Evolves fromNone
Evolves toUnknown
Height3 feet
Weight15 lbs.

Leaflet is a fictional Pokémon in the story Partners and Lovers III, and is the descendant of Ash's Chikorita and Pikachu. Though originally the name of the individual character, Xtra has chosen to have the name apply to the new species as well. Though not mentioned in the story, it is considered an Electric/Grass.


Leaflet has the body shape of a Chikorita, and even has a leaf on its head. What makes it different is that the tail stub is now twice as long as normal, and is jagged like a thunderbolt. The skin color is a lighter green than normal, so much that it is almost yellow, and it has three light brown stripes on its back.


The only move that he uses at any time in the story was Vine Whip. If it is used again, Xtra plans to give it a few more grass moves, as well as a couple of electric moves


Leaflet inherited the trait Overgrow from his mother.


Having Pikachu as his father allowed him to overcome the general slowness of the species, making it faster than normal for a Chikorita. Unfortunately, that also decreased its defense and special defense to a level slightly below average for a Pokémon. So it may have a hard time taking hits. Its other stats were unchanged, and are average for a Chikorita.

In Fanfiction

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Leaflet appeared as the son of Pikachu and Chikorita, even though the species are incompatible in the game. He had a run-in with Flambe, a Vulpix, who fought his father before (and lost) before he hatched.

He followed his mother's command to run, and met up with a normal female Chikorita that wanted vengeance against Flambe. They returned in time to save his mother from being raped.

The female Chikorita, named Altera, wanted to kill Flambe by choking him to death, but Leaflet talked her out of it. In the end, they let him run off mostly unharmed.

Alteria and Leaflet soon developed feelings for each other, and decided to start their own life together.