town. While inside the Rock Tunnel, Lazuli hears a pained cry of a Pokémon and decides to investigate, and when she arrives at the scene, she sees an injured Dragonite being attacked by a trio of Geodude, Graveler and Golem, and behind them, she sees their Trainer commanding them to keep attacking. Then, Lazuli sees a frightened Dragonair hiding behind Dragonite, and realizes that Dragonite is protecting Dragonair, and assumes they were parent and child based on Dragonite's protectiveness.

Knowing that both Pokémon were in danger, Lazuli decides to intervene and sends out her Electivire, whom promptly defeats all three Pokémon with a single Focus Punch to each one. The Trainer curse Lazuli for her interference and introduces himself as Rod, a collector, who specializes in Rock-type Pokémon, and searches for rare items and Pokémon in order to sell for profit. Disgusted at Rod's views, Lazuli tells him about Dragonair's fright, but Rod shows no care, claiming that Dragonair is a very rare Pokémon, and shouldn't be afraid of non-rare Pokémon, and deems it "weak" for its fear. Rod's words cause Lazuli to remember how she used to be, only caring about powerful Pokémon and deeming any Pokémon unworthy of her expectations as "weak", and feels disgust at seeing the resemblence between her old self and Rod.

Lazuli steps in-between Rod and Dragonite, and says she won't allow Rod to injure neither. Rod laughs at Lazuli's confidence and says he won't show any mercy towards her, and sends out his Boldore while Lazuli orders Electivire to use Thunder Punch, and Boldore uses Iron Defense to withstand the attack. Then, Rod commands Boldore to use Rock Blast, but Electivire bats the rocks away with Focus Punch. Lazuli then commands Electivire to use Thunder, but Boldore quickly uses Autotomize, which increases its speed, and allows it to barely dodge the attack. Then, Rod orders Boldore to use Explosion, and Electivire gets caught in the blast, and while Boldore faints as a result, Electivire barely manages to remain conscious, although Electivire suffers severe injuries.

Rod laughs at his victory and sends out his Rhydon, who promptly uses Horn Drill and Electivire is unable to move due to his injuries. At the last moment, however, Dragonair jumps in front of Electivire and sends Rhydon flying with a Dragon Tail on the chin. Rod becomes surprised at Dragonair's newfound confidence, but becomes pleased nonetheless, claiming he'll earn more money from it as a result, and orders Rhydon to use Megahorn, but Dragonair uses Dragon Dance to increase its attack and speed, and swiftly dodges Rhydon's attack. Dragonair stands in front of Lazuli and looks over to her, nodding its head, and Lazuli takes this as Dragonair wanting to fight besides her, and scans Dragonair with her Pokédex to learn its attacks.

Rod then orders Rhydon to use Stone Edge, and Lazuli orders Dragonair to dodge, and she slips through the Stone Edge with its snake-like body, and when it reaches face-to-face with Rhydon, Lazuli orders Dragonair to use Aqua Tail, which strikes Rhydon directly and causes massive damage. Rod angrily orders Rhydon to use Magnitude, and Lazuli orders Dragonair to bounce up to dodge the attack, and follows up with another Aqua Tail, which knocks out Rhydon. Rod curses Lazuli for interfering and attempts to escape, but Dragonite blocks his way, and Rod attempts to hit Dragonite with his cane, but Dragonite grabs his cane and destroys it with Hyper Beam, while Dragonair restrains Rod with Wrap. Lazuli then uses her cellphone to contact Officer Jenny, and the authorities arrive shortly afterwards.

Rod is taken into custody, as Jenny informs Lazuli that Rod had an warrant for his arrest due to numerous illegal exchanges on the black market, and Jenny says that Rod's crimes would put him in jail for a very long time, and based on his age, perhaps for the remainder of his life. Rod says that his lawyers would take him out of jail without effort, but Jenny says that they found evidence and witnesses about Rod's dealings and taunts him about his lack of effort on covering up his tracks, as Rod curses Jenny and Lazuli. Jenny thanks Lazuli for apprehending Rod and drives away while Lazuli checks on Dragonair and Dragonite. Dragonite shows its appreciation for Lazuli helping them while Dragonair snuggles against Lazuli as a sign of affection. When Dragonite calls for Dragonair to return with it, Dragonair seems hesitant, and Dragonite smiles at this, and motions for Dragonair to join Lazuli's team, which Dragonair seems overjoyed with, and Lazuli asks if it was certain, and Dragonair responds by snatching one of Lazuli's Poké Balls and allowing itself to get captured.

Dragonite bids Lazuli goodbye as it returns to Rock Tunnel, and Lazuli chuckles at Dragonair capturing itself, and checks her Pokédex, and becomes surprised to see that Dragonair was female, and says that a female Dragonair was a rare sight, and mumbles that Rod was right about this specific Dragonair being special, before continuing towards on her journey.

Successfully arriving at the Battle Dome, Lazuli is flooded by many reporters and personnel. Scott pops out, telling her and the reporters to go to the press conference. A press conference takes place with various reporters questioning Lazuli about her upcoming battle in the Battle Dome, but Lazuli shocks the reporters into silence upon questioning about who Tucker was, and Scott explains that Tucker was the Frontier Brain of the Battle Dome, and was famous for his extroverted and flamboyant style. Arriving at an inner platform within the Battle Dome, Lazuli can easily see the battle platform from above.

The lights dim within the arena as a nearby screen illuminates, displaying various information about Lazuli, including her achievements in the Sinnoh and Unova Leagues. A giant plume of smoke and dust erupts in the arena as Lazuli makes her appearance. The arena then lightens with various colors of light as Tucker, the Frontier Brain, makes his appearance. Landing majestically atop the adjacent platform, the crowd goes hysterical. The battle about to take place, and Tucker displays the coin for defeating him in this battle as he then sends out both Arcanine and Swampert in a veil of fire and water. Tucker reveals the battle will be a two-on-two Pokémon battle. Lazuli analyzes Tucker's choice and then chooses to call upon Dragonair and Ursaring. The battle quickly goes underway with Dragonair launching into a Aqua Tail towards Arcanine. Swampert then jumps in front of Arcanine to shield themselves from the attack with Protect. Lazuli notes that both Pokémon support each other with Arcanine's Speed and Swampert's Defense.

Dragonair goes for another attack flying around to reach a high speed with Arcanine running to achieve an equal speed and jumps into the air to defend against Dragonair's attack. The two attacks collide thrusting Dragonair backwards and forcing Arcanine to the ground unable to stop himself from the fall. Ursaring sees the opening and goes for the attack with Hammer Arm while Swampert launching a Mud Shot attack right behind Arcanine. Just before Arcanine and Ursaring make contact, Arcanine dodges Ursaring's attack with Ursaring taking direct damage and slamming into the nearby wall. Tucker thanks Lazuli on her battle spirit and effort but Swampert quickly resumes the battle with a Water Gun. Both Dragonair and Ursaring dodge this attack with Ursaring thrusting towards Swampert with Slash. Swampert retaliates with a Dynamic Punch as both attacks collide in an explosion of light and color. Arcanine then dashes toward Swampert to perform another aerial attack. While Dragonair comes forward with Dragon Tail, Arcanine launches a strategic Flamethrower towards Dragonair but the attack is avoided. Arcanine then increases its fire power with Fire Blast, hitting Dragonair.

Meanwhile, Swampert is controlling the water from the air and shaping it with a Water Pulse attack. Dragonair dodges Arcanine's first attack, Extreme Speed, and launches towards Arcanine once more with the second attacks making contact creating a gigantic explosion. Ursaring goes for an opening with Hammer Arm as Swampert forces the nearby Water Pulse towards Dragonair and Ursaring which collides creating a structure formed of water and ice. Arcanine launches a devastating Fire Blast within the structure rotating around creating a fusion of fire and water, Tucker's greatest of tactics.

Both Dragonair and Ursaring are suspended within this structure as a gigantic explosion taking place between the two forces and both Pokémon are forced towards the ground. Both Pokémon revive with a fighting spirit greater than ever. Both Arcanine and Swampert launch a Flamethrower and Water Gun towards Ursaring. Both attacks are diverted by Ursaring's Focus Blast attack. Dragonair then thrusts towards with Aqua Tail as Swampert uses Dynamic Punch, and just as Arcanine goes for the opening, Dragonair dodges forcing Arcanine into Swampert for a direct hit. A giant plume of smoke and dust engulfs the arena. Arcanine launches another Fire Blast attack but this is again diverted by another Focus Blast attack. Visibility is lowered by a great amount of fog lingering within the arena. Both Arcanine and Swampert are confused of Dragonair's exact location and fly towards Dragonair and Ursaring. Just as both attacks are to make contact, Dragonair floats to the left and flies from the bottom making a direct hit with Ursaring's Hammer Arm and Dragonair's Dragon Tail. Both Arcanine and Swampert are now unable to continue after taking the hits, granting Lazuli the win.

Most of the female crowd are disappointed with Tucker's loss as Tucker congratulates Lazuli for her victory, with the crowd crying out wildly. As Tucker congratulates Lazuli, everyone begins to cheer, which Lazuli finds slightly annoying. Tucker thanks Lazuli for the battle. As Tucker leaves, Lazuli mentions that he forgot to give her the Tactics Symbol. Tucker points to the top of her head as Lazuli then pulls it from atop her head and smiles at seeing her Tactics Symbol. Back at the Pokémon Center, Lazuli heals Dragonair and Ursaring and congratulates them on their effort, and decides to also return Weavile to Rollins's care for further training.

Later, Lazuli checks her PokéNav and learns that the nearest facility is the Battle Pike, near Fuchsia City. While passing by Route 13, a thunderous sound erupts as an overpowering thunderstorm strikes a nearby mountain range. Lazuli rushes to the site and soon locates several severely injured wild Pokémon. A distinct cry alerts Lazuli to an Jolteon taking on an Exeggutor. Jolteon starts roaring out loud, which also creates an enormous amount of energy and thrusts Exeggutor backwards. Going berserk, Jolteon goes for another Thunder, electrifying Exeggutor and knocking it unconscious. Lazuli attempts to stop Jolteon but it just angrily launches a Thunder attack towards her. The attack is avoided as Lazuli summons Electivire, who retaliates with Focus Punch. Jolteon dodges this attack and attacks quickly, using Thunderbolt directly at Electivire, which Electivire absorbs with his Motor Drive ability, and rushes forward with Focus Punch, but Jolteon dodges. Jolteon then dashes towards him with Iron Tail, but Electivire blocks the attack. Electivire then performs a Focus Punch, knocking Jolteon backwards. This only angers Jolteon more as its power greatly increases sending electrical bolts in every direction that destroys trees and terrain. The dust and smoke clears as Jolteon has disappeared while Lazuli wonders about Jolteon's mysterious rage. Lazuli continues searching for Jolteon, and suddenly, Jolteon confronts her yet again. Electivire steps forward as Jolteon begins the battle with Pin Missile. Electivire evades this attack as he responds with Focus Punch, but is quickly sent flying backwards by Jolteon's Iron Tail. Jolteon aims for Lazuli next, and suddenly, Dragonair pops out of her Poké Ball and blocks Jolteon's attack. The battlefield erupts with a giant plume of smoke and dust with Jolteon now gone from the area.

Lazuli theorises that Jolteon became aggressive when he was overcharged with electricity, which also increased Jolteon's power and the lack of damage is a result of its Volt Absorb ability. In order to defeat Jolteon, Lazuli proposes to expose Electivire to the overhead lightning storm. A bolt of lightning erupts into the nearby ground as another bolt erupts from the sky and electrifies Electivire. Now fully charged, Electivire begins the battle with a Focus Punch, which Jolteon dodges, and Dragonair responds with Wrap, restraining Jolteon and preventing it from using its Electric-type attacks by squeezing it. The match is interrupted as a group of poachers announce their presence, and claim they were searching for Lazuli, and reveal themselves as acquaintances of Rod, who was undergoing a very lucrative deal with them, and Lazuli's interference ruined their plans, and plotted to gain revenge on her. The poachers release a horde of Electabuzz and announce their intentions to battle. The horde of Electabuzz unleash Thunder Shock at Lazuli.

The electrical charge is diverted as Dragonair rushes ahead and charges into them. The Electabuzz band together and use Hidden Power though Dragonair deflects these with Aqua Tail. Lazuli tells Jolteon to join forces with her to defeat the poachers, and Jolteon agrees, and begins to charge up to attack, so Lazuli has Electivire combine his own Thunder to defeat the poachers. The poachers are unfazed as the electricity slowly fills up their own storage energy gauge which they predicted as Lazuli was known for her Electivire's immense power. Electivire and Jolteon keep up their efforts eventually overcharging the storage gauge and destroying it. The excess electricity runs up into the dark cloud above and Jolteon's ailment seems to have been cured. The poachers recover, and Lazuli has Dragonair respond with a Dragon Dance followed by a Dragon Tail attack to stop the poachers from obtaining Jolteon. The Dragon Tail fails as the horde of Electabuzz combined their powers and strike Dragonair with a barrage of Thunder Punches. Dragonair falls to the group, and upon seeing the poachers taunting Lazuli, Dragonair recovers and a mysterious light overtakes Dragonair's body as the evolutionary process begins to take place and Dragonair evolves into Dragonite. The poachers become scared at the sudden evolution, and Dragonite glares at the poachers, and unleashes Dragon Claw, defeating half of the Electabuzz.

The other half begin charging towards Dragonite with Thunder Punches, but Dragonite evades the attacks and retaliates with Fire Punches to each of the Electabuzz, leaving only one remaining. The sole remaining Electabuzz lets out a last resort and uses Discharge, but Dragonite successfully overpowers the attack with Dragon Claw. As the poachers attempt to escape, Dragonite blocks their path by unleashing Dragon Pulse, and Jolteon electrifies them into unconsciousness with Thunder.

Officer Jenny and other authorities arrive soon at the scene, and apprehend the poachers, and inform them they would join Rod in prison and take them away. Lazuli congratulates Dragonite on her evolution, and Dragonite responds by hugging Lazuli, but with her increased size and weight, accidentally crushes Lazuli on the floor. Then, Jolteon begins walking away, but Lazuli calls out to it, saying that its power was off the charts and offers a chance to become even stronger by joining her team, and after pondering a few seconds, Jolteon accepts, and Lazuli captures Jolteon, and starts to think that her team was getting strong enough to defeat Brandon eventually.

Arriving at the Battle Pike, Lazuli gets confronted by a girl named Barbara, asking whether she was Lazuli of Veilstone City, which Lazuli confirms and asks if she was expecting her, with Barbara answering that she couldn't care less if she was. Fortunately, Scott comes in the nick of time to stop the arguing, and says that the Battle Pike is closed today and he was coming to greet the girls. Lazuli asks Scott if he means he was here to greet Lucy, when Barbara yells to address her as Queen Lucy, and Lazuli simply tells her to shut up, which infuriates Barbara. The Pike Queen herself arrives, announcing her arrival with a Seviper-patterned whirligig projectile. She apologizes to Lazuli for Barbara's rudeness. Lucy claims that Barbara's support for her caused her to become hostile to any and all challengers, and says that as an apology for Barbara's rudeness, she would open the Battle Pike for Lazuli today.

