This page details the characters of Lucki.

Lucki Middling

Lucki Middling is the original trainer protagonist of the fanfiction Lucki. Lucki is thirteen, a recent graduate from the Verdanturf Pokemon School who is now on her pokemon journey. Her team of pokemon as of Chapter Sixteen was a Squirtle, Flareon, Manectric, Tropius and Absol, however, this will change shortly. She has curly, chest-length aquamarine hair and greenish-gold hazel eyes. From chapters One to Thirteen she wore a necklace of an emerald on a gold chain, however, after she discovered the chain's frailty and nearly lost it in Chapter Fourteen, she has ceased wearing it.

Lucki originally planned to pick a tough, sturdy pokemon for her starter as her teachers advised, such as Machop, Skarmory, Growlithe, Barboach or Mareep, and disparaged both the "standard" starter set of the three regions as well as trainers who picked shiny pokemon, which were generally considered to be weaker than normal pokemon with her friends Rane and Violet. However, when her time to choose comes, a timid-looking shiny Squirtle catches her eye and she picks it instead. She names her new pokemon Silver, based on its coloring.

Before she leaves on her journey, her family gave her several presents: a wallet with 150,000 in it from her grandparents; a new prototype pokegear from her father's work that combines new products with the existing giving item-storage, adjustable maps, an improved radio and phone, as well as the compressed contents of basic trainer guides; and an emerald necklace with a gold chain from her mother.

Due in part to the location of her school and in part to her starter's water type, Lucki takes an atypical route after leaving school for the first half of the story. She heads through the tunnel to Rustboro and fight Roxanne, then goes through the Meteor Falls caves and west to reach Fallarbor. From there she heads south, up Mt Chimney and then down the Jagged Pass to reach Lavaridge and battle Flannery, then continues south to Mauville to challenge Wattson. From there her route matches with the path taken in the game, as she goes north through Route 119 to Fortree for her fourth and final badge. As of Chapter Sixteen, she has reached the Safari Zone and is about a day's travel from Lilycove.

Lucki's pokemon catching is slow and somewhat haphazard. Although she battles wild pokemon occasionally, they are often pokemon she has no interest in catching, or, in the case of a Grumpig met on the Jagged Pass, were too powerful for her pokemon to beat and ended up being caught by her rescuer. She gains a Flareon, Flare, due to the closing of a pokemon breeding center that led to all their leftover pokemon being given away for free, catches an Electrike, Tryke, that shortly afterward evolves into a Manectric and is renamed Raiden, works together with a Tropius, Saurius, against Team Magma that then joins her, and just manages to beat an Absol to the point she could capture it. Aside from Silver, her pokemon team is consistently four-legged, which was the theme the author used to decide Lucki's team during story planning.

Lucki's favorite color is aquamarine and her favorite food is fried rice. Although she'd never actually pick favorites among her pokemon, if she did, in order from most to least, it's Raiden, Silver, Tropius, Flare, although she likes all of them. Most recently, her new Absol has attracted most of her attention and can probably be considered her favorite, despite the fact the Absol's opinion of Lucki is, at best, utterly disinterested. Lucki hates having herself or her pokemon called weak, and feels that both are really the same thing.

Lucki has gone up against Team Magma several times, such as foiling an attempt to steal the Devon submarine blueprints, and having her pokemon stolen during the night by Team Magma in Route 119. Due to Team Magma's repeated criminal activities Lucki actively hates the team and intends to try to stop them any chance she gets. She's more positive toward Team Aqua, which helped her out when her pokemon where stolen and has stopped Team Magma elsewhere as well, but another trainer, Keegan, cautioned her that Aqua's attacks on Magma aren't necessarily proof they're good themselves.

After discovering why Keegan said that, as well as another run-in with the Team Magma grunt who originally stole her pokemon, Lucki has allied with Team Aqua and intends to take down Magma.


Silver is a character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

She is a small, delicately proportioned shiny Squirtle with silver coloration, a fanon color as the official shiny color of the games is a green shell. She is picked in the first chapter to be Lucki's starting pokemon and given the name Silver because of her coloring.

Silver has had virtually no experience with battles, the outside world or most other pokemon before becoming Lucki's pokemon. This is in part because of her upbringing as a breeding center pokemon and in part because of her extremely young age. Her personality can be best described as timid but optimistic. Silver occasionally panics during battles, but is otherwise obedient.

