Lucas is a Pokémon Trainer from Cherrygrove City, Johto moving to the town of Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh. He is the main character of the series DP: Sinnoh Stars. He also appeared in DP: Johto Stars.



Blue = Male
Red = Female

On Hand



Ampharos was caught as a Mareep by Lucas while he still lived in the Johto Region. Mareep evolved into Flaaffy during Lucas's first Johto Gym battle, then Flaaffy evolved into this Ampharos before winning the Johto Pokémon League. Ampharos is Lucas's best friend of a Pokémon. It is surely the main powerhouse of his team. It is always out of its Poke Ball. Ampharos currently knows the moves of ThunderPunch (upon evolving), Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, and Signal Beam.



Turtwig was Lucas's Sinnoh starter. It was given to him from the Sinnoh professor Rowan. Turtwig is very affectionate toward Lucas, but it loves to battle. It currently knows the moves of Crunch, Razor Leaf, and Energy Ball.


Normal typeFlying-type

Starly was the first Pokémon Lucas caught in the Sinnoh Region. Although small, Starly is a pretty tough Pokémon. It is the fastest of Lucas's team. It currently knows the moves of Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Gust, and Brave Bird.

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Previously Owned



Meganium is the evolved form of Bayleef. While evolving, it learned the powerful move PetalDance. After its evolution, Meganium was very powerful with its Special attacks, so it uses Energy Ball a lot. Furret and Meganium also finally learned to get along. Flaaffy


Flaafy evolved from Mareep during Lucas's first Johto Gym battle. After evolving, it became more clingy to Lucas because as a Mareep, it was afraid it would shock Lucas if it touched him. After its evolution, Flaaffy became much more powerful. Upon evolving, it learned the powerful move Thunderbolt. Flaaffy could usually be seen being held in Lucas's arms or walking beside him instead of being in its Poke Ball.



Typhlosion evolved from Quilava during the Gym battle with Pryce. Upon evolving, it learned the move Fire Fang. After its evolution, Typhlosion had some kind of ferocious nature. After winning the Gym battle, it stopped listening to Lucas and preferred to be left alone. It also broke out of its Poke Ball every time Lucas ordered it to go back in. Typhlosion was the main powerhouse of Lucas's Johto team.



blue may not be a Johto Pokémon, but it evolved from Yanma when Yanma learned the move AncientPower. Lucas doesn't make Yanmega use this move very much. It is blindingly fast, and has superb physical attack power. Yanmega can be seen in many Johto Gym battles.



Bayleef evolved from Chikorita during a bad fight with a wild Pokémon. Upon evolving, Bayleef learned the move Energy Ball. Lucas saw how powerful this move was and, as a result, Bayleef uses it quite often. It still has feelings for Lucas.





Quilava evolved from Cyndaquil during a training battle with one of Lucas's childhood friends, Lyra Soulstice. Nearly at the brink of losing to her Marill, Cyndaquil evolved into this Quilava. After defeating Marill, it made a quick victory over Lyra's Hoppip.


Water-type Electric-type



Yanma was the second Pokémon Lucas caught in Johto. It was obviously the fastest Pokémon on his Johto team. It had a powerful Bug Buzz, and also had a good Wing Attack. It wasn't shown to have any sort of special bond with Lucas.



Mareep met Lucas at the start of his Pokémon journey in Johto. At first, Lucas didn't want this Mareep, but soon he felt sorry for it, and took it as his own. After winning with Mareep during his first battle, he and the Pokémon quickly became buddies.



Chikorita was originally Lyra's starter, but she decided she didn't want it after all and gave it to Lucas. Chikorita was known had some kind of crush on Lucas. It was a fairly powerful Pokémon, mainly because it would do anything to make the Trainer happy. Chikorita would seem to, at times, not understand why Lucas would use other Pokémon and not it.



Cyndaquil was Lucas's Johto starter. It had some sort of rivalry with Mareep. It did anything it could to make Lucas happy. It had a habit of burning Lucas from the fire spewing out of its back.

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Sinnoh League Badges

None yet.

Relations with Other Characters

Lucas has a rivalry with Paul. This was started when Lucas said that he would get stronger than Paul (after Paul said that Lucas's Pokémon were weak).

Lucas is best friends with Dawn. They work together to fill out the Sinnoh Pokédex for Professor Rowan. A romantic relationship has been hinted between the two.

After he moved to Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh, Lucas became friends with Barry. He and Barry are also friendly rivals.

Relations with Other Pokemon



Lucas and his Pokémon helped a Latias recover from some unknown Pokémon sickness. Lucas's Pokémon got sick, too, but Latias worked with Lucas to make his Pokémon better, too.