Inside the Battle Pike, Lazuli analyzes the water and land battlefield. The referee announces the battle will be two-on-two. Lucy calls out her Seviper and Lazuli calls out Jolteon. Jolteon starts the battle by using Pin Missile, though Seviper defends itself with Poison Tail. Lucy commands Seviper to use Bite, but Jolteon quickly dodges the attack and follows up with a rapid-fire Thunderbolt. Jolteon then uses Thunderbolt again, but Seviper dodges and lands a Poison Tail from behind. Jolteon is sent rolling towards a wall, but Lazuli tells Jolteon to use the energy from the roll to jump. Jolteon obeys and uses Iron Tail directly at Seviper. Lucy closes her eyes, bewildering Lazuli, and to her surprise, Seviper uses Flamethrower at the exact moment Lucy tells it to, knocking Jolteon down. Jolteon begins to charge its Thunder attack, even with Seviper's Poison Tail coming at it. Jolteon maintains its stance and unleashes the Thunder at Seviper, but Seviper uses Poison Tail towards the water to make a huge veil of smoke. Seviper uses Flamethrower at Jolteon, but Jolteon dodges and uses Iron Tail. Seviper re-directs the Flamethrower, turning Jolteon's tail into a ball of fire and steel. Lazuli orders Jolteon to head for the Fang Snake Pokémon, and hitting Seviper and knocking it out. The referee announces Lazuli as the victor of the first round.

Lucy sends out her second Pokémon, Milotic. Seeing how tired Jolteon is, Lazuli decides to recall him, and brings out Electivire. Electivire quickly goes for a direct Thunder Punch attack. Lucy smiles and orders Milotic use Hydro Pump, knocking Electivire down. Electivire recovers and uses Thunder on Milotic, Lucy lets the attack hit, shocking Lazuli. Milotic disperses the attack with its tail and strikes Electivire down with Hydro Pump. Impressed at her battle skills, Lazuli tells Electivire to use Focus Punch, but is pushed away by Milotic's Iron Tail attack. Electivire tries another Focus Punch, but Milotic responds with Twister and Hydro Pump consecutively, repelling Electivire. As Milotic is about to use Iron Tail again, Electivire sprints into a Thunder Punch, landing a direct hit. Before Electivire can use Thunder Punch to finish it off, Milotic’s Facade knocks Electivire back. Lucy commands Milotic to use Twister once again, so Lazuli orders Electivire to head directly into it and use Thunder Punch at maximum power. Electivire rushes through the Twister and collides into Milotic's tail, causing an explosion. Milotic remains standing, surrounded by static and barely able to continue, while Electivire remains standing, although severely injured. As Barbara says that Lucy still had a chance at victory, Lazuli grins and says she doesn't, before quickly switching Electivire for Jolteon, who quickly charges up its Thunder attack and strikes a direct hit on Milotic, knocking it out, and Lazuli wins the Luck Symbol as a result.

Outside the Battle Pike, Scott reminds Lazuli that her next Frontier battle will be at the Battle Palace. She quickly checks her PokeNav, and learns that the Battle Palace is on Metallica Island, near Seafoam Island. Lazuli bids both Lucy and Scott farewell as she heads towards Vermilion City to embark on a boat. Arriving there, Lazuli buys a ticket for the Seafoam Island, and decides to use the travel time to relax, as her Pokémon also deserved some rest.

The ship makes a stop at Camomile Island and the ship's captain says the ship would remain docked for a full day before continuing, and Lazuli decides to explore the island for a while. She finds the island full of Pokémon roaming the plains and decides to bring out her Pokémon for them to relax. A green ball of grass bounces to Dragonite as a bunch of baby Rhyhorn approach. Overjoyed, Dragonite picks up the ball and rushes to play with the Rhyhorn, but they flee in fear and bigger Rhyhorn step up to defend the young. Dragonite drops the ball and runs back to Lazuli, who notices the stampede and also runs away. Nurse Joy pulls up in a Jeep and sends out her Meganium, which uses Sweet Scent to calm the Rhyhorn. Just then, Lazuli notices that Charmeleon is missing, but quickly notices him near a tree and facing off against a Tropius. Joy says that Tropius is protecting the tree as its territory.

Charmeleon charges, but Tropius swats Charmeleon away with Steel Wing before using Gust to pin Charmeleon down, following up with Razor Leaf. Joy calls Meganium to stop Tropius with Razor Leaf, which ends Tropius's hostility. Nurse Joy points out that this has happened before and Tropius will not attack Meganium. With Charmeleon's leg hurt from the attack, Lazuli and Joy heads back to the Pokémon Center, despite Charmeleon's protests. At the center, Meganium uses Aromatherapy to heal Charmeleon, who becomes instantly attracted to Meganium. Joy says that Charmeleon is embarrassed because it lost to Tropius. Lazuli leaves the room to let Charmeleon rest, but Charmeleon is already up. Just then, a small gang of Pokémon hunters break in the Pokémon Center and sedate some of the Pokémon with tranquilizers. Nurse Joy alerts Lazuli, while the Hunters leave with Meganium and other Pokémon as Lazuli chases them, as Nurse Joy contacts Officer Jenny. Charmeleon decides to go back to the tree to face off with Tropius once again.

The wind blows as Charmeleon and Tropius face off. Tropius uses Gust once again, stalling Charmeleon. It charges with Steel Wing and uses Razor Leaf to knock Charmeleon down before attacking again with Razor Leaf. Charmeleon blocks the attack with Flamethrower, and uses a mental picture of Meganium to motive himself. Inspired, Charmeleon speeds up the tree and hits Tropius from above with Dragon Breath before following with Dragon Rush, taking Tropius down. The Hunters approach them with Meganium in tow and set it down. Charmeleon and Meganium run to each other, but Meganium keeps running to tend to Tropius. Meganium heals Tropius and the two appear to be a couple, greatly upsetting Charmeleon, who then sinks to its knees.

The jeep arrives and Lazuli notices Charmeleon on its knees. He confronts the Hunters, thinking they did something to Charmeleon, but they them tell of the second battle between Charmeleon and Tropius. Lazuli thinks Charmeleon lost again, but is informed that Charmeleon won the battle but lost Meganium’s love. The Hunters then capture both Meganium and Tropius. Hearing Meganium's cries for help, Charmeleon gets back up and stares at the Hunters, and as Meganium continues to struggle, Charmeleon begins shaking with anger, and his body begins to glow, evolving into Charizard, which surprises everyone. The Hunters send Vigoroth and Snorlax, and both Pokémon unwillingly crash into Charizard, sending all three to the ground. Lazuli orders Charizard to fire Flamethrower at Vigoroth and Snorlax, but Charizard is suddenly unable to fire the attack. Lazuli orders Dragon Breath instead, but the attack also fails to function. Seizing their opportunity, the Hunters order Vigoroth and Snorlax to attack with Slash and Mega Punch, respectively. Charizard is struck by both and becomes the target of the Pokémon's attacks. Lazuli saves Charizard with Jolteon's Pin Missile, which blows out a knee and topples Snorlax and Vigoroth, and Jolteon then redirects his aim at the Hunters's truck, and frees Meganium and Tropius with Iron Tail. Nurse Joy runs to and hugs both Grass-type Pokémon. Meganium and Tropius step forward to attack together. Meganium uses Razor Leaf and Tropius uses Gust to amplify the attack, destroying the truck and defeating the Hunters. Later, Officer Jenny arrests the Hunters, and then see Meganium and Tropius snuggling, while Lazuli looks over to Charizard, and sees him staring silently at the two, clearly pained at the loss of Meganium's affection.

Later that night, Lazuli is concerned about Charizard's sudden inability to attack, but Joy knows that Charizard will get over it and grow. Lazuli disagrees with Nurse Joy, saying that Charizard never suffered an emotional attack such as a heartbreak, and seeing Meganium and Tropius's happiness right in front of him probably devastated Charizard's confidence beyond repair. Joy comforts Lazuli, saying that eventually, Charizard will overcome his pain and become even stronger, and simply urges Lazuli to help Charizard overcome his heartbreak. The next day, Lazuli departs from the Pokémon Center and returns to the cruiseship, and ponders about whether Charizard would be ok.

Arriving at Metallica Island, Lazuli is outside the local Pokémon Center, training for the Battle Palace. Ursaring's Hammer Arm smashes through a boulder. Dragonite's Dragon Pulse splits the flying rocks from the smashed boulder into smaller pieces. Electivire obliterates a rock with Thunder Punch, Jolteon destroys several small rocks at once with Pin Missile to train its accuracy, and Charizard attempts a Flamethrower, but fails. Charizard is both astonished and angry at itself for still not being able to attack. Charizard continues to try and fail, and falls to its knees in despair. Lazuli's other Pokémon attempt to comfort him, but their attempts don't seem to have any effect. Charizard suddenly gets up and flies off into the woods in anguish. Lazuli and Dragonite immediately run off after it, with Lazuli telling her other Pokémon to stay there, while the other Pokémon are worried about Charizard. Ahead, Charizard continues to fly, blindly, then reaches a tree and begins beating its head against it. After several hits, it backs up in pain, and drops to its hands and knees in despair. Lazuli then catches up, and tries again to encourage Charizard. However, both Charizard and Dragonite quickly hear something approaching, and a swarm of Beedrill emerge.

They dive down to attack, and Lazuli has Dragonite use Fire Punch against them. But as soon as the attack drives off a group of them, another group appears to take its place. There are far too many for Dragonite alone to deal with, so Lazuli turns to Charizard and says they have to go. The group tries to flee, with the Beedrill in pursuit, but they find themselves cornered on the edge of a cliff. There is a raging river in front of them, and an angry swarm of Beedrill behind them. As the Beedrill approach, Charizard steps in front of Lazuli. Charizard cringes as it takes a barrage of attacks. Lazuli holds up Charizard's Poké Ball to recall it, but before she can, the Beedrill knock Charizard back into Ash, causing him to drop the Poké Ball, and causing the three of them to fall into the river. Lazuli grabs hold of a rock in the river and calls out for Dragonite and Charizard. Charizard is carried towards her, and Lazuli grabs its arm before it goes past. Just then, the river also carries Dragonite past, but neither Lazuli nor Charizard can reach it. The river carries Dragonite off as Lazuli calls out to her, swearing to find her as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, at the Pokémon Center, Lazuli's Pokémon are worried because Lazuli, Dragonite, and Charizard still haven't returned. They hear a voice behind them, and are greeted by Scott, who wonders where Lazuli is. Nurse Joy approaches them and tells Scott what happened, and this alarms him. He explains that this is the time when the local Kakuna normally evolve into Beedrill, and there are a lot of them in the area. Realizing Lazuli and the others may be in danger, Scott decides to go look for them. Presently, Lazuli and her injured Charizard are walking along, with Lazuli supporting Charizard. Lazuli says that they have to get back to the Pokémon Center to get Charizard some help. Suddenly, Charizard falters, and falls to its knees in pain. Lazuli realizes that Charizard is hurt worse than she thought, and says that they should rest now. Charizard shakes its head no, but Lazuli assures it that Dragonite will be okay, then advises they get some rest so they can continue.

Scott is now walking into the woods in search of Lazuli. Jolteon then sees something ahead, which turns out to be Charizard's Poké Ball. The group looks down at the raging river below and fears the worst. Scott says they should follow the river, so they hurry off. Ahead, Lazuli has put together a meal for her and Charizard using some Berries from the area. Charizard now lies down to go to sleep. Lazuli apologizes for this, since it would have been more comfortable in its Poké Ball, but that this is the best they can do. Lazuli then looks up at the moon and thinks about Dragonite, hoping she is okay. Somewhere downriver, a very weak Dragonite struggles ashore and collapses, lacking even the strength to remain standing. Heavy approaching footsteps can be heard. They turn out to be coming from a Venusaur, with an old man riding on it.

Elsewhere, Scott and Lazuli's Pokémon are still following the river when they see a column of smoke in the distance, presumably from a campfire. At this fire, the old man sits next to his Venusaur, mixing something in a bowl. He finishes, and tells Dragonite to drink it. She does, and she doesn't seem to like the taste. Just then, Scott and Lazuli's Pokémon approach, and Scott greets the man. Scott is happy to see Dragonite, and ask if she is okay. Dragonite semi-weakly responds, and the old man says that she will soon be fine. He then greets Scott and asks who his Pokémon companions are. Scott then introduces them as Lazuli's Pokémon and explains the situation with Lazuli and Charizard. Farther ahead, Lazuli is fast asleep. Lying opposite her, Charizard is still awake, watching him. Content that Lazuli is okay, Charizard smiles and goes to sleep himself.

The next morning, as the sun rises, Lazuli and Charizard are now walking again, with Lazuli supporting her Pokémon as before. Lazuli calls out for Dragonite, but then trips over a rock, and falls flat because of Charizard's added weight. Charizard is concerned, but Lazuli says she's okay. Still, when Lazuli tries to get up, she finds that she has hurt her knee. Still, she gets up and continues to walk and support Charizard, determined to get to the Pokémon Center and get them both healed. Before long, they come across a group of Kakuna that may be about to evolve. Lazuli says that they have to be quiet as they go through here so the Kakuna don't evolve and start attacking. They proceed forward, but suddenly, a swam of Beedrill catches up to them. Lazuli and Charizard increase their pace, but they come across a dead end. Lazuli turns around and picks up a stick, ready to fight the Beedrill. However, one of the Beedrill hits Lazuli hard, knocking her back. The swarm closes in, and Charizard steps in front of Lazuli. He tries to use Flamethrower, but again fails. Lazuli calls out to Charizard, but suddenly, Dragonite intervenes with a Dragon Pulse, having been closely followed by Scott and Lazuli's other Pokémon. Lazuli is happy to see them, but then, the Beedrill quickly turn on the new arrivals. A powder suddenly calms them down; it turns out to be Venusaur's Sweet Scent, as Venusaur and Spenser have now arrived. Lazuli thanks Spenser, who turns to the swarm and asks them to leave, which they do. Scott informs Lazuli who Spenser is. Lzuli thanks him again, but they are suddenly attacked by a rampaging Primeape.

