Lisilia, after she escaped Team Devastator captivity

Lisilia is a Pokémon that, very early in his Pokémon adventure, Leinad rescued from an abusive trainer. He then trained Lisilia extensively, showing her a lot of encouragement. Lisilia became one of Leinad's most-used and powerful Pokémon, until she was critically wounded in a battle against Team Devastator.

Lisilia was eventually kidnapped by Team Devastator and experimented on, giving her cybernetic implants, increased intelligence, and the ability to verbally speak human languages. She eventually escaped Team Devastator activity, and became a vigiliante. She also learned how to train Pokémon herself, and showed her Pokémon the same care Leinad showed her.


Early History

Lisilia was a Gardevoir and one of Leinad's first Pokémon partners, having rescued her from an abusive Team Plasma trainer when she was a Ralts. The 2 became fast friends and Lisilia became very protective of her 'savior'.

Combatting Kyurem

Team Protectorate

At one point, after Leinad started Team Protectorate, Leinad and a few other trainers went to investigate a Team Devastator lab, but were ambushed. Leinad was almost hit with some form of sonic cannon when Lisilia got in the way, utilizing Light Screen to direct the sonic attack at herself. Lisilia's internal organs were then resonaded almost to the bursting point, critically wounding her. Leinad handed her over to one of his Unova agents, Kristen, who's previous occupation was a nurse, to help care for her.

During a Team Devastator attack on Team Protectorate's real world base, Lisilia disappeared, and security footage revealed she was kidnapped by Team Devastator.

Shadow Slayer

Indeed, Lisilia was taken by Team Devastator, who used the still-wounded Gardevoir as the subject of a few experiments, including cybernetic augmentation and modifications to her brain and larynx. The modifications to her larynx granted her the ability to speak human languages, and among her cerebral modifications was the inclusion of neural implants based on other Pokémon races, as well as humans, which allowed her to use moves normally unavailable to Gardevoir (like Dark Pulse). Her cybernetic augmentations could also be used to mimic Pokémon moves a normal Gardevoir cannot learn, such as Metal Claw and Flash Cannon. However, Lisilia was able to escape containment, and, with the aid of her new enhancements, demolished the lab, and fled into the wilderness.

In the following weeks, reports of a cloaked cyborg challenging criminals to Pokémon battles, leaving them in a state of hysteria upon their defeat, have cropped up. This cyborg would later be revealed to be Lisilia, who'd taken up the moniker the "Shadow Slayer", and had actually started posing as a cloaked human, her cloak hiding her Gardevoir features, while prominently displaying her cyborg features: her cybernetic left fore-arm, and cybernetic left eye.


Before Experimentation

  • Teleport
  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic
  • Charge Beam

After Experimentation

  • Teleport
  • Calm Mind
  • Psychic
  • Charge Beam
  • Metal Claw (through cybernetic arm)^
  • Flash Cannon (through cybernetic eye)^
  • Energy Ball
  • Dark Pulse^
  • Signal Beam^
  • Power Gem^

^ - These moves are not learnable by a normal Gardevoir

Pokemon Team

While Lisilia herself is a Pokémon, her modifications by Team Devastator allow her to accurately mimic a human. One of the things she does like a human is, simply, train Pokémon.

While she does battle some battles herself, on occasion, she occasionally makes use of other Pokémon.

2 of Lisilia's Pokémon are super-rare, only evolved through complex circumstances: her Kabulich and Omalich: spectral, undead-like forms of Kabutops and Omastar respectively. Her Kabulich is considered, by her, to be her trump card, and has been used as such in dire circumstances.

On Hand

Kabulich Sprite.png
Kabuto → Kabutops → Kabulich
Omanyte → Omastar → Omalich
Skorupi → Drapion
Spr 5b 257 f.png
Torchic → Combusken → Blaziken



  • Lisilia was the first of Leinad's Pokémon to evolve to their Final Evolved Form, having evolved to it during his first Gym Battle.
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