Lieutenant Natalie

Age 14
Gender female
Eye color blue
Hair color brown
Hometown Lacunosa Town
Region multiple
Relatives unknown
Trainer class Pokemon Trainer/Team Protectorate Lieutenant
Games Pokemon Midnight/Daybreak
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of Team Protectorate
Rank Lieutenant

Natalie was a Pokémon Trainer from Unova's Lacunosa Town and best friend of Leinad long before he became 'Protectorate'. Although unnerved by her old friend's transformation, she joined Team Protectorate and soon became 2nd in Command for her skill with her Fraxure (now a Haxorus) and Tynamo (now an Eelektross), both originally gifts from Leinad.

Natalie is currently only 14 years old, while Leinad is 16.


Pre-Trainer History

Natalie was one of Protectorate's friends, back whe nhe was just Leinad. Leinad visited Natalie frequently in Lacunosa Town during his journey, and some of Leinad's independent attitude rubbed off on Natalie. When she was 9, this caused her to go against tradition and go out at night in Lacunosa, despite the rules there. This, however, resulted in her being kidnapped by Kyurem. However, hearing of this, Leinad came to her rescue, handing her 2 Pokéballs (containing a Fraxure and Tynamo), as well as ordering Lisilia to protect her, before commanding Lisilia to take Natalie and herself to Natalie's home. This left him alone to take on the Legendary Pokémon, and he disappeared. During this time, Natalie stayed inside her room most of the time until she turned 10 and became a Pokémon Trainer.

Pre-Team Protectorate History

After becoming a trainer, she immediately left home, claiming to never return. However, she does when remnants of Team Plasma attacked. She was almost defeated when Leinad, now joined with Giratina, having been thrown into the Distortion World after capturing Kyurem, returned and stopped Team Plasma. At this point, Lisilia returned to Leinad.

Natalie during her time with Lisilia


As a trainer, Natalie does have some Pokémon, some from Tokyoto:

  • Felis, the Liepard
  • Tusk, the Icthioniv
  • Parsa, the Basals
  • Saber, the Haxorus
  • Boltcaster, the Eelektross



  • Natalie is VERY loosely based off of the Hellcat Squadran character Natalia, as both have close relations to their respective Leinads and they become important members in both Leinads' organizations (Natalie to Team Protectorate and Natalia to Hellcat Squadran.)
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