Lazuli steps in front of Primeape to protect Charizard. Infuriated, Primeape attacks Lazuli with Mega Punch. Lazuli yells in pain, but she still hangs on and yells about not letting Primeape hurt her Pokémon, as Charizard anxiously looks on. Scott urges Spenser to intervene, but Spenser says that Lazuli needs to deal with his by herself. Primpeape knocks Lazuli down with Headbutt, and it does, causing Lazuli to fall. Charizard screams, as the fire on its mouth grows and energizes. With a shout, Charizard successfully uses Flamethrower to stop Primeape. Charizard then tries to use Dragon Breath, but instead, it unleashes Fire Blast, which Primeape narrowly dodges. In the same motion, Charizard catches Lazuli and immediately fires a Hurricane to soften their landing. Charizard sets Lazuli down, and Lazuli congratulates Charizard on its success. Charizard then falters, as it is overcome by its injuries. Spenser now steps in, and sends out a Chansey, who uses Soft-Boiled. This heals Charizard, who promptly stands back up and glares at Primeape.

However, Primeape refuses to give up that easily. Primpeape goes in for Thrash. Lazuli calls for a Hurricane, and one strike is enough to send Primeape reeling. Lazuli now calls for Flamethrower, which defeats Primeape. Later, Scott tells Lazuli about the Battle Palace, and Lazuli officially challenges Spenser, who accepts. The next day, Lazuli stands outside of Spenser's battle grounds, the Battle Palace. Spenser and Scott approach Lazuli, asking her whether she is ready, which Lazuli confirms. Scott and Spenser suggest that as the sun is shining, the battle be held not within the Battle Palace itself but in the jungle that is part of the grounds. Scott begins to explain the rules about the battle: it shall be three-on-three and only the challenger can substitute a Pokémon. Later, Lazuli rides inside a Poké Ball-shaped hot-air balloon. Scott goes on to say that the battle will take place throughout the entire jungle, and it is revealed that the whole side of the island is covered in trees, with only a couple of mountains and the sea nearby.

Lazuli and Spenser are standing atop a battlefield on a mountain, which will act as the starting point. Scott points out this battle will test the Trainers physically as well as mentally since they will need to run around to keep with up the battle. Lazuli notes how she should be careful in her decision when choosing her Pokémon as the jungle can have a major effect on battle strategies. The referee floats down to the battlefield, where Spenser and Lazuli are eager to get started. The referee abruptly states the rules for Lazuli's Battle Palace match. Spenser calls out his first Pokémon, Shiftry and Lazuli replies with Charizard. The referee waves its flags and the match begins. Charizard starts out with a blistering Flamethrower but Shiftry is very fast and manages to dodge it. Shiftry and Charizard run off down the side of the hill, closely followed by Lazuli and Spenser. Charizard and Shiftry are speeding through the forest running side by side, eyes locked onto one another, Lazuli orders a Ancient Power from Charizard, but Shiftry evades it with a Quick Attack. The two continue running along the grass. As Shiftry bounces through the jungle closely followed by Charizard flying through them, Spenser compliments Lazuli on Charizard's Speed not long before he orders his Shiftry to use Double Team.

Charizard is surrounded by many Shiftry, and before Lazuli can reply, a powerful Shadow Ball from Shiftry knocks Charizard into a nearby pool. Then, as ordered by Spenser, Shiftry uses Rock Smash on the ground by the lake, which sends off a barrage of rocks from the nearby water's edge and fills the pool. Lazuli is worried that Charizard has been crushed as they see Charizard's head just duck underwater as the rocks hit the pond. Lazuli is sure that Charizard has been knocked out. Suddenly, Charizard appears from atop the waterfall, flies out and crashes a powerful Fire Blast attack on Shiftry. This, along with a Hurricane, knocks Shiftry out, giving Charizard the victory. Spenser is impressed by Lazuli's win, but he holds nothing back for the next battle, swiftly sending out his Venusaur. Lazuli recalls Charizard and sends out Ursaring, who instantly leaps onto Venusaur. Venusaur, however, flicks it off with his Vine Whip. Lazuli quickly orders Ursaring to attack with a Slash, which Spenser tries to counter with a Razor Leaf; however, Ursaring manages to slash through all of the leaves and then strike a direct hit onto Venusaur. Ursaring continues to attack with Hammer Arm until a powerful Vine Whip knocks Ursaring back.

Ursaring lands on its feet and is ready to retaliate; Ursaring goes for Slash and Venusaur goes for a Tackle attack, meeting eyes locked in the middle. Lazuli orders Ursaring to use Focus Blast, which hits Venusaur hard, knocking it back. It slides directly into a tree knocking from it a Nanab Berry, which Spenser catches. Spenser orders a Solar Beam from Venusaur, and Lazuli uses the delay from the move to her advantage, attacking again with a Focus Blast. The attack hits directly onto Venusaur, but this time, Venusaur responds with a Solar Beam, which knocks Ursaring out.

Lazuli calls back Ursaring and sends out Honchkrow, which she had transferred to her team before the battle, giving her the type advantage once more. Honchkrow flies down, but as Lazuli orders it to attack, Spenser stops the battle for a rest and a quick snack. After the break, Spenser and Venusaur follow Honchkrow. Lazuli orders Honchkrow to speed up, which Spenser tries to counter with multiple Vine Whips, but Honchkrow manages to avoid them. Honchkrow bursts out onto the beach, closely followed by Lazuli, Spenser and his Venusaur, where the battle commences. Venusaur uses Razor Leaf, which is only just dodged by a last-minute Double Team. Venusaur panics, unsure of which Honchkrow is the real one. Lazuli orders a Night Slash, while Venusaur counters with a Vine Whip. The real Honchkrow is found, but it manages to avoid the vine and directly hit Venusaur, knocking it back. Venusaur is exhausted, which Lazuli points out is due to the serious damage Ursaring inflicted with its Focus Blast. Spenser orders a final Solar Beam, causing Lazuli to become worrided. However, the clouds cover the sun, which stops the Solar Beam from charging, giving Honchkrow the advantage; it finishes off Venusaur with Sky Attack. Despite Lazuli's latest victory, Scott knows that Spenser's last Pokémon is not to be underestimated. At that exact moment, Spenser sends out his Claydol. Lazuli orders a Dark Pulse, but Claydol dodges it with Teleport, which leads into a Rapid Spin attack that hits Honchkrow hard from behind. Honchkrow regains its flight, only to be fazed by another Rapid Spin attack sending up a cloud of dust and sand, catching Honchkrow off-guard. Combining this with a devastating Hyper Beam, Claydol knocks Honchkrow out.

Lazuli and Spenser are now both down to their last Pokémon. Lazuli sends Charizard back into battle to face Claydol. Claydol uses Psybeam, which Charizard manages to dodge. Charizard then unleashes a Flamethrower at Claydol, but Claydol dodges it with Teleport, which sends it out above the water, where it uses Rapid Spin to send a jet of water at Charizard. Charizard now flies up onto the side of a cliff, as the sun behind Charizard beams onto his back. However, this is cut short due to a cloudy sky, followed by rain. A Rapid Spin from Claydol starts up a sand twister; Charizard tries its best to avoid but is caught in the twister. Using this to his advantage, Spenser orders Claydol to use Psybeam at the twister, doing serious damage to Charizard. Charizard is sent flying and struggles to gain its feet again, slipping as it tries to stand.

The clouds start to part and Lazuli notices the sunshine is focusing on Charizard and recognizes the phenomenon as a squall. Later, the clouds depart, and Spenser orders a Hyper Beam from Claydol. However, Charizard manages to avoid this by flying out of the way, and Lazuli orders Fire Blast from Sceptile, and with the sunlight, Fire Blast's power increases due to the heat. Claydol is hit with the powerful Fire-type attack, which defeats it and gives Lazuli the win. Lazuli congratulates Charizard on his victory, which doesn't faze the cool Charizard at all. Spenser congratulates Lazuli for an outstanding battle and awards her the Spirits Symbol. Scott approaches Lazuli, tells her that it is now time for her to head to her sixth Battle Frontier match, and warns her that her next opponent will be a tough one.

Returning to the Pokémon Center, Lazuli heals Charizard, Ursaring and Honchkrow, and specifically thanks the latter for his effort before returning him to Rollins's care via the Transport System. Scott then informs Lazuli that her next challenge, the Battle Palace, is located just outside Cremini Town. Lazuli thanks Scott for the information and embarks on a ship back to Vermilion City.

Four days later, Lazuli heads towards the Battle Tower for her sixth Frontier Symbol. She comes to a stop as a Beedrill starts to attack her. As the Beedrill closes in on her, Anabel appears to stop Beedrill from attacking her. Anabel explains that the Beedrill is simply protecting its offspring. Lazuli introduces herself to Anabel, but suddenly a Gyarados bursts out of the nearby body of water. Gyarados begins to attack, but Anabel goes to calm it. She removes a twig lodged in its side, successfully quelling the Atrocious Pokémon. Gyarados cries in pleasure and heads off in the opposite direction. At Anabel's house, Lazuli enjoys refreshments prepared by Anabel. After the meal, Lazuli thanks Anabel but says she's in a hurry, saying that she is in search of the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower. Lazuli is gone before Anabel can tell her that she is actually the Frontier Brain.

Lazuli arrives at the Battle Tower and says to the assistant that she wishes to challenge the Frontier Brain. As Lazuli is guided onto the battlefield, the assistant introduces the Salon Maiden, Anabel, much to the surprise of Lazuli. The referee states that the three-on-three battle is officially underway. Anabel calls upon her Alakazam, while Lazuli releases Jolteon. Jolteon begins the battle with a Pin Missile but is enveloped by Alakazam's psychic power and thrust backward. While it is suspended in the air, Jolteon fights back with Thunder, but Alakazam negates the move with Psybeam. Both Anabel and Alakazam are in sync as she has the ability to telepathically command attacks to Alakazam without having to speak. As a thick plume of smoke covers the battlefield, Alakazam lunges toward Jolteon and strikes with a Focus Punch. Jolteon is thrown backward by the powerful attack. Lazuli realizes that she will have to battle Anabel without knowing her strategy. Jolteon goes for a Iron Tail attack, but it is easily avoided and countered with another Focus Punch. Alakazam takes advantage of the battle by ascending into the air and striking with a final Psybeam that renders Jolteon unable to battle.

Recalling Jolteon, Lazuli releases Ursaring from her Poké Ball next. Ursaring begins the attack, stampeding toward Alakazam's position. Alakazam is quick to interrupt the attack by lifting Ursaring into the air with its psychic power and then dropping it back down. Ursaring gets back up and charges again. Alakazam charges as well, dodges to the side, and then sends Ursaring skyward with a Focus Punch. Alakazam finishes the airborne Pokémon off with Psybeam.

As Lazuli selects Dragonite to be her last chance in the battle, Scott arrives in the stands to watch the match unfold. Dragonite lands the first blow in this match-up with Fire Punch. As Alakazam takes ongoing damage from Fire Punch, Anabel telepathically tells it to use Recover. Lazuli knows that she must pile on the damage before Alakazam fully regains health. She has Dragonite move in and use Dragon Claw, which Alakazam matches with Focus Punch. Right after the clash, Dragonite uses Dragon Pulse, but is countered by Alakazam's Psybeam, which hits its mark and causes confusion. Dragonite tries to use Fire Punch, only to begin charging right at a wall. Lazuli dives into Dragonite's path, cushioning the Dragon Pokémon's impact with the wall. Dragonite appears to have come out of her confusion as Anabel commends Lazuli's deed. Lazuli calls for a Dragon Pulse attack, which Alakazam counters yet again with Psybeam. Both Pokémon maximize the power of their attacks, and Dragon Pulse manages to overcome Psybeam in the end, resulting in an explosion that knocks out Alakazam. Anabel congratulates Lazuli on her first victory and then calls upon her Metagross.

As Dragonite moves in with another Dragon Pulse attack, Metagross uses Psychic to redirect the attack back at Dragonite, who crashes to the ground. Dragonite gets back up and launches forward with a Dragon Claw that makes contact with Metagross. Unfazed, Metagross strikes Dragonite with Meteor Mash, a powerful blow that sends Dragonite crashing onto the wall. Dragonite manages to get back up and start using Fire Punch, but Metagross uses Hyper Beam before she can even get to speed. The beam lands a direct hit, and Dragonite is defeated in a flash of white light. The referee declares Dragonite unable to battle, ending Lazuli's Battle Tower match, and awards the victory to Salon Maiden Anabel.

At the Pokémon Center, the day after Lazuli's defeat at the hands of Anabel, Lazuli decides that she to get straight into training with a morning run with her Pokémon. They move onto practicing their attacks on a nearby tree; Dragonite uses Fire Punch, Ursaring uses Hammer Arm, and Jolteon uses Iron Tail. While the attacks prove powerful, Lazuli accidentally disturbs a swarm Beedrill in the tree. The swarm pursues Lazuli and her team, who run into Anabel. Lazuli asks if she could calm them down, but Anabel claims that she is unable to do so when they attack in a swarm like that. Ursaring soon gets stung from behind by the Beedrill's Twineedle attack, sending him into a rampage from the pain before colliding with Lazuli, Anabel and the other Pokémon off into a lake. Immediately afterwards, Lazuli and Anabel start laughing at the crazy scenario at each other. Lazuli decides to clean Ursaring up before any kind of battle and Anabel offered to help.

Later that day, Lazuli is ready and raring to battle Anabel the second time. The match starts off with Alakazam versus Jolteon, who begins with an Iron Tail attack. Anabel fights using her mind right from the start, commanding Alakazam to use Focus Punch. The attacks collide, and neither Pokémon is injured. Lazuli counters with a Thunderbolt, to which Alakazam uses Psybeam, which collide for an explosive effect. Lazuli isn't deterred and orders Jolteon use Pin Missile; however, Anabel has Alakazam use Psychic to throw Jolteon backwards. Jolteon, despite being in mid-air, is able to use Thunder, which successfully strikes Alakazam. Anabel isn't fazed and calls for Alakazam to use Recover, helping it reclaim some of its energy. Without giving an inch, Lazuli has Jolteon use Iron Tail, which Anabel counterattacks with Focus Punch. However, Jolteon dodges the Focus Punch and slams its Iron Tail attack into Alakazam's jaw. Alakazam used Psybeam again, confusing Jolteon. Luckily for Lazuli, Jolteon is still able to use Iron Tail and use it well. Immediately, Lazuli recalls Jolteon, snapping it out of confusion, and throws Jolteon right back onto the field, where it instantly uses Thunderbolt and knocks out Alakazam. Anabel's next Pokémon is her Metagross. Jolteon uses Thunder, but Metagross evades the attack and slams into Jolteon with a Meteor Mash, knocking Jolteon out.

Despite the type-disadvantage, Lazuli sends out Ursaring. Ursaring's first attack is Slash, to which Metagross counters with Iron Defense. Lazuli then calls for Ursaring to increase its power with Bulk Up and follow up with Hammer Arm, and Anabel has Metagross counter with Meteor Mash. Ursaring is able to dodge Meteor Mash and slam his arm into Metagross' underside, sending it flying. However, Metagross uses Hyper Beam, striking directly at Ursaring. Ursaring, however, makes a quick recovery and retaliates with Focus Blast, striking Metagross due to the delay as it recovers from its earlier Hyper Beam. Finally, Metagross is able to use Meteor Mash, which Ursaring tries to counter with Hammer Arm. The attacks collide and both Pokémon faint.