Although Silver was the first pokemon to be on Lucki's team, she has not evolved despite the fact Raiden evolved several chapters ago, putting Lucki's team in, at the least, the near-thirties in level. She also hasn't displayed any naturally learned move above water gun, learned at L13, while the others on Lucki's team use moves learned at much higher levels.

As a breeding center pokemon, Silver possesses several inherited moves. However, in the fanon of the story, she is not capable of using the moves until she has gained a certain amount of experience, much as if they were regular level-up moves, which may also explain why she has not yet displayed naturally learned moves she should be high enough level to know. She also tends to first display the inherited moves when under stress.

Silver's current move list:

  • Tackle
  • Water gun
  • Withdraw
  • Bubble
  • Mirror coat (inherited move)
  • Ice beam (inherited move)


Flare is a Flareon character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Lucki receives Flare in the third chapter. He is a breeding center pokemon who was given to the Rustboro Pokemon Center for adoption when the breeding center was closed. The Nurse Joy had adopted out the rest, and only had him left to find a trainer for. Part of the reason for him being last to be chosen is age. Flare was an adolescent with no battling experience, and most pokemon are either bought young or wild-caught ones that, by nature, have some fighting experience. He doesn't display much personality compared to some of Lucki's other pokemon, but is the only one of Lucki's pokemon that seems talkative with the Absol. He does not like Raiden.

Flare did not have a name at the breeding center, as he was the only Flareon and simply called by species name. Lucki was unable to think of a good new name on the spot, so she decided to just call him Flare until she thought of something better. Thirteen chapters later, he's still going by the placeholder.

Flare's battling ability is hard to pin down. He's generally unimpressive in battle and is perhaps Lucki's worst-performing pokemon, but has displayed some impressive ability, early on defeating a wild Bagon that was about to evolve.

Like Silver, Flare possesses inherited moves as a breeding center pokemon.

Flare's current moves:

  • Ember
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Toxic (inherited move)
  • Sand attack
  • Flamethrower
  • Take down


Raiden is a Manectric character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Lucki catches Raiden as an Electrike in the eighth chapter after he impulsively challenged Lucki, making him her third pokemon but first capture. He is beaten by Flare although he puts up a good fight.

In many ways Flare's opposite and foil, he is a young unevolved pokemon whose translated voice is described as sounding like an eight-year-old. His personality can be considered confident to a fault as well as hyperactive. He disobeyed his parents, who warned him to avoid trainers, because he felt certain he could win. He's angry at first with Lucki for capturing him, although mostly because he felt indignant about losing to her as well as his parents' warnings about trainers. After this, he's generally good-natured and optimistic, excited about everything. His childish and sometimes vexing disobedient behavior, such as ignoring orders because he finds his electric attacks easier than physical moves, led to Lucki naming him Tryke, from the word tyke, although like Flare's name, she intended it to be temporary and changes it after he evolves.

Unlike Flare, he shows a great deal of natural talent, winning often. In his second battle he fights his own evolved form in a gym battle with Wattson, and comes out victorious, although this victory is partially due to the use of the move Dig. Tryke evolves shortly after Lucki captures him, and she changes his name to Raiden. He acts somewhat more mature after evolving, but is still hyper and energetic. He's the one who finally manages to defeat Lucki's fifth pokemon, an Absol, which took out Flare in a single hit. Although he admittedly does not manage to beat the Absol, he does weaken it to the point of capture.

Raiden is the only one of Lucki's pokemon to evolve in the story, as Silver remains unevolved, Flare was gotten as a Flareon, and both Saurius and the newest addition, an Absol, are pokemon that do not evolve. Raiden is also the only one Lucki gives a TM to. He possesses the static characteristic.

Raiden's current moves:

  • Spark
  • Quick Attack
  • Thunderwave
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Dig (TM move)
  • Thundershock


Saurius is a Tropius character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Lucki meets him in Chapter Eleven after her pokemon are stolen by Team Magma, when the injured Tropius makes a failed attempt to attack two Team Magma grunts who have captured the rest of his herd. She quickly gives him the Sitrus berries she collected, allowing him to recover quickly enough that he manages to fly the two of them away just before Team Magma would have attacked, although his leaf wings have been badly damaged and shortly become useless and wilt off. He grows new ones by Chapter Thirteen but during the intervening time is earthbound.

