The Mistbloom Family, comprised of Rich Mistbloom, Anabel Mistbloom and their daughter Olivia, are the central characters in the Enigma Shadow series.

Rich Mistbloom

Rich Mistbloom (full: Richard Wallace Mistbloom) is the main character and hero of the Enigma Shadow series. In the original dub of Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow, his voice actor was Wayne Grayson. In the redub and all subsequent features, he was voiced by Anthony Salerno.

Although he is the twin brother of Wallace Mistbloom, the Hoenn League champion, Rich bears more of a resemblence to the hero of legend known as Sir Aaron. Like his brother, he uses Water Pokémon, but not as exclusively; his collection features Pokémon of the Grass, Fire, Dragon and Psychic types among others.

After being drawn into the plots of Enigma Shadow through the Wishmaker Tower attack, he has continually fought to stop their wicked plans. Even as such, he would much rather settle down to the peaceful life he arranged with Anabel and his daughter Olivia in Larousse City's outskirts. In the city, he works as the leader of the Aeria Tower, the last stop on the new Battle Frontier.

Pokémon On Hand








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-Alakazam (with Prof. Krane)

Anabel Mistbloom

Anabel Mistbloom (full: Anabel Linda [Ein] Mistbloom) is Rich's wife and the other most important character in the series. Her voice actor is Rachael Lillis.

Anabel is Rich's major supporter, oftentimes keeping him going when things are at their most dire. As a result he would do anything for her, and she'd do the same for him. Her father is Ein, and her mother Venus.

She is rather unique in that she has several special characteristics. She possesses a sort of telepathy, and is able to thusly command her Pokémon in battle without speaking. She cannot truly talk with them, however, she can sense their feelings. Also, she has captured a pair of Legendary Pokémon, making her a member of a very select few who have. It is believed she did this because the Legendary Pokémon were able to sense she'd one day be an important part of the battle to stop Enigma Shadow.

Anabel is the owner of Larousse City's Aeria Tower, a battle facility that she runs with Rich and his manager, Jamie. She also has one daughter with Rich after a difficult pregnancy, Olivia, and is currently pregnant with their second.

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-Luvdisc (Shiny)






-Alakazam (with Prof. Krane)

Olivia Mistbloom

Olivia Mistbloom (full: Olivia Lynn Mistbloom) is the daughter of Rich and Anabel. In Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth, she is voiced by Veronica Taylor.

Olivia is not old enough to be a Trainer yet, however, she has recieved one Pokémon as a gift and has befriended many others. She accidentally captured a Combee using one of her father's Poké Balls in the Allergia Gardens.

Anabel and Rich love Olivia deeply, and would put their lives on the line for her. As a result they are very protective, and do everything they can to keep her from being harmed by Engima Shadow.

Pokémon on Hand


-Combee (newly captured)

Pokémon on Hand (Anabel's Dream)

In the oneshot Anabel's Dream, which was part of The Road To XD^3, an older Olivia had several other Pokémon.




David and Morgan Mistbloom

David and Morgan Mistbloom are Rich's parents, killed in Enigma Shadow's attack on the Wishmaker Tower. Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor voiced them.

A series of flashbacks in Chapter Four of Pokémon XD^3: The Waves Of Truth reveals some of the backstory of these two. Both were descended from Gym Leader families---David from Sootopolis City, Morgan from Lavaridge Town---and met at a party for the families of Gym Leaders, immediately falling madly in love. Unfortunately they were rather reckless, and before they could marry Morgan became pregnant with and gave birth to Wallace and Rich. This led to Morgan's ostracization from the group of Gym Leaders and banishment from ever becoming the Leader of Lavaridge Gym, while David barely held on to his own place as heir to Sootopolis Gym. They chose not to wed until Wallace and Rich were two years old.

Later on, they gave Wallace and Rich each a Feebas as their fourth birthday presents. The last flashback showed Rich introducing them to his then-fiancee Maria, shortly before their deaths.