Anabel's final Pokémon is Espeon, and Lazuli chooses Dragonite. Dragonite starts off by using Dragon Dance followed by Dragon Claw, to which Espeon dodges and strikes back with Quick Attack. Dragonite tries a Fire Punch attack, but Espeon intercepts with an Iron Tail and manages to overpower its opponent. Dragonite follows up with Dragon Pulse. However, Espeon's Zap Cannon proves too much for the Dragon Pulse to take, and Dragonite is sent flying back by the attack. Lazuli has Dragonite use Dragon Pulse once again. Espeon jumps out of the way before using Psychic to slam Dragonite into the ceiling. Dragonite recovers quickly and uses Dragon Claw. Espeon repeats its last attack and sends Dragonite back into the ceiling. This time, however, Dragonite is able to compose herself and bounce off the ceiling and onto one of the lights. The proceeding Dragon Pulse knocks out the Battle Tower's power, making the whole field go pitch black. Once again, Dragonite uses Dragon Pulse, landing her first hit on Espeon. Espeon uses Zap Cannon, forcing the electricity back. Dragonite dodges the attack and flies from light to light, avoiding all the Zap Cannons thrown at her. Espeon is unable to relax, making all mental communication null and void. Again, Espeon is hit with a Dragon Pulse. When the lights come back on, Espeon is hit again with Fire Punch. Without wasting any time, Dragonite uses Dragon Claw. Espeon tries to counterattack with Zap Cannon, but Dragonite quickly switches to Dragon Dance, causing her to swiftly dodge the attack while spinning gracefully, and continues to charge towards Espeon. Espeon is struck down by Dragonite's Dragon Claw, making Lazuli the victor and earning her the Ability Symbol. After shaking Anabel's hand, Lazuli makes her way towards the next facility, the Battle Pyramid, located near Pewter City, for Lazuli's final Symbol.

A week later, Lazuli walks through a forest and finally sees the Battle Pyramid, and she is confident that she will win. However, Lazuli falls into a hole and plummets into an ancient ruin whose walls are covered in ancient hieroglyphs. She spots a light source ahead, and heads for it. Lazuli finds a Pikachu statue and touches it. Consequently this triggers the statue’s eyes to glow blue and a nearby wall with an identical depiction of a Pikachu flashes its eyes as well and begins to rise. A giant, spherical boulder begins to pursue Lazuli. She runs into Brandon, who summons Regirock to destroy the boulder with Focus Punch. Lazuli thanks Brandon for saving her life, but he scolds her, declaring that ruins are forbidden, but softens his stance after Lazuli explains that the ground collapsed underneath her feet. Brandon explains that the ancient King of Pokélantis attempted to rule the world by controlling Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh destroyed the entire kingdom of Pokélantis for the King's wicked attempt. In revenge the King sealed Ho-Oh inside a stone Poké Ball, constructing the very tomb they are currently standing in to seal the Legendary away from the world forever. Lazuli chooses to accompany Brandon on his search for the mysterious Poké Ball.

They walk into a door leading into the King's chamber, which quickly opens, letting them inside, and shuts immediately thereafter. Inside the King's chamber, all of the torches light automatically as they arrive. They find the King's throne under an enormous monument of the King himself and a stone orb shaped like a Poké Ball resting on the seat. Thinking Ho-Oh is inside, Lazuli grabs the orb and tries to give it to Brandon. However, Brandon tries to get Lazuli to set the orb down, but the mysterious object suddenly activates. The orb levitates in the air as a dark voice chants a spell, enveloping Lazuli in a dark aura. She falls to his knees, still surrounded by a blue and black aura, while sounding as she was suffocating. Brandon stares in shock as Lazuli gets back on her feet and laughs with a deep, sinister voice. Lazuli commands Brandon to give her their Pokémon. The dark energy around her reaches out and grabs Brandon's Poké Balls, but Brandon manages to reclaim them. Lazuli declares herself to be the King of Pokélantis, and Brandon realizes that Lazuli is being possessed by the King's spirit. Brandon confronts the King, mentioning his failure to imprison Ho-Oh, and challenges him to a battle. Brandon announces that he is the king of the Battle Pyramid, and if the King wins, he can have all of Brandon's Pokémon. The King accepts. Brandon takes the King to the pyramid, where Scott is waiting. The King pushes Scott aside as he walks into the Battle Pyramid, declaring that no one stands in his way. Inside, Scott finds out that Lazuli is possessed by the King's spirit.

The battle is set for a one-on-one match. Brandon sends out Regirock. Lazuli wakes up inside another dimension but can see through the King's eyes. Noticing the battle, Lazuli summons Ursaring, which the King replicates in reality. Scott wonders how did the King know that Lazuli owned an Ursaring, and Brandon theorises that Lazuli's consciousness was still somewhere within her psyche. Lazuli orders Ursaring to use Hammer Arm, which the King replicates. Regirock uses Iron Defense to nullify the attack. The King then orders Slash, but Iron Defense also nullifies it. With a snide grin, the King orders Ursaring to fire Focus Blast at the ceiling. Ursaring is hesitant at first, but obeys. The attack causes rubble to crash on top of and bury Regirock. Brandon calls the King a coward for his tactic, but Lazuli hears the insult from within the King. Lazuli temporarily breaks the spell, denies that she is a coward, but soon loses control back to the King.

The King thinks Regirock is down and out, but the Rock Peak Pokémon breaks out of its tomb and immediately uses Hyper Beam. In an astonishing move, the King orders Ursaring to use the referee, Samuel, as cover. Ursaring initially refuses, not used to Lazuli using such dirty tricks. The King tells him to obey, so a confused Ursaring leaps behind the frightened referee, Samuel, forcing Brandon to cancel the attack. The King calls Brandon weak for his mercy and has Ursaring use Slash on Regirock's leg, causing it to kneel down. The King laughs at this, saying that Regirock's defeat was near. Regirock uses Lock-On, targeting Ursaring. The King orders another Slash on the other leg, rendering Regirock immobile. Regirock uses Hyper Beam again. Ursaring's attempt to dodge fails as Lock-On ensures that the attack hits. Hyper Beam comes around and Ursaring is blasted to the ground and faints. The King refuses to admit defeat and orders summons Dragonite to battle. Scott steps in front of them, and urges Lazuli to regain control. The King appears resistant and orders Dragonite to use Dragon Pulse, but she refuses. Brandon reminds Lazuli that her inner strength was stronger than the King's, and Lazuli, from within the King's mind, shouts for Dragonite to attack her. Dragonite faintly manages to hear Lazuli's voice and realizes her intentions, and attacks Lazuli with Dragon Pulse. The attack frees Lazuli from captivity and purges the King from her body. Brandon uses a counter of the spell to banish the King's spirit back to the orb. Lazuli returns to normal, much to everyone's relief.

As the sun sets, Brandon tells Lazuli that she was lucky that her consciousness was strong enough to not have been permanently erased, and Lazuli thanks Brandon for his help, and officially challenges him to a battle. Unfortunately, Brandon declines the challenge as he has some more ruins to visit, but he tells Lazuli he will get in touch when the time is right and says that the Pyramid's next location will be Fennel Valley. He advises Lazuli to train hard in the meantime. Brandon and Samuel enter the Battle Pyramid, and the Pyramid's corners slide outward and dust begins to be kicked up. The massive structure lifts into the sky on rotors that keep it aloft, allowing Brandon to move to the next ruins site. Lazuli notices a golden bird in the sky, and she witnesses the real Ho-Oh flying in the distance. She uses this to inspire herself to train for the official battle. Scott offers to drive Lazuli to Fennel Valley, and she accepts his offer.

When they arrive, Scott says that he'll scout for more Trainers, but promises to return in time to witness Lazuli's battle, and urges her to train as hard as possible. For the next two weeks, Lazuli resides at the Pokémon Center, training carelessly to prepare herself against Brandon. Finally, Lazuli sees the Battle Pyramid flying above her and landing not too far away, and finally decides to challenge Brandon. Arriving at the Pyramid, Lazuli greets Brandon and says that she's ready to challenge him, and Brandon accepts her challenge, and gives her the advantage of knowing what Pokémon he would use: Registeel. The referee says that it will be a one-on-one battle. Brandon sends out his Registeel and Lazuli sends out her Magmortar.

The referee starts the match with Lazuli telling Magmortar to start with Flamethrower. The attack hits its mark and Brandon has his Registeel counter with Metal Claw. Lazuli tells Magmortar to dodge and use Rock Tomb which it does, knocking Registeel over. Lazuli compliments Magmortar and Scott remarks how well Lazuli is doing. Brandon tells Registeel to use Zap Cannon and Magmortar counters with Flamethrower. The two attacks collide creating an explosion. Brandon has Registeel use Lock-On and then Zap Cannon and Lazuli tells Torkoal to block with Rock Tomb. The attack hits, however, and manages to paralyze Magmortar. Lazuli has Magmortar use Fire Spin and Registeel tries to counter with Metal Claw. However, before it can attack the paralyzing sparks on Magmortar spread to Registeel and immobilize Registeel and the attack fails. Brandon compliments Lazuli on her strategy but says she is overconfident, and then orders Registeel to throw Magmortar. It does so, but Lazuli counters by having Magmortar use Flamethrower on the wall to bounce back and charge towards Registeel, scoring a close-range Fire Spin.

Brandon says he is impressed but now wants Lazuli to throw everything at him. Lazuli tells Magmortar to use Smog and while the Poison-type attack has no effect on the Steel-type Registeel, it creates a thick smokescreen, blocking Registeel's sight. However, Brandon has Registeel break free from the attack with Sandstorm which erases the attack and traps Magmortar in the vortex. Brandon has Registeel use another Sandstorm but Lazuli orders Magmortar to counter with Flamethrower. Pushing the Sandstorm back, Magmortar manages to trap Registeel. Registeel uses another Zap Cannon but Magmortar dodges it and, under Lazuli's command, uses the power of the Sandstorm to strengthen its Rock Tomb. The attack hits but Registeel holds on and uses Lock-On followed by another Zap Cannon. The vortex charges up the attack and the resulting explosion destroys the blazing Sandstorm. The smoke clears and both Magmortar and Registeel are still standing. But Magmortar falls down and Lazuli loses again. Brandon says that she fought well and he will be ready once Lazuli and her Pokémon learn to fight as one. Outside, Brandon says Lazuli can challenge him again when he returns from another small journey across ruins as the Pyramid flies off.

Throughout the next week, Lazuli decides to retrieve her strongest Pokémon for her battle against Brandon and puts them through an intensive training method, and becomes determined to defeat Brandon once and for all. After the week passes, Brandon finally returns and Lazuli decides to wait another day before challenging him. Later that night, Brandon arrives at the Pokémon Center and wonders where Lazuli was, and Nurse Joy informs him that Lazuli was training in the mountains, and Brandon smiles, saying that Lazuli was maturing since she would normally challenge him right away. The next day, Lazuli returns from the mountains, visibly exhausted and battered, with numerous small scratches on her body, and her clothes completely dirty, and tells Brandon that she was finally defeat him, and Brandon accepts her challenge.

After cleaning herself up and healing her Pokémon, Lazuli and Brandon head towards the Battle Pyramid. As the time for the battle comes and Lazuli and Brandon take their places on the battlefield, the Battle Pyramid's ceiling opens up. Brandon calls upon his Dusclops while Lazuli selects Charizard as her start. Charizard doesn't hesitate to being the battle with his Flamethrower as Dusclops counterattacks with Will-O-Wisp with both attacks clashing and dispersing into the atmosphere. Charizard charges and uses Hurricane as Dusclops dodges and uses Shadow Punch making for a direct hit. Charizard recovers and strikes down with Fire Blast. After Dusclops manages to recover, he counterattacks with Mean Look. Charizard charges his wings again and goes for another Hurricane attack, which hits directly. Dusclops takes advantage of Charizard regaining his balance, and uses Confuse Ray to confuse Charizard, which works perfectly.

Lazuli attempts to recall Charizard back into his Poké Ball but proves unsuccessful due to Mean Look. Dusclops strikes Charizard with another Shadow Punch, sending it flying back into a wall as Lazuli tries to help Charizard recover. Dusclops strikes down with another Shadow Punch for a direct hit. Lazuli attempts to remind Charizard of his past battles while he tries to grasp consciousness once more. Charizard snaps out of confusion and launches another Flamethrower attack for a direct hit. Dusclops launches another Shadow Punch attack knocking Charizard backwards. Charizard is now pretty tired after all the damage taken, and Dusclops is also showing signs of fatigue. Charizard blazes forward with Fire Blast, hitting directly. Brandon orders Dusclops to use Shadow Punch, and charges towards Charizard. Lazuli decides to have Charizard use its new attack and orders Hyper Beam at Dusclops's feet, which explodes on contact with the field, causing the debris and shards of rock to hit Dusclops, but Dusclops quickly recovers and hits Charizard with a barrage of Shadow Punches, with the last one sending Charizard crashing onto the wall, knocking it out, which shocks Lazuli.

After recalling Charizard, Lazuli brings out her Torterra. Dusclops fires Shadow Punch, and Torterra takes it. Torterra's Giga Drain hits home, and Dusclops uses Mean Look. Torterra's Stone Edge misses and it takes another Shadow Punch, pushing Torterra back. Torterra uses Giga Drain, which saps Dusclops's energy. Dusclops uses Will-O-Wisp, but Stone Edge negates it. Lazuli orders Frenzy Plant, but Dusclops fires a Confuse Ray, disorienting Torterra and causing Frenzy Plant to fire towards the wall. Torterra takes another Will-O-Wisp, and tries to use Frenzy Plant, but the vines are out of its control and begin whipping Torterra itself. Another Shadow Punch pushes Torterra back, and Lazuli yells out to Torterra, and Torterra snaps out of its confusion. With Torterra no longer confused, Lazuli orders Torterra to use Earthquake, and while Dusclops suffers the effects of the attack, Lazuli takes this opportunity to command Frenzy Plant, which hits Dusclops directly and knocks it out.

Brandon summons Ninjask, and Lazuli swaps for Jolteon. Ninjask uses Aerial Ace, but Jolteon's Iron Tail repels the attack. Ninjask uses Sandstorm to send Jolteon flying before using Double Team to surround it. Jolteon fires Thunderbolt at all of them, revealing Ninjask. Ninjask dodges Thunderbolt and strikes with Aerial Ace. Ninjask uses Sandstorm, but Jolteon's Thunder neutralises it. Ninjask then uses Sand-Attack to blind Jolteon. Ninjask uses another Aerial Ace, but Jolteon can't see in order to evade. Lazuli tells Jolteon to listen for it. Jolteon dodges and uses Thunder, but the attack goes high. Ninjask executes another Aerial Ace, but the Thunder attack comes down strikes the unsuspecting Ninjask from behind, knocking it out. Brandon sends out Solrock. Jolteon uses Pin Missile, but Solrock's Psywave pushes it back. Confusion stops Jolteon's Iron Tail and sends Jolteon back. Solrock fires Shadow Ball but Jolteon uses the wall to dodge. Jolteon attempts an Iron Tail, but Solrock dodges. Jolteon crashes into the wall and takes Solrock's Solar Beam, an attack which takes out Jolteon.

