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Leo Voltra
Leo Voltra Example
Species Luxray (Leo Voltra)
Planet Earth
Luna Electra
Alternate Form None Known
Region Sinnoh
Power Electrokinesis

Luxray (Leo Voltra) is a Feline Pokémon from the Voltramus Galaxy, These species resides on Luna Electra, but spread themselves on the Earth, at the Sinnoh Region.


Luxray, is a Feline Mammal/Canine Pokémon from the Voltramus System at Luna Electra, he is able to control electricity and X-Ray Eyes, and a very good runner.


Mastering the 1.4 Meters, Leo Voltra species can Run up fast as a Jet Plane in just 4 Seconds, as counted in the Pokédex, 70 Speed is a Regular Stamina for these Species.


Some Luxray species can produce a Electric Terrain and Boost his Electrokinesis, His IQ is of C% A Regular IQ for Pokémon, it is a very Neutral Pokémon.


Luna Electra

Luna Electra is a Moon which Luxray resides and lives on prosper life, but they managed to bring their species to Earth breeding and hatching Young Leo Voltra's, Known as Leo Electro or simply Luxio.