Lyra is a character from New Bark Town, Johto in DP: Johto Stars. In the series, she serves as Professor Elm's assisstant. She does not go on a Pokémon Gym journey. Instead, she collects data for Prof. Elm's Pokédex, and enters in Contests. Although she can always be seen walking with her Marill, she is known to have other Pokémon, too.


Blue = Male
Red = Female

On Hand


Marill is Lyra's main Pokémon. Not much is known about it. Lyra often uses this Pokémon for the training battles she and Lucas have. Its current moves are BubbleBeam, Pound, Dive, and Water Gun, which are good moves for a Contest.

Previously Owned


Chikorita was Lyra's starter. She gave it to Lucas after realizing that Chikorita liked him better.

Hinted Pokemon / Anticipated Pokemon

No Pokémon appeared with Lyra during the Season 1: The Adventure Unfolds episode openings. She probably does have more Pokémon in her party, though.


It is anticipated that Marill will evolve into an Azumarill.

Contest Ribbons

None yet.

Relations with Other Characters

Lyra and Lucas are best friends. They have training battles sometimes whenm they meet up.

Relations with Other Pokemon