Lyra Soulstice is one of the main protagonists in the HGSS: Johto Saga fanfic, alongside Ethan Goldman. She is a passionate girl with a fiery spirit and a goal that burns even hotter. She wanted to become Top Coordinator with her Pokémon by taking care of them and loving them and become a prodegy herself, with her Pokémon by her side.

Lyra Soulstice was left behind for HGSS: Sinnoh Saga, but she later returned when Kanto had postponed that year's contest run. Her new goal is to become closer to her Pokémon so that they never fail if another goal arises as the one she nurtured before.

Lyra Soulstice

LyraLyra, Sinnoh Saga
Current Years and Days
Name Lyra Soulstice
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Coordinator
Chronological and Physical Info Chronological Age JS: 11

Chronological Age SS: 13

  • Weight: 100lbs
  • Height: 51
  • Physical Build: Average
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin: White
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • IQ: 151
Attire [Clothing]
  • See pictures.
Romantic Interest(s) Ethan Goldman, Brandon Redfield (No Longer Crushing)
  • Unknown Mother Figure
  • Beef Stew with Tomato Berry Pieces and a dash of Lum Powder
  • Anyone who messes with her
  • New Bark Town
Current Residence
  • Lyra is currently traveling the Sinnoh Region
  • English

Synopsis: Johto

(Lyra, left, as seen in Johto. Lyra, right, as seen in Sinnoh) The first time Lyra was seen was when her Marill bumped into Ethan when he got his Pokémon. A day or two later, she was seen in Violet City when Ethan arrived. She explained that she got her starter Pokémon earlier and that she was on a journey too.

The duo decide to travel together on their journies. She also said she was going to participate in contests as well.

In Azalea Town, Lyra helps Ethan out in the Slowpoke Well with her Chikorita defeating some Rocket Grunts. Later, she mistook a bunch of Pineco for some Apricorns, and she was chased around by them, also angering two Forretress. She was saved by Kurt, who calmed the Pokémon.

In Goldenrod, she entered her first contest. In the appeals round, however, her Pokémon didn't live up to expectations and she didn't qualify for the next round.

After watching Ethan's Gym battle against Whitney, the team headed to National Park where they heard of a Bug Catching Contest. Soon into it, Lyra and May were stalking a Venonat, to which Lyra caught immediately.

Before Ecruteak City, Lyra battled in a Tag-Team with Ethan. She used Venonat, where Venonat quickly evolved into Venomoth, earning Lyra a strong and useful Pokémon.

Later on, on a route heading towards Olivine, the team meets Dahlia, Thorton and Darach from the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. Lyra and Ethan agree to Tag Team them, and she uses Chikorita and Venomoth. In the battle, Quilava protects Chikorita, and Chikorita evolves into Bayleef.

A little further ahead, Lyra enters a contest in Smith Town. She meets a new rival named Jim, a boy that battled Natalie in the finals of Lyra's first contest. Jim and Natalie enter the contest as well, but Lyra defeats them both and wins the ribbon.

In Olivine, Lyra and Ethan spot Brandon and May still in the Johto Region, or 'back' as they claim. They all agree to a battle and a Tag Team takes place. Lyra and Ethan successfully defeat the strong, agile team of May and Brandon.

In the lighthouse, Lyra is creeped out by two Gengar, to which May points out with her Skitty's Foresight attack. Lyra aids in scolding the two Pokémon.

On a ferry heading to Cianwood, Lyra watches as Ethan plummets into the water. In Cianwood, she tells Ethan that he has been in a coma for three days after they fished him out of the water.

At the Gym, Lyra settles herself with May, after some coaxing to get Brandon to go to Olivine when he got the medicine, to watch Ethan's battle. There, she noticed a boy spying on them, and they later spotted him as Oliver, the boy who had defeated Ethan in the Olivine Lighthouse.

On Topaz Island, the Wallace Cup is held. She successfully appeals with her Marill and makes it to the duo appeal round. Appealing with Natalie, Marill and Corsola get them to the quarter finals. Lyra must go up against May, and she uses Venomoth vs. May's Roserade. She successfully wins and moves to the semifinals, where she must battle her main rival, Natalie. Moving onto the finals, she battles her secondary rival, Jim for the Wallace Cup champion title. After winning, she receives the Aqua Ribbon, her second ribbon. She then sets her eyes on the Mahogany Town Contest in two weeks.

