Another purple beam slashed the cover right beside me. I gripped my scythe in frustration, Chelsea, my supposedly dead wife, put her hand on my shoulder.

"Come on we have to move, it's not safe here" She said as she yanked me.

"Alright alright..." I sighed, then I followed her.

The street we walked across was something out of a fictional zombie apocalypse, minus the zombies. Cars were either flipped over or destroyed, buildings were no longer habitable, and there were charred remains of bodies, or what used to be bodies. I twisted my scythe back onto my holster as we approached an intersection.

Dust was swirling around me as me and Chelsea hid from a huge, purple metal alien tank that was patrolling the main streets. I grabbed Chelsea's hand and hauled her away from the activity. I could've sworn she blushed a bit.

"You alright Chels?" I asked as we were walking down an alley.

"Shut up Tim..." She muttered.

I rolled my eyes and chuckled, that's the kind of attitude I like.

I don't know how this happened, but I caught a sense of something wrong in that alley. The air ahead of us seemed shimmered and filled with strange lights. What knocked me into my senses was when the lights started to fire at us.

I pushed Chelsea aside behind a car, taking a hit towards my chest near my heart. What I was surprised at was that it didn't hurt, so I drawed my small new gun that I prospected from dead bodies, and fired green shots at the shimmered air.

Turns out it was another one of those aliens I've seen around, except this one had an armor shield, something which absorbed my bullets like a sponge.

I checked on Chelsea, only to see her being muffled by another alien with a strange glowing sword. I did not want to lose her again.

"NO!" I screamed, and held the trigger in hard. I aimed at the air and fired, in a quick flash Chelsea's throat was slit just as the impact shattered the camoflauge of the alien and it's shields. Angered, I thrusted my scythe too many times into that alien, forgetting about the one behind me.

It was over in an instant as I felt 5 shots fire deep into my back. I feel into darkness.

I awoken to the darkness of the cave. Panting, I looked around. Lamp, the fish with the lightbulb, was asleep soundly just as the other two creatures in the cave.

I layed back flatly on the floor, looking up at the ceiling above me (which was dripping with water). Was it a dream? Maybe it was, but it felt real.

"Chels..." I remembered about seeing her again, her face, her smile. I felt like a million dollars when I was with her every step of the way. I whispered her full name, "Chelsea..." as I turned over to my side, my forearms serving as a pillow. I looked at the reflection of myself in the puddle. Nothing more than a Zangoose with a mechanical claw staring right back at me. That's when I heard a noise.

I rose up, it sounded like a loud crack. I crawled over to the dog and shook him roughly on the shoulder.

"Wake up dammit!" I said again as the crack turned into footsteps.

I was calmed to hear that it was just one person walking, so I released my grip on the dog and grabbed my scythe. I stood up at the entrance, sealed by a rock, to await this intruder. The footsteps grew louder and louder, until it stopped in front of the rock. I gripped even harder, and focused.

After a moment of silence, the door was blown wide open by some type of blast. I fell on my back from the shock. No one awokened from their slumber.

Cursing to myself, I brought myself back up, only to come face to face with fear itself. Chelsea, it was her. But she was burning, eyes were gone and her open wounds shuddered my spine as I spoke.

"Ch-chels..." I felt dread and fear for her at the same time.

Chelsea narrowed her eyes, glaring at me. She had a voice of which only an insane devil would think of.

"Tim...why did you not save me..."

I shook my head and grabbed her shoulders. It was burning hot like fire. I screamed in agony as I looked at my flaming hands, then I looked back up at her. She had blood coming out of her wounds and her eyes now.

"You...didn't save me...you said you'd be there...always be there..." She giggled madly, floating towards me like a ghost.

I stepped backwards, realizing that I dropped my scythe. I raised my mechanical claw to block myself. Instead Chelsea stopped and looked at my claw with a grin.

"I do this for you...I save your life..." She stares back at me, more blood coming out and her voice became more fearful. "And this is how you repay me...you cheat on me...you lie to me..."

A tear came down my eye, the first tear to ever slither down my cheek. "Chelsea...I didn't mean-"

She leapted at me, shrieking. That was when I finally awoken to the light of the day. Lamp was above me with a really worried look on her face. I shoved her face aside as I got up and looked around. Nothing, no menihical dead wife, good.

"You had a nightmare...you're sweating all over..." Lamp said nervously.

I coughed, then spoke darkly to her. "Don't be so damn worried..."

"Tim what's happened to you?" Lamp spoke as I looked around for the others.

"Where are the others..." I said.

"Out finding food...but Lucario has left way before I woke up-"

"Big shocker" I tonelessly interuppted, "Not like we need more mouths to feed..."

Lamp approached me, her voice shaky as I glanced at her. "Y-you have to still remember...you're still an outlaw-"

I don't know why I did this, but I was furious. Furious that Chelsea would do that on me, so I put my rage on her. I grabbed her throat and shoved her against the cold wall.


She was getting blue, I calmed, panting, and released my grip. She fell down, gasping for air. I looked down at myself in the puddle, a raged murderer stared back at me. I looked at my hands, they had slithers of Lamp's blood on them.

Lamp coughed up her blood, eyes clenched and clearly in agony. I scoffed at her, and turned around to leave.

"...T-timothy..." I stopped at her voice, "...I know you're not heartless..."

I glanced at her, she was smiling. Out of all the things she could've felt, she was smiling at me.

"Why are you so damn cheerful?" I asked.

"You...saved me Tim...I'm thankful for that..." Her last words hit me like a bat to the nuts. "You gave me a second chance..."

Lamp started to fade away from my vision, a little girl holding a Teddy Bear was staring at me now. I turned around, wearing my old 01 T-Shirt with my blue shorts. I was holding a bat in my hands, which was covered in blood. Dead bodies of people who used to hurt her layed behind me in the dark end of the alleyway. The little girl, who had a cute smile on her face, repeated Lamp's words. "...you gave me a second chance...thank you..."

Everything hit me all at once. I gasped softly as I held my chest, and looked back at the little girl, who was now Lamp again. The alleyway turned into the cave, and I was once again a Pokemon. A Pokemon that felt human.