MY's RP was created by the YouTube user, MudkipYoshi/Wikia user MudkipSpark. It was founded on October 28, 2009. It has been discontinued.

If any of you guys want to edit your part in the history, you can.

Authority (Youtube and Wikia links)

Owner/Founder: MudkipSpark/Shinx Sparks

Members (Youtube or Wikia links)

Bureaucrat Universal (Inaugural Member)/DialgaMaster105

Loony (Inaugural Member)/LoonyChris

Bureaucrat Lightning (Inaugural member)/Commander Lightning

PG (past member)/Primal Giratina

AquaAura (Inaugural member)/Dark Riku

Arcaninefang1 (Inaugural member)

Steel Ace/Steel Ace (Inaugural member)

Rollback Intrudge (member)/Archaic Warlock

Admin Lu (member)/1LugiaLover

Admin HZ (member)/HyperZergling

User Template

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