Lazuli sends Torterra back out. Solrock uses Psywave, but Torterra dodges and fires Giga Drain. Solrock uses Confusion to stop the attack, and sends the attack back at Torterra. Torterra goes for Stone Edge, but Solrock uses Confusion again to sends the attack flying back to Torterra, but it uses to Earthquake to block. Solrock fires Shadow Ball, but Torterra dodges. Torterra uses Giga Drain again, hitting Solrock and begins sapping away its energy. Solrock fires another Psywave, hitting Torterra. Torterra fires Frenzy Plant, which Solrock matches with Shadow Ball. Both attacks collide, and the force causes a double knockout.

Lazuli sends Electivire out, and Brandon calls upon Regice. Electivire fires Thunder, which Regice endures easily. Regice uses Blizzard, which Electivire takes. Electivire attacks with Focus Punch, with Regice countering with Ice Beam. Electivire dodges, but the attack freezes one half of the field and negates the attack. Electivire uses Thunder Punch, but Regice negates it with another Ice Beam, which freezes the other half of the field. With the field covered in ice, Regice can move quicker, but Electivire ends up slipping. Regice attempts to use Focus Punch, but Electivire uses Thunder to paralyze Regice, and then strikes the Iceberg Pokémon with Focus Punch. Regice uses Ice Beam to freeze the stadium more, creating a tomb of ice pillars that trap Electivire.

With Electivire immobilized, Regice uses Rest. Electivire uses Focus Punch to free himself. Electivire races towards Regice, but it wakes up and fires Ice Beam, this time making a direct hit and freezing Electivire in an ice pillar. Lazuli orders Thunder, but Electivire seems unable to. The referee begins to declare Electivire unable to battle, but Electivire uses Thunder to shatter the ice and paralyze Regice again. Regice fires another Focus Punch to send Electivire bouncing across the ice field. Lazuli manages to get Electivire to use two Focus Punches in a row due to the ice. Regice uses Ice Beam to trap Electivire in another icy tomb before using Rest again. Electivire frees himself with Focus Punch and starts charging forward with Thunder Punch. Regice wakes up and uses Ice Beam to try to freeze him again, but Electivire quickly switches to Protect before switching back to a double Thunder Punch attack, and hits Regice before it can launch another attack, knocking it out and making Lazuli the winner. Brandon gives Lazuli the Brave Symbol as her reward, completing Lazuli's Battle Frontier quest.

Later, Scott hands Lazuli a plaque with all seven Symbols on it, acknowledging her position in the Hall of Fame, and offers Lazuli a Frontier Brain position. Lazuli seems shocked, but Brandon says that she deserved it, and after some thinking, Lazuli accepts, saying that it would be an honor. Brandon then announces his retirement as a Frontier Brain and chooses Lazuli as his successor, and gives her the keys to the Battle Pyramid, saying that it was her gift for becoming the new Pyramid Queen. Lazuli bows to Brandon, thanking him, and asks what he would do next, and Brandon says that he would continue researching ruins, and says that he would come back once in a while to check on Lazuli's progress. Brandon then embarks on a jeep and drives off, wishing Lazuli luck on her progress.

Back at the Pokémon Center, Lazuli phones Rollins and informs him of her victory over Brandon, which Rollins congratulates her for, and proceeds to shock Rollins into silence by revealing herself as Brandon's successor as the new Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid. Lazuli then says that she would return home shortly, and after ending the call, tells Samuel they would be flying towards Veilstone City, where the Battle Pyramid would now reside for the time being, and Samuel nods at her orders, referring to her as the Pyramid Queen, and Lazuli chuckles. At the Pyramid takes off, Lazuli wonders how her brother was doing, and decides to invite him for an unofficial battle, wanting to surprise him with her newfound position.

Contests: Sinnoh

Two years later, when Ryder was competing in Pokémon Contests across the Sinnoh region, Lazuli received word from Rollins about Ryder arriving in Veilstone City, and upon being notified of something being wrong with him, Lazuli immediately rushed towards the Pokémon Center where Ryder was located, becoming very worried about her half-brother's state.

Knocking on his door, Lazuli calls out to him, and enters despite Ryder telling her to leave him alone, and asks what was wrong with him. Ryder, still rather unmotivated, retorts that nothing was wrong, but Lazuli refuses to believe him, and forcibly pulls him out of bed, and demands an explanation, but Ryder becomes heated and tells Lazuli to leave him alone, but she refuses, demanding an answer for her question, but Ryder says he doesn't owe her or anyone an explanation. Lazuli then becomes shocked with his attitude and again, more politely, begs him for an explanation, but Ryder still refuses and storms off.

Lazuli, more worried than ever about Ryder, contacts Cynthia for help, and once Cynthia arrives, they both learn the reason behind Ryder's low-self-esteem; Ryder had been eliminated during the first round of both the Hearthome and Solaceon Contests in a row, and had began doubting his own skills and lost nearly any motivation and desire to continue as a Coordinator. Feeling both sorry and bad about not understanding him, Lazuli decides to restore his confidence, and along with Cynthia, they track Ryder to a large open field on the outskirts of Veilstone City.

They both sit by his side and say they heard about his recent failures at the Hearthome and Solaceon Contests, and Ryder simply tells them that he's not cut out to be a Coordinator, and says that he lied to his friends about continuing, but both Cynthia and Lazuli say that all Trainers eventually come across a phase of lack of self-confidence, and Cynthia shares that she once felt she wasn't worthy of being a Trainer after a losing streak, but seeing how her Pokémon hadn't given up on her, nor her friends, she knew she could become even better.

Lazuli then says that while she never necessarily suffered from a lack of confidence, her self-esteem did take a blow when she challenged Brandon at Snowpoint City three years earlier and was horribly defeated, and jokes that Ryder should know as he was there, but the joke doesn't seem to cheer him up at all. Lazuli sighs and simply demands a battle against him, but Ryder refuses, saying that Lazuli's status as a Frontier Brain was too much for him, but Lazuli claims that Ryder had previously conquered the Battle Frontier, so his logic wasn't credible, and she continues to urge Ryder to accept, and after some further encouragement from Cynthia, Ryder finally relents.

Ryder chooses his Prinplup while Lazuli chooses her Charizard. Ryder becomes annoyed and angrily asks Lazuli if she was taking easy on him for choosing a Fire-type to battle against his Water-type, but Lazuli exclaims that because she was a Frontier Brain, her skills were much greater than Ryder's, and she could defeat him, even with a type disadvantage. Ryder becomes heated and orders Prinplup to use Bubble Beam, but Charizard swiftly dodges, and Lazuli commands a Fire Blast, but Prinplup dodges and fires off Water Pulse. Lazuli, however, commands a Mega Punch, and Charizard bats the Water Pulse away, before following up with Hyper Beam, which sends Prinplup flying.

Cynthia then praises both Pokémon's powers, and Ryder says that Prinplup could keep going, and Prinplup agrees with a nod, and Cynthia silently remarks that Ryder's confidence was slowly being restored. Ryder knows that Charizard couldn't move for a while after a Hyper Beam, and orders a Whirlpool, which consumes Charizard. Lazuli tells Charizard to fire a Flamethrower at the whirlpool, which causes a thick mist to emerge. Ryder takes the opportunity to use Water Pulse, and quickly tells Prinplup to use Metal Claw to bat the attack, causing it to reach Charizard faster, and causing massive damage. As the mist clears, Ryder and Lazuli decide to end things with a collision between Prinplup's Metal Claw and Charizard's Mega Punch, and the sheer impact causes an explosion. Once the smoke clears, both Pokémon are still standing, staring each other down, until Prinplup's legs buckle and he falls down, and Charizard wins the battle.

Ryder recalls Prinplup and thanks him for the effort, and Lazuli asks Ryder if he was done being depressed. Ryder lets out a chuckle and says that Lazuli's cruel streak was still as strong as ever, and thanks both Lazuli and Cynthia for helping him regain his confidence and promises to never let another losing streak affect him. Cynthia shares her relief and says that she was still expecting Ryder to challenge her for the title of Champion someday, and Ryder says he would become both a Champion and a Top Coordinator, and Lazuli calls him greedy, which causes everyone to laugh, finally lifting Ryder's spirit. She and Cynthia then bid Ryder farewell as he leaves Veilstone City.

Later, Lazuli and Rollins were seen watching Ryder's performance in the Sinnoh Grand Festival.


During Ryder's roadtrip, he made a stop in Veilstone City, where he and Lazuli met up again, with Lazuli warming her half-brother warmly. After exchanging greetings, Ryder asks Lazuli if she had received any challengers lately, and Lazuli says she hadn't received a challenge in nearly a year, but she already expected not having too many challengers due to the Battle Frontier being extremely tough. Lazuli then asks if Ryder wanted to battle her, and Ryder accepts, wanting to see how stronger Lazuli had gotten since their last encounter.

Entering the Battle Pyramid, Ryder says that Lazuli had taken good care of the facility, and Lazuli says that she couldn't disappoint Brandon, and asks how many Pokémon he was carrying, and Ryder responds with four. Lazuli then says they would face off in a best two-out-of three battle, and she sends out her Charizard. Ryder then chooses Gyarados. Lazuli makes the first move, ordering a Flamethrower. Ryder counters by ordering Gyarados to use Hyper Beam. The two attacks clash, until Gyarados's attack finally overpowers the Flamethrower, but Charizard successfully evades the attack. While Gyarados is recharging, Lazuli takes the opportunity and tells Charizard to attack with Dragon Claw, but Ryder, well aware of Hyper Beam's drawback, has Gyarados smack some rocks off of the battlefield to block the move. Lazuli orders another Flamethrower, but instead of blocking or dodging it, Ryder orders Gyarados to use Dragon Dance, increasing its Attack power and Speed, at the cost of the Flamethrower making a direct hit. Ryder orders Gyarados to use Aqua Tail, and the super effective move scores a direct hit, knocking Charizard to the ground. Lazuli realizes that Ryder knew that since Flamethrower was not very effective on Gyarados, it was worth to take the hit while increasing Gyarados's power and speed.

Ryder orders Gyarados to use Crunch repeatedly. Thanks to the boosts provided by Dragon Dance, Gyarados is able to rapidly attack Charizard multiple times in succession, dealing notable damage. Lazuli disrupts the rapid fire attack by having Charizard use Fire Blast, which engulfs Gyarados in fire. Ryder has Gyarados put out the flames with Aqua Tail, before resuming the Crunch assault. However, Lazuli then reveals her secret trump card and has Charizard use Thunder Punch, interrupting Gyarados's attack and inflicting great damage on the Atrocious Pokémon. Lazuli orders more Thunder Punches, but Gyarados blocks them all with Aqua Tails.

Both Ryder and Lazuli are determined to keep the battle going and they both express excitement for their battle. Ryder orders another Aqua Tail, but Lazuli counters by having Charizard use Thunder Punch, disrupting the Aqua Tail and dealing massive damage on Gyarados. Ryder follows up with Crunch, which Lazuli counters by telling Charizard to use Fire Blast, which not only pushes Charizard out of the attack's way, but also hits Gyarados, dealing even more damage. Deciding to finish the match, Lazuli calls out for Charizard a fully-charged Thunder Punch. Ryder desperately calls for a Hyper Beam, and as Gyarados prepares the attack, Charizard begins charging towards him. Gyarados fires off the Hyper Beam, but Charizard swiftly spins around the beam, and hits Gyarados head-on with Thunder Punch, which knocks out the Atrocious Pokémon, giving Charizard the victory.

Both Ryder and Lazuli recall their respective Pokémon, with both Trainers praising each other's strength. Ryder selects Scizor as his next Pokémon while Lazuli chooses Dragonite. The second round begins, with Scizor making the opening move with Steel Wing. The attack connects, with Scizor moving incredibly fast. Dragonite responds by using Dragon Claw. Scizor dodges and attacks with X-Scissor, but Dragonite uses Stone Edge before the attack can connect, dealing notable damage on Scizor while avoiding its attack. Dragonite continues the assault with Dragon Claw, but Scizor counterattacks with Bullet Punch. Scizor's attack makes contact, dealing great damage on Dragonite. Ryder decides to finish the match and calls for Double Hit. Lazuli quickly orders Dragonite to use Dragon Dance, increasing its Attack and Speed, just as Scizor's attack lands, but Dragonite remains in the battle, much to Ryder's surprise.

Ryder responds to Dragonite's resilience by calling her incredible, with Lazuli also praising Scizor's power. Ryder then orders Scizor to use Double Hit, but Lazuli orders Dragonite to finish the match with Outrage. Dragonite's body becomes outlined in a red aura, and she lets out a roar before charging towards Scizor, with both Pokémon thrashing each other with a barrage of attacks, but Dragonite ultimately overpowers Scizor, and sends her crashing onto the floor with a massive punch. Scizor struggles to get back up, just as Outrage wears off and Dragonite becomes confused as a result. Lazuli says she didn't expect Scizor to be able to still battle after Outrage, and says that Scizor was truly something else. Ryder urges Scizor to get back up, which she does, and Ryder commands a barrage of Double Hits and X-Scissors, which Scizor does, causing massive damage to Dragonite. Lazuli commands Dragonite to attack, but Dragonite simply attacks herself due to her confusion, before Scizor finishes her off by using Bullet Punch with her left claw, and Double Hit with her right claw, which makes Ryder and Lazuli's score 1-1.

Ryder recalls Scizor while Lazuli recalls Dragonite, with Lazuli praising the Pincer Pokémon's power and resilience, and says that she was getting excited with their battle, and says that only Ryder could make her feel this pumped to fight. Ryder smiles and says that he was glad to hear it, and chooses Latias as his final Pokémon. Lazuli expresses her shock at seeing the Legendary Pokémon, but nonetheless says that only Ryder could tame such a powerful Pokémon, before sending Electivire.

Ryder makes the first move by ordering a Psywave, which gets countered by Electivire's Thunder. Ryder follows up with a Dragon Breath, but once again, Latias's attack is blocked by a Thunder. As Electivire goes on the offensive, Ryder calls for Psywave again, but Electivire breaks through it with Thunder Punch before using Dynamic Punch, scoring a direct hit. Despite of this, Latias is still standing strong, and Ryder has her use Recover followed by Psywave. Electivire answers by using Thunder, which starts pushing the Psywave back, leaving Latias with only a struggling barrier to protect her from the Electric-type attack.