Lyra and Ethan spot the Mirage Castle while on their way out of Olivine City. After being showed in by Gregory, the duo find a secret hallway that lead into a field of Togepi. They figure out Gregory's plan, and when he tried to kill the duo, Lyra's Togepi evolved into Togetic to protect them and all of the Togepi there. They then destroyed the Mirage Castle and saved the Togepi.

In Mahogany Town, Lyra enters the contest, but her partner, Ethan, is, unbeknownst to her, taken by Lance. Off-screen, she wins her third ribbon.

At Lake of Rage, Lyra referees Silver and Ethan's match.

In Goldenrod City, Lyra aids in the Radio Tower rescue from Team Rocket. She gets disguised as a Rocket Grunt with Natalie and Ethan when they barge inside. She heads upstairs with Natalie after they split off into sectors. Upstairs, Lyra takes off after Proton to the final floor after Ariana uncovers their true identities. She helps defeat Team Rocket even after she is defeated by Proton and Archer

She and Ethan head through Dark Cave instead of Ice Path, since it's through Duskfall Town and on their way to Blackthorn. Inside, Lyra tricks Ethan, only to be scared by Ethan herself. They reach the end of the cave, and are greeted by Clair. Clair offers to take them to Duskfall. Lyra accidentally holds Ethan's hand when they high-five, and she pulls it away, only for Ethan to dismiss it as 'S'alright'.

In Duskfall Town, Lyra finally competes in the, what they find out is, a Contest PokeRinger Competition, where a ribbon is awarded to the only-coordinator winner. After some brutal battling, the final 8 included Lyra. She and her Togetic won the prize and attained their fourth Ribbon.

Lyra competes in the Duskfall Town Contest. She makes it through with flying colors, and in the Final 8 Round, her Bayleef undergoes evolution into Meganium. She battles Jim in the finals, against his new Espeon and Flareon, and wins her fifth and final ribbon. She then qualifies for the Grand Festival.

Lyra and Ethan arrived in Cherrygrove City and called her grandad. After getting things sorted out, she asked for a Pokémon named Stripe, which she later said was a Furret. She plans to use him in the Grand Festival.

Lyra later registers for the Grand Festival, and books a hotel room for Ethan and herself to stay in while the events are happening. She later cheered on Ethan.

In the Grand Festival, she debuts after Jim and Natalie, using her Furret and Marill. Rather than a beautiful appeal, she goes for the cute when Furret uses Water Pulse on Marill, and in the end freezing the stage with Ice Beam, causing them to skate around. Lyra earned herself a ticket to the Second Round.

In the Second Round, Lyra performed a simple appeal that bought her way to the next round. In it, she battled a rival from Duskfall Town, Victoria. Victoria didn't seem all that experienced with battles, and quickly lost to Lyra's combination with Furret and Togetic. Lyra is scheduled to battle a rival from the Wallace Cup, Andrew, in the next round.

In Round 4, Lyra battles Andrew. Andrew uses his Ariados and Raticate, where he performs a nice trapping technique on Furret. However, Lyra countered every move he could use, and finally ended it when using Furret to take Andrew's final attack to make Furret and Meganium look dazzling. After passing through Round 5 as well, she is set to battle her rival, Natalie, in the final match of the Grand Festival.

In the final match, Lyra used Togetic and Venomoth. They were able to pull off some distinguished combinations, and make themselves stand out, but in the end, they failed and Natalie was named the Top Coordinator. Lyra is then seen leaving Juniper Island with Ethan.

In New Bark Town, she is quickly escorted to Elm's lab as well as Ethan, where they see Jim. There, Rowan doesn't mention her when he asks Jim and Ethan to come to the Sinnoh Region, causing her to have a short running gag where she says, "And Lyra?" when he states something about Jim and Ethan. The next morning, she shows up in a new outfit and declares Professor Samuel Oak called her to the Kanto Region. The friend then depart when the boats arrive.

Final Johto Teamshot

Lyra Teamshot

Order of Capture: Marill, Meganium, Togetic, Venomoth, Furret

End Profile

Synopsis: Sinnoh

In Chapter 4, she appears at the very end, so nothing is known so far.

Later, she states she will be entering Sinnoh Contests after learning there are none that year in Kanto. She then entered the contest the next day, zipping through the first round with a new Togekiss.

She battles Ursula in the semi-finals, to which she uses Togekiss again. Atfer a hard battle, Togekiss is taken down and Lyra loses. Later, Lyra decides she will travel alone through Sinnoh and she departs, wishing them all luck.