The two team up to harass Team Magma during Chapter Twelve and delay them from leaving until Team Aqua arrives to defeat Team Magma and recover the stolen and poached pokemon. Afterward, he agrees to go with Lucki as her pokemon, making him her fourth pokemon. Based on his strength, especially in regards to durability, and his ability to use high-level moves such as body slam, his level is likely near or at forty. His name is a pun based on his serious nature.

In Chapter Fifteen, it is discovered that Team Magma later returned for a second attempt at poaching the areas' pokemon, this time successful.

Although a wild pokemon, Saurius is apparently capable of using some inherited moves, possibly through exposure.

Saurius' current moves:

  • Gust
  • Fly (considered a naturally learned move in the fanon of the story)
  • Razor leaf
  • Body slam
  • Magical leaf
  • Headbutt
  • Leech seed


Fara is an Absol character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Fara is captured at the end of Chapter Thirteen, after a brutal battle in which she quickly defeats Flare and Saurius, and nearly takes down Raiden before being paralyzed. She is Lucki's fifth and final pokemon.

She is the only one of Lucki's pokemon that does not receive a nickname from Lucki. When Lucki attempts to give her one, she says she already has a name.

Fara possesses the ability to speak without the aid of the translator Lucki's other pokemon use. When she first speaks after being captured, it is described as "smooth and silky, a seductive milk and honey sound, faintly exotic and utterly alien". She demands to be released three times. Lucki first ignores her in favor of asking how she's able to speak, then says that trainers aren't bad, and finally asks the Absol to give it a chance. Fara responds "You'll regret this. I am disaster." to which Lucki reassured her she didn't believe in superstitions. Since this point the Absol has made no attempt to interact with Lucki in any way, although she acts aloof, not upset. In the only battle she has been used in so far, she ignored Lucki's commands, defeated her opponent and then walked off the battlefield, disqualifying herself from further battles. When Lucki asked in Chapter Fifteen if the Absol now realized trainers weren't bad, she replied enigmatically "You have made your choice. You have no need to make attempts at convincing me; I shall remain until the end."

Although initially nervous, Lucki's pokemon do not appear to suffer any similar problems talking with the Absol, with all of them attempting to convince her to stay as a trainer's pokemon. She was giving Flare advice on a problem in Chapter Fifteen.

Due to Fara's battling ability, both against Lucki's pokemon as well as later taking out a gym leader's pokemon in a single hit, and the fact her attacks appear to be a mixed quick attack/slash combo, she is likely well above level fifty. She has not used any other move than the quick attack/slash, but this is likely due to the fact she has only appeared in two battles, both of which she had no need to use other moves in and does not reflect her full moveset.


Keegan is a recurring character in the fanfiction Lucki.

Keegan is a dark blond fifteen year old boy who first appears in the story in Chapter Seven. He shows up while Lucki is traveling through the Jagged Path and rescues Lucki from an attacking Grumpig, capturing it. His other pokemon at the time were a Mightyena and a Numel named Numbel. It's suggested he might be having trouble with Numbel because he's in the area because he wants to get advice from Flannery on raising it, although he claims it's just to be sure he's raising the ground/fire type to the best of its abilities. He and Lucki go to the gym together, and he talks with Flannery while she attempts to surmount the pre-battle challenges.

He next appears in Chapter Sixteen, where he meets up with Lucki on his way to Mt. Pyre to visit the shrine. He has expanded his team since he last appeared, and now also has a Mawile, Voltorb and Vileplume, giving him a full team of six. They walk together for a short bit before their different paths cause them to split up, during which time he tells Lucki, who now likes Team Aqua, that she shouldn't be so trusting. In his opinion, Team Aqua wasn't trying to help people, they were just trying to stop Team Magma.

Like many trainers in the Mt. Chimney/Lavaridge area in the story's fanon, Keegan's name relates to fire.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the seventeenth chapter, Lucki learns Keegan is in fact a member of Team Magma and was the older of the two trainers she sees in Chapter Eleven with the stolen pokeballs. Presumably the Grumpig that attacked Lucki in Chapter Twelve was his. His appearance in Chapter Sixteen was on his way to steal the Blue Orb.

He is currently headed to Lilycove to hide out under the assumption Team Aqua won't notice an ordinary trainer heading east when they're looking for a Team Magma member heading west. Little does he know, Lucki has teamed up with Aqua and is about to bring them down on his head.