Fueled by Ryder's determination, Latias starts applying more power into her attack. Responding to this, Latias's attack suddenly changes form, and Lazuli recognizes the attack as being Latias's signature attack: Mist Ball, which overpowers Electivire's Thunder and actually manages to hit it, knocking it to the ground. Ryder is happy for Latias to have learned Mist Ball, but Lazuli responds by ordering Electivire to use Thunder again. Ryder tells Latias to use Dragon Breath, but Electivire easily dodges it before using Thunder Punch. Latias struggles to stand up in the face of the powerful attack, but is eventually thrown back. Ryder calls for a Dragon Breath, and Latias builds up her attack, and Lazuli smiles, recognizing that Latias was pushing herself for Ryder's sake. Latias's attack gets charged, but instead of Dragon Breath, Latias unleashes Dragon Pulse, much to Ryder's happiness. However, Electivire blocks the attack with Protect. Lazuli praises Latias's loyalty for Ryder, but says that their battle was over with, and says she would take a page out of Ryder's book, and tells Electivire to use Thunder Punch on his right hand, and Dynamic Punch on his left, and Electivire charges towards Latias, and hits her with both attacks simultaneously, which knocks Latias out of battle, giving Lazuli the victory.

Ryder rushes over to Latias, and asks if she was okay, and Latias nods weakly, and Lazuli gives Latias a Sitrus Berry, which she eats and quickly regains her strength. Ryder thanks Lazuli, and Latias shows her appreciation for Lazuli by nuzzling against her, and Lazuli thanks Latias. Ryder then tells Latias that Lazuli was his sister, and upon hearing this, Latias changes into her human form, and greets Lazuli, who stares at Latias wide-eyed, and Latias chuckles at her reaction, telling her that she enjoyed shocking people into silence with her transformation, and Ryder laughs, calling Latias a troublemaker. Lazuli quickly shakes off her surprise and smiles, saying that Ryder was full of surprises, and greets Latias properly, and asks her to look after her little brother, and Latias nods. Latias then reverts to her true form as Ryder recalls her to her Poké Ball. Outside the Battle Pyramid, Lazuli wishes him luck on his roadtrip, and Ryder returns by wishing her luck on her duties as a Frontier Brain.

World Tournament

When the Pokémon World Tournament was scheduled to take place, Lazuli was contacted by Ryder in order to participate, and Lazuli accepted his offer, and traveled to Driftveil City in the Unova region to compete. During her first round match-up, Lazuli battles against AJ, selecting to battle with her Electivire against AJ's Serperior. Electivire immediately takes a big hit from Serperior's Iron Tail and lands on the ground hard. Lazuli encourages Electivire to get up, and he slowly does, but falls right back into the same position after taking a blow from Serperior's Vine Whip. AJ then orders Serperior to use another Iron Tail, but at the last second, Electivire manages to grab his tail and refuses to let go despite Serperior's attempts to break himself free. Lazuli then orders Electivire to his tails into the field and unleash his Thunder attack, and with his tail stuck on the ground, electricity gets dispersed across the entire field, gaining further power and causing severe damage to Serperior despite his Grass-type advantage. As Serperior continues to cry out in pain, an explosion occurs due to the overloading power conducted from Thunder, and as the smoke clears, Serperior is laid down, unable to continue, and Electivire wins the battle. AJ recalls Serperior and remarks that he never expected to lose so quickly, and Lazuli simply exclaims that she would've never been able to look herself in the mirror again if she failed to showcase her power as a Frontier Brain, and both Trainers shake hands afterwards.

Following the match, Lance announces that the tournament would resume the next day, and reminds all participants that the second round of the preliminaries consisted of Double Battles, and encourages all Trainers to come up with great combos to overcome any disadvantages they might come across. Lance then directs everyone towards the scoreboard to see the pairings for next day's matches: Lazuli would battle against Valeria, Ryder would battle against Robyn Oak, Gwendolyn would battle against Miguel, and Janis would battle against an unnamed Trainer.

The next day, Lazuli and Valeria's match kicks off the second day of the tournament, with Valeria selecting her Charizard and Chikorita, deciding that their opposing types might give them an advantage. Lazuli seems only mildly impressed, and summons her Dragonite and Ursaring. The battle kicks off with Lazuli telling Ursaring to cling onto Dragonite, and Ursaring jumps onto her back, and Lazuli then orders Dragonite to use Extreme Speed, and both Pokémon are sent charging foward in a blindly fast speed, and Dragonite strikes both Chikorita and Charizard. As Charizard and Chikorita attempt to regain their composure, Ursaring leaps off Dragonite and hits an suspecting Chikorita with a vicious Mega Kick.

Chikorita struggles to get back up, as Dragonite charges towards her with Dragon Claw. At the last second, however, Valeria tells Charizard to interject with Seismic Toss, and Charizard grabs Dragonite by the arm just as she was about to connect with Dragon Claw, and drags her towards the sky, and spins around in a circle before tossing her back towards the ground. However, Ursaring manages to catch Dragonite before she hits the ground, saving her from damage. Valeria then orders Chikorita to hop into Charizard's back and fly around the arena, which Charizard and Chikorita do so. As Dragonite and Ursaring attempt to keep an eye on them, Chikorita uses a barrage of Razor Leaves, which rain down upon Dragonite and Ursaring, who despite their best efforts, are unable to dodge due to the attacks coming several angles due to Charizard's flying.

Changing tactics, Lazuli tells Dragonite to start using Dragon Dance to boost her Attack and Speed, while having Ursaring protect her. Realizing this, Valeria tells Charizard to use Flamethrower on Dragonite, but the attack gets deflected away by Ursaring's Hammer Arm. As Dragonite continues to use Dragon Dance, Valeria has Chikorita use Vine Whip, and she successfully wraps her vines around Ursaring's leg, and drags him away from Dragonite, allowing Valeria to have Charizard fire off a Heat Wave towards her. However, Dragonite easily manages to dodge the attacks thanks to her increased speed, and Lazuli has Ursaring restrain both Charizard and Chikorita at once, preventing them from moving. Lazuli then orders Dragonite to use Outrage, and Dragonite unleashes a barrage of relentless attack on all three of them, with Ursaring continuing to restrain them despite suffering damage. Ultimately, Charizard, Chikorita, and Ursaring are all knocked out by the brutal Outrage, and Valeria becomes shocked at seeing how brutal Lazuli's battling style was.

After all of the matches are finished, Lazuli discovers that she would battle against Leon in the third preliminary round, which would now be a three-on-three battle. Their match occurs the next day, with Lazuli starting off with her Charizard while Leon summons his own Charizard in return. Leon makes the first move, ordering a Flamethrower. Lazuli counters by ordering her Charizard to use Fire Blast. The two attacks clash, until Lazuli's Charizard's attack finally overpowers Leon's, but Leon's Charizard successfully evades it. Leon takes the opportunity and tells his Charizard to attack with Air Slash, but Lazuli has her Charizard smack some rocks off of the battlefield to block the move. Leon orders another Flamethrower, but instead of blocking or dodging it, Lazuli has her Charizard use Work Up, increasing its Attack power at the cost of the Flamethrower making a direct hit. Lazuli orders her Charizard to use Thunder Punch, and the super effective move scores a direct hit, knocking Leon's Charizard to the ground. Ryder realizes that Lazuli knew that since Flamethrower was not very effective, it was worth to take the hit while increasing her own Charizard's power.

Lazuli orders her Charizard to use Thunder Punch repeatedly. Thanks to the boosts provided by Work Up, Charizard is able to rapidly attack Leon's Charizard multiple times in succession, dealing notable damage. Leon disrupts the rapid fire attack by having his Charizard use Fire Spin, trapping Lazuli's Charizard in a vortex of fire. Lazuli has her put out the flames by using Thunder Punch on the ground, which releases shock waves that dissipate the flames, before continuing the assault with Thunder Punch. However, Leon then reveals his secret trump card and has his Charizard use Rock Slide, interrupting Lazuli's Charizard's attack and inflicting severe damage on the Flame Pokémon. Leon orders more Rock Slides, but Lazuli's Charizard blocks them all with Thunder Punches.

Lazuli then orders a Fire Blast, but Leon counters by having his Charizard use Rock Slide to block the oncoming attack, disrupting the Fire Blast, before quickly flying upwards and firing off a rapid Flamethrower that only stumbles Lazuli's Charizard. Leon quickly orders another Fire Spin, engulfing Lazuli's Charizard in flames to deal additional damage. Having already suffered a lot of damage in the battle, and already distracted by Fire Spin, Lazuli's Charizard then gets struck with an unsuspecting Rock Slide, and faints as a result. Ryder mumbles that Leon's Charizard was on another level than any Charizard he'd ever seen before, and wonders whether Lazuli would even be able to knock it out.

For her next Pokémon, Lazuli selects Electivire to battle. Lazuli makes the first move by ordering a Dynamic Punch, which gets countered by Charizard's Rock Slide. Electivire follows up with a Thunder Punch, but once again, his attack is blocked by a Rock Slide. As Charizard goes on the offensive, Lazuli calls for a Protect, but Charizard's Flamethrower gradually cracks the shield before completely shattering it, before using Air Slash, scoring a direct hit. Despite of this, Electivire is still standing strong, and Lazuli has him use Thunder. Charizard answers by using Flamethrower, which starts pushing the Thunder back, leaving Electivire with only a struggling barrier of electricity to protect him from the Fire-type move.

Fueled by Lazuli's determination, Electivire starts applying more power into his attack. Responding to this, Electivire unleashed an overloaded Thunder attack, which overpowers Charizard's Flamethrower and actually manages to hit it, knocking it to the ground. Despite the damage, Lazuli knows better than celebrate, knowing that Charizard was still able to battle, and orders Electivire to use Thunder Punch quickly before Charizard recovers, and Electivire charges in for the attack. Leon, however, orders Charizard to use Air Slash on the ground, which propels Charizard into the sky, allowing it to dodge the attack. Charizard then unleashes a flurry of Rock Slides, all of which Electivire only narrowly avoids. However, this forces Electivire to shift his attention away from Charizard, who manages to fly behind him, and score a direct hit with a point-blank Flamethrower, and Electivire gets blased into the arena wall, and becomes unable to battle.

Lazuli recalls Electivire and grits her teeth, aware that she would most likely lose the match, but she nonetheless refuses to quit and summons her Dragonite. The matchup begins with a clash of Charizard's Flamethrower and Dragonite's Dragon Claw, which seem evenly matched. Charizard follows up with Fire Spin, which Lazuli counters by having Dragonite use Dragon Dance, and as a result, Dragonite swiftly dances around the fire vortex, allowing her to avoid its effects and suffer zero damage, while also increasing her Attack and Speed.

Leon remarks that playing careful isn't really gonna change the outcome of the battle, and orders Charizard to use Rock Slide. Dragonite flies up with its increased speed in an attempt to avoid the incoming attack, but the Rock Slide still heads straight towards her upon being fired, but Dragonite narrowly dodges by using Extreme Speed and speeds towards Charizard, who becomes unable to dodge the blindgly fast attack. Dragonite then uses Outrage, but Charizard flies up to dodge the attack, while Dragonite chases after it, but despite her best efforts and increased Speed, Charizard's speed still outmatches Dragonite's, and after a few missed hits, Dragonite becomes confused due to Outrage's side-effects. Taking this opportunity, Leon orders Charizard to use a barrage of Rock Slides, and Dragonite gets relentlessly struck by the flying rocks, with the final one sending her crashing back into the battlefield. Despite her attempts to stand back up, Dragonite collapses back down and becomes unable to battle, giving Leon a clean sweep victory. Lazuli becomes awe-struck at suffering such an one-sided defeat, and mumbles that Leon's power was far beyond hers, and even goes as far as saying that Leon could definitely defeat any and all Frontier Brains without any worries, but nonetheless vows to become stronger and defeat Leon in a rematch.

Clash of Clones

Lazuli was invited by New Mewtwo to New Island as part of it's plan to get rid of any powerful Trainers it could find due to it's belief that all humans were evil beings. While at Old Shore Wharf, Lazuli meets up with Ryder again, who was also invited, while also meeting Ryder's girlfriend Felicia, as well as Raven, a friend and rival of Valeria's. Both Lazuli and Raven explain that they were also invited as part of the tournament, but they weren't allowed to head to New Island because of the storm. However, Ryder, Felicia, Lazuli, and Raven all agree that they would face the storm regardless of the warnings. The other Trainers share the same thoughts, saying they would just use their Pokémon to reach New Island. Jenny and Miranda protest, revealing the onsite Pokémon Center is currently unattended, so no Pokémon can be treated for their injuries. Jenny reveals that the Nurse Joy has been missing for a week, and brings everyone's attention to the missing poster. Despite the warning, several Trainers leave for New Island using their Pokémon, and Miranda admits that stopping any Pokémon Trainer is futile, as they are courageous adventurers by nature.

Ryder, Felicia, Lazuli, and Raven rush towards the pier, and are equally determined to head for New Island, but Felicia wonders whether their Pokémon will be able to push through the storm. Raven admits she currently doesn't have Flying or Water-type Pokémon with her, having left her Flying-type Corviknight back home. Felicia says that she left her Altaria with Professor Birch, along with her Ampharos and Beedrill. Ryder and Lazuli simply look at each and smirk, before sending out Latias and Dragonite. Ryder and Felicia climb atop of Latias, while Lazuli and Raven climb atop of Dragonite, and both Pokémon begin flying towards New Island, pushing through the storm and heavy winds.

After nearly an hour of cruising through the stormy skies, the quartet arrive in New Island, and the female attendant greets the group. At her request, Ryder shows the attendant his personal invite for verification. Lazuli instantly recognized the attendant as the missing Nurse Joy from Old Shore Wharf, and Felicia admits she can see the resemblance. The attendant replies that she has been at the castle for a long time, dismissing the comment. As the attendant leads the group to their venue, Ryder realizes that something was amiss, since Nurse Joy couldn't remember being missing. Arriving at a large entrance, the attendant leads Ryder, Felicia, Lazuli, and Raven inside to meet the other Trainers. The group are surprised to see only three other Trainers, while the attendant explains that they were the only ones strong enough to make the crossing, and Ryder becomes horrified as the realization that the several other Trainers never made it, and ponders about their fates. Lazuli wonders if the storm was a test, however the attendant simply asks the group to call out their Pokémon before taking their seats. Ryder calls out his Incineroar, Latias and Lucario. Felicia sends out her Masquerain, Glalie and Hitmontop. Lazuli sends out her Electivire, Charizard, Dragonite, and Torterra. Raven sends out her Cinderace and Duraludon. A Trainer named Haider is first to greet them, revealing he arrived with the help of his Unfezant before showing off his other Pokémon: Hitmonchan, Venusaur, Piloswine, Lairon, and Yamask. Another Trainer named Fern presents his collection of Water-type Pokémon: Gyarados, Whiscash, Croconaw, Cramorant, Gastrodon, and Simipour. The third Trainer introduces herself as Ness, and she showcases her Pokémon: Blastoise, Meowth, Flaaffy, Torkoal, Umbreon, and Chimecho. When Ryder compliments her Pokémon, Ness flirtly thanks him, which causes Felicia to interfere, telling Ness to back off, and Ryder nervously laughs at the situation.