Journey Successes

She has participated in these contests:

Goldenrod Contest: Loss

Smith Town Contest: Win

Wallace Cup: Win

Mahogany Town Contest: Win

Duskfall Town PokeRinger Contest: Win

Duskfall Town Contest: Win

Grand Festival: Loss

Journey Successes: Sinnoh

Jubilife Contest-Loss

Battle Successes

VS. Thorton & Dahlia: Loss w/Ethan

VS: Jim: Win

VS. Natalie: Win

VS. Brandon & May: Win w/Ethan

VS. Strange Boy: Win

VS. May: Win

VS. Natalie: Win

VS. Jim: Win

VS. Coordinator: Win

VS. Coordinator: Win

VS. Proton: Loss

VS. Unknown Coordinator: Win

VS. Jim: Win

VS. Victoria: Win

VS. Andrew: Win

VS. Natalie: Loss

Battle Successes: Sinnoh

Lyra vs. Ursula: Loss


Smith Town- Smith Town Ribbon

Wallace Cup- Wallace Cup Ribbon

Mahogany Town-Mahogany Ribbon

PokeRinger Contest- Mahogony Town Ribbon

Duskfall Town- Rin Town Ribbon

Lyra qualifies for the Grand Festival

Sinnoh Ribbons


Pokemon on Team



Marill seems to be Lyra's main Pokémon, as she has had it since the beginning. It is also a powerhouse on her team, despite its size, and knows useful moves such as Brine and Rollout. It is very skilled in contests. She brought it to Sinnoh, and it has shown to have grown much prowess with new moves like Aqua Tail and Iron Tail.

Obtained Prior to: Newly Em'bark'ed Journey!



Togekiss seems to have evolved from Togetic during the short time period in which Lyra was in Kanto. She used it in the first contest, which it showed to be the most elegant of any Pokémon Lyra has had, pulling off a beautiful display with unique moves such as Aura Sphere. It is likely to be Contest powerhouse on her team.

Hatched from Egg in: The Wallace Cup, Part 1

Evolved in: Can You See Me?

Evolved again Prior to: Ready, Set, Spotlight

Pokemon She used to Have



Chikorita was Lyra's starter Pokémon in the fic. Lyra told Ethan about it in Happy Trails and fully revealed it later in the Slowpoke Well. In Frontier Prodigies, it evolved into Bayleef and became a major powerhouse on Lyra's contest and battle team.

Obtained Prior to: Happy Trails

Evolved in: Factored!

Evolved again in: Up and Over



Venonat was obtained by Lyra when she beat May to it in the bug catching contest. Venonat was not very useful to her team until evolution. After evolution, it became very vital to her Contest Performances.

Obtained in: National Bug

Evolved in: Twinship



Shuckle was accidentally given to Lyra in the beginning of Chapter 31. However, the boy who gave it to Lyra was given it back.

Obtained in: Oblivious

Gave back to Owner in: Oblivious



Lyra received Togepi while it was an egg from Bill. It hatched after the Wallace Cup's first round, and was adored by Lyra. When they entered the Mirage Castle, Togepi was Gregory's main target. As they were escaping, Togepi protected Ethan, Lyra and all the other Togepi from Gregory with a strong Safeguard. While it was trying to, it evolved into Togetic.

Obtained as egg in: Mostly Ghostly

Hatched in: The Wallace Cup Part 1

Evolved in: Can You See Me?



Lyra has had Bayleef ever since Chikorita evolved in a tag team battle with Ethan. It was a useful member of her team, until it evolved into Meganium during the Duskfall Contest and is now the main powerhouse of Lyra's team.

Obtained prior to: Happy Trails

Evolved in: Factored!

Evolved again in: Up and Over

Pokemon at Professor Elm's Lab



Meganium is Lyra's starter Pokémon, being very strong and elegant, with moves like Seed Bomb and Vine Whip. She left it in Johto for her Kanto journey, which she went to Sinnoh instead.

Obtained prior to: Happy Trails

Evolved in: Factored

Evolved again in: Up and Over



Furret is one of Lyra's childhood Pokémon, and also a very strong Pokémon. She left it in Johto for Kanto, now in Sinnoh.

Obtained in: Emblazoned



Venomoth is one of Lyra's best appealer Pokémon. She left it in Johto for the Kanto Region, but then went to Sinnoh instead.

Obtained in: National Bug

Evolved in: Twinship

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