It's been days in this cell, and the only person I've seen was that same dog/human creature. His eyes seem purple everytime I see him, was he mad when we first met?

This time, asides from the sadness of Helga leaving me, I felt the rage building up inside, the urge to kill. I think the creature knew that because he hooked my jaw hard.

"That's right kid, get angry, I want to see what you've become" He grinned, hooking me again.

I clenched my eyes, I felt the urge rising. The lust to kill begging me to destroy this creature. My vision was turning red as I screamed. My arms and legs tried to lunge at him, my teeth clenched. I wanted to kill him.

He laughed back at my efforts. "That's what I've came to see"

I growled, my arms and legs continued to reach him, but the chains still held them back.

The creature blasted me with some sort of dark energy. I blacked out on impact.

I awakened to the sounds of chatter.

"He's waking up" A familiar male voice whispered.

I felt a volt zap my innards. I screamed in pain. I then opened my eyes, a bright light shined over me. Staring down was that same bird and Lamp, a glowing fish that I've met before.

Lamp smirked down at me. "Remember us?"

"Where am I..." I muttered, trying to sit up. Again, something was holding me down, this time it was clamps. I growled in annoyance.

Lamp looked at the clamps and chuckled. I glared back at her.

"Release me"

"Why?" The large bird asked, hopping around us. "We break you out of your cell for this? Kid, we need types like you"


Lamp nodded. "We're a counter-resistance to the Pokemon Resistance. We want things to stay the way they were. When Pokemon were free and not slaves to greed"

"Sounds like my type of counter-resistance...resistance..." I trialed off.

"Not so fast" The large bird replied. "You have to prove to us you're our type of guy"

I felt the clamps open, I stood up, rubbing my wrists.

"First I need your name"

"It's Pidgeot, but most people refer to me as Tailwind."

"Alright Tailwind, what kind of proof do you need?"

The Pidgeot handed me an old, wrinkled map. I unraveled it with care, what kind of map I was expecting was completely opposite. This continent was not of my home, nor anywhere I can recognize. It was a medium size continent.

Lamp pointed out coordinates, most I didn't understand. When she saw my confused expression, she rolled her eyes.

"It means, go up to here" She pointed at some mountains. "And when you get there, retrieve the Treasure from the Sealed Chamber"

"What's a Sealed Chamber?"

Tailwind explained. "A Sealed Chamber are chambers left behind great explorers. It was where they would hide their valuables from the public. However, some explorers forgot the Key, or the Dance Code to a chamber, so they left the Chambers behind"

"Right" I nodded, then looked around. "Hey where's my weapons and-"

"Guns and explosives are what we are against. However, you are allowed to keep your scythe and armor" Lamp said.

I understood, I never knew how to handle a gun anyways.

"I'm guessing I'm going alone?"

"No" Tailwind replied, "We need to come along, just in case you get any funny plans"

"Fine fine"

"Also" Lamp gave me a badge, she nodded, "you'll need this. Last time someone was caught without a badge, he was sent to prison"

"Been there, done that"

"We know" Lamp replied.

As we began to set off from wherever we were, I stopped in my tracks. "Where's Helga"

The two looked at each other, then at me.

"I'm sorry..." Lamp whispered, "she...she died during the invasion...along with this...kid"

I shook my head and laughed. "That's impossible, I met them in my cell many days ago. She was more pissed off than I remembered"

Tailwind tilted his head. "You must've had some dementia while you were in there, no one reported into that cell for days after Shade knocked you out"

"Shade? She has a father! He came to see me every day-"

"Oh...her father..." Lamp shuddered, "you mean...her husband right?"

"...she's in love with her father?!" I screamed, Tailwind clamped my mouth.

"if he hears you...he'll send you to the depths of Hell..."

I calmed, and he released. "But...that means him and Helga didn't exist"

"Pretty much"

We stopped at a crossroad, huge signs were pointing at different directions. I didn't take time to regret Helga's death, she's already abandoned me.

"So where are we headed?"

Tailwind looked at me. "Mount Travail"


Lamp was carrying a purse like bag, with her badge on it. "We're all set up, shall we depart?"

"Whatever, let's just go already"

Sure it was dark of me to think of Helga that way, but I don't trust anyone who abandons me just because I did something I didn't do. Then I thought of Bradley, he was the only one I missed.

"Hey you coming or not?" Tailwind yelled. I looked at the two and ran after them.

"What's with your mechanical left leg and right arm anyways?"

"I lost them to a snake"

Lamp laughed, Tailwind rolled his eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"We don't get people like you around here"

"Yeah, a partially mechanical Zangoose is really unoticable around here"

"You're funny Tim..."

Those words reminded me of Chelsea. I grew silent from there on, thinking about her.

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