The lights suddenly dim and New Mewtwo makes a grand entrance, floating down the castle's double-helix staircase to greet its guests. The attendant reveals that this is the world's greatest Trainer and Pokémon, New Mewtwo. Fern declares that a Pokémon cannot be a Trainer and says New Mewtwo's claims are outrageous. Using telepathy, New Mewtwo has its attendant speak for it. Fern protests, so New Mewtwo uses Psychic to toss him into the pool. Undeterred, Fern orders his Gyarados attack with Hyper Beam. New Mewtwo effortlessly blocks the attack with Protect and retaliates with Shadow Ball, knocking Gyarados back into the pool. New Mewtwo also releases his attendant from its Psychic manipulation, which also confirms Felicia's suspicions that she is the missing Nurse Joy. Using its telepathy to speak, New Mewtwo explains that it used Confusion to remain in control of her, because it required Nurse Joy for her specialized Pokémon knowledge, and she will have no memory of the events.

New Mewtwo explains that the world are ruled by humans, which is problematic because people are inherently controlling and says that he would use its powers to take control of the world and maintain order and keep both humans and Pokémon at peace with the threat of its power. Incineroar roars to rebute such comments, and explains that humans and Pokémon form friendships, but New Mewtwo is disgusted by such feelings and telepathically tosses Incineroar aside, only for Ryder to break his fall. Haider steps up, calling for his Piloswine to attack with Horn Attack. New Mewtwo defends itself by sending Piloswine flying across the banquet table with Focus Punch. Ryder notes that Mewtwo used five moves, something that no Pokémon should be able to do, and New Mewtwo explains that because of the DNA samples of countless Pokémon that were used for its creation, New Mewtwo can effortlessly learn a variety of different attacks at any point it wishes, allowing it to remain with the upper hand at all times. With this, New Mewtwo claims to be the strongest Pokémon, and Ryder suggests it prove itself. New Mewtwo arrogantly asks if Ryder was challenging him, and Ryder angrily confirms. Smirking at this, New Mewtwo gladly accepts, and the lights dim yet again before revealing New Mewtwo's personal battle stadium.

Ryder asks if New Mewtwo was ready to battle them, but New Mewtwo says that they wouldn't battle it just yet, and uses its Psychic powers to create a tunnel, in which a Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur emerge from, and New Mewtwo explains that these Pokémon were mistreated and abandoned by selfish Trainers, and New Mewtwo promised them freedom and newfound happiness in their new world, and says they weren't the only ones in the island, and tells the Trainers to select their Pokémon. Haider, Ness, and Lazuli take up New Mewtwo's challenge, calling on their own Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard to face the clones. Everyone makes their way over to the stadium, though New Mewtwo's starter trio emerge victorious over their respective opponents, with New Mewtwo explaining that it used its Psychic powers and the laboratory's technology to enhance the trio's abilities. New Mewtwo proceeds to catch Haider's Venusaur, Ness's Blastoise, and Lazuli's Charizard in its own special Mewtwo Balls. Felicia wonders what New Mewtwo's intentions of "stealing" other people's Pokémon could be, and New Mewtwo insists it plans to create an army of superior Pokémon with its powers and experiments. Ryder orders Mewtwo to stop, though New Mewtwo reiterates that it makes the rules and pushes Ryder away with its Psychic powers, causing him to collide onto Lazuli.

New Mewtwo summons more Balls, sending everyone into a panic as they try to save their Pokémon from being caught. Fern's Pokémon are all captured with ease, follows by most of Haider's and Ness's teams. Haider's Unfezant tries to out-speed the Balls with Quick Attack, but is also caught. Ryder recalls Lucario to his Poké Ball, but this also proves useless as the Poké Ball itself gets "recalled" inside the Mewtwo Balls. Latias goes undetected as she transforms herself into her human form, and the Mewtwo Balls are unable to distinguish her from the others. Lazuli and Nurse Joy reach the doors, though Lazuli's Pokémon are soon taken. Incineroar remains the last standing, but he is also captured while trying to escape up the spiral staircase. Ryder leaps for Incineroar, and grips onto the Ball, but it manages to get away. Ryder, however, does slide down one of the hidden entrances as it carried off with the Mewtwo Balls into the underground laboratory. Ryder rushes into the machine to save Incineroar and wrestles with the machine's mechanical arms, causing it to spark as he manages to rescue Incineroar. Incineroar emerges from the Ball unscathed and happily leaps into Ryder's embrace. The machine suddenly explodes, releasing all of the captured Pokémon from the Mewtwo Balls, reuniting Ryder with Lucario as well.

New Mewtwo assures the humans it has no intention of harming them. It even offers them the chance to leave, however with the storm still raging, no one considers it an option. An explosion occurs, and Ryder, leading the originals, come out from the hole in the ground to face New Mewtwo much to the relief of the others. Ryder declares that he will protect his Pokémon, but New Mewtwo coldly exclaims that Ryder's words are empty, and his beliefs would slowly die as time passed, and charges a Zap Cannon and fires at Ryder. While the others yell at Ryder to dodge, an explosion occurs and everyone assumes Ryder was struck, and Felicia panics and looks for him, but as the smoke clears, Ryder is nowhere to be seen. Ness calls for everyone to look to the stands, and they see that Ryder was rescued by Gardevoir via Teleport.

When Ness questions about Gardevoir's sudden appearance, Felicia explains that Gardevoir possesses an extreme attachment towards Ryder, and because of that, she could also sense his emotions, and as well as being able to share them. Felicia also explains that Gardevoir was fiercely protective of him, and she could instinctively sense whenever Ryder was in mortal danger, and when Ness questions as to how Gardevoir knew, Felicia simply says that Gardevoir deeply loved Ryder to the point where just the mere realization that his life was in danger was enough to allow Gardevoir to track down his location and protect him. Overhearing this explanation, New Mewtwo quietly ponders on whether Gardevoir and Ryder truly cared for each other, and begins doubting its beliefs, but forces itself to shake them off and reassures itself that their bond was only temporary and attacks them with Shadow Ball, but Gardevoir grabs Ryder and Teleports themselves away.

New Mewtwo becomes frustrated with Gardevoir's interference, and decides to lure her out and changes its aim towards Lazuli and the others and charges up its Shadow Ball attack, and fires it off. Suddenly, the attack gets redirected by an incoming Psywave attack. As everyone looks towards the sky, they see another Mewtwo looking down on them, and New Mewtwo becomes shocked at it's sudden arrival. Everyone becomes confused, and Ryder explains that the Mewtwo that just arrived is a friend of his father's, and Mewtwo confirms this.

Mewtwo confronts New Mewtwo, and says that it used to be just like New Mewtwo, distrustful of humans and believing they were vile creatures, but it quickly learned that while there were indeed many evil and selfish humans in the world, there were likewise many good-natured, kind, and caring Trainers who genuinely loved their Pokémon, and urges New Mewtwo to try and look at humans for their good deeds instead of their bad ones, but New Mewtwo rebuffs New Mewtwo's comments, saying the only human it cared about is gone, and therefore it had nothing and nobody else, and would rule the world to eliminate the people responsible, and Ryder says that this wasn't what New Mewtwo said earlier about wanting to bring peace, and New Mewtwo exclaims that it lied, as it only wanted revenge on the people who killed it's "mother" and would stop at nothing, believing that if humans were willing to kill other humans, then they were meant to be eliminated at all costs and fires off a Hyper Beam, which Mewtwo dodges.

New Mewtwo commends it's counterpart on it's speed, but taunts Mewtwo, sarcastically asking if it could copy it's next ability, and New Mewtwo demonstrates being capable of Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo Y without the need of a Key Stone, much to everyone's shock, except Mewtwo's. Mewtwo flies over to Ryder and tosses him a Key Stone, and Mewtwo asks him for assistance, and Ryder realizes that Mewtwo wants Ryder to Mega Evolve him, and Ryder does so, evolving Mewtwo into Mega Mewtwo X.

The two Mewtwo's begin exchanging blows while everyone else spectates in complete awe. Ryder tells Gardevoir to Teleport them next to the others, which she does so, and Ryder says that the two Mewtwo's power could destroy the entire island if the battle continued for too long. Both Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions run out due to exhaustion, and they drop down back to the battlefield in their knees due to exhaustion, and New Mewtwo begins charging an oversized Shadow Ball, which Ryder notes that it would blow up the entire island, along with everyone in it, if connected, and Mewtwo begins charging up its own Shadow Ball, but gets joined by Gardevoir, Ness's Umbreon, and Haider's Yamask, all who also charge up their Shadow Balls to assist Mewtwo. Seeing this, New Mewtwo becomes enraged and launches the oversized Shadow Ball, but the combined efforts of the four Pokémon manage to prevent the giant Shadow Ball from hitting, although it causes a massive explosion that knocks out all of the stadium's lights and knocks everyone off their feets, both humans and Pokémon alike, except for both Mewtwo's.

As everyone lies around, hurt and scared, Ryder looks around, horrified at the sight in front of him. Both Mewtwo's prepare to exchange devastating blows, and Ryder rushes between them to intervene. The attacks hit, and consequently turn Ryder to stone. New Mewtwo is taken aback that a human would try to stop the battle while Mewtwo is horrified that it possibly caused Ryder's demise. As Ryder lies motionless, Gardevoir and Incineroar rush over to check on him, but he is unresponsive. Gardevoir tries one Psybeam after another, but her attempts are all in vain. Gardevoir and Incineroar begin to tear up and cry aloud, fearing their Trainer is now gone. The other Pokémon are also drawn to tears by this, New Mewtwo becomes surprised at how all of the Pokémon are sharing the same grief, and Mewtwo explains that humans and Pokémon are all members of the same planet, and while there are humans who are evil and treat Pokémon like tools, there are humans like Ryder, who treat Pokémon with love and care.

New Mewtwo begins showing regret of it's actions, and Mewtwo urges New Mewtwo to help restore Ryder back to normal, and both Mewtwo's combine their Psychic powers and engulf Ryder's body, with Mewtwo theorising that since their Psychic powers were what turned Ryder to stone, they could turn him back to normal. After some great efforts, both Mewtwo's manage to revert the effects of their attacks, and Ryder gets back to normal, and Gardevoir immediately hugs her Trainer in happiness, crying onto his chest while Incineroar also hugs him, overjoyed that Ryder was okay, while Ryder apologizes for his recklessness. After witnessing all of this, New Mewtwo realizes that it does not matter who is more powerful, and that the circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant: it is what one does with life that determines one's destiny, something that Mewtwo agrees, and both Mewtwo's use their Psychic powers to carry all of the Pokémon that New Mewtwo had rescued along with them, and when Ryder asks New Mewtwo where he was going, New Mewtwo replies that he was going somewhere where it's heart can learn what Ryder's knew full well, and would find a place where it and it's Pokémon friends can live in peace. New Mewtwo also thanks Ryder and the other Trainers for helping it see that it's actions were wrong, and while it flies away, New Mewtwo silently asks if Dr. Abi was watching over them and if she was proud of her creation.

Afterwards, Raven questions as to how they would leave the island, as the directions that New Mewtwo gave them had been destroyed along with the invites, and they couldn't tell the direction back to the mainland, but Ryder tells everyone to hold hands, and once they do, Ryder holds Gardevoir's hand and tells her to use Teleport, and she teleports everyone back to Old Shore Wharf, where Officer Jenny and Miranda are spooked by their sudden arrival, but recognize them as the Trainers who left earlier in the day. Jenny questions them about New Island, but Ryder decides to keep what happened a secret, and says that the tournament invitation was a prank and nobody was there, and everyone else picks up on Ryder's intentions to protect New Mewtwo and back up the lie. Ryder then asks about the several other Trainers who left for New Island but never made it, and Jenny says that she sent a rescue team out to sea after the storm calmed down, and they found the Trainers stranded at sea with their Pokémon, and they were all rescued with no casualties, and Ryder becomes relieved upon hearing this.

After all of the Pokémon are healed, Nurse Joy thanks Ryder and the others for everything on New Island and she promises to keep the secret as well, and tells them to stay safe. Fern, Haider, and Ness all head their separate ways, while Lazuli returns to Veilstone City to check up on the Battle Pyramid while Raven decides to return to Galar, while Ryder and Felicia continue on their trip together, with Felicia jokingly asking Ryder to avoid any other life-threatning events for the rest of the trip, with Ryder saying: "no promises".

Birthday Trip

During Ryder's eighteenth birthday, Lazuli attended the festivities, after receiving an invite from Ryder's girlfriend Felicia, with the party taking place at Cynthia's villa in Undella Town.


After another day of training at the Battle Pyramid, Lazuli begins suffering from boredom, having not participated in a fierce battle in months. Closing the Battle Pyramid for the day, she decides to pay a visit to Professor Rowan's laboratory in Sandgem Town. She promptly departs from Veilstone City and arrives in Sandgem Town by morning.

When she arrives at the laboratory, Lazuli sees Professor Rowan and his assistants doing a health check on a Shuckle, Starly, Kricketot, Shinx, Cherubi, and Budew. All of the Pokémon pass the health checks. Lazuli asks Professor Rowan for advice about her next steps, commenting her growing stale position as a Frontier Brain. After some thought, Rowan decides to take Lazuli with him to meet a new Trainer who's about to embark on her journey, hoping that the sight of a up-and-coming Trainer might light up a new spark within her.

Meanwhile, in another part of the lab, a young girl is writing down notes about each of the three starter Pokémon: Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig. All three starter Pokémon are flattered by her comments. Chimchar attacks Piplup with Ember and Piplup fights back with Bubble, which misses and breaks a window. Piplup and Chimchar both escape through the window, but Turtwig stays in the room, and the girl freaks out about the situation. Everyone hears her screams and rushes inside to see what the problem is. The girl introduces herself as Virginia, and explains what happened, and Lazuli calms her down and says she would search for the missing Pokémon, and Virginia if she could accompany her so she could take down notes, and Lazuli accepts. While trying to find Piplup and Chimchar, Virginia tells Lazuli that she is a big fan of hers and attended the Lily of the Valley Conference, where she witnessed Lazuli's battle against Ryder in the finals, and Lazuli thanks her, and admits that the better Trainer ended up winning.

Lazuli gives her some tips about how to approach Pokémon that ran away and are scared. Lazuli and Virginia see Chimchar in the trees, and before they can go after it, Piplup jumps in front of them and attacks Chimchar. Piplup and Chimchar run off and by the time Lazuli and Virginia reach them, they see that they are caught in a Sticky Web spun by an Ariados. Lazuli struggles, but ultimately manages to reach her Poké Ball, which summons Steelix, who uses Iron Tail to rip the Sticky Web off and free them.

More Ariados appear in a large group on a large spider web connecting with the trees. Ariados begin attacking everyone with Poison Sting. Lazuli orders Steelix to use Stone Edge, and the Ariados are all knocked down to the ground. Everyone thinks that they are out of danger but all of a sudden a Psychic stops them in their tracks. They notice that there is another Ariados hiding in the trees that is using the attack, and Lazuli concludes that it was the leader of the pack. The other Ariados use String Shot to tie everybody up. The Ariados move in but Steelix uses breaks her threads easily, and Lazuli orders her to use Dig, and Steelix heads underground, and quickly re-emerges, knocking down all the Ariados except for the leader, who manages to evade the attack.

The leader attacks with Pin Missile, but Steelix vaporizes them with Flash Cannon, but Ariados evades the attack quickly thereafter. Lazuli becomes impressed with Ariados's power, and announces her intentions to capture it, and Virginia questions her decision, and Lazuli exclaims that she would never allow a powerful Pokémon to slip away from her. Ariados retaliates with Hyper Beam, which surprises Lazuli, who nonetheless becomes even more impressed, and Steelix gets struck head-on, but suffers only moderate damage. With Ariados unable to move from using Hyper Beam, Lazuli takes the opportunity and commands Steelix to use Stone Edge, but all the other Ariados step in front and shield their leader, and they all get knocked out, while the leader Ariados recovers from Hyper Beam's after-effects.

Ariados notices Virginia at the side, and aims a Poison Sting towards her, but the attack gets blocked by Piplup's Peck. Virgina thanks the Penguin Pokémon for saving her, and Piplup puffs his chest in pride. Lazuli calls out to Ariados, saying that she was its opponent and taunts him by calling Ariados a coward for attacking a defenseless target, which infuriates Ariados, who quickly uses Hyper Beam again, but Steelix counters with Stone Edge, which blocks the Hyper Beam, and Ariados again becomes unable to move, which allows Steelix to strike a direct hit with Iron Tail, before following-up with another Stone Edge. Lazuli throws a Poké Ball, and Ariados gets captured.

As the other Ariados recover and surround them, Lazuli and Steelix prepare to battle, until Virginia and Piplup also step up to assist her, but just then, Professor Rowan and his assistants arrive to help them, which scares off the Ariados. Once assured that everyone was alright, Rowan leads Lazuli and Virginia back to the laboratory. Once back at the laboratory, Rowan asks Virginia if she decided on which Pokémon she would choose as her starter, and Virginia selects Piplup, having become attached towards him after the Penguin Pokémon had defended her from the Ariados, and Piplup puffs his chest while mocking Chimchar for not being chosen.

Outside the laboratory, Rowan asks Lazuli if she had become more inspired after seeing Virginia embark on a journey, and Lazuli admits that she was slightly more inspired, but admits that she still lacked a decisive motivation. Just then, Virginia asks if she could become Lazuli's protégé, saying that she could become the best Trainer she could be under her tutelage, and Rowan says that Lazuli teaching someone else could become an interesting experience for both of them, and Lazuli accepts, but warns Virginia that her training would be ruthless and relentless, and Virginia says she wouldn't want it any other way, and both Trainers start making their way to Veilstone City to begin their training together.


Initially, Lazuli was very reserved and apathetic, and as such, had been shown to display very little emotion, other than an occasional rough smile when dealing with people she doesn't respect, especially Ryder. She was also very callous, especially when battling, seeing Pokémon as tools for combat rather than living beings to make friends with, and her only concern in them was of their strength in battle. She strongly disliked weak Pokémon and had a tendency of releasing them if they continuously underperformed in battles or otherwise not meeting her expectations. To this effect, Lazuli always checked new captures with her Pokédex to learn what moves they knew, and released them if she deemed them not strong or potent enough. As for the ones she decided to keep, she was shown to be cruel, callous, and rather impatient, training them with very harsh and brutal methods to make them grow stronger as fast as possible, with little regard for their physical or emotional well-being. She felt that bonding with Pokémon would only turn them into slackers, which was proven when, on one occasion, she gave her prize Soothe Bell, an item that raises a Pokémon's happiness, away to Ryder with little regard for it, exclaiming that she had no use for a "useless piece of metal".

She also had a habit of scolding her Pokémon for losing to opponents she felt they could have beaten, some examples being her Octillery, Chimchar, and Honchkrow, once again showing her distaste when expectations weren't met. Even when one of her Pokémon managed to win a battle, Lazuli would occasionally scold them nonetheless simply for not winning the battle faster than she wanted. These beliefs and behaviors were best exemplified in her harsh treatment of Chimchar, which in and of itself was noted to be much worse compared to that of her other Pokémon, and she was often shown to have fed him straight from tin cans and rushed him so they could get back to training, as well as forcing him to not dodge attacks (even super-effective ones) for the sake of being able to activate his Blaze Ability at will under pressure. She was also shown to have had her other Pokémon relentlessly attack him for this same purpose. This particularly brutal treatment had formed out of Lazuli's impatient desire to recreate the powerful first impression which led to Chimchar's capture, a result which Lazuli's training methods ultimately failed to produce. Notably, besides Chimchar, none of Lazuli's other Pokémon expressed any truly overt dislike or dissatisfaction with Lazuli as a Trainer despite her tough methods, and none are known to have ran away of their own volition, with her Electivire and Ursaring in particular becoming more powerful battlers under her training.

Lazuli's brutal and mean streak stems from her brother Rollins's decision to become a Breeder after losing to Brandon during the former's days as a Pokémon Trainer. Beforehand, Lazuli admired and looked up to her brother as the strongest Trainer she'd ever known, but after his defeat and subsequent retirement, Lazuli's idealism was shattered, and with Brandon's words of finding one's "inner strength" sticking with her, Lazuli grew determined to surpass both Brandon and Rollins, viewing the latter as having a weak-spirit.

However, Lazuli had a major turning point after her crushing loss to Brandon in a Full Battle and underwent a serious attitude adjustment; she maintained her reserved and stoical personality, but she ceased her cruel tendencies and began treating her Pokémon less like tools and more like highly professional partners. While she still doesn't show them open affection, she seemed to have dropped her habit of scolding them and started to do the exact opposite and commend them not only when they won, but even when they lost, which was something she practically never did prior.

Despite her brutal and indifferent ways towards both Pokémon and Trainers, Lazuli never truly showcased being completely cold-hearted, and throughout her journey across Sinnoh, occasionally displayed signs of kindness and selflessness, seen when she first allowed her Torterra to teach Ryder's Grotle to use its Defense to make up for its loss of Speed upon evolving, despite Lazuli prohibiting Torterra from doing so, and even witnessed her Pokémon disobeying her orders, although she remained hidden and made no attempts to stop it. Another sign of her growing kindness was when Lazuli willingly attempted to save Vito's Empoleon from being crushed by the Pokémon Pinchers's mecha after it was destroyed by Ryder's Monferno's rampage due to his Blaze.

From the moment they met, Lazuli and Ryder proved themselves as polar opposites in terms of training their Pokémon. While Lazuli cared only about strength and brutality, Ryder focused more on bonding with his Pokémon and treating them with care, love and respect, something that Lazuli clearly detested. As Lazuli herself later stated, Ryder's training style reminded her of Rollins's, and still suffering from her unability to accept her brother's decision to quit, refused to knowledge Ryder as being her equal, not wanting to experience yet another disappointment in her family. She also held great resentment towards her half-brother due to him having lived a happier life with their father present while Lazuli was forced to live away from him due to her mother's complicated status as a former member of Team Rocket. As time passed and they continued to battle, however, Lazuli slowly began to see Ryder in a different light, as Lazuli secretly began accepting him as not only a Trainer, but also her brother, as Ryder's continuous efforts began to change Lazuli's mindset, seen as Lazuli began to borrow some of Ryder's battling style, not in an attempt to taunt him, but rather because Lazuli recognized his innovative strategies, although she kept these feelings hidden. Despite their differences in terms of training, Lazuli and Ryder also shared some similarities, such as believing that a Gym Badge was earned through sheer battling and effort, with both Lazuli and Ryder expressing their anger at how the Sunyshore Gym initially was offering free Beacon Badges away due to Volkner's loss of interest in battling.

Lazuli's change of attitude was solidified at the Lily of the Valley Conference, as after her defeat against Ryder in the finals, Lazuli thanked her Electivire for the effort it had placed during the battle, something she'd never done before, and even helped Electivire back to its feet, and upon seeing her half-brother celebrating, Lazuli showed a genuine smile for the first time as she felt both happy and relieved for Ryder's victory. After the tournament, Lazuli and Ryder finally settled their differences, with Lazuli and Ryder having a heart-to-heart conversation about their relationship, differences, and similarities, going as far as admitting out of her siblings, Lazuli was the "flawed" one, being the only one who hasn't inherited her father's kind soul and training style, and admitted that she was wrong all along. Ryder's words of kindness eventually caused Lazuli to shed tears for the first time, and finally released all the bitterness and resentment she'd ever held against her half-brother, hugging him and apologizing for her previous attitude, becoming deeply regretful of the awful human being she'd been her entire life, and vowed to change her ways and become a better Trainer, akin to her father and siblings.

By the time Lazuli began traveling across the Unova region, she'd become more social and friendly, acting far more caring towards others, especially Ryder, whom she seems to now admire to some extent. Lazuli herself credited Ryder for her change of heart, believing that Ryder's opinion of her was almost as important as anyone else's. Nonetheless, Lazuli still acts somewhat rude towards Ryder occasionally, although Lazuli's rudeness were mostly considered playful banter rather than malicious action, such as playfully slapping Ryder on the back of his head as "welcome" and jokingly taunting him about his numerous tournament losses throughout Unova. Despite her change of attitude, Lazuli still retains some of her previous traits, such as openly expressing her disappointment whenever someone doesn't live up to her expectations, and occasionally insults others whenever they commit obvious, and stupid, mistakes, such as when Lazuli insulted Tyrone by questioning if Tyrone's hot-headed nature would allow him to reach great lengths as a Trainer, but subsequently shows respect towards him, showing that despite still retaining some of her previous antics, Lazuli's personality suffered a great, and permament, change for the better.

Her growth continued during her Battle Frontier challenge, where Lazuli displayed numerous altruist and selfless traits through her actions, such as openly encouraging her Pokémon to perform better, praising them whenever they gave it their all, and going out of her way to assist other people in trouble, as well as helping wild Pokémon with personal issues whenever possible. Brandon himself noticed the change in Lazuli's spirit, and Lazuli, yet again, attributed the fact that Ryder's influence was the reason behind her change in nature, and while sometimes embarassed about it, she secretly enjoys being compared to her half-brother, deeming it as a compliment.

After conquering the Battle Frontier and succeeding Brandon as the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid, Lazuli permanently settled the facility onto the outskirts of Veilstone City and gained a newfound reputation for her overwhelming power. Nevertheless, she retained her newfound kindness and selflessness. She also began displaying more sisterly antics towards her half-brother, seen when Ryder became depressed after his continuous losses in Pokémon Contests, Lazuli consoled and re-inspired her brother to continue his Contest journey, and when Cynthia took notice of Lazuli's sisterly affection, she openly expressed great pride, stating that she was glad to have finally become able to repay Ryder for changing her life for the better.

Lazuli has her own personal battle-cry: "Standby for battle!" (Japanese: スタンバイに戦闘! Sutanbai Ni Sentō!), which she uses everytime she throws a Poké Ball during a battle.


On Hand

Lazuli's Electivire.png
Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
Lazuli's Charizard v2.png
Charmeleon → Charizard
Lazuli's Dragonite v2.png
Dragonair → Dragonite
Lazuli's Torterra v2.png
Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra
Lazuli's Steelix.png
Onix → Steelix
Lazuli's Ariados.png

At Battle Pyramid

Lazuli's Honchkrow.png
Murkrow → Honchkrow
Lazuli's Magmortar.png
Magmar → Magmortar
Lazuli's Zoroark v2.png
Zorua → Zoroark
Lazuli's Ursaring v2.png
Lazuli's Jolteon.png

With Rollins

Lazuli's Gliscor v2.PNG
Lazuli's Machoke.PNG
Lazuli's Claydol.png
Lazuli's Ninjask.png
Lazuli's Gastrodon.png
Lazuli's Drapion.png
Lazuli's Froslass.png
Lazuli's Palpitoad.png
Lazuli's Golurk v2.PNG
Golett → Golurk
Lazuli's Weavile.png


Lazuli's 2 Starly
Starly (×2)
Lazuli caught these two Starly the same time she caught the final one. Lazuli released the two once she scanned them on her Pokédex, deeming them too weak for her team, and the fact that they only knew weak attacks.

Both Starly's known moves are Tackle* and Sand-Attack*.

Debut [[]]
Lazuli's Starly
Lazuli caught the final Starly the same time she caught the other two. She decided to keep it once she scanned it on her Pokédex, due to its knowledge of Aerial Ace. It was used against Ryder's Zubat in their first battle. Despite Lazuli's Starly winning, Lazuli decided it was not up to her standards and so, it was also released after their battle.

Starly's known moves are Aerial Ace and Double Team.

Debut [[]]
Lazuli's Stantler
Lazuli caught Stantler while in Bewilder Forest, but released it as soon as she scanned it on her Pokédex, due to the fact that its only move was Tackle.

Stantler's only known move is Tackle*

Debut [[]]
Lazuli's Chimchar
Main article: Ryder's Infernape

When Lazuli first saw Chimchar, it was being chased by a group of Zangoose. Lazuli was impressed with it and added it to her regular team. However, this first impression did not match up to Chimchar's normal abilities and so, Lazuli regularly criticized it for being weak. After losing to Cynthia's Garchomp, Lazuli realized that Chimchar was not fulfilling her expectations. This culminated in the Heartome City Tag Battle Competition, in which Lazuli was forced to battle alongside Ryder. During a battle against a Zangoose and a Metagross, Chimchar was too scared to make any attack when caught in Zangoose's claws, which proved the last straw for Lazuli, as Ryder commanded Chimchar for the final attack, granting them the victory. After the battle, Lazuli released Chimchar, although Ryder quickly invited the Chimp Pokémon to join him, which Chimchar accepted.

Debut [[]]

Given Away

Lazuli's Octillery
Lazuli was first seen using Octillery for Gym battle with Roark, attempting to use the type advantage over the Rock-type Pokémon. However, Roark's Geodude had little trouble in defeating the Jet Pokémon, deflecting Hydro Pump with Hidden Power, and knocking it out with Rollout. Unsatisfied with its loss, Lazuli gave Octillery away to a little boy, claiming it had no potential to improve and there was no point wasting her time on it. This infuriated Ryder, pushing their rivalry even further.

Octillery's only known move is Hydro Pump.

Debut [[]]


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